Vida (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Episode #2.8 - full transcript

- Parents fuck you up.
- No, family does.

Emma, please say something.

You're selfish in a way

I can't even begin to comprehend.

Your mariachi mural.

You could lease that wall space.

One of her business
partners... that's me...

is not going to let this happen.

As far as I know, you
have no legal right here.

Well, she hasn't said anything to me,

so I assume I'm not invited.

Did she say anything to you?

- Not to me.
- Of course not.

She hasn't said two words
to me since she came back.

I go up to her to tell
her that Eddy didn't ever

come home last night, that
her bed was completely...

Eddy didn't sleep at home last night?

I texted, and I think she's fine.

But, like, does Emma care?


That is a complicated
thing, the three of you.

Isn't it?

I mean...

yes, but, like, does it have to be?

Me and Emma, well, whatever.

It is what it is right now.

But us and Eddy?

It should mean something
that mami picked her

to be her person, right?

Whether we like it or
not, it makes us family.

Oh, does it?

I say this with no shade.

What is family?


if she doesn't forgive me for this...

this whole thing will go to shit.

I won't opine on your family business...

But come here.


Are we taking your bike or a Lyft?

Uh, we can take a car.

I-I was gonna partake tonight,
and I don't want to worry about it.

Uh, in the Bay, I used to go to
after-hours parties all the time.

They were so much fun.

You look amazing.

San Cha is dope.

I mean, a little experimental
but a crowd-pleaser,

and I really think that
if we get her to play here,

her crowd will follow, and we need that.

I'll tell you what she
says about playing here.

Thank you, Nico.

Have so much fun.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you

how expensive it is...

Every time they send someone
out for the alarm, it's $90.

You literally printed it
and laminated it for me.

In the event that you panic,

just do what that tells you to do.

My friend just texted and
San Cha goes on at 3:00.

- Okay.
- You gonna need a coffee?

No, I'm good. Thank you.

Make sure to follow the instructions.

So where did they go?
I didn't understand your text.

To an after-party.

Do you know the name?

Aren't after-parties,
like, in different places?

Yes, but they have names.

Who's the artist?


Oh, San Cha?

That's my putaex.

Did you want me to get you in?

- Oh... no.
- Hmm?

If Emma was so blatant
about not inviting me,

I think I'm not supposed to go.

Oh, this coming from Miss Emma?

She hasn't told me yet, but...

I think this means I'm being demoted

from music series director.

Well, that's what I was calling myself.

They're scouting San Cha for the bar.

Hold on.

Mama's thinking.

I'm texting San Cha for the address.

More importantly,

I'm wearing my new tacones.

It's settled.

This feels slightly like
what I shouldn't be doing.

You're never gonna get
anywhere with your sister

if you walk around being scared of her.


Oh, mama,

I see a wig in your future.

Oh, dear, the saliva bridge.

Going that way?

R2-D2/Arturito getting all up in it?

I found the code.



I'm just usually on
my second dream by now.

You dream?

You're funny.

But seriously, openly shared secretions

in public spaces is
not disturbing to you?

Why are you getting all
monjita on me? What's going on?

I'm not getting all
monjita. It's just...

Look, I'm sorry. It's
just starting to sink in

that this isn't just a meeting
to find an act for the bar.

We're gonna have to,
like, be here actively.

Among the people,

the plebes.


Okay, come on.

We need to type in "star-2-2-7-pound."

- Yeah, I'm out.
- Okay, wait, wait, wait.

Okay, I'm not gonna leave you alone.

If... if it makes you feel better,

we'll make a safe word.

We don't need a safe word.

No, come on.

If you need to abort...

ask if I've heard from Lyn yet.

Okay, if by "safe word,"
you mean something

that triggers me, then
you're right on there.

Right, all right, if... if
you need to abort...


ask if I've heard from
my cousin Arturito yet.


Yeah. Okay.



All right, cups and ice are on the way.

Cups and ice for what?

I'd rather drink my
cheap shit than theirs.

Did you wanna sip from
the bottle while we wait,

or is that too loud?

No, I should abstain

until after we meet with San Cha.

Okay, so these things run
on kind of a loose schedule.

Well, how loose?

- Hey!
- Mm!

- Nicotine!
- Curly-cue!

I should have texted you.

Hey, I know this Latina Posh Spice.

You're Cruz's girl, aren't you?

Definitely not Cruz's girl.


Oh, this is my song!
Come on, come on, zaddy.

- We're doing this.
- Oh, uh, wait, wait, wait!

I can't leave Emma alone here!

Don't be silly, go. Uh, have fun.

I'll hold your tequila.

Go, go, go. It's good.

All right, um, no, no, no.

No, no.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Get the fuck out of my face.

Hey, hey, hey.

Do you need to call my cousin?

No, did you hear from
your cousin Arturito?

Uh, we... we should call him.

Get... get the fuck
out of here. Okay.

I know you're into that
kind of shit. I can tell.

He was mouth breathing.

Ooh, what's in the squid room?

That is not a squid.

That is a clit.

Anatomically correct clit.

Do we go in the clit?

Mira. Bienvenida.

So do I... do I look for
her and go up to her,

or should I be aware of
where she is and stay clear?

No, mamacita, we're not
worrying about Emma right now.

We're here for The San Cha


for communion.

What is that?

And you ask after you swallow?

It's just a harmless tachita,

just to make you less of, this.

- Hey!
- Hey!

Ooh, looking like a
hot-ass Snuffleupagus.

I am giving you devout Versace Charro.

Y mejor cállate, perra.

Who is this principessa?

Oh, she's my new wifa.


All right, well, let's
go find a good spot,

since it's a whole thing.

San Cha wants us to be
like slaves in a pit.

Uh, I don't know if a tour

through the female
reproductive system's for me.

Yeah, aesthetically, I'm a little over

cis-feminist vag positivity art.

But at least it's an...
an immersive experience.

How often do you think
they clean these, uh, eggs?

Blood? Blood clots?

What are these balls supposed to be?

It's art!

Don't be too literal!

You're getting in this Petri dish?

- Not me.
- What the...

Oh, God! Oh!

- Asshole.
- Whoa!

Ow, zorra!

Okay, uncle, uncle!

That's not the safe word, fucker!

Okay, uh, cousin Arturito!

Cousin Arturito! Cousin Arturito!

Pretty good.




Are you serious, Lyn?

Marcos brought me.

Because you asked him to bring you.

No, I didn't ask him to!

But I did let him convince me because...

Emma, I should see this performer too!

- It's my job!
- What job?

Head of the music series?
That's a made-up job.

But hey, whatever gets
you up every morning.

Why are you so mean?

You like it like this!

Me in the doghouse all the time!

Yes, Lyn, I enjoy bailing you out

of your shopping sprees
with money I don't have.

- I love it.
- Then don't!

I never asked you to!

But you like it!

You love being this martyr
that has to sacrifice...

- Okay!
- Everything for everyone!

Okay, let me ask you
this: how are you planning

on paying off $14,000?

Besides going to yoga
and hoping it goes away?

What was your actual plan?

I was going to figure out a way.

No, you were gonna find
someone to pay it off for you,

because that's what you do:

shove your shit on other
people without thinking twice.


I'd forgotten that this is how you get.

It's either black or white with you,

but no one can fuck up in your eyes

because God forbid.

You know what? I'd forgotten too.

Or if I really think about
it, I never really knew you.

And what I'm coming to find out
is, I don't want to know you.

♪ Love, tell me love ♪

♪ Tell me love, tell me love ♪

♪ Tell me ♪


Ándale, wifa, ya van a tocar.

Oh, my God, I think...

I think the tachita just hit me.

Ooh, Pee-Wee's funhouse.

Where are we going?

Wait, what is this supposed to be?

Oh, the tunnel

to the... eggs.

We're in a fallopian tube.

So we're the eggs.

That's actually kind of brilliant.

You seriously gonna pretend
that that just didn't happen?

Nico, don't get involved
in Lyn's drama, seriously.

Lyn's drama?

You think this is just Lyn's?

- I'm not accountable to you.
- Right.

You're not accountable to anyone.

I'm not accountable to anyone?

I don't feed those two people?

And according to my dead
mother's credit card statement,

I didn't just clothe
one of them real well?

Yes, Emma!

Lyn fucked up royally!

She also just lost her mother!

And Eddy?

Eddy just lost her wife!

But apparently your head
is so far up your own ass

of mommy issues, you've just
lost all sense of decency!

Okay, you're crossing the fucking line!

Oh, fuck that!

You like to think you're
some cold, corporate version

of a cunt you learned
at a leadership seminar.

"Hi, my name is Emma Hernandez,

and my management style is an anaconda."

Not doing this!



Nico, maybe you can just
text me when San Cha goes on.

Come on, don't exile me.

I-I was totally out of
line back there. I admit it.

Come here.

Ew, lesbians.

No, no, no, no! No! No!


Let us in!

Let us in, you
fucking... hello!

We're locked out.

Oh, God, these warehouse
spaces are catacombs.

They're totally soundproofed.

Means we probably won't even get to hear

when San Cha starts to play.

You're giving up?

Someone's gonna come out here.

People gotta smoke.

I know I'm on the short
list for the last person

you wanna be on Gilligan's
Island with right now.

We're just gonna have to wait.

Hey, um...

I was out of line back there.

I will shut up about family stuff.


Every single person
that's violated my trust

is no longer in my life.

I don't come back from betrayal.

And with Lyn...

I don't know how we're gonna do this

or if we're even gonna
do it at all, but...

She's my only family, so...

It's a whole other ball game.

I get it.

Trusting someone is basically saying,

"Hey, people are shit and
they're gonna fuck you over.

I'm gonna ask you to not fuck me over...

even though you probably will."

It's basically acknowledging

the possibility of betrayal.

Right, it's better
just to go at it alone.

I get scared, close myself
off to people all the time.

I mean...

look at you and me.

You haven't betrayed me yet.

As soon as you trust that
I won't, does it make it

15 times scarier than it already is?

I don't want to miss it.


The show, uh...

I don't want to wait for smokers.

I want to figure out
a way to get back in.



We love you, San Cha!

Ay-yi-yi, it's San Cha!

I really... I really have to pee.


- I have to pee.
- Okay, I love you too.

No, I...

♪ Quisiera salir contigo ♪

It's all gonna come spilling out of me

if I don't go right now.

I have to go. I'll be back.

- Okay.
- ♪ Quédate aquí conmigo ♪

We love you, San Cha!

♪ Juntos los tres ♪

♪ Volábamos ♪


♪ Hoy sola ni ♪

♪ Puedo pararme ♪


♪ Desesperada ♪

♪ Desesperada sin tu amor ♪

Is this the line for the bathroom?

♪ Yo, yo te busco ♪

♪ Desesperada ♪

♪ Desesperada sin tu amor ♪

Oh, fuck.

Sorry. Excuse me.

♪ Si yo te encuentro en otros brazos ♪

♪ Como yo busco ♪

♪ Por todo el mundo mi amor ♪

♪ Ay, como yo busco, como te encuentro ♪

♪ Mi amor ♪

♪ Ay, como te busco ♪

♪ Por todo el mundo ♪

♪ Mi amor ♪

♪ Te busco, como te busco ♪


I'm going to have to ask
you to step off the artwork.

This sink is part of the art?

It's not a toilet.

Uh, sorry.

I can't stop midstream.

It just looked like a regular sink.

Whoa, whoa!

Hey, you don't have to be so aggro, sir.

It's a normal human necessity.


Yeah, you should ask her.

Do it.

Oh, great.


I'm at this...


But I shouldn't have come.

Why did I?

I don't even know where I am.

Oh. Willow and Anderson.

I guess I do know where I am.

Never mind.

I just wanted to check in 'cause...

well, I shouldn't say that
I'm wondering how you are.

Actually, I won't say that.

Scratch that.

It's just that...

I've always had someone
to check in with,

and for the past...

however long, I don't.

Just do it, man. Go.

I really don't.

Do it.

And it, like...

makes me so sad

that I want to crawl
inside myself and...

Oh, my God, that image
just gave me goose bumps.

Imagine if I could actually
crawl inside myself.

Hey, would you cut that out?

I-I'm just trying to
talk to you, though, girl.

Stranger danger.

I don't talk to strangers
or Jehovah's Witnesses.

- Good-bye.
- Bitch, we will follow you home.


Fucking little punks!

Yeah, you better run!

Sorry about that.



Okay, you sure about this, Lara Croft?

You've seen there's no other way in.

Just don't look up.

Ay, boluda, it's just underwear.

I know, but it just...
it feels a little HR.

Just keep your eyes down.


- Are you coming up or not?
- I'm gonna come up.

I was just admiring your purse is all.


You came.

Why did you come?

Lyn, you drunk dialed me...

or whatever it is
you're on dialed me...

with two dudes about to rape you.

- Anyone would fucking come.
- What?

Those little punks?

Do... do you have any idea

the kind of core work that I do?

Look at my arms.

I could have taken those
little fuckers any day.

Can you stop acting up right now?

Nope, not if you're gonna come here

all Captain Save-A-Ho.

Look, I didn't need you to come.

I never meant for you to come.

I'm fine. I was just checking in.

Stop acting all loquita
in front of cops, Lyn.

Man, fuck the police!

Seriously, Lyn, calm the fuck down.

Oh, wait, my phone, my phone, my phone.

You can't be saying
shit like that to cops

in front of a brown man.

You're gonna get my ass
beat down for no good reason.

End up a fucking viral video.

Jesus, shit, what are you on?

What I really want to be on right now...

are some asada fries.

But I have no money
or earthly possessions

to make that happen for me right now.

Wait here.

We're in.

We missed it.

Oh, fuck.

Well, I'll just show
you her act on Vimeo.

If I had known I had that choice...


God, I'm starving.

I think I have some
frittata at my house.

Frittata? Seriously?

Well, I'll take what I can get.




I know I'm gonna pay horrifically...

for this tomorrow.

But right now,

I'm very okay.

Will you finish your asada fries

so I can drop you off?

I still don't understand

why you brought me all the way up here

just to eat fries.

It makes no damn sense.


It doesn't make sense to you, Lyn?

No one would see us this early.

But fine, I get it.

You don't want to be seen with me.

You didn't need to come get me.

Thank you, though.

But I was fine.

Well, you were pretty wavy there, so...

Everyone in my life thinks that
I can't take care of myself.

But they're so wrong.

I'm sorry...

but I'm never going to ignore
a video like that from you.

I don't know how to.

I know.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that I'm always

putting you in these shitty...

I always put people
in shitty situations.

J, I'm such garbage.

Shut up, that's the Molly talking.

No, no, that's the me talking.

To you.

I owe you so many sorries.

I'm always dragging
you into these shitty...


I drag myself.

This will always be my favorite face.