Vida (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Episode #2.7 - full transcript

- Who's this?
- This is my friend Tlaloc.

You know I'd never do
anything bad to you, right?

Not on purpose.

He's the Nelson that wants our building.

He's going on the Arya
Stark list immediately.

I am a partner here, I have say.

Do you, though?

We're gonna be able to get
that new soda gun system.

I fired Lisa.

How much do you owe, Lyn?

Say something.

♪ Mountain climbing, shoes tied ♪

♪ Desert trail has
some mountain lions ♪

♪ Punk belly adding shit ♪

♪ Stomach side feel
like a thousand lives ♪

♪ A thousand fruits
had to find the truth ♪

♪ Got me at the border
like a thousand troops ♪

♪ Money on my mind,
gotta get up on my grind ♪

Hey, Sideshow Bob.



- Hey.
- Did Emma let you in?


A girl with a bob and
probably a stank-face.

No, uh, Baco let us in.

He had to go, but he told
me to give this to somebody.


It's for everything that's
being installed today.

Okay, thank you.

I'll leave it for the girl with the bob.

I don't believe in any of your little...

in any of your brujeríathings.

I don't.

'Cause every time I've dabbled,

it has only come back
to bite me in the...



Yet, here you are.

A ver, corazón.

If we pretend that you did believe,

what can I do for you?

Can you find someone?

Are you ready to talk
to your mother, mi'ja?

What? No.

Oh, God, no.

Can we please not do any of
the creepy stuff right now?

Just keep it Disney for me, okay?

I-I just wanna know
how and where Emma is.

So is that something
you can see in the cards?


not in the cards.

Pon la manita.


Then say your name three times.

Lynda Hernandez, Lynda Hernandez,

Lynda Hernandez.



You did a very bad thing.

Technically, but, like, not really.

No, nada de technically.

Aquí está muy clarito.

I'm going to pay it all back.

I think you don't see.

You don't see your ugly.

You think your actions aren't
part of you, but they are.

And they are your ugly.

So now I'm ugly?



I always think you're
gonna tell me something

that's actually useful.

I always tell you something useful.

That you never know how
to use it es otra cosa.

Emma is not mad. She feels betrayed.

You disappointed her.

Disappointed is so much worse than mad.

Just let her be and you'll
find the time to make it right.

Pero tú, mi'ja, you
have to do something.

About how horrible and ugly I am?


You are not horrible.

But you are not seeing your real self

and how your actions affect people.

So this is what I want you to do.

Make a bath and pour
mucha sal into the water.

You get in and you take a mirror

and you look at yourself,

pero really look deep into yourself.

And then you tell yourself all
the bad things that you are.


And you trap them all in there,
then you break the mirror.

But you never look at the broken pieces,

because then you'll trap
yourself in there too.

I just wanted to know
if Emma was coming back.

So thank you, Doña Lupe.

Ay, comadre, what is
this mess before me?

Véngase pa'cá.

Tell Auntie what ails you.

I'm horrible.


So we're in our feelings today, huh?

Where are you going looking all cute?

Well, I was trying to go
on a Basic Becky brunch,

but none of my bitches
are answering, so...

Your legs look fabulous, by the way.

Why, thank you, mama.

Now, tell me, what's
the matter with you?



In case you need a cry.

Chilla all you want.

Tell you what.

I'm gonna make us unas micheladas,

and we're gonna have our very own

Domingo de Putería Kiki right here.

I love me a good michelada.

What is all this new shit?


Fuck, T.

Look at you. Oh, my God.

Fuck, Johnny.

Mari, I texted you that
I didn't think it was

a good time for you
to come over right now.

Come on, I had to come see you.

Johnny's such a fucking savage.

I don't know what got into him. I'm...

I mean, I guess 'cause
I've never had a...

well... well, whatever
you and I are,

I've never had that before.

So I guess he doesn't
know how to deal with it,

but he can be such a fucking
macho brother sometimes.

Someone showed him the video.

Yeah. "The" video.


Uh, well, you... you know
that I never even think

about that video, right?

No, but now your brother does.

And no disrespect, but
I should've expected

this shit from someone like him.

What do you mean?

Guys like him who lack
the emotional intelligence

to have a proper discussion,
so they resort to violence.

No, Johnny's not a thug.

He's just stupid. I don't...

Mari, I think we should chill.

I think we need to take
it easy for a little while.

- Until when?
- I don't know.

I doesn't seem to me
like your life is set up

to have someone like me in it.

I don't understand what that even means.

Yeah, I know you don't.

Maybe when you figure it
out, we can kick it again.

What the hell is fucking
wrong with you, Johnny?

Who the fuck do you think you are?

- Man, what the fuck?
- Hey, how fucking stupid are you

to let that piece of shit
do that to you, huh?

This has nothing to do with you, okay?

You had no right to get
involved in my fucking business.

- Oh, it has nothing to do with me,
- No!

that some cabrón took
advantage of my little sister.

- No!
- And is putting her out

- there on blast like that?
- He didn't fucking

- take advantage of me.
- Oh, oh!

So you let him put this video out there?

No, of course I didn't!

Mari, this shit is not gonna go away.

Look at all the videos on the internet.

- It's not...
- What video are you talking about?

Ningún video, apá.
Just go back inside.

¿Qué video, Marisol?

Just... just a video from
the television, apá.

If you don't show me,

I will go find someone to show me.

You think I'm playing, Juan?

It's not Mari's fault. That
cabrón did that to her.

Me das asco. I don't want to see you.

Apá, for real, he
took advantage of her.

She is not welcome here.

Thank God your amá is
not alive to see this.

Maria, I didn't know
he was going to do that.

Mari... Mari.

Listen, I'm... I'm
gonna talk to him, okay?


Oh, she completely did that.

You know how grandmas don't give a crap.

My mom always told my sisters,

"Never leave the house
without lipstick or earrings."

But if the only little boy in the house

kept hearing that over and over...

Oh, yeah, that'd be so confusing.

Well, a little kid can't differentiate.

Ugh, parents...

They really bake that self-hatred shit

right into ya.

Oh, yeah. Parents fuck you up.

Oh, family does.

You know, I bet you
didn't have this problem,

'cause you were two
little blanquitas...

What? No.

Emma's the more blanquita.

No, but for us, skin
shade was a big thing.

Mm, yeah.

We had this racist tía
who was always hating on me

- for being morenito...
- Oh...

But God punished her,
'cause my cousin was born

a lovely shade of canela.

Pero, you know, she was always so mean.

She still calls her "prieta."

What? I hate that word.

Oh, God, the p-word is so gross.

- Ugh.
- And it follows her.

You know, she showed me
these texts she was getting

from this cabrón that
she went on a date with

from one of those apps...

And when they finally
met IRL, he was all like,

"Hmm, no thanks,"

'cause she looked darker
than in her pictures.

- What?
- And he fucking bounced.

This from a fucking Latino,

from this neighborhood.

Well, sort of. I mean...

Some asshole developer who's turning

this whole place into plastic.

- Wait.
- Mm?

Do you still have those texts?

Oh, I got the receipts, girl.

- Can I see them?
- Yeah.



What is that bed?

He had it made custom. It's a trip.

I never wanna get out of it.

I've never felt anything like it.

Who are these people again?

Oh, uh, just friends
of my, um, ex, I guess.

Yeah, he's a buyer for West Elm,

so he's always traveling for work.

He's in Morocco right
now for two months,


I get the place all to myself.

Thank you.

Oh, let me...

Uh, was the couch okay?

I'm sorry you got kicked
out of that glorious bed.

No, I-I-I offered. That
couch is just as comfy.

Well, um, thank you, just for, uh...

Are you feeling better?

Yeah... much clearer.

Now that I have two options,

I can let Lyn handle the fraud herself

and wash my hands of it.

Um, somehow I don't see you doing that.


I'm probably going to take option two,

which means that I pay
off her fucking debt

before it becomes astronomical
and never speak to her again.

Bottled-up grief makes
people do some shady shit.

Lyn just... just probably
just not thinking straight

after your mom died.

No, this is just Lyn,
dead mother or not.

She doesn't think she's
causing a shit storm

until it blows back on everyone else.

My budget now is so fucked.

She owes 14K.

Where am I gonna find 14K?

- All that on shoes?
- And other useless shit.

- Damn.
- She did this all in four, five weeks.

It's insane.

God, she just doesn't think.

Have you ever thought
about sourcing the bar?

I mean, like, sub-leasing for events,

becoming a brand ambassador.

We're barely getting people in.

No tequila or whisky company will want

anything to do with us.

No, your... your mariachi mural...

You could lease that wall space.

Okay, so, I'm good buddies
with the brand strategist

at Botón de Oro Beer.

They lease wall spaces
all the time for ads.

Do they install a billboard?
Or does the mural stay intact?

Yeah, I think they just
cover it with the ad.

We can ask.

You know, Vida is prime real estate.

It's in a great area.

You have a lot of foot
and vehicle traffic.

Nico, I would be so grateful
if you would call your friend.

Let me see if I can set
something up for today.

I'll shoot him a text.

First I gotta get to work,

'cause I don't wanna piss off my boss.

She's a little dramatic
about punctuality.

- Sounds like a good person.
- Yeah.

You coming?

You going upstairs at all?

No, I'm trying to avoid
her as long as I can.

I'm gonna go up to my
hole and hunker down.


I'm gonna be down here from now on

since Lisa's not with us anymore.

We should open up.

You're really gonna be salty about this?

Hold on, just give me
a chance to process.

Look, I never thought he was

actually gonna pay
attention to me, Yoli.

But he did.

Wait, does this mean you
don't have your V-card anymore?

What? No, no, of... of course I do.

But, like, we've done stuff.
Like, we haven't done that yet.

We've done, like, everything else.

But... seriously, he's
been so respectful about it.

Like, he's not trying to pressure me...

Don't start being all
básica about this cabrón.

Because if he were
respectful, there would not be

a tape out there to get you
kicked out of your house.

You know, I don't wanna
make it about that,

because you're all stressed
out about where the fuck

you're gonna sleep tonight.

So let's just table it
for now, but we're gonna...

But he feels really bad
about the video thing.

I would let you stay with
us, pero we're all staying

at my tía Ramona's.

I'm literally sleeping
on the floor right now.

Nah, I wasn't telling
you because of that, I...

I know, it's just really
shitty that I can't help out

mi mejor amiga because we're
all borderline homeless.

I'm worried about you, girl.

Where you gonna go?

I don't know.

I haven't figured that part out yet.

- Okay, I got it.
- Okay.


"I'm really into Mexican guys

that can teach me how to salsa."

White girls love to salsa dance.

Don't they even get that
Mexicans eat salsa, not dance it?

Oh, the main caption...

- Are you ready?
- Mm-hmm.

"I hate playing head games
unless they involve my mouth."

Yes! Yes!

Oh, what is it with these Latino men

and their prized white girl fetish?

Ay, it's like my racist tía says:

"Hay que mejorar la raza."

It's race-shame. Blech.

Just saying it makes me all guácala.

I kinda wanna text Emma and
tell her we're doing this.

If she sees that I'm, like, trying

to do this for us, then
maybe she'll be like...

No, no, you can only
tell her if it works.

You're right.

I have just swiped right on him.

So now we just have to wait and see

if Miss Summer gets his attention.

But it's Sunday.

So I don't know, girl.
This might take a while.


I'm gonna make us some more Mimositas.

- Yes!
- Yeah!

Wait, what?

We're a match.

- Yes!
- Yes!

Hey, you're working down here now?

Man, I was hoping Mari might
be taking care of you today.

No, she stopped working
for me a couple days ago.

When's the last time you saw her?

¿Qué pasó? Is she okay?

My apá kicked her out.

And I can't lie to you, Ed,

it was straight up because of me.


Ah, man, I don't wanna get into it,

but I just... I just
feel so fucking bad.

You know, I-I wanted her
to have something to wear

until the drama calms down.

I just packed some stuff from her room.

Mari's the last person
I would ever think

would get kicked out.

Fuck, I know. I know.

She's not a bad girl, you know?

It's just mi apá is
being too terco about this.

How did you get Mari
kicked out of the house?

Uh, just my apá overreacting.

So, um, I'm gonna go check
with her friend Yolanda.

No, hold up. What did you do

to get Mari kicked out of the house?


Emma, s... sorry, but
my... my friend Kelly's here,

the brand strategist guy.

He was able to make it last minute,

so we should probably...

Yeah, absolutely.

We usually do a month-to-month,

but that's all open for discussion.

And we take control
of the entire process

from getting permission to use the wall,

to the actual painting of the ad itself.

Wait, you don't use
some kind of vinyl decal

to cover up the existing artwork?

No. No, it's all hand-painted, see?

I thought it was gonna be one
of those framed billboards.

Is that how you always do it?

I-I seem to remember some
sort of overlay you did...

Not on brick.

And a small billboard would
be wasted on this wall.

This would be painted.

I-I'm sorry I-I didn't
fully put together

that we'd lose this mural.

This would be great placement.

We've been wanting to
get into the BoHe market

for a while now.

BoHe? What is BoHe?

Oh, is that you trying
to say Boyle Heights?

Uh, can you send me some more samples

of painted ads?

I promise to let you
know first thing Monday.

Of course.

Have you seen the Fuck
White Art thing in the news?

That was right around la esquina.

Oh, sorry, "corner."

Eddy can we please...

Oh, don't you think it's
a little irresponsible

of us to not warn him

about the anti-gentrification movement

going on in this neighborhood?

I'll be in touch tomorrow...

No, she will not be in touch tomorrow,

because one of her business
partners, that's me,

is not going to let this happen.

Do you know that that's you, Emma?

That she had you and Lyn painted there?

There seems to be a discrepancy

with how to proceed.

Yeah, let me walk Kelly to his car,

and when we get sorted out,
we can give him a call back.

Who made you the Grand
Poobah around here?

You have no right to stick your nose

where it don't belong.

No, Eddy, you're the one who
doesn't have the right here.

You don't get to say a goddamn
thing about this building,

because as far as I know,
you have no legal right here.

You were not legally
married to my mother,

and that sham of a will you
two made is totally invalid.

So, unless you can produce some cash,

you're gonna have to let
Kelly and I talk business.


I'm sorry about that.

I can walk you to your car.

- "I'm Hispanic..."
- Mm.


"And a lead project manager
at a development company

- "on the Eastside."
- Mm.

"We turn these dog shit infested streets

"into something palatable for
the upwardly mobile incomers."


Did he answer the "why he
doesn't date Latinas" question?

Oh, yeah.

Listen to this douche bag.

"Not really, I prefer pink nipples."


- Ooh... no, sir.
- Oh, my God.

I swear to God I just
threw up a little bit

in my mouth.

A... ttention.


We have la dick pic.

Oh, my Dios.

He got that uncut duffel bag dick.

I knew it.

You know what we're
gonna do with this, right?

- Uh-uh.
- We're gonna screen grab,

we're gonna post all of it.

Oh, I'm scared of you, lady.

Yep, we're gonna put him on blast
for all interested parties to see.

Including my sister,
who's gonna be like,

- "High five, sister."
- Yeah.

Oh, what's the name
of that, uh, that group

that spray paints everything?

- Vigilantes?
- Yes.

We're gonna put it on their page.

Time's up, motherfucker.


Um, hey, I was just knocking
to see if at least Eddy was in.

I-I just came for my last check.

Yeah, of course.

Come in.

All right, um, thanks.

Mari, wait.

Where are you going?

What do you mean?

I mean, where are you staying tonight?

Johnny came by and...

Fucking asshole.

Do you have somewhere to stay?

Look, I'm sorry that Johnny came up here

telling everybody my
fucking business and shit...

No, he didn't, but it
did seem like he felt bad

about whatever happened.

He left you a bag of clothes downstairs.

You're staying here tonight.

- No...
- No, I don't wanna hear it.

You're staying here. Come on.


Eddy, open up.

Go away.

Come on, open up.

Give me the keys.

Who sold you a tallboy?

Well, you can't drive like this.

Seriously, dude, I don't know you.

All right.


I'm sorry.

I don't want this to
turn into another trip

to the hospital for you.

She was my wife.

And I was hers.

Yeah, she was.

You shouldn't need to
prove it to anyone, Eddy.


That's not for you.

You're selfish in a way

I can't even begin to comprehend.

I know.

You committed fraud, Lyn.

That's a crime.

And now, because I'm going
to fucking help you with this,

I'm committing fraud.

I hope that sinks in.

Thank you.

You've stolen a month from us,

buying shoes and trinkets.

Hey, uh, good morning.

Good morning, Mari.

I made coffee and there's,
uh, yogurt or cereal.

We also technically have eggs,

but I wanted to see what
you were in the mood for.

You-you don't gotta keep feeding me,

but yogurt sounds good.

Thank you.

That's your coffee cup right there.

Uh, sugar's on the table and
there's milk in the fridge.

- Thank you.
- How was the couch?

Was it comfy?


Ugh, God.