Vida (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Episode #2.3 - full transcript

- Ow!
- Let me go get Emma so we both can lift you...

No, no, no, no, no, no!

Emma can't know I peed the bed.

She feels a certain way around you.

Okay, fine. I'll run the
applications by you.

- You're free to go.
- Oh, thank God.

What about her?

I didn't ask you to pay for me.

- I'ma pay you back.
- You better.

- Don't bother putting that on.
- You just lost your job, girl.

Have some pinche fun
for once in your life.

I told you the shower thing never works.

Oh, all right. Whoa.

Emma, nothing else matters but the bar.

Which means I am vowing
to be fucking celibate.

♪ En el abismo me vi ♪

♪ Estaba dentro de mí ♪

♪ Sentí mis pasos tropezar ♪

♪ Enredos dentro de mí ♪

♪ Envuelven lo que sentí ♪

♪ Me refugié en libertad ♪

♪ Camino con el viento ♪

♪ Despego mi andar ♪

♪ A mi velocidad estallo ♪

Go inside me.

♪ Al pasar, ah ♪

♪ Soy un ave de paso ♪

♪ Soy un cometa andando ♪

Oh, wait, that's... that's too much.

♪ Estoy por desaparecer ♪

Less, less.

♪ Me estoy partiendo en dos ♪

Ah, fuck!

Sorry, I lost it.

♪ Me estoy partiendo en dos ♪

♪ Hoy me perdí, me rompí, me dejé caer ♪

♪ Me estoy partiendo en dos ♪

♪ No sé a dónde ir ♪

♪ Me está perdiendo Dios ♪

♪ A punto de arder ♪

♪ Me estoy partiendo en dos ♪

♪ Hay más que debo entender ♪



I have to get ready.

I, uh, promised my primo I'd
pick up chairs for his wedding.


But you stay as long as you like, okay?


No, I should go, too. I have to...

get a nurse for Eddy
or caretaker person.

But my legs don't work.



I know it's early for you,
and I don't wanna push it.

But, um, what if...

What if we forget it's a wedding

and you come with me?

Like, not as a plus one
but just to have a good time.

Nah, forget it. Forget I even asked.

Just gonna get my
feelings hurt when you say no.

I'll go.




Mmm, this is legit. Mmm.

I knew you'd like it.

The bolillos are always
fresh at this spot.

Let me try yours. Hey.


Ya párale.

You're gonna have me all
smelling like chorizo.

Mmm, mi chorizo.

Hey, um...



Who's this?

This is my friend Tlaloc.

Hey, man.

Uh, friend from Vigilantes.

Another fucking shit stirrer, huh?

- I swear to God, Johnny.
- It's okay.

I should get going.

It's great meeting you, man.


Man, what the fuck is wrong with you?

Why you acting like an asshole?

So, this is what you're doing
instead of looking for another job?

Wasting time with this pendejo?

Yeah, you know, you're so right.

Because I'm a huevona
for juggling only two jobs

instead of three, right?

Yeah, fuck me for making sure
Apá has his... his meals

- and his meds and shit.
- Where you going?

I have a debt to settle.
Is that okay with you?

Oh, oh, so you owin' people
money now, too, huh?

What's happening to you?

Hey, you better not
end up pregnant, Mari.

It's nice to finally have somebody
who can give me a run for my money.

Oh, that was nothing.

I just didn't wanna show off
on my first day.

Oh. Oh. Oh.

Is that right?

Councilman, we'll see you
tonight at the meeting.

Oh, what did I tell you, Esteban?

See you tonight, Rudy.

Muy bien, Esteban.

All right, Rudy.

See you next time.

Hey, uh, I always go next door
to get post workout fuel.

They got smoothies, juices, acai bowls.


I would low-key die
for an acai bowl right now.

Oh, well, I can't have you die.

I-I can't.

I should be good and abstain.

What did acai ever do to you?

Thank you, though.

All right, maybe next time, then.

Lean into my arm.


Ow, ow, ow, ah!

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

Um, I'll get you some water.

I understand, but we need someone more

than once a week
and longer than an hour.

There's things my sister
and I don't know how to do.

- This is some cash for what I owe you.
- Hold on, Mari. Come in.

Hey, Mari.

Quíhubole, Eddy?

Ma'am, she has a spleen puncture.

And there's a dressing to deal with.

And it feels like
we're doing some damage

every time we move her.

They're not doing any damage.

It just hurts un poquitito.

Oh, wait, um...

Here. Here.

Thanks, Mari.

Her insurance does cover
a caretaker but not at the rate

that you're quoting me.

All right, thank you.

No, we can't afford that. Thank you.

I'm sorry about that.

Um, I-just lost my job,
so this is only half

of what I owe you.

But I'll get you the rest soon.

Oh, that's too bad, Mari.

They let you go de la nursing home?

No, the donut shop.

My boss was a pinche cabrón.

But I'll... I'll get it to you
as soon as I can.

It's fine.

All right. Thanks.

Te cuidas, okay?

You got it, Mari.

All right.




The loterías I ordered
for game night came in.

We could start with either one of these.

What are those?

I try never ever to go
to weddings if I can help it,

but I seem to have accepted
an invitation.

So... This one or this one?

This one, obviously.

Wait, who do you even know here

that would invite you to a wedding?


Lyn, don't. I already feel weird enough.

- Just...
- Wait, Emma.

Are you and Cruz end game?


God, I don't know.

End game is not a notion
that's too appealing to me.

But I guess I'm trying. I don't know.
I'm... I'm trying.

Oh, Emma, I love this so much for you.

No, no, no, don't love it
so much for me.

Why did I even tell you?

Wait, Emma,

Does this mean that
I can't do lotería tonight

because you'll be out? I just assumed
you'd be able to watch Eddy.

Oh, you were serious about that.

Emma, of course.

Game night is, like, the one
big thing I've been telling you

I want to do.

It's... it's part of our
transformation from Vida...

A whatever dive bar... to Vida...
Swanky, Insta-famous lounge.

We're not at game night.
We're not there yet.

Well, how are we ever gonna get there

if we don't start somewhere.

We can just start with
a casual lotería night.

I'll even do it like Papi used to do it.

La selfie!

See? It's hilarious.

It's the perfect game
to start with, too,

because it's, like, traditional,

but also cute and fun and us.

Will our clientele get it, though?

A dick pic.

That's funny.

Um, Eddy says you have a schedule

written down somewhere for her pills.

Yeah, it should be on the fridge.

So I hired Mari to help with Eddy.

What the fuck?

Why wasn't that the first
thing you said to me?

Emma, she hates me.

Actually, she detests both of us.

Oh, my God. She's totally gonna jump me.

She's the one who offered.
Eddy trusts her.

And we had a good talk about it.

Oh, well, if you had
a good talk about it...

Lyn, this will have to do for now,

especially since I won't be
around in the same way.

Wait, why?

I'm still gonna move out at some point.

This cannot be a permanent
arrangement for me.

I need my space.

God, Emma.

Just once... once... I'd like to be
consulted on life-altering shit.

I don't even know where to go.

She might jump me in my room.

I'll talk to you later.

Hola, chica.

- Hey.
- Well, finally.


You are cutting it close, comadre.

I was here earlier setting up,
all right?

- Mm-hmm. ¿Que pasó, chula?
- Hola, Marcos.

Here, sit in front of Amanda.

She's already crying
y ni ha comenzado la jotería.

Ay, stop it.

Look at them.

Ya, comadre.

I don't want to ruin
my make up just yet.

♪ Hoy desperté con ganas de besarte ♪

♪ Tengo una sed de acariciarte ♪

♪ Enredarme a ti y no soltarte ♪

♪ Eres tan embriagante ♪

♪ Eres tú ♪

♪ Eres tú ♪


Who's ready for Vida's first
game of Millennial Lotería?

To start things off, we're gonna start

with four-dollar cards.

Just to get things going.

How about that? What do we think?

Excellent! All right, doña Tita.

Come on down. Get your cards, everyone!

Anyway, so we had this cabin,
and it's so cute.

It's more like a cement hut,

but it stays cool during the day.

But anyway, we had this place
in Joshua Tree,

so there it is.

We're gonna do a couples
weekend thing next month

as a house warming.

We're gonna shroom.
She's gonna build a fire pit.

- You guys should come.
- Yeah.

- We're there.
- Yeah?

- Done.
- Yay!

I'm gonna go freshen this up.

Can I get anyone anything?

I'm good.

Hey, this looks cool.

Can you get, um,
just another bottle of vodka?

I think that's it. Then we'll be good.

Thanks, man.

Hi. Uh, excuse me.

Can I have a Homo on the Range?


♪ Y arriba yo ♪

♪ Mi apá y la Chona ♪

♪ Contaré la historia
de una famosa persona ♪

♪ Todos la conocen
con el apodo de Chona ♪

♪ Todos la conocen
con el apodo de Chona ♪

♪ Su marido dice ya no
sé qué hacer con ella ♪

♪ Diario va a los bailes y se... ♪

I'm sure they're lovely people
and they're worthy of love

and whatever Dr. Brené Brown says.

And nothing against bros.

But both my roommates are
completamente suffocating me.

It's like, I'm not your mami
cleaning up after you.

Clean your freaking cereal
bowls yourselves, cochinos.

You know, no. I have to move.

I have to find something by
myself, porque ya no aguanto.

The other day I found a...

Honey, you're being rude.

I'm pulling up our listing to show him.

I have a vacant unit.

It's small but in great condition.

You should come take a look.

- Wait, ¿neta? In your building?
- Mm-hmm.

Nico, I¡por fin apareces!


Time for the best man to make a speech.

- Ladies.
- Oh!

I'll have to check it out.
It looks good.

In civilian life, you build friendships

around a good time.

Over there,

you build friendships based on

who can get you back alive.

Julio kept me alive.

More than once.

And that is the kind
of debt you can't repay.

Oh, man.

I love you, hermano.

It's an honor to witness your love.

Gives a cynical mortal like me hope.

'Cause when you... when you meet
the right person,

you realize you don't have
to change who you are.


Because they inspire you
to be a better version

of yourself.

Les deseo toda la puta
felicidad del mundo,

I¡como dicen ustedes cabrones!

Beso, beso, beso,

beso, beso...

El Twitter!

El Pride!


What's wrong with the regular lotería?

El Fidget Spinner!

¿Y qué es eso de... de... de... de
"food porn"?

La Notification.

Hey, you all right?

My winnings, por favor.


Just stick to being pretty.

It always worked for me.

I love it when people
drink for the first time.

- It's so cute.
- I hate...

- No. Wait, wait, wait.
- Oh, you are a lazy...



- Hey, where'd you go, baby?
- Cruz...

You keep going off.

Please don't do that again.

She doesn't do public displays.
I'm still working on her.

- Mm.
- Oh, no, I get it.

When I was a baby queer,
I was all shifty

- in public, too.
- I'm pushing 30.

No, I meant when I was a new queer.

You're making a lot of
assumptions about me right now.

Hey, coming out is a whole process.

Coming out?

Or vacationing.

The shifty never leaves the tourists.

You didn't just call me a tourist.

For real.

I haven't had to deal with
the concept of tourists

since Shane was flipping
bitches on "The L-Word."

I'm sure it's not the first time.

I mean, look, Emma, you... you pass.

Oh, oh, so she should
get an asymmetrical haircut

or something?

Or a rat tail to... to telegraph
it to the world?

Seriously, Emma, how else
are queers supposed

to announce themselves
if not through the confines

- of the binary?
- Thank you.

Now you're being mean, friend.

Yeah, yeah. Don't listen to Tasha.

She's still fighting way
too hard for gay marriage

to even begin to tackle binary.

Tasha, take a look around.

- We won.
- Did we?

Well, get ready to get
your mind blown, Tash.

- Pretty Emma here chooses not to identify.
- How does that even work?

Oh, no, no, no.

I-I-I read a manifesto on
Medium about how pansexuality

is the new rite of passage
for baby queers.

Stop saying baby queer!

I'm sorry I don't abide by your
dated categories of queerness.

I'm sorry that you think
I'm confused or indecisive

because I have a wide range
of what I can get off to.

Now that... getting off...
I'll drink to that.

And I'll drink to the little
break-through we had this morning

Let's just say...

Baby girl thawed.

She just had to relax into it for once.




- Oh, no.
- What's going on?


Hey. Where are you going?

You're making a scene
at my cousin's wedding.


Do you understand how much
you just embarrassed me?

You sat there and let
your friends roast me,

and then you happily took
your turn to roast me yourself.

It was discourse.

Emma, it's how people of substance
connect with one another.

Fuck you and your
pseudo-intellectual condescension.

You loved watching your pack
tear me apart.

Emma, I understand that
maybe for someone like you,

that conversation may
have been uncomfortable.


We're kidding ourselves, Cruz.

Kidding ourselves.

Don't do it.

Yep, there she goes.
Walls up, walks away.

Emma, you are the classic
cautionary tale

of why moms need to hug their children.

If you go, I'm not following.

I mean it.

Fucking kidding me? Fuck!

- That's how they get you.
- Jesus!

Sorry, just out here
lurking responsibly.

I can call you a Lyft.

Thank you. I feel like walking.


You know, I don't usually meddle.

I'm of the whole
"live and let live" ilk.

But it's late, you've been drinking,

you just got put through
the queer paces in there.

I mean, maybe you shouldn't
walk home alone.

I have a safety app.

Your phone is dead.

I mean, if you walk,
I'm gonna have to follow you,

and I don't think either
one of us wants that.

I mean, think about it. What's the trek?

Like, 10, 20 minutes?

20 minutes of small talk
with some asshole you just met

at a gay wedding?

I don't know, that doesn't
sound ideal for either of us.

But a Lyft...

Thank you.

Ariel will arrive in two minutes.

I'll Venmo you if you just give me...

Oh... Whatever.

Thank you.

God, I detest weddings.

I know. Weddings are the fucking worst.

Not this one.

Those two went through some real
shit to walk down that aisle.

By the way, that was
some bullshit in there.


It was an ambush,
and I don't really appreciate

us acting like our own queer police.

Just wanted to say that.

God, what is this?

Would be better
with a sprig of rosemary.

Or just a dash of bitters.

Definitely needs bitters.

I helped come up with the bar menu.

We had a really low budget.

But a little bit of bitters
actually goes a long way.

You're a mixologist.

Oh. Bartender.

Mixologist sounds like I sling daiquiris

at a glorified lounge
at the Denver Airport.

- Noted.
- It's just a day job.

That sounds so trite.

Everyone in this city's
got a fucking day job.

I was trying to be something else.

You're the new owner of La Chinita.

I like that place.

It's called Vida now.

But without the S. Just Vida.

I had a couple really good
nights at that spot.

Like, five years ago.

Right, it's the only place

in this neighborhood for girls like us.

But girls like us
don't keep that place open.

I don't disagree.

I mean, dyke bars aren't really
a viable investment.

We just get all U-Haul domestic
and stop going out.

I'm generalizing.

But I have a feeling

you're gonna make it work, though.


Ariel is arriving.

Come by the bar.

I'll get you back for the Lyft
with a few drinks.

Buenas noches, Lynda.

Buenas noches.

You're still a little bit mad at me, eh?

It's okay. I deserve it.

No, yes.

I deserve it, porque no le
expliqué bien lo que iba a pasar.

Ay, tú te callas.

I should have explained better

what would happen con la limpia.

Nada más quiero que sepas

that I did it for your own good.

And at some point you're going to
feel ready to talk to me again.

No, I won't.

At least not for that.

But you will.

And I want you to know
that I will be here...

para lo que se te ofrezca.

Y también, I'm hearing that
you're feeling bad right now.

You're hearing? From who?



I don't believe in all that anymore.

Yes, you do.

And she's telling me you don't
know if you're on the right path.

She? Who's telling you?

You know who.

Don't play with that.

That's so mean.

Mi'ja, I'm not trying to be mean.

You just have to know that your
mamita says that you're going

to be just fine.

Stop it.

Don't you think I wish
I could talk to her?

Really, one last time?

Hi, Mami.

We called it Vida.