Vida (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Episode #2.2 - full transcript

[STARZ] The Vigilantes protest a local real estate agent whom Emma considers using to advertise an available unit in the building, which neighborhood handyman Baco agrees to repair. Lyn ...

Vidalia and Eddy were not married.

- Oh, my God.
- Lyn, come help.

That's Don Fulgencio's cat.

Don Fully?

You know there's some
things we gotta talk about.

So I'm the one who's
gotta go looking to you,

to talk to you about the
shitty thing you did?

Because you make it complicated, Lyn.

You're a full-on agent of chaos.

We have six months, Lyn.

Nothing else matters but the bar.

Gentry, get the fuck out!

Gentry, get the fuck out!

Gentry, get the fuck out!

Gentry, get the fuck out!

Gentry, get the fuck out!

Gentry, get the fuck out!

Gentry, get the fuck out!


- Marisol.
- Oh, um...

I'm a rational man,
and I get that life happens.

I get it.

But you've been coming in here
later and later each day.

Mr. Wong, I'm only,
like, six minutes late.

I'll stay later, okay?

I'll stay past my shift, if you want.

Don't bother putting that on.

Seriously, Mr. Wong?

Fuck this place.

For Sale. Authentic Mexican Toy $40


Okay, um...

- Okay, all right, ah!
- Ah!

Got it.


I told you the shower thing never works.

Mm, okay.

You tried, and I thank you for it.

All right, all yours.

- Are you peeing?
- Yeah.

I wanted to spare you in there.

Uh, yes, thank you for sparing me.

This girl at work sends us
compatibility quizzes every morning.

You know those quizzes
are Russian bots, right?


There's something to it.

They're very revealing.

Look, let's do this one.

Let's not.

It's the zombie apocalypse
and I've been infected.

What do you do?

You know, this is exactly why Trump won.

I've been bitten

and become a brain-eating zombie.

What do you do,
keep me alive or kill me?

I'd kill you, of course.

Are you serious?

Like, I could never kill zombie you.

I'd lock zombie you in a basement

and feed you random roadkill until
they found a cure for zombieism.

That's horrible.

Why is that horrible?

It's selfish. You'd let me rot forever?

I think someone must have
stolen her identity

and is out there using her card

because these charges
are from after she passed away.

I'm sorry for your loss.

I'll transfer you over to
our fraud department,

they can better assist you.

Oh, thank you. Yes, thank you.

So will you be able
to remove the charges then?

No guarantee, the fraud
department will need to...

Oh, I see. That's like a whole thing.

Uh, okay, all right.

Um, thank you.

All right, thank you.

Uh, what are you doing in here
and up so early?

Oh, I barely slept.

I told you I was gonna
find treasures in here.

Lyn, um...

And guess what?

I just sold a guitar, 150 bucks.

And there's four more
where that came from.

I'm telling you, I am wizard level good

at selling people
things they don't need.

This is junk.

Well, Emma, people pay
actual dollars for junk.

Believe me, after every breakup

when I would find myself short on cash,

I would turn to the resale apps.
They never did me wrong.

I will make us money.

I have a handyman coming
in here to clean all this out.

Is one of these for me?

Yes, but don't drink it yet.

I want us to bring a juice
to Eddy while we...

We need to talk to her.

- Uh, we?
- Mm-hmm.

- Uh...
- Yes, Lyn, we.

From now on, it's going to be we

if it has anything
to do with this building.

Nope, sorry, I can't. No,
I can't, Emma, uh, no.

I can't be there if
you're gonna bring up

the whole illegitimate marriage thing.

I will seriously anxiety barf.

There's nothing to bring up.

They were not married. I looked.

They never applied for a license.

What I need to figure out is if
that will Vida made is legit.

And what if it's not?

Would you actually kick her out?

Let's figure out the will.


Mostly, I remember Don Fully

from when he would come down to the bar.

Where is he gonna be buried?

If no one claims him, they'll
just cremate him at the morgue.

Apparently, he didn't have any family.

That's so gacho, to die all alone

and then get no proper send-off?

I know.

Maybe we could do something.

I'm sorry, but no.

I mean, I'm so sorry he died,

but we have no resources
for any sort of send-off.

Well, I just meant
maybe something small.

Again, nobody wanted
a dead Don Fulgencio.

But it happened and it left us
with this vacancy,

which means we can put
the apartment on the market

and make double the rent.

That can take our monthly
expenses from 13K to almost 11K,

which would be a big help.

Oh, my God, when you say actual numbers,

it, like, literally gives me hives.

This is serious,

so finding a reliable tenant
is imperative.

I found a great leasing agency
that can help us

filter through the bad applicants.

Well, isn't it just
cheaper if we post ourselves?

I remember Mami used to post
flyers up in the lavandería

and we'd literally have
a new tenant the next day.

I'm not leaving it to chance.

Besides, flyers only attracts
a certain type of tenant.

That "certain type"
is this whole building.

It always has been.

I know, Eddy,

but we need to be more aspirational

and look at the big picture.

If this building
doesn't start making money,

Nelson forecloses on us.

That's a fact.

Wait, you don't have
to worry about any of that.

Okay, we'll worry about the new tenant.

- No.
- Yes.

You just concentrate on getting better.

I wanna see who you're
looking to bring in here.

Also, Eddy,

I am putting together
some papers for probate.


Did Vida ever sign an actual
document with witnesses?

No, but that website where
she made the will was legit.

It said so en elGoogle search.

I should go meet the new handyman.

Yeah, you do that.

You know what your amá
would say about all this?

Emma's just doing her best
to make all of this work.

I found these letters
in Don Fully's place.

Do you want to read them?

No, that's like reading someone's diary.

Oh, they're pretty epic, though.

It don't feel right
to look at his private stuff.

I'd rather we honor him some other way.

Maybe you could buy him
a nice velaand light it.

Okay, yes, I will totally
buy him a vela.

But also... listen to this one.

"Mi amor"...

CRUZ: Please tell me you you're just
fake mad about the zombie thing?

Excuse me?

How did you get in here?

Through your door.

We're not open to the public right now.

You called me.

You needed a handyman?

You're Mr. Nava?

Yes, I'm Baco Nava.
We talked on the phone.

Rocky recommended me.


Thank you for coming, Mr. Nava.

We are rehabbing our building in phases,

the first phase being
a thorough cleaning

and a good paint job around the bar

to be done right away.

Is that agreeable to you?

Yeah, that's fine.

There's also a unit
that must be cleaned out

and painted upstairs, two bedrooms.


All this works for you?


I must ask, do you complete
all of the work yourself?

Uh, no.

If I need extra hands, I
call some guys, help me out.

Fantastic, this has to be
done kind of fast so...

Full disclosure; Uh, most of them...

Okay, all of them...
Have done time, including me,

so if that's gonna be a problem,
you can just tell me now.

But they're a good crew, hard workers.

We get it done fast
so it's cheaper for you.

I assume you're bonded and insured.

Of course.

Then it shouldn't be a problem, right?


This is an itemized list
of what we require.

If you could please prepare an
estimate, that would be great.

Just want to make sure we're on the
same page before we sign a contract.

Um, yeah.

So I usually work with, um...

Well, gente, you know,
people from the neighborhood,

so I'm not really used
to this whole contract thing.

We have to have a contract.

Yeah, I-I don't usually need one.

Mostly just shake on it.

Look, I know you people
are more business orientated,

but we don't usually do things
that way around here.

What do you mean by "you people"?

I just meant Mexicans around here.

We're a little bit more allergic
to papers, you know what I mean?

Well, two things; I am Mexican

and I did grow up around here

and I still require a contract.

Oh, for real?

Oh, you could have fooled me
with the way you talk,

and your whole...

How you look.

How is that exactly?

Come on, I'm sure this isn't
the first time you heard this.

No, and it pisses me off every time.

I don't know why. You're sort
of putting it out there.

Excuse me?

All right, hold up.

Hold up. I'm out of line here, okay?

Look, I'll take this paper, okay?

I'll give you an estimate
just like you're wanting

with the best rates
you're gonna find around here.

And, yes, I'll sign
whatever contract you want.

"I wish you'd let me explain.

"Over and over,
I ask that you let me explain.

"For what it's worth, I'm moving
Heaven and Earth right now

to cross to you again and kneel in
front of you until you forgive me."

Cross, I bet that means from Mexico.

"Until then, every breath
I breathe will be for you.

Yours always, tu amor."

I wish someone breathed
and kneeled for me too.

Do you think Don Fully wrote these?
They're not addressed to anyone.

I'm sorry, Lyn.

I tried to hold it as much
as I could, but I gotta pee.

Oh, my God, Eddy,
why didn't you say something?

It was all that damn juice.

- Okay.
- No.

Ah, okay...

A ver, give it to me.

Uh, uh, let me see if I can do it.

No, no, no, I... I think
you should let me help you.

Come on.

It'll be easy.

- Hold on.
- Just... Wait.

- Okay, hold on.
- Let's do this.

- Ow!
- Oh...

did I hurt you?

- Oh, no.
- What?


Oh, my God.

I'm so sorry, Eddy.


Don't worry. You know what?
I'm going to lift you.

Actually, I... let me go get
Emma so we both can lift you.

No, no, no, no, no,
Emma can't know I peed the bed.

Please, Lyn.

No, Eddy.

Please don't cry. It's okay.

Please, uh.

Listen, I had this boyfriend
who used to pee the bed

every time he talked to his mom,

so, like, this is, like, not anything.

It's okay.

The thing is that I don't...

I don't think I can move you by myself.

- Hey.
- Sorry, carnal.

No, don't worry. Come on.

- I'm too heavy, man.
- No, I got you. Put your arm around me.

- Yeah?
- Yeah, come on.

- You ready?
- Okay, I'm sorry.

- All right, here we go.
- Oh!

I got you, okay.

I got you.


You want a strawberry?

No, thanks.

I'll, uh... I'll get a glass
of water, if you don't mind.


- Here.
- Thanks.

You might, uh, need some
handrails in Eddy's bathroom.

I can come by and install them
if you order some.

Yeah, we'll order whatever you say.

Thank you.

And thanks for this.

I mean it. Like,

I... I don't know what we were gonna do.

It's nothing to thank me for. You
know, I'd do anything for Eddy.

Just, uh... just call or text
if you need, um...

well you know, if Eddy needs anything.

I've been wanting to say something.

I want to say that...

We're both going to be okay.

You know how I know that?

I know because this time,
I did things...

the right way,

- you know, like, for the right reasons.
- You were a detour, Lyn.

That's it.

Johnny was just here.

It was beyond traumatizing to see him.

After everything you said,
the whole new leaf is turned,

and now it's back
to the same old fucking story.

No, no, Emma.

There was a whole thing with Eddy.

The poor thing peed herself,

and Johnny had to come help us.

Peed? Oh, and it had to be him?
You couldn't call me.

Well, Eddy didn't want me to.

She feels a certain
kind of way around you,

and, honestly, I don't blame her.

I think it was the way you
handled the new tenant thing.

How exactly did I handle it?

Look, I get that you want
like a certain kind of renter.


But that kind would require us to have,

like, a certain level of
having our shit together-ness.

They'd want things fixed right away

and they would want stainless steel shit

and... and they would definitely
complain about the noise, Emma.

They would be you.

Would you want you as a renter?

I don't think so.

They can try us.
They can try to erase us.

Pero el pueblo unido jamás será vencido.

For more permit...

Hey, I haven't finished with this yet,

but if you give me, like,
20 minutes, you could watch it.

No, no, I can't stay, girl.

I just came to give you something.

What's up? You okay?

Mi amá, man.

Uh, she hadn't told me
that the pinche landlady

bullied her into signing
an agreement to vacate.

- What?
- Yeah.

And... and you know mi amá.

If a gringaholds out an official-looking
document in English,

she's gonna sign it.

She'll never shake that
immigrant fear of everything.

We should bring this up at Vigilantes.

No, it wouldn't do nothing. I...
I mean, she signed it.

We gotta move out now, like, a huevo.

But I gotta go find out to see
how fast we gotta get out.

You know, es un desmadre.

But, you know, why am I even
coming up here with my drama?

Like, you just lost your job.

Oh, no, don't worry about me.
I'll find something.

Um, oh, hey, um, my cousin's
looking for front of staff,

uh, for that barre gym
that she manages in Whittier.

Wait, a bar at a gym?

No, it's like, um,
how do you say, barre.

It's like that white girl
shit, you know, where...

they pretend to be ballerinas.
I don't know.

What the fuck is happening
to Whittier, man?

It's also hella far on bike.

Oh, I know, girl. You know, but I
thought I should still bring it.

You know, por si acaso.

No, no, I appreciate it. Thank you.

Oh, all righty, well, I gotta bounce.

Um... oh, um,

but this also means that I can't
go to Benny's party tonight.

But do me a favor and go.

Uh, I'm not going if you're not going.

What are we, rice and beans?

Go to the pincheparty, Mari,

and have some pinchefun
for once in your life.

- Ah, but you know it...
- Hey, ándale,

and then later you can
tell me all the chisme.

Hey, give me the té, girl.

Hey, well, bye.



How did you get back in here?

Eddy, what are you doing?

I was just... oh, nothing.

Oh, well.

Thank you.

Uh, it's time for your medicine.

No water. Thank you.

I can swallow it just like that.

Well, I'll leave it here
anyway, just in case, um.

Please, if you need anything...


Okay, fine, I won't use a leasing agent,

but I'm not plastering
flyers around either.

I'll advertise it online, and
I'll run the applications by you.


♪ Y nunca lloraré
por un amor de luz ligero ♪

♪ Efímero del dolor voy
corriendo el mundo entero ♪

♪ Escucho vibraciones
de Las Pampas a Okinawa ♪

♪ Las olas del rencor
se van corriendo como el agua ♪

♪ La noche cae
el corazón en luna llena ♪

♪ Bailando por la arena
con sirenas cartagenas ♪

♪ Descifro mi temor
como la luz descifra huecos ♪

♪ La cumbia del amor que va
curando a mil enfermos ♪

♪ Get ready, get steady ♪

♪ Cumbia del co... ♪

♪ Get ready, get steady

♪ Cumbia del co... ♪

- Let's go!
- Yeah, shake that booty!

Oh fuck, fuck, fuck.
Oh, shit, shit, shit.

Mari, Mari.

♪ Hay una niña que llora una pena ♪

Don't go. Please?

♪ Pero la selva cuando se deselva ♪

And that's what happened, Mari.

I was being a fucking gorilla.

Yeah, fuck, man!

And no matter how it happened...

it's on me.

I know that.

Yeah, it's on you 'cause you didn't ask.

Fuck, that's the worst part
about this, man.

I'll never stop being sorry for that.

You know how I feel
about consent, right?

Oh, no, um, I'm, I'm blitzed.

I'm todaspinning.

I'm never, ever gonna
forgive myself for this...

Especially since things were
going so good with us, you know.

And I went and fucked it all up.

They were?

Come on, Mari.

Mari, you know how much I dig you.

Not really.


Look, you can tell me
if I'm out of line.

Will you let me kiss you?

Is this okay?

Um, uh...

It's fine.

It's fine, reina.

It's all fine.

♪ Cada momento cambia con la espera ♪

♪ Cada momento cambia en la espera ♪

♪ Cada momento cambia con la espera ♪

♪ Cada momento cambia con la espera ♪

You know I'd never do
anything bad to you, right?

Not on purpose.


Let's make it about you tonight.


What do you say?


I... I've never done that before.

There's not much you gotta do.

♪ Quiero sentir el calor del viento ♪

♪ Cada momento cambia con la espera ♪

♪ Cada momento cambia con la espera ♪

♪ Cada momento cambia con la espera ♪

♪ Cada momento cambia con la espera ♪



Hey, I have some
extra salad if you're hungry.

Check your phone.

Just check it.

MONEYBEAR: Lyn has sent you $1,100

What is this money?

It's for the bar,

for everything.

You'll know where it goes.

I said I could make money off of this.

And you did.

We should give Don Fully a send-off.

- Uh...
- Emma, come on.

You don't want Don Fully
running around here

scaring you when you wake up to pee
in the middle of the night, do you?

- Do we say something?
- We say a prayer.

There's one here.

"La santa"... ugh, it's in Spanish.
You read it.

Why don't we speak from
the heart, as they say?

But quietly and to ourselves.


If there was a zombie apocalypse

and I got turned into a zombie, would
you kill me or keep me locked in

the basement in case they found a cure?

I'd kill you, of course.

It'd be so cruel not to.