Vida (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - Episode #2.10 - full transcript

It's Lyn's time to shine

She never unmarried
her husband, Victor Villanueva.

- What's this?
- It's the key to my place.

- Oh!
- Mon Chou Chou!

She's my ex. Things are done with us.

Whitetinos living their best life

is not what people
around here want to see.

What to people around here want?

You're a shitty person,
Emma, plain and simple.

I'm not waiting for fucking Emma.

I'm gonna fix the music series.

You do that, Lyn.

Welcome abundance. Welcome harmony.

Welcome abundance.

You are welcome here.

Still the moors, huh?


I'll worry about these,
but you do still have

to worry about those until
you tell me otherwise.

Nobody asked you to do those.

If I don't they'll just sit here
for three more days,

stinking up, like you.

Do you think now would be
a good time to start talking

about starting a chore wheel?

Now you're going to
school me about chores,

when for how many months
this place has been spotless,

- no thanks to you?
- Oh, good!

Our third roomie is here.

Maybe we can ask her
opinion about a chore wheel.

Sorry, about a what?

Mari, don't listen to her.

This place is nasty.

All I ask is that each of us...

Oh, my God. Listen to you.

This is so funny.

If... If you want, I can do the dishes.

In fact, um, I... it just
takes me two minutes.

I can... I can do it right now.

Thank you, Mari.

I hope you're so embarrassed.

Mari, please leave it.

Tonight couldn't be more
important for the bar.

We've sold tickets already.

We have actual people coming.

And I know you're not having a crisis.

You're just doing all
of this to punish me,

- And that's just...
- Yes, Lyn.

As always, this is all about you.

Hey, you okay?

Oh, yeah, um...

Mari, you don't have to do this.

I'll get up and take care of them.

No, it's okay.

Um, is it weird that I
like doing the dishes?

It is kind of weird.

Thank you so much.

You can leave the
power washer right here,

but it would be great if everything
else could be put inside.

Is that everything you needed?

Oh, my God.

So many thank yous.

We would never have
been able to rent any

of this without you, so thank you

for the kind donation, councilman.

You're out there today in this little...

You trying to make me
jealous in front of my guys?

Shut up.

This is me in work mode, all right?

Who do you think is
actually gonna wash the paint

off the side of the building?
La sad girl up there?

Nope. It's these guns.


Well, you know I can get one
of my guys to do it for you

so you don't have to.
In fact, oye, Felipe...

No, no, no, hey, no, no, no.

Rudy, I wanna do this. Seriously.

I don't love this.

You're gonna be out here
all wet T-shirt contest,

and I know this neighborhood.
I know my people.

Well, what do you think is gonna happen?

I'm on my block.

It's not you I don't trust.

- Mexican men, we can be real...
- Okay.

This is a new color on you.

No, look, I'm not doing the macho thing.

I promise.

I'm just looking out for my girl.

My girl?

It's too much.

I'm always too much.

You know what?

I'll let you get to it. Make my exit.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Thank you, councilman.

All right, it's you and me, kid.

Excuse me.

Can I help you?

You know you have to ask my permission

if you're recording my image?

Not if you're out here
in a public space.

Why are you recording me?

Just shooting your beer
ad. Someone tag it?

Yeah. It's coming right off.

Hey, we're having this concert tonight.

It's a Jarina De Marco concert.

Do you know her? You should come.

It's right here at Vida tonight.

We're trying this whole new thing.

It's gonna be amazing. Stop by.

Or not.

- To sing, like, really melancholy shit.
- How does it look?

Hey, this is some nice
stuff you got a hold of.

Is it? Oh, good.

I thought it was, but I wasn't sure.

Hey, girl. Are you ready
to man that bar?

I sure am, Miss Spring Break.

I'm all yours today.

- I just turned in my dissertation...
- Oh, man, congratulations.

Yes, sir. Thank you.

- It's a monkey off my back.
- That's so good.

I mean, my committee's still
gonna make me do rewrites, so...

Hey, Nico, do you think
you're gonna need more help...

I'm so sorry, M. I'm just...

- I have a one-track mind today.
- That's okay.

But, yeah, do you think
you might need another

pair of hands behind the bar?

I mean, is Emma not coming to help out?

Emma who?

No, I got a zombie living up there.

We can't count on her.

Let me see who I can
call to come help out.

Pero why, man?

Then when school lets out, what do I do?

Ay, I'm sure there's someone
that can give you a quick ride.

Hey. Hey!

Your Subaru is parked down the street.

Walk over there and get it.

Rock, you know I don't
wanna go back there.

- Not until I...
- Not until you go stick

your nose where it doesn't belong

so you can go over to
the sisters with a big,

"Ta-da. Guess what?"

It's not even like that.

Then why are you trying to stir shit up?

This is for me, Rocky. Okay?

This isn't for nobody else.

I just need to make sure
that what your cousin said

is really true because if it is,

then that means that that
man has been living here

this whole time.

Which means that Vida lied to me.

This whole time, she lied to me.

And she lied to them.

Come on. You can't be late to work.

♪ No necesitas tener un lunar ♪



How the hell did you find me?

Your address is on the invoice.

That's why I don't like paperwork.

How can I help you?

Why did you do this?

I don't wanna owe you anything.

- I'm the one that owes you.
- Mm-hmm.

I just don't understand
why you would have your men

- not get paid.
- Oh, no, they got paid.

So this is costing you out of pocket?

I made a check out
for what you quoted me.

Yeah, I don't want that.

Just take it. This
doesn't make any sense.

- Oh, it doesn't make sense to you?
- Mi'jo, who is it?


Mira nada más qué chulada de muchacha.

- Who is she? A new friend?
- I'm one of his clients...

- No, she was just leaving.
- Yeah.

No seas grosero, Francisco.

She's a client.

Ay, my son. He's such a gruñón.

That's why nobody comes
to visit him anymore.

Ven, bonita, have something to eat.

We're celebrating my ahijado, Oscar

'cause he just got his
certificate from the ITT.

We got enough arrachera
to feed the whole street.

Gracias, señora, pero
no me puedo quedar.


You'll offend me if you don't stay.

I would love some arrachera. Gracias.

Ándale, ven. Mira.

Te voy a presentar a toda la familia.

♪ Te crucé, te miré ♪

♪ Yo no sé bien ni cómo te interpreté ♪

♪ Pero ahí me quedé

♪ Mi bandera en ese amor planté ♪

♪ Y de ahí no salí ♪

♪ Y ahí me convencí
que ese era mi lugar ♪

♪ Donde debía estar ♪

Isn't it beautiful?

Baquito made it.

He took this old door
he found in the trash

and turned it into this.

Ay, no, you should see
all the beautiful things

he makes for me.

He remade me the whole house.

- Ay, mami, ya.
- No, es que sí.

He has so much imagination.

Tell her how you're
gonna have your own stand

at the Rose Bowl flea market next week.

He's been waiting for that
stand there for two years.

Hey, Luisito. Stop playing with that.

Siempre se chifla when
the cousins are around.


A ver, pues, yo voy.

You were just like him
at his age, you know?

Tell him I'm gonna take him
to his mom's si no se aplaca.

Is that your son?


I didn't know you had a son.

Why would you?

What's his name?


Baco, I behaved like a pig,
and you were right to say it.

I never called you a pig.

I've never behaved like that.

I mean, I'd ended up
in similar situations,

but usually with people above me.

Or, that I worked for.

- So this is something that you do?
- No.

This is different, and
I feel like garbage.

Please know that.

Please know that if I in
any way made you feel...

No, hold on. Hold up.

Hold up.

We don't need to do all that.

I just...

I apologize to you.

That's all.

I'm gonna get you some of my mom's salsa

'cause it's weird that you're
eating all seco like this.

It's right here at Vida tonight.

We're trying this whole new thing.

It's gonna be amazing.

This Coconut Becky, Lyn Hernandez,

is not only trying to gentrify
by attracting chipsters

and hipsters with these
gentry-ass concerts,

she's also in bed, literally,
with Rudy Marquez,

King Parking Lot Pito.

I think that's long enough.

I could post it right now like this.

Bueno, 'tá bueno. Esta
fucking coconut ass bitch

- won't even know what hit her.
- Hey, why is the detergent out?

Are we hitting the gallery?

No, we're coming after
that Hernandez Cortez clan

from that Vida bar.

Did you see what Mikey got today?

Esas pinche sell-outs.

They took down a
community mural and put up

an offensive-ass beer ad.

And now they're trying to
have that chipster concert.

Pero fuck that. Uh-uh.

We're putting that
coconut Becky on notice.

Wait, wait, Yoli, what about
Brobeck and Dog Shit Pink Nipples?

I thought we were
going after that fucker.

Just because we're putting
that Vida bar on blast

doesn't mean we're gonna
forget about that fucker.

Plus you know strategy.

We strike where we're most effective.

This is happening, Mari.

Así que grab some soap.

'Cause tonight we're
washing those vendidas out.

- Am I right? Yeah!
- Yeah...

Fuck those colonizers!

Yes, fuck them!

We got this.

- This is our neighborhood
- Eso es.


♪ Alabaré a mi Señor ♪

♪ Alabaré, alabaré, alabaré, alabaré ♪

♪ Alabaré a mi Señor ♪

♪ Alabaré, alabaré, alabaré, alabaré ♪

♪ Alabaré a mi Señor ♪

Buenos días, hermanos y hermanas.

Sean bienvenidos a
esta casa del Señor...

We're trying this whole new thing.

It's gonna be amazing.

Did y'all see the line
outside? It's massive.

Yeah, man.

Manny, hi.

Thank you so much for coming
to help us last minute.

It's like riding a bike.

You're the best.

Yeah, I just started chilling
some more beers so we'll be ready.

And I put Jarina and
her crew in the office.

Made them a little dressing
room situation back there.

Awesome, thank you.

We should start letting people in.

- Yeah.
- Hold up. We should show her first.

That doesn't have anything to do

with whether we open the doors or not.

Well, I'd rather her see it first.

What is it?

We're trying this whole new thing.

It's gonna be amazing.

Coconut Becky Lyn Hernandez...

Calling one another a coconut
is such colonized fuckery.

It's us in a barrel. It's just not cute.

You shouldn't worry too
much about it tonight, Lyn.


You think this is the first
time I've been cyberbullied?

- Please.
- But... this is a little different.

Why aren't the fairy lights on?

We ran out of power strips.

But we have to have fairy lights.

All right, I'm gonna run
upstairs and get another strip.

- But Lyn...
- It's fairy lights.

Start letting people
in. I'll be right back.

I hope the neighbors don't
complain about that line.

Did Lyn hire security?

Yeah, Marcos. He's at the front door.

Oh, God.

Hi, by the way.

If that whole line comes
in and starts drinking,

- it's gonna be a fucking mess, so...
- I said hi.

How are you? It's been a while.

Four days since the last
time we saw each other.



Look, I'm sorry I didn't
tell you about Zoe.

I really am, but I... also
I didn't have to...

I think you're misinterpreting things.

No, I'm not.

I don't wanna do that thing
where we just pretend, Emma.

Even if it's just for this once...

I want us... I want us to name it.

Christ. Name it?

You make everything so
fucking dykey and processing.

- It's exhausting.
- God, you don't have to get nasty.

Can I just say shit
without you handing me

a fucking fortune cookie?

Sometimes people just wanna say shit.

Or not.

Like, right now I'd rather
us not talk about this.

I'd rather us go about
our lives as if nothing

- had ever happened. And I just want...
- I like you, Emma!

Way too much.

I like you way too much for comfort.

And you like me, too.

Yes, but it doesn't mean anything.

It means everything.


♪ All right ♪

♪ Inside your head ♪

I should wash my hands.

I was just... I was recycling the trash.

- Yeah.
- Good idea.

You're leaving?

It's because Emma's a slob, isn't it?

I would leave, too.

No, um...

I just should.

I... I have to.

Do you know where she is?

Um, I... I should talk to her.

I don't, and I don't fucking care.

At least she's off the fucking couch.

Look, fair warning.

Vigilantes plans to
disrupt your music night,

and every night until
you meet our demands.

You did just take down that
mural without asking anyone.

Wait, we didn't have to ask anyone.

It's our building.

Look, folks just want you
to be held accountable.

Every change you make,
it... it has a ripple effect

in the community.

And, like, this concert,
it's gonna attract

all these chipsters and
hipsters and that's...

Well, did you talk to them?

They're your crew.

Did you explain to them that you know us

and that we're only
doing this to stay afloat?

That we're not gentrifiers?

You are, though.

You're "gente-fiers." It's even worse.

After everything Emma did for you.

Are you going to protest us, too?

You fucking little backstabber.

Come on. I want to watch you leave.


♪ Bye-bye to the prim and the proper ♪

♪ Bye-bye to the pink and the posture ♪

♪ Ai yai yai I don't
want to smile and wave ♪

♪ La, la, la, la, la ♪

♪ Bye-bye to the Gen and the Bobby ♪

♪ Bye-Bye to everything you taught me ♪

♪ I, I, I think I'd
rather miss the edge ♪

- They wanted to go on time.
- Wonderful.

- Here, I'll do it.
- Thank you.

♪ Y todos saben que yo soy malcriada ♪

♪ Y todos saben que yo
soy malcriada, ra, ra, ra ♪

♪ Y todos saben que yo soy malcriada ♪

♪ Y todos saben que yo soy malcriada ♪

♪ Y todos saben que yo
soy malcriada, ra, ra, ra ♪

♪ La, la, la ladylike behavior ♪

♪ We don't want ladylike behavior ♪

♪ La, la, la ladylike behavior ♪

♪ La, la, la ladylike behavior ♪

♪ We don't want ladylike behavior ♪

♪ La, la, la ladylike behavior ♪

♪ Smile and wave ♪

You should come look at this, Lyn.

♪ Au revoir, fuck you ♪

♪ Bonjour to the broom I'm a pagan ♪

♪ I, I, I think I'm 'bout to misbehave ♪

♪ Y todos saben que yo soy malcriada ♪

I should go talk to them.

I don't know, girl.

As long as they're not throwing
shit through your windows,

you might want to stay in here.

This is ridiculous.
It's a fucking concert.


You gonna freak out
once we open that door?


Gentry are not welcome here.

Say it loud, say it clear.

Gentry are not welcome here.

Say it loud, say it clear.

Gentry are not welcome here.

- Say it loud, say it clear.
- I just...

Gentry are not welcome here.

Say it loud, say it clear.

I just wanna ask y'all...

I'm Lyn Hernandez. I'm
co-owner of this bar.

I just wanna ask y'all why...

Say it clear. Gentry
are not welcome here.

I... I just don't understand
what we did wrong.

You think you can just
come back here and artwash

a community mural and put
up a pinche corporate ad?

Oh, no, no, no, no. This
wasn't a community mural.

My mom put this up.

And now look what you're attracting

with your hipster concert.

This bar is not for the community.

No, you got this all wrong.

I'm from this neighborhood
as much as all of you.

That's why I only hire Latinx acts.

- Gentry are not welcome here.
- Jarina is Latinx.

- Gentry are not welcome here.
- So is everyone that works at Vida.

I... This is crazy.

Sí, dale.

This bitch is fucking pissing me off.

Hey, hey, Mari! Come on.

Let's wash this bitch out.

Come on, Mari.

Say it loud, say it clear.

Gentry are not welcome here.

We have been here for five decades!

- Wash her out! Wash her out!
- My grandfather built this place!

My mom ran it until she died!

My sister and I are
working so fucking hard...

- Oh, my God!
- That's my sister, you fucking cunt!

Emma! Emma! Emma!

No, officer, officer,
she threw the detergent.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Let me see you. Come here.

- I can't open my eyes.
- Oh, my God, okay.

It's okay. It's gonna be okay.

What is this?

- Mister, hey!
- Oh, no.

No, I think that's just making it worse.

Come on, let's wash it off.

- Stop touching your face.
- I can't.

I'd like to see you
stop touching your face

if you had acid powder
all over your eyes.

- Come on.
- Oh, my God.

Excuse me. We need this.

Ooh, sorry. Okay.

All right, all right.

Oh, my God.

All these chemicals are
gonna burn my retinas

and I'm gonna have to
wear glasses forever.

That was so scary.

♪ I see you baby ♪

♪ I spotted you looking
at me right away ♪

Look at how many people.

♪ I'm gonna put the song you like ♪

♪ Un, dos, tres

I know.

Hey, I heard you were
the owner of this place.

No, we both are.

That's fantastic.

Listen, I know La Santa Cecilia,

and I think they would
love to play here.

Uh, here's my card if
you want to chat sometime.

Give it to her.

She's the one in charge.

Great. Thanks.

♪ Electrocútame ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

This is good, Lyn.

♪ I know just what you like ♪

♪ Aunque no lo digas ♪

You did good.

♪ Eléctrico, yo sé qué es lo que hay ♪

♪ Electrocútame ♪

♪ Ooh, electrical ♪

♪ I know just what you like ♪

♪ Aunque no lo digas ♪

♪ Electrical between us ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Electrical, yo sé qué es lo que hay ♪

♪ Hay. No importa lo que digan ♪

♪ Ay, ay

♪ Electrical between us ♪