Victorious (2010–2013): Season 4, Episode 1 - Wanko's Warehouse - full transcript

The gang's favorite megastore is having a massive sale. In order to avoid a huge line of customers, the kids hide out in the store until it closes so they can grab what they want before it's gone.

Subs created by: David Coleman.


- Hey, Tori.
- Oh, hi Sinjin.

Guess what I did last night.

All right, uh.

- Gimme a hint.
- Okay.




I took a karate class!

Thanks for the hint.

- Help me up?
- Not today.




Oh. Yeah.

- Oh.
- Tori, Tori, Tori.

- Yeah?
- Guess what!

Ya know what, I really
don't wanna guess what...

- Shh!
- Ah.

Okay. Wanko's Warehouse is having a huge
sale, eighty percent off everything.

- Everything?!
- Yeah.

Clothes, phones, TV's, games,
food, shampoos, shovels...

- Unitards?
- Yes!

- Hey, what are we talking about?
- Trina was just telling me...

- Ah! Shh!
- Ow!

- It's a secret!
- Ow!

Why are you wearing so many rings?!

- Come on, what's the secret?
- Can we just tell him?

No! The more people that know,
the more crowded it'll be.

- Hi.
- Oh.

What is this, a meeting?

That's what my brother calls it when he and
his friends hang out together and eat meat.


A "meating", get it?

He's a disaster.

What are you people talking about?

- There's a big sale...
- Ah! Shush shush shush!

Hey diddle diddle!

- What's up?
- Nothing!

Trina has a secret and won't tell us.

Well that's jank.

- Look you guys, I...
- Oh come on, just tell us.


Look, if I tell you people then all
these other losers are gonna hear.

Okay then.

Andre, Cat, Jade,

Robbie, Beck.

There, you can mass text
them the big secret.


But you guys better not tell anyone else.

And, send.

Whoa, cool.

- Interesting.
- Eh.


I'm in.

A sale at Wanko's?!?


Here I am once again.

Feeling lost but now and then.

I breathe it in to let it go.

And you don't know
where you are now.

And what it will come to
if only somebody could hear.

When you figure out how.

You're lost in the moment.

You disappear.

You don't have to be afraid
to put your dream in action.

You'll never gonna fade.

You'll be the main attraction.

Not a fantasy.

Just remember me.

When it turns out right.

Because you know that if
you live in your imagination.

Tomorrow you'll be
everybody's fascination.

In my victory.

Just remember me.

When I make it shine.





All right, we have arrived.

We're going to sale.
Yes, Wanko's sale, yeah.

- Oh, woo!
- Hey! Hey look.

- What's up?
- What?

There's already a line for the big sale.

There shouldn't be a line! It's only 6:45,
the sale doesn't even start 'til 7:00!

Oh, I really don't wanna
wait in a big long line.

I don't either. I don't like it one bit.

I love lines.
They're like long, single-file parties.

Hey wait, look up at the front of the line.
Isn't that Sinjin and Burf?

- Oh yeah. Yeah, that's them.
- Yeah, there they are.

Burf is Sinjin's friend.

Well, I'm gonna go talk to them,
and get 'em to let us cut in line.

- Do it, do it.
- That's a good idea. Bye.


What, what?!

I just wanted to see if you'd
come back if I honked the horn.

Restrain her.

Come on.


If you wanna enter Wanko's now,
and pay the regular prices,

go in that door down there.

- We're here for the big sale!
- Shut up!

That's a peculiar way to eat a cucumber.


You're so weird.

Hey, hey! Sinjin, Burf.

Looking good, boys.

- Hey Tori.
- Hello young lady.


I like where this is going.

Yeah, no. Ewe.

Listen, I'm here with some of my friends.

Including Cat, and Jade.

Pretty girls, right?

Oh yes.

So, can we cut the line and
hang here with you guys?

Sure, get the gang and
we'll let you cut in line.


Oh, and at 2:00 AM we'll
open our thermos of cocoa.

Awesome, I'll go get...

2:00 A.M.? We're not gonna
be in this line at 2:00 A.M.

Ya-huh. The sale doesn't start 'til 7:00.

I know, and it's uh,

6:45 right now.

Yeah. 6:45 P.M.


The sale starts in the morning. 7:00 A.M.

7:00 A.M.?!

You're saying that this sale doesn't
start for twelve more hours?!

That's right. Looks like we have a
long night of snuggling ahead of us.

She's so pretty.

She's all right.

- Trina. Hey.
- Hey what?

The Wanko's sale doesn't start
until 7:00 AM! Tomorrow morning.

- Come on! Are you kidding me?
- You made us all drive ninety

minutes here for nothing!

It's not my fault!

Yes, it is!

- So?!
- Trina! Come on!

Look, look, let's just go home tonight,

then we can drive back
here tomorrow morning.

Man, the line's already long.

You know what it's gonna be
like by tomorrow morning?

And they'll be sold out of all the good
stuff by the time we get in the store!

- Just relax.
- No.

I'm all excited to get eighty
percent off a Unitard!


Not cool.

Let's just all agree that
Tori has ruined our night.

- Yeah. Thanks.
- What did I do?!


You people wanna buy good
stuff at Wanko's on sale?

- Yes! Definitely.
- That's why we're here.

Follow me into Wanko's, boys and girls.

And Robbie.

I guess we're following Jade.

I wish I had some cocoa.

Oh. Sinjin said he has some.

In a thermos?


Attention Wanko's shoppers.
You're shopping at Wanko's.

Okay, so what's your big plan?


- What's the plan?
- Okay, we hide here...

Hey you guys, look what I
found on aisle fifteen!

Walkie-talkies! And they have a
range of six hundred yards! So,

if I have one, and you have one.

We could be six hundred yards from
each other, and still talkie,

while we walkie!

- You have a cell phone.
- Yeah, so?

It lets you walkie and talkie
to people all around the world.

- And text.
- Which ya can't do with a walkie-talkie.

Well, now I feel bad.

It's okay.
I like your stupid walkie-talkies.

Your plan?

Just before Wanko's closes at
9:00, we hide here, in the store.

Then, after they close, we have
the whole place to ourselves.

We can walk around, pick out what
we wanna buy, have some fun.

And then, we're the first ones here
tomorrow morning when the sale starts!

- Yep.
- But isn't that like breaking in?

We're already in.

That's some legit logic right there.

So? You guys up for an
all-nighter at Wanko's?

- Yeah!
- Wanko's!

Yes! Yeah baby! Wanko. Oh, yes! Woo!

- Hey guys.
- We're not doing anything.

I need bins so this is perfect.

Aisle eighteen is clear.
Go ahead and lock it down.

Copy that.

You wanna get some food at BF Wangs?

Yeah, I'm up for some Wang wings.

I'll go ahead and set the alarm.

See ya in the parking lot
in forty-five seconds.

It worked!

We got the whole store to ourselves.


You wanna go sniff the
scented candles with me?


This is gonna be the most fun night ever.

- Oh! We can go play with...
- Security system. On.


Man, I don't get it, what are
all these laser beams for?

They're part of the security system,
if you break one of those beams,

- it sets off the store alarm.
- Ugh.

- And then we have cops.
- Oh.

So, what's the plan now, Jade?

Don't give me attitude,
Tori's the one who said we

should hide and stay here
after the store closed.

What?! You're blaming me?!

- Okay, you, you were the one who said...
- Cat, no!

- Whoa!
- What are you doing?!

I wanted to lick the laser
beam with my tongue.



You wanna know what
flavor it is, don't you?

Can we just figure out how
we're gonna get outta here?

Our plan can still work.

We hang out in this aisle, ya know, just,

talk and,

admire these vacuum cleaners.

And then,

when the store opens in the morning, we'll
be the first ones here for the big sale.

One time my brother found a vacuum
cleaner in our church basement.

He took it home and now
he keeps it in his room.

Well, you should call the
church and tell them he has it.


They wouldn't want it back.

How much time 'til the store opens?

Well, it's 10:15 PM right now,
and the store opens at 7:00 A.M.

So 10.25 divided by 7.0, blah, blah,
blah, blah, blah, carry the two...

About nine hours!

Okay then.

Why don't we all just sit down.

Chill out, and have a nice long, fun night.

- Okay. Right.
- Okay. Nice.

- We can do that.
- That wasn't so bad. Sure.

- Okay.
- There we go. All right.

Those beams! Those laser beams!

It's like a cage! A cage!
I can't take it! I can't take it!

I can't take it! I can't take it!

Hey just checking, can you take it?


Man, how long have we been
sitting here like this?!

Twelve minutes.

Ah! I can't handle being trapped like this!

We're like animals!

Ooh, can I be a hippa-potta-moose?


It's French for hippopotamus.

I gotta wazz.

So wazz.

- Wazz where?
- Just grab a bin.

Uh, Trina Vega does not wazz in bins.

At that movie you wazzed
in a popcorn bucket.

A bucket is not a bin!

I'm getting hungry.

- Yeah.
- Me too.



Hey. Come here!

Ah! I can't take it.

I can't take it.

What are we doing?


to see how high this
beam is from the floor.

Eight inches.

Will you let her measure it, please.

- Well?
- Eight inches.


So, if one of us can lie on their
back, and slide under that beam.

Then they can get to the security
area at the front of the store.

Which is probably where the alarm panel is.

Yeah. And then they can turn off the
lasers and we can get outta here.

Uh, you'd have to be pretty skinny to slide
under that laser beam and not hit it.

So which one of us is the flattest?

- Robbie.
- Robbie.

- It's Robbie.
- Robbie.

- Robbie.
- Definitely.

Lie down on your back.

All right.

Gimme a hand.

Let's just push him right
underneath the beam.

All right, stay low Rob.

Suck in.

Think flat thoughts.



- Three.
- Ah!


Here's your walkie-talkie.


Heads up!

Shapiro to base.

Robbie, will you just use your first
name and stop calling me "base"?




I'm just outside the security area.

I see the alarm panel, and a
partially eaten fat cake on a desk.


Just turn off the alarm.

On it.

All right, I'm at the alarm panel.

Then go turn off the laser beams!

Turn off the laser beams.


This is quite a panel.

The lighting controls.

This is cool!

Byoooooo. Woooooooop!


Byoooooo. Woooooooop!

Well well well.

What do we got here?


Hey fellas.





What are you guys doing here?

We fixin' to rob this store.



Oh, so you guys are like...



And now, you're gonna
walk over there with us.

And open that safe.



So's we can get the money out of it.

No no, no I mean, why do you think
I'd be able to open Wanko's safe?

- You work here.
- What? What makes you think I work here?

- You calling me a liar?
- No, no. I'd never.


I'm just here with my
friends, we're just...

Trying to stay here overnight so we can be
the first ones here for the sale tomorrow.

You got fuzzy hair.

I just need to turn off the alarm
so my friends and I can leave.

Oh, we can't let you leave.

Nope. Not now.

Wh-why can't you let me leave?

- Because you know we're burglars.
- You seen our faces.

If we let you go, you
might go to the po-leece.

- And get us arrested.
- No. Oh God no.

I didn't even see your faces.

- But you know our names.
- No I don't!

Well, my name is Billy Triplet.

Don't tell me!

And I'm his twin brother, Barney Triplet.



You're the triplet twins?

- That's a fact.
- Your last name is Triplet.

- Yep. Uh-huh.
- But you're twins.

Ironic, ain't it?

Ah! Why's it taking so long for Robbie
to turn off those stupid alarm lasers?

- Andre...
- I bet he's just sitting there,

eating that fat cake.

Laughing at us!

Calm down, he'll turn 'em off.



Still no answer.

- Hey!
- What?

I haven't said anything for a while.

We gotta get outta here!

- We will.
- No. Now!

I'm tired, we're all hungry,
Trina's gotta wazz.

Not any more. I'm good.

And this button lets you choose
between fourteen different channels!

That's a lotta channels.


And then this is the volume control.
This button makes it louder...

And I bet that'n makes it less louder.


And then you just press this button
to talk, and release it to listen.

Dang, that's neat.

Real neat.


Thanks guys.

Why ya sad?


It's just.

My friends made fun of my walkie-talkie.

Hurt your feelings, did they?

Yeah, they kinda did.

Oh, you can't help it
that ya got yourself all

excited about your little
walkie-talkie toy.

Yeah. I was born this way.

I think someone needs a twin hug.

Come on.

Robbie! Answer me! Answer me!

I'm so hungry, Robbie!

He likes it when you say "base to Shapiro".

Oh, I care what he likes!

Why doesn't he answer us?!

Ah, you turned it off!
You've been talking into an offie-talkie!

Somebody just get me a sandwich!


No! No!

- I'm sorry.
- Oh my God the alarm!

Oh man, the cops will be
here in five minutes!

We gotta make a run for the car!

No they've got security
cameras in the parking lot!

If they get us on camera
they'll find us and arrest us!

Bins! Everybody, cover
your heads with bins!

- Yes! Good plan Jade!
- Perfect!

- Gimme one!
- Oh, I want the orange one!

I don't care!

- Run!
- Everybody go, go go!

- Turn it off! Come on, fuzzy!
- Your shouting is not making this easier!


- What in the?
- Hey! You guys! Wait for me!

Hey, where you going?! No you don't!

Andre! Beck! Help me!

- Head-butt 'em!
- I can't see 'em! Look for their feet!

- Tori!
- Robbie, get under my tub!

- I like where this is going!
- I do not!

Come on! Run!

- That way!
- His hair was fuzzy!




Crazy bin heads.