Victor & Valentino (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Hurricane Chata - full transcript

When V and V discover that Chata's emotions control the water in the lake, they use it to their advantage and start their own wave pool business.

[ Both laughing ]

[ Bang! ]

[ Both grunt ]


- [ Roars ]
- Aah!


- -Whoa!
- -Whoa!


[ Chuckles ]


[ People laughing,

[ speaking indistinctly ]

Coco Frio!

Get your Coco Frio!

- Ooh!
- I'll take one!

[ Both laughing ]

Hey, you kids!

What are you doing?

Don't you know

it's the summer solstice?

It's very dangerous

to be out today!


[ Both snickering ]

[ Sighs ]

Ignorant kids.

Don't come crying...

[ Gasps ]

Don't come crying to old Don

when things get weird.

And they will get weird.

[ People chattering excitedly ]

Victor! Valentino!

Come outside and feel

this incredible sun.

I'm sure the bathing suits

look amazing.


Ugh. Get out here, Val.

- Valentino:
- No, no, no, I'm okay.

Come on, dude. If I have

to wear this, you do, too.

All right, all right, let go.

[ Grunts ]

- Aah!
- Okay, okay.

I bet you boys look cute.

Do we really have to wear

your old bathing suits, Grandma?

Yeah, why can't we have

new ones?

- If you want
- new bathing suits,

Maybe you should get a second

job and buy them yourselves!

[ Laughs ]

Chata burn!

- Why aren't you coming
- to the lake with us, Grandma?

I have all I need

here in the backyard...

The sun,

the soothing Coco Frio,

and Don Antonio's comedy hour.
Antonio: ¿Dónde están mis pantalones?

[ Boi-oi-oing! ]

[ Chuckles ]

Now go and have fun.

But remember, niños,

stay out of trouble at the lake.

-Yes, Grandma.

-Yes, Grandma.

-Man, these swimsuits are lame.

-You're telling me.

- Could they have made these
- any tighter?

Hey, you two!

You boys need to get inside!

The summer solstice

is always a bad day

here in Monte Macabre.

Beware, boys.

But I've got a feeling

something bad is on the horizon!

I don't know what,

but it's coming soon.

[ Screaming ]

What did I tell you.

- -Ai!
- -Whoa.

Are you seeing this?

Giant waves on the lake?


Eh, too bad

we don't have surfboards.

Big deal.

We'll improvise!

- Now let's go
- hit those waves.


Where'd they go?

- Antonio:
- And then I said, "Hey!

Give me back my mustache!"

[ Laughing ]

[ Donkey braying ]

All right!

Last one in is a rotten...

- Hey, what's going on here?
- [ Air horn blaring ]

- Señora:
- Buenos días, DJ Antonio.

- Antonio:
- ¿Qué tienen de buenos?

[ Laughing ]

[ Bugle call playing ]

- Antonio: - iAy, están loco!

[ Laughs ]


[ Laughing ]

Ew. Guacala!

[ Laughing ]

- Are Grandma's laughs
- creating the waves?

Let's find out.

- [ Bugle call playing ]
- [ Laughing ]

[ Radio tuning ]



- -No more waves.
- -Could this have something to do

- With the solstice Don Jalapeno
- was talking about?

Nah, Don doesn't

know anything.

An alien in my bathroom?!

I hope he doesn't leave

a number... seven!

[ Laughing ]

- Come on! Let's catch
- some of those waves

- While Grandma's
- still laughing!


Are you seeing thi...

Guys, where'd you get

the granny suits?

Anyway, I'll let you two

get back to ironing.

Those waves are mine.

Hold up!

Those are our waves.

We control 'em.

Nobody controls the waves.

- Yeah, we do!
- We, uh...

We built an engine

under the water

that creates the waves

and stuff.

Ohh, I could see that.

All right, we proved it.

Now go away.

- Unless, of course,
- you want to contribute

To our new bathing suit fund?

I'm down for that.

The "2 Kewl Wave Pewl"

is officially open for business!

[ All cheering ]

$1 for 10 minutes.

-Wow! Whoa!


[ Laughter ]


- This is the best idea
- we ever had.

You said it. We can kiss these

ugly swimsuits goodbye.

[ Laughing ]

Hey, what happened

to the waves?

[ All groaning,

[ complaining indistinctly ]



This wave pool is a disgrace.

[ Singsong voice ]

I want my money back. Man:
Rip off! Give us our money back!

[ All shouting angrily ]

- [ Chuckles ]
- Don't worry.

The engine's probably

just stalled.

[ Chuckles ]

Technical difficulties.

Please stand by.

- -Grandma, wake up!
- -Grandma, wake up!

- You're missing
- your hilarious show.

Oh, DJ Antonio

is over today,

which is the perfect time

for a long nap.

- [ People complaining
- indistinctly in distance ]

Vic, you handle the customers.

I'll take care of the waves.

Hey, Grandma,

why let the laughs stop?

- Get ready for
- my Victor impression.

- [ As Victor ]
- I know, I know.

This is an outrage!

I'm bored.

[ Laughs ]

That's totally Victor.

[ Laughs ]

[ People exclaim excitedly ]

It's working, Val.

Keep her laughing.


- Tickle, tickle.
- Tickle, tickle.

[ Laughing ]

- [ All exclaiming
- indistinctly ]

Thank you, Victor!



The peepee fairy is coming!

[ Laughs ]

Uh, okay.

Um, uh... jokes.

Hey. What did the buffalo say

when his son went to college?


[bye, son]

You are no DJ Antonio.



I want my money back.

These tiny waves

are weak sauce.

- Come on, Val,
- what's going on?

I'm giving it all I've got.

[ Horn honking ]

Ai! Stop it with that

annoying sound, Valentino.

You are getting

on my nerves.

Or maybe there's another way.

[ Snoring ]


What is that racket?

- Ohh.
- The waves are back.

- -Whoa.
- -Yeah!

- Vic, the waves
- are crazy down here.

- You must have really tickled
- her funny bone.

Not her funny bone,

her last nerve.

If Grandma's laugh made

those little baby waves,

imagine how big they'd be

if she was mad.

- All we got to do
- is keep annoying her,

And we'll be raking in

the dough.


Hey, Abuela. I felt bad

about annoying you before,

so I made you some lunch.

Oh, you're so

thoughtful, Victor.


Qué rico.


- ¿Qué es esto?
- [ Sniffs ]

-Is this carne?

-What's the matter?

You don't like

Maria Teresa's tacos?


How dare you!

[ Groaning ]

My gut!

[ Chuckles evilly ]

It's working.

[ Stomach gurgling ]

Mi pancita. Oi.

Uh, Abuela?


- -Whoa-a-a-a.
- -Whoa-a-a-a.


[ All screaming ]


I told you today was bad news!


[ Thunder crashing ]

[ Groaning ]

Vic. Victor,

what's going on?

I think we broke Grandma, Val.

Look at her.

Ai. It burns.

It burns!

Vic, Coco Frio...

That always soothes her.

- Where are we going
- to get Coco Frio?

- The vendor's probably packed up
- and gone by now.

Oh, no.

He's still out there, Vic.

If we're gonna fix this,

we got to face that storm.

[ Thunder crashing ]

I hope we know

what we're doing, Valentino.








Hey! Over here! Help!

Sir, sir,

we will help you,

- but first, you're going to need
- to throw us that Coco Frio.


Here, grab my hand.


My cart!

- -The Coco Frio!
- -The Coco Frio!

[ Sighs ] Now we'll never

stop the storm.

Not so fast, Vic.

Tell Abuela her

favorite niño loves her.

Val, no.

Have you lost your mind?

You know you'll always be

her second favorite niño!


[ Coughs ]



Kid, wait.

Oh, no!

[ Sobbing ]

He was so young!

I am so sorry, kid.

[ Crying ]

- Wait!
- What's that?

[ Gasps ]

Coco Frio, anyone?


[ Sighs ] Mmm.

Thank you, niños,

for the Coco Frio.

I feel so much better.

You're welcome, Grandma.

Sorry we pestered you today.

Yeah, Val, why'd you do that?

[ Chuckles ]

I'm sorry, too, Grandma.

I shouldn't have given you

that Maria Teresa taco.

That was pretty low.

Thank you, Victor.

I'm glad you learned

your lesson, boys.

-Boy, I'm glad that's over.

-Me, too.

- At least we can get some
- sweet new bathing suits

-from all the money we raised.


- I gave the money
- to the Coco Frio guy.

- -You did what now?
- -Come on, Vic,

- It's the least we could do
- after destroying his livelihood.

Looks like we're stuck

in these for another year.

I don't know. I'm starting

to get used to this new one.

- You know, I wasn't going
- to say anything,

But I've felt a lot freer

and more limber.

- Val, you think
- Grandma was really

Controlling the water

with her emotions?

- I mean, today
- was pretty crazy.

Maybe, or it could have

just been the solstice,

like Don said.

-[ Belches ]

-I'm still here!