Victor & Valentino (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Cleaning Day - full transcript

Victor and Valentino gain a newfound respect for cleanliness after Chata's house traps them inside its labyrinth of ancient, magical walls.


- -Whoa!
- -Whoa!

- Uh-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa.
- Gimme that back.

- Ah, yeah, that's right.
- Gimme, gimme, gimme.

Aah! Hey!

Wake up, mis niños.

It's Cleaning Day!

Ugh, this room smells

like an armpit.

I agree.

- Why does it smell
- like an armpit, Vic?

Eh, I like that my laundry

has a natural musk to it.

Isn't that right, Selena?

My beautiful jawbreaker.


I don't know what's happening,

but it sounds disgusting.


Clean up this space.

Do your laundry and... Oh.

What is this?

- Paint?
- It's my wall art.

I call it "Lizards with Swords

and Stuff Like That."

I don't care about lizards!

Art belongs on a canvas,

not my walls!

I want this vandalism gone.


- Grandma!
- Grandma!

What did I trip over?

Oh. Ha ha.

Um, it's my classical

jazz rock albums.

I moved them to the hall

- to make room
- for my other antique items.

Well, how am I supposed

to get around

in my own house with your junk

spilling out everywhere?

- If you're going to live here
- for the summer,

You two need to learn to

respect your Grandma's space.

Now clean this room, niños!

I don't have to get rid

of all of these, right?

Aw, man. All these chips

are still good, though.

Like this one.

"Industrial Pig Squeals"?

I hate this band.

Hey, I'm gonna throw this out.

- At least try - and clean up.

Uh, yes, Mom.

- Boom!
- Clean as heck.

That's weird.

Goodbye, "vandalism."

You're so good at cleaning, Vic.

Ah, thanks, Vic.


That's unusual.

A "T-1 Model" typewriter?

With vintage

Calisto italic font?

I can't believe it!

A whole box filled with them?!

- Why would anyone
- throw these out?

Ah, I'll never wash you,

Stainy Crusty.

Now get in there.

Hey, Vic, check out

these typewriters I found.

Uh, shouldn't you be

getting rid of stuff?

- Yeah, - but this is different.

It's a collection of... Wah!

Why is that happening?

- Yeah,
- most likely an earthquake.

But, outside, only

Grandma's house was shaking.

Oh, maybe I should put these

in a better place.

You sure have

a lot of space in there.


for a lot more stuff.

My stuff.

All right,

- you can put your stuff...
- Wait!

Ugh! Erggh!

You can't do it like that.

- Yeah, I can!
- No, Victor!

- At least organize - your side.



Is it just me, or is the house

reacting to our messiness?

- Nah,
- it's definitely just you.

- Aah!
- What?

- Huh?
- Aah!

Vic, I think the house

is mad at us!

- Whoooa!
- Whoooa!

Ha! Yeah! Aah! Well, it was nice

knowing you, Val!


I'm alive!

Ow! Ow!
- What the heck - just happened?


Where are we?

- Is this - Grandma's basement?

I don't see my wall

of chewed bubble gum,

- so we must be
- somewhere else.

This sounds crazy,

but did Grandma's house

just pull us down here because

we didn't clean our room?

Get real, Val.

- You play
- too many video games.


Look! It's like a door

straight out of a video game!

Let's check it... out.

- Well, based on the weird stuff
- that just transpired,

- It might behoove us
- to clean up

Before going to whatever's

behind that door.

Whoa! You unlocked the door

by cleaning.

- And the vacuum
- is, like, your weapon.

- Hey, I'm gonna need
- a weapon, too, though.

- It'll be dangerous
- to explore without one.

- I'm only giving you this
- because I have a feeling

- We have to clean to get out
- of this weird part of the house

- And back to our room.
- Ha!

Yes! Whoo-hoo!

- Hey!
- Don't leave me alone.

Man, all this cleaning

is draining my life bar.

Yeah, how many more rooms

do we have to clean to get back?

- Probably like infinity
- or something.

- I'm starting to wonder if
- we're ever getting out of here.

Huh? Vic! Help me!


You look so cool!

- No, this is not cool,
- Victor.


Erase these things!

- I can't, man.
- These scribbles are awesome.

I mean, look at that.

Here... let the artiste

do the work.

Vic, don't give me items.

Ahh! Hyaaah!


Vic, Grandma said to get rid

of your wall art.

Just erase it already!

I can't erase

the masterpiece, Val.




Where am I?


Uh! Uh! Hey!

Are these all

my beautifully dirty clothes?


You leave me no choice.

It's laundry time.

Come get some!

Vic, no!

Hey, I'm not a scribble anymore.


Typewriter fonts?


That was easy. No cleaning up

all these vintage keys?

Well, maybe I can take

a few back to my room.

Ha! Huh!


Stainy Crusty...

I remember you.

Hot dog out of bun.

I'll save you.


That was a good summer.

Just a few more

for the collection.



Uhh! Take that,

you laundry scourge!


Look at all this.

- There's so much - to clean up.

- We're never gonna
- get out of here.

I think Grandma's house

is still mad at us.

Aah! Aah!



How are we gonna clean up

all this junk?!

This is impossible!

There you are, Selena.


Hey, what's the deal?

- That big, scary thing
- is made out of our clutter.

Great. Even our junk

is trying to end our lives.

I hate this video game.

- Vic, we keep failing
- at cleaning our junk.

What happens in a game

when you keep failing?

Game over!

- Vic! Somehow we gotta
- clean all this up.

- I get it, Val.
- You're scared.

- Now give me some space
- to think about how to save us

And be the hero.

- Wah!
- You're so sticky, Selena.

- You seem to pick up
- everything you touch.

But I'll take care of you.

Hey, why are you looking

at Selena like that for?

It's working.

- Selena's picking up
- all our clutter.

Keep rolling.

I'll go up

and scope the area.


I think we lost him!

Our junk sure is dumb.


Val! Look out!


I'm coming!





"Industrial Pig Squeals."


All right, time to finish

cleaning up this mess.

- Wait!
- Don't jump in front of...



Waahh! Waahh!


What do you want from us?

Grandma won't mind

just one more vintage piece.

Eh, I like that my laundry

has a natural musk to it.

We should have cleaned up

when we had the chance.


Follow my lead.


Go faster! Faster!

Ready? Now push!

He's stuck.

Now's our chance.

- Hey, I'm not getting rid
- of Selena.

- This all started
- because of our own mess.

- We gotta get rid
- of everything.

- That means
- getting rid of Selena.


- -Uh!
- -Uh!


Ah, come on!


Vintage typewriter key.

We did it?

Okay, time

for cleaning inspection.

Smelling better.

Even the vandalism is gone.

- Yeah, Grandma,
- your house is magic.

- And the basement
- swallowed us up!

- The wall art - came alive!

- And all our stuff
- became a monster,

- And we burned him
- with green fire,

And now everything's clean.

Oh, I see.

- Whatever you have to dream up
- to learn

To respect

your Grandma's space.

I sure am pooped

from almost dying.

Aah! My bad! My bad!

I was just testing you.