Victor & Valentino (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Dead Ringer - full transcript

Valentino vows to win with his own soccer team when Victor doesn't pick him for his team. When Valentino's team can't match up, he uses supernatural means to win.


- -Whoa!
- -Whoa!

And flying kick...


This new kick is impossible.

- Gimme, gimme, gimme,
- mine, mine, mine, mine, mine.


- Hey, Val.
- Let's practice.

- I'll be the star,
- and you'll be the goalie.

- All right.
- I'm game.

- Uhhh.
- Huh!


Not fair, Vic.

- You didn't ask
- if I was ready.

Winners don't ask.

We just win.

Time to pick teams.

Where's my other captain?


All right, everyone.

Line up!

All right, let's see...



Ah, cool!

I'll take Gustavo.

- -Maya.
- -Milagro.

- -Isabella.
- -Jorge.


Okay, let's see, let's see.

Hmm, hmm...

Two left, huh?

Hmm, hmm...

Choices, choices...

Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm...

I pick...



Oh, boy!

Victor! Why pick

Reynaldo over me?

- Aw, come on.
- I like his energy.


Hey, I made it.

- Look at this - this way...

I want to win, and soccer

isn't for everybody.

- Just give - me a chance, Vic.

I've been practicing

my flying kick.

- Oh, really?
- It doesn't show at all.

All right, fine!

- I-I don't want to be
- on your team!

- Cool, cool, cool,
- cool, cool, cool.

- You know what?
- I'm gonna make my own team.

A dream team!

- And we're gonna
- beat your team.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah!

Later today,

same place.

Oh, look at you.

Someone's got a little

spark in him, huh?

Can't wait to see

your dream team.

Uh, let's see...

Miguelito's on Vic's team,

Catherine is sick.

Who else is there?

Ah, this will have to do.

Uh, hey, Guillermo.

- Did you want to play
- soccer with me?

- I'm making - a dream team.


no play soccer.

Guillermo, sweetie,

you didn't tell me

you had a play date today.

You should go outside.

But, Creator, I...

If you play outside,

- Mommy will get you
- that "razzle dazzle"

Gem you wanted

for your leather jacket.


will play soccer.

All right.

You chicos have fun.

Welcome to

the dream team.

Guillermo only hugs.

Thank you.


Oh, hey, CaCao.

- Want to join
- our soccer team?


Oh, uhh...

Here you go.

- Did I just - get hustled?


Welcome to

the dream team.


A Tersa butterfly.

Hey, Rosita.

- Did you want to join
- our soccer team?

- Oh, I don't want to
- interrupt my study time.

There's tons of butterflies

on the soccer field.


field experience...

I'll do it!

Welcome to

the dream team.


Dream team

is still short one.


-Charlene and Pineapple?

I can't play with my rivals.

They're so weird.

- Cacao!
- Okay, fine, fine!

I'll go ask.


Oh, hey, Charlene.

- I-I was wondering if you or
- Pineapple wanted to play soccer.

- Pineapple's - at dance camp.

I don't play soccer.

Wait, please!

- We just need one more
- for a full team.

If you need to win,

I know of other ways.

Like cheating?

Some may call it that.

No way am I cheating!

- I can beat Victor
- fair and square.

Wait, Vic's playing?

- Uhhh...
- I'll play!

Really? All right!

The dream team is complete.

Let's practice!

Rosa, you're our goalie.

Now, try to block this.

Uh, that's okay, Rosa.

We'll keep working on it.

- Hey, Guillermo,
- pass the ball back!


Did I win?

No, Guillermo.

Maybe CaCao is our passer.

Uh, CaCao?



Nice dream team,

- 'cause it's
- the only place you'll win...

In your dreams!

Oh, snap!

- Eh, forget - about that team.

- You just need
- a little coaching

On the fundamentals.

- This is the technique
- we'll use to beat Vic.

Now, pay attention.

First, you just flip it up

like this, and flying ki...


- We're never - gonna beat Vic.


- Charlene, what were
- those other ways

- of winning - you mentioned?


- We'll beat them - with this.

Come, take a look.

- It's an obsidian - mirror.

It's my grandfather's, but

I'm not supposed to touch it.

And how is that going to

help me defeat my brother?

I know a superstar soccer

player in the underworld,

but he'll need a vessel

to inhabit in order to help us.

The underworld?

If it means beating Vic,

I'll be the vessel.


A willing host!

Juan, are you there?

I have someone who wants

to meet you.

He's here.


Hey, I didn't feel...


Didn't feel a thing.


- Aaah!
- Uh, did it work?

- There's only one way
- to find out.

Ha, ha, ha!

It's game time.

- What a nice - specimen!



Cacao! Cacao.

Goal, Valentino!

- All right,
- gather 'round, team.


Not bad, Val.

- -Did he get bigger?
- -Nah.

- But didn't you want to save
- your energy for the game?

- Champions never - take breaks.

- They crank
- everything up to 11.

- -Oh, snap.
- -Heh.

All right.

Let's make it a good game.


- Oh, snap!
- I see.

- You're mad doggin' - me, Val.

I like it.

But don't you

know I'm loco?

First to 10 wins?


First to 10 wins.

You're too slow!



Ha-ha, Vic!



Get ready, Vic.

I'm just warming up.



- Hang in there, - Miguelito!

- Next point, - I win.

- I have to admit,
- you've been practicing.

I dare you to take

the ball away from me.

Huh, huh?




I won!


The Juan and only...


-So scary!

No goal is safe

from me, Juan!

- What the heck is wrong
- with my brother?

- He's just - a vessel now,

A shallow husk

of who he used to be.

That's it!

This is an outrage.

Hey, you! I want

to talk to Valentino.




- You need to take us back to the
- black mirror in Charlene's room.

There is no Valentino,

only Juan!

- Take me - to your place.

Mm. Okay.

- I need to - clean my room.

Give me 10 minutes.

Get that mirror ready.

I'll take care of Juan.

Hey, Juan.

- For a superstar
- soccer player,

You really stink

at controlling the ball.

Val! You've got

to slow him down!

- Here, boy! Here, boy!
- Come here.

Who's a good boy?

Yes, come here, boy!

Hey, vendors,

I'd like to buy some food.

- Oh, yeah.
- We can do that.

Did you

want a churro?



There it is.

Game over, Vic.

Give Juan the ball.

Yeah, give him the ball!

- What?
- After all that?

- You should listen
- to your brother.

Now, give the ball

to the best.

Best? Yeah, right.

I mean, come on.

- Everyone knows no one
- can score more than the ball.

- Without the ball,
- there's no game.

The ball is the best.


That's so true.

Foolish mortal!

I'll just

become the ball!


Now I'm the best!

- Vic!
- Pass me the ball!


All right, Val. You got one shot

to send this guy home.

Let's make it count.

- Wait a minute!
- I-I don't want to be the...

Ha, ha, ha.

You can do it, Val!

Flying kick!



I made it?

You made it?


Oh, yeah.


- I see you're back
- to your old self.

Yep. It was worth it

to see you lose.

- That game could've
- been anyone's.

Put me on your team,

- and I'll show you
- that I can handle it.

- Pfft.
- Your play style

Would clash with

my elegant skill set.

Plus, the other team

will need a captain.

All right.

But Reynaldo's on my team.

- Reynaldo?
- Really?


I like his energy.