Victor & Valentino (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 14 - Boss For a Day - full transcript

When Grandma Chata lets Vic be the boss of the taco stand for the day Vic decides to fire Val, which has disastrous consequences.


- -Whoa!
- -Whoa!

- Here are your veggie carnitas.
- I hope you enjoy them.

All aboard the carrot express.

- Oh, no! There's a giant boulder
- blocking the tracks.

- They're not gonna stop
- in time!

- Have a great day.
- Eh!

Hey, I'm trying

to do my jo...

Why don't you make yourself

and go wipe down the table, Vic?

- "Go wipe down
- the table, Vic."

- You're always
- bossing me around.

- I wish I could
- boss you around.

Niños,I am heading out

with my comadres

for a well-deserved spa day.

Val, you are in charge

of the stand while I am gone.

- Excellent choice as always,
- Grandma.

Why does Val get to be

in charge all the time?

I can be responstable,too.

Why should I let you be

in charge of the stand, Victor?

This should be good.

I got a bunch of ideas

to bring in more business.

In fact,

my ideas are so good.

Okay, you're in charge.

Wait, you're putting me

in charge?

Yes, Victor.

You can run the stand,

but I expect it to run smoothly.

No way!

- Do you really trust him
- to run the stand?

Val, give him a chance.

- Uh, uh, uh, - uh, uh, uh!

I hope you know being a boss

is very difficult.

- It requires you to make
- split-second decisions

- And tough choices.
- -Up-bup-bup!

- I believe you're on
- the clock, Val.

-So get to work.

I need to get ready

for my new position.

-Here's your horchata...

-Attention Chata's employees.


-Listen up, Val.

There are gonna be some

huge changes around here, okay?

This'll really show Grandma

I have what it takes.

Go ahead

and read this over.

Bean smoothies?

Skateboarding taco valets?


Speaking of which,

here's yours.


I don't see enough pico

on that taco, Valentino.

It needs more.

A little more.

One more for the road.

Okay, carry on.

Man, being a boss is easy.

Order for Lupe.

Uh, uh, uh!

Do it like

how your boss told you.

Ah! Ah!

Four veggie al pastor.

I have to eat it

off of you?

What kind of sick gimmick

is this?

- Attention - Chata's employees!

Change of plans.

Your genius boss has decided,

from now on,

all menu items

will contain pork fat.

No more of that

vegan garbage.


- You know what?
- That's it!

- This is where I draw the line,
- Victor.

Oh, so you're drawing

the line, huh?

In my office now,


Take a seat.

I've put up with all your

crazy ideas, Victor,

- but I refuse
- to serve unhealthy food.

It's bad for business,

bad for our customers,

and most of all,

this is not what Grandma wanted!


You know, someone once told me

- a boss has to make
- tough choices.

-They were right.

-Oh, thank you.

I'm glad you're finally

seeing reason.

-You're fired!


You are firing me?!

- Tell me, Victor,
- how do you expect

- To run the stand
- by yourself?

I already hired a new employee

who understands my vision.

- Ha ha!
- Good luck with that.

- Don't come crawling back to me
- for help when you're in trouble.

- Well, don't come
- crawling back to me

Once you see how

much money we make.

- I won't need
- your help anyway.

You want to know why, Val?

'Cause I'm a boss!

See you later, unemployed loser!

Oh, well, who needs him, anyway?

Welcome aboard, Miguelito.

- Help yourself to a tour
- of the stand.

Over here you'll see a

collection of sauces and spices,

and over here you'll find...

-Pig fat!


I love pig fat.

Catch, Victor!


How dare you.

You don't throw things

at the boss.

The boss throws

things at you!



Working's hard.

I need a break.

Good idea.

Yeah, working with you

is awesome, Miguelito.

Way better than Val.

I can't believe he said being

a boss was so hard.

Hey, we should find someone

to cover our shifts.

Hey, I got a couple of friends

who can do it.

You'll dig Gustavo

and Pete.

That's Gustavo.


Nice to taste you.

I like his energy.

- Oh, yeah.
- He's excited to be here.

- And why didn't you tell me
- Pete's a horse?

You never asked.

He likes dark places.

Places! Places!


Whoo! Whoo!

Lunchtime, kids.

- Oh, snap!
- It's the lunch rush.

Get the tacos ready.


-Welcome to Chata's stand.

May I take your order?

-Are those tacos gluten-free?


My son is

allergic to gluten!

Uh, I um...

not sure.

Yuck! Is this a human hair

in my...

Horse hair, actually.

This taco's covered in flies.

Yeah, that was me.


This is disgusting.

This is unacceptable.

I-I-I-I don't know.

Too many questions!

- That's it.
- I'm never eating here again.

-This is the last time.



managerial skills, Vic.

- Great.
- Just great.

Thanks to you two,

I lost all my customers.

- And look at this place.
- I can't have the stand

- Looking like this
- when Grandma comes back.

Mm, you're being bossy, dude.

So not cool.

Move aside.

- Maybe I can use the money
- from the cash register

- To hire someone
- to clean it up.

What the...

Where's the money?

Why is there no money?

How can I make some money?

Think, Vic.

Think, think, think.

Of course!

Miguelito, take this and tie

Pete to the cart.

Tie it really tight.

I don't want that thing

coming loose.

That's not - going anywhere.

All right, all right,

tacos, tacos, tacos!

Come on in, taco lovers!

- If the people don't come
- to the food,

- We'll bring the food
- to the people.

That's just the kind of

genius boss I am, Miguelito.


One taco, por favor.

Coming right up.


- All right!
- Our first sale!

See, what'd I tell you?

This job's a piece of cake.

Here, Pete.

This is for helping us out.

Don't feed him that.

- What's wrong?
- It's just a chili pepper.

That's not just any pepper,

it's an alarm pepper...

The hottest chili pepper

in the world!

-Look out! Sorry!

-Look out! Sorry!

- This horse is
- out of control!

At least we still have

each other, Miguelito.

Hold me.

Game over, man.

- Poor Grandma. She'll freak out
- if she finds out

Anything happened to the cart.

- She's probably worried sick
- right now.

Ah. A little more to the left,


Oh, yeah.

Maybe I can just

untie this thing.

I got it!

I got the knots! Oof!

Ooh! Knots! Knots! Knots!

Tighter! Tighter! Tighter!


-No! You made it worse.

Ah, the marvelous

ruby-throated hummingbird.

A rare sight this time of year.

I better right this down in my

daily journal before I forget.


Got a little issue here.

I'm sorry I doubted you.

Being a boss is tough.

Maybe if you're not too busy,

you'd want to come back to work?

All right, but I'm doing this

for Grandma, not for you.


Ah, ah, ah!

You got to untie

this stupid knot.

- Okay, uh, looks like
- a variation of a bowline knot.

Oh, or maybe

it's a halliard bend.

- Hurry up!
- Pete's heading for that

Baby cart full

of quadruplets.



Almost... got it!

The end of the road.

What do we do now?

I'm too scared to think!

That's just great,

my own brother chickens out.


Of course.

We need to turn this cart

into a sail-y thingy.

A sail-y what?

You know, a water car.

- Val, do something - with this.

Uh, okay.

- I can't see - where I'm going.

- You're gonna have to tell me
- which way to steer.

You mean you want me

to boss you around?

Yes, be the boss!

All right, Val.

I'mma boss you around like you

never been bossed before.

Steer right.

- Now left, Val.
- Left!


Now right, Val. Right!


-I can't hold on much longer!

-We're almost home.

Hard left, Val.

Hard left!

Remind me never to hang out

with horses again.

So, how did it go managing

the stand, Victor?

Eh, well, you know, it went

really, really well.

I'm a natural at this.

I was born to be a boss.


I'm glad to hear that.

Maybe you should run

the stand every day.

Every day?

No, no. It's okay.

- I think I'll let
- Val run things

- Just so he doesn't
- get jealous.

Oh, sure!

That's my Victor.