Victor & Valentino (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 13 - The Boy Who Cried Lechuza - full transcript

After faking an injury to get out of work, Vic gains sympathy from everyone while unknowingly attracting attention from a dangerous mythical creature.


- -Whoa!
- -Whoa!

When was the last time

this stupid cart

was cleaned out, anyway?


It's just a spider, Vic.

- I hate doing it, too,
- but we owe it to Grandma.

She's family, and it's like

she always says...

Anything for family!

Gracias, mis niños.

When you are finished,

you can come help me inside

with the dishes.

Chores, chores, chores.

Always with the chores!

Why can't I just relax like

my man Reynaldo over there?

Just look at him.

He's been living the life

ever since he broke his leg.

He's got fans, gifts,

he gets fed whatever he wants,

all without

lifting a finger.

What a genius.

He's not working because

he's injured, Victor.

Unlike you, he deserves

some time off.

Time off?

Oh, yes.


I said, ahhh!


What's all this commotion?

I'm injured!

I'm injured for real

and it hurts so much.


Keep it down or you'll

attract the Lechuza!

The Leche condensada?

No! No!


It's a legendary owl,

preys on the tearful,

mimicking their cries, and...

...snatches them up

in her claws

if you're crying

too loudly.

Kind of hard to hear over

your meat shower, Don.



Oh, finally.

Ow, my leg!

I think it's broken!

The cart ran over my leg!

Probesito mi chiquito!

- Don!
- Why don't you help my poor baby?

- Can't you see that
- he's suffering?

Your only job now

is to get better.

Okay, mi niño?

Thank you, Grandma.

I'll try.

Valentino will handle

all the chores.

Aw, w-what?

I want my taco.

Tres tacos al carbon, ah...

Y tres jamaicas.

Sí, Señora.

Thank you for you patience!

Hey, Val, can you turn

my fan up just a skoosh?

I'd do it myself,

but my leg hurts so much.


-Sure, Vic.

Anything for family.

Ahhh, much better.

Actually, it's too high.

It's drying out my eyes.




Now this feels right.

- Don't you think, - Valentino?

Anything for family.

Ha ha, yeah.

Now, dear brother, can you go

get me a coco frio?

Thank you.

This stupid thing

is so itchy.

Uh, uh, ha!

Heya, Don Jalapeño!

Workin' hard, or hardly workin'?

Hey! Wasn't that cast

on your other leg?

Yeah, um...

the fracture is, uh... spreading?

Hmph. You best not be

crying Lechuza, boy.

She'll get you.

I don't trust you kids.

None of you!

- I know that cast was on
- the other foot.

What's he take me for?

Some kind of fool?

Other foot?

That liar.

Perhaps my poor,

helpless brother needs a gift.

Oh, Victor.

I got you

a get-well present.

Gimme, gimme, gimme!

- Oh, boy.
- Oh, boy.




Que esta pasando?


Victor's been faking his injury

just to get out of work.

- Victor, how could you?
- We're family.

We shower you with love,

and what do you give us?


Family doesn't lie to family.

Put away the cart tonight,

and you'll do it alone.

Come, Valentino.

You deserve some rest.


I can't push this thing

all by myself!



- Family.
- Who needs 'em?




The cart ran over my leg

for real this time!


It really, really hurts!

Give it up, Victor!

I'm sorry!

What was that?


Wha-wha-what's going on?



The... The Lechuza.

- Don't eat me!
- I'm just bones!

I'm not going to eat you.

I'm going to...

pamper you!


Come here,

and let me foo foo

your boo-boo.

Let mama message

those footsy wootsies.

Ooh, yeah.

That's the spot.

- To be honest, I was worried
- there for a second

That you were gonna eat me.


I'll take care of you...


Heh, I don't know about forever,

but a couple of hours m...

Oh, hush, hush.

I'm sure you're hungry.


I'll go rustle up

something tasty.

In the meantime, you can meet

the rest of the family.

Rest of the family?

Hey. I'm Talon.


How long have you been here?

Since I was

about your age.

- Me, too.
- I'm Caw.

But you're so old.

Wait, what?

Sonny boy, I've been in here

since I was in diapers.


you're still in diapers.


- Ugh, hopefully
- not the same ones.

Nah, we get our diapers changed.


And we get fed

without having to lift a finger.

This place is great.

- Brah,
- we've got everything here.

But don't you guys want,

like, your own lives?

Or friends?

Maybe a creatively

satisfying job?


Here comes

the airplane!


Oh, no, no, no.

No, no, I can't.

Eh, I'm feeling really...




we can go to sleep!

- Sing us a lullaby, - Mom.

She's got

a heavenly voice.


I can't believe what my lies

have got me into.

Hey, maybe my lies can

get me out of this, too.

Lechuza! Lechuza!

Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!

Talon was sleep-walking

and she fell out of the nest!

Oh, dear.


w-w-where did she go?

Uh, that way.

I'm coming!

Poor Talon.

I'll save you!

Did I hear my name?

Talon, you're safe.

Victor, did you just lie

to Lechuza?

We'd stop you if we knew how to

do anything for ourselves!


Back in the nest?

Trying to do

something yourself, huh?

Not on my watch.


Where'd she go?

Why did you do that?!

Uh, um, Mom?

I've been dishonest,

and I've realized

that you'd do

anything for family.


except lie to them.

Oh, so you did want

to have some food.

I knew it!

N-No, no, no, no!

- No, no, no! That isn't it!
- I-It's just that...


you can tell me anything.

I need to be honest.

I need to tell you

the truth.

- Mom, I...
- I...

-Go on.


got into college.

- It's time for me
- to leave the nest.


I am...

so proud of you!

I always knew you were

my most special child!

Uh, hey!

We heard that!

- Stop pulling - on my shirt!

She started it!

Anyway, I promise to call you

like every Sunday.

- Or even - every other Sunday.

You know, unless

I'm busy or whatever.

Oh! How about...

every day?

I'm open e...


- -Eh?
- -Vic?

Guys, I found him!

Oh, Victor!

- Victor, - we were so worried!

- I'm okay!
- I'm okay!

- I didn't think
- you still cared about me

After I lied to everyone.

Oh, Victor.

Anything for family.

But don't you ever

take adventure of us

like that again,

mi niño lindo.

- Yeah, and to pay
- for your misdeeds,

You got to clean the cart

every day for a month.

For you, my brother,


- And you got to
- rub my feet every day

- With my collection
- of essential oils.

Eh, now, when I said


- I mean, there are limits
- to the human body, Valentino.

- Surely
- you'd understand this.

Keep talking and you're gonna

be pumicing my calluses, too.


Hey! Uh, wait up!