Victor & Valentino (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Folk Art Foes - full transcript

When Vic accidentally unleashes the lord of mischief from an ancient relic, Victor and Valentino have to work together to trap it back inside.

[ Both laughing ]

[ Bang! ]

[ Both grunt ]


[ Roars ]


- -Whoa!
- -Whoa!


[ Chuckles ]


Okay, Vic.

I'm glad we see eye-to-eye

- on expanding - our business.

- But first, we got
- to learn how to make...


- Hey, piñata making
- is a dying art.

- Don't you want to keep
- the tradition alive?

Geez, okay.


- Okay.
- Watch me now.

First, we take

one piece of paper.

Next, we dip in our...

- Hey! Where's my
- bowl of paste?

[ Growls ]

I'm a zombie!

I'm melting.

If you're a zombie,

- how come you walk
- like a mummy?

You dare question

the mumm-bie?

And you wasted all

of the paste I made!

- Now, you go get me
- some flour and water

So I can make more.

- I can't.
- Victor...

- No, I mean - I can't move.

- The paste - hardened on me.


- Hey! You broke
- the mumm-bie's curse.

Right. Now, go get some

more flour, please.

- There's probably more
- in the basement.

Ugh, fine.

Lame-o Val.

- "Go get me some
- more flour and water

So I can make my cruddy piñata."

All we do is work.

- Where's the adventure
- in that, Val?




What is that?


Shiny and forbidden.

Wait till Val sees this.

No way. That room is

off-limits for a reason.

- Come on. What if there's
- a treasure chest inside

- and it's full - of old coins?

I'm not...

Collectible coins.

[ Gasps ]

- All right, Vic.
- Show me where they are.

- What? Oh, I was
- just pranking you.

No coins,

but check this out.

It's full

of action figures.

- Like this coyote one.
- Pretty cool, huh?

- Wait a sec. These
- aren't action figures.

They're alebrijes!



- They're traditional folk art
- made of papier-mâché,

- Like the piñatas
- we were making.

- What? Stop making
- cool stuff boring.

Why would Grandma not

want us to find these?

It's not like they're...


- -Aah!
- -Aah!


I can't believe you didn't

ask permission.

Because if you did,

I would've said...

Of course you can.

[ Both exhale deeply ]

When you're old enough!

- -Aah!
- -Aah!

But you're good kids,

- and you're
- growing up so fast.

Now, let me

tell you the legend

of that coyote

you're holding in your hands.

Huehuecoyotl, the god of

mischief himself,

made the gods look like fools.

He had to be stopped.

So a miniature

of the beast was made.

And when the magic words

were spoken three times...

Estas atrapado!

Estas atrapado!

Estas atrapado!

...he was trapped

inside the alebrije,

assuring the people that he

would never bother them again.

So be careful.

If any of these alebrijes

were to break,

it would release

an ancient spirit.

And they'll have

to deal with me!

- Also there is an ancient spirit
- inside that cookie jar,

So stay out of that, too.

Okay, off to bingo, bye!

- [ Door closes ]
- Estas apapado!

- Estas atatado!
- Whoa, careful with that!

- Didn't you hear
- what she just said?

- Oh, please.
- I can't believe you'd

Fall for that

ancient spirit nonsense.

- Hey, I'm as skeptical
- as it gets.

But it's probably best not

to rule anything out

and be extra

careful when we...

[ Grunting ]

What are you doing?

What does it look like?

I'm playing, carefully.

It's fine.



-Release us!

-Let us out!

[ Both panting ]

[ Roars ]

- -Aah!
- -Aah!

And where do you think

you're going...

...without letting

me thank you?

My name is Huehuecoyote,

but you can call me Huehue.

I've been trapped in

that thing for years.

And now I'm free!

But enough talk.

I got to make up for lost time

and have some fun!

[ Laughs ]

Come on, Vic!

Let's go catch that thing!


What's this?

Hola, quinceañera.

Great party, but that dress

looks like a tube sock.



Ay. My eyebrows

rubbed off.

Eh, they look better

like that anyway.


[ Panting ]

There he is!

[ Laughs ]

Not funny, Vic.

Oh, yes, it was.

Hey, Huehue.

Hola, hola,

mis amigos.

Yeah, Coyote.

You know, since we're

amigos now and all,

- we were thinking
- maybe you could...

Take you on a magical frolic

full of mischief and pranks?

- Actually,
- I-I was thinking...


Let's do it!


Let's go.




[ Laughter ]


All: Dada?

What was... Huh?

[ All giggling ]




[ Laughter ]

And that

is how you prank.

You know, I'm a master

pranktologist myself.

Pretty ambitious, eh?

[ Groans ] You could not

even spell it right.

There. That is how you

spell "Victor Rules."


- If you're going
- to cause mischief

- In the presence
- of a mischief god,

I expect

a certain standard.

- Okay, - enough is enough.

- Let's trap this guy
- and get him

- back to - Grandma's basement.

- Come on, Val.
- This town is so boring.

I just wanted to have a little

fun, and he's hilarious.

- Not if you're the butt
- of his jokes.

I'm putting

a stop to this.

Okay, what were those

magic words again?

Estas atrapado!

[ Growls ]


- Trying to
- capture me, are you?

Well, guess what.

Without the alebrije

you broke,

I am staying right here!

[ Grunts ]


Hey! Val could've gotten

hurt there, you know?

Yeah, whatever.

Let's keep this

prank train rolling.



What do we have here?



Here we go!

[ Laughs ]

Hey, that's our stand.

No need to prank that.

- Fresh tacos?
- Ugh.

More like

fresh manure.

- Yeah, you know,
- Val's gonna be

- Pretty ticked
- when he sees that.


Oh, you mean Lame-o,

who tried to imprison me

when we're having

so much fun?

- No, Huehue.
- This isn't fun anymore.

- And you're being
- a huge jerk.

- Oh, really?
- I think it's time

To break my real friends

out of your house.

- No!
- Hey!

- Vic!
- Where's Huehue?

He's in the house.

- What if he gets into our room
- and wrecks all my stuff?

I don't know, Vic.

- That sounds like it
- could be pretty funny.

- What's wrong with you?
- That's not funny.

Of course not,

when it's happening to you.


Right, right, right.

- Look, I'm sorry.
- I was a jerk.

- But you got to
- help me catch him.

How? You broke the only thing

we could capture him in.

- Then why not make - a new one?

That might work.

- Uh, but it'll
- take a while, though.

Don't worry.

I'll keep him distracted.

- You get to making
- that alebrije.

- The decor in here
- is wretched!

- Wait, wait,
- wait, wait, wait!

Come to stop me?

- I just wanted - to make sure

You didn't prank

any of my stuff.

For example, I wouldn't

want anything bad

to happen to my journal of

priceless ideas and memories.

Give me that!

Ugh, you can't spell

anything right, can you?


- [ Laughs ]
- So pathetic.

And what

could be in here?

I do have something in

here you might like...

This luchador costume I've been

working on for months. - Care to dance?
- [ Strauss' "Blue Danube Waltz"

[ Plays ]

Play the drum, boy.

[ Humming song ]


[ Laughs ]

[ Laughs ]

[ Stomach growling ]

Welp, time to unleash

all of my mischief-making

friends downstairs.

Yo! We need

that alebrije, now!

- Okay.
- I'm almost done.

- Remember - the magic words.

Yeah, three times,

I know.

Together: Estas atrapado!

Estas atra...

I told you.

I am not

going back in there!

[ Grunts ]

[ Panting ]

[ Grunts ]


[ Panting ]

Together: Estas atrapado!

Estas atra...

[ Both groaning ]

Teddy bear, teddy bear,

turn around.

[ Whistling ]



Now, up you go,

and stay out of my way!

Awaken, my mischief makers...

[ Straining ]

[ Talking indistinctly ]

Hey, Huehue.

Bet you can't do nothing

about that!

Ay, ay, ay.

What did I tell you, eh?

Don't you dare try to prank

the God of Mischief

if you're not going

to do it right!

There. That is how you spell

"estas atrapado."

Oy, I just said it

a third time, didn't I?


[ Grunts ]


You've been out-pranked,

so stay in there forever,

or you'll have to deal with me.



But why?


My dress!

My eyebrows!

- Do I still look better
- without them?

[ Chuckles nervously ]


Glad that's over.


You still down here?

Uh, yeah, Grandma.

We just, uh, really like

these alebrijes.

I can see.

You know what?

Here. Go ahead

and play with this one.

I trust you two

not to break it.

[ Laughs ]

- Eh, no, no, no.
- We're good.

- We're fine, Grandma.
- Ooh.

Sounds like you two

saw a spirit or something.

[ Laughs ]


[ Both laughing ]