Versailles (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Le nouveau régime - full transcript

Subtitle transcribed by Uncle Andy

I shall ride ahead and
announce His Majesty's arrival.

No, I shall
announce my own arrival.

A little surprise
will do them a world of good.

May I ask what this is about?

Her Majesty did not
confide in me, Madame.

You mean you know
but you won't tell me.

The Marquise de Montespan.

Her Majesty has summoned me
here for a reason, I imagine.

Yes, it relates to your debts.

And I was not aware
that I had any.

A new carriage, 40,000.

A silver locket, 7,000. Wine, 2,000.

All of these were placed
against the King's account.

A total, over 100,000 pounds and
should have been paid one month ago.

Well, I am sure, when the King returns,
he will settle any outstanding debts.

As you know, anyone unable to pay
their debts loses their allowance

and is automatically
banished from court.

Her Majesty seems ignorant of
the fact that we are not in Spain

and we do not have
Inquisitions in France.

Sire, it is a pleasure
to see you return.

Where is Her Majesty?
She is in conference, Sire.

The King!

Clear the room!

The Marquise de Montespan
shall remain.

You have been missed,
by none more so than myself.

I missed you too.

You did not reply to my letters.

May I ask why?

While I was at war,
I thought back to the vision I had

when they laid
the first stones of this palace.

The dream of an eternal empire
with Versailles at it's center.

And I realized that
my dream was suffocating.

Versailles was dying,
and I was dying with it.

And the person ,who had been
my companion for so long,

was blinding me
to my true purpose.

His Majesty is weary, perhaps.

I would be alone.

Solange, please close the door.

No doubt, the war has taken it's toll
and he is in need of rest.

He was in good spirits?

The King's thrown himself back into matters
of state and the construction of the palace.

Well, no doubt,
he was delighted to see you.

Solange, please ask the maid
to prepare my bath.

Of course, Madame.

He loves me

and I will give him the attention
and affection that he needs.

Of course.

Your Majesty must be tired,
after such a long journey.

Tired, yet reinvigorated.

When I last saw you, Sire,
you seemed...


Now, I am found.

I want you to organize
a banquet for this evening.

Send out invitations.
The entire court will attend.

A fine idea, Sire.

But first, tell me news.
All that has happened in my absence.

Hide nothing.

And your husband?

He grows sicker by the day.

The last few weeks are the worst.

It is too late to regret
what you have done.

I regret nothing.

But I will live the rest
of my life, a murderer.


You will live the rest of your life

as a woman who defended herself.


The prodigal brother is returned.

I understand you made a fine monarch,
in my absence.

I did my best but of course,
I could not fill your shoes.

I thank you for your efforts.

You drove a good bargain and
we now have a foothold in India.

All for the sake of France.

How was the war?



I left to escape my foes here

and to confront another foe
on the field of battle.

But I realized that my only true enemy
had accompanied me all the way.

Who was that?

Welcome home, brother.
You've changed.

Though I cannot yet see how.

You soon will.

How is your wife?

Oh, you know her.
Bouncing through life.

Well, that was fun!

Can't possibly see the King now,

unless he likes
being vomited upon.

You must see a doctor.
Tell His Highness to come immediately.

That's really not necessary. I'm certain
it was the pastries I had last night.

Your Highness, you must see a doctor,

given all that's happened of late.

Oh, I see.

Yes, perhaps, you
should call for a doctor.

An invitation from the King.

An invitation from the King.

You must send a message to my dressmaker
and the Monseur Cornereau in Paris.

Tell them they must
come to the palace immediately.

Monsieur Cornereau?

He makes fireworks, you idiot!

Queen of Versailles,
that's what he called me,

and I'm going to show him how
Queens welcome home their Kings.

This is most
heartening news, Sire!

I was deaf to your advice.
I shall not be again.

Even the Lord Jesus
was lost in the widerness.

In three weeks, we
shalll celebrate Easter, Sire.

You shall receive Communion

and all the children
of God will rejoice.

And shall I?

And what does His Majesty intend

for the unfortunate object
of his previous affection?

I shall forget her.

And the Lord will forgive her.

In return, I insist on the
Church's unconditional support

in my war against the Dutch.

And you shall have it!

It is my goal is to drive out
the Protestant scourge

and create a Catholic Empire

with justice and enlightenment
at it's center.

I need Rome by my side,
not blocking my path.


That hurts!

The blood has been contaminated,
Your Highness.

By the process of purging
and xenotransfusion,

the humor will be returned
to their normal state.

Xenotransfusion meaning?

The introduction of the blood
of another species.

In this case?

The blood of a sheep.

I shall return later today.

Do you believe that she's been poisoned?
I do.

Nausea, vomiting,
general feeling of weakness,

thosse are common symptoms, yes.

And do you believe that this is
the best course of treatment?

I do.

You better pray you're right!

Because if your not and
something happens to her,

I would stick that quill
right through your eye!

Was it you?
Was what me?

How did you do it?

Did you slip poison into her wine?

What are you talking about?
My wife!

She has been poisoned and
I think I know who did it!

Do not be ridiculous!

You yourself said you
would declare war on her!

I may dislike her clothes,
I may mock her,

I may hate her for
stealing you from me

and in the dark of night,
I have wished her dead,

but I wouldn't go so far
as to make her dead.

I'm sorry.

You should be.

I believe it to be
the only option left open to us, Sire.

The only option?

Sire, Bonn has fallen.

We have received word that
William's army has crossed the Rhine.

If we sue for peace now, at least we will
do so from a postion of relative strength.

No. Give orders for Turenne
to bolster his position.

And the Palatinate, Sire?

An invasion is imminent!

Our forces are greatly outnumbered.

The army of the Palatinate
is too weak to defend itself.

Do whatever is necessary.
I'm not sure I understand, Sire.

Do whatever is necessary!

You requested my presence, Sire?

Follow me, gentlemen.

France is sullied

by events here at the Palace,

by our reverses in Holland.

I want the people of France
to see their King and country

in a better light.

Whatever setbacks
we may suffer in the war,

they will read of
nothing but epic victories

and I want you to describe them.

trumpet them to the world
with every fine phrase

and heroic simile
at your disposal.

Sire, if I may...
Look around you, gentlemen.

What do you see?



Yes, furniture, walls, curtains, candles

What else?



I dreamed of creating a hallway
ten times the size of this room.

A room without darkness.

On one side, windows
looking out to the gardens,

on the other, mirrors.

A hall of blinding light

that would make the Palace famous

throughout the world
and for time eternal!

Let us now turn
this dream into reality!

It is Her Highness, Sire.
She is taken ill.

Talk to me, doctor.

I beg your patience, Sire.

It would rather scrub your plans,
wouldn't it, if she died?

She will not die.

Suppose, having the death of
both my wives on your conscience?

Henriette's death had
nothing to do with me.

I beg to differ.

There is a certain test
I wish to perform.

What is this for?

Urine, Your Highness.

Of course.

Your staring at me
is not making this any easier.

Thank you.



Yer Highness is pregnant!


My heartfelt congratulations to you both.

We did it!

Contesse d' Borchere.

Still nothing from the Maquets?
They already paid once.

And they shall pay again.
Put another note under their door.

I'm in no mood for tenderness.

You will stand behind the hedge
and you will wait for my signal.

Yes ,Madame.

When I raise my hand, you will begin.

How much longer?
Two hours, Madame.

You do not have two hours,
you have one!

Stupid girl!

Go and find out at what time
the King is expected to make his entry.

Yes, Madame.

I had forgotten.

How exquisite you are.

Don't ever go away again.

Monseur and Madame Maquet.

Did you hear the latest news
about the Count De Valletta?

A very sad affair.

Despite several reminders
from his creditors,

he refused to pay his debt.

The King was informed,
sentenced him to 10 years in prison.

I thought you should know.

If it isn't
France's favorite couple!

On the right, the Duke d'Orleans,
sporting a delicious spring outfit

and on the left,
looking in fine fettle...

My wife is pregnant.

The King!

Look at me,

each and every one of you.

You all have a choice to make.

and now is
the moment to make it.

To live the dream of Versailles

or betray it.

If you choose
to betray the dream,

you will end your days
in the gutter of history

but if you choose to follow me,

here, now, tonight,

there is no limit to
what we can achieve.

Tomorrow is the equinox,

when the hours of the sun are
longer than the hours of the night

and the shoots of
branch and blossom are reborn.

Let us banish the shadows that have
haunted this palace for too long!

Let us now be reborn!

You have forgotten your place.

She had it coming,
she deserves it.

How the mighty have fallen!

Inform the Duke De Luxembourg
my collar needs adjusting.

And tell the Duke De Cassel
to retire to his rooms

Go to your rooms.

Apparently, the Dutch
are attacking Utrecht.

I want to send someone I trust.

It will be an honor, Sire.

Heavens above!

The forest warden tells me
he returns here every day

to pay his respects at
Madamoiselle Masson's grave.

She was murdered shortly
after leaving His Majesty's service.

I will speak with him alone.

Why did you bury her here?

She used to walk here, as a child,

studying the plants and flowers.

I'm sorry for her death.
I wish I could have done something.

You could have.

Who killed her?

She was investigating the
poisons being used at the palace.

She must have discovered
something she was not meant to.

I need you.

I wish you to
return to my service.

This is not an order.

It is a request.

You must take up where you left off.
The poisonings continue.

They must be stopped
once and for all.

They can be and
they shall be, Sire,

but on one condition.

That I trust your judgment?
Yes, Sire.

I have always
trusted your judgement.

It was my own that
fell by the wayside.

The King is easily influenced.

We must act quickly, before she
twists his mind back in her favor.

What does Her Majesty propose?

He listens neither to you nor to me.

Madame Scarron, what do you say?

I believe we are good when we
are surrounded by good people.

Yes, I find it hard to believe that

His Majesty can be
so easily influenced by a woman.

It depends on the woman.

We must place someone else in his life,
someone chaste and devout,

who will show him
the path of moderation.

But who?

I'm not sure I understand.

Madame Scarron will befriend him

and influence him
with her modesty and piety

And impress upon him
the benefits of marriage and fidelity.

I'm fear you
overestimate my abilities.

Perhaps it's you that
underestimates them?

Do this for me and for the King.
Do you accept?

I'm sorry, Your Majesty...
Do you accept?

No murder comes without a cost.

Never a truer word spoken.

What do you make of it?

They were being
blackmailed for murder.

They were unable to pay, so
they decided to end their lives

in order to save the family honor.

The murder of whom?

I'm willing to wager

that a relative
of this family died recently

but I'll need you to give me the
records of deaths, to confirm it.

Of course.

Monseur Marchal?


The palace is a safer place

and we shall sleep better in our beds
now that you've returned.

Cyclamen, lilies, hyacinths
leading down as far as the bottierre

And here...


I would like a rose bed
with orange roses.

Of course, Your Majesty.

I did not know you like the gardens.

Perhaps you would allow me to
give you a tour. I designed them myself.

Please, do not be offended, Sire,

but I am more interested
in people than in plants.

If His Majesty were to tell me of
his experiences at war,

I would find that far more fascinating.

Let us talk of war some other time.

I should like to ask your advice
on a delicate matter.

I would be honored.

This concerns the Marquise de Montespan.

I see.

As you know, we have
been close for some time.

I have decided that we
should see less of each other

but I remain unsure of
whether it is a wise idea.

I want nothing more in the world
than to see my friend happy.

However, it is my belief that intimate
relations between a man and a woman

should remain within
the confines of marriage.

I believe you decision's for the best.

For God, for her

and for His Majesty.

I hope this is important.

You know how much
I hate mornings.

Please, you have to talk to him.

Why me?

Because you suffer
at his hands as much as I do.

He forced you to marry for politics,

he rejects me to please the Church

and you are the only person
that he will listen to.

I fail to see what argument
could possibly change his mind.

Love is stronger than any argument,
is it not?

My brother seems more guided by duty
than love or argument these days.

Of course.

I have decided to set up a new
trading company in the East Indies.

I personally will invest
3 million pounds in the company.

The rest, we shall sell as shares,
to the value of one million each.

Very wise, Your Majesty.

As for trade within France,

the Crown will receive
a 10% import fee

on all goods brought
into the country

and 40% of the transportation tariffs
from the Canal du Midi.

Something bothers you?

It is merely that the levy imposed on
all transportation on the Canal du Midi

has already been claimed.

By whom?

By His Majesty's brother

in his position as proprietor
of the area ofLanguedoc.

I see.

Was that the doctor?

Oh, it's you.

You're suffering, aren't you?


From an imbalance of humors

caused by an excess of yellow bile.

Hm! Or so he says.

Well, nothing a
course of leeches can't cure.

Indeed. And speaking of leeches,

No doubt, you were praying

that I'd been torn apart
by a Dutch cannonball.

Hope springs eternal.

Now then, I trust you have
some useful information for me?

I do not.

And yet i happen to know, you were in the
presence of the King just this morning.

The answer is no
and will remain no.


Because I'm no longer
in ac ondition

to fulfill my
duties as a Minister.

Well, I have decided to spend
the rest of my days in quiet repose.

Need I remind you, dear friend, that
should you betray me to the King,

I will find out and
then I will kill you!

Not without a certain degree of pleasure,
I might add.

He was most insistent, Sire,
that we all be present.

This really is highly irregular!

Well, this is hardly the first time
he could be accused of that.

Your Majesty, I have sinned against you.

For five years,
I was part of a conspiracy

to have you overthrown.

Why do you tell me this?

Because you did me the honor
of trusting me when others did not.

and I wish to show my gratitude.

And why now?

I'm tired, Sire.

No longer fit to serve you.

You realize I should
have you executed for this?

I trust His Majesty
to do what is just and right

But I have no plans
to leave the palace.

I can be found in my rooms.

One more thing:

Your historian, Thomas.

What of him?

He knew of my involvement
in the plot against you.

He's been blackmailing me

for secret information
ever since he arrived.

He's not to be trusted.

Tell my brother
I would like to see him.

I applaud your new passion
for the world of commerce.

I cannot let personal interests
override those of France.

Yours, you mean.

My interests are those of France.

All I can be is King. You still
do not seem to understand that.

And all I seek is
a place of my own!

A little spot in the corner
where I shall not be trampled upon.

It's that too much to ask?

The Canal du Midi
serves all of France.

You cannot own it
any more than I can.

What's this for?

So you don't have
to steal it from me.

There is one way you can
retain your commercial interests:

It would require you
performing a service for me.

A service?

The historian, Thomas.
You know him well.

I know him.
Get to know him better.

I want him to
trust you, implicitly.

Because he's a spy.

Let us through!

You want some?
Yes, I want some.

Are you, Matilde?

Yes, but I'm not on duty.

I'd like to
have a word with you.

I am a friend of
Madamoiselle Masson, the doctor.

A kind soul.
Whatever happened to her?

She was murdered.

the day before she died,
she came here looking for poison.

Poison? Yes.

The kind that kills
innocent young doctors.

I don't know anything about poison
and even if I did, I wouldn't say anything.

If you want to survive around here,
you see nothing,

you hear nothing
and you say nothing.

You gave your child
to the Church?

Yes, to Sainte-Genevieves.


A refuge for orphans and
families just outside of Paris.

They feed them, clothe them,

teach them a trade.

Hopefully, something
not the same as mine.


take another day off.

My saucy little Hector!


I think I may return to my rooms.

No, you will stay here with me.

Otherwise, I shall have no one to
talk to and that will be embarrassing.

As you wish.


I tbelieve you delivered
this to the wrong person.

No, I have delivered it to
the Marquise de Maintenon.

My heartfelt congratulations.

I don't understand.

Iside, you will find the deeds
and title to the Maintenon estate

that the King himself offers you,

in your name.

This is absurd.

I have no taste for
titles and such things.

You soon will have.

Gaston De Foix's newfound wealth,

where does it come from?

well, certainly not
the gambling tables.

His losses this month
have come into thousands,

though he has always payed on time.

By the way, I encountered a
friend of yours, yesterday in Paris.

Oh, yeah?
Well, who was that?

Goes by the name of Hector.

Well dressed, well spoken,
a grave manner,

spitting image of you, in fact.

Are you referring to
what I think you are?

To what do you
think I'm referring?

Every so often, I pay
a visit to a friend of mine.

We have tea and converse,

for reasons
I do not understand,

and with no encouragement on my part,
she likes to call me Hector.


Of course.

Don't worry,

the King will know
nothing of these tea parties.


I have not yet found the opportunity.
You must be patient.

I cannot be patient.

I know him.
If I wait, he will find another,

but not your equal.

But you agree.

He will find someone else.

This is the first time...


...that I've see you like this.

Not the cold and distant goddess
that breaks every man's heart

and strikes fear into
everyone in the salon but

but soft, human,


And broken.

Go and see him.

Confront him.
Tell him your feelings.

You're wasting your time,
waiting and hoping.

If he accepts you back, then you have
reaped the rewards of your courage.

And if he rejects me?


Thank you.

Get out!

Do you still love me?

I gave you my reasons.

Do you still love me?

Say "I do not love you."

Say it!

Say it!

I do not love you.

You're a liar!

You did the right thing,
coming to see me.

I do not have anyone else.

You say it is the Church
that has persuaded the King

to renounce his love for you?


You have beauty, wit, intelligence,

yet none of these have proved
strong enough to retain the King's love.

Only one course
remains open to you.

What do I have to do?

There's someone you should meet.


His name is Guibourg.
Who is he?

He's a friend and
he sees the world as we do.

Where shall I find him?

Monsieur Guibourg?


I need your help.

Who are you?

Who are you?

I am the Marquise de Montespan.

And how may I help you?

I need to reclaim a man's love.

The King's?

You've come to me because
all other efforts have failed?

I have.

How far are you willing to go
to reclaim his love?

To own it it forever.

As far as I need.

Subtitle transcribed by Uncle Andy