Versailles (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Diplomacy - full transcript

Henriette suffers a miscarriage, but Louis wants her to visit her brother in England for an alliance against the Dutch. The Chevalier, destined for the gallows, is freed. Montcourt foils an assassination just to be reinstated.

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I have a mind to taste the air
of the forest.

Will you join me?

You do know there will be others.

Not like him.

The Chevalier is a traitor.
I had no choice.


A gallop always lightens your mood.

You could've won.
-The king would've lost.

We can't have that now, can we?

My advice would be to take
the matter less to heart.

You've put my dearest friend
behind bars.

How else would you have me take it?

Your dearest friend, the Chevalier,
was plotting against the crown.

How would you have me take that?

He was trapped.
-You know as well as I do.

He is gullible and easily

He meant no harm.

I took the decision as your king,
not as your brother.

Are you still my brother?

Sometimes I wonder.

What is the meaning of this?

Her Highness is taken ill, Sir.
-Is my doctor in attendance?

I'm on my way to find her now.

And... and regarding her appearance?

The matter is already in hand, Sire.

Very good.

It's ridiculous.
-It is passable.

Until I open my mouth.

Then I suggest you speak
as little as possible.

I shall be discovered
within an instant.

I understand your anxiety,
but it serves little purpose.

What happened?
-A miscarriage.

Will she recover?

Yes, Your Highness,
with sleep and repose.

Why did it happen?

I do not know, Your Highness.

Many of nature's secrets remain
a mystery to us.

I'm expecting our visitor
from England today.

Bring him to me without announcement
and in private.

Yes, Sire.
-And where is Fabien?

I have been looking for him, Sire,
but so far without success.

I want him to interrogate
the Chevalier.

He has a loose tongue and I'm
certain he has much to tell us.

You are a fool.

What do you want of me?

Your silence.

They're going to hang me.

The king will not dare kill
his brother's lover.

He will spare you, but not without
torturing you first.

But if you talk of our little

...I will neither torture
nor spare you.

I will simply cut you open from
gullet to groin with a fish knife.

Is that clear?


All of the prisoners involved
in the plot...

...have been removed to La Bastille.

We are awaiting Monsieur Marchal
to question them.

They will say whatever they think
will save their skin.

The question is: Are they acting
on their own,...

...or is someone behind them
pulling the strings?

I don't think you should worry
too much about the nobles, Sire.

For all the bluster,
they are a lazy and cowardly bunch.

Are you not a noble, Rohan?
-My point exactly.

I am lazy and a notorious coward.

If I may suggest, Sire,
they should be executed.

That's the only way to deal
with a traitor.

What are they saying in the salons?
-They're frightened.

I want them to be frightened.

I believe you should release them,

And why should I do that?

Because their gratitude...

...will translate into obedience
and fidelity.


But I should like them to taste
the cold floor of a prison cell...

...for a little longer first.

There's nothing to fear.
Don't fight.



Rest, my love.

What did you give me?

Just a little potion to add spice
to our passion.

I took some myself.


Now close your eyes.

You need to sleep.

I need water.
-Of course, you do, my sweet.

Now don't worry.

I won't leave your sight until
you are fully recovered.

I think you must have eaten
something that disagreed with you.

You yourself said the pheasant
tasted a little off.

That must've been that.
Don't you think?


Has the king visited me?

Please tell him I wish to see him.

His Majesty is attending to matters
of state,...

...but I'm sure his thoughts
are only with you.

I didn't see you there.

Will you come and sit with me?

I'm pleased to see you haven't
forgotten your priorities.

Good day.

Did I lose the child?

Yes, Highness.

It is perhaps for the best.

His Majesty will be with you
shortly, Sir William.

These are the plans for the palace?
Yes, Sir William.

He lacks nothing in ambition.

I thank you for coming, Sir William.
-It is an honour, Your Majesty.

I have asked you here today because
I have a proposition for your king.

Which I shall hear with great

It goes without saying that
the substance of our discussions... to be divulged
to no one but the king...

...and those in whom
he has complete trust.

Of course.

I want to invade Holland.

I see.

The one thing that could stop me
is her principal ally: England.

Now, how could I persuade England
to join me in such a venture?



A share of the Dutch trade routes?
Almost certainly.

But that's not enough.

What does one give a king
who has almost everything?

Well, you give him what his family
so carelessly tossed away:

his faith.

Well, Your Majesty, far be it
from me to be contradict...

Your king publicly claims that he is
a Protestant, but in his heart,...

...he is a Catholic.
Let's not pretend otherwise.

He seeks to renew relations
with Rome,...

...but cannot because in their eyes,
he is a heretic.

The agreement I propose is simple.

We invade Holland.

England provides a third
of the troops and ships.

All costs are borne by France...

...and I effect a reconciliation
between the English crown and Rome.

Well, now...

And what better way to seal
an alliance between friends?

I suggest a meeting ten days hence
at Dover Castle.

Your Majesty will come in person?
-I have not yet decided.

Wake up.

Have I been poisoned?

Yes, I believe so.
-With what?

Swollen eyes, marks on the hands,

When I saw these symptoms before,...

...the principal ingredient
was arsenic.

Will I live?
-If I can find an antidote, yes.

But first, I must apply a herbal
salve to your eyes.

You will not.

In that case,
you may lose the sight of both,...

...a handicap in a profession
such as yours, no?

No one must know of my presence

Very well.

May I congratulate His Majesty
on the brilliance of his plan.

Its brilliance remains to be seen.

What counts is that King Charles
becomes an ally and not a foe.

Whom shall you send to carry out
the discussions, Sire?

Will you go yourself?

I do not wish for them to think I'm
so desperate for their support.

If I may be so bold, Sire,
I would send Feuquière.

He is an experienced diplomat and
thinks only of the good of France.

Too methodical.

What about Chanut?

His last visit to Sweden
was a great success.

A loose cannon.

Croissy, perhaps?
He is a committed Anglophile.

He's even rumoured to like the food.

Henriette will go.

I beg your pardon, Sire.

Unless I am mistaken,
you pronounced the name of...

Indeed, I did.
Henriette will go.

What is the meaning of this?

Perhaps His Majesty is not recovered
from his illness?

I'm perfectly recovered, thank you.

Sire, with all due respect, she has
no experience in such matters.

The stakes could not be higher,
and for all her qualities,...

Her Highness is nonetheless...
-A woman?

That fact had not escaped
my attention.

But she has the wit of any man here
and courage beyond.

Furthermore, she is King Charles'

She knows his weaknesses.

She has one thing no French diplomat
can hope to have: his ear.

Your thoughts, Bontemps?

Should we not consider
the possibility...

...that Her Highness is weak...

...and does not have the strength
for so arduous a journey?

Her mind may be willing,
but her body...

Is also willing.

And if we waited a few months?
-We cannot.

William of Orange has just been
given a place... the Dutch government.

The republicans are retreating,...

...and the House of Orange
is in the ascendancy.

He will be king within two years.

If we do not negotiate with England,
he will.

Louvois, you will organise
the transportation.

Colbert, you ensure that tomorrow's
Gazette carries the story...

...that Her Highness is travelling
to Vichy... recover from a minor illness.

Have you seen Monsieur Marchal?

Madame de Clermont.


Good afternoon, Madam.

My dear, you seem preoccupied.
-Oh, really?

We saw you the other day
with Monsieur Marchal.

What a handsome couple you made.

Yes, it is true you saw us
the other day,...

...but false that there exists
anything between us but respect.

How disappointing.

Well, you see, I lost a necklace
a few days ago...


...a family necklace, and I asked
him if he could find it...

...because I feared
it had been stolen.

A wise decision.

We shall be playing cards later.
I trust you will join us?

Oh, thank you, but um,
I'm feeling a little unwell.

Tomorrow, perhaps?
-I would love nothing more.

Good afternoon, ladies.

This is an honour, Sire.

May I say how terribly sorry,
how ashamed, how...


Give me one reason
why I should spare your life.

I could not, Sire.

I have betrayed the trust
you placed in me.

I've allowed myself
to be led astray.

I humbly beg for your forgiveness.

Perhaps you should give me the name
of the man who led you astray, then.

I cannot, Sire, on my honour.

Your honour?
What a novel concept.

I swear to you, Sire.
I have never set eyes on the man.

I have no idea
who he is or what he wants.

Do you really think you are helping
my brother by plotting against me?

No, Sire.

No, I acted without thought
and through fear alone.

Honestly, I have killed rabbits
with more courage than you.

My brother deserves better.

Yes, Sire.

The question is,
what to do with you.

Good afternoon.

I must give you the name
of my tailor in Paris.

Why are we here?
-I don't know.

I thought it was you
who'd summoned us.

-It was me.

I have good news for our cause.

The king is sending his
sister-in-law to England... see her brother King Charles.


Whatever the reason,
she will not survive the journey.

How will you kill her?

Leave that to us.
-And then what?

You will learn soon enough.

I say we kill the king.

Oh, come now.
I hate the king as much as you.

Oh, I doubt that.
He destroyed your castle.

His father destroyed
my entire family,...

...not to mention thousands
of Huguenots.

Madame de Clermont, we will first
seek to force him out of power.

Our friend and ally William of
Orange grows stronger by the day.

He will give us whatever we want
by way of money and men.

Go now.

When the time is ripe, each of you
will be given a list of people... court susceptible
to persuasion.

I do not like that woman.

She is dangerous.

We are all dangerous.
Concentrate on your duties.

Very well.

At what time does the convoy leave?
-Shortly after dawn.

She will be accompanied
by six armed guards on horseback...

...and two bodyguards
inside the carriage.

They will be joined by a second
convoy at Marly.

I will kill her in the forest, then.
-You are certain you can do so?

I know the perfect spot.
I've used it many times.


I have told William that once
she is dead, we must strike swiftly.

And you trust him?
-I do.

While our ends may differ,
our means are the same.

Very well.

Why does the king wish to see her?

That is not for me to say.

I am her husband.
I have a right to know.

I beg to differ.

You have a right to ask,
not to know.

He will be plotting something,
of that I can be sure.

Henriette, let me do the talking.

The king will talk with Her Highness

Your brother believes himself
to be in a position of strength.

He is not.

He is only as weak or as strong
as you allow him to be.

He will endeavour to incline
the treaty in his favour.

You must remain firm.

If he does not agree to join us as
an ally, the agreement is worthless.

If you return without
his signature,...

...your mission will have been
a failure.

What do you want of my wife?
-I am sending her away.

What for?
-To negotiate a treaty.

I don't understand.

I am sending her abroad
as my ambassador.

Ambassador of France?


I'm not going to tell you
and neither is she.

Is this all true?

How can you let him do this to you?
-Do what?

Use you.

That's what he's doing,
though you are blind to it.

Is that really what irks you,...

...or is it the fact that she's been
given a role you might have coveted?

What irks me is that you would take
away all that is...

...or should be mine.

Your friend, the Chevalier,
has just been released from prison.

I believe you will find him
in your rooms.

If he betrays me again,
he will be hanged in public.

I am counting on you to ensure
that he does not.

Are you strong enough to go?
-I believe so.

I am sorry for your loss.

Our loss.

My darling.

I thought my return would give you

Only disappointment.

How so?

You have betrayed your king...
and me.

Are you going to give me a chance
to explain myself or not?

-Very well.

In that case, I shall go find myself
something to eat,...

...preferably devoid of maggots.

No, stay.

But do not touch me.

If you do it again,
the king will have you hanged.

Well, rest assured, I will not.

I have learned my lesson.

And the thought of being hanged
in public...

I would not let that happen.

I thank you, my love.

I would kill you myself.

I have a message
for Monsieur Marchal.

-Oh, the luck is all with me today.

Another game, perhaps?
-If you insist.

Oh, but I do.

I'm tempted to believe you wish
to play cards...

...simply in order to humiliate me.

And why would I wish to humiliate

Because the suffering of others
gives you pleasure.

Something of which you're a bit of
an expert, if I remember correctly.

Monsieur Marchal?
-He is away on business.

You may deliver the message to me.

Oh, I beg your pardon, sir, but I
only deliver to Monsieur Marchal.

I am the king's valet, and in his
absence, his duties defer to me.

Give me the message.

Where have you travelled from?
-From Pau, sir.


Beatrice, my dear,
you have just played a spade...

...and we're playing hearts.
-How foolish of me.

Oh dear.

You're from Pau, are you not,

Yes, I am.

What of it?

Just, the messenger that came said
that he came from Pau,...

...and he had some information
to impart with Monsieur Marchal.

And for some reason,
I thought of you.

Well, I'm not the only person
to come from Pau.


Of course.
A coincidence, I'm sure.


What do you know of love potions?

Love potions?

Yes, stimulants for the act
of intercourse.

I know what they are.

Why do you ask?

Imagine two people took
a love potion.

Imagine this potion contained
a poison.

How would it be possible
for one of them... suffer the effects of the
poison while the other did not?

Either that person succeeded
in vomiting the poison...

...before it took effect
or they took an antidote...

...prior to the taking of it.


I want you to send a message
to Bontemps, the king's valet.

I know who he is.

Tell him I need to see him.

Very well.

Do you know why I'm sending you
to England?

To test me?
-There is no need for that.

I want you to go because it is
your wish, not to please me.

Is there a difference?
-I don't know.

Is there?

Did I do something wrong?

We used to be so close, and now...

Are we not close now?

I don't know.

Are we?

We are close to those whom we trust.

When you are with your brother,...

...your every move and gesture
must indicate self-control.

Walking, entering a room,
sitting down upon a chair.

You must betray no emotion.

Silence is more important
than speech.

And whenever you do speak,
you must hold his gaze.

Look away and you have surrendered.

Play on his weaknesses.
Flatter him, charm him.

Be strong when you need to,...

...and give into his demands
when there is nothing at stake.

On this mission, you are not his
sister, nor wife to my brother.

You are France.

You are me.

Do you remember the first night
we spent together?


And do you remember what I said
to you when we awoke in the morning?



...every day that I do not
touch you,...

...taste you,...

...feel you...

...will be a day of death
and mourning.

I meant it then and I mean it now.

I have made a mistake.

I have offended the king
and I have offended you...

...but my love remains as strong
as the day we met.

And, Philippe, the truth is...

...if you don't love me,
no one loves me.

I'm so sorry.

It's Montcourt.

What on earth are you doing here?

It is good to see you too,

The king will have you strung up
if he learns of your presence.


Not when I give him a piece
of information...

...that has fallen into my hands.

Of what nature?
-I only talk to His Majesty.

And why would you give him
this information?

In exchange for my return
to Versailles.

How did you hear of this?

In a tavern, Sire.

I overheard the conversation
at an adjoining table.

And what exactly did they say?
-Only one of them spoke, Sire.

He boasted that he was going to kill
Your Majesty's sister-in-law...

...on her way to England.

Do you know the man?
-Yes, Sire, from a former life.

He is a thief and killer.

And where is he to be found?

He is a member of His Majesty's
police force.

He must be arrested.

If I may, Sire, I would strongly
advise against that.

He will simply deny all knowledge
of the matter.

To catch him red-handed
is the only choice.

And how do we do that?

I know his methods.

I know where he will station

If what you say proves true,
France will be in your debt,...

...but until then,
you'll be placed into custody.

Do you understand?

Of course, Sire.

This means there's a traitor
in our midst.

Sire, would this not be good reason
to postpone Her Highness' departure?

And lose the chance to discover
the identity of my enemies?


Talk to Montcourt.

Find out everything he knows.

In Monsieur Marchal's absence,... for the journey
is in your hands.

I need hardly remind you
the consequences...

...if the King of England learned
that his sister had been murdered...

...on the way to see him.

Monsieur Marchal wants to see you.

I went to your offices,
but there was no one there.

You used to have an assistant.

I fear we will not see her again.

What happened to him?

I have a cold.

Who gave you this cold?

My absence from court has been
noted, I suppose?

His Majesty is less than pleased.

I would be grateful
if you would tell the king...

...that I have gone to Paris
on a matter of urgency.

Very well.

Before I forget,...

...I have a message for you.

From where?

Have you read it?
-I have.

She is a liar?
-She is.

The real Madame de Clermont
died in a fire ten years ago.

What made you suspect her?

I do not follow.

Her documents of proof,
they were dated thirty years...

...before the paper on which
they were written was made.

The weave was modern.
Older paper has more fibre.

The ink bleeds differently.
-How can you possibly know this?

My father was a printer.

Why did you not have her arrested?

I doubted my own convictions,
but I will not doubt them again.

It's not too late to say no.

I want to go.
-But why?

Because he asked me to.
-He didn't ask you.

He ordered you.

I am pleased to be of service
to the king and to France.

You won't win him back.

You know that, don't you?

That is not my intention.

I wish you a comfortable journey.

Mother, what are you doing here?

I'm with Her Highness.
I cannot leave her side.

I wanted to remind you to take care.
-What...what do you mean?

There are dangers everywhere.
You understand?

But we are heavily guarded
in complete security.

If something happens,... sure to place your own safety
before that of Her Highness.


Enjoy your time in England.
-But... England?

I'm going to Vichy.

I do admire her.

For going away when she’s unwell.

She's going away to get better.

Don't you read the papers?
-Of course.

She's going to Vichy.
So silly of me.

I am honoured that His Majesty
chose to see me last night.

I'd worried that I'd lost
his favour.

You will have to try a bit harder
if you wish to lose my favour.

Do you know who killed my father?
-Not yet, but I am close.

Your right eye seems well recovered.

The left still shows the signs
of the poison.

What do you see?
-The truth.

The assassin has been apprehended,

Monsieur Gruaud, you are a magician.

Try it.
Try it.

It is the perfect blend
of sturdiness and refinement.

Ah, my good friend, Montcourt.

I banished this man from court,
wishing never to see him again.

It is with open arms
that I welcome him back.

He is a shining example
to everyone...

...and proof that fidelity
has its rewards.

Bravo, Your Majesty.


My friend.
-What the hell are you doing here?

It is my home.

How did you acquire the king's

I begged him for it.

I told him that a life away from
Versailles was not worth living.

And what about our other activities?

We shall have this discussion
in private.

If you will excuse me, I must say
hello to some old friends.


You have a choice:
reason or violence.

Let us begin with reason.

What is your name?

I forget.

On whose orders
did you try to kill her?

You won't believe it,
but I can't remember that either.


You're too old for this
and far too much of a gentleman.


Monsieur Marchal, Sir.

Good evening, Sire.

In case you had not noticed,
I am the King of France.

We have recently uncovered a plot
here in my own home to destroy me...

...and everything I have built.

My brother's wife was almost
assassinated... a member of your police force.

William of Orange, even as we speak,
is seeking ways to destroy me.

And you, my head of security,...

...the man I pay to keep me alive
were in Paris.

I hope you had a pleasant time.

I was not in Paris, Sire.

That is what I was told.
-The fault is mine, Sire.

An attempt was made on my life,...

...and I did not wish the person
responsible to know...

...of my whereabouts
or my condition.

An attempt by whom?

I do not yet have certain proof,
Sire,... I beg Your Majesty's

...until I am able to complete
my investigation.

She may not come back.

Of course, she will.

You only say that
because to think otherwise...

...would be an admission
of failure.

She will return.
I know it.

Do you have any idea what sort
of place you're creating?

I know you're going to tell me.

Your palace of dreams is becoming
a haven of plotting, treachery,...

...depravity, infidelity
and immorality.

Did I miss anything?

It was on that very subject
that I came to see you.

You are angry with me for sending
your wife to England.

She now has a purpose in life.
You do not.

I am here to give you one.

A job?

It's not following you around
and saying yes all the time,... it, perchance?

That was infantile of me.

What is it you have in mind?


I want the nobles brought to heel.

They plot against me, and they
behave as if this were their home.

They do not know how to address...

...members of the royal family
or each other,... to eat at dinner,
how to be at Versailles.

From now on, I want everyone to know
their place and their status.

I want every minute of every day
to be structured.

From now on, everyone must abide
by the same set of rules.

Including the king?

Especially the king.

And who better to control the king
than his own brother?

Oh, Monsieur Marchal.

I was worried about you.

So was I.

You were here;...

...I went to fetch you some water
and I returned and you were gone.

I've been looking for you everywhere
for two days.

I was delirious.

I didn't know where I was
or what I was doing.

As luck would have it, someone found
me and took me to a doctor.

Oh, good.

Yes, I thought I'd been poisoned.

Oh gosh.
-But you were right.

It was the pheasant.

I had some too, and I must say
I wasn't feeling too good.

I then had to go to Paris
on behalf of His Majesty,...

...and now I'm back.

Something on your mind?
-Well, as a matter of fact, yes.


Feel free to speak.
-Oh, it's nothing.

I'll tell you later.

You will stay, won't you?
-No, thank you.

I just came to retrieve my britches.
-Of course.

I had them cleaned.
-That's most considerate of you.

I'm very pleased you're recovered.

I bid you good night.

Good night.

Everything used to be so free of fog
and thicket, don't you think?

I do.

We knew who we were,
we knew what we wanted,...

...we knew where we were going,...

...we knew our enemies
and our friends,...

...but now...
-Is there no turning back?

The path is too narrow for turning.

Every decision taken is a stride
forward and cannot be revoked.

What is your greatest fear?

To be alone.
-You'll never be alone.

Spoken by a true friend.
-Well, I do my best.

To the things and people
we left behind.

And to a brighter future.