Versailles (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Invalides - full transcript

Just as Rohan is winning Philippe back as lover, Louis stubbornly charges him and Louvois, not the prince, with talking to the war veterans on palace construction strike, who even ask Orleans to speak for them. Louis releases Philippe's pregnant woman as his mistress, but orders both remain at court. Ruined after his castle's fire, even the duke of Kassel agrees to move into Versailles when promised debt remission, but counts on Montcourt to steal for him, now by dirty deals with tax collectors. Convinced force won't work, Louis soothes the strikers by promising the Dôme des Invalides, a free crippled veterans home in Paris. Louis himself falls ill, rekindling his nightmares of being ousted.

- They all arrived this morning?
- Before dawn, Sire.

This is bigger than I imagined.
The King seems content.

My brother loves the tour.

Later I'll take you on a private viewing
of the gardens.

But first, the east wing,
extended beyond the original lodge.

Here, you and your families
will be accommodated.

It is my wish that above all, you see
Versailles not as the royal palace,

but as your home.

A place of leisure and conversation.

A place of joy and light.

Up here!

What victories have I seen?

I fought for you, at Douai!

Lost my eye at Besançon!

You will be compensated!

And how much for my brother, Sire?

Crushed by a stone
as he built your walls.

What do you want?

You said that France would honor
its heroes, that's your promise!


We live and die like cattle.
Work as your slaves.

You say you are France,

but if you truly were,
you'd know our suffering.

You'd feel it in your bones,

and you'd take the pain away.

Others feel our pain, Sire.

And they are worth our loyalty.

Come on soldier, don't be a fool.

He makes fools of us all.

Come down at once!

Shall I descend?

Very well.

As your brother commands.

No! Don't!

The man believed he and the soldiers

have not been given the honor and
respect they earned on the battlefield.

Do they not now take orders?

Their grievances are many, Sire.

Many suffer from injuries sustained
at their work, as yet untreated.

How many in the stoppage?

So far 2,000.

2,000, Sire.

And unless they return to work,
construction stops.

The second floor is not yet complete,
and winter is coming.

With no lodgings, your new arrivals
may soon depart.

Order them to work, meanwhile
the rest of the builders will continue.

I fear not, Sire.

- They too are refusing to work.
- Why?

Working conditions are too harsh.

- No care for their safety.
- Is that true?

We lose half a dozen men per week.

Many more injured.
We have a reckoning of compensation.

- What will this man's family receive?
- Nothing, Sire.

- He injured himself.
- Pay them anyway.

It may assuage them,
but not the men.

By the age of 30,
Alexander the Great created an empire

stretching from Greece to India,

but without his men, King Darius
would have driven him into the sea.

Last year we retook
the Spanish Netherlands,

soon we shall turn our eyes to Holland.

We profit from our trade
with the land of King Annaba,

even as the Duc De Cassel bows his head.

I will not be pushed into the sea
by a builder on a scaffold.

* I'm the King of my own land,

* Facing tempests of dust,

* I will fight until the end,

* Creatures of my dreams,
rise up and dance with me,

* Now and forever,
* I'm your King,

I am sure the King will be delighted
to see you here.

It's an honor to accede
to the King's wishes

although I fear my resources
are not sufficient

to maintain myself in the style

to which he is accustomed.

The King has extended to all nobles

a financial inducement.

Those who wish to build a house
at the periphery of the grounds

will be forgiven all outstanding debts.

Then I shall begin my planning at once.

In the meantime, we'll do our best

to make you comfortable
within the palace.

Ah. Cassel.

The black sheep returns.

I'm so sorry to hear about your castle.

- I understand it burnt down.
- It did.

- Any idea how that happened?
- An accident, no doubt.

Yes! Well, they do happen sometimes,
don't they?

Please, follow me.

It's a broom cupboard!

In fact, I believe
it was a broom cupboard.

Welcome to Versailles.

You at least, continue your labor.

But I am not a builder, Sire.

But you were a soldier.

When you fought for me
was there rebellion in the ranks?

Occasionally, Sire.

How did you get your scar?

War, Sire.

And the other?


How did the generals react?

That depended on
what kind of men they were, Sire.

But I can tell you one thing,

the King that brings soldiers
to face down soldiers,

rarely stays King for long.

I can see no resolution.

There is one man to whom
they might listen, Sire.

He has their respect,
he fought alongside them.

Brothers can disagree with each other
without opposing one another.

You were clearly an only child.

Why do they behave this way?

All men lash out, Sire,

when they are in pain.

Talk to them, soldier to soldier.
Offer nothing, this is a parlay.

- There's another better than I.
- But I'm choosing you.

Winter is near, the ground will harden.

To build, we need foundations.

Foundations must be dug.


Send for Bruhan, the architect.

- Who is my director of bullion?
- Leclerc, of the royal mint.

I want to see him too.

- You tend to these men?
- I do.

What do they suffer from?

Gastric fever, gangrene,
crushed limbs that cannot heal.

I would not advice you to approach them.

Why not?

There may be a miasma,
a pollution in the air.

These are brothers in arms,
I shall take the risk.

Drummer Brebant?

Unless I am mistaken,
we took the town of Rochefort together.

Lord Rohan.

Are you in pain?

All of France feels your suffering.

And the King?

He too feels your pain.

You wished to see me.

Here I am.

Your horses are being fed extra grain,
Mlle De la Valiere.

- Planning a journey?
- She yearns for release, my King.

- From what?
- From torture.

You only torture yourself.

She desires a cloistered life
in a convent.

Do not stand in her way,
she's suffered enough.

No one is content.

- I loved you, Sire.
- And I you, once upon a time.

All stories must come to an end.

Then I may go.

You may not.

What harm can it do,
she's no longer in your favour.

This is your home, mademoiselle.
This is everyone's home.

I will not permit it.

Our son, Louis De Bourbon,
he's taken care of?

In Paris.

My promise remains.

A child of France, no matter what.

You get it.

Hear about the builders?

I try not to.

One died right in front of us,
the others downing their tools.

Now my good friend Pascal De St Martin
is here, but has no rooms.

If I were him, I'd go home.

If you were him, you'd be taller
and more handsome.

Well, I fancy some air. Join me?

Thought you hated the outdoors.

I do, but not today.

I know I vex you from time to time,

and I admit, I am vain,

lazy and excessively prone to frivolity,

but a quick turn around
the garden before dinner

is good for the soul,
and everyone should do it.

What is it?

You're pensive.

We should do this more.

We spend far too much time indoors.

Your Highness?

We need your help, your Highness.

I recognize you, who are you?

A sergeant in his majesty's army.

What do you want?

We may not be on the battlefield,
but we are in service

and we insist on fair treatment.

We ask you to speak to his majesty
about our demands.


Our wounds, tended. Decent lodging.

Fair pay and compensation
as befits the soldiers of the King.

Why should I plead on your behalf?

You could count on our support.

In the event of a change
in circumstances.

I don't understand you. What change?

If your brother were no longer King.

Do you realize I could have you hanged
for talking like this?

I do.

The sun is setting.

What did he want?

For me to speak to my brother.

Madame De Claremont,

you told me some time ago that
your estate papers would soon arrive.

Many monther passed in fact.

Yes, they will arrive soon.

- You know how it is the south.
- Yes indeed.

Naturally, we would not wish you,
of all people,

to be obliged to leave.

That is most considerate of you,
Mr Colbert.

I shall do my best.

I trust your lodgings are adequate?

Yes, quite.

The King.

I'm starving.

I notice your friend, Pascal
De St Martin has come to Versailles.

He came of his own accord.

But now he has nowhere to sleep tonight.

He will be accommodated in due time.

The builders are unhappy.

Let me talk to them.

I will not discuss politics at dinner,
and certainly not with you.

They followed me into battle,

perhaps they may follow me back to work.

We will go hunting tomorrow!

You ignore my offer.

I do brother, I'm glad you noticed.

Why then, are you keeping me here?

My own house is ten miles away.

If I have no function for you,
no position

of which you deem worthy, but that
of a brother, why am I still here?

I can go to Saint-Cloud and be your
brother in the comfort of my own bed.

To see me, send up a firework.

You're here because I want it.

That is be reason enough.

Henriette you must eat.

If I didn't eat, I'd have no energy
for life's great pleasures.

Here, have a lobster.
And some wine for her Highness.

Really, I'm quite all right, thank you.

Henriette, I know you.

If you don't eat you'll shrivel up
and disappear.

- Would you wish to give this up?
- I wish to know a thread of who I am.

A thread of truth is enough to hang you.

And our cousin?

Or is our family a lie as well.

Chevalier believes only
what is in front of his nose.

If he feels he may profit

he will help maintain
our position at court.

That was true
until the King demanded proof.

And what if we cannot convince him?
What happens then?

We survive!

You are looking very comely
this evening.

Why, Mr Marchal, you're most kind.

I said to him,

"Fine, you can call me that
if you want to,"

"but I am and exciseman."

"And if the King is losing revenues
to bandits on the roads,"

"I cannot be held responsible."

"There is not a carriage
from here to Paris"

"that is not vulnerable!"

Now if the King's police cannot control

the roads, then he cannot expect
a King's taxman to ride on them!

Let alone arrive with four coffers.

It sounds like you gentlemen
might need some help.

We have no need of help, sir.

What you have need of is protection.

So, there we were,

lost in the forest,
with no idea how to get back.

We happened to stop by a small hut
for food and directions.

Two sisters...

Join me in the bedroom tonight,
I'll broaden your smile.

You ask for nothing. Why?

But I have all I need.

See, I told you I'd make you smile.

I spoke to the builders today,

they are tired, hungry,
harsh measures will not work with them.

Then I will address them.
Please keep your voice down.

If I may be so bold, Sire,

it will lessen their respect for you.

Soldiers understand orders,
nothing more!

Perhaps if a military man
were to approach them.

- Reason with them?
- You're right.

I will send Louvois.

Forgive me, your majesty.

I am feeling faint and will retire.

What on earth is the matter
with you this evening?

You used to be the brightest light
in the room, now you're absent.

My apologies, Sire.

Did I not satisfy you?

Well, allow me to rectify the matter.

I will return.

Perhaps I can help you?

You can start by not asking
so many questions.

Very well, then I will wait.

Hurry back.

- What are you doing?
- Looking for my brother.

I thought he might be... there.

I know where he is.

- Your Majesty!
- I was concerned about you.

I am tired, Sire, that is all.

And yet your eyes
tell a different story.

He waits until you're tired
to have the big talk!

He always done it to me too.

- What are you doing up?
- Me?

Oh, I've only just gotten out of bed.

Some privacy, brother.

I think you forget where you are

I think you forget who addresses you.

Louvois will not help you!

Brother, not now!

He's a hilltop general.

A warrior trusts a man on the field.

Take care, brother, with your words.

You always defend yourself!

You are blind to those
who want to help you!

You can't help!

Not everyone is trying
to knock you down.

If you stopped attacking,
you might see it.

Let others aid you in your decisions,
you cannot do it all.

- Government is no business of yours.
- It could be!

Please, stop.

You won't do it,

you think I, and the world, oppose you!

- Stop!
- For heaven's sake, eat something!

- What is the matter?
- I am expecting a child.

I've a proposition.

I'd rather you paid your share.

It is here, my lord.

I've not forgotten.

I will not go back on the road
with a musket.

- Too many police.
- We've friends among the police.

Not enough.

So I decided on a new plan for us.

To offer protection to the exciseman.

Bring me money.
I don't care how you come by it.

The King's builders have downed tools.

They share our frustrations
with his plans.

The King will simply find more.

Most of these builders are soldiers
who fought for him.

The army has dissent among its ranks,
let's encourage it.

The King will stop any insurrection
with the rest of his army.

If he has any left by then.

His majesty understands
that you do not feel

that you have been shown
the respect you merit.

You are mistaken.

Without you, France would not exist.

But you are its servants, just as he is.

There will be other battles
to be fought,

other wars to be won,

but just as you stood side by side
on the fields of Flanders,

the King asks you now

to stand by side again,
here, in Versailles!

Who is your leader?

We have no leader.

We speak with one voice.

If you do not return to work,
I shall have you hanged!

Kill me, and two more
shall take my place.

I understand your complaints.

Tell the King

that we will fight for him again,

build for him again,

show trust and loyalty again,

but first the King must show us all

that he is a man
that will honor his promises.

I was at Cambrais,
and at Compiegne!

You need new locks.

Have you lost your mind!
What are you doing here?

I could fix it for you, of course,
but I'm withholding labor, so...

You cannot be seen, you have to leave.

And yet here I am.

Funny how it works, isn't it?

Have you been ignoring me?

I sent you a dozen notes.

Stop following me!

- Remember who I am!
- Only too well!

- You're more thorn than rose!
- Enough!

- Is it mine?
- I cannot say.

- Cannot, or will not?
- Abandon me, confine me!

Go! I don't want anything bad
to happen to you.

I can do neither,
as you know so well.

Even as I feel betrayed by you,
by him, by myself!

It already has.

- Do you hate me?
- How much easier if I did.

He will use this, you will see.

- In what way?
- To get what he wants.

- I do not believe it.
- Oh, I can assure you of it.

It'll be his child on a Monday,
mine on a Tuesday,

depending on his... mood, his needs,

his whim, his health,

his breakfast, or whichever way
the wind is blowing.

It's not a child,

it's a club you've given him,

for him to beat us with.

Your money!

- And now you say...
- Oh, uh... Never!

- You'd rather die?
- Never!

What happens now?

I forgot! Do I give you...

You give me half, you take half.

Then I hit you?

I hit you. The driver, remember?

Why yes, of course.

What do you expect me to tell you?

I'm a feather in the wind

I don't know who I am,

because my mother won't tell me!

Come here.

Sixteen years ago you were born,

and I loved you and kept you safe.

Where was I born? Pau?

La Rochelle.

And my father? A noble?

A very good man.

An architect, crushed by the King.

Why would the King crush my father?

Because of who he was.

What? A criminal? A traitor?

Worse... a protestant.


How lovely.

I thought they were for you.

Who are they from?

I have no idea.


Where's the bloody girl.


We cannot continue together.

I understand.

- Do you?
- You are the King, Sire.

We are yours to own
and discard as you see fit.

I have done neither to you.

His majesty is hiding behind words,

but his sense is clear.

The child you carry is a symbol of doubt
which I do not wish to bear.

Would you want me to own you, to the
exclusion of all others, of my brother?

I cannot answer that question, Sire.

I'm sorry.

Please forgive me.


What a pleasant surprise.

- You're fond of your books, aren't you?
- Yes.

At present, I'm reading
a treatise on espionage

in the Roman Empire.

I like a reader.

Do you enjoy working?

Enjoy is not the word I'd use.

- What word would you use?
- Satisfaction.

Does it pain you to see people suffer?

I do not consider such matters.

Do you look them in the eye?



I've never been with a woman
like you before.

Oh my stars,

you have so much to learn.

Oh, gently.


Many thanks and congratulations.
We are ready.

Bring them here.

- Sire?
- The soldiers who refuse to work.

Soldiers, Sire, here in the palace?

Yes! I want to talk to them, in here.

Tell them I have a proposal
which I believe will satisfy them.

She went to the whorehouse
and spoke to the apothecary.

Ordered two bottles of arsenic.

A fine cure for a toothache,
I use it myself from time to time.

And one bottle of Eros,

to aid the vigor of amorous coupling.

But perhaps you already know that.

I pay you to spy on others, not on me.


This way.

Don't touch!

Is that me?


God, I'm ugly.

I need you.

Good morning, gentlemen.

It is my honor to welcome you here.

I live here but, this is not my home.

This is a home for France,
and her aspirations.

I wanted to thank you for showing me
the error in my thinking.

You were right to down your tools,

and refuse to work.

It was I that was in the wrong.

I've invited you here, today,
to ask for your forgiveness.

And, to try to renew
your faith and trust in me.

You are, all of you,
an army in the service of your King.

Wherever it is, on the field,
or on the scaffolding.

Now, it is time for France
to give you something in return.

A home.

It shall be known as "Les lnvalides".

It will host the finest
medical facilities.

Refectories, dormitories, church.

It will be located in Paris,
close to the river.

Every soldier, wounded, fighting
for France, will be taken there.

And any soldier who can't go home

can live here for the rest of his life

in comfort, and free of charge.

I've also struck a medal, made of gold,

in honor of our recent victories.

And I wish to give one to each of you.

Hurrah for the King!

You came?

You really believed everything you said.

The first to receive it,
is the man to whom I owe the most.

A brave soldier known to you all.

Philippe, Duke of Orléans.

Who I am honored to call my brother.

France thanks you.

Thank you.

France thanks you.

Your majesty.

The enemy is closer than you think!

- Oh!
- Sire!

The enemy is closer than you think!

The poor fellow is sick.

Let him be tended to.


I'm fine.

Get up! Let's go.

- What are you doing?
- We're going home.

- Why?
- I refuse to stay here another minute!

Philippe, please, stop!
Explain yourself.

I just realized we have a choice.
We don't have to do as he tells us.

We have been cowards.
We are free to leave.

It merely requires the courage
for us to resist him.

- I don't understand.
- What do you want?

To come with me, or to remain here?

Waiting for his knock at your door.

I don't care if the baby is mine,
or his,

it will be ours.

But our lives are here.

You are brother to the King.
You cannot leave.

This place is who you are, who we are.

If that is true,
then we are already rotten inside.

- Are you sure the cipher's been broken?
- I am.

Then we must form a new codex.

It will take some time.

Until then,
we will need to meet in person.

- It's a risk.
- They demand my papers.

- Do you have the seal?
- I have it.

Now, our first priority is the cipher.

If they can read it,
they know our thoughts.

They don't know that we know

which now means, we have an opportunity.

What is it?

Very sorry.

That it had to turn out this way.

Per istam sanctam unctionem
et suam piissimam

misericordiam adiuvet
Te Dominus gratia spiritus sancti.

You didn't make peace with God.

My brother, where is he? And Henriette?

They're fine, they're sleeping.

Your majesty, your majesty you are sick!