Versailles (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - The Road - full transcript

Highwaymen, led by Montcourt, wind up killing friends of King Louis, including his goddaughter. Fabian is tasked with bringing the killers to justice. Philippe triumphs at Cambrai.

The Parthenays came at my behest.

My personal invitation.

They drove their carriage on that road
knowing they were guests of the King.

With the King's
guaranteed protection.

If a child of France
isn't safe on royal lands

what chance is there
for anyone else?

An attack on my roads
is an attack on me.

Until their killers are apprehended
I'll not sleep.

I will pay my respects.
Where are they?

Sire, you're bleeding, injured.

More than you can know.

Where you going?

The siege is broken.
The battle is won.

The price is paid.

The camp lies this way.

I promised mother
I'd bring them home.

Cold lotion, sire.

Made of egg yolk,
oil of roses, and turpentine

to permit drainage.

Why not simply close the skin?

Permissible for the battlefield injuries
sire, but I'm no tailor.

May I inquire as to the cause, sire?

(Bontemps) A hunting accident.

We report with joy
the success of the king's infantry.

Against the Spanish troops.

Siege is now laid to
the town of Cambrai.

At last some good news.

(Bontemps) Most remarkable
of all the King's heros present

is his Majesty's own brother,

Prince Philippe, the Duke of Orleans

who has shown bravery in the field.

That's enough news.

A true and everlasting hero...

I said enough!

(Intro music)

* I'm the king of my own land,

* Facing tempests of dust,

* I'll fight until the end.

* Creatures of my dreams,
rise up and dance with me!

* Now and forever,
* I'm your king.

Let me see Françoise.

He bled a lot but she did not.

I think his wound was a pistol, Sire

whilst hers was a musket shot
which bleeds less


Well, that is the way
wounds behave, Sire.

The wounds are large...

Which surely produces
more not less.

Indeed, Sire, but, um, the er...

What my father is saying is

that the musket shot
tends to fragment making

channels twice as large

but also crushes the flesh
around the wound

so it seals the blood
where it sits and it cannot flow.

I see. Thank you,
(tersely) Masson.

- And Charlotte? (Masson)
- Charlotte?

The Parthenays had two children
and I'm Charlotte's godfather.

(angrily) - Find Fabien!
- At once, Sire.

(crows cawing, conspiratorial music)


(Charlotte, faintly)
Can you help me?


I'm sorry.

But you will not be alone.

I saw angels.

(Thunder rolling)

(Montcourt snoring)

(Cassel) You were so...

drunk last night,
you pissed all over my kitchen.

So consider this merely
the repayment of that loan.

(panting and trembling)

- Where is my share?
- I have it right here

(Montcourt wheezing)
Is that

enough, or would you like
some more?

You murder a noble family
on the road

and then come to my house.

She knew my voice

How is that even possible?

Unlikely, but I couldn't take the risk.

In any case you wanted chaos.

Now you have it.

You butchered them where they stood.
Every single one.

Not quite.

A young girl escaped.

She ran into the woods - wounded.

- You didn't think to follow?
- I didn't think it safe.

Well, return and finish it.

My Lord, think a moment.

Noble blood spilled
on the way to Versailles.

Who would follow the Parthenays now?

Soon the King will tire of the project
and retire to Paris.

And then we shall own our country again.

He only sketches when he's upset.

Who else delays?

Fourteen families in all.

All await assurance for their safety
before venturing on the road.

So the Southern nobles stay quiet,
the East: cowards

- and the North.
- Without Cassel, no help from them.

A man of great influence

- Perception of influence.
- Just as dangerous.

Why do we still feel surrounded
in Cambrai when it's our siege?

(door opens)

Monsieur Marchal's here.

(door closes)

You've failed me, Monsieur Marchal.

Just as you've failed the Parthenays

With secure roads
they'd have been safe.

Instead their deaths
send a message

that traveling to Versailles
is not safe.

Your continued presence demands
nothing less than absolution.

Bring me those responsible!

(Fabien) May I speak, Sire?

I believe a noble may be responsible.

How would you know?

The musket shot that killed her
was fired from a horse.

The angle shows that the horse
was many hands high.

Almost impossible
for the untrained rider.

Only a nobleman, an equerry

a cavalryman could
be capable of it.

But most of our men
are at the front.

Which as I say leads suspicion firmly

with a noble.

Whoever it is, bring them to me.

I want to see their face.


Sophie, listen to me.

What have I done?

Don't make eyes at boys like that.

You only have eyes for the King.

Even if I succeed
and you marry a noble

men at court are
just a stepping stone

nothing more and nothing less.

Men like that are pond scum.

Do you understand?

I don't think that's everything.

Oh, you're still young.
You can be sure of it.

Go on.

(Fabien) Your plan was ill-conceived
and inept.

200 men would
have held the road.

From where?
Our soldiers are fighting.

There's your problem.

It's a problem we all face
and a threat to the King.

It may even be a solution.

(Bontemps) A solution?

I don't yet know.

But one thing's for sure.
They will strike again.

(panting, whimpering)

(tense music)

(a shot)

If the court knows she's dead,
they can mourn.

They think they all died.


The Parthenay family were murdered
on the road. Everyone speaks of it.

Her body wasn't found there.

Only three people know
this information.

Me, you and the man
who meant to kill her.

He will know his shot
missed its mark.

And he might yet use that knowledge
to make a mistake.

(intriguing music and footsteps)

Forgive me.

It's no matter.

You are ill perhaps?

No, if anything I feel nervous
about this war.

The glory will soon be ours.

You're already glorious, Sire
if I may be so bold.

You may, Madame.

Be well!

(confident music)


(Music swells)
(Courtier) Lisette told me...

she begged her husband
not to come.

After the Parthenays fate
who could blame her.

But with the King's new edict
he said they had to

that they must find a sponsor
or be doomed.

I heard they've got no papers.

They had a flood a few years back.

What if they washed away?
Poor lambs.

There'd be a remedy.

That is yet to be seen.

Not everyone has such credit.

As much as wants to give
is as much as I have.

If the coffers are empty,
your daughter is good security.

Beauty unlocks many doors.

(Beatrice) You should know, Madame.

Beauty without wit is merely vanity.

(Sophie) Mother!

That was unkind.

Have you been paying
attention at all?

When you enter this court,
it's not a room, it's a marketplace.

And transactions mean contacts.
And contacts mean credit.

Credit means power.
Power means everything!

Look at Madame De Montespan.

Do you think her attention
happens by chance?

- I thought you hated her.
- Keep quiet!

I saw the King look at her today.

A deep and lingering gaze.

Just think what that might be worth!

And what does all this
matter to us?

- We have our papers and lineage.
- Not yet!

What could happen to a piece of paper
coming from Pau?

Ask the Parthenays!

(intriguing music)

(Louis and Rohan laughing)

That was when she had the bows
in her hair!

Yes, the picnic.

- I was angry at you. (Rohan)
- Françoise chose me but

- she only had eyes for you. (Louis)
- So I'd be jealous!

And she was successful.

(Louis and Rohan laugh)

Thank you, friend I needed this.

We should celebrate tonight.

And every night after that. I shall tie
a bow on the next pretty woman

I see and call her Françoise.


(Rohan) - What about her!
- Her you do not touch.

(Rohan sighing) Shame!

I've a position I was hoping
you might take.

Of course.
What is it?

The stables are finished
and the hunt needs a master.

I know just the man.

I was hoping you did.

- It'd be my pleasure.
- Please, send me his name

Because I need to act
while you go to war.


With the war, I find my brother
foremost in my mind.

Of course.

I wish you to go to the front.
Shadow my brother.

See no harm comes to him.

I think I understand you.

Well, it's been a long time.

I will do as you ask.


That's the Rohan I remember.

(Chevalier) Misery suits you.
You wear it well.

D'you want?

You read The Gazette?
Your husband is glorious.

- It is the King's glory.
- Not from what I read.

I leave you my copy
to peruse at your leisure.

As you pine
for your absent husband.

You'll be delighted
when he claims his prize.

please put in another ribbon.

I meant to return this.

A chambermaid found it
in your drawer and

took it in error.
I'll see she's disciplined.

My necklace!

Did you say your necklace?

Yes, it's very dear to me.
I thought it lost.


Come now, the maid thought it yours.

So what was it doing in your room?

- It was not in my room.
- Of course it was I just told you.

- What was it doing in your room?
- Madame, I did not take it.

Absolutely I did not.

- Be quiet!

Your lady's a thief, Madame.
That is clear.

And I doubt you're in the habit
of employing pickpockets.

Be sure
you've not heard the last of it

I wish to make peace with God.

A convent near Marly will take me.
They've already given their consent.

I beg you sire, please,
release me to God's care.

You've had everything.

I used to think I was
a person of quality,

living under God's grace.

The gift he bestowed upon me,
upon both of us.

Now I know neither my person
nor place.

I just want to serve my God.

I love your piety.

I love your spirit
in the service of purity.

And I wish to go before you tire of me.

My Lady!

I already see it.

I will soon be gone in your eyes
and I see who is to come after me.

I do not wish
to bear witness for myself.

- God wishes us together.
- Sire, please...

Not as my king but as father to my
children - and the one yet to be born.

Let me atone for my life.

What if I'm to burn for eternity?

What if it's too late?


(court chatter and music)

(Beatrice, laughing)

Cousin! You seem in a very good mood

You'd be joyful with such gifts
around me.

Such beauty!

Talking of which, Henriette's entourage
was looking a bit tired

so I have made an opportunity for my
darling girl.

- With Henriette?
- I do not care for your tone.

Should Sophie stay with her

when Mme De Montespan
grows in stature daily?

- I saw a gaze from the King...
- My decision is made.

And I'm head of this household.
Unless you've somehow forgotten, cousin.

When's the position available?

Soon. I hear one of her ladies
is fond of pilfering.

(laughing) Come child!

(courtly dance music)

It's time you learned
what to do with those flippers you call


(Chevalier claps for more dance music)
(The dance begins)

A dance is a formalized
conversation, my dear Sophie.

Full of rules, restrictions.

It's like your dress.

(Sophie) Do you like it?

- Can't you tell?
- (Squeaks) Oh!

(Chevalier giggles)

(They continue to dance)
(The viols play)

I never asked you but I'd wager
it's important for your time here

Are you still intact?


Have your fingers ever been curious?

I don't know what you're talking about.

You will!

(They circle and continue dancing)

(A lustful 'Ahhhh')

When we skimmed stones on the water
in Saint-Germain, you remember?

I declared to everyone
yours would bounce five times.

You all laughed I might
declare it so confidently.

And yet, when you launched the stones

There it was!

- Five times.
- My lucky number.

I want to do this every night
so I'll know you'll keep me safe.

Do I not already?

Sadly, where the Chevalier is concerned
I cannot see how anyone can.

He's caused my Angélique great pain.

As well as you,
must I also protect your ladies?

He made up a terrible story
and put a problem in my lap.

And now you're sad.

(Louis) You're perceptive, Madame.

Françoise Parthenay
was very dear to you I know.

I was even jealous of her
for a silly minute.

I'm going to war where it's safe.

- I do not understand.
- And you're coming too.

- Why?
- You wish not to?

- A new day comes.
- Good night!


I'm a little early for my lesson

(Chevalier panting)

Don't say a word.

(panting, groaning)

(drums beating)

Oh, my God, quiet!


(Unseen man) Your constant infidelity
makes you an easy man to find.

From this moment on,
I will tell you what to do.

Deny us and you will die!

Apply yourself
and your lover will be king.

And you will have the power.

The future is yours as long as you do
exactly what we tell you.

We will talk again.

(Chevalier grunting
and groaning desperately)


Go back to sleep.

What are you doing?

Writing letters.

Rest, child.

(courtly music playing)

The monk from Pérignon
has brought more wine.

And I am still hungry.

Will you join me?

Always room for one more.

I commend you, Madame
on your excellent appetite.

(Montespan laughs)

Sire, you hardly know me
or the scope of my needs.

I know this.

You're still hungry.

How many have you had?

I do not recall.

In which case why would one more
make any difference?

Hard to say without partaking.

Why is that?

Surely, after a certain time,
it's just a number.

It depends on the number.


(The Queen)
You had my message?

I've prayed for your lost child
constantly: every day, your Majesty.

You're kind to speak so.
Bring a chair.

For the child inside you.


'Tis warm. Take off your shawl.

My words were not kind.

I said them in a moment,
clouded by my own feelings.

I would like us to be friends.

Though I still resent
every stolen moment

you have taken
from my husband and me.

But because I sense
something in your soul.

I can feel the pain you hold.

(Louise) Yes.

My concern is not as such for you.
You understand?

The life inside you
can feel this pain.

I will become a nun
when time permits.

- Do you love the King?
- I love God.

But it's not an answer.

I also love the King

But the price is too much.

What have you done?

Do you think God will forgive me?

- Victory!
- Did you solve the problem?

There are plenty asking questions.

I would rather not provide them
with answers.

And the King gains territory.

Claims the lands in Spain
in kind for his unpaid dowry.

Pretext naturally, but victory for him
is more than land.

It's confidence and power.
He must be stopped.

In a few days,
the roads will be ours again.

- So you're ready to work?
- I'm at your service.

Protocol doesn't permit us to own
a business. I run my affairs by proxy.

Thirty companies
are under my control.

My most trusted man has a brother
in a royal depot in Paris.

He spoke of a shipment
making its way to Versailles.

It'll be heavily guarded and
they'll fight to the end to defend it.

You raised me from the dead,
my Lord, I'll lay down my life for you.


Because as I hear
this is a cargo worth dying for.

I will speak to the King.

Perhaps your hearing is suspect.

The King is not to be disturbed.
He's in private conference.

With whom?

(Emissary) The House of Hapsburg
has tried to remain indifferent

to your war but the Spanish
lose patience and wish us to intervene.

You have claim by inheritance.
Ours is by law.

We need not fight each other.

Though many on your side
might benefit from war.

Circles are divided.

But if our discussions
were to establish a policy.

Your prince Hapsburg might yet find
his cardinal's hat.

Indeed, Majesty.

Let's move to a treaty between France
and the House of Hapsburg.

To divide the territory
on the king's death.

A healthy ruler is paramount
to state security.

Your Majesty. Your face!

Get a doctor. Quickly!
Did you not hear me, man?

I will fetch Masson.

Not that doctor. The other one.

So, we are agreed?

I believe so.

No one must enter.

(Bontemps) Come quickly.

Not you. Her.

Your father's mess.

Fix it.


It'll have to be stitched.

The hot needle and thread.

It'll hurt.


You may go.

(Louis) I will bring you glory.
I vow it.

(Rohan) We're far inside the line.

We're in great danger here.

- I promised your brother.
- What?

That I would ensure your safety.

(sounds of battle, firing)

What a surprise. You're here.

I wanted to talk to you
away from the usual ears.

What Chevalier did to poor Angélique

He is unpardonable.

He is being himself unfortunately.
Now I have a new lady.

Ah, the new girl. Mlle Clermont.

Sophie, she's pleasant enough.

Well, I have a scheme
to bring revenge on the chevalier.

- Might you consider it?
- No, thank you Athenaïs.

Might I ask why?

I already know what you want
but I can't help.

I'm sure I don't know what you mean.

Think awhile. You'll get there.

I suppose I will.

(Fabien) Take her to her family.

- Where did you find her?
- In the woods near Chaville.

- Where is she now?
- Buried with her family.

- Buried, without a sermon?
- A full sermon might attract attention.

And what would be wrong?

When I hope,
you break my heart again.

Why did you hide this from me?

Because you've armed me.

Not just with weapons but with choices.

My choice was to protect the truth.
That Charlotte Parthenay

didn't die with her family on the road.

This knowledge gives us something
her killers don't possess.

Certainty. Which means
they'll make a mistake.

Did she suffer?

A great deal.

I hope it wasn't long.

She was in pain
for a considerable period.

You don't seek my approval at all,
do you?

I seek only to protect your life.

Your honesty is also a weapon,
Monsieur Marchal.

If you say so, Sire.

(gun shot)

(shot, a man groans)

(man groans)

No, please!

- It's your turn, Moncourt.
- No, please, no!

- I know you.
- You used to know me.

Nobles don't dig.
I have a better idea.

(door opens)

We are surrounded.

By conspirators. By criticism.

By wilderness and danger.

Defence is over.
We must break siege and attack.

- Arrange a force for the roads.
- It's done.

Make their clothing uniform
and presence felt

To deter and reassure
as in Paris.

Purge the road and patrol.

And contact every noble who defies.

I wish to understand their concerns.

And they shall be informed
of our intent.

The King at war.


I'm making potage.

Celery, potatoes, carrots, salt.
Very simple.

Father please, let me.



You've had a full day
at work after all.

Say what you mean.

- Do you mock me?
- I don't know what you're saying.

Where have you been?

I'm not at liberty to say.

That says it all.

My work is rushed.
Simple even. But my own daughter.

Of course he would seek
to ruin my reputation.

- Your reputation.
- In tatters now.

Remains intact.
Father, you're jealous.

I'm scared, child.

Scared for you.

Here's not a place to trust.

This is a cold, venal, brutal
circle of lies.

They may use me and cast me aside.

But while there's breath in my lungs
they're not going do the same to you.

The King has his favorites.
But he tires of them

And we don't see them anymore.

(heavy storm)

Oh, Monsieur Fabien.

- Madame, what are you doing here?
- I'm so scared.

The war, the night. Would you

take me to my apartment?

The news must have come as a shock.

- The news?
- Your friends.

- What about my friends?
- The Parthenays.

They lived close to your family
did they not?

Known to me, yes.

A tragedy.

Can't bear to think of it.

Perhaps we can walk awhile again
in the garden during the day.

I'd like that very much.

(priest snores. door opens)

Bless me father for I have sinned.

(Priest) What is your sin?

The mortal sins of envy and wrath.

Remember, Sire,
some state transgressions are necessary.

- Whereas if committed by man.
- Do not address me so!

I'm a man alone, burdened by sin
doing my penance under God.

I sent my own brother to war.

Now, how shall I repent?

Acts of contrition vary widely.

One may atone in kind

by balancing virtues in their stead.

The sin of envy for example
mirrors virtue

of humanitas. Or kindness.

The sin of wrath is mirrored
by the virtue of patience.

We are at war
where wrath is stationed.

And war is no place for kindness.

(The King approaches)

Bravo! The look is yours.

- I think you're mistaken, Madame.
- You're upset.

I cannot reach him.

I feel like a sack of flour.

- Can you help me?
- With what?

I am boring and you are funny.

Perhaps you can change his mood.

Talk to him, let him laugh.

If he's in good humor,
I might just have a chance.

- Would you do that?
- I suppose I could try.

(Crowd cheering, horses on the cobbles)

- Do you miss England?
- I miss you.

The summer of our lives has been
full of blossom.

But the nights are drawing in.

In the growing darkness
we must remember

that life is more than love.

And marriage more than duty.

(Philippe) My plan is very simple.

- Here, lead our line into this valley.
- Then they'd follow

our retreat.

Allowing our cavalry in from the east.
Closing the circle.

- They'd have nowhere to go.
- The King!

- Brother, wonderful news.
- Indeed, the war is over.

Ceasefire negotiations
begin in Tournois.

We've battled hard for this.
Many have died to attain it.

We'll maintain our line but no more.

In a day or two hostilities
will cease.

For what?

We can win brother.
Here. Today.

The odds are not with us.

We've lost too much to stop.

Let's speak, brother.


- I'm here to bring you home.
- And I came here to fight.

This ceasefire, I was wondering.

Will it just so happen
to be announced on your return?

All hail, King Louis.
Who went to war and won the peace!

Our spies say
there's a price on your head.

Spain has mercenaries
to seek you out on the field.

They wish to make an example,
to use you against me.

- I'll not take the risk.
- This is the porridge.

You remember don't you?
I can't remember where we were.

You flicked some porridge
and I threw some back at you.

Soon we were at it.

You tipped the bowl over me
so I pissed on you.

Soon we were pissing on one another.

You started it!

You flicked the porridge.

But I got the blame!

You pissed on me.

But I pissed on the King!

- Come with me!
- Without me those men may die.

This will be the last battle
not your last act.

On a field there are no kings.
No nobles, no peasants.

Every man is equal.

Tomorrow I'll be closer to the enemy
than to my brother.

Henriette! Where is my wife!

I envy your brotherhood.

For me only solitude
which you never knew.

Tomorrow I'll be with my brothers.

They mean to seek you out
and kill you.

Well then.

I'll wear something fun

or they won't know who I am.

I missed you, darling.

(shouting and sounds of battle)