Veronica Mars (2004–2007): Season 4, Episode 3 - Keep Calm and Party On - full transcript

Veronica and Keith's client, Daniel Maloof, makes a shocking confession. Sheriff Langdon closes in on her top suspect. Veronica and Matty join forces, just as the whole investigation is flipped on its head.

Previously on Veronica Mars...

It's getting worse.
I'm repeating things.

- See if that helps.
- Razadyne?

- A rat caused that?
- I've called exterminators.

No nests, no rat droppings...
their traps catch no rats.

Did you get to see
your fiancée's family?

Maybe you can tell me
why her engagement ring

wasn't in with her personal effects.

Where's the ring, Maloof?

I just accepted a job

as Congressman Maloof's security detail.

I'm saying Congressman Maloof

did murder his brother's fiancée.


I need to talk to the guy

who stocked the snack
machine at the Sea Sprite.

- You! Mole man!
- What did you call me?

Grab that little bitch!

Come on!

Come on!

Back away from the car, would ya?

After Logan joined the Navy,

he rarely slept past 5:00 a.m.,
so when he was home, neither did I.

Even before the Sea Sprite blew up,

Neptune was experiencing
a crime wave of sorts.

Spring break was always
sketchy, but this was worse.

Give me your wallet and phone, bitch.

You don't have to say "bitch".

You can be a scary PCHer
and respect women.

How did you know that I... Ow!

That's better.

How did you know that I was a PCHer?

Your voice told me "teenager".

Your stranglin' hand is
encased in a motorcycle glove.

PCHers are a young motorcycle
gang. It's pretty easy math.

Give me your wallet and phone.

Okay. Some guys like small talk.

Full disclosure: it's
mostly laundry quarters.

Don't judge.

Also... I'm sorry.

For the 'Gram.

Stay down there.

Lotta wallets here.

Think I'm missing one, though.

- Give me your wallet, kid.
- Eat a dick!

Okay. But I like 'em well done.


Go on. Get!

This is my alone time.

Young Juan Diego de la Cruz

had four wallets and five
phones in his loot bag.

Drunk spring breakers
make for easy targets.

But it was the six crisp
hundred dollar bills

I found in Juan's personal wallet

that inspired a conspiracy theory
that was going to change my life.

Like a hot knife through butter,

watch the WonderBlade's
microserrated ceramic edge

cut this tomato wafer-thin!

Amazing! Use it on fruit...

I should get that for my mom.

- Does she cook?
- I cook.

But her knives are shit.

Our machetes are shit. I tweaked
my back on that Pagursky kid.

I betcha the hospital knows
where that congressman's stayin'.

It's your new girlfriend, not
the ghost of King Pagursky.

You need to stop with this Bible shit.

Hola, bomboncita.

You know, I make
these special just for you.

- You do, huh?
- Mm-hmm.

I got my own little cauldron at home.

I test it on my own hair first.

Make sure it's right.

Let's see what I got in store.

... but this deal won't last!

Call in the next five minutes...

Ohh. Gum? Mole man?
You're barkin' up the wrong tree.

It was the Maloofs, I guarantee it.

They tried to pay Tawny off,
and when it didn't work, they...

they blew her up.

If the Maloofs did it, why'd
they hire private detectives?

So that people like you
would ask questions like that.

He's a politician. He's
trying to form his narrative.

Then why did Mars
Investigations take the job?

Money. But... But they're not
looking at it with fresh eyes.

I mean, how can they after Lilly Kane?

I have what the Buddhists
call a "beginner's mind".

- What's Lilly Kane?
- You've nev...

never heard of the Lilly Kane murder?

Matty Ross, get the 'net!

Just get there, please.

Fifteen years ago,
Veronica Mars's best friend,

Lilly Kane, was brutally murdered.

Keith was the sheriff at the
time. He bungled the whole thing.

The good people of Neptune
ran him out of town on a rail.

Penn. You have, um,
fans here to see you.

Make them buy something
or it counts as your break.

You don't work here. Allez.

Oww oww! Whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo!


Pizza guy! Yes!

Sorry to interrupt your flow, man,
we just wanted to shake your hand.

I can't believe you took
down Maloof. So cool.

Pure LSC.

Pur... "LSC"?

Long-swingin' cock!

You are radiating that shit, man.

Well, that's very kind.

Will you sign my pizza box?

Oh... Hey. When in Cho's...

You gotta be stoked

that that Cairo coon will
never run for Senate.

I couldn't deal with
another Hussein in D.C.

Hi. Mr. Eppner.

Tim Davids, KPVK, San
Diego. Got a minute?


Okay, so what's the angle here?
'Cause I like facts, pure and simple,

with just a little... a
pinch of the small-town hero.

So if that works for you...

Okay, yeah, I'll just, uh,

I'll just feel it out
as we go along. Enhh!

I wanted Daniel Maloof to run
for Senate, I was a fan! But...

Is there any channel this guy's not on?

I know that he tried to pay
off his brother's fiancée

to walk away from the engagement.

And when she didn't take that bait,

I mean, that's what sealed
her doom, right there...






One box of Samoas, please.


- Sounds bad.
- Hey.

Um, everybody out but them.


- Y-You're not leaving, are you?
- I was gonna stand in the hallway.


Okay, yeah. That's fine.

- You-You smoke?
- Nope.

I quit two years ago, my
dad died of lung cancer.

But, Jesus Christ, do I need one.


I shoulda told you we tried
to pay off Tawny. I know.

Would have been helpful.

We know now. It doesn't
affect how we'll proceed.

This, uh... email might.

It came this morning. It's why
I asked you to come down here.

"Re-enter the Senate race.

The next time we won't miss."

Someone's claiming
credit for the bombing?

And ordering you
to run for higher office?

That's... new.

The same emailer's been
blackmailing me for the past year.

Whoever it is...

has a compromising video of me.

Holy shit. Your automatic weapons vote.

And your minimum wage vote.

You're voting how they tell you.

I can't do it anymore.

It's why I'm quitting politics.

But I'm afraid this bomb is their
way to try to keep me in the game.

It's why I hired you.

Because if the bomb was because of me,

I wanted to be the first to know,

before the police, so I can
have some control over the...

What's on the video?

Is it illegal?

No, it's just, uh, humiliating.

We've been doin' this for a while.

It's pretty hard to surprise us.

Did you saddleback some coeds?

Imax and climax at the multiplex?

Oh, my God.

Um... I, uh... masturbated, okay?

They hacked into my computer,
and now they have a video.

You changed your minimum
wage vote over that?


It's with a cam girl.

A cam girl. So what?

It's not even in pussy-grabbing range.

You know, who even cares anymore?

I thought that's what we're
all learning: nothing matters.

I have a wife. Children.

When the blackmailer
posts that video online,

everyone will see it.

My teenager daughter. Someday my son.

I'm supposed to be the... the
Middle Eastern Barack Obama.

Symbol for my people.

You sure it's not a scam?
Did you see the video?

Yeah. They sent a sample.

It's why I decided to serve out
my term and... leave politics.

I think I might have someone who
can track down your blackmailer.


No one has a cigarette?

... reporting from Cho's
Pizza in Neptune,

Tim Davids. Now over to Rebecca
Porter at the Neptune Grand.

As you can see, the Neptune Grand

is teeming with reporters,
all hoping to catch a glimpse

of Congressman Maloof.

But he has yet to emerge from his suite

since Mr. Eppner's allegations surfaced.

Thank you, Rebecca.

Hey, Romeo.


Either God or fate has delivered.

Put your shoes on. Let's
go kill a congressman.

So, this trusted friend of yours

that can trace the email
back to its origins...

is that who I think it is?

Likely... to highly likely.

But, you know, the blackmailer's
probably not the bomber.

- I agree.
- I mean, how would the blackmailer know

that Alex was at the motel? How
would they get the bomb there?

And Jillian was called down
to the office at the last minute.

- Hmm.
- Does seem unlikely,

but let's... let's dot our i's.


Hey-oh! "Rat spotted at Hu'$".

You wanna hang out,

watch some discount grocery store
surveillance cam footage with me?

- Hmm?
- Ooh.

Tempting, but, um,

no, you know, I don't
wanna step on your toes.

You're the lead on the rat case.

Far be it from me to
jump in at the last moment

and grab the glory.

You don't know what you're missin'!

Pretty sure I do.

Chief Langdon. Two hijacked
liquor trucks last night.

- What's the story?
- Collin and Jamie are on it.

How many muggings now?

It's spring break, Mark.

PCHers on their motorcycles rippin'
through crowds on the boardwalk.

Sexual assaults. There's still
that missing Pagursky kid.

We have been a little busy
trying to catch a bomber!

Yeah, bring in the FBI, then.

Pardon me.

Chief? Congressman's here.
He's waiting in interrogation.

I'll take it under advisement, Mayor.


One cigarette. They
sell them across the street.

Einstein said you cannot simultaneously
prevent and prepare for death.

No, wait. That was war.

Short answer: I'm not
getting you cigarettes.

Uh, I'm sorry. Who are you?

How much time do you have?

'Cause I've been thinking
about this a lot lately.

This is Logan Echolls.

He's part of my security detail.

Well, he can guard you from
outside, in the hallway.

You don't get a plus-one in here.

I have a favor to ask you.

I know.

- How's that?
- Egg whites.

Skinless chicken breast
cutlets. You're cookin' for me.

Well, maybe I need help

from someone with top
secret government clearance

in finding the person who
is blackmailing Daniel Maloof

through anonymous, encrypted emails.

And I really don't have the
resources, with Mac in Istanbul.

Not Constantinople?

Might take some time,
but I'll look into it.

The Air-BNBers have been
cranking this up every night.

No more shit music!

You know, the Maloofs don't
know I speak Arabic, so...

I'm privy to their conversations
that they think I don't understand.

What are they saying?

Well, it sounds like
the idea to pay off Tawny

came from the mom, Amalia.

Daniel was unaware it was happening.

Amalia has no idea why Daniel
is leaving politics, nor do I.

Sounds like you might.

Oh. Hey, hey. Hey.

- Sorry.
- That's okay. Dogs love me.

They can intuit my strong moral center.

And, plus, I usually
smell like pepperoni.

I'd ask you to elaborate
on those feelings,

but they'll be on The View later, right?

Oh, okay. Look, did you tell me
everything you knew about the case?

Twelve-inch cheese.

I shoulda known this was a setup.

Why do you think it's Maloof?

Well, follow the money, Mars.

And speaking of money, this is $11.34.

Is the Tawny bribe all you have?

Because if so, that is
some thin crust, my friend.

- Okay, if you must know...
- Oh, she must.

If you must know, I'm
waiting on forensic results

from a piece of shrapnel
that I think may prove

to be the proverbial
nail in Maloof's coffin.

And I'm guessing this proverbial
nail is just a literal nail?

I'm unveiling the results at the
next Murderheads hive-mind meeting.

Come if you're curious.
Deets are on the web.

This is for you.

My mission, should
I choose to accept it,

from the official king of spring break.

"9-1-1. Can you bring me
pants? P.S. This is Dick."

Why does Dick needs pants?

Why does he need
to tell me this is Dick?

I assume any text that starts
with "bring me pants" is from Dick.

Quacks is only nine blocks away.

You feel like bein' a hero?

The owner did tell me she would
gather the security footage

from the night before
the Sea Sprite bombing.

It'll stop soon.

I'll get the pants.

- That's fake Dick.
- That's the worst kind.

That's real Dick.

- Czar Casablancas...
- I take that back.

... quackin' atcha tonight! Yeah! Quack!

- Yeah!
- Quack-quack-quack-quack!

Now, due to some new city ordinances,

tonight's dance competition will proceed

without any sexualized
content whatsoever.

Just hear us out, okay?

What we're lookin' for
is something... tasteful.

Something classy.

Something, I don't know, like this.

♪ Jet set sex sessions ♪

♪ Dance party, sexy bodies ♪

♪ Don't they know the
shit they started? ♪


I still don't get why he needs...

Spoke too soon.

Ah, look who's here.

Bet you want the security
footage, don't you?

- I do.
- Mm-hmm.

You don't have a
drink. That will not do.

Going to the opera later?

Yeah, those make a guest
appearance in the video.

Wow. Weighted and ridged
for his displeasure.

All right. Here you go.

- Thank you.
- Cheers.

Hey, hey!

Ahoy, ladies!

Wait, aren't you supposed to be
judging a dance contest right now?

Oh, no, you gotta give
it at least 45 minutes.

That way the kids can
buy a shit-ton of drinks.

Oh. Sometimes I really like you.

I would marry you right
now. I can get a ring.

Hey, Logan. Ring. Got one?

- Ow!
- Well, pace yourself.

Let's see how well you
represent the Quacks

- at the volleyball tournament this weekend.
- That is fair.

Ah, that reminds me. You are playing
volleyball with me this weekend,

so, uh, try to get in shape, huh?

Pyoo pyoo! Ohh-ho-ho! God!


Who's up for some E?

Me? Yeah. I mean, I've been
rollin' for 72 hours. Yes.

Ha ha ha! Yo!


Hey, play No Scrubs!

♪ I don't want no scrub ♪

♪ A scrub is a guy that
can't get no love from me ♪

♪ Hangin' out the passenger
side of his best friend's ride ♪

♪ Tryin' to holla at me ♪

Care to join me in my study?

That tracks.





Puffy face, liquor
seeping from the pores,

hints of B. O., and am
I... am I detecting...

... rancid vomit?

- Ohh.
- Why are you here?

I found our rat guy.

Uniform is from Dobie's Sweet Release,

that bakery on the edge of
town that hires only ex-cons.

I was gonna see if
you wanted to come with,

maybe buy you a croissant.


Was thinking I'd Postmate a
shit-ton of pain du francais

and watch the Comrade
Quacks security footage.

I picked it up last night.

What's up, V-card?

Hey, Jackson!

That's Jackson.

We danced last night. He's cool.

Yeah. Jackson's the best.

Anything good on there?

Helpful? No.

Entertaining? Yeah.

Check this out.


- Ooh.
- Right?

Pow! Right in the kisser.

Wow! What a right hook!

What does... What does
she have on her hand?

A sap glove.

And remember that. Sap. Glove.

Because that's what
I want for Christmas.

The knuckles are filled with BBs.

It's too late.

I picked out a really
cute puke bucket for ya,

spared no expense.

It's got our family crest on it,

a calligrapher is
adding the family motto.

Ohh. "We used to be disgusted,
now we try to be amused"?

Ohh! I'm gonna be the envy
of everyone at the vomitorium.

So nothing useful on the Comrade
Quacks surveillance video, huh?

No. But I did find Jimmy Hatfield
on a registered sex offender list.

So I'll look into that.

Um, did you slay the rat king?

I did. I located him, he confessed.

Said he was releasing the rats

because Hu'$ Reduced
sold him a bad steak.

That seems like a bit of an
overreaction, don't you think?

I do.



- Oh...
- Uh, Dad, this is Matty.

I recognize her from the Sea Sprite.

I'm Keith Mars. I'm sorry
for your loss. Truly.


So I, uh...

I read up on you guys.

My physics teacher vouches for
you, and Penn thinks you're legit.

- The pizza guy?
- Phew.

- We'll sleep easy tonight.
- Well, he,

uh, he dabbles in solving cold cases.

Yeah, he told us. Once or twice.

He's flaky, though.

He's convinced JonBenét Ramsey
was killed by an owl, so...

here I am.

You told me Alpha-Jolly was
a criminal hangout, right?

It sure is.

I think a guy there may have
planted the bomb at the Sea Sprite.

Matty, please. Sit.

Alpha-Jolly handles
our vending machines,

but the week of the bombing,
some guy we didn't know came.

There was just something
really off about him.

Matty, do you mind my asking you,

did your dad have any
enemies that you knew about?

Well, I'm guessing whoever was
shitting in our ice machines

- every few days wasn't a fan.
- Probably a solid assumption.

The guy from Alpha-Jolly...
think you'd still recognize him?

Most definitely. He had this mole.

Do you get bored easily?



When your friend was... murdered...

were you angry?

I'm still angry.


My dad was all I had.


You'll recognize Mole Man.

You, uh, just focus here, and, um,

just press this button.

So how... how do I take a selfie?

It's too easy.

My God! That...

That's him!

- You got him?
- Yep.


Okay, here's how we get extra credit.

I'm gonna send these to my dad.

Make him do the legwork.

So, you got some fun plans tonight?

Whatever the opposite of fun plans is...

that's what I have.

- Yeah?
- Hi, Ms. Mais?

There's been an accident involving
your Nissan, license plate

4-V-A, G-zero-zero,

with a male driver who has no ID.

We were hoping you
could help identify him.

That's funny, because
my car is parked right outside.

I tell you what, try to
pull some scam on me again,

and I'll hunt you down
and shoot you dead.

I work at the gun club, mister,
and I don't miss.

Neptune Gun Club.

Hi, can I please speak with Sally Mais?

No, sorry, she's not here right now.

No? Well, maybe you can help me.

I work at AMFTPG Financial Services,

and I'm trying to verify some charges

made at Mo Chub's Gentlemen's Club.

- Ugh.
- Now, these don't fit

Ms. Mais' previous spending patterns.

No, I would guess not.

Yeah, um, between you and
me, it usually turns out to be

a freeloading boyfriend or
a son that gets a wild hare...

That does sound like Perry.

Right, Perry. I see a charge right here.

Uh, some dental work for Perry Anderson.

No, I'm talking about
Perry Walsh. Her boyfriend?

Yeah, of course.

Perry Anderson is the
name of the dentist.

Great. Thanks so much.

- Bye.
- Bye.



Sweet Jesus.

Keith. What do you want? I...

The guy who was temporarily tending

to the vending machines at
the Sea Sprite last week?

Perry Walsh.

What about him?

He did a stint in Chino two years ago

for sending a package
bomb to his ex-girlfriend.

I personally interviewed
everyone on Alpha-Jolly's payroll.

There was no Perry Walsh on it.

Here's a picture of him walking
out of Alpha-Jolly five hours ago.

Okay. Thanks, Keith.

We'll look into it.

Is he gone?

- He's gone.
- Get a SWAT team mobilized now.

You should have everything you
need, but if you don't, call me.

Do not answer the door.

Have fun, Logan.

I'll be fine.


- Veronica Mars and Logan Echolls.
- Wow.

People are gonna lose their minds.

- Do I know you?
- Uh, you should.

I'm in the zeitgeist. So...

Uh, could you take your shoes off first?

Thank you.

All right. Fellow Murderheads.

As promised, I would
like to introduce, um...

Veronica Mars.

And a fun bonus, Logan Echolls,

one-time boyfriend of
the Notorious D.L.K.


Dead Lilly Kane.

Oh, God. Don!

Don't forget. Son of the murderer.

Well, so say some.

Welcome. I'm Don. I wish I
could be there in person,

- but Congress is in session...
- Let me handle the introductions, Don.

Are you guys... together? Or...

Of course they are, Carol.

After what they've been through,

they're both too damaged
to be with anyone else.

So, introductions.

Uh, the man right here elbow
deep in the cornichons is Herc,

he is a forensics expert
and also a night watchman

at the Rosly Mall.

Why don't you guys
grab some seats, okay?

We are here to talk about
the bombing at the Sea Sprite.

Also, I was promised forensic evidence.

Okay, well, uh, first off,
I think it is pretty damning

that the Maloofs have
not released a statement.

He hasn't been formally accused.

What about Gabriel Flores?

Why is nobody discussing
the fact that his uncle

runs one of the most violent
drug cartels in Mexico?

He does?

Oscar Diaz-Del Olmo,
AKA "El Despiadado".

It means "The Ruthless". I looked it up.

Anyway, his Instagram is intense,

like, lots of lions and guns.

This is Carol.

She is a social media expert,
and makes a killer paella.

- Keep it in your pants, Penny.
- Okay, Don!

Uh, she's also a reference
librarian at Hearst.

- Oh! I used to work there.
- I know.

... quick look around

at the five-day forecast shows that
temperatures should be hovering

right around the low-to
mid-80s during the day,

dipping into the mid-60s overnight,

with dense fog expected to hang
around the early morning hours,

but I wouldn't worry
about that to much...

I'm gonna go, uh, uh...

grab some snacks. I'll be right back.

Like I give a shit!

... and north San Diego County...

... Lt. Davidson held a press conference

to talk about her opponents...

Can we listen to something
besides the news?

Come on. It expands our vocabulary.


I don't appreciate your
ad hominem riposte.


Let's see where he goes.

Where'd he go?

Must have got in that van.

Follow them.

Where's the ring, raghead?!

- I don't know!
- Liar!

Abu Ghraib!

Ho ho! In the dick! Right in the dick!

Please. No more.

No more, please.

So, what was so wrong with our sister?

I never met her.

Trick question, asshole.
The girl was a bitch.

We're glad you blew her to smithereens.

- I didn't. I didn't.
- Shut up!

We don't care. Good riddance.

Hey, how's your dick?


How's it now, Congressman?

Do you smell that?

I think he shit hisself.

Damn. I think you're right.

Hey. What do you think about
that ring, about five carats?

Easily a hundred grand.

It's been in my family for generations.

- He shouldn't have...
- But he did.

So tell me, how's your dick?

What the...

Someone's got our van!

♪ Sweet sour ♪

♪ Sour by the minute but
you're sweeter by the hour ♪

Uhh. No. No.

Thank you.

Come on, let's go. Get you in the back.

Duncan Kane was covered in blood!

The blow to Lilly Kane's head

came at an equal level,

which means that it was done by
someone the same size, or smaller.

I don't know my eyeline.

Can the Mars girl tell
that I'm looking at her?

Okay. Everyone.

No more Lilly Kane stuff. All right?

I'm just gonna fast-forward to
tonight's featured agenda point.

The forensic findings
on the bomb shrapnel.

Courtesy of Herc.

Now, according to carbon metal testing,

this nail, which was
pulled from my back,

was manufactured at a plant in Tucson

whose employees are mostly...

wait for it...

... members of the Yakosh Indian tribe.


So, Daniel Maloof was head
of the Indian Affairs Council.

You... You think that's coincidence?
Because I am not that naive.

The Sea Sprite Bomber is dead.

Wait. What do you mean?

Uh, says here, Perry Walsh,
a vending machine attendant,

planted a bomb in the snack machine

and then blew himself up when
the police tried to capture him.

Uh, there was a
manifesto in his freezer.

Garden variety misogyny...

"Sluts must die", that sort of thing.

This... This guy's obviously
a patsy. What do you guys think?

I think I'm gonna head out.

Yeah, us too.

I'll bet you it was Alpha-Jolly guy.

Indian Affairs. Brilliant job, Penn.

You're such a twat.

Thank you so much.

You saved my life.

That was incredibly brave of you.

I didn't have much of a choice.

Oh, there's my partner.

I was just... telling your... partner...

... thank you. It was...

Are we heading out of town?

Are you gonna kill me?

Afraid so, amigo.

Just sit tight. We'll make it quick.


You may not have meant to,

but you killed our boss's
nephew with that bomb.

I didn't have anything
to do with that bomb!

Eyes on the road!

Hey. Claudia invited
me to a family barbecue!

It's this woman I met
where we're staying.

- ... California bombing.
- Alonzo, hush. Turn up the radio.

The alleged Sea Sprite Bomber

has been identified as Perry Walsh.

Reports suggest that he was
killed by one of his own bombs

detonated as police
surrounded his house.

See? It wasn't me!

See, it wasn't me! Please, just...





Seems like we should
still kill this asshole.

- You think?
- You just told him

you were seeing a motel
housekeeper named Claudia.

- Shit, I didn't say all...
- Yeah, he's smart.

He woulda figured it out.

I won't come looking for you, I promise.


I've got money. Uh, uh...

I paid twenty grand for this watch.

We were gonna take it anyway.

I'll pay you a hundred
grand if you let me live.

There's just... There's just
one thing you have to do for me.

Don't really have a whole
lot of leverage, Congressman.

Kill those two guys back there.
I never want to see them again.

Can you do that for me?

- Where you goin'?
- Work.

Bomber's dead. News
travels slow around here.

Yeah, well, right now I think
the congressman's more worried

about the Deliverance Twins

looking for their dead
sister's engagement ring.


- Hmm...
- Mmm...

No sex before tomorrow's
volleyball game.

- Women weaken legs!
- Mmm...

Already got somebody else coming over?

You snooze, you lose.
You work, you jerk.

Come in!

This guy? Seems weird.

Logan. You're not gonna
stay and watch Neptune PD

take their victory lap on
the backs of our hard work?

Ohh, I can't.

But that reminds me.

Ya know, you were so proud

of being a cable-cutter,

and now you're just
over here all the time

for the live news and
the baseball games.

That was my plan all along.

I saw this a couple days
ago at the police department.

Why aren't you showing me? Rude.

It's scatological.

I'll do quality scatological.

Wait. Is... Is that the Sea Sprite?

Veronica, look at this.

Oh, my God.

I told you. You don't like scatological.

No. This guy mugged
me a couple days ago.

- What?!
- It's fine.

It's not a big deal. I stunned him.

Took his wallet and his loot.

I have it around here somewhere.

- Veronica.
- What? We have a lot going on.

- We're missing it!
- I gotta run.

We'll discuss later.


... and to Mayor Dobbins,

for having the utmost faith
in me and my department.

We hope this can bring
some much-needed closure,

and that Neptune can begin to heal.

What put you on his trail?

Diligent police work.

At the end of the day,
it's all about diligence.

Any news about King
Pagursky's whereabouts?

Were you expecting a...
"And a special thanks

to the fine folks at Mars Investigations

for doing our job for us"?

It would be polite.

Is it true Perry Walsh
served time for something similar?

He was convicted for
sending an explosive device

to a former girlfriend.

He served seven years
in Chino for that crime.

Now that there is no
longer a threat, do you think...

Cuss me running.



Big Dick and his hatchet man Clyde,

Perry Walsh from Alpha-Jolly,

the rat guy you caught up with
at Dobie's Sweet Release bakery...

they're all Chino grads, right?

If my mugger hasn't done time there yet,

what do you wanna bet he's
working for someone who has?

He had six of the crispest
hundred dollar bills I've ever felt

- in his wallet.
- That's weird.

What if Big Dick and Clyde

are using their Chino
connections to kill spring break?

What about Perry Walsh's manifesto?


Okay. I'll look into it.

We'll find your ex, Clyde.

Well, I appreciate you
reconsidering taking my case.

Well, our bombing case wrapped
up quicker than anyone expected.

Yeah, that was crazy, huh?

Hey, you didn't happen
to overlap with that Perry Walsh guy

when you were in Chino, did ya?

If we did, I never met him.

But I'm not gonna lie, Keith,

the quality of human beings
doin' time in Chino: subpar.

Allbirds. Golf buddy
of mine swears by those.

Oh, you golf? Where do you play?

Wherever I can.

Big Dick recently took
me to Vista Ensenada.


A little rich for my
blood, but it's beautiful.

- Yeah.
- You play?

Uh, rarely. And badly.

I'll call ya when I hear somethin'.


Keith, if you don't mind my
askin', what... what happened?

Car accident a few years ago.

Years? And you're still usin' a cane?

I got two words for you, my
friend: concierge medicine.

It'll change your life. I
didn't know what I was missin'

until I got on the Casablancas plan.

Little out of my price range.

B. D.'s got LeBron's guy on retainer.

The best orthopedic surgeon in SoCal.

I can get ya in there
tomorrow. On the house.

Very kind, but I-I couldn't.

Come on, it'd be a welcome distraction

from the laundry list of
shit I gotta do for B. D.

Every day I show up at the
office, this is sittin' on my desk.

Visit Phil Gurney in Spin City.

Offer him two million for his studio

and see if he'll sell one of
his heated massage tables.

I want to give one to
Dick for his birthday.

- Dear God.
- Right?

That's item 1, and 1A, I guess,

of 22 today.

Everything from finding
cheaper contractors

to finding out what strippers
are on the main stage

at Cockeye's Cabaret.

I'm tellin' ya, in my next
life, I'm goin' to college.

If only to acquire a discerning
taste in main stage dancers.

There ya go.



Think about what I said, Keith.

Health is everything. Don't be proud.

I'll think about it. Thank you.

What was that about?

Research. I said I'd
dig, I did some digging.

So, turns out Wallace is
Matty's physics teacher,

he says Realtors have been circling,

trying to get her to
sell the Sea Sprite.

One of them called
during her dad's funeral.

Has she heard from Dick, or Clyde?

Not yet.

No, Veronica.

Big Dick's certainly an immoral prick,

but does he strike
you as a mass murderer?

You know Clyde didn't even
carry a gun when he robbed banks?

Once a woman went into labor
during one of his robberies,

and he dropped her at the
hospital during his getaway.

He tell you that during
your slumber party?

You and I have a history
of tilting at windmills.

And the Chino connection
is thin... you know it is.

Let's take a win for a win.

I don't want it to look like we're
bilking the Maloofs off a hunch.

You don't feel it?

Barely. It's a whisper.

All right. Let's take the win.

Are you all right?

I'm so dumb. I hit
my head on the mirror,

then drove my toe into
the sink last night.

I know. "Turn on the lights."

But on a positive note, he hasn't
begged for a cigarette all day.

Thank you.

So... So you really think
they got the right guy?



♪ Fairy tales can come true ♪

♪ It can happen to you ♪

♪ If you're young at heart ♪

Keith Mars?

Hi. Dr. Mitchell. Why
don't you come on back?

- Oh, I haven't filled out any forms.
- It's been handled.

We have all your charts
from your previous doctors.

We'll go over 'em together.

♪ You can go to extremes... ♪

I'd like you to keep a record
of when your memory fails...

so that we can track it
and get more information.

And call me the next
time you have an episode.

My email and cell are on the back.

Just any time, day or night.

Would you like earbuds?

♪ Or on a swing ♪

♪ Don't you know that it... ♪

♪ My girl, yeah, hey! ♪

Yo, who's cookin'?

One of the new kids.

No. Paul needs to be on the grill...

'cause this tastes like

some peculiar-ass shit.

- Weevil!
- Huh?

Your sister wants you to meet someone.

Bring him over.

So you're Alonzo.
Glad you could make it.

Heard a lot about you.

Not a lot. Just... Just a normal amount.

Hey, uh, C, why don't you put
Paul on the grill for me, huh?

He likes you. Please?

Thank you.

- You up from Mexico on business?
- Yeah.

Look, your visit

doesn't have anything to do
with the bombings, does it?

We didn't set off any bombs, man.

I promise you that.

That wasn't the question. But okay.

Don't break her heart,
and we'll be fine.


- Oh.
- Everything good?

Yeah. Nice guy.

Hidey-ho, Neptune. 'Tis I,
your king of spring break,

Dick Casablancas!

Ha ha ha!

Now, who here has already
seen Catalina Heat?

All right.

Well, looks like my buddy here
brought his six-pack with him.


So I brought mine.

All right. Who's ready to watch
us block out with our cocks out?

- Whoo!
- Free ball while we free ball?

Stuff these chicks while we...
well, you get the idea, huh?

But where is the other team?

La-la-la-la-ladies! Where you at? Ha ha!

Oh my G... Ohhh.

Well, this won't be the
first time I've said this,

but, uh, I'm here for your daughters.

Let's get it on!

Is that who they're playing?

How old are they? Is this an even match?

No, it is not.

Come on, boys! Be the ball!

♪ It's where I wanna be ♪

♪ It's where I wanna be ♪

- ♪ It's where I wanna be ♪
- Ohh!

♪ It's where I wanna be ♪

♪ You know I'm ready ♪

I could have assured Alex Maloof

that the person responsible
for his fiancée's death

was killed in a bomb of his own making,

that her death was senseless and random.

And we could have taken a win for a win.

But then that next bomb went off...

and all I could think was:
"Holy shit. I was right."

Why do I always have to be right?