Vera (2011–…): Season 8, Episode 4 - Darkwater - full transcript

Vera is confronted with a tragic mystery when the dead body of teenager Ethan Dewley is found floating in a reservoir.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Whoo!
- No!

Oh, come on,

- just a kiss!
- I said no!



- Let's open up the sluices, drain
off the excess volume. - "Roger that."


We've got a male fatality,
I'd say late teens.

You're going to need this.

- His body was found in the water
near the sluice gates. - Any ID?

His description fits that of a lad who
was reported missing three days ago.

Get onto Missing Persons, see
if they can tell us anything.

I will do.

We'll just have to make sure
that's cleared. What kept you?

Easy Rider up my backside!

- I should do you for dangerous driving.
- Well, at least I've made a start!

- What have we got? - The mechanic
pulled him out of the stilling basin.

Thought he might still be alive.

There's not much chance of that.

I'd say he's been dead less than 24 hours.

So some time yesterday.

- What are these injuries?
- Cuts and lacerations.

Probably post-mortem.

Went for a swim, got out of his
depth, accidental drowning?

This head wound might suggest otherwise.

Let's have a look.

So, what, smashed his head when he fell?

Either that or he was
struck with something.

Most of these injuries are linear,

probably from the turbine blades, but
that's a blunt force trauma wound.

- Someone lamps him from behind?
- Post-mortem might tell us more.

Ma'am, the chief engineer
would like a word with you.

He's definitely the lad that went missing.


His name was Ethan Dewley.
He lived with his dad.

- Same year in college as my lad.
- Were they mates?

I wouldn't say that. It was
Alice he knocked about with.

- And who's Alice?
- My daughter.

I will need to talk to her, love.

She'll be at the activity centre.
She works there part-time.

Lowmere. Right.

Could he have gone into the stilling
basin from the parapet walkway?

We checked the CCTV.
No sign of anyone there.

So the chances are he
went in from the reservoir.

The body got caught in the runoff, down
through the penstock and into the turbines.

It doesn't bear thinking about!

All right.

I've got to go now and break
it to the lad's family.

We're looking for a Sean Dewley?

Who's asking?

DCI Vera Stanhope.

This way.



The police are here for you.

Mr Dewley, you reported your
son missing on Friday evening.

I was worried when he
didn't come home, you know?

Yes. But when did you last see him?

He left on his bike for
college that morning,

er, the local sixth form.

We checked with the college and, er,

he never made it into class that morning.

I thought maybe he'd gone to see
his mam. She took off 18 months ago.

She'll need to be told. Her name's Ellie.

I can do that, if it's easier.

- What about his mates?
- Erm...

Ethan didn't really have
many friends, you know?

There's the lass over at Lowmere.

- Alice, isn't it?
- H-He'd spend a bit of time with her.

Ah, not a girlfriend?

No. I mean, he...

He wasn't really into that
kind of stuff, you know?

I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!

Oh, God!

Oh, God!

Mr Dewley, we would like to take
a look at your son's room, love.

Missing Persons have
already done that, love.

Well, it won't harm to have another look.

So whenever you're ready...


When we've wrapped up, we'll
get in contact with Ellie.

Here! So, it's true what
they're saying, then ...

- the Dewley lad was murdered?
- It's pure speculation, love.

So, why are you lot involved?

We've got a right to be told,
kids of our own to worry about!

Give it a rest, will you, Glenda?
The bloke's just lost his kid!

- The missus. - Get back to work!
- Can't keep it shut sometimes.

Mr Dewley will be due some
time off. Compassionate leave.

We're a few doors down in the village.

We'll see he's taken care of.

The house is a pigsty.

- He clearly hasn't been coping.
- It's hardly surprising.

Wife takes off, leaving
them both high and dry.

Why is he still at work
if his lad's gone missing?

Some people like to keep busy, don't they?

It's better than sitting
here waiting for bad news.

Ethan must've had a laptop.

Missing Persons must've taken that.

Disappears from home,

no word or warning...

Does this look like a
lad doing a flit to you?

With all this mess, it's hard to tell.

So, what's our alternative scenario, hm?

Abducted on his way to college?

Someone kept him locked
up alive somewhere?

Well, keep looking.

See if there's anything we can work with.

Now, we need to get a fix on his
movements these missing three days,

so if there's anything
you haven't told us...





I'd had a few drinks
on the Thursday night.

I got home and crashed out
on the sofa. When I woke up,

his bike was gone and I just
assumed that he'd left for college.

Are you saying you didn't see
him at all on Friday morning?

We'd argued. Something or nothing!

He'd accused me of being a lousy dad.

He slammed a few doors
and then stormed off.

- You should've told us before, love.
- And how would that have looked, eh?

My own lad doesn't come home that
night and I'm too drunk to notice.


A hiker found some clothes by
the lake. Just called it in.

- They're definitely Ethan's?
- Yeah. We found his wallet in his pocket.

It looks like he did go for a swim.
Folded up his clothes nice and neat.

Folded up his clothes?!

Did you see anything at all in
his bedroom that was folded?

It was like a tip!

Nah, a teenage lad would've just kicked off
his jeans and left them where they fell.

This all seems too contrived.

Ma'am, you might want
to come and see this!

Traces of blood on this rock.

We're going to run it for
a match with the victim.

- So, this is where he fell?
- Highly probable.

There's dirt and vegetation
attached to the belt

and scuff marks on the leather.

He was dragged. So someone
else must've undressed him.

Let me get this straight, Marcus,

he was either dead or out cold
when he went into the water?

I'd say so. I mean,
look at these drag marks.

So he's dragged, undressed
and rolled into the lake

and the current takes him down to the dam.

Now, his dad said he left on his bike.

Yeah. I haven't found it yet, but we're
going to get these track marks checked.

Right, I want the perimeter
extended down to the lane!

Let's get this scene owned.

It's a popular beauty spot.

- Nice and secluded.
- That's what I'm thinking.

Maybe he was meeting someone.

- And this someone kills him?
- Mm.

And undresses him.

Dumped his body

and then folded his clothes to
make it look like an accident.

Ethan Dewley, 17.

He went missing from home four days ago.

Now, we're waiting for
an update from Forensics

but we do believe the lad was fatally
assaulted some time last night.

Blunt force trauma to
the back of the head,

dumped to make it look like
an accidental drowning.

The blood at the scene
has been confirmed as his.

He's a sixth form college
student. Latchkey teen. Absent mam.

His dad works over at the local sawmill.

Now, father and son were clearly at odds.

Social services had recently
paid the Dewleys a visit.

Query ... neglect.

- Who flagged that up?
- The college. Ethan started missing lessons.

We know he didn't get to
college the day he went missing.

Now, the father, Sean Dewley,

has since changed the statement
he gave to Missing Persons.

He did not see his son return
home on Thursday evening.

So, why lie to the police?

That's a good question, Jac.

Witnesses remember seeing Ethan that Thursday.
He was over at the waterside activity centre.

That's Lowmere. Some kind of open day?

Last time anyone sees him alive.

His body went into the water at Byer Crag

and that's, what, less
than a mile from there?

- The area would've been full of
visitors, plenty of footfall. - Mm.

Now, one thing of note,

his clothes were folded and that's
clearly at odds with the lad's character,

which suggests somebody else was involved.

Oh, there's some new intel
on the missing bike, ma'am.

It's a Giant Talon.

You wouldn't get much
change from 500 quid!

- I do a bit of trail
biking myself. - Yeah?

Next time, take Kenny. He
could do with the exercise!

Where does a 17-year-old
lad get that some of money?

He certainly didn't get it
from his dad. He's skint.

Ethan sees someone stealing his bike,

puts up a struggle, gets
killed for his trouble.

- You're right, we can't rule theft out.
- I'm not ruling anything out.

Jac, are there any surveillance
cameras on those bike trails?

They'll have them at muster points.

Follow up witness statements,
then get over to Lowmere,

see if anybody knew the lad.

Anyone wants me, I'll
be down in the basement.

Are you there, George?

Ooh! Ethan Dewley...

Oh, you've heard.

I had a bad feeling about this one.


Well, we think murdered

sometime last night.

- Anything you can tell us?
- Not much, I'm afraid.

Dad reported him missing Friday evening.

Now, we think it was
Thursday he disappeared.

That open day over at Lowmere?

No report sightings after 8pm.

Checked his phone logs,
no calls, no texts.

It sounds like he didn't want to be found.

- Troubled soul.
- Well, his mam had done a bunk.

- Ellie Dewley. - You got an address?
- Er, lives over in South Shields.

I took a statement when Ethan
went missing. Family liaison.

- Said she hadn't seen him in weeks.
- Do you believe her?

She sounded genuine enough.

Mm. What about his dad and this
run-in with social services?

Sean Dewley, threatened
with an interim care order,

rescinded after Ethan turned 17.

What about the boy's laptop?
Is there anything on that?

- It's still over at Tech. - Oh.
- I'll chase it up. - Thanks, George.

- Can I take that? - No
use to us now. - Right.

Right, thanks, love.

You might've seen something.

Alice, we know Ethan was seen
here on Thursday evening.

He dropped into the caf. It
must've been around seven.

- I'd just started a shift.
- Did you see him again after that?

He popped back later, after the fireworks,

said he was head home.

How did he seem?

A bit subdued.

Had he had any fallouts leading
up to his disappearance?

No-one I can think of.

Didn't confide in you, then,

even though you were friends?

Ethan ... he didn't really share stuff.

He kept himself to himself.

Now, we know he didn't go home Thursday,

so any guesses where he might've gone?

We used to go trail biking.

- That your bike, is it?
- Mm.

Carrera Vengeance. Nice model.

There's a black run up to Darkwater.

The fell at the top of the lake?

He'd sit up there for hours sometimes.

- Bit of a climb.
- It's worth it for the 3 dog descent.

Oof! Sounds painful!

I'd like you to give DC Williams the names
of all your guests over the weekend.

I need names, addresses and
the dates they booked in.

I'm sorry about your friend.

Whenever you're ready.

This is Jim Briscoe, senior park ranger.

- He's been the first point of contact
for Missing Persons. - DCI Stanhope.

I'm afraid we're now treating
this lad's death as suspicious.

Right. Is that why you've cordoned
off that area at Byer Crag?

Yeah. We think that's where
he went into the water.

- Poor lad.
- Mm.

Now, some of these boats, were they on the
lake yesterday? Maybe someone saw something.

There's a log at the visitors
centre. It's rentals and permits.

I'll follow that up, ma'am.

The police asking questions, it's
not going to be good for business.

I'm afraid we can't help that,
sir, but we will try to contain it.

- Kervendene relies on tourism.
- Mm.

And a lot of our workforce are volunteers.

Any of those volunteers working
over at Byer Crag yesterday?

A few of the lads were repairing a wall.

If you'd like, I can drive you over there.

Yeah, grand!

Did you know this lad personally?

Bit of a loner by all accounts.

Didn't see him on
Thursday at the open day?

Not that I remember.

I was busy.

Ooh, hear that?

That's Pride Bank Ranges.

You can hear the gunfire
from 20 miles away.

Of course! Most of this land is
Ministry of Defence, isn't it?

Were there any army
manoeuvres going on yesterday?

I know the cadets have been training.


You can leave that for five minutes.

There's a detective here
would like a word with you.

All right?

I'll go and check on progress.

Hey, that looks like hard work.

The sooner it's finished...

We've got a few ospreys nesting.


You're keeping an eye for 'em, are you?

She's been nesting for a month now.

The first egg will hatch in a week or two.

Brown speckles.

First-timers, I reckon.

Ah, well, they'll be learning on the job.

Now, you will have heard
about Ethan Dewley.

Aye, I heard.

He was murdered not far from
here some time yesterday evening.

I just wondered if you
saw anything suspicious.

Can't say I did.

Nothing in the woods, on the road?

Truth be told,

I skived off early.

- Went swimming over
at Bayford Shank. - Ah.

- Anyone with you?
- Just a few mates.

Was Ethan a mate?

I'd run into him a
sometimes at the village.

Kervendene Village? You
live there, too, do you?

- Everyone knows the
Jannens' place. - Jannen?

Your mam and dad run the saw mill.

Aye, that's right.

Course, Ethan's dad works there, too.

So, what if he does?

That's a nasty graze you've got there.

Tore the skin on one of these stones.

You want to get something put on that!

- We'll need this finished before dark.
- Oh, right! Well, you better get back to it.

Now, you told me you
saw Ethan six weeks ago.

Er, yeah. Erm...

It was the first time in months.

And why was that?

Ethan blamed us for walking out on them,

leaving him with his dad.

I was gonna go back for him, you know!

As soon as I'd just got myself straight!

Now, his dad says Ethan was...

.. angry about something.

Do you know what that was?

Ethan, he didn't get on
with the kids in the village.

Some of the lads, they
liked to pick on him.

- Which lads are these?
- Adam Jannen and his mates.

I came across Adam Jannen yesterday.

He said he hardly knew Ethan.

Well, he would say that, wouldn't he?

The lad's got a bad reputation.

I'll check it out.

I warned Ethan's dad to look out for him!

Not that it did any good.

Would you say your husband
had a problem with alcohol?

It only really became a problem
when the marriage broke down.

So, that's not why you left him?

Sean was unfaithful. He said
that it only happened once

but I couldn't even
look at him after that.

And did Ethan know about that?

Sean begged us not to tell him but Ethan
thought that I'd walked out over nothing!

I couldn't bear him hating
us, I didn't deserve that!

So, when did he find out?

The last time that I saw him!

I sat him down and I told him everything!

Is this other woman someone
we should know about?

Is your son at home?

It was just a bit of banter, that's all.

Well, Ethan's mam says different.

Ellie Dewley's the one making trouble.

She always had it in for Adam!

Well, maybe she had reason.

Previous for violent affray!

This volunteer work,

that's a condition of your
three-month probation order!

- I'm trying to get myself straight.
- Start with straight answers.

Now, take us back through Sunday.

You skive off work early,

go swimming with these mates.

- So, how are you getting home?
- Si dropped us back here.

Si? Which Si is this?

Simon Whenchurch.

Any relation to Alice?

Brother and sister.

What time did he drop you off?

Must've been around...

- .. six? - I can vouch for
that. He was in all night.

Well, he'd need to be to
comply with the home curfew.


What's this?

The police were just leaving.

Not before they tell us
why they're in my kitchen.

We had to ask your son some questions.

What have you done now?


We know he'd been bullying Ethan Dewley.

Chip off the old block, eh?

Oh, I get it. First sign of
trouble, blame the Jannens.

Just leave it, Owen.

As soon as you finish that probation,
you're back at the saw mill.

I didn't do anything wrong!

You heard him.

You know where the door is.

- What else did Ellie tell you?
- Enough.

Unless there's something
you'd like to add?

Owen can never find out.

If he did, he'd kill us both.

Glenda! Get in here!

He won't be hearing it from me, love.

Glenda Jannen's carrying
on with Ethan's dad,

Ethan finds out, he tells Adam, but
Adam's already got it in for him.

I tell you one thing,

she's covering for her son.

Lying through her teeth!

Adam Jannen says he was dropped
off at six on Sunday night

by his mate Simon Whenchurch.

Let's see what he's got to say about that.


- Right!
- Go, go, go!

- Morning!
- Sir.

DS Aiden Healy, Northumberland
and City Police.

Are you here about the dead lad?

Your junior cadets were out
playing war games at the weekend.

Is it possible this lad
could've got caught up in it?

The cadets are under adult
supervision at all times.

I better tell these cadets to stand down.

There's one other we'd like
to talk to. Simon Whenchurch?

You and Adam Jannen spent
Sunday afternoon together?

Yeah. We were messing about by the lake.

And you drove him back teatime?

Dropped him off around... six.

- Are you sure about that?
- Yeah.

- It was lashing it down.
I packed up early. - Hm.

Did you see anyone acting
suspiciously on your way home?

Not that I remember.

Well, can you try remembering
a little bit harder, love?

There was one fella.

- He was parked in a blue van.
- Would you recognise this fella?

Maybe. I mean, it was getting dark.

Did you see Ethan Dewley?

No. He'd gone missing.

I only ask because your
mate had it in for him.

I know they never got on, but I never
really had much to do with Ethan.

No? He knocked about with your sister.

Accusations of bullying won't
go down well at Sandhurst.

Yeah, I just got your message.

Look, I need to impress with the AOSB.

And what's that when it's at home?

Army Officer Selection Board.

Well, if you've told us the truth,
you've got nothing to worry about.

- That's my ride back to the barracks.
- All right, fall in.

One-two, one-two.

There's something flagged
up on the event log.

A woman reported a break-in four days ago.

Her cottage is not far
from the crime scene.


Come on, let's go check it out.

I came home to find the
back door kicked in,

some food from the fridge had
gone, cash off the table.

They'd been through the drawers.
There's a photograph missing,

a picture of me, in a silver
frame on the dressing table.

- I didn't think you'd follow it up.
- Ah, now,

we're investigating the death
of that lad who went missing.

I heard they'd found a body.

Can I ask,

- do you live here alone?
- Yeah.

- It's just me.
- Mm. Lovely!

Middle of nowhere!

Mm. I moved here because it felt safe.

- Where did you move from?
- Sunderland. I taught art in a comp there.

Ah, well, this is a bit
of a change for you.

I'm only renting. Six-month lease.

I needed a break from the grind.

- And the light here's perfect
for painting. - Oh, aye.

Now, the last thing we want
to do, love, is alarm you,

but we've reason to believe that
these two crimes might be related.

You didn't see anybody
acting suspiciously, did you,

the day leading up to the break-in?

Well, this might sound like
I'm being paranoid, erm,

but it feels like I've been
watched for a while now.

I didn't mention it to
anyone. Just a feeling.

I tell you what we'll do, we'll have a nosey
around outside and see if we can see anything.

- I wouldn't want to
waste your time. - Ahh!

Put your mind at rest.

- What are we looking for?
- I don't know!

Probably nothing.

A woman living on her own, eyes
and ears can play tricks on you.

- What?
- My lips are sealed.


Seems she had a right to be concerned.

Someone's been stood
here, watching the house.

With a very good view of that window.

Ethan died from a catastrophic fracture to
the second and third cervical vertebrae.

So falls backwards, bangs his
head and breaks his neck.

Can't be certain but
it's a likely scenario.

"What about his clothes? Anything?"

We lifted touch DNA from the zipper.

- Somebody definitely
undressed him? - "Yes."

But there aren't enough cells for an ID.

So, nothing we can work with?

We did trace X and Y chromosomes,
so whoever undressed him was male.

Right. Thanks, Marcus.

Laura Halcombe was burgled
on Saturday evening.

She lives at Bewesford, which
isn't far from our murder scene.

There was food, cash and a
photo in a silver frame taken.

Sounds like someone's sleeping
rough. Homeless, addict?

There's been a recent spate of theft
in the Kervendene area, ma'am.

Cameras, wallets, mobile phones.

The victims are mainly park visitors.

We're checking shoeprints from
both scenes for a possible link.

Anything from Forensics on these fag ends?

I'll chase it up, ma'am.

- We've got a possible lead
from the hostel, ma'am. - What?

A guest checked out early Sunday evening,
seemed in a hurry. Vinnie Tidwell.

Applied for a Kervendene fishing permit,

though he spent most
of his time at the inn.

We ran his name through the PNC.
Previous for domestic burglary.

- We're going to need more than that.
- Hang on! Is this his vehicle?

Yeah, parked at the guest car park.

What was it that cadet, Si Whenchurch,
said about seeing someone shifty?

He just said he was loitering
by the road, parked up.

Aye, in a blue van!

Get your coat.

Have a word with the bar staff, see
if they call tell you anything.

Couldn't stand us a pint,
could you? I'm a bit short.

Loosen your tongue, will it?

What's that supposed to mean?

You told me you argued with
Ethan the day he disappeared.

- Yeah, I... I'd had a few drinks. - Ah.

Well, it wasn't about
something or nothing, was it?

You've been carrying
on with Glenda Jannen.

- That's no concern of yours.
- Ah, you'd be dead right there, pet.

Unless, of course, it's
relevant to this murder case.

It only happened the once.

- It didn't mean anything.
- Well, I doubt Ethan felt the same way.

He blamed his mam for clearing off,
all the while the blame lay with you!

We'd been working through it, OK?

And why didn't you tell me
your son had been bullied?

- Didn't think it was important.
- What?

When Glenda Jannen's lad was involved?

Sounds like a conflict of interest.

Look, I messed up my marriage

and now I've lost my boy,

so why don't you just let me be, eh?

I do know one thing, love.

That's not going to help.

- Anything? - Barmaid remembers
him, this Vinnie Tidwell.

A customer accused him of nicking a phone
on Friday night. A squaddie chased him off.

So, where's this fella now?

I've run his plates. It's
a Newcastle address. NE16.

That's Swalbridge. Come on.

Kenny, ready?


Warrant to search the premises, love.

- I don't know what you think you're gonna
find! - Stand back, son. - After you, pet.

Hang on a minute!

In you go.

Ooh! Been away?

- What if I have? - I'd have thought
you'd be a bit old for hostels.


I found it. In the woods. Looked
as if someone had dumped it.

- A £500 bike? - If someone's daft enough
to leave it, they're asking for trouble.

Were they also asking to be found dead?

Having this bike puts you right
in the frame for their murder!

Hold on a minute!

- I might've got form
for the odd theft. - Hm!

Violence isn't my style!

Ethan Dewley...

Now, I think you came across
this lad down by the lake,

you tried to nick his bike,
there's a violent struggle,

one ends up with a broken
neck, the other does a runner.

I never clapped eyes on him!

Our forensics team have
lifted some fingerprints.

We'll soon know if you're lying.

We're charging you with theft.

But if I find any evidence that
puts you at our murder scene,

theft is going to be the
least of your worries.

D'you know, it grieves me to
say it, but he's got a point.

Petty theft's one thing,

- murder's something else.
- That's an understatement.

Ma'am, Vinnie's shoeprints don't
match any found at the murder scene

or Laura Halcombe's house.

They're still running the DNA
on those cigarette butts, ma'am.

Vinnie Tidwell smokes rollups.

Bad time?

Eee, no, George! Come on in! We could
do with a bit of fresh inspiration.

Jac, this is PC Wooten,

Missing Persons.

- So, what have you got for us?
- Er, Ethan's laptop.

- I thought I'd better share
what we found. - Oh, right.

He'd been using an internet chat room.

- Reservoir Dogs.
- A chat room?

These members are currently online.

You can chat to friends,
you meet, get talking...

If they've all got these profile names,

- nobody actually knows who
you are, right? - Exactly.

So, could Ethan have
met his killer online?

It's a long shot, but we know he
was last logged in three days ago.

A few hours before he was murdered.

George, you are a diamond!

I wouldn't know about that.

- What about these files?
- Some of them are encrypted.

Well, get Tech to pull their fingers out!

I'll get on to the chat
room administrator, ma'am.

I'll access his private messages.

- I'll, er, leave this with you, then.
- Yeah, thanks, George.

- You know where I am if you need us.
- Aye, I do.

- Eh? You know where I am
if you need us, eh? - Ooh!

- Something I missed?
- Gorgeous George!

- He's got a fancy for the boss.
- No! - Ah, grow up, will you?

That's great, thank you.

Ma'am, we've got a witness at the front
desk, a guest that was staying at the hostel.

Says she saw Ethan
Dewley on the day he died.

We met a couple of the
lads on the open day.

They drove us back to the lake on Sunday.

It started to rain. Erm, me and Adam
went under the trees for shelter.

And he started trying it on, you know.

That's when we saw him.

- It looked like he was watching us.
- Are you sure it was this lad?

He were wearing a hoodie,
but I saw his face.

He took off on his bike
when we clocked him.

And what time was this?

Late afternoon, early evening.

The lads dropped us back
at the hostel to dry off.

- He's dead, isn't he?
- He is, love.

He was murdered.

So... if there's something
you're not telling us...

It's just that... when
Adam clocked him watching,

he tore off after him.

And... he came back all fired up.

Now, we've got a statement
from a Tanya Beltran,

claims she saw Ethan Dewley
the day he was murdered.

What's that got to do with us?

Because she was fighting off
your advances at the time.

Now, if she can recognise
him from a photograph,

surely you must've known that
was Ethan who was watching you.

OK. I should've come forward.

Now, that is the first
sensible thing he has said.

- So why didn't you?
- I knew you'd try and pin it on me.

When did you find out Ethan was dead?

Si rang us Monday morning.
Said his dad had found a body.

- Simon gave you the heads up, did he?
- Why would he do that?

Because he knew you'd been putting the frighteners
on Ethan when you saw him at that open day.

And don't insult me with denials,
love. I know you were there.

- He'd been spreading rumours.
- About your mam and his dad.

We know about that.

I warned him off, that's all.

- Told him to shut his mouth.
- Or what, you'd shut it for him?

That day at Bayford Shank
was the last time I saw him.

Well, in view of all the lies
you've been telling me, love,

you can see why I'm not convinced.

- I called in at your office, they
told me I'd find you here. - Aye.

We've been trying to
encourage some biodiversity.

Felling the conifers from the glades.

Well, we've had a breakthrough
in this murder case.

We're holding Adam Jannen
as a person of interest.

- Adam's not a bad sort.
- He's on probation for violent affray.

Adam... just needs
someone to believe in him.

What about his mate, Simon Whenchurch?

Si doesn't need any
help in that department.

You know, Adam... worships
the ground he walks on.

Laura Halcombe, one of your tenants,

did you know she was burgled on Saturday?

Yeah, it was me that called the police.

And neglected to mention it?

She'd given them a statement.
I didn't think it was relevant.

Have you found out who broke in, then?

Well, we're working on it.

- You were supposed to be studying!
- I went for a swim. That's all!

Oh, I don't think that's
quite all, was it, love?

Adam Jannen admitted he saw Ethan
Dewley down by the lake the day he died.

- What?
- So either you saw him, too,

- or Adam mentioned it.
- No, he... he didn't say anything.

You called Adam to say
Ethan's body had been found.

- So?
- So, why did you do that?

Maybe you've been covering for him.

You think he'd jeopardise his
future for the likes of Adam?

No, I'm not covering for anyone.

Your name's come up twice in the
course of this investigation.

I warned you. What's it gonna
look like with the selection board?

- It's nothing to do with me!
- The chance of a lifetime.

- Yeah, so you keep telling me.
- Commissioned officer. A proper army career.

In the forces yourself, were you, sir?

I took dependency discharge
after my wife died.

Single father. Two young
kids to look after.

So on Sunday, the pair of you
drove back from the lake.

- What time was that? - I've already told
you. - Well, I'd like you to tell me again.

We parked up around 5.30, dropped
those girls back at the hostel

and then... I dropped Adam off after that.

- In Kervendene Village.
- He jumped out at Pride Bank crossroads.

Said there was somewhere he needed to be.

I've just told your dad,
we've arrested Adam Jannen.

Your brother's all set for the army, then?

I expect you'll miss him when he's gone.

I won't be far behind him.

Not that anyone here will notice.

Look, I know what it's like
growing up without your mam.

It's hard.

After she died, we moved here.

Is that when you met Ethan?

We know he was a member of one
of these online chat sites.

Goes under the name of Reservoir Dogs.

Did he ever mention meeting
someone on one of those forums?

Not that I remember.

Now, we've checked his phone log

and those days he was missing,
he had no calls and no texts.

I... I wouldn't know.

Why didn't you call him, text him,

make sure he was OK, if he's your mate?

I was angry. You know, he just
takes off, not a word to anyone.

I just wanted him back.

Safe and sound.

- I wanna see my son! - You can see him
once he's answered all my questions.

You can't keep him locked up!

He lied about his whereabouts,
he lied about seeing Ethan Dewley,

and I think you've been
lying to cover for him.

- I was trying to protect him.
- If you want to help Adam,

you can start by telling us the truth.

Adam Jannen didn't get
home until after 8pm.

His mam's just changed her statement.

Now, his mate drops him here
at these crossroads at 6pm,

and that's just a 15-minute
walk to where Ethan was murdered.

- We've got no evidence to place him at the
crime scene. - We'll have to find some.

Er, sorry to interrupt, ma'am. Those fag
butts outside Laura Halcombe's house,

Adam Jannen's DNA's all over them.

A house in Bewesford was
burgled on Saturday night.

- You may know it.
- Why would I?

Because you'd been over
there casing the place.

Your fags ends are everywhere.

- Break in, did you?
- No.

I went over to Bewesford
to see her, that's all.

Laura Halcombe?

We've been together for
a couple of months now.

Now, let me get this straight, love.

The pair of you are in a relationship?

Hooked up on the internet.

- Ooh, dating site.
- Local chat room.

Things... moved on from there.

And just how far have things moved on?

That's my business.

Well, you can see why I'm concerned.

You're only 17.

You see? People like you...

.. passing judgement.

This is why we decided to wait.

You say this has been going on for a couple of
months. Either something's gone on or it hasn't.

So which is it?

It was all online.

It's different these days.

You've never even met the
woman, have you, love?

I'd seen her around in the village.

This relationship, love,
it's all in your head.

It was real, OK?

Were you at that house on Sunday evening?

I asked you a question, love.

She messaged us on Sunday morning.

So I was all set to knock on the door.

- And then he showed up.
- Who showed up?

Jim Briscoe.

Ma'am, we've uploaded
Adam's chat room messages.

- Now, is that the same chat room
that Ethan used? - Reservoir Dogs.

- His username was Top Gun? - Top Gun.
- Well, nothing if not predictable.

Er, sexually explicit conversations

between Top Gun and another
member of the chat room.

Calls herself The Art Teacher.

There's also an attachment on his phone.

Female pornographic selfie.
It's fairly explicit.

Photo's been cropped to hide her face.

- If her face is cropped,
it could be anyone. - Yeah.

But look what I found in his wallet.

Laura Halcombe's background check.
That comprehensive school in
Sunderland, she left under a cloud.

Inappropriate relationship
with a sixth form student.

I think we need to pay this Art
Teacher another little visit.


Oh. We were just headed
out. Drink in the village.

- Oh, are you two...
- Yeah.

- A few months now.
- We thought we'd keep it to ourselves.

Well, this will be of
interest to both of you.

We know who's been watching
your house. Adam Jannen.


- Mm. How well do you know him?
- I've barely said two words to him.

Well, I think we better
finish this in private.

I've got nothing to hide from Jim.

Oh, well, in that case,
I'll just come out with it.

Adam claims you've been
sending him intimate messages.

- What?
- This is a wind-up, right?

Did you take this photo?

- This is supposed to be me?
- Mm. A little selfie.

You can check for yourself
if you don't believe me.

Well, do you recognise this one?

That's the picture that was
framed on the dressing table.

So clearly Adam broke in and
stole it. We know he's got form.

You've changed your tune.

Whatever he's told you,
he's made it all up.

Well, now, I might be
inclined to agree with you,

were it not for the little
matter of Sunderland.

Sixth form student, wasn't it?

He was 18. We did nothing illegal.

I made a stupid mistake.

Laura told me everything, that
she moved here for a new start.

That's as may be, but you
can see how this looks.


Forensics got a match
from the crime scene.

Fingerprints in the upstairs bedroom.

- Adam Jannen, right?
- No, Ethan Dewley. He'd been in the house.

Well, how many more lads?

I'll ask you again,

were you having a
relationship with Ethan Dewley?

Ethan did a bit of work for me.

Gardening mostly.

So you did know him.

When did this gardening work start?

A couple of months ago. I put up
a note in the cafe by the lake.

- He called, came over.
- Mm-hm. Got friendly.

I'd only just moved in.
Ethan was missing his mum.

You ever ask him into the house?

Only we've got his
fingerprints in the bedroom.

Well, I've not idea when he went up there.

So why lie to us about knowing him? Hm?

He'd been asking me personal questions,

spending too much time at the
house. It didn't feel right.

- So I told him the job wasn't working out.
- How did he react to that?

Grabbed his things and left.

I thought that would be
the last I saw of him.

And was it?

He turned up on the
doorstep Thursday night.

He needed somewhere to stay.

Give him a bed for the night, did you?

No, I didn't.

Jim made it clear Ethan needed to leave.

Jim was there when Ethan came calling?

He went after Ethan to warn him off.

He told me he sorted things.

Were you procuring young
lads for Laura Halcombe?

I am not even gonna answer that question.

Ooh, I think you better had,

bearing in mind what
you've kept from us so far.

- I work with those kids
on a daily basis. - Aye.

All the more reason for
alarm bells to be ringing.

Now, we know you warned Ethan off

last Thursday night when
he went over to Laura's.

- It was just a friendly chat.
- Slipped your mind to mention it, did it?

I didn't want Laura dragged into all this.

- Dragged into what?
- If people found out about the school,

she wouldn't have lasted
five minutes here.

Did you know it was
Ethan who had broken in?

I had suspicions. He wouldn't leave
her alone. He was always there.

Pushing his luck?

For what it's worth, Ethan
Dewley gave me the creeps.

- Well, you'll be glad
he's gone, then, hm? - Ohh.

Now, what were your
movements on Sunday evening

- before you went over to Laura's?
- I was running round all over the park.

- Maintenance, repairs, at the lodges.
- Bump into Ethan?

Thursday night was the
last time I saw him.

Right, listen up.

Laura Halcombe and Jim Briscoe
are now persons of interest.

We think they groomed these
lads in the chat room.

Both Adam and Ethan were
regular visitors to her house.

One of them claims to be in a relationship
with her, the other ends up murdered.

We've checked Laura computer,
nothing ties her to the chat room.

We have Ethan's prints in the bedroom.

- We don't even know if this
break-in happened. - Why report it?

- It puts him in the frame for a murder. - So
let's just assume she's telling the truth, hm?

She's not in a relationship with Adam

and she hasn't seen Ethan since Thursday

- and she didn't send those
messages. - Someone did. - Mm.

The night he went missing,

he leaves Lowmere after the fireworks,

and an hour or so later, he's
knocking on her door, right?

So we know he's in the area and
he's in the vicinity of the lake.

Now, Jac, the list of
guests at that hostel.

- We went through them all.
- But what about the lodges around the lake?

Only one was vacant last weekend.

Yeah, because it was under repair, right?

- What's the name of it?
- Four Pines, South Shore.

I'd say that's a perfect place to hide.

The bed's been slept in.

There's food.

Well, someone set him
up with a Wi-Fi code,

made him comfortable.

And who might that have been, hm?

- His dad was worried sick.
- Ethan's dad didn't care about him. No one did.

I should arrest you for
obstructing a murder inquiry!

- I told him Missing Persons were searching.
- You didn't tell the police where to find him.

It was like he was enjoying the attention.

You know, all this life,
he'd been a nobody.

Suddenly everyone's talking about him.

I'm gonna ask you again, when
was the last time you saw Ethan?

Sunday. I went round to the lodge.

He was just lying there. I
could tell he was frightened.

I'd never seen him like that before.

What was he scared of?

I think someone was out to get him.

- Who?
- I don't know. He wouldn't say.

We were right. Ethan had been
hiding in that empty lodge.

Ma'am, those encrypted files on Ethan's
laptop, they were pornographic photographs.

- A bit of a collection. Anonymous lads. - Maybe
he was gay and someone couldn't deal with it.

- Could be a reason for leaving home.
- No. His dad said he wasn't into that.

I got hold of Ethan's
chat room history, ma'am.

He was following the
Missing thread online.

He was reading what people
were posting about him?

That'll be why he had internet
access where he was hiding.


those Art Teacher messages to Adam...

.. have you got the sender's IP address?

Well, they were sent from
different devices, ma'am.

Some were used more than once.

Is that one of them?

- Yes, ma'am.
- Well, that's Ethan's laptop.

He's not the victim here.

He's the perpetrator!

He... is The Art Teacher.

So, to be clear,

Ethan Dewley posts a fake
profile on that chat room.

He's pretending to be Laura Halcombe.

That's why he needed to
get to know the woman.

Those personal questions,
the access to the house.

All those intimate details
he's sending to this fella.

That's why he steals the photograph.

- To prove to Adam that Art
Teacher is Laura. - You've got it.

Now, we know Ethan
Dewley is The Art Teacher.

But no one out there knows that we know,

so can't we use that to our advantage?

- Jac, can you make up one of
these profile names? - Yeah.

- I didn't spend all those years in
Fraud for nothing. - Yeah, well, do that.

And then post something
on the Missing thread.

See if anyone bites.

- Technically, that's entrapment, ma'am. - Yeah,
well, let's not dwell on technicalities, Kenny.

Laura Halcombe has confirmed

there was no relationship.

- She's lying.
- We checked your phone for evidence.

- Well, you had no right.
- And we can prove

all these messages

came from Ethan Dewley's laptop.

No. No, you're making this up.

He'd been stringing you along for weeks.

Now, then, if that ever got out,

how he'd been playing you,

he'd be on borrowed time, wouldn't he, eh?

You need to talk to his parents.

Please, you can't tell my dad.

- You can't tell my dad!
- Should've thought of that earlier.

He's got a cast-iron motive for murder.

Oh, I don't know. You saw his reaction.

He was as surprised as we were.

- Jac.
- Oh. Cheers.

- I've got you a fish supper.
- Yeah, never mind that.

Come and have a look at these messages.

It's another chat room
friend of The Art Teacher.

- Who's Tommy?
- I don't know.

But whoever it is, they've been
flirting on this chat room for weeks.

We need to find this Tommy

and anyone else that
Ethan's been targeting.



Get out here... now.

Are you watching?

This is for your pervert of a son.

24 hours to pack your bags.

I'm coming for you next.

He was witnessed by neighbours
smashing up the car.

- Sean Dewley declined to press charges.
- We can press charges

for criminal damage and disturbing
the peace. Get some statements.

- Oh, making a point, were we?
- He got what was coming to him.

- The man's just lost his son. - That
twisted little deviant's no loss to anyone.

Ah, get him out of my sight.

We'll be releasing Adam
from custody this morning.

Turns my stomach, what he did to my boy.

Your son was a willing participant when
he thought he was in with an older woman.

I bet this is all down to Si Whenchurch.

The lad's a bad influence.

Always has been.

Well, you let me worry
about Simon Whenchurch.

You wanna look a little
closer to home, love.


That new chat room intel,

Tommy and The Art Teacher,
has anything come through?

Tech team accessed the private messages.

A couple of months ago,
Art Teacher sends a photo,

- Tommy sends one back.
- Is Tommy a solider?

I've got a video link.

We've been going after the wrong lad.

Caught on film in his uniform
showing off his military equipment?

Well, that's his chances at
Sandhurst gone up in smoke.

Quick march!

Left! Right! Left! Right! Left! Right!

Parade... halt!

- Police. Can you open the
gates, please? - Ma'am.

Right turn!

Shoulder arms!

Good morning.

Today's parade represents the end
of weeks of hard work, effort,

perseverance and
commitment from all of you.

I congratulate you on making it this far.

- I need to talk to Cadet Whenchurch.
- We're in the middle of a parade!

I can't help that, love.

Stand still!




Where are you gonna run to?

Come on.

I'll check round the perimeter.

Hello, pet.

Sunday evening,

you dropped Adam Jannen
at Pride Bank crossroads.

I think you didn't drive him all
the way home because you'd argued.

He was... mouthing off
about Ethan snooping.

So he did tell you he'd seen him.

He wouldn't let it drop.

I told him he could walk home.

Now, you dropped him off,
you turned your car around

and you drove back to the lake.

Because you'd arranged
to meet Ethan there.

It wasn't Adam and those
lasses he'd been watching.

It was you.

Another post.


I haven't seen this one before.

- Too much?
- Not if it keeps them talking.

Want to talk?

Agh! We need an urgent
trace on this IP address.

I'd seen this woman about the village.

She was fit, you know? Older.

She must have known we
were eyeing her up, though.

A few days later, I get
this... this message

- in the chat room.
- From The Art Teacher.

"Hey. How are you? Wanna talk?"

Tells me she's new to the area.

- We kinda got friendly.
- Well, that's one way of putting it.

A few weeks later, Adam drops this bomb.
Tells me they've got this thing going on.

Did Adam know she'd been
messaging you, as well?

He's totally smitten. Too stupid to
realise she was stringing him along.

Well, you weren't so
clever yourself, love.

I messaged and told her
she was some kind of fake.

- That's when she started
with the threats. - Blackmail?

She told me she still had
this video I sent her.

- She threatened to post it online.
- Oh, you stupid...

What I supposed to do? I
agreed to meet up with her.

I didn't have a choice! And I get
there, the shelter by the lake,

and it's Ethan.

So what was it he wanted from you?

- At first, it was just money.
- You should've come to the police.

And what would I have said? I
mean, I thought things were sorted.

I'd paid him off, bought him
that... that stupid bike.

- So what happened this weekend?
- I get to the lake and he's all...

.. he's all fired up.

He said we needed to atone for
what we'd done to him and I just...

I just lost it.

And did you take a pop at him?

H-H-He just fell. Right? He hit his head.

I didn't... I didn't mean to kill him.

You removed his clothes,
you folded them up,

to make it look like it was an accident.

If he'd posted that video,
he could've ruined my life.

You did that all by yourself, Simon.

Come on, son.

- Mark. - "Ma'am, another
chat room user's made contact."

- We think maybe they know something.
- Well, go on, I'm listening.

The message was sent from Lowmere
Hostel, an internet cafe.

"Profile name Damselfly."


- You've no right to question him.
Not without a lawyer. - Hang on.

Mr Whenchurch, does your daughter have
a tattoo of a damselfly on her arm?

- Yeah. Why?
- And where is she at the moment?

- I've no idea.
- How was she this morning?

- It was Simon's big day. I...
- You didn't really notice.

If she gets in touch with
you, you call us immediately.

There's nothing wrong, is there? Is there?

They were in this together. Mark,
get Jac over to that hostel.

We're looking for Alice Whenchurch.

- Any sign? - No one's seen
her since this morning.

Her bike's gone. She
must know we're onto her.

Darkwater. She's headed up to Darkwater.

- Anything?
- No sign, ma'am.

It's pretty boggy. I
think we'll have to walk.

She's here somewhere.

Here you go.

See if you can keep her talking.

What's that?

There she is.

Stay away from me!

If she climbs up, there's
nowhere left to run.

Well, we better get up there after
her, before she does something stupid.

Aiden, with me. Be sure
you keep your distance.

You two, wait for backup.

I'll jump. I'll throw myself off!

You don't wanna do that, pet.

Oh, is it OK if I just sit
here, get my breath back?

This where you used to
sit with Ethan, is it?

Ethan said it felt like
the top of the world.

Yeah, it does a bit.

Is this where the pair of
you came up with your plan

to get back at those bullies?

It was just a game at first.

And then Adam took the bait.

He really thought that Laura was into him!

Did you know that he was
messaging your brother, as well?


It was Si who told me.

Ah. That's why you fell out with Ethan.

Si wanted me to talk to Ethan.

Make him see sense.

So I went to the lake with him.

OK. Right.

Ethan was just stood
there... laughing at me.

He said I was just like the others.

A spoilt little girl.

So what happened, love?

He was waving his phone, said he
was gonna post what was on it.

I couldn't let him do that to my brother.

So I tried to grab it.

And he was...

pulling and... and twisting my wrist.

I must have pushed him.

And he slipped.

His eyes were still open.

But I could see he was dead.

S-Si told me to go home.

He said he'd make things right.

He was trying to protect me.

And it was all my fault!

Stay away! I'm warning you!

Hey, go back! He's not
gonna come near, love.

He's gone.

Look, you don't want to do this, Alice.

I mean, who's it going to help, eh?

Certainly not your brother or your dad.

And look at Ethan's poor
dad, eh? The state he's in.

You wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Come on, love.

Can't we finish this somewhere warm, eh?

Can we?

I can't... I can't move.

That's all right, I'll come and get you.

Don't you worry.

I don't wanna fall!

I'm not gonna let you fall, love.

Now, don't look down.

Here I come. I'm nearly there.

Don't look down, love.

Now, what I want you to do...

.. is just raise your right arm.

- Ohh. - That's it...
There. I've got you, love.

Come on, pet. I've got you.

Just came to tell you we've charged
Alice Whenchurch with Ethan's murder.

I heard you'd picked up her brother.

We've charged him with being
an accessory after the fact.


Losing Ethan was hard enough,
but do you know what's worse?

The shame of what he did.

Your lad was provoked. He made a mistake.

And he paid a heavy price for that.


I'm finished in this village.

Or you could stay.

Face them all down. Stand up for Ethan.

I remember when this was
all fields and villages.

Changes a place, something
like this happening.

Scars it somehow.

You know you were out of order,
doing what you did up there.

- I knew you had my back.
- You nearly gave me a heart attack.


Oh, didn't I ever tell you? I was once
offered a job in police mountain rescue.

- Was you? - Oh, aye. Like
a mountain goat, I was.