Vera (2011–…): Season 7, Episode 1 - Natural Selection - full transcript

Gemma Wyatt, a wildlife ranger, is found dead off the coast of the bird sanctuary where she spent the night alone whilst colleagues celebrated her boss Sophia's leaving do on shore. Estranged sister Alice accuses Gemma's boatman boyfriend Ryan of trying to force her to sell the family farm but he claims it was for Alice's own good. Vera establishes that Gemma was killed before the others left for the mainland, making them all suspects, and also locates a couple who blame Gemma for their son's death on the island some years earlier. Then Alice hits Vera with a surprise revelation, leading to evidence of Gemma's infidelity and involvement in a blackmail plot before the killer is revealed.

♪ Jenny, get your oatcakes done

♪ Whip Jamboree, Whip Jamboree

♪ Oh, you pig-tailed
sailor hanging down behind

♪ Whip Jamboree, Whip Jamboree

♪ Oh, Jenny, get your oatcakes done

♪ And now Cape Clear it is in sight

♪ We'll be off Holyhead by
tomorrow night, and we'll... ♪

- Thank you!
- See you, mate!

Did you see him when we ordered
the tequilas? Not impressed!

I'm so drunk!

'We are now approaching
the island of Ternstone.

Known locally as the
Galapagos of the North,

it is home to around
20 species of seabirds

and England's largest
colony of grey seals.


There she is. Gemma Wyatt, 28.
Northumbria Wildlife Trust, Ranger.

And they're saying there's a boat missing?

According to the woman who called it in.

You feeling a bit peaky there, Tony?

- I'm fine.
- A pathologist with a weak stomach.

- Oh, come on!
- What?

Well, they were told
to preserve the scene,

not swarm all over it!


- DCI Vera Stanhope.
- Sophia Ashbrook, team leader.

- I spoke to your colleague.
- And they are?

Vicki and Peter.

She runs the Visitor
Centre and he's our intern.

Right, now, this is a police incident
scene, not a tourist attraction.

I want all those day-trippers
to sit in the boat

and wait for us to take statements.

I'm gonna need a team
going over this whole area.

And no more boats on or off
the island without my say-so.

- Where is she?
- This way.

Are you sure the body
was actually washed up?

- Yeah.
- Where?

You were specifically told not to move it.

I'm sorry, we couldn't stop him.

- Who is he?
- Ryan, our boatman.

He's her fiance.

Right, come on, love.

Ryan, isn't it?


I'm sorry, love.

It's all right, I've got
her. We'll take care of her.

Now, you and Gemma both live here?

- Did you live on the island together?
- No. Well, she did, most of the year.

We're doing up a house.

- What, Ambersea?
- Aye.

Right, we'll get you back over there.


Now, is there anyone you'd
like us to contact for you?

- Family?
- It's just her sister. Alice.

Would you prefer to speak to her or...?

No. It's not really like that.


Make sure Family Liaison
are waiting for him.

Come on. It might be a little way.


Significant head injury, but I'm not
sure if it's pre or post mortem yet.

Er, no obvious broken bones,

but these tears and the
abrasions do suggest

that she was washed up onto the rocks.

- So it could be misadventure, then?
- I don't think so.

Er, not with these.

Thumb that side, fingers there.

What, strangulation?

Either that, or she was held under water.

So, any idea when she died?

Rigor seems to be fairly well established,

so, provisionally...

I would say work with a window
of between 4pm and midnight...

- Right, thanks.
- But that is just my best guess.

It's better than mine.

It was here yesterday.

- What model is it?
- Zodiac dinghy, 13-foot.

She knew not to use it alone at night.

- We don't know for sure
she did use it. - Really?

Because the boat's missing and she's dead!

I'm sorry. It feels like
they're under my care.

If Gemma did take the boat,
where would she be going?

No idea.

- Unless she was coming to meet us.
- Meet you where?

The Anchor pub. It was my leaving
do, so we stayed overnight.

But someone had to stay
here to do evening obs.

So Gemma was here on her own last night?

She volunteered.

So where did you last see her?

She was working up there,
in the observation hut.

We saw her from the boat.

And what time was this?

It was the last boat out, so around five.

You must get a lot of
visitors here, peak season.

Hundreds every day. Why?

Could one of them have
stayed behind on the island?

- Missed the boat?
- No.

They're counted on and counted off.

When we left the island,
she was on her own.

Me and Jamil are upstairs.

And... that one's Gemma's
room, at the end there.

- Right. So who's Jamil?
- A PhD student.

He's back on the mainland today, though.

- Did Gemma talk much about her fiance?
- She talked about the wedding.

A favourite topic of conversation, that.

- Bit of a bridezilla, was she?
- No, she was all right.

She was a good laugh, you
know? Proper down to earth.

Anyone visit Gemma on the island?

Not unless you count Ryan,
with the boat tours.

Do you know when they'll
be able to start up again?

No, love, it's police boats only for now.

But we can give you a lift
across if you need to...

Oh, it's all right. I was just wondering.

Are there any other boats on the island?

No, it was just the Zodiac.

Were Gemma and Ryan happy? Everything OK?

They were solid.

She always wanted to work in
conservation, even at school.

I mean, you must be pretty
dedicated to live here.

I'm nine till five in the Visitor
Centre, then home to my dad's.

So was there anything obviously missing?

I don't think so.


- Did Gemma do one of these yesterday?
- Ranger talk? Yeah. 3:30 till 4:00.

Kids loved her.

Did she mention anything unusual?

Any worries? Any plans to meet someone?

Nothing, no. She was just normal.

- This is live?
- Yeah.

That's Nest Cam. It's a 24-hour feed.

- So it was running last night?
- Should've been.


It's kind of his pet project.

My officers will need to
download this footage, love.


- Sorry, do you mind if I...?
- Yeah, you go on.


Find out if there's any way
to get on or off this island

without using that jetty,

because if there isn't, and
this camera was recording,

we might be in business.

Can we get in a bit closer, see
if there's any way to land?

Not if you want this boat
to stay in one piece.

But if that jetty is the
only place on Ternstone

- where you can launch or land a boat...
- Definitely is.

.. then either she or the
killer must've used it.

- Is that footage on the
way to Kenny? - Yeah.

Now, get onto the harbour master,

see if he's aware of any
comings or goings overnight.

And see what you can find
out about Peter Haden.

- Their intern?
- Mm.

Just see what turns up.

Have you got the address of this sister?

- It's, er, Wyatt Farm.
- Right.

- Alice Wyatt?
- Yeah.

I'm DCI Vera Stanhope.

And this is DS Healy.

We need to talk to you
about your sister Gemma.

What does she want?

'Ey, I am so sorry, love.

They found her this morning.

There you are, love.

- Was it just you and Gemma?
- Since Mam died, yeah.

No other family?

Her boyfriend knows, does he?

Oh, Ryan was on the boat that found her.

Course he was.

- Why do you say that?
- Dunno.

He's just always there.

Can you think of anyone who
might've wanted to hurt Gemma?

No. Why, are you saying it was deliberate?

Well, that's just what
we're trying to find out.

Did she mention any problems
with her relationship?

- Work?
- No.

What about her friends?

I get I should be the
person to answer this stuff,

but I'm not. I was hardly
in contact with her.

- Had something happened?
- Not really.

We were always very different.

Even as kids.

In what way, different?

Well, she couldn't wait to
get away from this place.

And then when Dad left,
she started lashing out.

- Physically?
- No.

But she knew how to be cruel.

Was there anyone she
might have confided in?

Like I said, you're
asking the wrong person.

What did she mean "he's
always there" about Ryan?

She doesn't seem to like anyone, does she?

No contact with her family and
she lives all the way out here.

Well, some people prefer
to be on their own.

When are we seeing Ryan?

His GP has asked if we
can wait till tomorrow.

See if you can speed that up.

The head injury happened
just before she died,

but the cause of death was drowning.

Definitely murder?

I'd say so, and not just because
of the marks on her neck.

The way the lividity has fixed suggests

that her body was kept
somewhere for several hours.

See those white patches on her thighs?

- Yeah, what's that?
- Pressure points.

Wherever her body was kept,
it was in a seated position.

What, they drowned her,
then kept her sat somewhere?

Sat or slumped.

Bottom of a boat, taking her out to sea?

I will leave that one with you, Detective.

Gemma Wyatt. Last seen alive by her
colleagues at five o'clock yesterday,

when she was apparently
alone on the island.

I've been looking at tidal patterns,

but it's gonna be very difficult
to work out where her body went in.

- Anything from the harbour master?
- No CCTV down there.

Well, the killer might not be local.

Could've come to the island from anywhere.

If they even went to the island.

Gemma could've gone to the
mainland, met her killer there,

and still got washed up on Ternstone.

- I assume there's no sign of
this missing boat... - Nothing.

So we've no idea where
the scene of crime is.

No idea how she got this head injury,

where her body was kept or where
it was disposed of. Brilliant.

We do know she was having a
massive row with her sister.

- Do we?
- It's all in her emails.

Gemma wanted to sell the farm,
but Alice wouldn't budge.

They're getting into
lawyers, court orders.

- Alice is accusing Ryan of stalking.
- What do you mean -- stalking?

Shining a torch through her window
at night, letting sheep out.

Alice reckons they're
intimidating her into selling.

We've got a suspected arson
at Wyatt Farm over Easter.

"Alice Wyatt accusing sister's
boyfriend, Ryan Campbell."

Sounds like we've got the Rangers'
boat. A fishing trawler's found it.

- They're bringing it in.
- Hallelujah! Progress.

Get SOCO on to it.

What about Peter Haden?
His name flag anything up?

He's not showing in the system.

- You looking for Ryan?
- Yeah.

I'm Michael Hogarth, his godfather.

- Hogarth? Vicki's dad?
- Yeah.

Come on through.

- Ryan's out the back.
- Right. Thanks.

How are you feeling?

Oh. Silly question.

- Pretty garden.
- Ah, it's Gemma's doing.

She used to leave me instructions.

- How long had you been together?
- Five years.

I met her when we stopped fishing
and started doing the boat tours.

She was so easy to talk
to. She made me laugh.

Must have been difficult with her
on the island for half the year.

She always said that's why we got
on so well -- hardly saw each other!

I have to inform you, Ryan,

that we're treating Gemma's
death as suspicious.


So if she was involved in anything,

in any kind of trouble, we need to know.

She wasn't involved in anything.
What do you even mean by that?

- Well, had she fallen
out with anyone? - No.


- When did you last see her?
- Yesterday afternoon.

Like, not to speak to, but
we always did this thing.

If I saw her from the boat, then I'd
sound the horn and send her a text.

And... she texted straight back.


Message received 5:08pm.

Where were you last night?

- Oh, come on, now.
- I'm sorry, love.

I need to know.

I was at Sophia's leaving do
till 11:00 and then back here.

Did you leave with anyone else?

They were all still on it when I left.

Well, I will need to see inside the house.

- You can stay here if you want.
- That's fine.

Erm, did Gemma keep another laptop
here? Or mobile phone? Diaries?

Well, she used to keep all
her stuff on the island.

Do you mind if my sergeant
has a little look round?

If you need to.

Could I ask you about Alice?

Now, you told me Gemma
hadn't fallen out with anyone.

Well, that was just sisters.
I tried not to get involved.

Well, Alice seems to think
you're very much involved.

Court orders. Accusations
of stalking. Arson!

And that you and Gemma
wanted her off that farm.

I wasn't stalking her.

And I definitely didn't
set fire to anything.

We did want her to sell.

Because living out there,
in the middle of nowhere,

it's messing with her head.

Find out if Alice has got a
boat. And get forensics on his.

Whatever was going on
between those two sisters,

he was right in the middle of it.

And can you keep off that thing

whilst we're interviewing the bereaved?

Sorry. It's just that my missus
is having a hard time with Max.

He's still not sleeping through.

Now, I'm going to see Tony.

I'll drop you off at the harbour.
You can wait for that trawler.

And give your missus a
hand when you get home.

Well, I've already offered
to cook cheesy pasta.

Ooh! Someone call MasterChef.

Was it an Ambersea
trawler that picked it up?

They found it drifting nine
miles along the coast from here.

Better give the boss a
timeframe for forensics.

- She'll want it yesterday.
- Will do.

Jamil, isn't it?

- We spoke on the phone earlier.
- That's definitely ours.

Here. 13-foot Zodiac and
serial number's there.

Great. Thanks.

- Big night last night, was it?
- Er, Sophia's leaving party.

- What time did you leave?
- No idea.

Whatever time they chucked us out.

Me and Vicki ended up crashing.

- But you're usually based
on the island? - Yeah.

Wish I'd stayed there last
night, let Gemma go to the party.

There's no point torturing
yourself with "what if".

That's what she would have said.

- Was everything OK with Gemma?
- I think so.

- She wasn't anxious about anything?
- Gemma didn't do anxious.

She was pretty sure of herself.

Well, not in a bad way.
Just like positive, you know?

OK. Thanks for digging this out.

I'll be in touch if we need anything else.

You will find out what happened to her?

We'll do everything we can.

Your starter for ten, what do you see?

A pathologist wasting my
time with daft questions.

- What am I looking at?
- They're diatoms.

Tiny particles of algae
inhaled as she drowned.

They eventually show
up in the bone marrow.


- So, further proof that she drowned.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.

They are proof of where she drowned.

This is a freshwater
species and... hornwort.

Also freshwater. Found in miniscule
fragments under her fingernails.

Aiden, pasta's cancelled. I think
I know where she was killed.

This is the only freshwater on the
island. You see that? Hornwort.

We'll need a sample of
this water for Tony.

And get a search team up here now.
Tell 'em we've found our crime scene.

So she was killed here, then her
body sat in a boat for hours?

Just this little bit
here has been cleaned.


Hornwort on the seat.

And if that turns out to be blood...

What did the Rangers say

in their written statements
about seeing her here?

They all said the same -- they saw
her from the boat at five o'clock.

Re-interview them.

Did they actually see her move?

Because if they didn't,

when they saw her sat here,
Gemma was already dead.

So, we now know where Gemma
Wyatt was killed and when.

Tony just confirmed it.

The water in the pond contains the
same algae he found in her system.

Time of death 4:00 to 5:00.

The Rangers saw her alive after that,

and she sent that text to her fiance.

No, a text was sent to the
fiance. We don't know by whom.

Now, Aiden's talked to the Rangers again.

They could see it was Gemma and
they assumed she was alive.

But she was at a distance. None
of them actually saw her move.

AND they've found traces of
blood in the observation hut.

DNA says it's Gemma's.

Now, we know Gemma finished her
talk in the Visitor Centre at four.

By five, she'd been drowned in this pond

and her body taken to the observation hut.

So we're looking for someone who was
on the island on Tuesday afternoon.

I've already got a list. They had
nearly a hundred people that day.

And I'm gonna need you lot to track
down every single one of them.

Were any of them connected to Gemma?

Did they make repeated
visits to the island?

Photos, videos taken that
day -- I want copies.

Hicham, I want you to
concentrate on the colleagues --

the Rangers and the boatmen.

I wanna know exactly where they
were between four and five o'clock.

- Yes, ma'am.
- You can start with this fella --

the intern, Peter Haden.

He seems particularly
interested in what we're doing.

So, where are we with Gemma's mobile?

Still no sign of it, but that text
to Ryan was sent from the island,

or somewhere very nearby.

Theories, anyone?

The killer stayed on the
island after everyone left,

took Gemma's body out to
sea on the Rangers' boat.

That sounds doable. Then dumped the
boat, make it look like an accident.

So how did they get themselves
back to the mainland? Hm? Swim?

Not in that current.

You couldn't do this
without your own boat.

Perhaps they left with everyone
on the five o'clock boat

- and then came back later.
- Yeah, but in all these scenarios,

we would have seen the killer
coming or going on that camera.

I've checked it twice now, ma'am.

Like I said, there's nothing
on that jetty after five.

They must've had another
route on and off the island.

Even if you could moor your
boat without wrecking it,

you'd have to be Spiderman
to climb those cliffs.

Then maybe they came in by air.

Oh, so we're looking
for Batman now, are we?

I've got something else. Davy Andersen,

that guy whose name you saw on the plaque.

- Mm?
- He was a Ranger on Ternstone.

He died there in a climbing
accident four years ago.

- Did he?
- Gemma was at the inquest.

- What was the ruling?
- Accidental death.

He was trying to reach up to a nest,

messed up tying his safety line.

But his parents went to the paper,

claiming negligence.

Gareth and Caroline Andersen.

I searched the visitors
log for the island.

They were there on Tuesday.

Nice work, Helen.

- Oh, we're looking for Mr Andersen...
- I'm his wife. Can I help?

DCI Vera Stanhope. This is DS Healy.

We're here to talk about
an incident on Ternstone.

A young lady died there on Tuesday.

Oh, God. One of the visitors?

No, one of the Rangers. Gemma Wyatt?

I know who she is.

Come through.

What are you doing? The estate
agent's coming at 11:00.

Sorry. School holidays.

Gareth! The police are here.

We go over there a few times
a year. Davy was happy there.

It was his birthday last week.

Did you have any contact with
Gemma during these visits?

Not really. She stayed out of our way.

- Why was that?
- Guilt.

She gave evidence at Davy's inquest.

Her and Sophia Ashbrook.

- And they lied.
- Gareth.

He'd climbed since he was eight.
He knew what he was doing.

There must've been an
issue with the equipment.

Which you think they covered up?

We'll never know now, will we?

And it sounds like it's happened again.

Oh, no, Gemma's death wasn't an accident.

We believe there was
someone else involved.

So that's why you're here.

We're piecing together where everyone was

between four and five o'clock,

speaking to everyone
who visited the island.

Making a special trip to see
them all in person, are you?

Vicki took us over to Davy's
memorial in the afternoon.

We were back on the beach by
four, waiting for the boat.

Tourists aren't allowed there during
nesting but she lets us go over.

What time did you get home?

We didn't. We always
stay over in Ambersea.

At the Westcliff Hotel.

So you didn't see Gemma at all on Tuesday?

- No.
- I did.

I watched the lunchtime boat come
in while you were in the bathroom.

Gemma got on and started
arguing with the guy driving it.

- What about?
- No idea.

Ask Vicki. She seemed to calm them down.

Well, thanks very much.
You've been very helpful.

Where are you going?

No-one was "very helpful"
when it was our son.

Her father definitely said St Mark's.

Don't worry, everything
will be fine. Take care.


It's an open meeting for relatives.

I'm not actually, you know.

None of our business, love.

I come because my dad won't.

Now, we just wanted to talk
to you about the Andersens.

- I think you know them...
- Yeah.

I was kind of their official guide
on the island -- bit more neutral.

Do their visits cause a problem, then?

Gareth kept taking photos
of where it happened,

wanting Gemma and Sophia
to keep going over it.

Got to the point where Ryan had to
warn us if he saw him on the boat.


Did you ever see Mr Andersen

behave threateningly towards Gemma?

- God, no.
- No?

He'd never hurt anyone.

He's just... broken.

I saw it with my dad after my sister died.

Ah, I'm sorry.

Anorexia. That's when
Dad started drinking.

It's the same with Davy's parents.

You... lose a child, you never
really come back from it.

So on Tuesday, you took them to
their son's memorial on the cliff.

- What time was that?
- Er, just after lunch.

- Did you stay with them?
- No, I had to get back to the Visitor Centre.

Then I was stuck there
till we closed at five.

- Did you see them in the
evening at all? - No.

We believe they were staying in Ambersea.

I was in The Anchor all
night for Sophia's party.

What time did you go home?

Er... well, I didn't, really.

I sort of ended up in
the office with Jamil.

Why didn't you tell us Gemma argued
with her fiance the day she died?

- Sorry?
- You were seen on the boat,

breaking up a row between Ryan and her.

That wasn't Ryan. That was my dad.

Gemma could see he was drunk. She lost it.

And you intervened?

Well, she was right, really.
He was putting people at risk.

I got her to back off.

How did you do that?

I told her it's not gonna
be an issue much longer.

Dad's been drinking since Beth died.

The consultant said he's got six months.

Hicham just spoke to Michael.

He was on the island again
between 4:30 and 5:00.

He went over with Ryan on the last boat.

Right. On the way, you can ring
that hotel the Andersens stayed at,

check their movements overnight.

You really think they were capable?

Well, they weren't just mourning
their son on that island.

I think they were looking for evidence.

Mr Hogarth.

People keep asking when it's re-opening.

- Any idea?
- Oh, not any time soon, pet.

But if you wanna speed it up, you
could try telling us the truth.

When I spoke to you yesterday, I
asked if Gemma had rowed with anyone.

- Do you remember?
- Yes.

And you said...

I didn't want to say in front of Ryan.

And I just had the one.

You were seen rowing with a
young woman who is now dead,

and you lied about it. Now, can you
see why I have a problem with that?

She was rowing with me.

Look, I've known Gemma for years.

The kids were all at school together.

She flares up, then it's forgotten.

You were also on the boat that
arrived at 4:30. Did you go ashore?

No. Someone has to stay with the
boat, start letting people on.

Would any passengers remember you?

There was a family with
twin girls. I talked to them.

And was Ryan on the boat this whole time?

We had some deliveries for the lighthouse,

so he was back and forth from the boat.

And it was just the two of you on
the boat when you left the mainland?


Alice wanted a lift, but
Ryan wasn't having any of it.

If you wanted to see a proper argument...

Alice Wyatt was trying
to get over to the island?

Nothing, ma'am.



I didn't mean no contact at
all. I meant I hadn't seen her.

Yeah, but you were trying
to see her the day she died.

You asked Ryan to take
you over to the island.

He said no. I just came
home. I was home all night.

- Can anybody vouch for that?
- Is he serious?

Looks painful.

Juno went after a squirrel.

I had to cut her out of some barbed wire.

So what was so important you suddenly
had to see your sister face to face?

- You've read the emails.
- So it was about the farm.

Half of it's hers, she wants
to sell up, take it all away.

- She wasn't the one driving it.
- Ryan?

- Mm.
- Did Ryan bully Gemma?

He had this way of pulling her strings.

Especially when he wanted money.

In the emails, you accused
him of intimidation.

Why didn't you report it?

I did report the fire. I didn't want to
give him the satisfaction before that.


She wants to go out.

Is that Gemma's room upstairs?

Not for years.

- Mind if I have a little nose?
- It's just a storeroom, really.

I was looking for something.
I don't know. I was upset.

- Yeah, what were you looking for?
- An old letter my mam wrote us,

saying how she imagined me and
Gemma with our own kids here.

- Did you find it?
- No.

She still has her student
loan stuff sent here.

I usually chuck it on the
desk, but I opened it.

"I'm writing to acknowledge

your change of name to
Mrs Gemma Campbell."

- They were already married?
- Five weeks ago.

And this is why you needed
to see her face to face?

Half of this is his now.

If it burns to the ground for the
insurance, you'll know who to blame.

We've got the DNA on Ryan's boat.

- Gemma's is on there, but
you'd expect it to be. - Right.

No blood, and it hasn't been cleaned.

- Gemma Wyatt. What do
you make of her? - Smart.

A conservationist. Passionate
about protecting animals.

Yeah, yet cruel to her sister, apparently.

Planning her wedding, yet already married.

No-one except Alice has a
bad word to say about her,

but someone wanted her dead.


Eyes front, everyone.

Now, then, five weeks ago,

Gemma and Ryan suddenly
brought their wedding forward.


There's one obvious
reason to hurry a wedding.

- No. Tony said she wasn't pregnant.
- I've looked at her search history.

She Googled the window for
taking the morning-after pill.

Did she? When was this?

She searched for it on the 3rd of March.

Do we know where Ryan was then?

Beginning of March...

he posted on Facebook about
having two weeks in Bristol.

Visiting family, by the looks of it.

Right, well, double-check that.

Because if you are right, our
Gemma was cheating on him.

The question is... who with.

There's only these two
fellas on the island.

- Peter and Jamil.
- Mm.

And it's Jamil who's being sent
to the office all the time...

.. and I think we now know why.

I don't think I can add much more

than what I said in my witness statement.

I was working on the north
end of the island all day,

hardly saw anyone.

No, actually we wanted to talk
to you about Gemma's husband Ryan.

- Her fiance.
- No, husband and wife.

Married on the 16th of April.

That can't be right. She would have...

Why not?

Ah, because of your relationship with her?

You were in a relationship
with her, weren't you?

It had been over for about
two months. Her decision.

So were Gemma and Ryan
having problems, then?

Not problems, really.

But there's familiarity, isn't there?

Guess she went with the safe option.

Or she just felt guilty.

And yet there you were, stuck in
each other's pockets on that island.

Is that why Sophia had you
working over here on the mainland?

I didn't think she knew, but
maybe she noticed something.

I saw another side to Gemma
after she broke it off.

How do you mean?

Just stuff I'd said to her.
She threw it back at me.

Once she knew your weaknesses,
she wasn't afraid to go there.

Vicki can vouch for Jamil
through till morning.

If anyone went back for the body
overnight, I'd say it was Ryan.

Are you even listening?

Jamil's the second person to say
Gemma could be a little bit nasty.

They had just broken up.

Yeah, I know. But there's something else.

There's another version
of Gemma we're not seeing.

Have you come to tell me who killed Gemma?

Oh, not yet.

Then can it wait? I'm getting the
boat ready to sell. I'm done.

Well, I'll make this quick,
then. There's no easy way to ask.

Were you aware that
Gemma had had an affair?

With Jamil? Yes, I know.

- When did you find out?
- She told me about it.

And I forgave her. Next question?

You forgave her? What, just like that?

- Never even mentioned it to Jamil?
- It was a fling.

End of the day, she chose
me, and he knew that.

I didn't feel the need
to discuss it with him.

Is that why you got married
earlier? Lay it all to rest?

Why didn't you tell anyone?

We were still gonna do
the big marquee thing.

But, yeah, I just wanted
her to be my wife.

Yeah, but it was your
idea to bring it forward?

- Gemma was happy with it too.
- Happy? What, with no friends?

- No family at all at her wedding?
- It's what we wanted.

Her sister seems to think
that you were controlling --

stirring things, isolating
her from her family.

Alice made that happen all by herself.

And at the end of it all,
you own half the farm.

If you're accusing me,
just come out and say it.

I'm not accusing you.

But I will ask you again,
apart from the texts you sent,

did you have any contact
with your wife on Tuesday?


If your wife turns up dead, and
you knew she had an affair,

you'd tell the police, wouldn't you?

- No matter how proud you are.
- You would think so, wouldn't you?

- Ma'am. - Hicham, see
if you can track down

ex-girlfriends of Ryan
Campbell and Jamil Carter.

Find out if either of them had
ever been violent towards them.

Will do, but Peter Haden...

I think I know why we
couldn't find anything on him.

- Why?
- His real name's Tom Jervis.

And he's done time.

- What's he done time for?
- Serious history of violence.

He was in for bottling
a lad outside a club.

I tracked down Tom's probation officer

and he said Gemma left him
a voicemail on Tuesday,

- wanting to discuss a serious issue about Tom.
- Do we know what about?

Her voicemail didn't say,
but she sounded upset.

Fancy another boat trip? Have
a little chat with Peter?

Or Tom, or whatever it
is he's calling himself.

Peter Haden, AKA Tom Jervis, is he around?

I assume you do know he's Tom Jervis.

He's surveying the tern nests over there.

Right. You go.

I've got a few questions
for Dr Ashbrook here.

- I know I should have said something.
- Yes, you should.

He's been here five months, and
he hasn't put a foot wrong.

So you thought you'd control the flow
of information in a murder inquiry.

I didn't want him to be judged unfairly.

He was involved with some
bad people in Newcastle.

He's trying to distance himself.

Anyone else know about this?

Just me and Gemma. She was mentoring him.

Any problems between them?

They got on well.

Only she left a message for his
probation officer the day she died,

saying there was some
sort of issue with Tom.

- Do you know anything about that?
- Not at all.

Gemma should've spoken to me
before doing anything like that.

And the judge said what?

They said it was joint enterprise,
but the whole trial was a joke.

I wasn't even close enough to
touch the guy when it kicked off.

But the judge didn't like my face, so...

And you've got no idea why Gemma would've
been calling your probation officer?

If I knew, I'd tell you. But I don't.

Can you remember what you were doing

between four and five o'clock on Tuesday?

I was on my own, doing this. I
do it the same time every day.

- What time is it now?
- About half past four.

There you gan.

- What about the evening?
- Pub for Sophia's thing.

I left at 8:30, stayed in one
of the bedrooms upstairs.

You're the first 19-year-old I've
met who leaves a pub at 8:30.

It was my probation officer's idea --

always leave by nine o'clock or
two pints, whichever comes first.

I thought I was doing the right
thing. I won't bother next time.

That sculpture... Did
Caroline Andersen make it?

- So you've met the Andersens.
- Yeah, I spoke to them this morning.

So you were with Gemma
and Davy when it happened?

For all the good it did.

I should've checked his line,

but he was the most experienced
climber out of all of us.

What went wrong?

We'd spotted a Brunnich's
Guillemot down there --

incredibly rare, so he was rushing.

I saw him go over, and then
the line just unravelled.

Do you think there's a connection between
Davy's accident and Gemma's death?

Gemma's was a random attack, surely?

Have you ever felt threatened
by Gareth or Caroline Andersen?

Not threatened, no. But...

At the inquest, Gemma and I stood up there

and said Davy's death was
caused by his own error.

That can't be an easy thing to hear.

Oh, beautiful, isn't it?

My dad brought me here every
summer when I was little.

Oh, I hated it.

He was only here to steal the birds' eggs.

It was my life for almost 30 years.

But you have to know
when it's the right time.

So apart from yourself,

Gemma was the longest serving
Ranger, is that right?

She came to us straight from university.

Yeah, you'd have thought she'd want
to be at your retirement party.

Someone had to stay. She
drew the short straw.

You told me she volunteered.

It's a turn of phrase.

I've got a whole team of
officers down at the station

sifting through every
aspect of that girl's life.

May take time, but things
surface. They always do.

If I knew something that
could help, I'd tell you.


What did he have to say for himself?

Very defensive, borderline aggressive.

Claims there was no reason for Gemma
to call his probation officer.

She went over Sophia's head to
make that call. She had a reason.

I need you to come and get me.

- Oh! What kept you?
- Charming!

Go on, get them down you.

I can't get past that Nest Cam.

I mean the camera's pointed
at the jetty all night.

There should be something on it.

Kenny's been through it. Ryan's
boat leaves at five, then nothing.

The killer must have found
a way to avoid the camera.


Come on, I paid good money for these.

In the church.

I didn't know you were that
way inclined. You know, the...

I'm not... Not any more.

Not after I discovered football and girls.

- No, it's just habit.
- Yeah, you can laugh,

but your bairn will be there soon.

Wish I could be around
a bit more, that's all.

- What are you still doing here, then?
- I didn't mean it like that.

Well, I do. Go on, hop it!



Altar boy, were you?

Eat your chips.


You been here all night?

Oh, that footage.

I thought perhaps it'd been tampered
with, so I had to look at it myself,

- put my mind at rest.
- And did it?

You see that lot, all going off to
Sophia's party, and then nothing.

Nothing comes, nothing goes.

- All bloody night.
- I don't understand.

Hicham spoke to dozens of
fishermen and the harbour master,

and they all swear
there's no other way on.

Oh, so that's it, case closed.
The body moved all by itself!

What about that dinghy?
Can SOCO give us anything?

- No, there's nothing yet.
- Great.

I didn't get much sleep
either, thanks for asking.

Up all night screaming.

- Who? You or the bairn?
- He gave up about four.

Started going through these.

Sent items from Gemma's work email.

I thought this was a bit strange.

She sent Sophia the same
photo three days in a row.

No message attached until the last one.

"By Friday." What does that mean?

And when did Sophia resign?

See, that's the thing. She sent her
resignation letter that same Friday.

Mark? Find out where Sophia
Ashbrook is working today,

the office or the island.

She didn't strike me as
one for early retirement.

You think Gemma was pushing
her out of the job?

Well, it would explain why she
didn't go to her retirement do.

They both knew something
about Davy's death,

and I think that is Gemma using it.

Sophia and Gemma gave identical
evidence at the inquest.

If Sophia lied, then Gemma lied.

Maybe the Andersens are right.
Maybe there was a cover-up.

Ma'am, they don't know where she is.

She left the island just after you
spoke to her yesterday afternoon.

Michael Hogarth came to get her.

Check if she's got a car on the mainland.

Aiden, with me.

She phoned me at 4:46.

I must have picked her up in the
boat about quarter past five.

- Did she say where she was going? - No.

I just dropped her off at the harbour.

She said she had one
last thing to sort out.

- But she didn't say what?
- I didn't like to ask.

She was a bit wound up. She
lives and breathes that island.

I never thought she'd retire. Never.

We're looking for Sophia, Vicki, love.

She popped in yesterday.

Said she'd be in this morning,
but I haven't seen her.

Can you take us through what
she did when she came in?

Er, she was on the computer.

- Can you...
- I used to know her login.

The night Gemma died, you and
Jamil slept here, is that right?

- Yeah.
- Together?

I don't usually do that
sort of thing, but...


- Jamil had had an affair
with Gemma. - Gemma?

Ah, you didn't know that?


Look, I'm-I'm sorry, she must
be using a different password.

Well, I'll lay odds on
this. Try that. Puffin 345.

I'm always forgetting the
bloody things myself.

Go to the last page she looked at.

Accessed at 5:57. It's
an emergency contact form.

Davy Andersen.

She's gone to see his parents.

We need to call the Andersens, warn them.

She's not going to hurt them.

If this is to do with Davy's accident and Gemma
was blackmailing her, then that's huge motive.

Sophia had resigned by
the time Gemma died.

You don't kill to protect
something you've already given up.

Sophia's never been to
this house. Why would she?

Is your husband at home?
Perhaps he's seen her.

He's always at home. Although,
miraculously, he is at work today.

Yeah. You've been forced to sell?

It's all catching up with us now.

He'll have us living
on that bloody island.

Is it Gareth who always
wants to go over there?

He'd stand for days at
that memorial if I let him.

I had to walk away in the end.

This was on Tuesday? You
left Gareth on his own?

Only for 20 minutes. He
was back for the boat.

And overnight?

We argued. I got a taxi back here.

And Gareth stayed in Ambersea alone?

Sophia's phone's been located.

She's in Newcastle, north
end of Deneside Road.

Give it here.

All right, this way. Quickly!
All officers in attendance.

Easy now. That's it.

Mr Andersen?

- I'm in the middle of a lesson.
- Can't wait, I'm afraid.

We've got CCTV. You can look
at that if you don't believe me.

Well, thank you. I'll have a
look at that now, if I can.

You're wasting your time.
Sophia wouldn't come here.

She's like Gemma, too
ashamed to show her face.

And my officers will need a full
set of keys to search the premises.

- Why are you looking for her, anyway?
- Can't tell you that, pet.

You expect to search my
business without a warrant

and you won't even tell
me what this is about?

Ma'am? We've found something.


Found it under the car.

Dr Sophia Ashbrook.

Well, something happened
to Sophia Ashbrook

between yesterday
afternoon and this morning.

I'm running out of ways
to say I haven't seen her.

Mm. And her mobile was
found near your premises,

along with her credit cards and ID.

Whatever's happened to her
is nothing to do with me.

Plus we have a statement from a colleague saying
they had to cover your beginners rope course

when you disappeared last night.

I needed to clear my head.

I went for a walk.

Did you encounter Sophia
Ashbrook during that walk?



Tell me again about your movements
on Tuesday afternoon and evening.

I thought I was here to talk about Sophia.

Ah, well, just answer the question.

We were on Ternstone all day. Then
we stayed in Ambersea overnight.

We? So you weren't on your own.

I've been over this. I was with my wife.

- The entire time?
- The entire time.

So why does your wife say you
spent time alone at the memorial

and she was back home
in Newcastle overnight?

Mr Andersen?

So who's lying? You or your missus?

We had an argument and
she went home without me.

I didn't think it was
anyone else's business.

You accused two women of
lying at your son's inquest.

Now one of them's dead and
the other one's missing.

- No. - You made frequent trips to
the island where both women work.

You blame Gemma and Sophia for
your son's death, don't you?

And you was there looking for
proof. And did you find some proof?

Is that why Gemma's dead
and Sophia's missing?

You've no alibi for Tuesday night,
and you've lied about your movements!

That's how I spent Tuesday night.

Call that number.

They're a suicide helpline.

- Did you leave your name?
- No, but they might remember me.

I talked about Davy,

about the first time I took him
climbing when he was a lad.

He was terrified.

But I helped him get over it.

I wish I never had.

That's why I need proof.

I have to believe it was their fault.

Because if they're not to blame...

Even if we confirm he made the calls,

does that really give him an alibi?

Well, it depends on the
location of the phone.

And the exact timing of the calls.

Ma'am, they've found Sophia.
She's in the hospital.

Well, you've been in the wars.

Something like that.

Do you mind if I stay for a few minutes?

You were found near the climbing centre.

I thought it was time
to stop avoiding 'em.

I remember feeling dizzy and I must
have fallen and then I woke up here.

So you were going to tell him
the truth about his son's death?

We found the emails Gemma sent you.

It wasn't all a lie. Davy was rushing.

But it was my mistake.

I thought I tied it properly.

I thought I'd checked it.

My aunty had Parkinson's.
I am sorry, love.

I didn't realise at the time.

Did Gemma see you tie the knot?

She wasn't even there.
She was in the lighthouse.

- So why say she was there?
- I panicked.

- I said it was Davy's mistake.
- And she believed you?

When his parents started asking questions,

she offered to back me up.

So when did the blackmail start?

I passed out in the kitchen
a few weeks ago and she saw.

- And so you told her everything.
- I thought she'd understand.

Did you argue with her on
Tuesday? Did it escalate?

Of course not. I gave her
what she wanted. I resigned.

Do you think Gemma told Davy's
dad that you'd both lied?

No. But if you think he's
done something, I need to know.

He's no threat to you in here, Sophia.

But I'm gonna have to turn this new
information over to the coroner.

It doesn't matter now. It's all gone.

It matters to the Andersens.

They lost their boy.

Helen's just checked his phone records.

He made seven calls to that number
on Tuesday night, all from Ambersea.

Would he have had time to get
across to the island in between?

No, it would be incredibly tight.

Well, I've had to let him go either
way. I've nothing to charge him with.

Custody sergeant will be
relieved. The cells are rammed.

He reckons it's a full-moon thing.


It was a full moon last night, wasn't it?

We always get more arrests.

Well, it's true. They did this study.

- That's why there's nothing
on that camera. - What?

That Nest Cam. Get it up on your thingy.

Now, Tuesday night, we should be
looking at an almost full moon.

- Right?
- Yeah.

But what we've got is a crescent.

Well, the last waxing crescent
was a week ago, at least.

Someone has switched that footage.
That middle section is not Tuesday.

It's been replaced by
footage from another night.

Now get the Geek Squad onto that island.

I want that missing bit found.

- And Tom Jervis.
- Tom?

Yeah, well, he's no alibi,
he's a history of violence,

and he's the one running that camera.

Sorry, er, what's this about?

Oh, just something I need Tom's help with.

Or Peter, as you'd call him.

Yeah, I know. He's out there in a kayak.

- You should've passed him on the way in.
- No. Didn't see him.

He told us the Zodiac was
the only boat on the island.

Well, he uses the kayak for cliff counts.

I'd say he's headed for the mainland.

Nice day for a paddle.

- What are you doing?
- Nothing.

Three miles in a kayak?
That's not nothing.

It's not against the law, either.

- We need to speak to you down at
the station. - I can't come now.

About that footage. Fake, wasn't it?

- This is harassment.
- Yeah, come on, son.

Cocaine cut with vitamin C powder.

And in addition to Tom's prints,
we've got a match for Gemma's.

We now know why she was
calling his probation officer.

Who does this third set belong to?

Ah, they belong to this
guy -- Ben Copeland.

Convictions for GBH, supply, and,
in March, conspiracy to import.

He seems to be part of a gang
Tom had links to in Newcastle.

- Right, now that's all
in here, is it? - Yep.

- Kenny, ETA on that footage?
- It's uploading now.

Cheers for that.

You were right, ma'am.

The tech team are saying that
part of that footage was switched.

But anyone could have done it.

There's no pin code, there's no anything.

Yeah, but what we've got now is
definitely from Tuesday night?

Oh, the guys are positive.

Ma'am, Tom Jervis's solicitor's
here. They're ready for us.

Divide that footage up between
you and make watching it

- your number-one priority.
- Yes, ma'am.

What did your missus
think of your heroics?

Very impressed!

Three sets of prints, including
yours and this fella's.

You know him, don't you?

- No comment.
- Old mate of yours from Newcastle.

Hobbies include bringing
drugs into the UK.

No comment.

Or perhaps you just pull it ashore
and pass it onto the nice tourists.

- No comment.
- Yes, I know, no comment.

Well, the Drug Squad will
be talking to you soon.

You can save your no comments for them.

Because I'm more interested
in that third set of prints,

belonging to Gemma Wyatt.

I never touched Gemma.

Gemma found that package, didn't she?

And you knew, if she told the police,
you'd be straight back inside.

I wasn't anywhere near her.

You've no alibi for the
time of her murder.

You left that party early, and
you were in control of that camera

that was tampered with
to conceal evidence.

I never done that.

Look, I paddle out to the
buoy, I collect the gear

- and I hold onto it. That's all.
- Yet her prints are here.

She found it, but she
wasn't gonna say anything.

She knew how hard I was
trying to get away.

- From your mates in Newcastle?
- They're not my mates.

I thought one of them was.
Told him where I was working.

And he shows up. Believe
me, if I'd had any choice.

But I've got a little sister.

Gemma tried to speak to
your probation officer,

and you were desperate to stop her.

I didn't know she'd done that.

She promised she wouldn't,
if I never did it again.

- I said I'd get rid of it.
- Ah, but yet here it is.

That's 50 grand. You know what
they'd do to us if I threw it away?

That's why I left the pub on Tuesday,

try and give it to Ben myself.

So what happened?

There was police at the
train station at Newcastle,

and you lot were all over the
island, so I was trying again today.

You had to do two things
to keep out of jail --

get rid of that package and silence Gemma.

Please! I couldn't kill anyone.

I know people who could. That's
why I was trying to get away.

I thought I had a chance.

It's a sob story. He's
angry, he's violent.

No, he's a stupid 19-year-old
who's just ruined his life.

- You're not ruling him out?
- No.

But I bet the cameras at
Newcastle Train Station will.

- Ma'am?
- Get Hicham onto it. What?

We've got 'em.

- At 2:46am.
- Bull's-eye.

And again at 3:37am.

They're on their way back out,
towing the Rangers' dinghy.

Can you enhance this?

It's no good, you can't make them out.

No, that here. The registration number.


BK372. Ex-fishing boat.

Yeah, who's it registered to?

Michael Hogarth.

Michael's boat doesn't necessarily
equal Michael, though, does it?

No, but there were no lights on the boat.

Whoever was at the helm
knew what they were doing.

Are you thinking Ryan?

Oh, I honestly don't know. But if it
was Michael, we're missing something.

He didn't kill that lass because
she told him off about his drinking.

- Oh, tell 'em to wrap it up.
- Lads!

And put out an ANPR trace on all vehicles

owned by Michael Hogarth
and Ryan Campbell.

Does Michael's house have a garage?

I'm warning you, Ryan.

I'm not here to upset you.

I've got some of Gemma's stuff
from when you were kids.

Leave me alone, or I'll
call the police. I swear.

What is your problem with me?

She was all I had. And you took her away.


- Can you smell that?
- Bleach.

That's been cleaned.


- Everything OK?
- That is your dad's boat?

Yeah. Why?

We just have a few more questions
for him, love. In here, is he?

I think he's gone to bed. Dad?

Mr Hogarth?


- What is it? What's wrong?
- There, love.

- We really do need to find him.
- Oh, God.

Can you try him on your mobile for us?

And check ANPR again.

- 'Michael Hogarth...'
- Dad, it's me.

Can you call me, please? I'm worried.

- We will find him.
- Ma'am.

We've got a sighting of his
vehicle near Wyatt Farm.

- Wyatt Farm? - You wait here,
love, in case he comes back.


- DCI Stanhope.
- 'It's Alice Wyatt.'

It's Ryan. He came to the door
earlier, and he's outside again.

'Now stay calm, love.
Are you sure it's him?'

He's not gonna stop until I agree to sell.


Alice, are you there?

DS Healy. I need an armed
response to Wyatt Farm immediately.

Alice, you need to let me make that safe.

- Ma'am.
- We're looking for an intruder.

Search the whole area.

Let's get inside.

There were headlights near the field.

Then I thought I saw a
fire behind the trees.

Did you actually see Ryan?

No, but it was definitely him earlier.

He left that on the doorstep.

Whatever it was, it seems to have gone.

He's trying to freak me out.

He comes onto my property at
night, he lets my sheep on the road.

And I'm not supposed to do anything?

You and Gemma were at
school with Beth Hogarth?

Beth and Gemma were in the same year. Why?

Was she cruel? Did she bully her?

They used to be friends. Then they
fell out about something and...

Did Beth's dad know that
Gemma was bullying her?

I've no idea.

- There! Look. I told you.
- In the lower field.

Now, you stay here, love.

Sorry. I think I frightened her.

I'm not trying to upset anyone.

I just like to sit here,
remember my little girl.


It was anorexia, wasn't it?

She was 14. This is the last place
I remember seeing her happy.

Right, well, how many
of these have you taken?

I came to collect her one Sunday,
messing about in that old truck.

Pretending to drive it.

- Michael, how many?
- None.

- Not yet.
- Call an ambulance.

Michael, I need you to stay conscious
and I need you talking to me.

You blame Gemma for what happened
to your daughter, don't you?

Because she bullied her.

After their mother left, I was
raising two girls on my own.

Beth was so beautiful, but...

.. Gemma did something to my little girl.

And I couldn't undo it.

Why'd you wait over a decade?

I found her diary.

So you got her alone on that
island, and you drowned her?

How'd she get that injury on her head?

I dropped her getting into the boat.


I told you not to come.

You leave me a note like
that, of course I'll come!

Victoria. It's fine.

- We need to get him inside.
- All right, come on.

- Come on.
- One, two, three.

Come on, Michael. Nice and steady.

I need you to take me through
what happened from the beginning.

I knew where to find Gemma.

She was up on the cliffs near the pond.

I made sure there was no-one else around.

Do we really have to put
him through this right now?

Look, I know it's difficult.

I remember what you said
to me in the church --

when you lose a child, it's
hard to come back from that.

And I expect it's the same when
you lose a sister. Isn't it?

Is that why your dad's lying to me?

No, I...

You told me you dropped Gemma when
you were putting her in the boat,

but we know she got her
head injury before she died.

And I think you can tell us what
happened there, can't you, love?

She was with Jamil Carter all
night. She didn't do anything.

Dad... they obviously know.

Please, Vicki. It's not what we agreed.

It was my fault from the beginning.

I should've told someone about the
bullying, but Beth made me promise.

- I'm sorry.
- You were 12.

And you felt this triggered her
illness, hm? Is that right?

Beth didn't "develop" an eating
disorder. Gemma gave it to her.

She destroyed Beth. She
literally reduced her to nothing.

So you got that job on
the island to get revenge?

But I needed her to understand
that she caused it all.

She's the reason I left
school with no GCSEs.

She's the reason he's
drinking himself to death.

And after Gemma finished her Ranger talk,

you followed her and you attacked her.

No! I wanted to have it
out with her, that's all.

But she laughed in me face.

Actually laughed.

She said it wasn't her fault
if some people are messed up.

I don't really know
what happened after that.

You might not have planned it,
but you knew what you were doing.

You held her head under the water
until she stopped struggling,

and then you dragged her
to the observation hut.

I had to do something.

Davy's parents were up there somewhere.

They would have seen
the body straight away.

You needed her sitting in that hut

because you knew Ryan would be able
to see her there from his boat.

You wanted everyone to
think she was still alive.

I didn't know what else to do.

Then you went to the pub and
made sure everybody saw you.

Even went as far as sleeping with Jamil,

so your entire time was accounted for.

And meanwhile, there's Dad
turning himself into an accessory.

She didn't ask me to do it.

I found her in the garage, crying.

I've failed my girls all my life.

I... I just wanted to make things right.

You didn't fail us.

Victoria Hogarth, I am arresting
you for the murder of Gemma Wyatt.

You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defence

if you do not mention, when questioned,

something you later rely on in court.

Anything you say may be given
in evidence. Do you understand?

Michael Hogarth, I'm arresting you
for being an accessory to murder.

You don't have to say anything, but it may
harm your defence if you do not mention...

Well, we can leave them to clear up.

You can have what's left of the weekend.

- You all right?
- Yeah. Yeah, sorry.

I keep thinking about
this mate I had at school.

He was really clever, into computers.

But... all the lads used
to give him a hard time.

I tried to stick up for him.

Well, sometimes it's easier
to keep your head down.

Mind you, last I heard he moved to
America, runs his own tech company.

One of the lucky ones, then.

Bet he still remembers
that bullying, though.

Oh, Aiden! Come here.

Something for you in there. Go on.

- Pasta bake? - Not as good
as your cheesy pasta, mind,

- but...
- Cheers.

Well, off you go, then.