Vera (2011–…): Season 6, Episode 4 - Episode #6.4 - full transcript

Up there.

- In the hold.
- Are you sure it's him?


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"The Sea Glass"
Season 6 - Episode 04

Why isn't the Guarda Costeira dealing with

harbor master
wanted you down here.

Crew were out fishing.

Found the body
tangled up in a trawl net.

So where is the harbor master?

Frank McAffee.

Says he can ID the body.

Well, that saves us a job at least.

DCI Vera Stanhope.
Now, this is your patch.

That's right. The skipper called in
the office before he came into port.

It's this way.

You told DS Healy
you know who this fella is.

Tommy Stonnall.

His family owns
one of the trawlers here.

They've got two lads -
Steve and Lee.

- They're out at sea now.
- And was this Tommy out with them?


No, he's been missing for a few

Your lot have been looking for him.

That's why I thought you should be

I'll get on to Missing Persons.

The boys have been informed.

The boat's heading back in.


OK, we'll take it from here.

The skipper isn't happy,

He wants to unload the catch.

Tell him they'll just have to wait.

Listen, they get paid for their
share of the catch

which, at the moment, is rotting in
that hold.

Six days at sea. Tired, hungry,
stinking of fish.

All right.

- Kenny.
- Ma'am.

Just get statements

and we'll let you
go home as soon as we can.

- All right?
- Right.

- Marcus?
- Come in.

- Morning.
- Morning.

Will you be done before
this catch turns?

They're worried they'll lose out.

I don't intend on staying
down here for long,

let's put it that way.

- I hate the smell of fish.
- Was he found like this?

No, they cut him out from the nets
and wrapped him in this tarpaulin.

We know he's local. A fisherman.

Fell overboard?

Ah, someone would have called it in.

How long's he been dead?

The epidermis is still tight.

Got rigor mortis in the jaw,
in the neck.

I'd guess around 24 hours
before he was pulled out of the sea.

So, what?
Saturday night into Sunday.

Cause of death?

Well, I'm thinking...
drowning, hypothermia.

Only the harbor master thinks
there might be something suspicious.

Maybe suicide.
He isn't wearing shoes.

They could have come off in the

What's this head wound?
The sea's been pretty rough.

Torso could have been
bashed on the rocks,

dragged along the seabed.

There's no broken bones
from what I can see

but the PM will tell us more.

He'll degrade quickly
now he's out of the water.

Well, you'd better get him
bagged up then.

The sooner the better.

Get yourself a shower.

So, what do we know?

Disappeared six weeks ago.

The family gave a statement.

Said he had a bit
of a breakdown.

The missing person's
case is ongoing

but there's no
leads to speak of.

So, missing six weeks, dead 24 hours.

Where was he in the meantime?

Your dad was officially missing.

You filed a report,
what, six weeks ago?

We'd been out at sea for four days
over Dogger Bank.

Just came back to find out he'd

No warning. Not a word to anyone.

It was Frank who told us he was

What, the harbor master?

We left it a couple of days then
called the police.

And how was your dad,
you know, in himself

before he went missing?

- We'd barely seen him.
- And why was that, love?

We lost our mam three years ago.


Things just got on top of him,
you know.

Drinking a fair bit.

The house was repossessed.
Got behind on the payments.

He wasn't working then?

He hadn't been out on
the boat this past year.

So where was your dad living
if the house had been repossessed?

He'd stayed at my aunt's for a bit.

Then he'd been
dossing down here.

They offer you a
bed if you need it.

I'll talk to the chaplain.
See what he's got to say.


why did neither of you put him up?

He said he didn't want to be a

He was proud, you know.

Where were the pair of you on
Saturday night into Sunday morning?

At home.

Lee and I had a few beers.

I did the accounts.

I wanted the bills paid
before we went back to sea.

Only we think your dad could
have been dead for 24 hours

when they found him.

Where had he been all this time?

That's what I'm going to find out.

Jack told me.

I'm Anna Marshbrook. I'm family.

- Do you know how it happened?
- No. There'll be a postmortem.

Just can't believe he's...

Frank's suggesting
a book of condolence... people can pay their respects.

It's a bit late for that.

Are we done here?

For now.

Tommy was my brother-in-law.
Married to my sister.

Him and my husband
used to run the trawler together.

And where will we find your husband?

Well, you wouldn't.
We lost him in '93.

What happened to him?

The sea took him.

Tommy tried to save him but...

Well, he couldn't reach him.
The swell was too strong.

Well, that's a brave thing to have

Yes, well...

..he was a different
man back then.

I'm sorry you're having
to see this, pet.

No, it's...
it's all right.

I think it was losing my sister that
did for him.

She was the rock.

After she died, well,

we all did what we could but...

..the lads were shattered.

Where's the justice in this, eh?

Losing a mam and dad in three years.

All right, Mam?

This is my son Jack.

Didn't I see you on the trawler?

Yeah, first mate.

He's out every hour God sends.

They're at sea more than at home,
this lot.

- And where's home?
- St Mary's Island.

Very nice.

- Quiet.
- That's how she likes it.

And Tommy stayed with you for a
while, is that right?

For a while, yeah.

then he upped sticks.

I don't know where he went.

Do you think Tommy
could have been suicidal?

If you'd asked me that a year ago
I'd have given you a no.

He was a fighter.

He got knocked,
he got back up again.

I think what might have
tipped him over is the fire.

What fire's that?

there was a blaze at Connocks.

Fish market.

18 months back.
It was the October.

The police never
pressed charges.

Yeah, but what's the fire
got to do with Tommy?

There were these rumours that he'd
started it.

It was the gossip that got to him the

People he'd known all his life

believing he could
do a thing like that.

There's no proof he did it.

The Connocks were just looking
for someone to blame.

He was just an easy target.

Who are these Connocks?

Brother and sister. Ellie and

52, 54. Don't be shy other there.
Come over here.

56, 58, 60.

60 again. 62, 64, 65.

65 in the right corner here.

Rob Fisheries.
That'll do.

Are you still in, Gary, or are you

I would say cause of death
was a fractured skull

but no fractures
to the arms or legs.

Didn't fall from any height

No, nothing that tells us
how he ended up in the water.

Early signs of decomposition
around the fingers and the toes.

They found food in his stomach
and small intestine,

partially digested so confirms time
of death.

- Saturday night?
- Early Sunday morning.

What about his tox screen?

Minimal traces of alcohol in his

Well, not enough
to say he was drunk anyway.

Although his tolerance for the booze
would have been pretty high.

Cirrhosis of the liver
and thread veins.

Seasoned drinker.

A troubled soul, by all accounts.

Key thing is, no water in the lungs
and no salt in the blood.

So dead before he hit the water.

Yes. And I'd say it's a suspicious

Don't look so pleased.

Tommy Stonnall.
Pulled out of the North Sea.

He died of a cracked head -

we think the result
of an assault

sometime over the weekend.

Now, Aiden, what do we know about

Trawlerman for the last 30 years.

Currently not working
due to some kind of breakdown.

Was reported missing
six weeks ago.

Whereabouts still unknown.

His oldest son, Steve Stonnall,
he runs the business.

Decent skipper, by all accounts.

What about the other son?
Lee, was it?

Bit of a jack the lad is the
impression I get.

Helps on the boat when he feels like

There's also a cousin -
first mate Jack Marshbrook.

Are we treating the family
as potential suspects?

No-one's ruled in, no-one's ruled

Now, what do we know about this fire
at the fish market?

Suspected arson. October 2014.

One fatality.

- There was a fatality?
- Market owner Joe Connock.

Tommy was questioned
at the time

but the case was dropped
due to a lack of evidence.

Why was he in the frame?

From reading the report
I'd say it's inconclusive.

This bloke who died in the fire,
his son, Jay,

was convinced
that Tommy was responsible.

Bad blood between the families
going back donkey's years.

But nothing substantial?

Trace of accelerant?

- No.
- So just gossip, hm?

Well, it could be relevant...might
not be.

But it still doesn't explain

where he's been
for the last six weeks.

Is there anything else we need to
know, hm?

Kenny, anything special at the

Not as far as we can see, ma'am.

There was a benefit on the Friday

A fishermen's fundraiser down on the

So a lot of fishing folk would have
been there.

Yeah, but nobody seems to have seen

Now, if this was an assault
someone came across him.

Right, mobile phones,
bank statements, vehicle checks.

And number one question -
where's been his hidey hole?

Just because Missing
Persons drew a blank

doesn't mean we have to.

Now, Hicham, I want you to get
down to the harbor first thing.

Routine questions. And now, listen.

It's an unexplained death.
Have you got that?

- Ma'am.
- In a place full of gossipmongers,

we don't want to stoke it,
not when it's one of their own.

Appreciate your time. Thanks a lot.
That's great.

Why are you talking to these lot?

We're asking everyone.
That's how we work.

But they're from abroad.
They won't know nothing.

You never know what people notice.
It spreads the net.

- Are you taking the piss?
- No.

No, I'm just saying
we know what we're doing.

- Trust us.
- Have you done a whatsit then?

An... autopsy?

- Yeah, course.
- What's it say?

- I can't tell you.
- What do you mean? It's my dad.

Yeah, but I'm afraid I can't comment,
just for now.

What did you find?
What are you covering up?

- There's no cover-up.
Did someone kill him?

Is that it?

We're keeping all possibilities open.

Aye, that's it though, isn't it?

And you've not even bothered to tell

- Are you all right?
- I've only had two hours' kip.

- Colic.
- A fizzy drink will shift that.

Not me, the baby.

Kept me up all night.

Well, talk to the fishermen,
movements on Saturday night.

Then meet me in the fish market.

Get yourself a coffee.

You're the detective in charge,
aren't you?

I am, yes.

Are the Stonnalls going out this

- Are you a skipper?
- Aye.

- Which is your boat then?
- The Sunbeam.

The big one.
Michael Quinn.

Was Tommy a friend of yours?

No, I wouldn't say that.

We worked the same route for 20
years, but not together.

I know him from round here.

So, what was your impression of him?

He's been down on his luck
for the past few years.

Then again, show me a fisherman
that hasn't been at some point.

It's getting cut-throat out there,

Blame Brussels or the ozone
layer, what have you.

mais aopto

- Is that the feeling?
- Afraid so.

To be honest I think
he lost his bottle...

after his wife died.

He kind of lost his edge.
It's understandable.

What about this accusation of arson?
Do you know about that?

It's total bull.

I wouldn't believe any of the
rumours you hear around here.

You want to get that lot delivered,
pet, while it's still fresh.

Sr. Connock?

My turn, is it?

I hear Tommy wasn't exactly
on your Christmas card list.

Yeah, I won't be shedding any tears,
put it that way.

Why do you think Tommy started the

I just know he did it,
sure as you're stood there.

Yeah, but why?

What do you know
that we didn't find?

All I know is he got away with
murder and that's enough.

Look, I've said my piece.

Actually, I'm glad he's gone.

Is that what you came for?

Sr. Connock,
can I ask you...

..where were you on Saturday?

Afternoon - here.

Evening - we had a fundraising
benefit. Why?


I'm having none of that.

- Get out of my way.
- I'm not going anywhere, son.

It's between me and him.

This had nothing to do with us.

- Yeah, right.
- Put down the knife.

Make you feel better,
will it?

after a long spell inside?

That's where you'll be going
if you so much as touch him

with that knife.

You didn't even tell us
he'd been murdered.

I don't know how your dad died.

What are you talking to him for?

But this isn't the answer,
is it?

This won't bring him back.

But I will find you the answer...

if you just give me the space
I need to do my job.


And that's a promise.

This isn't your fight, son.

Put the knife down.

Come on.
Just put it on the floor.

That's it.

Let me take him home.

- Please.
- I'm sorry.

I can't overlook an
incident with a weapon.

I promise I'll keep an eye on him.

He's not himself.

He's not slept for 24 hours.

All right. I'll put this down
to mitigating circumstances.

Now, get him out of my sight
before I change my mind.

Go and wait in the car.
Just leave it, Lee!

- Is he right though?
- What?

- Was Dad murdered?
- We don't know.

So why are you talking to Connock?

Because clearly he's
a person of interest.

Now, please, take your brother home
and leave this to us.

I won't ask you again.

It's my fault.
He got me into a corner.

Outwitted by a bereaved

That's very impressive.

Now, can I trust you to take care of


That could have got nasty.

Well, let's keep a uniformed presence
down here.

Sr. Connock says he wants to press


That's all we need.

I'll tell you later.

I understand you want
to press charges?

- Yeah.
- Are you sure about that?

- Yeah.
-You see what we've had to deal with?

Listen, the lad's just lost his dad.

- He's angry.
- We lost our dad.

We're not running around waving

Do you want to tell me
a little bit more about that?

Well, two sudden deaths
in two years,

small locality.

What do you want to know?

Just start at the beginning, eh?

A phone call, middle of the night.

Police saying get
down the harbor.

I reckon you could have seen
the smoke a mile out at sea.

Flames through the roof.

There was nothing doing, was there?

All we could do was stand there
and watch it burn.

It didn't even cross our minds
that he could be in there.

Don't know if he tried to tackle

They didn't find his body for three

just look at this place.

You've done good to pick up the

She's the one who's done it.

It's always the women
sort things out round here.

What makes you so sure Tommy started

Him and Dad had a huge fallout just

Vicious, it was.

Tommy said my dad had been fixing

- And was he?
- No.

Tommy let the business
slide after his wife died.

Blamed everybody but himself for his

He spent most of his time
getting pissed in the pub.

They all fell in line with it
though, didn't they?

We just wanted to put it all behind

Can anybody vouch for you
at the benefit on Saturday night?

Every trawlerman that wasn't out at

We had a lock-in till two.
She was there an' all.

I left around eleven. Went home.
Early start.


Now, if Lee Stonnall shows his face

He won't.
He's all talk, that one.

Seems as though they were all on
their uppers.

They were fighting to survive.

Start turning on each other.

Right, now what about Tommy's phone

- Anything?
- Nothing so far.

Get on to the station.
Give them a kick up the arse.

- I heard about the fight.
- It never came to that.

When I saw Tommy's body
I knew there would be trouble.

Was it foul play?

You know better
than to ask me that.

Did Tommy ever confide in you
about his troubles?

Well, I knew he was ashamed
of where he'd ended up.

His heart was out at sea.
A champion skipper.


A very decent dad too...

Not the bad lot
that some people made him out to be.

Was there anyone else out to get him
apart from Jay Connock?

I can't think of anybody
who wanted him dead.

OK, thanks.

Tommy's mobile was a
pay-as-you-go number.

Hadn't used it in a while.

- Well, has anyone called it?
- It just rings out.

You wouldn't happen to
know where Tommy went

those missing weeks?

I'm sorry I can't be of more help.

Do you know where they hauled him in?

Well, yes. All the trawlers have got

so you can pinpoint the exact
position of the boat.

Oh, right.

So how far would the body have

Well, he...
he'd been dead, what,

- 24 hours?
- Give or take.

The current would have taken him
down the coast say...

..a couple of miles.

So if we work backwards,

could you show me on your chart?

I could do better than that.

If you fancy a boat trip
you can see for yourself.

You know you're contravening
health and safety?

Aye, probably.


I'll keep you informed.

Now, this is where they found

- Do you feel it?
- Aye.

The tide.
How strong it is.

- The rip current.
- Aye.

It comes straight off the coast.

Catch you by surprise if you're not

You lose your engine
and you're swept out to sea.

Where's the nearest headland?

Blythe Point.
It's pretty secluded.

It has a stretch of beach at low

Can you get us up close there, drop
me off?

- Aye.
- Yeah?

I've gone through four seasons
waiting for you.

- What took you so long?
- I don't know.

Maybe it's the old banger that I'm

Get some officers down here for a

Owners of these boats, permits,
mooring rights, the lot.

- Got it?
- Got it.

DS Healy. Yeah, I need Uniform down

Anything, ma'am?

There's a wallet.

T. Stonnall.


Did Tommy own a van?

- Is that blood?
- Looks like it.

Get Forensics down here.

I think we're looking at our crime

- Ta.
- We'll need a few more officers.


We've cordoned off the slipway
and we're just waiting for Forensics.

It might take a while to identify
who owns these huts.

Right, well, give them that wallet.

And meanwhile,
take a stroll down this road,

see if you meet anyone.

Talk to hikers,
dog walkers.

Did they see anything
on Saturday night?

- Will do.
- Aiden.

Get your Google working.

Birtley Lane Cafe.

Found a load of till receipts
and the latest one is dated


- Everything OK?
- Yeah.

Table for two?

Northumberland and City Police.

This man came in
for a bite to eat.

Four days ago.
About 2:30pm.

- Do you recognise him?
- Sorry, no.

I don't remember. We were busy


If you like you can talk to the boss.

Yeah, see if he knows anything.

Kenny, what have you got?

There's still no leads
on the hut owners yet.

Well, have you got any good news for

Oh, er...the blood found in the van
is definitely Tommy's.

We're just waiting on DNA checks.

- Ma'am, are you still there?
- Yes, yes, I'm here.

Well, tell them to fast-track it
and get back to me.

I need to know if there was anyone
else in that van.

Will do.

I'm sorry I can't
be more help, mate.

- I don't recognise him.
- Do you have any CCTV?

No need for it.

What's he wanted for anyway?

Disappeared a few days ago.

Just making inquiries.

And it's possible
he was murdered.

So it's important you think long and

Do you want to have another look at
that, pet?

You know what?
I do recognise him.

I think he's been talking to Zahra.

Yeah, I think he's been in
a few times.

she's legging it.

Zahra! I just want to ask you some

She took off like the clappers.
There must be a reason.

- Well, I can't enlighten you.
- Can't you?

How long's she worked here?

About six months.

We're short-staffed.
Tommy brought her in.

Well, you even know his name.

Yeah. Now I come to think of it,

Yeah, I do. He was just another
regular face around here.

Ran across the dual carriageway.
Nearly got herself killed.

She must have been desperate.

He ever come in here with anyone

- Always on his own.
- Did you speak to him on Saturday?

I gave him a wave
and that was it.

He hadn't been in for a few weeks.

Now, has she left a handbag or
anything? Personal belongings?

Her phone's locked.

this isn't much to go on.

I gave her a lift home one night.

Fairdale B&B.
It's over in Seaham.

Hello, love.

We're looking for one of
your guests.

- Zahra Suleiman.
- Zahra Suleiman?

- What's she done?
- I just need to talk to her.

Is she in?

She went out this morning as usual.

- How long's she been here?
- Been here a few months.

Is she claiming benefits?

Most of them are in this place.

Looks like you're doing all right on
it an' all.

My rooms are full, everyone's happy.

Zahra was working in a cafe, did
a runner when we questioned her.

On the fiddle, is she?

We've got bigger
things to worry about.

Like I said,
playing the system.

If they take their chances,
that's what their look out.

Here, hold on.

- Do you know this fella?
- That's Tommy.

Got a room at the back,
first floor.

- He lives here?
- Moved in about six weeks ago.

There's just old clothes.

Nothing we can work with.

Foreign fags?

Get that bagged up.

Find what you needed?

Do you think Zahra Suleiman
will show her face

now she knows we're on her?

I bloody hope so. That kid of hers
will be wanting his tea.

Police station called.
They're releasing his body.

We need to register the death,
organise the wake.

I cannae do it all on my own,

Hello, baby.

What's this?

Hello, love.

When I saw you at the cafe,
I panicked.

If they found out I was working
they would take away my benefits.

That's a bit of a risk.

I needed the money.

Tommy Stonnall.
You told me you didn't know him.

- I don't, not really.
- He lives here in this hostel.

He got you that job at the cafe.

One of the girls
said he could help.

- That's good of him.
- He knew the manager.

They were looking for staff.

I don't know.

I saw him once in a while in the

- I tried my best to avoid him.
- Why's that then?

Not in front of my son.

Can he play whilst we talk?

You were saying?

He liked to drink.
Plenty of them do in here.

It isn't good for Ahmanuel.

Do you know if Tommy was working?

We know he drove a van.

Who knows what he
was involved in?

you didn't ask about his work,

background, family?

You don't ask those kinds of

Like I said, I barely knew him.

Do you know if he had any visitors?

I heard him arguing
with someone.

One night last week.

Who was he arguing with?

I just heard raised voices.

I was walking past his room.

A man.
He was angry.

What were they arguing about?

It's none of my business.

We keep to ourselves in this place.
It's easier that way.

Are you going to report me?

That's not my department, love.

But you have a care.

Not everyone is quite so

Have you got no home to go to?

I'm just off.

I've got some information
on that van.

It was bought, second-hand,
from a dealer in Sunderland.

Sold to a business.
Michael Quinn's Fisheries.

Seems it was never registered.

- Michael Quinn?
- Yes.

Questioned him yesterday.

He's one of the skippers from harbor.
He's got the big trawler.

Yeah, I know who he is.

Bit mouthy,
thinks he's the big man.

- Is it enough to bring him in?
- Well, let's see.

He's taken an interest
in the case,

knows the coastline
like the back of his hand.

His van has our victim's blood on

What do you think?
Yes, get him in!

Well done!

on second thoughts...

..get Kenny and Aiden back in.

I think there's a better way
to tackle our Sr. Quinn.

Would you call yourself...

a sweet man or a savoury man?


Well, I am tonight,

Kenny, anything?

Nothing to report yet, ma'am.

If Tommy was bringing in

he could have got involved
with the wrong people.

Well, if he was, he's already
involved with the wrong people.

Might explain why he disappeared.

But why come back?

Wants to see his kids?

Yeah, but he didn't try to contact

Maybe he didn't get the chance.

Ma'am. I think our boat's just come

Trawler approaching the harbor.

We've got a van on the quay,

We can see it.

Didn't expect to see you here.

Moonlighting, are we?

I'm just picking up a catch.

Ah, Sr. Quinn.

I have here a warrant
to search your vessel.

On what grounds?

What's all this about?

This is ridiculous.

I've got to get
this stuff up top.

Yeah, we'll try not to keep you
too long, Sr. Quinn.

Check down there.

- Anything?
- Nothing.

- Anything?
- Nothing, ma'am.

Are we done here?

Lift this up.

Lift that up.



You got me.

Take him up.

What's down there?

It's the engine room.

Put the ladder down.


Where'd you pick them up from?

We'll find out soon enough.

I didn't even know they were on the

Slipped aboard while your back
was turned, did they?

You must have had contacts.

Slick operation.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Human trafficking.

Does that spell it out for you?

I brought in some dodgy fags.

But smuggling people? Not in a
million years.

Well, let's see what Lee has to say.

Recognise this vehicle?

can't say I do.

We think Tommy Stonnall
was driving it.

It's got nothing to do with me.

That's funny.

It was bought by your company.

I sold the van to Tommy
a couple of months ago.

He said he needed wheels.

Now, that's a lie.
Tommy was skint.

It's not even worth
the money for scrap.

I think Tommy was driving
it for you.

These night-time cruises
you've been running.

I think he was taking
those poor buggers

to wherever it was
you wanted them left.

You can think whatever you like.

We found the van yesterday, by
the way.

Up at Blythe Point.

It's got Tommy's blood on it.

So we do have a connection
to you.

Where were you Saturday night?

At home with the missus.
She'll tell you.

That's another lie.

GPS record

of your trawler's movements.
You were at sea.

You hadn't logged the trip,
so I'm guessing you weren't fishing.

I was at sea.

We picked up in Holland.

But I wasn't dumping a body.

You told me

you thought Tommy
had lost his bottle.

- What did you mean by that?
- Aye,

he'd lost the plot recently.
Everybody knew it.

Did he know you were bringing in
this consignment?

I haven't seen or heard from Tommy
for weeks.

He used to drive for us
but then he packed it in.

Said he'd had enough.
Why would I kill him?

If he
threatened to spill the beans,

that might ruin a nice little earner.

I've done a lot of things
I'm not proud of in my life.

But I'm not a killer.

What's he been telling you?


- We never harmed anyone.
- Aye, that's what he said, an' all.

Worth the risk, was it?

14 years inside.

How long you been doing it?

A few months. I just pick them up, that's
all. I drop them where I'm told to.

By who?

- Who tells you where to take 'em?
- Quinn.

I don't know who runs it.
I just dealt with Quinn.

- And what about your dad?
- Quit, out of the blue.

Quinn asked me to jump in a few weeks

I didn't see the harm.
Look, what am I charged with?

That van your dad
drives belongs to Quinn.

He said he sold it to him.


We found your dad's blood on the
vehicle, up at Blythe Point.

We're questioning Quinn as a murder


He couldn't have.

He was with me best part of the

You were both together?

You don't think...

I wouldn't harm me dad!

The night your dad died,
take me through your movements,

from the time you got in,
and I know you got back in in the early hours.

I drove the van
to the drop-off point,

a warehouse near
Rotham Colliery.

I came back home.


Been staying at his a while,

keeping him company since
he split from his wife.

And what time was that?
Early hours. Four-ish.

Can he vouch for you?

He was in bed.

Did you see him? Did you check?

Why would I?

So when did you last see your
brother that day?

Round lunch time.
What is this about?

Only he told us,
he was with you on Saturday night.

Forensics have checked
Quinn's trawler.

No evidence to place
Tommy there.

It's got to be connected to the
smuggling, hasn't it?

I mean...if it's not Quinn, it must
be somebody higher up the chain.

Ma'am, you'll want to see this.

Steve Stonnall's car.

It flagged up when
you asked us to run the plates.

Taken at a car park
in the city centre,

7:23pm the night his dad died.

Right side of the screen.

Well, who is that fella?

We're still trying
to track him down.

Not happy.

Can you play that again?

Right, stop!

Now zoom in.

Let me brighten it up.

Well, whoever he is,

he's certainly got it in for
Steve Stonnall, hasn't he?

Now the question is, who is this

Is he an angry fisherman?

One of Quinn's drivers,
middle man, what?

I followed the footage down a

He goes into a hairdresser's
on River Street.

And where did Steve go next?

Car goes round the corner
to Faith Street.

No photos but I think
it stays parked

until the ticket's
paid later night.

Do we see him come out of the car


So is he in the car all that time?

- Hiding from this fella maybe?
- Hang on, hang on.

This could just be a random
punch-up over a parking spot.

Doesn't mean it's related to the
dad's death.

Yeah, but he told us
he was home all night

doing the accounts
with his brother.

I mean, this is a funny thing
to slip your mind, isn't it?

You'll be seeing Sam today.

Take a seat,
she'll be with you in a minute.

- Hello!
- Hello, love.

DCI Vera Stanhope.

Now, I'm looking for this fella.

- Do you know him?
- Just a second.

- Can I help?
- I think possibly you can.

We're investigating an incident
on Saturday night.

Can you confirm that that is you?

Hang on, this isn't fair.

- He was protecting me.
- So this is you in the photograph?

Yes, but we're the victims here.

Steve's the one you
should be going after.

- So you know Steve Stonnall?
- Course I do.

I'm Karen, I'm his wife.

- We're just going to eat.
- Yeah, I'm sorry, it's important.

Smells lovely.

- Down the end.
- Fish and chips.

Making me feel hungry.

You're not allowed
to speak to us without me brief.

Hey, it's not you I want.

No, it's Steve.

I need to talk to you again
about the night your dad died.

- Why?
- Well, the fight.

- In town.
What fight in town?

I've been talking to your ex-wife

Can we do this outside?

I wasn't stalking.

I just wanted to be, like...
near her.

But you've seen him,
he's a waste of space.

I think you're best off
just leaving her alone, mate.

What happened after the altercation?

Drove off.

I went out on the ale.

- With anyone?
- No one.

So we've only got your word for it.

I got chucked out of The Feathers
on Marshall Street.

They'll vouch for us.

Now, you must have known
about the trafficking.

- Why didn't you tell us?
- It's my kid brother.

I did warn him.

We don't need the money that badly.

Well, that's why your dad did it,
isn't it?

I suppose.

I don't know.

So what changed, hm?

What happened to make him
want to chuck it all in,

vanish the way he did.

In the weeks leading up
to him disappearing...

..he became obsessed
about how messed up the world was.

Like reading the papers,

watching the news
all the time,

going on about it.

I tried to ask him about the boat

..he just seemed to care
more about that than any of us.

Will you take Ahmanuel for me?

You go ahead, OK?

Please, I've told you everything
I know about Tommy already.

That's nice.

But with the greatest respect, love,

I think you're spinning me
a load of absolute claptrap.

I think you met Tommy

in an entirely different way

and unless you start
telling me the truth,

my blind eye to your circumstances

might become a little
less forgiving.

We know Quinn
was bringing people into the country.

And I think you met Tommy

when he drove you from
wherever you landed.

I'm from Paris. I'm an EU citizen.

That's good

because you'll understand
obstructing a police inquiry

is a criminal offence.


He drove us in.

What with? 5,000 packets of fags?

No, fish.

Frozen dead, they didn't care.

Well, that's why they
make it a crime, love,

to stop people being
carted like cattle.

If you had a claim, there are
legitimate ways in.

They are the criminals, not me.

They are the ones making money.

Our clothes were wet, they were
shouting at us,

pushing us like animals and I had to
pay for that.

- And was Tommy part of this?
- Yes. No.


But he was different.

He had a jacket.

They are not supposed
to help in case they are arrested.

He gave us the jacket,

made sure we were safe.

And came back to visit us.

That's how he ended up at the hostel.

- Did he give you money?
- No.

We had no money.

Was he in love with you, pet?

He said so but he didn't mean it.

You said you heard raised voices

coming from Tommy's room.
Was that the truth?

Tommy never had visitors.

When did you last see him?

That Saturday at the cafe.

Did he ever mention he might be
moving on from the hostel?

No. I said I was leaving. I can't
afford the rent.

Everything I earn is to pay for that

And how did Tommy react to that?

He said he was going to put
everything right at home, then come back.

- What did he mean by that?
- I don't know.

He just seemed like there was a

You know?

On the brink of sorting his life out,
someone decides to kill him.

Sad, that, isn't it?

Just when he was getting
his act together.

She said he was going to sort things

At home. What's that mean, hm?

Coming up to your stop.

- Get yourself some kip.
- Start my next shift, more like.

That reminds me.
Hold on.

For the bairn.
Go on.

How long's it been back there?

- How old's the baby?
- He's two months.

Well, two months, then.
Go on.


Enjoy your night shift.

I'll drink your health, shall I?

Not exactly ladies' night, is it?


- Would like you like a crisp?
- Yeah.

We've arrested Michael Quinn.

Aye, I heard.

Did you know what he was up to?

I had my suspicions.

But you kept your suspicions to

I've known most of these
lads round here

since they were kids.

I suppose I just turned a blind eye.

you wouldn't be the first.

I wanted to give people the benefit
of the doubt.

- Am I going to be investigated?
- Hard to say.

You given anyone else
the benefit of the doubt,

regarding Tommy, I mean?

I don't want to get people into

Look, I sometimes receive
information that gets people out of trouble.

Do you?

So why don't you tell
me what you know,

and let me decide
what to make of it.

On the night of the benefit,

I saw Ellie Connock
on a slip road,

and let's put it this way,
she was not pointing
in the direction of her home.

where was she heading?

You know that place
I took you out to the other day?

- Blythe Point?
- Blythe Point.

OK. That's useful.

I just... don't want to make
it worse for the Connocks.

- They've had a harder time than most.

It's just that, desperate people...

..they do desperate things.



Did you find anything on Ellie's

Yeah, she passed through
a camera near Blythe Point

around ten
on the night that Tommy died.

She didn't pass back again
until nearly a day later.

Great. So she might
have seen our Tommy

before he went off
on his latter night.

What's going on here?


Clearly not raking it in, then.


Sr. Connock, I need to speak to your
sister. She around?

I don't know.
I can't get hold of her anywhere.

Well, I do need to talk to her.

Ellie? Right, call me as soon
as you can, right? It's urgent.

- When did this all kick off?
- Last week sometime.

When last week?

Before Tommy Stonnall was found?

Aye, before.

what time did your sister go out?

About an hour ago.

Look, we've... We've got nothing to
do with his death!

Yeah, she's here now.

Kenny, looks like she's
done a disappearing act

so let's get her photo
through to Uniform.

I will do, ma'am.

There's been a fire on
a coble at Blythe Point.

Belongs to Jack Marshbrook.



He's got a boat moored at Blythe

Apparently so.

Well, none of the family
mentioned that little nugget.


- Right, Kenny, photos.
- Ma'am.

How long have you had it?

- About eight or nine years.
- Yours, is it?

No, it's not mine,
it's my mum's.

- And where is she?
- She went swimming first thing.

She wouldn't have
come past this way.

Well, where does she swim?

Don't know.
Whitley, probably.

I left her a message.

Er... Now, you've had
a bit of a shock to the system.

Now, my officer here,
she'll take you back up home.

Now, if there's anything
to update you on,
I'll do it myself, all right?


- Any sign of any bodies?
- Nah, nothing.

What happened? Did the fuel go up?

No. It's unclear. There are traces
of blood on the keel.

Well, quick as you can with Forensics
on that.

- Who else has access to it?
- No-one, as far as I know.

Just Jack and his mum.

Where are the keys to the boat

In that hut
with the yellow windows,

so potentially anybody
could walk in and get them.

That's theirs an' all, is it?

Let's go inside.

- What have you found out?
- There's no update as such, I'm afraid.

Can we come in, love?

Are we disturbing you?

- You got company?
- It's just a mate.



Come on in, pet.

That beach hut, ooh, it's a right
little love shack, isn't it?

Look, I'm sorry, it's just our

Oh, I know. Romeo and Juliet of the
fishing world.

We're seeing each other,
so what?

So what?

Well, Ellie here was caught driving
on the road to Blythe Point,

10pm, the night that Tommy was


And Blythe Point is where we believe
his body entered the water.

- Uniform have located the mother.
- How'd she take it?

In shock, apparently.

Not surprised,
that water's 15 degrees.



do you admit

you lied about your
whereabouts this weekend?

Yes, but that was because I was with
Jack. Oh.

The Stonnalls don't approve of
outsiders, eh?

Something like that.

It doesn't mean I've got anything
to do with Tommy, though.

But you lied about your alibi.

You've connections
with the scene.

But I've no reason to kill him.

I thought you blamed Tommy
for your dad's death.

So it could have been revenge.

Or, you don't blame Tommy

because you know the truth.

it looks like the fish market

was in financial trouble
long before Tommy

started kicking off.

Payday loans.

Credit cards maxed out.

Remortgaged to the EARs.

So did you or your brother burn the
place down?


I think you did.

And I think Tommy found out
that you'd implicated him.

I didn't implicate Tommy.

People got wind of the feud between
him and Dad and that was that.

But you didn't enlighten them,
did you?

You allowed him
to be implicated

and that, love,
destroyed his life.

It was a difficult time.

I'd just lost me dad.

Did you burn down the fish market?


Then who did?

Who should I be
looking at?

Two deaths in 18 months.

You've connections
to both victims.

It was Dad's idea.

Dad burned it down.

I couldn't stop him.


So, I'm presuming his death
was not part of the plan.

Of course not!

Of course not!

He wanted it to look like
he'd had a go at tackling it.

And I begged him not to.

But he was desperate,

Lost a fortune. Heavily in debt.

I know it was wrong.

But not so wrong as you told the

Believe me, I've paid.

- Did Jack know it was your dad?
- No.

Please don't tell him.

Now, see,
I think he did know.

But because of you
secret romance,

he kept it to himself.

"Let people think it was Tommy."

Was Tommy going
to blow the whistle?

Is that why you had to get rid of
him, hm?

Burn the boat to cover
what you'd done?

He loved Tommy.

So it's just a coincidence, is it?

That Tommy's blood was
found on the boat...

..moored by your love nest.


I don't know! Maybe someone's trying
to implicate me.

Well, how would they
do that, love...

when you say no-one
knew about yet.

I could have been on that.

I could have slept
through the whole thing.

- Where's my son?
- He's giving a witness statement.

- Is Jack wi' you?
- No.

No, he's still helping us with our

Why do you think your boat was

I've no idea.

Have you had any fallings-out


You've had a bit of a time of it,
though, haven't you?

What with Tommy dying, now this.

Aye. Comes in threes, I suppose.

Yes, well, given what
I'm about to tell you...

We believe your boat
was used to dispose of Tommy's body.


By who?

We think your son helped Ellie


He can't stand the lass.

He's been having a relationship
with her for the last two years.

You didn't know?

Well, I knew he was seeing someone on
the sly.

I knew he was bringing someone
to the hut, but I didn't...

Well, you know what lads are like.

We know Ellie
Connock framed Tommy

for the fish market fire.

And we think your Jack
went along with it.


No, you're off your head, no.

we believe they used your boat

to dispose of Tommy's body

and then torched it to cover their

Which gives me a reason

to charge your son as an
accessory to murder.

Well, I've got news for you.

I set fire to the boat.

It was nothing to do with him.

Well, thanks for clarifying
that for me, pet.

But now I'm wondering
what it is you've got to hide.

Now, why would you torch
a perfectly serviceable coble?

Not going to be an insurance jobby,
is it?

Didn't even try to make it look like
an accident.

It was just heat of the moment.

A little impulse arson.

We found Tommy's
blood on the boat

and I suggest it was
you who killed him.

Or, at the very least,
helped dispose of his body.

And that's why you
torched the boat,

to destroy any evidence.

All right, so you really think I
could kill a man?

Believe me, pet,
women kill men.

- I didn't kill Tommy.
- No?

Even though I felt like it.

He was trying to sell the trawler.

Said he wanted to pay off a debt or

He said... He said he was going to
keep his share

and I could split the rest with the

And you didn't think to mention it?

It never happened.

Why would I tell you
about something that never happen.

He was supposed to go to the
broker's but he never turned up.

Yeah, all right, all right.

- So, which broker?
- One in town.

- Where?
- On River Street.

On River Street?

Where Steve's wife works?

When was this?

When was it?


So you knew,

when Steve was caught
stalking his missus,

he was on River Street the night his
father died.

And that there was every chance
he'd bump into his old man

on his way to sell off the family

And that's why you
torched the boat,

to protect Steve.

I promised my sister I'd look after

What, even though it makes you
an accessory to murder?

Did you tell Lee his dad was selling
the boat?

We need a pick-up
on a Lee Stonnall.

Did you do it?

- Did you do it?
- He was going to sell everything.


Lee, no!

- Get off me! Get off, get off!
- Calm down. Calm down.

Calm down. Just...calm down.

Leave him, please.

No, it's you we want, pet.

I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!

I'm sorry.

Pick him up.

I wasn't meself.

It was Karen and that fella.

I just knew I'd lost her.

He trashed my car and then...

And then you saw your dad.

OK, I see, yeah.
Well, that makes sense.

Me dad offered me a lift back here.

I thought he was pleased to see us.

I thought maybe he was...

you know,
he was coming home.

And then what?

We had a good chat.

It was the first time
he'd seemed himself

in God knows how long!

Then he just announces
he's selling.

I know he'd gone a bit crackers,
but to give it all up...

for a waitress he barely knew?

He said he loved her.

Stupid old man.

He said she'd stood by him

when his family hadn't.

How he just wanted to be happy.

Anyhow, we rowed.

So I got out of the van.

If he hadn't have followed us...

I had no intention of...
I just...

What, an unlucky punch?

You pushed him?

And his head hit the road.

- What road was that?
- Coast road.

About half a mile inland.

Believe me, pet,

you won't be the first
with an angry left hook

that goes too far.

I remember the first time he took us

Three days sailing to the cod banks.

We heard there was a gale blowing,
force 9.

We'd barely caught anything.

Most of the fleet
had headed back.

But my dad wanted
to see right by the lads.

"We can't go home with nothing", he

He pointed the boat towards the

Sailed right into it.

Trawler nets out behind us.

He tied me to the ballast
so I wouldn't go overboard.

I stayed there all night.

Heaving and shaking, retching.

Wind was so loud
you couldn't hear yourself think.

But my dad...

..he never waivered.

Dawn came, sun with it.

We hauled the nets in.

Hundreds of turbot.

We were kings.

Me dad split the money
between the rest of the crew.

I said I couldn't take my share.

"You've earned it, lad.

"You're a man now."

So you're on the Coast Road,
your dad's on the ground.

What happens next?

I managed to get him in the van.

Sat with him a while. Don't know how

Then I drove.

Ended up in Blythe Point.

Where Anna's boat is conveniently

What were you thinking, son?

Go out to sea, dump his body
and it would all wash away?

I just said my goodbyes.

I didn't think anything.

And then,
as cool as you like... took the boat back to its

If you'd have just come to us in the

you'd be looking at manslaughter
with mitigation.

Two years.

But you didn't.

You took your dad's body out to

and you dumped him.

I won't say any more.

I want a solicitor.

You're going to need
a solicitor, pet.

Gamblers, eh?

Nothing but pain and trouble.

Why don't you get off home
to that lovely bairn, hm?

You've done all right for someone
with no kip.

Is that a compliment?

Here's the contact you wanted.

He shredded me once
in the courtroom

but he said he'll give us some hours.

Brilliant. Thanks.

Right. I'll get onto
that first thing.

Hang on a minute.

You've had a good result.
You've earned your day off in load.

- Take it.
- Listen to the man!

You put your feet up.

The thing is,

unlike the rest of you lot,

I don't have to answer
to anywone.

I can do what I like, when I like.

Good night.

Now, this fella
is an immigration lawyer.

He's the best in the area
and he's agreed to do you a favour.

Thank you, I appreciate it.

I know you don't have to help me.

Look, none of us own any of this.

When me mam's dad
came over from Ireland in the '30s,

he walked 40 miles
before anyone gave him a job.

you make what you can of it.

Thank you.

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