Vera (2011–…): Season 6, Episode 1 - Dark Road - full transcript

Vera investigates the murder of a 56-year-old grandmother discovered by a young girl on the wild and desolate Northumberland moors.

Thirsty work, this, eh, Vera?

Vera, would you like a lift?

No, I think I'll walk. Clear my head.


Are you all right?

Something over there!

Over here!


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"Dark Road"
Season 6 - Episode 01

Rain --
that's all we need!

mobile trailer's on its way up.

Would you look at these!

What's this, 20 sets of feet?

They were all over it.

The kid tried to move
her close to the road,

thought she might
still be alive.

- And was she?
- No. Not even close.

- Footprints weren't us.
- I know. I know.

OK, so female.
What, late 30s?

More like 50s.
The hands give it away.

Well, wasn't dressed
for the moors, was she?

- Where's her shoes?
- Gone.

The underwear's still on,

Well, that's something.
I suppose.

These fibres, they're from the
girl's coat, are they?


- And this is where she moved her from?
- I'd say so.

What's that, ten yards?

Now, you see that?
Alchemilla mollis.

And that only grows in
patches by the roadside.

Don't see any here.

Look for this.

Might give us an idea

which direction she travelled
from onto the moor.

So what killed her?

- Come on, Marcus. Something.
- No.

- You'll get shirty if I change my mind.
- Promise I won't.

Could be anything,
cancer, exposure to the...

It's just a shoeless body
has got me suspicious.

Come on.
She didn't walk here, did she?

And if she drove, where's her car?

These were made post-mortem.

Possibly from manhandling
shortly after death.

Right, so killed elsewhere
and then dumped here?

You're doing it again.

Any idea when?

Maybe a week.
Say, last weekend.

I don't know. When I know, you'll know.

Lonely place to leave her.

That's lovely, Ciara.

This is my boss. Ma'am, this is Ciara.


What were you doing out?

Just nothing. There's nothing to do here.

Do you know who that lady was?

Go on,
you're not in any trouble.

Just tell her what you told me.

Anne Marie... something.

Her daughter's
Mrs. McKendrick.

She teaches year five.

OK. Thank you.

You've done very well,
d'you know that?

We've got an address
but there's no reply.

Remind me why you moved her.

It was raining. I didn't
want her to get wet.

Right, house to house.

Hasn't locked her door.



Anybody home?

This suggest an altercation to you?


No blood, though, is there?

There's no blood on the body.

That's untouched. Get on
to when that was delivered.

It's like the Mary Celeste.

Now, I'm not house-proud

but does this look like
she was interrupted?

Abducted, taken up there?

Or killed here.

Women get murdered at home,
don't they? As a rule.

- Domestic.
- Well, that's true.

As a rule.

- Right, get on to the DV team.
- Ma'am?

See if Anne Marie was on
their radar at all.


- Can you get this to forensics?
- Yes, ma'am.

What the neighbour's saying?

We're gonna wait until his carer arrives.

Have we located her vehicle?

They're saying she doesn't drive.

What, so someone took her up there?

Does that suggest a local?
Isolated spot like that.

And did you make a delivery
to Anne Marie Richards?

Yeah. Last delivery I made.

Maybe around six o'clock.

OK, and did you see
anybody else in the house?

I don't think so. I think
I just handed it over.

She ever call in to collect
an order with anyone?

I'm only in this branch
about once a month.

My local girl might know more.

She's away this week but I can call her.

Yes, please, love.

Found the daughter.


Right, Bethany,
let's go and meet Nicole.

Before the jungle
drums beat us to it.


It's your mam.

Is she OK?

Has anyone spoken to Christine?

Who's Christine?

My sister.

We've not.

I'm sorry, love.
Well, can we take you there?

I can call her.
Let me.

You take Olivia back.

I'll go.

How long was she lying there?

We think since last weekend.

She was supposed to
come over last weekend.

And what day was that?


She didn't come.
She texted.

Can you remember what time, love?

I was...

I should've called her.

I just...

I just didn't.

What do you want?

I need to come up.

What happens next?

- What do we do?
- Honestly, nothing.

- Just sit down.
- I'm fine as I am.

You just take it one step at a time.

Whichever way you can.

Now, this here's DC Whelan.

She's going to be your point of contact.

Anything and everything, you just ask her.

Er, you can call me Bethany.

Do we plan a funeral or...?

Well, sometimes it can take a
while for us to release the body.

Would one of you be willing
to come and identify her?

No, I can't.
I don't want to.

I probably can't either.

No, that's all right.
Don't worry.

We can ask her GP to do it.

Now, I'm sorry to ask but...

Do you know of anyone who
might want to hurt your mam?

Absolutely not, no.

And is there anyone
else we should contact?

Other family?

Friends of your mam?

- Partner?
- No.

She didn't have anyone else.

We were all she had.

How sure are you?

Completely sure.

She was one of my patients.



- Was she murdered?
- It's possible.

Did she have a partner?

I think she said she did, yeah.

Do you remember his name at
all, love? Or any details?


I'm sorry.

Just... Just such a shock.


Thanks for coming in, love.

So what have you got?

I'm not pushing.

Heart attack...

triggered by strangulation.


Right, so the choke didn't kill her?

Well, she wouldn't have
arrested without it.

No but could've been,
well, not accidental but...

- a consequence?
- Yes,

a consequence
of trying to throttle her.

I'm just keeping an open mind.

Partner, the GP reckons.

- Does that tally?
- Yep.

Well, sexually active
within the last few days.

But Christine said she was single.

But she could've had
someone. A bit on the quiet.

- Any DNA?
- We've run it

and there's no match
on the database.

Now, aside from the obvious,

is there anything to suggest
a pattern of partner abuse?

Well, apart from the fact
that she's been murdered?

Like long-term scarring, burn marks...

Nothing says that.

Anne Marie Richards, 56, lives alone.

Found on the moor above Rookhall.

Presumed murdered, we think
last Saturday or Sunday.

Probably at home, though
as yet unconfirmed.

Mobile's not been used
since early Saturday night.

She tried to call 999 around 08:00pm.

Cut off,
then unobtainable.

So at least we're building a picture.

Saturday night starts with
a Chinese meal -- for two.

Ends in murder. What happens in between?

Who was she meeting?

Now, she took delivery
of the meal at about six.

And Anne Marie's text to
Nicole, when was that?

About half hour later.

It said,
"Running late, don't worry."

So she was planning to
eat -- with someone --

and then go to Nicole's

Well, wouldn't you think she'd phone,

- if her mam fails to turn up?
- I might know why.

She ran off
with a Turkish waiter

and left them
when they were kids.

That's the girl's dad then.

So what, had a habit of disappearing?

That why it didn't raise any eyebrows?

Do you want me to ask 'em?

Well, yeah,
but not first off.

So did Mam move to Turkey then?

the marriage didn't last long.

From what I can gather, she's
been living alone in Edinburgh

from the '90s till about two years ago.

There's no trace of
her here in between.

The granddaughter's about two, isn't she?

Maybe that's why she
returned home.

Turn over a new leaf,
play Nana.

And generally, what was
the picture in the village?

Apart from, "You don't
expect it to happen here."

A lot of sympathy for the
daughter, who is the teacher.

As for the victim,

I get the feeling
people are being polite.

Ma'am, Mr. Kipford's remembered something

- Who?
- Next-door neighbour.

Right, OK.

Let's keep a strong presence,
yellow boards out, the lot.

Let's see what crawls out.

Have I missed an announcement?

I was trying to keep it on the quiet.

When's the big day?

Not fixed.
As soon as, I guess.

Bit of a rush, is there?

I'm joking. Good for you. Congratulations.

- Heart-felt!
- You're not going with?

No, I'm in the doghouse for
applying to Major Crimes.

She's only got me playing family liaison.

Mr. Kipford?

Mr. Kipford?

DCI Stanhope.

I understand you have some information?

Might have.

So when did you last see
your neighbour Anne Marie?

- Last Saturday.
- And what time was that?

Some time after 04:15.

Do you remember anything else?

Some shouting, maybe.

- In the night.
- What, from inside the house

- or outside?
- Inside.

I think I might
have heard a car slam.

Was there any shouting outside?


Did you see anything?

Getting out of this chair's tricky.

Did you ever see her with anyone?

- You mean like a boyfriend?
- I don't think she had one.

No, there was a man
and she was upset.

middle of last year.

There was someone she were upset about.

You're right.

Do you know his
name or anything?

No. Salesman or businessman, or something.

He travelled the area.

Type who'd sweep in
with a bottle of wine

and then not turn up
for another month.

- Did you talk to the local lass? - No.

But our victim talked to
her neighbour about you.

Some businessman turns up once a month

with a bottle of plonk and a meal for two.

So what were the pair of you up to?

Met her when I was covering in Rookhall.

Started seeing each other
when I was in the area.

Then about this time last
year she called it off.

She knew I was married
but not about the kids.

That was it, then, when she found out.

So what was last Saturday,
a chance to rekindle?

She'd moved on.

It was just friends.

- That's curious.
- Cos we found an envelope

with a slip
from your restaurant inside.

That your handwriting?

we also found cash in there.

And more in her bag.

And more on the moor where she died.

Did you give her money?

I was buying the house off
her. Cash was the deposit.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Without an agent.
She said she needed
money quickly,

so I said I'd help her.

Now, it's your wife
owns this place, isn't it?

So would it be fair to say
you used your wife's money

- to pay your ex-lover?
- No,

my wife and I invest
in property together.

Yeah, but it's not exactly
a downtown location, is it?

OK, so this was more of
a favour than anything,


I knew she wouldn't have come
to me unless she was desperate.

So you turn up,

grub in one hand,
roll of cash in the other.

What happens next?

Just said she was in a rush
and to give her the deposit.

See that thumbprint?


Now, why was there broken glass?

I was frustrated.

She was all over the place.
She wouldn't tell me why.

I was just making a point and...

How did you know it was my print?

Oh, I didn't, pet.

Ma'am, the estate agent reckons
the house is worth about 105.

Well, he said he was offering 80 grand.

- How much did they find?
- About eight grand. So ten percent.

So he was ripping her off.

Well, that could lead to a
confrontation, couldn't it?

I dunno.

Doesn't feel like a
business deal gone wrong.

If it was, you'd make damn sure you
clung onto the cash, wouldn't you?


I think he felt for her.

I mean, I'd be more
inclined to think jealousy,

or something like that.


Oh, push for the DNA.
Let's clobber him with that.

Hold on.

Say he's telling the truth.

Why did she want cash quickly?

And why not turn to the family?

We done a background on them?

Christine was put on a treatment
and testing in 2009

instead of custodial
for intent to supply.

- Anything more recently?
- Nope.

Daughter and the hubby clean.

Both had multiple
background checks for DBS.

What have you got?

She called a cab from her
land line on Saturday night.

- What time was that?
- About 06:15.

Regular customer,

They were due to take her
to a guesthouse on the coast.

- Text me the address.
- OK.

- Is this definitely it?
- Yeah.

She booked it last-minute for two nights.

- It's not exactly romantic, is it?
- Oh, I've booked worse online.

Ooh, I bet that went
down well with the er...

- Charlie?
- fiancee.

she found it hilarious.

Scan's tomorrow.

14 weeks. That's not why we're
getting married, though.

Well, I wouldn't care one
way or the other, pet.


they said it cost more to monitor

than they lose in theft.

So Huang wasn't talking out
of his bum, then, was he?

She was headed somewhere.

So what? Another fella on the quiet, then?

And the money was for...?

No idea.

What are we missing about this place?

I mean, it's the middle
of nowhere, isn't it?

No ID, no credit card or anything.

But these serial numbers tally.

So gets the cash.

Change of clothes in a bag.

Selling up,
so doing a runner.

But that's only a couple of
nights' worth, though, isn't it?

so someone's making it look like

she's doing a runner.

Neighbour hears a car door slam.

But that could be Huang,
couldn't it? Or the taxi.

So what's the plan
that's gone pear-shaped?

Or rather,
what's the change of plan?

Should've gone to the daughter,
but "running late".

Books a taxi to the coast.

I mean, she's getting ready,
coat on.

This fella arrives.
Set-to. Body in the car.

Dumps the body.
Slings the bag.

Ma'am, Christine's changed her mind.

She wants to view the body.

- Bethany's taken her down.
- Right.

Have you got Anne Marie's
phone records?


So text to Nicole, "running late",

then five minutes later there's
a text to a pay-as-you-go?

"Be there soon.
Love you?"

So was definitely lying
about her movements.

But why?
I mean, what's so awful

she can't tell her daughters?

So is this to Huang, this "love you"?

Can we trace it?

Why would he have
a separate phone?

- To have an affair.
- Thought you of all people, Kenny...

What's this number ending 9-2-1?

There's three calls the previous day.

- Four the day before that.
- Mobile to the cab firm.

Yeah, you said
she was a good customer.

Bit of an understatement.

Have you checked her recent journeys?

Yes, there's some trips to the shops and
two trips to see the daughters.

Yeah, any pattern?

Have another look, see
if there's a pattern.

Right. The DNA
doesn't match Huang.

Well, that doesn't rule him out.

No. Plus we can place him
at his outlet in Consett.

Around the 8:00pm mark.

What, the time that she
was calling for help?

Well, that's no good.

Well, it is for Huang.

How long does she get?

As long as she needs.

Are you sure you don't want to...?

Well, I'll give you a minute.

Who's this suspect?

He's being released.


Was she...
seeing someone, then, or...?

- We think so, yeah.
- I should've just called.

Hey, come on.

Nicole. You couldn't have done anything.

Did your mum give any indication
she was planning to move away?

Why would you think that?

It's just an angle
we're working on.

You won't say that to my sister, will you?

She don't need to hear that.

I can't tell you his name,

And he's no longer in custody.

So you just let him go,
just like that?

Well, like I say, we're
pursuing another --

Yeah, but what if he
does it to someone else?

We think that's unlikely.

She was seeing this bloke.

- No, she wasn't.
- That's a theory

we're currently working on.

- Did you know?
- How would I know?

I know she only came back
into your lives recently.

- So you've nosed into us.
- They have to.

I'm not nosing, love.
It's called --

I don't want you thinking things

about her that aren't true, OK?

I just need you to tell me
everything that might be useful.

However trivial.

I think there's a lot about
her that we didn't know.

Well, take me through Saturday night.

She was coming to mine for the night.

I don't like being in the house alone.

My husband was away training.

And she never turned up?


So I drove to Chris's,
see if she were there.

Why not to your mam's?

I thought she might
be at Chris's.

But she texted.

Yeah but... I didn't get
that till the next day.

I left my phone here.

And neither of you were alarmed?

I was.
I freaked out.

And I told her
that it just meant

that she were back
to her old self.

So what do we think?

On something or she just upset?

Told me she'd been clean
since treatment.

Double-check their accounts
of where they both were.

I mean, why would Mam
book into a guesthouse

if she's staying with her daughter?


They're saying they've
found the "lady's mantle"?

That a euphemism, is it?

Do neither of you know what that is?

Alchemilla mollis.

Bloomin' townies!

Right, he gets her out of the car.

Shoes fall off en route.

That is a long way to lug a body.

These are two sets of prints.

So what, an accomplice?


Be quick, I lose the signal up here.

The marks on the body are not
from being moved post mortem.

- Right?
- Someone gave her

a kicking post mortem.

He says the marks on the body
are not from manhandling.

- What?
- This is starting to make sense.

These prints here, this
isn't an accomplice.

This is her.

This is her walking and him following.

This is her kicking
off her shoes

and running for
her bloody life.

So not killed at home.

That's where we've been off-track.

So driven away by someone...

as yet unidentified.

Mr. Kipford said the shouting
was inside the house, didn't he?

Yeah but that could've been
Huang sounding off, couldn't it?

Outside was silent.

I mean, even if you're gagged,

you could kick up hell
of a racket, couldn't ya?

So got into the car willingly?

Our mystery fella then?

What are we missing?

What bit of her life is not on our radar?

- Work?
- She didn't work.

Well, it's just I'm
inputting the statement

of the girl who found the body.

She says she went to the pub
because she worked there.

Withholding information
is as good as lying.

I didn't lie.

Just didn't occur to me,
that's all.

She did a couple of shifts
now and again. It was casual.

Now, can you see why I
find that suspicious?

We're new in the area. I've
got a business to establish.

Can't be telling tales.

Now, what tale is it
that you're not telling?

When was Anne Marie last working?

Ages back.
She was never my first choice.

Why not?

I don't know the inside track

but I noticed a pattern.

When she was on a shift,
less people came in.

I got the impression
she was disliked.


Well, for a start, there
were comments on the website.

- What sort of comments?
- Rubbish, really.

Saying she was picking up
lads when she were here.

Anyway, I deleted it
straightaway, of course.

- And is that what she was doing?
- No. Not that I ever saw.

I asked her about it

and she said that there'd been
some fallings-out locally.

She say who with?

Now you're asking me to
talk about my customers.

That's right, love,
I am.

Bob Tate.

Nasty piece of work
but people listen to him.

That's all I know.

Almost half of it's
in the cache.

Saying she had a thing for younger men.

So she's gone from no boyfriend
to the village whatnot.

Can you tell me who got it?

Is it this Tate fella?

Couldn't say.

Multiple identities.
But only one user.

- Yeah. One little troll with a grudge.
- Yeah.

- Can I have a word?
- Yeah.

Got something on Bob
Tate from February.

Anonymous tip-off about him.

Can you give me
the whereabouts?

The farmer's Bob Tate.
I think they're some of his.

'Right. It may be best to call
the Animal Welfare at the Council.

They can make it a priority.

I'll do that.

- Do you want to leave your name?
- No. No, thank you.

- That's her, isn't it?
- Yep.

Phone matches. That's Anne Marie.

She sounds more nervy
than I'd have expected.

Not as tough.

Do we know what happened?

Horses were put down and
Tate was fined seven grand

and banned from keeping animals,
which wasn't good

because he ran pony trekking.

Well, he could be our grudge.

That's what I'm thinking.

Well, come on, let's get up there.

Well done, lover boy.

What did you want?

Did you say something bad about me
in your reference to Major Crimes?

- No.
- Yes, you did.

I just got feedback.

It wasn't bad.

I just said I didn't
think you were ready

- for that kind of step up.
- OK. Why did you say that?

Because I don't think you're ready.

Not exactly a gymkhana, is it?

More like donkey rides.

How far's this from
where the body was found?

It's a good half-mile.

There's a connection, isn't there?

Cruelty to animals, cruelty to people.

So they say.

And it fits with the manner of her death.

That was cruel.

Kicking her when she's down.

I know you think I didn't see ya.

But I did.

If there's one thing I do know,

it's where a girl
hides on a farm.

What you doing here?

Do you live here, do ya?

With Mr. Tate?

He's my granddad.

Just the two of you, is it?


So why didn't you run here
after you found the body?

I thought they might be
missing her in the pub.

Or was it because you thought the body

was too close to your granddad's land?

Is that why you moved it?

Oh, he's lost a lot,
hasn't he, your granddad?

Lost worse than stupid ponies.

No thanks to Anne Marie.

Listen, love. Protecting an old man

is something I understand.
Believe me, I do.

But you're not helping
anyone by telling lies.

- I'm not.
- What do you want?

Bob Tate?
DCI Stanhope.

Don't bother her. It was
nothing to do with us.

You know why we're here then?

Nothing wrong with those horses!

- No?
- Nothing!

And there she goes, sticking her
beak in when it's not needed!

Well, the Council took a different view.

That's where you're wrong.

They said they could be re-housed.

She was the one who
insisted they were put down.

She were the one
who pushed for it.

So it'd be fair to say
you didn't like her?

I'm just saying, you act like
that, you get what you deserve.

She had it coming?

I'm just not surprised.

Have you ever made any comments
about her down The Langdon Beck?

I don't go down The Langdon Beck.

What about on their website?

Do I look like a computer hacker to you?

So there's someone else locally got
a grudge against her, is there?

She turns up, interfering in
things she knows nothing about.

They don't hand out fines
like the one you got willy-nilly.

Frankly, I let those old nags

starve, yes.
But I had a good reason!

Yeah, what's that?

My daughter died!
Is that good enough?

Yeah, well,
I'm sorry to hear that.

We were getting over it.

I had a...

plan with the Council
to take care of the horses.

But that wasn't enough. She wanted blood.

Got that vet to side with her.

- What vet?
- Her son-in-law.

She had him like that.

And we're the ones that cop it.

Does that tally with what
the Council told you?

More or less.
Said the vet insisted.

If there's rumours
about a younger man...

there couldn't be something else between
the son-in-law and Anne Marie, could it?

Well, could be.


She's not here. She's at her sister's.

- Do you want me to ring her?
- Actually, it's you we wanted.

We just wondered,
what kind of a relationship

did you have with Anne Marie?

- How do you mean?
- Well, did you get on?

If I'm honest, not so much recently.

It'd got to the point where she'd
only come round if I was out.

Why was that?

I was fed up with her.

She chipped up here

expecting everyone to
welcome her with open arms.

So it wasn't all
forgive and forget?

Her coming back, it...

It upset Nicole. It
really upset Christine.

Now I've got Olivia asking
for her nana. It's...

I'm sorry, I don't mean
to speak ill of her.

It's just...

I'd felt that at some point
it would all go belly-up.

Just not like this.

So what was it about her
behaviour you found difficult?

All of it.

It was like she was on a crusade

to show how much she cared.

- What, overcompensating?
- Exactly.

But it didn't wash.
Just felt that we were waiting

for her to meet the next one
then she'd nick off again.

Did you think she was in a relationship?

I thought she was, aye.
That's what Bethany told us.

Well, that is one line
of investigation.

That she was seeing a man.

What do you think about that?

Well, she had a right to happiness but...

Well, it's me who had to deal
with the aftermath, isn't it?

Tell me about Bob
Tate's horses.

Did she ask you
to put them down?


No, not at all. She was furious about it.

Convinced I did it unnecessarily
-- cos she was the bloody expert!

I had it in hand, I'd spoken
to him about their condition.

Then she had to ring the Council.

That meant I was obliged
to act by the book.

Triggered a heap of trouble.

Well, like I said,

she messed
about with people's lives.

Didn't stick around to
deal with the consequences.

Just got a feeling he knows
more than he's letting on.

- Like what?
- I dunno.

Kenny, the victim's son-in-law,


have we double-checked
his movements for the weekend?

Er, yes, he was at a training
camp for a pentathlon.

Up Alston way.

What, 30 odd miles?

- Yep.
- Well, that's that then.

What about Tate?

What was he doing that night?

Home alone, he's says. But
there's no way of verifying.

We can bring him in on
suspicion, can't we?

On what grounds?


Not unless I can link him directly.

Where were the daughters on Saturday?

Er, they stayed over at Christine's place.

Did you corroborate
that, like I asked you?

I will do, yes.

And then take a trip
around Nicole's neighbours.

Get a feel for the family.

I mean, you don't not chase it

when your mam fails to turn up,
do you?

But there again,
she has left them before.

If it was my mam, I'd dial 999
after half an hour, wouldn't you?

My mam died when I was young

so I couldn't say.

I'm sorry.

Don't be, pet. Wasn't your fault.

It was the cancer.
Edwards, what do you want?

Er, a neighbour reckons the
victim's house has been burgled.

Well, there's nothing obvious missing.

Scuff marks there.

And there's prints on the handle.

You can rule mine out.

Better get someone here 24-7.

Yeah. Could just just be ghouls.

Aye. People wanting in on the action.

Found our troll.

What under a bridge?

All the posts all gone
from the same IP address.

That's located guess where.

Next door.

Quiet the social networker,
aren't you?

Is this the truth?

I think he wants
a glass of water.

- Could you get one for us, pet?
- OK.



Please, it's Anne Marie.

She was helping me.

Well, you know, not just cooking
but cleaning and dressing.

- Well, doesn't she help?
- She tries.

They've got so much paperwork.

As soon as she arrives,
it's just "tap-tap-tap".

Here you go.

Thanks, love.
Thank you.

- I got carried away.
- I'll say.

So is it true? Was she really
picking up fellas in the pub?

How about chasing blokes
younger than herself?

Because if it is true,

and you failed to mention it
in our earlier interview --

It's not true.

I was just being a cow
and making stuff up.

Are you sure you're telling
me everything you know?


So what's your motive for
writing these comments? Hm?

I don't know. I just did it.

Turn people against
her? Embarrass her? What?

I just wanted to expose
her for what she was.

She was all over Mr. Kipford.

Had her eye on his house, I reckon.

- The cheeky cow!
- Yeah, I know!

Nurse Ratched's saying she
made the whole thing up

because Anne Marie was
exploiting Mr. Kipford.


Do a quick background on
her, next of kin and whatnot.

I mean, if she's not looking
out for the old fella,

who is she looking out for?

Shift records suggest she came
to the village on Saturday.

Could she have done it,

Well, if Anne Marie had been killed
at home, I might have consider it.

But get her out to the
moor and throttle her?


Hang on.

Here we go.

They don't call me
"Lightning" for nothing.

Dash Mills.

Different surname
but lives in the same house.

There's a mobile.

Thanks, Helen.

Isn't that the same as the cabs?

Anne Marie was phoning

Pam's son three times a day?

That's not business.
That's a relationship.

So how long's all
this been going on?

He tells me six months.

I think nearer a year.

Is that why you wrote those comments?

Trying to put him off her.

She had a hold on him.

He thought he loved her.

She just knew he had a bit of money.

So where would they go to,
you know, to be together?

Because her neighbours never saw anything.

I don't know.

Now, you say that, love,
but it backfires,

because the more you lie to me

the more I think you've got
something nasty to hide.

So where is he?


I'm sorry.

this was taken

just 400 yards from
where she was found.

And pollen traces

were found in your car

and on her body.

I went up there to see
for myself, didn't I?

- What, to the crime scene?
- Yeah.

I loved her.

I want you to get him
as much as anyone but --

But what?

But I promised.

She didn't want her
daughters to know about us.

I was just trying to respect that.

- So you're protecting her?
- I was trying to.

They were her priority.

She didn't want them
thinking anything else.

Did you break into her house?

Only we've got your
prints all over the door.

And they weren't there when
we first cordoned it off.

I gave her a bracelet.

I didn't want it to get lost.

OK, so if that's true, where is it?

I couldn't find it.

When did you last see the victim?

I saw her on Wednesday and Friday.

I took her to a place called Blackhall.

- What, on the coast?
- Yeah.

So, what's there?

I don't know. Shopping she said.

And then what?

The night you're
saying she passed,

I went to pick her up.

She wasn't in so I left.

So why are non
of these pick-ups

on the computer
at the cab firm?

Because obviously I don't
charge my own girlfriend.

Lucky her -- personal chauffeur.

It wasn't just a passing thing.

If her daughters wasn't a factor

I would probably
be moved in by now.

So why was she selling the house?

I didn't know she was.

She was up to all sorts.

Were you the recipient of this text?

"Be there soon, love you."

No, I wasn't.

Was she seeing someone else?

If she was...

.. that'd give you a
motive, wouldn't it?

Marcus called.
DNA's a match.

Oh, he's had sex with his
girlfriend. I'm staggered!

I'm sorry, I just don't think he did it.

And he's been taking her
guess where recently.

- Blackhall?
- Bang on.

Oh, ma'am, Nicole wants to collect
some things from the mother's house.

Right. Well, Bethany, you
can take her first thing.

Can't a real FLO do it?

No. I think you should do it.

And I talked to the neighbours.

They couldn't verify anything.


Well, they said there was
a row sometime last week.

- Don't know if that's useful.
- OK.

Well, Bethany, you can ask
them about that an' all.

First she has me minding
a kiddie on a trampoline.

- Now this.
- That's cos you're motherly.


See you later.

Not sure how we come back from this.

I know it seems impossible now, but...

In my experience, people find a way.

Never the same.

.. they do get some peace.

I hope so. I hope you're right.

Can I ask you about something we heard?

Your neighbours

said they heard
shouting last week.

What was that?


It's like I said to your boss.

Her coming back, it destabilised things.

Christine gets upset.

Nicole takes it because...

Well, she'll do anything to
protect her sister, won't she?

Well, this is where
Dash said he brought her.

Yeah, I cross-checked with his sat-nav.

Yeah, but why here?

- Not for shopping, is it?
- Unlikely.

Well, there's only a corner
shop and a launderette.

OK, how's this for an idea?

What shop do you go to
and not spend anything?

Yeah. I know her. Been
coming in for painkillers.

Quite big doses.

Could you look up
when she's been in?

Why do you ask,
is she an addict?

Do you think she was an addict?

If they're not local, it
does make you suspect.

So why d'you serve her, love?

She always had
a prescription.

- Could you check for us, pet?
- OK.

- So she had a friendly medic.
- Oh, I'd say so.

Her who ID'd.

Asked if it was the partner
who did it.

Wanted us to look the other way.

- How do you pronounce it?
- Gonartriphylon.


And can it kill you?
If you take too much.

I thought she was murdered?

Oh, she was. I'm just
trying to get a handle

on why you concealed
giving her such big doses.

The doses weren't lethal.

Raised an eyebrow with the pharmacist.

She had chronic pain. I
was trying to help her.

What sort of pain?

She broke her back horseriding.

In Turkey, I think.
Years ago.

So what, needed more and more pain relief?

- Did that not suggest addiction?
- Yes.

Maybe I was being a
bit blind to it but...

But I felt sorry for
her. She was desperate.

So you just complied.

I pushed her, I suggested alternatives.

But if someone comes to
you begging for help...

You might not find it hard
calling people liars.

But we do.

Nothing indicative on
the spine or the pelvis.

Nothing on the body is
suggestive of any previous trauma.

So she made it up,
this accident,

to feed her habit?


But anyway, her tox screen
was clear, wasn't it?

Yep. Opiates would've
showed up in the liver,

probably the pancreas.

So it's not her who's using.

My guess is, she's feeding
someone else's habit.

husband just near admitted

Nicole is giving
Christine an alibi.

The row was Christine
having a meltdown.

So, Christine's the habit.


Mam comes back
into their lives,

throws Christine's
rehab off track.

So Mam's supplying
her with painkillers

to keep her off
the harder stuff.

Well done, that girl.

Bethany, with me.

Mam agrees to meet Christine

before she goes off to Nicole's.



are you in there, love?

get over to the sister's house.

And if they're both
there, bring them both in.


No, no, no, no, no.

Nic! Nic! Nic!
Wake up, Nic!

Nicole! Nic!
Wake up!


Wake up.

How many boxes did she have?

I don't know. I had no idea.

OK. Do you know where she might hide them?

I don't know.

I know it's difficult but...

had she been using heavily
in the last few days?

I guess.

She just sorta zoned out on me.

Where have they taken her?

The General?
OK. We'll get over there.

Now, keep the sister with her.

- Accidental or deliberate?
- That's not clear.

Aiden's with her.

I mean, she seemed to be
together, didn't she, Nicole?

In a sort of shocked way.

Poor cow.

Now, find and inform the husband.

He's taken the little
lass out for the day.

And get him to make a statement
about her giving an alibi.

We don't want him getting
spooked and backing out.


Hang on.

Just to clear the air, I
did not bad-mouth you.

I know you didn't. They
probably found someone better.

Not someone better. Just
someone more experienced.

You just got to get back
on the horse and try harder.

I will.

You keep at it, one day,
all this could be yours.

The hat, the mac, the wheels.

- How's she doing?
- She'll survive.

And how long before
I can speak to her?

- I'll ask.
- So what d'you reckon? Accidental,

cry for help or what?

Couldn't say.

- Kenny.
- Anne Marie's records are in.

Her card was used
on that Saturday.

About three hours after the 999 call.

- Whoever it was bought nappies.
- Thanks, Ken.

I think it was Nicole
who went to Blackhall.

So obviously she's not
covering for Christine.

Christine's covering for her.

So why lie and say your
sister was at yours?

Because she asked me to.

What, when we came to break the bad news?

So why lie about your
sister's whereabouts?

I'm guessing she was seeing some fella.

Oh, so your story is you're
covering an infidelity?

I don't know. And if I was, so what?

Well, for a start,

you've obstructed an investigation
into your mother's death.

- That not bother you?
- Of course it does!

But she asked for my help
and she's never done that.

I had to choose and I chose Nic.

Cos she's always been there for me.

How did your sister feel
about your mother's return?

I'd say she was happier
before she came back.

This past couple of
years, it's been like a...

like a cloud's come down.

She took some pills.

She doesn't have any pills.
She got rid of them, she told me --

She acquired some. Or stockpiled.

I thought I'd found 'em all.

This has happened before?

No, not exactly.

Not as bad as this.

She struggled after Olivia was born.

We've been in and out of
doctors' and counsellors' and...

- Do you wanna go down there, yeah?
- No. No, no. I...

I don't want Olivia to
see her in hospital.

Why don't I drive
you home first?

Can someone look after her?

Maybe next door. Maybe...
I... I don't know. I...

Anne Marie was the only help we had.

Just hang on a minute, yeah?


I'm gonna drive them home.
Could you head back to the office

see if you can get some
additional childcare?

What kind?
Like a nursery or...

Can you just help me out?

- OK, I'll see what I can do.
- Thanks.

I told you, at my sister's.

You see, I know that's a lie.

She's told us.

I think you went to your mam's
to collect a prescription.

- I didn't.
- And then three hours later,

you went to a place
called Blackhall

and used her credit card.

Now, what happened in those three hours?

Where was your mam?

I don't know.

OK. What were you doing in Blackhall?

We were having a weekend alone together.

Her treat.
Why I had the card.

We'd kept it quiet from Christine.

Because Christine has a temper
and it scares my daughter.

I wanted to be alone with her.

Now, I know that's a lie,

because the room was
only booked for one.

This OD.

Was it deliberate?

No. Of course not. I wouldn't
do that to my daughter.

The effects wear off
after a while.

Well, that's risky,
taking a load like that.

I'm not a drug addict, I just --

Need medication to cope.

Look, I'm not judging
you, pet, but why is that?

I mean, this predates your
bereavement, doesn't it?

OK, I've got your discharge
form here, Nicole.

Let's not see you in here again, eh?

Excuse me, love.

Can I just ask, have you come
across Mrs. McKendrick before?

She's been in a couple of times.

- Can I see her records?
- Can't do that, I'm afraid.

Not without her permission
or a magistrate.

Get onto Domestic Violence.

See if there's a refuge in Blackhall.

Broken femur.

Dislocated collarbone.

- Hand trapped in a car door.
- Please don't.

Listen, love, it's normal to feel ashamed.

To feel like it's your fault.

I teach little kids.

They look up to us.

It's not all the time.


When it blows up, it really blows up.

And your Mam was
selling the house,

so you could have
a fresh start.

She found the refuge.
She got me another phone.

She kept me going till
the time was right.

You could've come to us,
love. We'd have helped.

Didn't go to her.
She worked it out herself.

Said she'd seen her fair share

of cruel men in her life.

So how did you feel when she
didn't turn up in Blackhall?

I just shut my mind.

Just went home.

Do you think it's possible

your husband was involved
in your mam's death?

You've got him on CCTV, haven't you?

That's what Bethany told
me. That's right, isn't it?

But what if he found out

that she was trying
to help you to leave?

No, he'd have killed
us both and my daughter.

That'd be my punishment.

He's got a gun.

He's what?

Keeps it in our bedroom as a warning.


How could I have been so stupid?

I want armed response on
the road and to the house.

I want everyone out there.

It drops out up here.
D'you wanna stop?

Nah, you're all right.
I'll just get you home.

Do you mind me driving this way?

No. She's too young to understand.

I think you're right, let's just
get her back as quickly as...

Was this where you found her shoes?


I'm not sure.

Hi, it's DC Whelan.
Leave a message.

Bethany, love,
we're on our way.

We're coming.

I should probably call them back.

Now I've got service. I'm
just gonna pull over up here.

I'll just call.


Bethany, where are you?

We're just headed back
to the family home now.

- Just checking in.
- She knows.

You know, don't ya?

Er, yeah. I think so. I
think I've got it now, yeah.

Is Mark with you?

I sent him back to the office.


You're not alone, are ya?!

Yeah. He had a few
bits and pieces to do.

Well, listen.
First off, Bethany,

don't go back to the house.
There's a weapon there.

Right. OK.

- We're up at Magton Mines.
- The Magton Mines.

Magton Mines, I want all
units to Magton Mines!

Copy that, en route.

- How's Nicole?
- We're on our way.

An armed response will
be there as soon as.

- Can you cope until then?
- Yeah, that's good.

I'll let him know she's doing all right.

Good girl.
Now, does he seem volatile?

It's not raining now.

If he runs, let him go. Just
get yourself away from him.

We'll pick him up some other way.

Right, will do.

Are you leaving?

She's fast asleep in the car, bless her.

Can you keep him away from the child?

- Can you do that?
- Can I have my keys back?



She's gone.

- I'd like my keys back.
- It's fine. I'll drive.

I'd like my keys back, please.

I'm sorry. You're not
getting in the car with her.


- Simon.
- Drop the keys!

Drop the keys!

Drop the keys!

You've got a chance.

I'd run if I were you.

Try her again. Try again.

Hi, this is DC Whelan.
Leave a message...

Simon, I can't breath.


Simon, I can't breath.

I can't breath.

I can't...

What about now?

Come on.

- No answer.
- Get Mark.

Get onto Mark.

It's her.
She's down.



Bethany, no.

- Get on the ground!
- Get on the ground! Stay down!

She's not breathing. There's no pulse.

There's no pulse.

Ma'am, is she OK?

Give her CPR. Give her CPR, ma'am.

We're too late.

Hand it over.
You can't do this.

I am so sorry.

It was an accident.
I-I was --

We're here to talk about what
happened on Saturday 15th.

Night Anne Marie Richards died.

Where were you?

You already know this.

I was half way up a
fell with my uni buddies.

- Yeah, doing what?
- Training.

- Training on a bike?
- Exactly.

And that's exactly how
you got home, isn't it?

On a bike.

See, you're not as clever
as you think you are.

30 odd miles, that's nothing
to a fit bloke like you, is it?

Not when you're in a nasty mood.

No, I wasn't.
I didn't go anywhere.

Yes, you did. You liar.

You went home because there
was no reply from your missus.

You're midway through training

and you just have to know
where she is, what she's doing,

cos you're a controlling
nut-job who beats his wife.

I'm really not.
Did she tell you this?

You get home. No sign of
your wife and daughter.

Look, her mobile left on the side.

Is this some... Is this a joke?
Has she... Has she told you this?

Look, my...

My wife is disturbed.
You should be helping her --

That's nice!
Calling her the crazy one.

- That's what you lot do.
- I'm not one of those.

I'm a good guy, I'm a good dad.

It's a pity you won't be seeing
your daughter again, then, isn't it?

Because no matter what you say or do,

you're basically looking
at a whole-life tariff.

That regret, is it?

Well, it's a bit late for that.

Best thing you can do is co-operate.

Now, Anne Marie had a
plan to move Nicole out.


Everything in place
to get her away

from the vicious piece of
work she calls a husband.

But the man with the cash,

he takes his time
handing over the money.

What man?

What cash?

She was smarter than you.

You were just nastier.

So Anne Marie texts Nicole,

"Running late, be with you soon."

Only the poor love makes a mistake.

Instead of texting the secret phone

they've been using behind your back...

she texts her usual phone.

And you pick it up, cos you're at home.

And that's how you find out
Mam knows where she is.

So what next?

Well, what follows is perfectly natural.

You wanna know where your wife
is, so you jump in your car,

go round to Anne Marie's to ask her.

And then what?

She lies, does she?

Says she doesn't know where she is.

The disrespect, that get to you, did it?

I just knew them women
were playing games.

Don't even try to act
like this is tit-for-tat!

You shot an unarmed woman in the back.

We know the kind of man you are.

I told her I was going round
to Christine's to talk.

She said... She said
she was coming with me.

Aye, of course she did,

because she knew
you were a danger.

She didn't want you knocking
her other daughter about!

Half way there, I says
to her, "I know you know."

Aye, and you lost it
and you strangled her.

It was her who got things
out of hand, she called 999!

And you cut the call!

She jumps out of the car,
you follow.

She runs,
you follow,

and you grab her by the throat.

Maybe to just...
Maybe to try and scare her

into telling you where she was.

- Well, she should've just --
- She'd rather die than do that.

She gave her life trying
to protect her daughter.

Just as my officer did

trying to protect yours.


Well, no bail, obviously.

Has someone spoken to the Press Office?

I've got five missed calls.

Who checked the background?

How did we miss a firearm licence?

I think we mistook the firearm

- checks for the DBS checks --
- We? Who's we?!


I found this last night.

Near where...
You know.

Look at that.
That pretty?

You're a good girl. You know that?

Thank you.


Come here, love.

Here y'are.
Go on.

Don't tell your granddad.

I never saw it.

I think it's the one Dash gave to her.

Shall we give it back to him?

You don't have to, love.

Might be a nice gesture,
but you don't have to.

He loved her, didn't he?

I think so.

I'm so sorry. About your officer.


Can you tell her family I'm sorry?

Yeah. Yeah, of course.

- I should've just...
- No.

Only one person to blame for this, love.

Only one.

Are you staying with?

Yeah, for a bit. At least
until after the hearing.

Good. Now, you stay close.

It's gonna be choppy ahead.

So we'll be in touch.

You all right?

Back into town or the village?

Look, can you get yourself back?

I'm gonna...
have a little walk.

Clear my head.

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