Vera (2011–…): Season 10, Episode 4 - The Escape Turn - full transcript

Vera investigates the case of a wealthy betting shop tycoon who was murdered during a home invasion in front of his wife and daughter.

'There's now two minutes
to the off.

'And away they go.'


Thanks for coming.

Hey, Alun.
Really appreciate it.

Excuse me.

Alun, go home. To your family.

I'll see you
bright and early tomorrow.

Send me that agenda.


Where's the safe?

We've gotta warn him.


Please, please!



Just let her go.

Dad? Dad?

Call an ambulance!

Morning Ma'am.

Middle-aged man, Alun Wilmott.

Was murdered last night as he
confronted a couple of intruders.

One of them was armed. Apparently,
the gun went off in a struggle.

This Alun Wilmott,
the betting magnate?

Yeah, his wife and daughter were in
the house, Louise and Jess Wilmott.

So where are they now?

Erm, over at the neighbours.
I've got Jac to keep an eye on 'em.


24/7 security? Lot of good that did.


Now, I'm gonna need a word
with the hired muscle.

And put out a press statement, so
get in touch with the Press Office.

Papers'll be all over this.


Watch where you're putting
your feet, please.

Oh, I'll come in again through
the back door, shall I

Well, the scene's already
been compromised.

There's boot treads
all over the hallway.

So, what can you tell us?

Single bullet wound to the chest.

He was dead by the time
the paramedics arrived.

Now, there's some tattooing
on his shirt around the bullet hole.

Hot discharge residue.

No sign of an exit wound.

If we find the bullet intact,
might well help us trace the weapon.


Fancy place.

Well, it's just lost a chunk of
its real estate value.

We'll start a sweep
of the downstairs

as soon as we get him
bagged and tagged.

Well, let us know
if you find anything.

Watch where you put your feet.
I heard you the first time, Malcolm.


Safe's been cleaned out.

It's a combination lock...

so, someone must have opened it
for 'em.

I've got the inventory of
the contents that were taken.

There's passports, jewellery...
couple of watches.

Expensive watches.

20 grand in cash!

20 grand.

That's just pin money
to a fella like Wilmott.

Wife and daughter were home alone
when they broke in.

So where was he?

He was in town
at a charity race night.

That dog track he owned in the city.

Moorden Fields?

So it would've been
common knowledge, then,

that he was at the track.

Maybe someone thought
they'd be an easy target.

So why bring a firearm?


That's just asking for trouble.

They came in over the garden fence
at the back.

Smashed the patio doors.

I'd say this was a botched burglary.

Husband came home,
disturbed them in the act.

No, they knew there was a safe
in the house.

But 20 grand in cash?

Either it was their lucky day,
or someone gave 'em the heads-up.

What do you reckon?
By the front gate.


This is Ciaran Duggan.

He's the head of
the neighbourhood security.

Right, DCI Stanhope.
I'm running this investigation.

Right, any way we can help?

Well, you can start by telling us
who was on patrol last night.

That would've been Ryan. Ryan?

Get over here.

Right, the, er... your gaffer says
you were working the evening shift.

Aye, that's right.

I did a drive
past the Wilmotts' at...


You see anything
out of the ordinary?

It was pretty quiet, like.

Usually is around here.

So when did you hear about
the break-in?

I got a call from the control room,

someone in the house
had pressed a panic button.

Yeah, what time was that?
Just after 9pm.

The police were informed
at the time.

We'll look into it. Well,
I drove here as soon as I heard.

You weren't on duty yourself, then?

No, I was, er,
working back at the office.


Now, did either of you enter
the property?

Well, er,
a man had just been shot.

Aye, trampled all over
the crime scene.

Given the circumstances,
I think we acted appropriately.

Now, can you take your boots off,
give 'em to DC Lockhart.

Need to rule them out as evidence.

Well, come on,
we haven't got all day!

And the same goes for you.
Get 'em off!

So, how long have you had
this security company?

We won the tender....
six months ago.

Four-man team.

Roving patrols and alarmed response.

Ah, all right, if you can afford it.

We're a visible deterrent.

Oh, that's obvious,
all that bling you're wearing.

Right. Logs, CCTV,
body cams, dashcams, the lot.

See if we can find anything
Ryan might have missed.

I found some more tyre tracks
further down the lane.


They took off on a getaway bike,
out of sight of any cameras.

This must've taken some planning.

Chances are
they'd been watching the place.

Well, then they'd have known about
the security patrols, wouldn't they?

Get the CSI team down here.
Cordon off the whole lane.

Now, we know your husband had been
at the race track last night.

Charity event.

He'd messaged me to say
he was on his way home.


I heard talking downstairs.
I thought it must be Alun.

Then I heard Jess scream.

So you were the first one to see
these intruders?

No, I didn't see their faces.
They were both wearing masks.

So, what about their voices?

They sounded local.
I think one of them was older.

Oh, what makes you say that, love?

Just the way he talked.

Clearly he was the one
calling the shots.


Did you tell him
there was a safe in the house?

We didn't tell him anything...
until we saw the gun.

What about this other fella, hmm?

Anything stand out?

He was wearing trainers...
like, flash stripes.

It just stayed in my head, you know?

Look, I know this is hard, love...

..but if there's anything at all
you can tell us...

that might help us to catch 'em.

There was a struggle out
in the hall.

The gun went off.

Next thing I knew,
he was lying there, bleeding.

Now, did either of you notice
anything suspicious,

weeks leading up to this?

We have been getting
nuisance phone calls.

Landline. We hardly use it.

But the caller
always hung up when I answered.


Right, so, er...

Now, is there somewhere else
you can stay,

other than here
with your neighbours?

My mum's.
She's over in South Shields.

We'll need to get some swabs
and prints. No rush.

Yeah, we'll get someone
to drive you over.

I'll need to fetch a few things...
from the house.

Right. Well, that can be arranged...

after forensics have finished.

Maybe tomorrow.

Ma'am, these are the owners of
the house, Gayle and Iain Beecher.


Right, you wanted to see me?

You should know there's been
a recent spike in crime. Huh?

Thefts from cars.
Kids hanging around on the streets.

It's the reason we hired
the security patrols.

Now, who pays for these patrols?

The residents, we all chip in.

I'm away a fair bit with work.
I suppose it puts my mind at rest.

So, you would've known Alun Wilmott
well enough?

The Wilmotts kept themselves
to themselves.

I'd stop for a chat with Louise
every time I ran into her,

but I wouldn't say we were friends.

I know Jess was close to her dad.

She'd rather spend all his money
than go out and earn it.

Spoiled rotten, that one.

Can I come in?




Wow! I bet you can name a few.

My favourite is Orion.

Ah! The Hunter. Hmm?

Its biggest stars are super giants.


I might go into space one day.



Now, were you looking at
stars last night?

Should've been in bed.

Well, I won't say if you don't.

You plainclothes, then?

Well... Well,
that's one way of putting it.

Coppers can't be trusted.

What makes you say that?

They killed Jess' dad.

No, the police didn't kill
Jess's dad, love.

And it's my job to find
out who did,

so if there's something
you want to tell us...

They drove away on a motorbike.

Did you see their faces?

They were both wearing
crash helmets.

It's the law.

Well, if there's nothing else you
want to tell us...

I'd better get back to the station.

I wrote down the number plates.

Thought it might be important.

Good lad.

It's this one here.

Adam's got it into his head
that it was the police

who killed Jess's dad.

Adam has a vivid imagination.

But there must've been something
prompted that train of thought?

He confuses the police
with those security patrols.

All he sees is a uniform.

I get the impression
you're not that enamoured.

Glorified vigilantes.

That one even threatened Adam.

When was that?

A few weeks ago.
Accused him of loitering.

He was just out on his bike!

Alun Wilmott.

Owner of OnTrack Bets,
a company he founded in Newcastle.

He was fatally wounded last night at
his home in Loxmere.

Aggravated burglary.

His wife and daughter
were held up at gunpoint

by two unidentified male intruders.

Our victim had been at
a charity event at the track,

and he returned home early
and disturbed them.

The area is patrolled by
Duggan Security,

and they were
the first on the scene.

Some watches and jewellery were
stolen from the safe,

insured for over £100,000.

And not to mention 20 grand in cash!

Now, the watches are personalised
with the initials AAW.

Alun Anthony Wilmott.

So, what do we have to go on, hmm?

Camera's show...

his car arrived back at 9:06.

No sign of anything
out of the ordinary.

Now, there's a track,
runs down the side of the house.

And the intruders made access by
climbing over the back fence.

Now, the lad who lives next door
said he saw these intruders

leaving on a motorbike.

And lucky for us,
he took down the registration.

That track has direct access
to the main road.

Leads straight back to Newcastle.

And we've got an ANPR grab
on that registration.

Right. 9:24pm
on the Loxmere Road roundabout.

The plates have been doctored.
Flagged up as a double-decker bus.

Kenny, get on to the local nick

and ask them to make a search
of that area. Ma'am.

Let's just assume
that Wilmott and his family

were specifically targeted. Mm?

So, what do we know about him?

Ah, he started off with a chain of,
er, high street bookmakers.

Expanded into online gambling
about 15 years ago.

He's been accused of making money
by exploiting vulnerable customers,

like low-income families,
problem gamblers.

Well, it's a mug's game, eh, Kenny?

Only when you're losing, ma'am.

Well, he was recently the target
of a hate mail campaign.

Was he?

Er, threatening emails,

suspect packages
sent to the company offices.

A report was made to the police

by the Director of Operations,
Orla Cossdale.

Was anyone charged?

Case was shelved due to
lack of evidence.


Maybe we should to follow it up.

So, what time did he leave
the stadium last night?

Must have been around 8:30.

And the race meet
was still in full swing?

He'd been working too hard.
I told him I had things covered.

Charity event, wasn't it?

Gateshead Community Foundation.

How long had you worked for him?

Must be ten years.

Started on the phones, and
worked my way up through the ranks.

Oh, so, he took a bit of a punt
on you, then, did he?

Taught us everything I know
about the industry.

Now, we know the company was
the target of a hate mail campaign.

It started with threatening emails.

Escalated to parcels
of white powder, broken glass.

And you've no idea
who might've been behind it?

I'd put money
on a disgruntled punter.

Anyone who's walked into a bookies
and gambled away a month's pay.

But unpleasant... vindictive...

..and yet you asked the police
not to pursue it.

We'd already increased security.

And Alun thought it was best
if we dropped it.

These emails, do you have copies?

You'll have to speak to Gareth.
He's our IT technician.

He's in the office at the end.

Oh. Right. Thanks, love.


They were sent from a burner
account. Impossible to trace.

'Alun Wilmott has blood
on his hands.'

'OnTrack scum need to die.'

'We know where you live,
and we're coming for you.'

Ah, right, we've got the gist.

This about his murder, then?

Why, you got something
you want to share with us?


It's a... media group page
for bookies

who've been screwed over
by the industry.

Plenty of inflammatory posts
about OnTrack.

A lot of them by former employees.

Hang on... Hang on, what's that one?

'Alun Wilmott has blood
on his hands.'

Same wording. Same message.

Who's that from? KathyB.

Kathy Bennions. She managed
one of our bookies in Low Fell.

Assaulted by a punter.

She was assaulted?

When was that?

Must have been about a year ago now.

Wilmott offered her
some risible compensation.

He might have played
the benevolent businessman,

but he didn't give a stuff
about his workers,

as long as they were
making him money.

OnTrack had introduced
a new company policy.


A recommendation... Orla Cossdale
came up with to save money.


Ah, we reported our concerns
to the unions, but...

..didn't do any good.

What happened that night,
if you don't me asking?

The, er... was empty...
save for one of the regulars.

You know, you get used to seeing
the same faces.

He told us that one of
the machines weren't working, so...

..I unlocked the counter
and came round to check it.

That's when he hit us
with a hammer.

She hasn't worked since.

Too scared to go out.

Ronnie pops round when she can.

That must be a struggle,
when you've got a child.

Zak's no trouble, really.

And you sued Alun Wilmott
for damages.

50 grand compensation!
With all his millions!

Lawyers cost us more!

Well, I can see why you might
have had a grievance, love.

So, is that why you sent
those packages to head office?


We also traced a series of
nuisance phone calls.

All made to the Wilmott house,
from a phone box, 200 yards away.


So, not quite housebound, eh, pet?

It was just a few emails.
I never sent no packages!

What the hell were you thinking?

He thought he could buy me silence!
Someone had to make him pay.

Well, maybe someone did, love.

Cos he was murdered last night.

So, you can see why we're taking
these threats very seriously.

You might want to get in touch
with that lawyer again, love.

She had a cast iron motive
for going after Wilmott.

Can't say I blame her.

Though she's hardly in a fit state

to go climbing over
anyone's garden fence.

Here you are.

'Local businessman, Royce Hobson,
has offered a reward of 25 grand

'for any information regarding
Alun Wilmott's murder.'

That's all we need.

You should have spoken to us first
before going public with this.

Alun Wilmott was a personal friend
of mine.

I'll do whatever it takes to catch
the people who did this.

Oh, we'll catch 'em, love,
I can promise you that.

But this just complicates things.

We're holding a memorial fundraiser
in a few days over at the stadium.

Proper send off.

What? You'll not wait
till the fella's buried?

You a regular, are you?
Down at the dog track?

Alun sold us some shares
in the stadium.

Generous of him.

The place was on its arse.

He was looking
for trusted investors.

Were you there last night,
this charity benefit?

Never miss a meet if I can help it.

So, how did Wilmott seem?

He was on decent form.

Working the room, as usual.

Left it early, didn't he?

There was a shareholders' meeting
set up for this morning.


And what's on the agenda?

The falling share price
was an ongoing concern.

There were rumours
of impending job losses.

Betting industry's not what it was.

Ah, well, we'd heard
it'd had a bit of bad publicity

the last few months.

The fine, you mean?
Alun took it as a personal slight.

The fine? What fine's that, then?

A rap on the knuckles
from the Gambling Commission.

£2 million.

Lost the company a sponsorship deal.

Listen to this.

OnTrack Bets.


They were officially censured

for offering bonuses
to problem gamblers.

Were they? Failure to perform
social responsibility checks.

Well, that's what you call
turning a blind eye!

There's no proof
of any criminal intent.

What, £2 million?

They've got to have been
up to something.

That sheds a new light
on Alun Wilmott.

Aye, doesn't it just?

Bit of a ruthless operator.

Hang on! Not on the track.

Oh, right, er... DCI Vera Stanhope.

Looking for Orla Cossdale.

Is this about Alun?

Aye it is, love.
We're investigating his murder.

News hasn't really sunk in yet.

You know him personally, did you?

I've been a kennel hand here
for 25 years.

He always found time for a chat.

Did you talk to him last night
at the benefit?

Why, he came down to the track
for a photo call, you know.

How did he seem?

Worn out.

Any reason for that?

A man like Alun Wilmott,
everybody wanted a piece of him.

She'll be up at the bar.
Top of the stands.

Right, thanks, love.

Thought you'd like an update.

Now, that compo claim,
Kathy Bennions.

Yeah. What about it?

Well, it's her, who's been sending
these emails.

You must have known
she'd be harbouring a grudge?

I knew she was trouble.

Well, maybe she had cause
to be aggrieved, love.

She was alone in the shop,
she was assaulted at work.

The high-street bookmakers
don't earn their keep.

We needed to cut costs.

Well, that fine wouldn't have
helped, would it, love?

£2 million?

Failure to monitor problem gamblers?

The fine was an oversight.
We updated our compliance policy.


Well, I'm going to need a list
of these problem punters.

The accounts
will have been closed by now.

All the personal details removed
from the database.

So, if that's all,
I'm due at the Head Office.

Oh, ma'am, I've been going through
those door-to-door statements.

One of the neighbours reported
seeing a vehicle

parked up outside the Wilmott house
on two separate occasions.

A blue BMW.
When was this?

Two weeks ago?

Well, could have been
casing the house.

She said that she'd passed on
the details to Ciaran Duggan.

Well, why didn't he mention that?

Funny you ask that, ma'am.
I've just run a background check.

Ciaran Duggan, previous for ABH.

Has he now?

He would have been vetted,
wouldn't he? Criminal record check.

Well, clearly he knows how to work
the system.

Ma'am, I've been trawling through
that footage

that they handed over.

So, according to the log,
Ryan Derring did a drive past

the Wilmott house at 20:55.

Yes, he told us that.

There's nothing on the camera
that verifies that.

So, either Ryan
got his times wrong...

Or he lied to us about his movements
that night.

So this could be an inside job.

Have you got a minute?

I'm late for a shift
at the Retail Park.

We need to clarify that statement
that you gave us.

What about it?

Well, it didn't stack up,
that's what!

Now, if you'd driven past the house
at the time you said you did,

you'd have seen Alun Wilmott
returning home.

I was parked up on Millerton Lane.
Must have dozed off.

I'm working double shifts
at the minute, all right?

Maintenance payments
for a kid I never see.

What, so you lied about
your movements?

I got a call saying Wilmott
had been killed on my watch.

All I did was fill in the logs
and keep quiet about it.

Look, if the boss finds out
about this, I'm finished here.

And if I find out you've been lying
to me again, son,

that's gonna be
the least of your worries.

Any reason you're harassing
my staff?

Just a couple of follow up
questions, that's hardly harassment.

Night of the break-in,
you said you went inside the house.

I checked the body for a pulse.

Made sure the property was clear,

then I went outside
and called an ambulance.

Yeah, did you touch anything else?
Not that I remember.

So how come your prints are
all over the house?

I might have opened
the patio doors.

Ah, you installed the alarm system,

So you'd know the layout
of the place.

The location of the safe.

It's my business to know.

Ah, now that's the thing that's been
niggling me, love.


The alarm system was down
that night.

So either security didn't do
their job properly,

or else someone
was looking the other way.

You're trying to pin this on me?

Previous for ABH.
Bet that's not on your website!

That were over ten year ago.

Oh, reformed character?

I don't think so, love.

Not if that bogus accreditation
is anything to go by.

I built this business up
from nothing.

You think I'd throw it all away
for a burglary?

I think you're the sort of fella who
likes to throw his weight around!

We've even got a neighbour said
you'd threatened her son.

I caught him hanging around outside
the Wilmott house.

Not the first time, neither.

We've also got a statement
from another neighbour...

who said she reported a car parked
up outside the Wilmott's house.

Blue BMW. Followed it up myself.

She said she was visiting someone.

Driver was a woman?

Late 40s, dark hair,
disabled badge in the window.

You know, she didn't look the type
to be breaking into houses.

Right, well, we found some of his
prints on the patio door frame,

on a couple of kitchen drawers,

but they may well have been left
there when he entered the house.

So, stacks up
with what Duggan told us.

Any other prints
I should know about?

None that haven't
been accounted for,

but we did get a lift off
some gloves.

Dot grips.

Ah, yeah,
I wear those when I'm weeding.

Well, burglars get careless wearing
them, because what you won't know

is they leave an impression
as unique as a fingerprint.

Yeah, I knew that.

Of course you did.

So, what about the post-mortem,
Malcolm, what can you tell us?

Well, the bullet hit his chest bone,
shattered on impact,

so there's nothing for ballistics
to work with.

But something didn't stack up.

Well, the trajectory.

The angle of the impact.

According to
those witness statements,

the gun went off during
a struggle.

Yeah, well, that's what Jess,
the daughter, told us.

Well, the entry wound
was clean and round.

That tattooing on his shirt,

it suggests to me
the shot was carefully aimed.

Sees him in the hallway,
points the gun, fires.

Clear shot?

Nice and tidy.

Makes you realise just how little
you actually need.

How's Jess bearing up?

You tell me.

Ah, well, she's grieving.

Alun always indulged her.

Past few months,
they'd not been getting on.

And why was that,
if you don't mind my asking?

Jess started staying out late.
God knows who with.

Answering back.
Bit of a mouth on her.

Ah, well.
No telling 'em at that age.

Alun said she never understand
the value of money.

Even threatened to cut off
her allowance.

Did he?

Oh, er...

I found out who'd been
making those anonymous phone calls.

Woman called Kathy Bennions.

I know who she is.

Oh, well, then you'll know
about the assault.

Alun was gutted when he found out
what had happened.

Did his best to put things right.

He paid her that money
out of his own pocket.

You're not saying that she had
anything to do with this?

Ah, we're still following it up,

I'll walk you to the car.
I think I know the way, thanks.

Ma'am. Something I noticed
when she started packing.

None of her husband's clothes
are in here.

All his stuff is in a bedroom
across the way.

Separate rooms.


That blue BMW.

We can rule out Kathy Bennions
as the woman in the car.

She doesn't drive.

Looking for anything in particular?

Well, Malcolm reckons
Jess's statement

is at odds with these finding.

And I got the impression she was
holding something back.

Well, her dad had just been shot.
She can't be thinking straight.

Plus, her mam thinks she's going
through a rebellious stage.

Did you know Adam had been watching
the Wilmott house?

Surveillance, he calls it.

He was worried the police
were gonna hurt Jess.

Oh, and by 'police', you mean
Ciaran Duggan and his heavies.

Adam has a tendency
to form close attachments.

And did he form a close attachment
to Jess Wilmott?

Adam sees the world differently
to other kids.

People tend to misjudge
his behaviour,

when it's all perfectly innocent.
I'm not judging him, love.

But you should have been straight
with us.

I wish I'd had one of these
when I was your age.

Is Jess in prison?

What makes you think that, love?

They took her away in a police car.

Aye, not much gets past you,
does it?

I've been doing my own patrols.

So, er, do you wanna tell us
what you've found out?

He was in Jess' bedroom.

The policeman. I saw them.

Was this the night of the burglary?

Day before.

Would you recognise
this fella again?

Jess say's it was our secret.


She tell you his name?

The police have been asking us

Is that why you wanted to see me?

What have you told them, Jess?

I didn't tell him anything!

Take your time, Adam.
He can't see or hear you.

Good lad. OK.

DCI Stanhope has entered the room.

Right, Jess Wilmott's phone records.

And messages to your mobile.

Yeah, we'd been messaging. So what?

Oh, I think things have moved on
from texting, love,

cos we have a witness who can
place you inside the Wilmott house.

More precisely, in Jess's bedroom,

just the day before her dad
was killed.

That little creep's
been spying on us, has he?

Mm. Which makes us wonder
what else it is you've been up to,

apart from the obvious.

Maybe casing the place
for a burglary, mm?

Memorising the alarm code,
clocking where the safe is.

What? You think I had something
to do with the break-in?

You told us yourself
you were strapped for cash.

Those child maintenance payments.

Oh, another poor lass
who'd succumb to your charms.

I had nothing to do with it!

Did you see Jess Wilmott
on the night of the murder?

We met up in The Bailer,
early doors.

Just before I started me shift.

Now, did she tell you her dad
had gone out for the night?

She might've mentioned it.

Did you give the heads-up
to your mates?

No? Well, that's strange,

because not two hours later,

those intruders had broken
into the house on your watch,

while you just happened
to have fallen asleep at the wheel.

Me and Jess had a bit of a barney.

I was in the pub until closing time.

Yeah, because you knew what was
going down that night.

Do you think that
I would have let her leave, hey?

Knowing there was a fella
with a gun in the house?

Lover's tiff, was it?

I told her
that I wanted to finish things.

She got upset. Stormed off home.

Now, then, we've found a couple
of grand in your bank account.

Cash deposit, just three days ago.

You said you were skint!

Jess told her dad that we were
getting a place together.

No idea where that one came from.

I'm working the evening patrol.
Parked up in the street.

And Wilmott taps on the window.
Calm as you like.

Tells us how everything's
gonna play out.

Tells us that I should walk away
from Jess.

Tells us that
I need to leave me job.


Then he hands us an envelope
full of cash.

OK, so, there you were,
in the pub, all night,

drowning your sorrows
and spending Wilmott's bribe money.

I got a call around closing time.

And that was the first thing I heard
about the murder.

Did Jess know her dad
had given you a bung?

She worshipped her dad.

I wasn't about to burst her bubble.

He was always so wrapped up
in the business,

he's never, ever had time
for any of us.

Oh, so, was that why you mentioned
you'd met someone,

to get his attention?


Come on, love, help me here.

When he found out
about me and Ryan...

And suddenly,
he started taking an interest.

Where was I going,
what time I would come home.

It was like he wanted to keep us
locked up.

Look, I am sorry to have to ask
you this, love...

..but did you find out that your dad
had paid Ryan off?

No, I don't believe you.

My dad would never have done
anything like that.

Oh, he did.

So did you try to get
your own back on him, hmm?

You told Ryan your dad
was going out that night

and there was money in that house.

No. Now, we know Ryan
had been to the house.


Oh, well.

Now, you said in your statement
that the gun went off in a struggle.

Did you see the shot fired?

My dad was out in the hall.

The fella with the gun
went out to meet him.

I tried to warn him,
but then the other one grabbed me,

and that's when I heard the shot.

You just heard the shot?
You didn't see it?

Ryan's alibi checks out.

He was propping up the bar
until closing.

Bit of a regular by all accounts.

Doesn't mean he wasn't involved.

Set up his mates for the burglary.

So what if we've been looking
at this the wrong way, mm?

He hadn't been himself for
the past few weeks,

paranoid about security.

Cameras, new alarm systems,
neighbourhood watch.

Now, what does that tell us?

Someone was out to get him.

Victim of a hit?


He certainly gets around.
Oh, staff meeting, is it?

We were just reviewing security.
Alun Wilmott's memorial fundraiser.

Ah, well, you can't be too careful.
Not in light of recent events.

Oh, by the way, we pulled in
Ryan Derring for questioning.

He lied on his statement
about his movements that night.

Which makes me wonder what else
it is you're all hiding.

Can we come in?

Another update?

Ah, well, you could say that, love.

Er, see,
we're pursuing the possibility

that Alun Wilmott's murder
was premeditated.

Just dressed up
to look like a burglary.

So why are you talking to me?

Because you told us yourself
that security had been stepped up.

This cosy arrangement
with Ciaran Duggan.

So he must have known
there was a tangible threat.

Our operating system was hacked.

A denial of service attack.
Customer accounts were compromised.

A few hours later,
we received a threat.

Another attack was imminent,
unless we paid a ransom.

How much were they asking for?


Who else in the company
knew about this?

Apart from Alun and myself...

erm, his PA, Ciaran Duggan,

and, er, a couple of the employees
from internet security.

Any money change hands?

Alun said he didn't want to
give in to blackmail.

Ah, but you, on the other hand,
had no such qualms. Mm?

Paid up anyway behind
the boss's back, am I right?

I thought the threat
had been dealt with.

But they came back and asked us
for twice as much. When was this?

A few days ago. But this time,
I said I wouldn't pay.

And you thought you'd keep
this little nugget to yourself

in the face of a murder enquiry?

Oh... Am I disturbing you, pet?

I was just having me dinner.

Right, well,
you going to invite us in?

Sorry about the mess.

Toon Tipster?

I, erm...
I do a bit of moonlighting.

Online pundit.

What, insider tips?

Quantitative analysis.

Say we're looking at
some horseflesh.

We feed the runner's stats
into the computer.

Speed, power, form and handicap.

This system details over
a hundred different variables

in order to predict race outcomes.

I pick out the most profitable bets.

What, and then you pass all that
knowledge onto your punters, right?

In return for a small premium.

So, why the home visit?

OnTrack accounts system
was recently hacked.

You must've known about that. Hmm?

Denial-of-Service Attack.

A network of zombie PCs infected
with Trojan horse backdoor tools.

They can be remotely directed
to packet a targeted online suspect

with spurious traffic.

You lost me at Trojan horses, love.

A few thousand up front
can get rid of the threat.

Either that,
or you risk losing millions.

And is there any way of tracing
who was behind it?

It's usually organised crime.
Gangs in Eastern Europe.

They're experts
at covering their tracks.

This fine by
the Gambling Commission,

OnTrack customers pegged
with being problem gamblers.

You must have their names
on your database, hmm?

I should be able to find them.

So you'll be able to give me
all their details.

Right, listen up everyone.

Now, Alun Wilmott was the victim
of an online extortion plot.

A dressed-up protection racket.

Now, we could be looking at
organised crime,

but whoever it was,
he refused to pay up.

Jac, get onto the Cyber Crime Unit,

see if they can put a trace on that,

Meanwhile, Kenny,
check out this list of people.

They're problem gamblers.

See if there's any connection,
money laundering, drugs,

or anyone you wouldn't
want to mess with.

Er, ma'am?
That Blue BMW you asked us to trace,

I've got a fix on some plates.

Owner's registered as Wilma Howland.

A business address in Wallsend.

It's listed as
a Private Investigators.


Your car was witnessed
on a couple of occasions

parked up outside
Alun Wilmott's house.

Blue BMW.


Gonna tell us why?

I was out on a job.
Basic surveillance.


So, who were you keeping tabs on?

I'm not obliged to share
that information.

Look, he's dead, love.

So cut the flannel, and I'll turn
a blind eye to that disabled badge.

Alun Wilmott hired me
to follow his wife.

Now, why would he want to do that?

Well, he suspected
she was playing away.

And was she?

Louise Wilmott's private life
was... fairly mundane.

Didn't get out much...

aside from regular visits
to South Shields.

That's where her mum lives.
Yes, Trethaway Street.

Turned out her mam
was covering for her.

I found out her secret
soon enough.

Gave my client a full report,

and advised him to drop the case.

So, are you gonna enlighten us?

Tuesdays and Thursdays.
St Kea's Church Hall.

It's been two days
since my husband was murdered.


..I really need a drink.

This is a closed meeting..., I... I'm going to have
to ask you to leave.

It's OK. I know her.

So, how long have you been clean?

Six months.
Hey, that's good.

With the help of my support group.

They had no idea who I was married
to, and they really didn't care.

Did your husband
know about these meetings?

No, he didn't.

Why d'you ask?


..because he'd been
having you followed, love.

Private detective.

Alun always hated the idea of me
airing dirty linen.

I'd already embarrassed him
at too many functions.

It was easier to leave me at home.

Now, a couple of witnesses
have told us

that your husband
hadn't been himself lately.

We'd been living separate lives
for a while.

I'm not sure
he would have confided in me.

So there's nothing
you can tell us that...

might've been ringing alarm bells?

Work always came first.

He was worried that one day,
it would all come crashing down.

Ma'am, we've had a breakthrough.
They've found the stolen motorbike.

Oh, at last!

tell me you've got something.

They did make a decent attempt
to destroy the evidence.

Unlikely we'll lift
any finger prints or DNA,

but there is a ray of light.

The letters on this plate
have been altered.

Someone turned the L into an E.
Well, I could have told you that!

Using black insulation tape.
Impossible to handle with gloves on.

We picked up latent prints
from the sticky side.

And they gave us a match on the PNC.

Leon Wilson.

Yeah, he's got previous for
possession with intent to supply.

He was pulled in 12 months ago.

Address unknown.

Leon Wilson?

His name's on this list
of problem gamblers, ma'am.

There's our connection to Wilmott.

So OnTrack
must have his personal details.

No, there's nothing there.

Aiden, with me.

Mrs Wilmott, can we have a word?

Of course, come in.

I think we might be getting
somewhere with the intruders.

Erm... Does the name Leon Wilson
mean anything to you?

Leon Wilson?

My dad took him on.
He helped out in the garden.

I thought the gardener
had been accounted for?

Sometimes he'd need a little help.
Heavy lifting.

So how long had this lad
worked for you?

Six months, on and off.

He didn't turn up for a shift,
that was the last we saw of him.

So, is that where you got
your weed from?


Look, I just want to know
when he was up at the house, love.

I might have scored off him
once or twice.

Hadn't seen him in weeks.

Well, if he was on the payroll,
you'll have an address.

Alun always paid him cash in hand.

Like I said, it was casual labour.

He brought his son to work once.

I remember him playing
in the garden.

I think his name was Zak.

Jac, Mark...

round the back.

It's the police.
Can you open up, please?

What? You can't just barge in here!

Can you step outside, love?
Come on, Zak. Out you come.

There's a good lad.

All rooms check out clear, ma'am.

No sign, ma'am.

So, where is he, love?

I have no idea.

She's just grieving, love.

And I'm not?
I miss him so much, Nan.

I know love, I know.

Alun Wilmott's watch.

Now, that was stolen from his house
on the night that he was murdered.

So, how did it end up in
your biscuit tin?

If I'd have known it was there,
I would have dumped it.

Now, we know Leon did a bit of
gardening for the Wilmotts.

He packed in the job
a few weeks ago.

Oh, got in the way of the bookies,
did it?

Leon doesn't gamble any more.

Well, that's very wise, love,

..he's nearly six grand in debt.

Ran it up after OnTrack
extended his credit.

Oh, and we also found
his gardening gloves.

Kitchen cupboard.

Now, the impressions on the tips

match those found
at the murder scene.

Doesn't mean he was there.

Ah, that's true that.


..this here is a tape
used to tamper with

the number plates
on the getaway bike.

And Leon's finger prints
are all over it.

Leon did not kill anyone.

So did he take that job
so he could case the house?

Alun Wilmott offered Leon that job!
Now, why would he go and do that?

He got in touch with us
after the trial.

Thought he was making amends.

I told Leon not to take it,
but he said he needed the money.

You knew Leon was wrapped up
in that burglary,

and you just sat there
when we talked to your mam,

and you didn't say a word.

I didn't know he'd got himself
mixed up in a murder!

When was the last time
you spoke to him?

He came home late that night.

Pocket full of money.

Said he needed to lie low
for a while.

Left first thing next morning.
I haven't heard from him since.

So who else was involved?

He must have told you.

He said it was best
if I didn't know anything.

I don't believe you, love.

He was frightened.

More scared than I've ever seen him.

Hi, can I have quick word, please?

Patched you up, then?

Mild concussion.

Whiplash. Could have been worse.

She was lucky.

This is Tony, my sponsor.

From the meeting?

Can you give us a minute, love?


I'll be out in the corridor.

I'm sorry.

It's fine.

It's what I'm here for.

Whatever possessed you
to get into a car?

I went out looking for Jess.

We'd had a bust up.

About that lad selling her drugs.

Well, we can talk to her,
if you like?

I don't want her to see me
like this.

Oh, er, we've arrested
Kathy Bennions' daughter

in connection with
your husband's murder.

Her daughter?


Did you know she was
Leon Wilson's partner?

Like I said... I barely knew him.

It was my fault.

I wanted him home for dinner
that night... sort things out with Jess.

I wanted us to talk, as a family.

'For once in your life,
don't be late.'

That was the last thing
I said to him.

They're discharging her
this afternoon.

Oh, well, that's something,
I suppose.

Tony, isn't it?

How's she doing?

Ah, she'll be fine
once she's sobered up.

I've been there myself.

Er... she's had a run-in
with her daughter.

Doesn't want to see her.

I'll see if I can talk her round.

Make sure she's looked after.
Thanks, love.

Tendon injury.
Picked it up in her last ever race.

What's his name?
Lucky Lass.

Guess her luck ran out today,

Is there something
I can help you with?

Erm, aye. Erm...

25 years, you said you'd been
working for Alun Wilmott,

so you must know him
as well as anyone.

Well enough.

Did he ever mention
crossing someone?

There were always
plenty of characters.

What about this fella?

Oh aye, I know him.

Leon Wilson.

Bit of a gambling habit.

Now, we think, possibly, he had
something to do with that break-in.

Well, you're not likely to find him
down here anymore.

He's been barred from the stadium.

Aye. On whose say so?

Aye. You need to talk to security.
And that'd be Ciaran Duggan?

Ciaran and Alun gan way back.

They grew up together in Backworth.

You also said
you thought Alun changed

the weeks leading up to his death.

What did you mean by that?

He was worried
about losing the business.

Some sort of takeover bid.

Do you know the details?

He tell'd us not to worry.

Said, you know,
he'd got things covered.

What you looking at?

She's looking forward
to retirement.

She's earned that, right enough.

Right, thanks.

If Alun Wilmott was facing
a corporate takeover,

he's not the kind of bloke
who'd take it lying down.

You're right,
the vultures were circling.

And I want to know what
his trusted friend and shareholder

has to say for himself.

Those shares you bought
in the dog track...

Ah, what about them?

Well, the site must be worth
a bit these days,

all this urban regeneration.

Alun would never have sold it.
Sentimental value.

Well, maybe that's why you wanted
to force him out.

That takeover bid
that's been brewing?

I had nothing to do with that.
You knew of it, then.

Ah, now, now, see.

That's the thing about reward money.

It often smacks of
a guilty conscience.

Orla Cossdale approached us
with a business proposal.

She was considering a bid
from some Chinese investors.

They'd shown an interest
in redeveloping the stadium.

An injection of cash
would've turned the company around.

Oh, aye, not to mention
a tidy packet for yourself,

once Wilmott was out of the picture.

It wasn't personal.

No, selling out a mate for a profit?

It was me that tipped him off!

Told him what was going down.

That company was his life.

I wasn't about to ruin him.

Orla Cossdale's
planning a boardroom coup,

and now we know
Wilmott was onto her.

Hardly gives her motive
for wanting him dead.

Doesn't it?
Her days would've been numbered.

She'd have lost everything.

That makes her a suspect
in anybody's book.

Ma'am, we've had an update
from forensics.

They didn't find any gunshot residue
on the gloves

that Leon Wilson was wearing,
rules him out as our shooter.

So the sooner we find him,
the sooner we'll know who was!

I signed up to that gambling blog.

The Toon Tipster.

Well, I'm pleased
you found the time, Kenny!

Got any hot tips for us?

Well, to gain access to any picks,
the punter has to sign up

to an affiliated bookmakers.

The bookies in question, OnTrack.

Well, that's a conflict of interest.

The tipster builds up
a following on social media.

The punters get some money back,
while they're building up a pot.

Then, they bet big
on a dead cert from the tipster.

That loses, bookies clean up.

The whole thing's a scam.

And Gareth Wyatt's
up to his eyes in it.

It was one of Orla's
hush-hush initiatives.

A way of attracting
more attention to OnTrack.

Yes, so, what's in it for you?

10% of every punter's losses.

Well, rent on this place
must have cost a bit.

Look I don't give a stuff
about your little scam, love.

But a fella called Leon Wilson
was one of those targeted.

He was a name that Orla
gave to me, that's all.

Yeah, well, he's now a suspect
in Alun Wilmott's murder enquiry.

That's nothing to do with me.

No? Well, you can explain yourself
to the Gambling Commission.

We're obliged to report it.

There's no need for that.

You must have known Orla Cossdale
was planning a takeover bid,

seeing as the pair of you
were thick as thieves.

Which takeover bid was this?

Oh, don't give me that, love.

You had access to the database.

Personal emails.

And don't tell me
you didn't hack into them.

I might have read something.

A Chinese conglomerate.

Macau Sun Casino.

Orla had been sounding out


To call for a vote of no confidence
at the next general meeting.

To oust Alun Wilmott as CEO.

Now, I'm guessing this meeting
was cancelled?

Orla rescheduled it for
this afternoon.

The memorial benefit,
over at the stadium.

We're about to go into a meeting.

Oh, no, that's gonna have to wait,

Now, we can talk here, if you like,
in front of your foreign investors,

or you can talk to us down
at the station.

Excuse me.

Leon Wilson.

That name ring a bell?

Can't say I know him.

Ah, that won't wash, love.

That's Ronnie Bennions' partner.

A regular down at the dog track.

Currently missing.

And I think you paid him
to disappear.

Now, why would I want to do that?

Well, maybe he could tie you
to Alun Wilmott's murder.


That takeover bid
you'd been planning.

I already had the numbers.
And I didn't need him dead.

Are you sure about that, love?

Because... Royce Hobson
had already changed his mind.

Hmm. Crisis of conscience.

Alun was finished as CEO.

And you thought you could do
a better job?

He could have stood down
with his dignity intact.

You knew he was onto you!

You have got nothing
to tie me to any of this.


Sorry, ma'am. A word.

I wouldn't be too sure about that,

This'd better be important, Kenny.

We've found Leon Wilson, ma'am.

Oh, it's about bloody time!

His body was pulled out of the river
this morning.

Is it definitely him?

Yep, we found ID in his wallet.

Who called it in?

One of the dockers.
Saw the body in the water.

Well, I want 'em all questioned.

And find out who was working
the evening shift.

Keeping you busy, Malcolm?

Blunt injury trauma to the head.

The body is still swollen.
You're lucky he didn't sink.

Could he have gone in somewhere else
and floated in on the current?

No, we found blood
over on the quayside.

He was definitely murdered here.

Middle of the night,
the place would've been deserted.

Someone lured him down here,
with every intention of killing him.

Now, I think someone
wanted to silence him.

Someone connected to that break-in.

The best chance for you
and that lad of yours

is for you to cooperate us.

They were only supposed
to rob the place.

Wilmott came home early,
caught them in the house.

Leon didn't even know
the other fella had a gun.

Ah, I'm gonna need a name, love.

I swear he didn't tell us.

Just some fella he got talking to.

What, down at the dog track?

No, I think... was one of the clubs.

He knew Leon
had worked at the Wilmotts.

Knew the layout of the house.

How well did he know him?

He'd seen him around. I...

..he might've worked on
the doors there.

Which club was this?

Could've been anywhere in Jarrow.

All depended on which bookies
he'd spent the afternoon in.

Did he ever cross paths
with Orla Cossdale?

That feud with OnTrack?

Only at the trial.

What, your compensation claim?

Orla offered Leon a deal.

She said she'd pay off his debts,
provided we agreed to drop the case.

I told her where to stick her offer.

And how'd she take that?

She said we'd be sorry
we ever crossed her.

Leon Wilson met his accomplice
in a boozer in Jarrow.

Now, he could have been a doorman.

Now, I want door-to-door enquiries.

Bars, clubs,
anywhere with a licence.

That's gonna take a while.

So, why you still here?

Er, ma'am, I got some intel back
from Cyber Crime.

Erm, a recent payment was made
by OnTrack, 7.6 Bitcoin.

How much was that in real money?

About £50,000.

That's our ransom demand!

Looks like we've hit a wall though.

The payment was sent to
a public IP address.

An internet cafe in Ouseburn.

Sorry to have kept you, love,

only we've just pulled Leon Wilson's
body out of the river.

So we're now looking at
a double murder.

Silenced before he could
implicate anyone.

So, did one of the bookies
tip you off, love?

Are you seriously suggesting
I had him killed too?

Only when we broke the news
to Ronnie Bennions,

she told us you offered
to write off Leon's debts.

I advised them to drop the case,
that's all.

Well, it sounded
like a threat to me.

I was the one that was keeping
that company afloat.

It was only that Alun
couldn't see it.

Nah, he saw right through you, love!
Saw you for what you really are.

If I'd been looking for someone
to kill Alun Wilmott,

he's the last person
I'd have trusted.

Leon Wilson was
a business opportunity.

A gullible punter
who made us some money.

Well, now he's dead too, love,

and you're as much to blame
as anyone.

I've got nothing to do
with any of this.

So, unless you're gonna charge
me with something...

..there's a shareholders' meeting
I'm missing.

Won't sit too well with
those shareholders, will it,

when they find out that you paid off
that ransom demand,

misappropriating company funds?

Ah, we established the identity
of that cyber extortionist.

Seems it was an inside job.

You've been played, love,
by the Toon Tipster.

Ma'am, forensics have just released
Leon Wilson's personal effects.

Branhill Road Social Club.

Who works the doors there?

That'll be Duggan Security, ma'am.

You're a diamond, Kenny!

Leon Wilson.

You must have heard
we found his body. I heard.

Now, I think he was killed
to silence him

by the same person
who killed Alun Wilmott.

You still think it might be me?

I heard the pair of you
grew up together.

He never forgot where he came from.

Money might've changed him,
but he was still one of us.

Now, listen...

Leon Wilson's accomplice worked at
Branhill Road Social Club.

And if I'm not mistaken,
that's one of your gigs.

Nah. Nah, it weren't one of my boys.

Are you sure about that, love?

I know 'em all too well.

But you must've bumped heads with
plenty of hard cases in your time.

What about a former employee?


Branhill Road.

Any number of faces in there.

You want to pull 'em all in,
be my guest.

Tony Hinshaw.

We only hired him for a few months.
Bit of a drink problem.

No sign of Gareth Wyatt.
Looks like he's done a runner.

'Never mind him!'

I think I know who killed
Alun Wilmott.

Tony Hinshaw,
Louise Wilmott's sponsor.

He's got previous.
Two DUIs and assault.

Well, make sure Louise is all right.

Get someone over to her mam's house
to check.

We've got an address.

Cullyston Burn.
It's boat on the river.

Now, I'm already over in Towden,
so I'll see you there.

Boss, wait!

Tony's boat, isn't it?

Tony Hinshaw.

He's gone to the garage. Cigarettes.

Well, it's time for a quick chat,
then. Just the two of us.

OK if I come up?

This is DS Healey
on route to Cullyston Burn.

Solo officer dealing with a suspect
in connection with a murder.

Request armed response attend,
with additional units as back-up.

Now, Jess'll be worried
if you've not been home yet.

She's better off without me.

I doubt that, love.

She's only just lost her dad.

I mean how's the poor lass
gonna feel, eh,

when she hears
what her mam has done?

Your husband got it right,
didn't he,

when he suspected
you were playing away?

Is that when you and Tony
came up with the plan?

Hey, you played your part
well enough.

Made sure those alarms
were turned off.

Even had your daughter there
as a witness.

Alun would never have let me go.

That must've taken some planning.

All those afternoon meetings
at the church hall.

I tried to stop him.

I told him I'd changed my mind.

He could have
taken the money and walked away.

You might have wanted
to change your mind, love,

but you stood there in that house
and watched it all play out.

And after the job was done,
you lied to us,

you lied to your daughter.

And then you just carried on
covering your tracks.

I think we're done talking.

She was on her way to warn you,
wasn't she,

when she crashed her car?

And you went to the hospital
cos you were afraid

the booze might've loosened
her tongue.

I told you, didn't I?
I said I had everything covered.

Was that before or after
you killed Leon Wilson?


What else was it she offered you,

Widow's insurance money?

I didn't do it for the money!

I love her!

More than her husband ever did.

Eyes on the suspect.

What the hell is she doing?

Put the gun down, love.

Or are you planning on
killing me, too?

Don't think I wouldn't.

What... two dead souls
not enough for you?

Stay where you are, love!

- Tell them to hold back.
- Stand down.

Tony...'s finished.

Don't, love.

I'll shoot her too! Do you hear me?

All right. OK.

Tony, put it down, love.

There's a team of armed officers,
and if they give the order to fire,

you know as well as I do,
they're not gonna be aiming at me.

Look, after everything you've done,

if you harm her...'d never be able
to live with yourself.

Put the gun down, love.

I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry.

Armed police! Show me your hands!

That's it, keep going. Keep moving.

I'll be outside.

I hope they lock you up for life.

Get the measure of him, did they?

'Titan of industry'.

All the money in the world's
not gonna bring him back, is it?

Ma'am, thought you might need
a wee drink.

Eh, thanks, Kenny.

I tell you what, you keep that cold
for us, cos, er...

I've just got to nip out.

Where's she off to?

All right, place your bets.

Hairdresser's, what are the odds?

1,000 to one.

She probably cuts her hair herself.

£20 says she's halfway home already.

The day she's had.

Well, come on, if you're coming.

Someone I want you to meet.

Well, here you are, Adam.

She's all yours.
What's his name?

Well, she answers
to the name of Lucky,

so I should stick with that,
all right?

Bye-bye, Lucky.