Vera (2011–…): Season 10, Episode 2 - Parent Not Expected - full transcript

A young man seeking his biological father is found face down in the water.





Quick, man!

What's going on?

There's someone in the water!
Call an ambulance!

WOMAN: Walken Estates.

Find it all right, ma'am?

Who's that with Kenny?
David Walken.

His dad owns the place.
Business land down here,

personal estate further up there.

The body's been ID'd
as his brother Dennis.

What, by him?
No. By Joe Barry.

And who's he?
General Manager of the farm.

Well, they both look like they could
do with a cup of tea and a sit-down.

Get Jac to find somewhere
a bit quieter.

Ma'am, here you are.

How long was he in the water?

Three or four hours tops.

Just a young lad.

18, 19, I'd say.

Baby face.

No obvious signs of assault.

So why not an accident or a suicide?

Well, whilst I say
no obvious traces,

there is an indentation here.

Could he have whacked his head on
some rocks during a midnight swim?

He was at a party.
My feeling is he was assaulted

and then dumped into the water

So what you're saying, that angle
suggests a blow landing from above.



What else?
Anything in his pockets?

I would have told you if there was.

What, there was nothing?
Not even a mobile?

See previous answer.

What's up Malcolm, go without
your morning coffee or what?

There are some scrapes here
on his left knuckles.

Well, that's something else,
isn't it?

Possibly from punching someone.

He could have been in a fight.


That could be from being
tossed about in the water.

Well, I'll give you some definitive
answers as soon as possible, OK?

Aye, well, let me know
as soon as you find anything else.

Will do.

Yeah, and I'll have a coffee
sent down for you, love.

I hate to see you miserable.

The deceased didn't live on the
estate, he had a bedsit in Harbury.

Have you got an address?


And what about witness statements?
There's a lot to get through.

The guests from the party
last night, staff, extended family.

What about CCTV?

The cameras here all point inwards,

so there's no coverage
of where the body was found.

But he might not have gone
into the water here.

He could have drifted in
from pretty much anywhere.

Right, where's this house, then?

The size of the house...
I know.

Luxury cars.

The salmon business must be booming.

So, is all of this land theirs, then?

Apparently they've got
a private mooring.

And their son
was living in a bedsit...

Right, can you tell them we're here?


I thought it was one of my boys.

You hear something like that and...

..immediately think the worst.

But we understood Dennis
was one of your boys, Mrs Walken.



Dennis was...

..not my son.

He was mine.

One of my boys.
Oh, Mr Walken.

DCI Vera Stanhope.

This is DS Healy.

We are so sorry for your loss.

Now, we understand Dennis attended
the party here last night.

That's right.

But he didn't live here with you.


Now, can you recall the time when
you last saw your son, Mr Walken?

I mean, last night, I assume.

Around 10:00 or 11:00, I think.

Can you remember?
I'm not sure.

But, yes, around that time.

I went up about ten-ish.

That's a bit early
to leave your own party.

My wife's receiving
cancer treatment.

She gets tired.

I stayed up for a couple more
drinks, but I wasn't far behind her.

Did Dennis have a lot to drink?

A fair bit, yes.
Birthday, was it?

Our wedding anniversary.

30 years.

Well, congratulations.

Now, we're investigating
the possibility

that Dennis was assaulted last night.

Oh, my God...!

Did he have an argument
or a disagreement with anybody?


Not that I saw.

Did he enjoy the party?

He was quiet.

He didn't really know anyone, so...

He spoke to loads of people.

I'm just saying,
it was complicated for him.

It was complicated for all of us.

He'd not long been in our lives.

A few months.

Did you know you had another son,
Mr Walken?


How about your other boys?

How did they take it?
David and Dennis got along well.

And Josh, our eldest...

..we don't see Josh.

Since when is that?

Three years.

He lives in Stockholm now.

So does he know
he had another brother?


They never met.

HEALY: All right, great. Thanks.

Jac's found an address
for Dennis' mother.

STANHOPE: I'm afraid I am going
to have to ask you some questions.

Can you tell me
when you last saw Dennis?

It's been a while.


I saw him Wednesday.
Not for long.

I didn't want to upset you.

I'd bought him
a toastie maker thing.

You know, and...

But before that, yeah,
I hadn't seen him for a while.

What happened to him?

Well, I'm sorry
to have to tell you this, love...

..but we are treating
your son's death as suspicious.

What do you mean?


Who would want to hurt him?


Now, you say you last saw Dennis
on Wednesday.

Is that right?

How did he seem?

He was lost.

He was just lost.

Mr Bayliss... it all right if we take photos?


Did he do all this himself?

Then he worked with another lad
who'd, er...

..who'd found his own birth father
a couple of years back.

And do you know
this other lad's name?

I didn't have anything
to do with it. I'm... I'm sorry.

When did he start all this?

His ex-girlfriend bought him
a DNA kit for his birthday.

She did one as well.
They thought it would be fun.

He didn't realise he'd automatically
be matched up with close relatives.

Neither did we.


Until then, he thought you were...?

That I was his dad, yeah.

How did he take it?

He was angry.

Lots of screaming and shouting.

Then came the emotional distance,
barely speaking to us.

He'd stay up here, working on this,
trying to track down his...

..his father.

So, he didn't move out straight away?

It was a few months later.

And that's when the relationship
between the three of you broke down.

Occasionally he'd see Steph,
when she pestered him enough.

But, yeah,
we were pretty broken then.

Is this the ex-girlfriend?

Yes. Phoebe.

When did they split up?

Not long after she left for uni
last year.

And whose decision was that?

He was devastated.

He was more or less
living over there

with her and her family
before she left.

Jamie was really good to him.

Phoebe's dad.

Dennis worked for him.

Can I hang on to this?

Go ahead.


That was our thing.

All that time calling someone Dad.

He was his dad.

Yeah, I know.
But not biologically.

Well, what's that
compared to a lifetime of parenting?


She can only have been a kid herself
when she had Dennis.


The whole of her adult life
being a mam.

19 years of milestones.

And then, suddenly, that's it.




Anti-anxiety meds.

Not prescribed.


Aiden, see if there's anything
under there.

Ah, John, laptop.

Dennis Bayliss, 19 years old.

He was pulled out of the sea
this morning,

adjacent to the Walkens' fish farm.

Now, the timeline goes like this...

He was seen by a neighbour, Pat Ross,

leaving his bedsit yesterday
round about 6:00pm.

An eyewitness has him leaving
the party at about 1:00am, 2:00am.

Malcolm has him dead in the water
at approximately 4:00am.

So, what happened to him
in those two hours?

I checked the camera at the main
gate to the estate, ma'am.

He was seen coming in on foot
at 7:30 last night,

but he didn't leave by that gate.

But that's the only way off
the estate, isn't it? Yeah.

Well, maybe he left in a car
with one of the other guests.

Check it out.

So, let's not assume he died
where we found him.

I mean, he could've floated in
from anywhere.

And let's scour the coastline
for any evidence of an assault.

According to Joe Barry, the business
is locked and secure overnight.

There's no way point of entry
could have be down through the farm.

Now, this party was held
by the lad's biological father.

That's Thomas Walken.

Who he'd recently found
via a DNA database.

It took the family by storm.

He used one of those
genealogy home test kits.

What, and the dad
happened to be on there as well?

What? No. He claims
he didn't know the lad existed.

It's more than likely he matched up
with another blood relative

and then found his father that way.

Now, I want two things.

Where he went into the water.

And when he left the party,
was he with anyone?

And let's continue to get
as many witness statements

from the party as possible today,
while it's all still fresh.

And, Kenny,
what about the lad's mobile?

Have we found it?
No, not yet, ma'am.

But we did find his travel pass
at his flat.

We traced his current account
from it.

He had a standing order with
his mobile phone service provider.

I've requested a full breakdown
of all incoming and outgoing calls.

Ah, great.

These are instant messages
from his laptop,

all from the past 48 hours and
all from his ex-girlfriend Phoebe.


Doesn't look so ex to me, if these
messages are anything to go by.

Get your coat.

When did you last see Dennis,

A few weeks ago.

So you remained friends
after you split up.

He was going through a lot.

I couldn't just cut him out
of my life.

A lot, as in family stuff?
Finding his dad and all that, aye.

Did you help him with his search?

Initially, but once he got into it,
it was all about him and Vinay,

a guy he met online
through a genealogy forum.

Do you have a number for him?
I hardly knew him.

Are you all right, pet? Do you want
me to get someone to be with you?

I'll just go home.
You're not going to be sick?

Every time he went over
to Thomas Walken's it ended badly.

When did you last speak to Dennis?

Late last night.

He wanted to come over,
but I said no.

What time was this?

Just before 2:00, I think.

And can you remember what he said?
He wasn't really making any sense.

He just kept saying,
"It had all come out."

What did he mean by that?
No idea.

They never wanted him, though,
I know that.

It was obvious to everyone
but Dennis.

It all happened so fast.

It's hard to believe. We'd only
know each other a few months.

But it must have been difficult

having a long-lost brother
turning up.

Maybe for him.
But not for you?

Obviously, it was a bit odd
when he first appeared.

But you were all getting along,
were you?

And you and Dennis
didn't have an arguments last night?

You know things coming to a head,
that sort of thing.

We did have words, yeah.
But nothing... know, major.

What did you have words about?
I can't even remember.

I think I suggested a cab,
but he wanted to carry on drinking.

Did you get him a cab?

Why not?
Because he didn't want me to.

So, did it get physical?
Not at all.

Are you sure about that?


Dennis could be difficult.

One minute, he'd be great. The next
minute, he'd be sulking like a kid.

He was a kid.
I know.

I'm just saying,
he could be a bit up and down.

So, this was nothing serious,
this argument?

He had some daft idea in his head

that Dad didn't really want him
at the party.

And did he?
He was there, wasn't he?

Was your dad involved
in this argument?


So, tell us about the business.


Was Dennis interested in that?

He was interested in the fish.

Always asking to be taken out there.

And did you take him out?

Not personally. But he went out
there once or twice, yeah.

And how's the business doing?

Making money, is it?

Yeah, it's doing well.

We've had a small problem with
poaching, but nothing significant.


Yeah, well, thanks, David.
That's all for now.

Cause of death, blunt object.

I'd say 15 centimetres wide.

Brought down with extreme force.

Already dead when he hit the water.

What about those scratches
on his hand? Oh, they're nothing.

But he does have some bruising
on the upper right arm.

You can see there
and then a larger one here.

Fingers and thumb?
I'd say so.


Yes. It's a, erm...

Yes, it's a first-line
stimulant medication

used to treat attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder.

Thank you.

Fluoxetine, diazepam...

You name it, it's on there.
So, he's popping uppers and downers.


Excuse me.

The parents have arrived early.

Give us five minutes, please.

They're keen.



Are you ready?

Mr Bayliss?


Right, look...

I am going to find out
what happened to your son.

I can promise you that.

But to help me do that...

..I need to ask you
a couple of questions.

Is that all right?

You're sure?

Now, this morning,

you told me Dennis was lost.

What did you mean by that?

One minute, he'd be open, talkative.

And the next, it was like
getting blood out of a stone.

Was he ever diagnosed
with any kind of anxiety disorder?

There's nothing official.

He'd been on the waiting list
for counselling for six months.

So, he wasn't on
any prescription tablets.

Definitely not, no.

Did he ever talk to you about
his relationship with the Walkens?


Did you get the feeling
he was close to them?

Not as close as he wanted.

They'd make plans with him,

but when the time came, they'd...
they'd fall through.

He'd be devastated.

He'd try and hide it,
but I could tell.


Hey, it's all right, love.

Beverley's going to get you home.

A young, unstable lad

finds his birth father.

The family have no idea he exists,

until he comes knocking
on their door.

Now was he after a job?

Did he want to be part of the family?
Or was he after money?

They've got plenty of it.
Oh, aye.

Now, the mam and the ex-girlfriend

say it was an emotionally draining
road for the lad.

Contact with the Walkens
meant trouble for him

and anyone around him.

But according to the Walkens...'s been relatively drama-free.

And what do we make of these bruises?

Now, they're only on
the upper right arm,

nowhere else on the body.

Aiden, come here.

Now, it looks like that thumb
was really digging in.

Like he'd been grabbed, hm?

And then pulled or dragged.

So, what does that tell us, hm?

That the argument with David Walken

Yeah, but what else does it tell us?
I mean, how am I be standing?

So, whoever grabbed him,
might have been left-handed.

Jackpot, Kenny!

Find out if either David
or Thomas Walken is left-handed.

Now, he also had a cocktail of drugs
in his system.

So, he was buying uppers and downers
from someone.

Kenny, run a check
on anyone with previous

for selling prescription drugs
and see if they were at that party.

He could've had a run-in
with a dealer.

Now, this is a printout
of the online genealogy forum

Parent Not Expected.

The admin is a guy called
Vinay Deol.

Yeah, known as a Search Angel.

And what's that when it's at home?

Well, it means he's your main man,

A little bit like me. Not too sure
about the angel bit, ma'am.

Now, he helped Dennis get from

the match in the database
to his father.

So I want to talk to this Search
Angel, Kenny, as soon as. Ma'am.

Er, ma'am...

I've just spoken with
Dennis' employer,

a Dwyer Electrical Installations.

Is that Phoebe's dad's company?

They're working
down on the Warbreck today.

I thought you might want to pay them
a visit yourself.

Aye, I do.
Thanks, Mark.

MAN: I hear you're here
to talk about Dennis.


I can't believe it.

How did he seem to you
these last few weeks?

He definitely hadn't been himself.


Turning up late.

Or not turning up at all.

And that was out of character?
Oh, yeah.

I mean, it was probably our Phoebe
leaving for uni

that started him off with the late
nights and what not,

but before that he was coping great.


Considering what?

All the business
with the DNA testing.

I told Rob years ago
they should tell the lad the truth.

Do you know Rob Bayliss personally?

We're not close, like, but, er...

..when he first got with Steph,
I knew him a fair bit, you know?

He fell in love with her
and her baby.

Doted on them both.

And he got back in touch when Dennis
was looking for an apprenticeship.

When was he last in work?

We finished up around 4:00,
went over to The Two Boars.

Where are you going?

Er, the shop.

He's my lad.

Well, then,
he would have known Dennis as well.


I can't say they were great pals,

Big brother protecting
his little sister, I suppose.

Did Dennis ever confide in you?

I mean,
was there anything significant

that might have been troubling him

There was something.
Go on...

He said he was beginning to think
his father knew about him all along,

which obviously made him feel,
well, you know...

..all sorts of stuff.


Right, well,
thanks for your time, Mr Dwyer.

All right.





You haven't got peas in with mine,
have you?

Have I ever got the peas in
with yours? Yes!

Once! One time.


Separate peas.

I don't want peas!

DCI Stanhope.



Someone's just tried
to break into Dennis' bedsit.

So what happened, exactly?
I heard a noise.

You know, like someone
trying to get in.

So, I come out and there he was,
with his hand in the letterbox,

trying to open the door.

I asked him what he was playing at
and he just ran off.

What did this fella look like?

No hair.
You know, shaved, like.

About the same age as Dennis.

And what was he wearing?

Red hoodie, black trousers,
with the pockets in the side.

Have I been a help?
Aye, you have, love.

Next time you think
someone's breaking in,

can you call the police first?

Next left.

Yes, I know!

There he is, the little treasure.

After him!


Come on, Liam.

So, the manager of The Two Boars
remembers Dennis and Liam

drinking at the bar together.

She said, "It looked like
they might have been having words,

"but I didn't actually hear
what was said." Ah.

Thanks, Jac.

Ma'am, we've found nothing new
at Dennis' flat.

And there was nothing
on Liam's person.

But we found these in his work van.

Good Morning.


DCI Stanhope enters the room.

Did you have a good sleep?

Yeah, that's good.

Oh, that was quite a chase
last night.

Why did you run?

Did you see Dennis
on Saturday night?


Are you sure about that?
A hundred percent.

What can you tell us
about Dennis popping pills?

Did he get them from you?


Is that why we found the same pills
in your van?

Forensics are going over that van
right now, ma'am.

What else will they find?

Dennis' DNA, perhaps.


I mean, I don't know.

But it's...

What, do you think I had something
to do with his death?

Well, did you?

What can you tell us
about the Walkens?


Well, you know Thomas Walken
is Dennis' dad.


And you know Dennis was at a party
there on Saturday night.

No, why would I?

Did you go to the party?
Me? No.

Did you meet Dennis after the party,
outside the Walken Estate?


According to witnesses
at The Two Boars pub,

you were with Dennis on Friday night

between 4:45 and closing time.

So, you had an argument.

What was the argument about?

Look, we didn't argue.
Well, their CCTV,

which my officers
are going through right now,

will say that you did.

Come on, Liam.

Dennis was the one selling pills.

Nothing big time,
just every now and then.

And I knew he'd have a stash of them
in the flat.

Didn't you think,
if there where pills in that flat,

my officers
would have confiscated them?

So what was the argument about?

We didn't argue.
You were seen!

Stood at the bar!

I owed him money.

50 quid for pills.

And he wanted it back.

Oh, pull the other one, Liam.

A young lad, younger than you,

goes through
a huge emotional upheaval.

He finds out his dad's not his dad,

his girlfriend gives him
the heave-ho,

he's living in a bedsit

and he's estranged from his mam.

Now, I could believe
he started to use drugs.

But I don't buy
that he started to sell.

Well, he did.


All right.

So, who was he selling to?


I mean, if you're so sure
he's selling, who's he selling to?

Lads at work?
People down the pub?

And if you didn't get into his flat,

how come this lot
ended up in your van?

Take him to his cell.

Interview terminated at 8:17.

I just..

There's something I'm not getting
about these pills.

I don't think Dennis was selling.

But do you know what?
I don't think he was, either.

Well, someone was.


What else are these stimulants
used for? I don't know.

Come on...

Study aids.
So, where's the perfect market?

A university campus.

So, who's the most likely dealer?


When can he come home?

When I'm satisfied he had nothing
to do with Dennis' death, love.

He hasn't.
He wouldn't.

What can you tell us
about Dennis' flat, Phoebe?

His flat?

Can you think of any reason
why someone would try to break in?

Maybe to take something of value.

What like?



Are you going to arrest me, too?

Look, love...

..we just want to find out
who killed Dennis.

Isn't that what you want?
Yes, of course.


So, who was selling the prescription
drugs, you or Dennis?

Or both of you?

I didn't want to ask my dad
for more money,

and I promised I wouldn't take out
a hefty student loan.

Oh, so, it was just you
who was selling.

It was just the odd one
here and there.

But then it snowballed.

I thought you were going
to search my room in uni.

I panicked and I brought them home.
But I couldn't keep them here.

So, are you telling me

Liam was trying to plant those drugs
in Dennis' flat?


I know...

I know it was wrong.

Well, there's an understatement.

Where are you getting
these pills from?

A woman.

A woman...
Dennis never even met her.

Honestly, he had nothing to do
with that side of things.

But something did happen
a few weeks back.


A girl I didn't know,

I sold her a couple of pills

and I told her
not to take them together.

But she took them both.

What happened?
She ended up in A&E.

I called Dennis.

And he came over and stayed with me.

The girl was fine. But the next day,
her boyfriend was going round

trying to find out
where she got the pills from.

I found out later
he'd not long been out of prison.


We're going to need names, love.

It's a posh menu, isn't it?
It's student loans.

I thought students lived on beans
out of the tin and packet noodles.

No, that's just you, ma'am.
Hiya. Just find a table,

then give your number in at the bar
with your order.

Actually, we're looking for
Liza Conney. She works here.

Yeah, she's in the kitchen.
Shall I give her a shout for you?


What's a bruschetta?

Look, it was nothing.
I was out the next morning.

Well, your boyfriend
didn't think it was nothing.

He went looking
for whoever gave you those drugs.

Look, Michael didn't go looking.

He asked around and we happened
to see them the next morning.

Them? Who's them?
Well, Phoebe and her boyfriend.

Is this the fella
that you saw with Phoebe?


Look, are they in trouble?
Is she OK?

Phoebe's all right.
Ah, but this fella...

..Dennis Bayliss...

..he was found dead in the early
hours of yesterday morning.

So, I need you to tell me

what happened when you came out
of the hospital.

Look, Mike picked me up from A&E
and drove me back to my dorm.

I fell asleep for a bit
and when I woke up, he was gone.

I went down to the kitchen
to look for him

and there he was
with Phoebe and Dennis.

Bit of a bully, is he,
your boyfriend?


So, he's never been in trouble
with the police, hm?

He was released from Eaton Grange
in March.

Look, he's completely started over.

Just ask his probation officer! We
will, love. You can bank on that.

Look, he just hates drugs.

Did Michael and Dennis
have a physical altercation?


Well, not really.

Well, either they did or they didn't.

It was a scuffle, not a fight.

Do you see your boyfriend
every weekend?


How about this weekend?

Did you see him on Saturday night?

No? So, where was he?

He was meant to meet me from work,

But what?

He didn't turn up.

I'll ask you once again, Michael.

Where were you on Saturday night?

With mates. Even though you had
an appointment with your girlfriend?

I lost track of time
and my phone died.


Now, do you know this fella,
Dennis Bayliss?


Well, I'm conducting
the investigation into his murder.

So, I need you to take me through

what happened
the first time you met him,

where the meeting took place
and what were the circumstances.

The first and only time I met him

was at my girlfriend's
halls of residence

at Northumberland University.

And what happened
during that meeting?

We spoke.

About what specifically?

You know what
or I wouldn't be sat here, would I?

I believe you confronted him about
supplying your girlfriend with drugs.

Isn't that right?

I asked him where he got them from.

Is that a crime?

I believe you're anti-drugs.


I've seen the chaos they cause.

Is that why you lost your rag
with Dennis?

He lost it with me.

He needed to know how dangerous
all this prescription crap is.

Oh, so, what, you didn't like the way
he received your drugs advice?

I'm used to stroppy kids
thinking they know everything.


I asked him if he knew what he was
selling was safe. He got defensive.

Oh, is that when
the scuffle broke out?

He tried to throw a punch
and I restrained him.

And then what,
you just walked off, did you?

He got on the phone to his mate
to come and pick him up.

Did you see this mate?


Nah, of course you didn't.

I did see his car, though.

Ma'am, I've tracked it.

The car is registered
to a Jassi Deol, aged 50.

She's confirmed that her son Vinay
often drives the car.

Isn't he our Search Angel?
Yeah, he is.

But she can't remember exactly when.

Right, have you got an address?
Grace Drive, Swanside.

Right, come on.
Oh, he's not at home.

But she said he might be at
The Asholm Museum, where he works.

Good work, Jac.
Mm, gold star for you.

So, how close were you?

One week, we'd see each other loads.
The next, I wouldn't hear from him.

Usually when I'd said something
he didn't like.

Like what?

Something to do with his dad.

He'd ask for my advice.

But if it wasn't what he wanted
to hear, he'd be off.

So when Dennis contacted the Walkens,

was that the first the family
knew of him? So they said.

And how would you say it was going
between him and his dad?

It definitely wasn't working out
the way he'd hoped it would.

If it wasn't for Mrs Walken,

I don't think Thomas would've
had anything to do with him.

She's the one who made
all the effort, not him.

Do you think the father
could have been perhaps...


You have to let the initial shock
settle and see what emerges.

That sounds sensible.

Except, sensible is the last thing
you feel in the circumstances.

What can you tell us about
his family tree? Anything.

I helped him build it.
Ah, good.

Now, when did he first contact
his birth father, Thomas Walken?

Beginning of the year. But he
didn't meet him until a while later.

Why not?
Thomas wanted to do more tests.

Sibling tests, blood tests.

Any possible test.


So, who was the initial contact,
then, off the database?

His half-brother.

David Walken?

Or Joshua?

Yeah, Joshua.

It was a while before they met,
though, around January.

Why was that?

Not everyone on the DNA database
makes their personal details public.

So, there was no name?
No, nothing.

Then, one day, there it was.

Joshua had made himself visible
and Dennis contacted him.

So how did he react, Joshua?

He couldn't wait to meet him.

He flew over almost straight away.

But all very much on the quiet.

Something to do with Josh

not wanting his family
to know he was here.


So, Dennis made contact
with the estranged son Joshua Walken

way before the rest of the family.

But as far as any of them
are concerned,

Dennis and Joshua had never met.

Do you think the Walkens are lying?
Well, someone is.


Now, then, these flights...

Joshua's first flight
was in December.

Josh and Dennis didn't meet
until January. Yeah, that's right.

From January to March,
he came over every two weeks

for two or three days.
All from Stockholm.

And then, up until last month,
it was every four weeks.

Same route.

Those dates seem very specific.
Business meetings?

A project in the UK?

A long-distance relationship?
Ah, he's married.


Now, this first flight in December,

that wasn't direct from Stockholm.

That was via Amsterdam.

Now, why would he do that?

Because it was an emergency?

How often would you go
for chemotherapy?

Depends on the diagnosis.

Every two weeks, initially.

Then every four weeks, maybe.

And what was the first thing
we heard from Julia Walken?

She thought it was one of her boys
who'd been pulled out.


One of her boys.

Hey, thanks for coming, love.


Here, get that down you.

I took a punt.

Milk, no sugar.

Thank you.

Of course, I could have come to you,
love, but, erm...

Oh, I'm glad to get out,
to be honest.

Now, I'm assuming...

..your husband doesn't know about
Joshua's trips over to see you.

As soon as I got the diagnosis,

me and Joshua
put everything behind us.

I should never have lost contact.


And he comes over
to accompany you to the hospital.

Am I right?

Thomas isn't great with all that.

It suits him not to come.

It suits all of us.

Were you aware that Joshua
was meeting up with Dennis?


How about your husband and David?

Did they know?

So when did you find out?

Josh told me
as soon as Dennis made contact.

And when was that?

Beginning of the year.

Oh, I felt for the lad.

He was such a sweet boy.

He just wanted to get to know
his father. Naturally.

But Thomas wasn't keen?

He needed more time.
He would have come round.

Was Joshua in the country
on Saturday night?


But he was here on Friday night.

I had the crazy idea
of inviting him to our party.

To make peace, but... was never going to happen.

He left me a message
on the Saturday afternoon

saying he couldn't go through with
it and was flying back again.


Where does Joshua stay
when he comes over?

Well, this last time,
he stayed at my cottage.

You have a cottage?

Just off the estate.

Oh, it's nothing grand.

Just my little project.

My quiet place.


That's nice.

It's all locked up.

Dennis could have come up here after
the party looking for his brother.

We've combed through the CCTV at the
house. He didn't leave the estate.

Yeah, well,
get Jac to go through it again.

Kenny, yes?

We found Dennis Bayliss' phone
at the salmon farm.


We'll meet you down there.

Dennis' phone has been found
at the Walken Estate.

Where abouts?
By the salmon farm.

Which he absolutely
could not have accessed.

Come on.

Ma'am, we found the phone up there.

The screen's smashed,
it's dead, obviously.

But I'll get it recharged
and analysed.

So, there's no doubt
he was down here?

Well, the positioning means he
could have thrown it over the gate.

Who told us this place was locked
and secure overnight?

Everyone did, ma'am.

Right, get on to Mark and Jac.
I want Forensics down here.

Then get on to Malcolm. Tell him
we've got our possible crime scene.

See if he can throw anything else up.

this entire place is on lockdown.

Understood, ma'am.

JOE BARRY: I can't understand it.


I mean, I personally locked up
on Saturday,

so I know the place
was definitely secure.

Well, that is strange.

I mean, could there have been
a mistake, do you think?

Maybe somebody else
came down here after you.

I can't see how.


..that's some security system
you've got out here.

I mean, is it just bad luck
it hasn't picked up the poachers?


Aye. David said you've got a problem
with poaching.

Just minor losses.

Yeah, that's what he said.

So have you checked there
was nothing untoward on Saturday?

Well, to be honest,
it's been that mad around here,

I haven't had a chance
to sit down with David

and go through the weekly stocks.

So the CCTV
hasn't been gone through yet?

Well, no.

Well, do you mind if I have a look?

Right, here we go...

Sorry about this. It just takes
a little time loading up.

Oh, no problem.

Give it a minute...

This is from Saturday night at 9:38.


So, can you fast-forward
to 1:00am onwards?

It'll just take me a wee while.

It's all right, no rush.

Oh, yeah, it's flying through now.

Come on...

What's happening?

I'll go back...

..and try again.

Come on...

Come on...


What's happened?

Looks like there was
a camera outage. Brilliant!

Does it start again?
I've got nothing after 11:55.

I'll have to check the computer.

Well, I'm going to need
your hard drive. Aye, sure.

I mean, anything I can do.
Here, finish that.

DAVID: You think he was assaulted
down there?

Possibly. We've yet to find any
evidence of him leaving the estate,

so it makes sense.

Now, do you have any idea
of why he might have gone down there?

None whatsoever.
Why would we?

Do you have any suspicions at all
about any of the staff,

regarding the poaching?

What poaching?

What poaching?
I was dealing with it.

I didn't want to bother you.
Bother me?

It's my business!

Did you report it?
Joe said he was looking into it.

You left it to Joe?

I was waiting.
How do you know it wasn't Dennis?

Dad, what?

We don't know what the hell
he was up to.

It sounds like
you haven't got a clue, either.

So, you've no suspicions of Dennis
at all,

in connection with the poaching?

You hardly knew him!


I'm not saying he was involved.

He was my son. I cared about him.
Of course I did.

But did I know him?

Did you know him?

Did he know us?

Did we all have some sort
of magical connection when we met?


We did not!

HEALY: So, the son doesn't want
to bother his own father

about the family business.
Ah, the man's a bully.

David's scared of him.

Do we really think Dennis
is connected to the poaching?


..he was desperate to have
a relationship with his father, hm?

He felt scorned, rejected, so...

..who knows?

Now, this blackout
lasted until Sunday morning.

Every camera
in the business area cut out.

Now, is that a coincidence or what?


Now, how are we doing
with the employee background checks?

Anything popped up?
Er, almost complete.

There's a couple of temps
I can't get backgrounds on,

but I'm working on it.

Jac, apply to get
the Walkens' bank records.

Business and private.

See what that pulls up.

Now, have we had that hard drive
from the fish farm yet?

Yeah. Tech are working on it now.


DCI Stanhope, you're getting faster.

So, what have you got?

Right, well, following in-depth
analysis on Dennis' clothes,

we found traces of, erm...

Do you want to have a guess?
No, I don't. Get on with it.

Well, all right, grease.

What sort of grease?
Well, I say grease.

It is actually a calcium sulfonate
complex thickener,

which is used in high-performance
marine products.

Aye, used on boats.

So, it looks like your boy
was taken out onto the water.

Where on his clothes was it?

There was a little bit
on the bottom of the legs.

Interestingly, there were no traces
of it on his back, which means...

Which means he came into contact
with it before he died.

Because, if he was horizontal,
there'd be traces all over him.

You really should do this

Well, so should you, pet.

Right, now, listen up, everyone.

He was on a boat before he died.

So, he was involved with poaching.

Yeah, well,
we'll have to consider it.

The question is,
did he get on there voluntarily?

Or maybe he was forced or coerced.

That would account for the bruises.

There's a lot of boats down there,

Yeah, and I want Forensics
on every one of them.

And how are we doing
with the lad's mobile?

No joy yet.
They'll need more time, ma'am.

No, that's all right,
we're making progress.

Ma'am, you're going to want
to see this.

The salmon farm cameras
were shut down at 23:54.

But a few minutes before that,
at 23:51,

there was a file deleted manually.

Yeah. But we've managed to
retrieve it from the hard drive.

So, here's the main gates
to the salmon farm at 23:35.

And then again ten minutes later
at 23:45.

Can you zoom in on that?

So, what's he doing down there
at that time of night?

Are you going somewhere, Joe?


Ma'am, there's a Rob Bayliss here
to see you.

Mr Bayliss.

Who was that?

Don't go there, love.

Any developments,
you'll be the first to know.

You have my word on that.

How are you both?

Ah, that's a stupid question.

Look, I'm going to get someone
to take you home, pet.

You really shouldn't be here.

They won't be a minute.

Now, then, what were you doing
in the Walkens' yard

on Saturday night after hours?

No comment.

I believe you were shutting down
the security cameras.

No comment. Is that how
the poaching worked, you get paid

to make sure the cameras are down
while they get on with it?

Now, according to pretty much
every witness statement

received from the farm,

you are in charge of security.

I mean, some would say
you are a control freak

because you refuse
to employ a nightwatchman

because you like to be
the only key holder,

aside from Thomas
and David Walken.

Does that sound accurate?

I just like things
the way I like them.

But what puzzles me
is why you'd want

all that extra work
and responsibility,

when you can pay some fella minimum
wage to sit in a hut all night.

Is it because you're on the fiddle?

Is that why
there are no police reports logged?

And why did we find Dennis' mobile
in that yard?

The yard locked by you.

I don't know.

Well, let's talk security systems.


And that was a cracking performance

you gave in the security office,
by the way.

I told you, didn't I?

Excellent work.

We've had a closer look at the
system installed at the Walkens',

which is now working perfectly,

but someone must have shut it off.

Care to explain?

I'm not an expert.

Oh, are you not?


Is that your signature?



Well, you purchased the system.

You oversaw the installation.

And you run and manage
the whole security network.

Yeah, well, all security systems
have their flaws.

No, I'm not talking about technology,
love. I'm talking about you.

And I have to tell you,
I'm beginning to lose my patience.

We have reason to believe

that you were the last person
to see Dennis Bayliss alive.

So I need you to tell me
what were you doing in that yard

and why you lied.

Saturday just seemed the perfect
opportunity, what with...

..the party and everybody
up at the house drinking.

So you are confirming
you were aware of criminal activity

on the Walkens' farm
on Saturday night?


And how was the deceased,
Dennis Bayliss, involved?

Well, he wasn't.

I swear.

Look, forgive me if I don't
automatically believe you, love.

Now, were you present throughout
this theft of the Walkens' property?

Well, no.

No, I mean, all the poaching
takes place out on the water.

We know Dennis was on a boat.

A boat?

Was he involved?


No, definitely not.

Could he have disturbed
the poachers?

I can't see how.
I mean...


No, he couldn't have.

I need names.


And I want them now.



When I was down there,
sorting the security...

Shutting it down.

Yeah, well, I noticed
that one of the boats was missing.

One of the farm boats.

David had taken
one of the farm boats

to get himself home that night.

Did he?

You were right about that engine,

The crank won't catch.

It means the cut-off's not loading.

See that here?

The water's damaged the kill switch,
shorting the engine.

You're going to have to leave that,

I need you to come with me, love.

All the poachers have got alibis.
They were tucked up in bed by 1:30.

No idea who Dennis was.

We've gone through
the Walkens' bank statements.

Something's come up
from David's personal account.

A payment of £1,000 to Vinay Deol.

Thank, Jac
And something else.

He's left-handed.


Why didn't you mention this?

It was a private arrangement,
I didn't think it was relevant.

Was he extorting money out of you?

I don't know what you mean.

Well, something you wanted
keeping quiet.

Maybe you've got more siblings
tucked away somewhere.

I wasn't paying Vinay
to keep quiet about anything.

I was paying him
to keep an eye on Dennis.

To spy on him?

Not spy, just...

I didn't know
what Dennis' intentions were.

I didn't know who he was.
I felt...


Not just of the business,
but of my family.

The poaching did only start
after he turned up.

Dad is right about that.

But I didn't think
he was actually doing it.

So you did think
he was involved in some way.

I don't know, I...

I imagined him being indiscreet
about the estate's security.


Tell us about this argument.

I've told you.

It was nothing, a few words.


But I'm wondering
if this argument didn't escalate.

It didn't.

Did you confront him
about the poaching?


Are you sure about that?
For the purpose of the tape,

DCI Stanhope is showing Mr Walken

a photo of Dennis Bayliss'
upper right arm,

which is full of bruising. Are you
responsible for these marks?


Because we believe they were caused

by him being grabbed
and pulled and dragged.

Now, did you do any of that?

Cos he wouldn't answer your questions
about the poaching

or he wouldn't leave
when you asked him to.


Were you on a boat on Saturday?

Not after the party had started.

So you were on a boat.
I use them every day.

What time?
I don't know, earlier on.

Was Dennis with you on the boat?
Why would he be?

We know he was on a boat
with someone. Well, it wasn't me.

I don't believe you!

I didn't mean to hurt him.

Are you telling me... are responsible...

..for these injuries?

It did get physical.


He said some stuff, which...

Well, it was hard to hear.
What stuff?

It was about Josh.

To clarify, you're talking about
your brother Joshua Walken.

I knew that's how Dennis
must have found Dad.

Via Josh.
There was no other way.

And you first asked him
on Saturday night.

It just came out.

It was building
each time we saw one another.

Despite what my dad said
about Dennis being a stranger,

we did have a connection.

Like me and Josh.

Do you miss Josh?

I didn't realise how much
until Dennis appeared.

So, what happened at this party?

Dennis was drunk.

He was all over the place.

I wasn't too great myself.

But I said I knew
he was in contact with Josh.

And he didn't deny it.
It was...

I'm ashamed.

Of myself.
It was pathetic.

We were like little kids.

Two brothers arguing about
who Josh loved more.

I grabbed him and told him to get
out. That's when I must have...

But why would he go down
to the business area of the estate?

I don't know.
He said he was leaving.

Well, that's not leaving, is it?
There's no way out from down there.

There is, if you use the tidal path.
What tidal path?

At low tide
you can get round to the next cove,

beyond the estate.

Now, did Dennis know about
this path?

I don't know.


Well, if he did come this way,

it would have been pitch-black.

The lad must have been desperate
to get away.

Hang on...

Isn't that where
Joshua Walken stayed?

It is.

Get Forensics down here.

Ma'am, what do you want to do
with David Walken?

Well, how long have we got?
Another couple of hours.

Well, keep him.

Ma'am, we've got him.

He never left the country.

He's checked into a hotel in Lexford
using his credit card.


Hello, Joshua.

Did Dennis come to see you at
your mam's cottage on Saturday night?

I knew.


We all always knew.

About Dennis?

Before the DNA test?

That's why I tested.

You were looking for him.


And I lost my family because of it.

I thought this kid
deserved to know us.

How wrong was I?

Now, just to be clear...'re saying you and your family
have always known about Dennis.

I was about ten
when the baby arguments started.

I'd listen at the door.

Who was this baby? When was it
coming? Didn't Dad want it?

It was their complete denial
that I'd heard anything about a baby

that gave it away.

If they'd bothered to come up
with some vaguely believable story,

I probably would've bought it.

I always needed to know
who the baby was.

Well, if you were so keen
to find him,

how come it took so long for him to
track you down after the DNA match?

I'd wanted to know the truth
for so long,

but when I was faced with it, I...

I don't know,
I was frightened, I suppose.

When did Dennis find out
that his dad knew about him?

When I told him on Saturday.

What time did Dennis turn up
at the cottage?


Around 2:00.

And what happened?
He was distraught.

David had confronted him about me.
He was all mixed up.

Dad had walked in on them arguing

and he launched a glass
at poor David.

The whole thing is a mess.

He called him...

..from the cottage before he left.

I went out after him
to try and stop him.

The way he spoke to him,
I knew he'd be...

That he wouldn't have that.

Not from Dennis.
Not from anyone.

Now, wait a minute.
Who did he call?

He called me dad.

Mr Walken...

Thomas Walken, I'm arresting you

on suspicion of the murder
of Dennis Bayliss.

You do not have to say anything,

but it may harm your defence if
you do not mention, when questioned,

something you later rely on
in court.

Anything you do say
may be given as evidence.

He hasn't done anything.

What's happening?

I'm sorry, love.

We'll be in touch.


So, you're now saying... didn't go to bed shortly after
your wife, as previously stated?

But you were out on the water?

Was Dennis in the boat with you?



Oh, so you just went
on this moonlight jaunt alone.

I wasn't alone.

Oh, so, who were you with?

Just an old friend.


Angela Bourne.


I see.

And she can vouch for that, can she?


So you were more concerned
in keeping this cruise

with your old friend secret

than in assisting a murder
investigation. Is that right?

We will be talking to Angela.

You can be sure of that.

Now, then, how did you feel
when Dennis marched into your life?

A kid turns up at your door
and says he's yours... feel a lot of things.
Tell us more about that.

Did you feel happy, sad, guilty?


For what?

Angry maybe.


Why would I be angry?

Well, let's see...

Fear of upsetting your wife.

Disappointing your sons.

Harming your reputation,
your life.

My wife had no problem with Dennis.

Nor any of the above,

since the pair of you have known of
his existence for the last 19 years.

So, how did his turning up
affect your marriage, hm?

She has cancer.

She wasn't about to spend
copious amounts of energy

on a mistake I made 20 years ago.

Remind me when you last saw Joshua.

Well, I told you.

Three years ago.

Did he confront you about
you having another son somewhere?

These questions are completely...

Now, you denying Dennis' existence

suggests to me
you didn't want the lad in your life.

And this new caring father act...

..was simply that.

Tell us about the last time
you saw Dennis on Saturday.

I'll tell you.

You came across David and Dennis
having words

and you lost your temper.

I believe you even threw a glass
at David.


So did you follow Dennis outside?

I believe Joshua told Dennis...
Joshua wasn't even there!

I believe Joshua told Dennis

that you had indeed known about him
all these years

and that Dennis phoned you
from your wife's cottage

in the early hours of Sunday morning
in a distraught state.

A young lad...

..well, a stranger, practically,

bulldozes his way into your life

and shows no sign of retreating.

And here he is holding you to account
for your actions

as an unfaithful husband.

I didn't kill him!

And I don't know anything
about a phone call!

Now, his parents,

the people who have loved and
cared for him these last 19 years...

..are waiting for me
to knock on their door

and tell them
that I have caught whoever did this!

Now, I'd like to be able to tell them
that you are cooperating...

..and that what happened
on Saturday night and Sunday morning

was a series of devastating events

leading to a catastrophic end.

But it was an accident...

..and that you are sorry.

That's not going to happen.


Have you got that list
of outgoing calls

from Julia Walken's cottage yet?

They've just come in, ma'am.
They're on your desk.

Are you all right?

Erm, I need Dennis' next of kin
contact details.

Joshua did hear him right.

Dennis did call his dad.

He called Rob!


And I think that's why
he came into the station.

To hand himself in.

We need to get over there.

OK, let's go.
Let's go! Let's go!

We need to speak to your husband,

He's not in.


What's wrong?
Stephanie, focus on me, love.

You, sit down. It's all right.
Look at me.

Now, then...

..did you know
that Dennis called your husband

in the early hours of Sunday morning?



Dennis called Rob's mobile.

Are you sure you knew nothing
about that, Stephanie?

Well, we need to speak to him, pet.


Do you know where he is?


Have you any idea at all...

..where he might be, love?

I'm sorry, I don't know.

Oh, that's OK, love.

Now, your husband told us
that fishing was their thing.

Where was this taken, love, hm?

Where is that?

Coral Bay.

Thanks, love.

Now, my officer
is going to stay with you.


That's his motor.

Right, Aiden, go down there
and start looking.

Now, I need you two to stay up here.

Cordon off the lane
and let no-one through. Yes, ma'am.

Come on, Rob!


Come on, Rob.
Come on.

Get the paramedics down here now!

Pills and vodka.

I need an ETA and ambulance.

This is dispatch. On its way.
ETA, 15 minutes.

Are you performing CPR?


Careful over these pebbles.
I've got him.

They reckon we got him just in time.

Well done, Aiden.

And you.

Right, come on.

He called about 3:15.

He wanted to come home.

To see Steph.

He'd been at the party,

but he'd ended up somewhere else,
with someone else.

Eventually I got an address out of
him and I drove down to pick him up.

And how was he?

He wanted answers.

Why did we lie?

How could we watch him
build the family tree bit by bit,

when we could have just told him
who Thomas was?

When we could have just told him
the truth.

He was angry.

More than angry.

I couldn't take him home like that.

I didn't want her to feel
what I felt.

I wanted to deal with it for her,
for him,

and sort it all out and take him
home ready to forgive,

ready to understand.

Ready to be a family again.

So you picked him up
from near that cottage, hm?

Where did you go?

I just drove.

I let him rant and rave.

And cry.

And drink. He was still drinking.
I asked him to stop.

I told him it wasn't helping,
that it was making it worse,

but he wouldn't.

So what happened then?

He realised
I wasn't driving him home.

He went nuts.

I pulled over.

He stopped shouting
and we sat there. Just...

..sat there.

And when I looked up,
I realised where we were.

The turning for Coral Bay.

I carried on.

We drove down to the bay

and I got him out of the car
for a walk.

I wanted him to remember
being there.

I wanted to shock him
into remembering our lives before.

Together, the three of us.

There was this boat there, just...

..just like the one we used
when he were little.

He wanted to go out in it.
He tried to go out in it.

We sat there in the boat,
him with the whisky.

And I just had this urge to scoop
him up and carry him home to bed.

He was calmer then.

And it was still down there and...


He asked me about the first time
I met him.

The first time I held him as a baby.

I told him.

I said it
exactly how I remembered it.

How he had this weird thing
with his finger.

His baby finger.

He'd wrap his fingers around my
little one and lift his baby one up.

Like the way posh people drink tea.


Yeah, with the pinkie up.

And I got it.
I got why I was here.

You know, to love that finger.

And all his fingers
and his hands and his face.

All of him.
To love all of him.

And to protect him.

And to be his dad.

One minute, he was listening.

The next minute,
he was up out of the boat.

He was charging around.

You know, swinging at me
and shouting...

..about Steph,

He was her world.
And to hear him...

That's when I lost it.

He dropped the bottle and...

I don't know.

The next thing I remember,
he was just there,

there, in front of me.

He was lying on his back.

I must have hit him with the bottle.

He was dead.

I pushed him away.

Not to push him into the water,
but to push the sight away,

to make it go away.

And I kept on pushing
till he was gone.

And then he was.

He was gone.

Robert Bayliss...

..I'm arresting you for the murder
of Dennis Bayliss.

You do not have to say anything,

but it may harm your defence if
you fail to mention, when questioned,

something you later rely on in court.

Do you think every child grows up

thinking they've been born into
the wrong family?


That there's a better fit
out there somewhere.

A more understanding mam.
A more patient dad.


I don't know.

Is that what you thought?
No, I didn't think that.

I was certain of it.


How about you?
Did you ever think that?

I can't say that I did.

Are you all right?

Is it all right if I get off?

Go on,
get home to that lad of yours.

Come on, I'll drop you off.
I'm going to walk.

See you tomorrow.
Aye, see you tomorrow.


It's about six mile.

I'll jump in, then.