Vera (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - The Crow Trap - full transcript

Bella Furness is lured into a barn and murdered. Her body is found by environmentalist Anne Preece, who is researching reasons to prevent a quarry being dug nearby for a company headed by Godfrey Waugh, whom Vera discovers is having an affair with Anne. Bella opposed the quarry too but, with her death, her stepson Neville, whose business is failing, can sell the house. Bev McDonald is another suspect, as she blames Bella for the disappearance of her little son Lee twelve years earlier, though Bella's husband, Dougie, now a stroke victim, gave her an alibi. Vera learns from Dougie that Bella was about to change her mind and sell her house to Waugh, putting her at odds with reclusive fellow campaigner Edmund Fulwell, who has a secret of his own. Parent-child relationships hold the key to unlocking what becomes a double murder, as well as discovering the fate of Lee McDonald.

I'll be half an hour. No more.

By the time you wake,

I'll have your tea ready.

We'll eat.

- We'll go dancing.
- Yeah.

Where are you?

It's all right.

I'm not going to hurt you.

Season 1 - Episode 03

ITFC Subtitle
Sync: Marocas62

Based on the book "The
Crow Trap" by Ann Cleeves

- What have we got?
- White female, late 50s.

The woman of there is Anne Preece.

- She found the body.
- Says it's the woman from the farmhouse.

- Black Law Farm?
- Yeah.

She did some cleaning.

It's Bella.

Bella Furness.

She's fallen from the ladder but...

cause of death
you're looking at it.

Single blow.

Lump hammer's usual
weapon of choice.

We've got officers
looking for the weapon.

Cottage, surrounding area.

Judging from the damage, they've
used a fair amount of clout.

Has anyone been up
to the farmhouse?

- No, not yet.
- Her husband's bedridden.

Go and make sure he's all right.

And try not to alarm him.

Mud on the rungs corresponds
with the mud on her shoes.

- Can I?
- Yeah, samples

all bagged and tagged.

The... mud stops at the sixth rung.

So the killer's up
here waiting for her.

- She gets this far...
- Wallop.

- Why would she want to...
- Roll in the hay.

Try thinking with
your brain for once.

- Maybe she was going to help somebody.
- That would be Bella.

What's this?

Forensics think it's juice.

Some wild berry.

Probably on the killer's shoe.

I was just in the kitchen
and I heard a crash.

I want to say I
heard a yell, as well,

but to be honest I'm
not sure if I did.

Anyway, I thought I'd
better see what that was.

Take your time.

I went out to the barn.

Her eyes were closed but...

Well, you just know.

- You phoned.
- Yeah. I drove to the top to...

- get a signal.
- Why didn't you call from here?

There's no landline in the Cottage.

That's one of Constance
Baikie's stipulations.

She wanted this
place to be a retreat.

Did you see anybody
when you drove up?

- Not a soul.
- Where did you have your car parked?

Round the side.

So anyone coming up the track

wouldn't know you were here.

Why are you here?

I work with something
called the KEA.

Sorry, it's a world of acronyms.

"Kemp Environmental Associates".

We're doing an impact assessment.

The new quarry?

We're looking at the proposed site

and the areas likely
to be affected.

You find a rare termite,
the whole thing's off.

- And who's on your team?
- Team?

There's no team.
Just me, I'm afraid.

- A one-man band?
- Yeah.

Last line of defence, anyway.


Looks heavy enough.

- Get it off to forensics.
- Ma'am.

It's standard equipment.

- I need it.
- Treat yourself to a new one.

There's a nice drop.

- You knock off early today?
- Came back for lunch.

- Who were you
expecting? - No-one.

Well, Bella sometimes
sticks around for a glass.

And you can't think
of anyone who might

wish her harm?

I didn't know her that well.

Have you got somebody you
can stay with for a few days?

- There's no need.
- I wouldn't like to think of you on your own.

That's touching, but...
I can look after myself.

I used to visit this place
with my dad, as a kid.

Baikie's Cottage.

Constance Baikie was
one of those women

knew everything about nature.

Her egg collection, second to none.

The look on my dad's face

when he handled those eggs.

Seems an awful long way
to come for a few eggs.

What's that supposed to mean?

She, er, leave her cottage
to this environment lot, then?

People are more
interested in the economy

than they are the
environment these days.

Constance would be spinning.

- How's Bella's husband?
- He's asleep.

- His son's on his way.
- Right, wait here for him.

- Are you getting anything on that?
- Comes and goes.

See if you can get a
background check on Anne Preece.

Belt and braces on this one.

- What's he done now?
- There's been an accident.

I need to have a chat with you.
Mr. Furness!

He said there's been an accident.

- Is it my father?
- No, your dad's OK.

- It's your mum.
- My mam?

No, my mother died when I was seven.

No, it's your stepmother, Neville.

I'm very sorry.

We found Bella in the barn at

And we think she was murdered.

- Have you tried telling my father?
- Not yet.

Well, I'll do it.


Dad, you awake?

It's Neville.

Got a bit of bad news for you.

Bella's been killed.

It's you and me now.

We'll just have to
make the best of it, eh?

Do you understand?

Shouldn't you ask permission
before you start gutting the place?

This is a murder enquiry.

I could always get a warrant.

Have you just come back from work?

- Aye.
- And where's that?

Kimmerston Pine.

I have a workshop on
Cragvale Industrial.

Plenty to vouch for you?

Aye, probably.

Bella not too keen on
the new quarry, was she?

Bella and her causes.

I had a hard job keeping up,
to be honest.

She any family?

Well, I thought you
knew all about her.

- Holly.
- Ma'am?

Complete background check
on Mr. Neville Furness.

No wonder
Bella didn't want a quarry up here.

A quarry might improve it.

All this space, drive you mad.


Lose sight of this, Joe,

you say goodbye to your soul.

Bella Furness.

Married ten years
to Dougie Furness.

Five years into the marriage,

he's paralysed by a stroke.

She's his sole carer.

Prior to that she was
his physiotherapist,

help and get up after
a previous stroke.

Yesterday afternoon, she
was bludgeoned to death.

Nothing stolen as far as we know.

No sign of sexual molestation.

So what are we looking at?

Motive, means, opportunity.

Anne Preece? She found the body.

With you so far, but why?

Who else did she spend time with?

And I want names to these faces.


you like a good read.

A woman doesn't
write a diary unless

she's got something to write about.

Now, Neville Furness.

He seems happy enough to
be shot of the stepmother.

Well, with Bella gone
and his dad incapacitated,

he assumes power of attorney.

Is that a motive?

Farm's remortgaged, worthless.

Plus, he runs his own
business Kimmerston Pine.

- There's Slateburn.
- Yeah, go on.

Company behind the proposed quarry

need access to the new site.

Any road would need to
go through Black Law Farm.

Which Bella would never contemplate.

She was offered £400,000.

- Turned it down.
- So Neville and Slateburn

both stood to gain
from Bella's death.

Only if the quarry
gets the go-ahead.

I need background on the
core staff at Slateburn.

I can do that.

That's an awful lot of power
in her hands, don't you think?

Right, we've all got our
jobs to do. Let's do 'em.

- What?
- Er...overtime.

Get away, man.

Baikie's Cottage.
Arse end of nowhere.

The National Park's our
district the last time I looked.

Only since they changed
the boundaries.

That's... your old
stomping ground, isn't it?

Back in the day.

Bella Furness.

I thought it might
be worth mentioning

she was a suspect in another case.

Is there evidence
that that's relevant?

- No.
- Well, let's not overcomplicate things.



Sorry, can I help?

Northumbria Police. Boss about?

- Did you make an appointment?
- No, pet.

But I'm here now, am I?


Would you like to wait in the office
and I'll see if I can scare him up.

Are you a policeman?

Police officer.

Why are you dressed like that?

We don't all wear uniforms, pet.

No, I mean like that.

Godfrey Waugh? Chief
Inspector Vera Stanhope.

Chief Inspector.

I see you've met May.

This is my wife Barbara.

- You work here too?
- May wanted to show her face.

A chance to see
her dad in daylight.

- I'm not that bad.
- Yes, you are.

- Grace, could you erm...
- See?

Come on.

Bella Furness.

Yeah, I was sorry
to hear about that.

- You knew her, of course.
- Sure.

Where were you yesterday lunchtime?

I was with the head of KEA.

He was telling me how
much this environment

survey's going to cost.

Great, isn't it?

I'm the one who loses out
if they find rare grass

or some, but I've
got to pay for it.

And this road you want built,

- past Black Law Farm.
- Access to the new quarry.

Seven heavy truck movements
passing Bella's house every hour.

400 new jobs versus a
bit of double glazing.

Oh, there's more to it
than that, Mr. Waugh.

- Or so Bella thought.
- Well, she had her head turned, didn't she?

Edmund Fulwell. Man breaks
windows for a living.

Opposes every new development.

It's like a form of Tourette's.

Sorry, what's the
connection to Bella Furness?

Well, he's her
Heathcliff, isn't he?

I don't blame her for
getting carried away.

She was married to a
paraplegic type, wasn't she?

It's a condition, Mr. Waugh,
not a lifestyle choice.

Still, good news for you,

now the property passes
on to the next of kin.

Been in touch with
the family at all?

We dropped a card round this
morning. Condolences and so on.

Get the ball rolling.


it's all one to me. She would
have sold up sooner or later.

Everyone has their price.

I need you and Holly
to find Edmund Fulwell.

Him and his blue blood.

Bring him in for a chat.

Edmund Fulwell's old man

was one of the Holme Park Fulwells.

Used to own half of Kimmerston.

He was disinherited
when Edmund was a kid.


- Police! Open up!
- Go away!

Come on, Edmund, don't
play silly beggars.

Section six, mate.

Section six, you know what that is?

I've got a bloody
legal right to be here.

Who do you think the
Queen got her land from?

Stole it from idiots like you.
Go and evict her!

We just want to talk to you.

Try coming in here, you're
committing an offence!

We're not here to evict you.

We just need you to come with us.

- What for?
- Slateburn.

- Slateburn?
- And Bella Furness.

I'm not in the mood for this.

And you think we are?

What you been using
that for, Edmund?

I said I'm not in the bloody mood!

Get off! I haven't done anything!

Let's talk about the
break-in at Slateburn.

It wasn't me this time.

These papers...

in your home.

What, you break in, help yourself?

I don't know why you're
wasting time with this

when you've a murder on your books.

Well, let's just start with
these papers.

I'm not going to press charges.

Prison'd be like a
health farm to you.

I'm not the only one who feels
strongly about the quarry.

- But for you it's personal.
- It's personal for a lot of people.

That land should've been yours.

People with land
fence themselves in.

The whole of England belongs to me.

You and Bella, you were close?

There were none of that, if
that's what you're implying.

We were mates.

We walked the Black
Law hills together.

- They were sacred to us.
- Why sacred?

People have been burying their dead

on Black Law for centuries.

A lot of the stones you find
there come from Holy Island.

Carried 70-odd mile
to make burial cairns.

Those people respected nature.

We should be learning from that,

not destroying it.

- Who do you think killed Bella?
- You've seen what those quarries do.

It's violent. It's
a rape of the earth.

And people who profit from violence

are never above using it
for their own interests.


She was a good person, you know.

I don't need to tell you that.

We're having a memorial for her
at the church.

You should be there.


Miss Preece!

Miss Preece!


A bit like this poor thing.

Peck each other to death in
there. Go on, bugger off.

What's wrong with it?
Why won't it go?

Learned to love its captivity.

They use a tame bird
to lure in the wild one.

You OK?

Keeping busy.

- So, this woman at the window?
- That's right.

- Can we take a look?
- Sure.

I had a look around,
but she'd already gone.

Could you describe her?

Small. Thin. Mid-30s.

Dark hair. Dark eyes. Very pale.

You asked me yesterday if I'd
seen anyone around the cottage.

I made a mistake.

I saw a woman when I was driving

- The same woman?
- Yeah, I'm sure of it.

Off to the stepmother's memorial?

What for? He'd only get worked up.

I daresay that sounds
hard-hearted, does it?

And does your dad not have a say?

How can he? He can't even speak.

Anyway, there's a vacancy come up.

Decent place, good place.
No use hanging around.

We won't keep you.

We wondered if you
saw a woman here today.

Maybe coming back up the road?

Short, dark hair, 30s.

Can't help you, sorry.

- Why?
- So where are you taking him?


- Expensive.
- I am trying to do the decent thing here,

in my own half-cocked
fashion, right?

I mean, what's he going
to do stuck out here?

I don't know what else to do.

Go on. Silver lining.

We can drink what we
like now, can't we, Dad?

She was his wife,
Mr. Furness.

And if anything gives me comfort,

it's knowing that Bella
were loved and not...

just by Dougie, but by...

anyone who met her.

So, er...

Thanks so much for coming.

To Bella it would
have meant a lot.

Finally got what was coming to her.

- Bev MacDonald!
- I knew you'd be here.

You don't mind, do you?

Bad for your health.

My health!

- That's a good one.
- Bev, where were you yesterday afternoon?

- I'm a suspect?
- Should you be?

Used to it. Your lot

treated me like dirt when
my little boy disappeared.

- I didn't.
- You're all the same.

Around the time Bella
Furness was killed.

- Bella Furness!
- She had nothing to do

with your son's

You would say that, wouldn't you?

You're the copper that let her get
away. Do you remember that?

July 25th, 1999. The
day my life ended.

She had an alibi.

From a man who later married her.
That's not an alibi.

Our failure to find
your son is a raw nerve.

Tell us about your pain.

That's what I really
want to hear about.

A witness saw you near Baikie's
Cottage yesterday afternoon.

- She's lying.
- Who said it was a she?

Bella Furness has been murdered.

I'm glad.

Glad it was her.

Did you kill her?

When Lee went missing,

you lot wasted hours
interrogating me and Greg.

You really put us through it.

And now you want my help?


I got these things made up.


Do you know who that is?

It's my Lee. What he'd look like,

alive, today.

But do you know what?

When I see him,

and I do,

he hasn't grown an inch.

And every time...

I see a copper...

near my house

I'm hoping that he's bringing news.

It's not much to ask, is it?

Something to bury,

something to say goodbye to.

Every night I pray to God

he was carried away by the river

and not taken by evil people.

Can you imagine

what it's like...

that the last prayer
left in your heart?

Is a prayer that your
little boy is dead?

I am asking you a question!


No, I can't.


Are you going to charge me
or are you going to let me go?

Keep it.

Maybe you want to charge him.

Five years old.

Front door open.
Mam asleep on the sofa.

And off he trots.

Goes for a little walk.

He must have got lost.


cases like these, nine times
out of ten it's the parents,

and we're thinking...

perhaps they wanted to get rid.

It's precious time,
those first few hours.

You don't get 'em back.

Bella was out on the moor,

same time. I
interviewed her myself.

Bev, she just wouldn't let it go.

She was so sure Bella
had taken her lad.

- Scapegoat?
- Yeah, along with yours truly.

- What did I miss, Joe?
- You weren't the SIO.

That makes it all right, does it?

If it were you?

- We all make mistakes.
- I didn't make a mistake!

Bella Furness had
nothing to do with

that lad's disappearance!

You're very smart, aren't you?

What do you want, anyway?

Holly's got the results.

- You're not going to like this.
- I never do.

No prints. Nothing in the barn.

No trace of anything
on the trees or bushes

and the hammer we took
from Anne Preece was clean.

So let me get this right.

What you're saying
is we've got nothing.

But remember the stain in
the hayloft?

Well, maybe if you hummed
a few bars... What?!

Forensics say it was rowan berries.

- Rowan?
- Bright orange berries,



Take what scraps I can.

Ma'am, I've tried talking to
Neville Furness in his business

but he never seems to be in.

But I did talk to a
couple of his suppliers.

Kimmerston Pine haven't
been paying their bills.

One of the suppliers is
threatening legal action.

Wee motive there.


- Guess what that was?
- What?


I liked her better
when she was sulking.


Who's that?

Clearing out the farmhouse.


thought you might be
able to use some of this.

- Sorry about your...
- Stepmother.

- You found her, didn't you?
- Yes. Yeah, I did.

Why are you still here?

Killer out there.

- You alone in here.
- Not quite alone.

You met the wee smurfs outside.

Anyway, I'm...

I'm here to do a job.

I saw you at the church.

I watched you.

Well... What did you see?

Front door was open.

Come in.

Well, fancy seeing you here!

Better go.

Be seeing you.

- Did I spoil the moment?
- There was no moment.

Has that woman been charged?

Now, you know I
can't tell you that.

No, I'm here to take
a fresh statement.

Everything you can remember

about the day of Bella's murder.

- Don't leave anything out.
- I didn't leave anything out.

I'm sorry. I've work to do.

Right, well,

I'll just tag along.

Nothing deters you, does it?

Sooner this job's
finished the better.

- So did you find that woman?
- We talked to her.

Was it her?

This all part of the survey
or are you just having fun?

You want a go?

Quite good at throwing
my weight around.

You examine what's
inside the quadrant.

It's called ground truthing.

There's nothing here
but grass and weeds.

Cross-leaved heath.

Round-leaved sundew.

Bog asphodel.

Things get more interesting
beneath the surface.

You should know that.

Found what you're looking for?

- As in?
- Well, you know,

as in stop the quarry.

I'm a scientist, you
know, last time I looked.

Neutral party.

Anyway, I'm not done yet.

Nobody's going to scare me off.

See any rowan trees
in your travels?

On the moorland edge?

No reason why not.

With bright orange berries.
Is that normal?

Not really. Not here.

That's an ornamental rowan.
It would have to be introduced.

You mean someone
would have to plant it?




- Enjoy your erm...
- Ground truthing.

And call off your
watchdogs, would you?

I don't like being spied on.

You'll get the invoice
in the morning.

- May,
- Thank you.

come here.

May! Dress rehearsal. Come on.

I think just take it up.

Just a couple of inches.
You'll soon grow into it.

Hey! Do you mind?

Now just turn round
for me. Turn slowly...

- All right?
- Yeah.

Just finishing up.

Stay for a drink?

Sorry. Running late as it is.

Story of my life.

Celine's going to forget
what you look like.

OK. Night.


How is the bed?

- Excuse me?
- Upstairs.

I used to come here, a
lifetime ago now, did I say?

My dad and Constance Baikie
had that much in common.

Birds, eggs, you name it.

Otters. Mad about otters.

My sergeant's smiling.

Look at him. He
knows what's coming.

Tremendous aphrodisiac, otters,

or something, anyway,
cos sooner or later,

up they'd go, two by two, for
a little forage on their own.

- Sorry, what?
- I'm sorry, pet, no.

I just wondered if you
changed the bed at all.

You know, you and Godfrey Waugh?

It's just the same,
as a matter of fact.

I do pick 'em. It's
any excuse with happen.

I've been trying to break it off

but he just won't have it and I...

I get suckered in every time.

Work know?

- The... what is it?
- KEA.

God, no.

Who else? Bella?


Now something's troubling me.

You see, you had two wine glasses

on the table the day she died.

- Well, Bella and me...
- Bella didn't like to drink.

So either Mr. Waugh was here,

was on his way,

or had just passed through.

I'm afraid the
timings don't work out.

All-day meeting
in Alnwick granted,

but according to your
lovely assistant outside,

you broke for lunch around 12:00.

Which leaves you minus an alibi.

Look, I love what I do.
I'm proud of what I do.

What, for an access road?

She would have sold in the end.

I do have some moral
handbrake, believe it or not.

It's downhill all the
way with Anne Preece.

And you think I... What, just to...

Put her little report to bed.

Well, I can't deny it crossed
my mind.

Annie's all right.

Her strength...

makes a change.

Anything to report?

Thanks for your time, Mr. Waugh.

Bella Furness was
in every week.

What if she saw them?
What if she found out?

Passionate about her causes.
"Stop the quarry!"

And here's Anne Preece
shacked up with the enemy.

That's a motive to shut her up.

- If.
- If.


It might be nothing. I'm just...

Oh, don't tell me it's
all in the bloody diaries.

It's not as simple
as that, I'm affraid,

but I photocopied everything
that I thought was relevant.

Look at this, "Dougie said I
was the most beautiful woman

"he'd ever seen." Dougie
said this, said that.

I think Dougie can communicate
better than his son thinks.

Or it's the fantasies
of a lonely woman.

I'd better pay him a visit.

Well done, Joe.

What have you got in your bait?

She's put bugger all in my butty!

Not even a scrap of butter.

She's got a lot
on her mind.

My sister, when she had the twins,
was a right basket case.

She left them outside
the post office.

Well, Celine's not
like your sister!

Celine's fine.

- All right.
- I'm taking her out tonight.

Right, well, I'm off.

- Just want to talk to your dad.
- This is ridiculous.

I'm his son. If he
talk, he'd talk to me.

- Would he?
- Of course he would.

I don't want him upset
with this nonsense.

Does he know how Bella died?

I have no idea. He just lies there.

- Have you tried asking him?
- He can't communicate!

By the way, when you
told him Bella was dead,

did you have to be so blunt?

- I don't think...
- "Make the best of it."

I think that's blunt.


Yeah, well,

it was pretty much word
for word how he told me

my mam had died.

More warmth in a statue.

If he can talk, why
won't he talk to me?

These might help.

People can change.

Now, don't make me
have to go back for an order.


You remember Chief
Inspector Stanhope.

She has a few questions.

Godfrey Waugh.
Trying to curry favour.

- Not exactly subtle, is he?
- Will you sell?

That's the plan.

All eyes on Anne Preece, then.

- Meaning?
- That land of yours will be worthless...

..if her report blocks the quarry.

I suppose.

Do you mind if I talk
to your dad alone?

Hello, Dougie, remember me?

It's Vera.

I helped you that time
when Bella was in trouble.

But now, unfortunately,

I'm investigating her death.

And I need you...

to talk to me.

I know you can communicate.

I've read Bella's diaries.
I'm sorry, Dougie, it's my job.

I said to my colleague,
"Women don't keep diaries

"unless they've got
something to write about."

She had something to
write about, didn't she?

She had you.

I know it's hard,

but if there's anything
at all you can tell us

to help us to catch
Bella's killer...

Doesn't matter how trivial.

Perhaps a little bit of
gossip where she worked?



You show me.

Godfrey Waugh.

Anne Preece.

She knew?


did she confront them?

No, right.

Did she...

talk to Mrs. Waugh?


But she told you.

So how did she seem? Angry?

I mean, Anne Preece was
compromised, wasn't she?

- The work on her survey.
- No...

For me...

She did it... for me...


I said no. Sell.

And she wouldn't listen?

In the end.

I heard her.

Talking on the phone.

- Holly.
- Ma'am, CSI

say no trace of a phone,

but it's like her husband said.

40-second call made to
Waugh's office number

at Slateburn quarry.

Thanks, pet.

Well, obviously,
if I'd known!

It's true.

Network just confirmed we
took a call from her number.

So why did nobody tell me?

A 40-second call.

- Answer machine!
- I check all messages

every night.

Who else has access to these phones?

Well, apart from Grace and myself,

one of the lads could have come
in, I suppose. It's possible.

- It's Grace...
- Bishop.

And how long have you worked here?

Six months. Why?

- She came highly recommended.
- Yes. I'll bet.

I'll check who was
clocked in that day.

If you'd be so kind.

- Grace Bishop. 26 years old.
- Criminal record?

Not a squeak.
Degree in catering,

Coventry University.

Various hotel jobs.

London. Toulouse. Singapore.

That's exciting.

Well, what's she doing
stuck in that portakabin?

And would she have
buried that message?


No, Holly,

drop in tonight.

Ask her who else could
have heard that message.

Who does she trust? Background
on the boss, that sort of thing.

See what comes out.

Meanwhile, Kenny,

18 staff on site that day.

Background checks on all of them.

- Ha ha, gutted!
- Yeah, and you can help him.

Ma'am, I'm going to Grace Bishop's!

- No clubbing for you tonight.
- I don't like clubbing.

Well, there's a stroke of luck.

Now, then, who else

knew about Bella's change of heart?

Apart from Dougie, of course.

- Her stepson.
- He never said anything.

But we can still ask.
No. Who else?

- Edmund Fulwell?
- Right.

He and Bella,
comrades in arms.

Now, how's he going to react
when he hears she's sold out?

Two prison terms for
alcohol-related violence.

- He's on a hat-trick.
- Well, thank you, Kenny.

She never said anything to you
about selling up?


We never said anything, really.

I had nothing against
her, you know. I just...

..didn't want him to be happy.

What a thing to say out loud, eh?

I mean, look at him.

And yet...

he was.

She made him happy.

You read those pages I gave to you?

From the diary? Aye.

It's not the man I knew.

I can't imagine how
he must be suffering.

A son with any love
in him would end it.

Or give him something to live for.

Hey, who's the lucky fella?

We had a deposition.

Godfrey Waugh sent
the fragrant Barbara

round with a bunch of flowers.

They don't give up,
I'll say that for them.

Any second thoughts about selling?

I didn't till she showed up.

It felt sort of tacky,
to tell you the truth.

Selling the family silver.


I'll talk to my dad.

Quick half? Dutch courage?

Nah, I've not got time.


Out with it.

She's dead clever,
isn't she, Holly?

- If you say so.
- Well, you think so.

Sending her to Grace Bishop, you
must think she's got something.


You're loving this, aren't you?

She's young, female.

She can play the
sister card. You can't.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Yeah, I thought that was the case.


Wait! Wait!

- I need your help!
- What's

- going on?
- Celine's not there.

- What?
- Jessie and Michael are in.

There's no-one with them.

You hungry?

I've got er...some...

They're quite nice.

Take a bit of getting used to.

A Fisherman's Friend?


All right.

- Are you Mussolini?
- I beg your pardon?

Mussolini. The lady
that Dad works for.

Well, yeah, I expect that's me.

- Is that what your mam calls me?
- We all do.

That's nice.

Here they are now.

Guys, come on.

No. No sign.

She left work around three
hours ago, apparently.

What's that?


Grace Bishop?

Forensics came through.
Blood on the wheel brace.


Sorry to wake you up.

I want a full description and
photo of Grace Bishop circulated.

Usual warnings.

And if you were halfway fit,

we wouldn't be going
to this trouble.

Where's Joe, anyway?

Probably stopped off
for a decent sandwich.

- What have you got?
- Local history thing.


Don't say anything.

"To Grace with love."

- Any news?
- This one of yours?

Listen, you've got it
wrong about Grace, you lnow.

If there was anything going on...

She's part of the
furniture, really.

- May is devoted to her.
- Your daughter?

How about you, Mr. Waugh?

I think she's more May's
generation than mine.

That's a relief to
hear you say that.

Did Grace have any friends
that you know about?

We wondered about a boyfriend
but I don't know.

- She was always out walking.
- She never mentioned anyone?

You might try Barbara.

Not to me. No, sorry.

Girl in a hurry.

Smells good.

Trying to get a
head start on supper.

Why? Do you...

No, no. Thank you. I'm...

I bet people are
always feeding you up!

One of those faces.

Your wife much of a
cook? I saw the ring.

Well... Small baby, you know.

How old?

Four months.

There's never any time,
that's the trouble.

She gets so tired.

It's quite normal.

Yeah. I know.

Do one thing for me, would you?

Take her to a doctor.

Kick her through the
door. You have to do.

No, it's nothing like that.
She's just a bit done in.


I'm so sorry, dishing out free

No. No.

Enjoy your dinner.

- Any use?
- Aye.

Nah, not really.

She gave us a bit of a pep talk.


Well, I'll go to the
foot of our stairs!

- What you got there?
- Golden oldie.

Edmund Fulwell with a little boy.

You think that's
your missing lad? Lee?

What, Lee MacDonald?

No. It's a little girl. Look.

But what's it doing there?


What do we know
about Grace's family?

You think that's her?

You think that's Grace?
She's Edmund's daughter?

We could ask.

I don't know, do I?

Someone must have seen us together.

- When?
- How should I know?

Police were asking

It won't take long, will it?

Can we please
just come clean?

If we go together,
it'll be all right.

It's a bit late now.

Why did I let you
talk me into this?

Because this is my land!

- They bloody well stole it from me!
- That was a lifetime time ago.

Well, if you're not going...

No. Don't. No, no, don't, please!

- This'll finish me!
- There's other jobs!

- I don't want another job!
- Where's your loyalty?

Don't say that like
you know what it means!

Those people you hate,
they're a real family.

And the way they are
with that little girl...

You're so blind you don't even
know who your real friends are.

All those years...

Not so much as a birthday card!

The Christmas parties
I spent sitting

in the hall in case you
came and I missed you.

Some dad!

What do you want?

We just want to
talk to you, Edmund.

We're looking for Grace Bishop.

Your daughter.

Well, she left.

- Where is she?
- I don't know.

How did you get that
mark on your face?

I don't know.

Branch, probably.

So why have you trashed
your lovely home?

It's my home. I'll do
what I like with it.

Something she said?

Close, are you?

I hardly knew her when
she was growing up.

Her mother looked after her.

I used to visit, try
and help with her.

But when it came
down to it, I was...

..too bloody selfish.

You give her this?



she took that job here
for you, didn't she?

At the quarry.

Help with your crusade.
A spy in the camp.

- Some spy.
- She settled in up there, didn't she?

Handing over documents
of the firm, wasn't she?

Wanted to be needed, I expect.

First your soul mate betrays
you, then your daughter.


Bella changed her mind
an' all, didn't she?

Called Godfrey Waugh.

Left a message
consenting to the sale.

Two hours later...

No! No, never. No, never.

Bella would never do that.
Not in a million years.

Grace never said anything to you?

She must have heard that message.

Someone wiped it, you see.

She said something about...

..not knowing who my friends were.

Is that what she meant?

Is that what she meant?

Did Bella betray me?

Did she?

Four minutes past one. Time of death.

You'd think she'd have treated
herself to a decent timepiece.

I bet she never treated
herself to anything.

Looks like a hammer again.

Blow delivered with
considerable force.

Doesn't mean she didn't kill Bella.

Two killers employing
the same method. Possible.

- However unlikely.
- Yeah, way above my pay grade.

Can I have that in writing?

There's lots of little scratches.

- Crows.
- A murder of crows.

Collective noun
for crows. A murder.

Suit yourselves.

I've been saving
the best till last.

Trace of blood and...


What are they?

Some kind of seed, again.

See if these are the
same as last time.


Our rowan tree?

Well, how did you find it?

I used a bit of this, you
know. The ancient knowledge.

That Anne Preece
found it, didn't she?

Technically, yeah.

She phoned to tell me
when we were at the quarry.

Maybe somebody's nurturing it.

People used to plant
them to ward off witches.

Not working, then, is it?

Here I am.

And to stop the dead
haunting the living.

How old is it, do you think?


now this is complicated so

get your brains out of neutral.

Item number one.

Now, some of us assumed

that Grace Bishop used
this to kill Bella Furness?

Kenny, take us through the forensics.

Fox blood. Fox hair.

Fox DNA, lots of
fox-related stuff.

Probably ran over a fox,

used that to put the
fox out of its misery.

There could be
two murderers.


Bella Furness. Grace Bishop.

Now, the shape and
extent of the damage

is pretty much identical
in both cases.

When we cleaned the blood away,

we found there was
a distinctive nick

on the face of what
we assume was a hammer


and here. Different victim,

same weapon,

same method.

Now, we've been
working on the theory

that Bella Furness

was murdered because of her
opposition to the quarry.

She changed her mind.

Decided to sell the
access route to Slateburn.

Left a message saying as much.

But somebody heard that
message and wiped it.

What if Grace Bishop
found the message?

Wipes it, has a change of
heart, big fight with her father.

Her father. Motive and means
for both Bella and his daughter.

If anyone's going to kill
for a pile of rocks, it's him.

But his own daughter?


Park the phone message.

These two, Anne and Godfrey.

Bella knew their little secret.
What if Grace found out?

It's easy enough. She
worked for him. Fancied him.


What if...

What if she was jealous?

Picked a fight

with Anne Preece?

Grace, she knew about
you and Godfrey Waugh.

Please don't waste your breath.

She ever lean on you to stop?

Grace? No.

- Was she attracted to the boss?
- No.

No, she indulged
him, but she didn't

fancy him or anything.

- She did come here once.
- When?

A few days ago.

It was more of a warning, really.

Well, the survey.

Basically, just cos
you fancy the guy,

make sure you write a fair report.

I thought, good for you.

Though I was kind of
insulted at the same time.

Work comes first. You
understand that, don't you?


Although what she'd
have made of this,

- I don't know.
- The report?

All done. I'm out of
here, as you can see.

Is that it?

My life in a box. I travel light.

That's the best way.

And I have to ask.

- The report?
- All clear.

Send in the diggers. Godfrey's
doing cartwheels, no doubt.

Still, this whole place.

Isn't there a tiny
part of you thinks,

"Tear it up, let it go"?

This land, the way
it sucks us all up.

Once it's gone, it won't come back.

That's true.

At least that wandering ghost

can put her feet up.

My face at the window.

I saw her again earlier.


You were seen out past Black Law!

What were you doing there?

- Fancied a stroll.
- Bev,

Bev, two women are dead.

I am not in the mood for this.

Did you see her?

Look! This woman,
out on the moor?

Do you think I killed her?

What has dragged you
back to this place?

You know.

The quarry.

I read about it online.

I thought...

go back.

One last look

before they tear these
hills to kingdom come.

Thought maybe he'd feel the same.

Lee's dad?

I thought maybe he'd see me.

See what I'm going through.

And realise he should
never have walked out.

Sacred ground.

To me, anyway.

Up near Black Law,

there's a rowan tree.
Pretty orange berries.

Did you plant it? In memory?


Well, someone did.

A rowan tree?

Thanks for your help.

Holly Lawson.

OK, I'll let her know straightaway.

Ma'am, I think you
need to hear this.

It's your fault! Do you
hear me? It's your fault!

You're not looking so
clever now, Fulwell.

I'll rip your bloody head off!

Get off!

No! I'm going to rip your head off!

I'm going to rip
your bloody head off!

He was threatening to kill me.
I'm coming for you!

Should have been dealt
with a long time ago.

Mr. Waugh, wait inside.

Get off my property!

Watch your head as you're going in.

- Bastard!
- Get him in.

Forensics called.

The blood under Grace
Bishop's fingernails

was Edmund Fulwell's.

That scratch on your face,

you never got it from
a branch, did you?

(SOBS) I can't remember.

Now, I need you to think, Edmund.

And I need you to
tell me the truth.

You and Grace had a fight.

Did you hurt your daughter?

- Down at the quarry?
- No.

No, it was in the shack.

I grabbed... I grabbed hold of
her. I didn't want to let her go.

So you had your fight.

What was it she said? "You don't know
who your friends are". Is that right?

I don't know! I can't remember.


I need you to think.

She said...
She said she needed to see someone.

She... She said she needed

to get something
sorted out in her head.

Who? See who?

She never said.

Well, if it's him,
all well and good,

but if it's not...

Crow trap!

Hang out one bird...

to catch...


Maybe we've set a trap

and we don't even know it!

If there's somebody killing
to save these hills from the quarry,

if that's what
we're looking at,

Anne Preece alone
in that cottage.

She's finished the survey.

Green light to the diggers.

What's our murderer
going to say about that?

I'll talk to Godfrey
Waugh, see who else knows.

Keep an eye on Edmund.

Joe, Anne Preece now!

Your mam and dad not about?

You're the detective.

Would you mind giving one
of them a shout for me, pet?


I can see you haven't changed much.

That's not me.

- That's Josh.
- Who's Josh?

My brother.

And where's he now?

He died before I came.

He didn't last very long.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Your parents must have been
glad when you came along.

That's how I got my name.

Mum said she thought the
winter was never going to end.

- What you up to?
- Making a card.

For Grace?

Listen, you wouldn't run up
and get them, would you, pet?

They've gone out.

- You gave me a start.
- Sorry, I did knock.

I just brought these over.
To say goodbye, you know.

I was about to put the kettle on.

GP confirms Barbara
Waugh had a son, Joshua.

Four weeks old when he died.

She suffered from depression
and was hospitalised.

- When, Holly?
- On and off through '99.

Lee MacDonald!

Sorry, the number you
are calling cannot be...

- Where's Anne?
- She just went to stock up on firewood.

I spoke to my wife.

Your wife?

About, you know...

The baby.

Well, that's good, isn't it?

Sorry, is this the...

The old report. For the KEA?


Anne had a change of heart.

She feels perhaps she's
been in too much of a rush.

Since when?

One more week, she said.

Just to be sure.

I might go and help
with that firewood.

Don't go.


Help me!

- Hello?
- I'm here!




I know you're here.

I know about your little boy.

We're down here!

- He won't move.
- I'm so sorry, pet.

Joe! Joe.

Joe, lad.

Come on, Joe, wake up!

Come on. Come on, Joe. Come on.

Joe, come on, son. Wake up, wake up!

How am I going to look Celine in the
face after this? Joe, please wake up.

Come on, come on, lad, it's Vera.

It's Vera. Look at me.

There's a good lad.
There's a good lad!

OK. Don't let him move.

Somewhere... must be...


Who are you?

Is this where you put him?

Under a tree?

It's all right.

I kept him safe.

He's... He's down here.

I'm just getting him now.

What's he doing down there?

Sacred ground.

And you found him,
didn't you, Barbara?

You found Lee.

He'd got lost...

down by the river, and I took him home and I said...

I said,

"It's OK, Joshie, you're home now.

"There's no need
for all that", but...

he wouldn't have it, you see.

- He kept saying -
- "I want to go home".

I just got...

confused, you see.

I'd lost my own
little boy and I was...

Well, he kept fighting.

He kept saying he wanted to go...


And I just...

He wouldn't stop screaming.
And I... I just...

Just put my arm across
him, across his...

I just wanted him to
be quiet and then...

He just lay there.

And I... I shook him.

He just wouldn't move.

I'm so sorry.

There's not a day that
goes by that I don't...

But I kept him safe,

for you,

for us.

Only, they wanted to dig him up.

- The quarry?
- I couldn't have that.

I mean, I couldn't have that.

It's his home.

This tree.

He just wants a bit of peace.

You do see that, don't you?

If we can just find him, maybe...

That's it.

That's enough.

What about me?

What about my peace?

Did Barbara say anything
about Grace Bishop?

I mean, why did she have
to kill her? I don't know.

Well, Bella leaves the message
on the office answer machine.

Barbara and Grace are both there.
Both hear it.

'Let me tell my
husband,' says Barbara.

"Don't breathe a word till
we know the woman's serious".

Wipes the message,

then Bella dies.

Days pass. Godfrey's
still none the wiser.

And Grace, she's fond of Barbara.

The mother she
never had, I suppose.

She gets to thinking,

"Why has she buried
that message?"

She confronts her...

in the end. Asks her why.

"Why have you not told your
husband? He should know!"

Out by the quarry,
where we found her?

Why didn't she tell her husband

toset up a quarry somewhere else?

Desperate for her
husband's good opinion.

Terrified he'd realise
what she'd done.

To her, this was sacred ground.

Depression? All of this?

There was more to it
than that, I think.

Hey, come on, get home.

Stick that wife of yours in a frock.
Give her a treat.

I'll baby-sit if you like.

I don't think that's
going to happen.

Fair enough.

Last thing they need is me

goose-stepping round the house.


I'm sorry about that.

Jessie cannot keep her mouth shut.

Get in.

The Lord is full of
compassion and mercy.

Slow to anger and
of great goodness.

As a father is tender
towards his children,

so is the Lord tender
to those that fear.

For he knows of what we are made.

He remembers that we are but dust.

Our days are like the grass.

We flourish like a flower of
the field.

When the wind goes
over it, it is gone.

And its place will know it no more.

But the merciful
goodness of the Lord

endures forever and ever
towards those that fear him

and his righteousness upon
their children's children. Amen.

Into your hands,
oh merciful saviour,

we commend your servant.

Acknowledge a lamb of your own flock,

a sinner of your
own redeeming.

Enfold him in the arms of your mercy,

in the blessed rest
of everlasting peace...

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