Velvet Colección (2017–2019): Season 2, Episode 2 - full transcript

Omar, if this is about women,
I can take you somewhere extraordinary.

They're sophisticated,
chic, affectionate.

They'd be more than happy
to satisfy the desires of a man like you.

I know where to find
that kind of woman, Eduard.

I don't think you understand.

Either the deal includes Clara,
or we have no deal.

I don't know what you're saying.

Clara Montesinos is Velvet's manager,
not goods for sale.

-I'm not selling her.
-This isn't how we do business in Spain.

How you do business in Spain
hasn't worried you until now.

Otherwise we wouldn't be discussing
exclusive rights to oil.

You have enough
to get to a woman like her.

I've spent half of my fortune buying
those two oil companies, as we agreed.

And, as agreed, the ships are in
your country awaiting the cargo.

I'm afraid that without the girl,
there's no cargo.

The ball is in your court, Eduard.

Talk to Brian about it.

It was the Tiger Eye affair,
he'll remember.

We covered it together.

Call me at the hotel tonight, alright?
Bye, Elaine.

-Don't be doing business with him.
-Why are you using my office?

He's dangerous. He's involved
in jewel smuggling or something.

-Or something? Who do you mean?
-Ambassador Omar Ahmadí.

-You can't trust him.

-I was investigating him for--
-Without success.

-They took me off the case.
-Because there was no case.

-Look, Mateo, I appreciate--
-He's dangerous.

How convenient. He's dangerous
when I'm doing business with him.

Look, all I need is for you
to sign the annulment papers.

-Not for you to give me advice.
-Just like that?

Well, it's not really
just like that, is it?

I sent them 20 days ago.
It's you who wasn't taking my calls.

I was investigating a case.

-Always the same excuse.
-It's not an excuse, it's the truth.

I didn't marry
a member of the armed forces.

-We agreed to have a break.
-I didn't agree to anything.

-I went to London with your blessing.
-I thought you couldn't be without me.


-Listen to me.


I just came to say I'm leaving.

I hope tonight goes well.

Thank you.


I hope your decision
is nothing to do with him.

Sign the papers before you go.


In the flesh.

-I didn't know.
-You weren't here.

We could have sent you a telegram though.

"Raúl crippled. Stop.
Best wishes."

-Why didn't anyone tell me?
-Because nothing happened.

There was nothing to tell.

I'm still the great designer I always was.
Right, Pedro?

Pedro is convinced.

He even had the great idea of bringing me
here to find myself again.

To be myself again.
And, hey!

Miracle cure!
I came in through the doors

and started running around the store.

I even seduced
the Queen of Iran with my brilliance.

-That's not fair.
-No, darling!

No. This is what is not fair.

-Don't you dare.

The new Raúl De la Riva
doesn't need your pity.

He likes to be alone.

He doesn't want to be here.

What happened?

He had an accident at Jonás' wedding
and hasn't walked since.

The surgery's tomorrow.

Let's go down, he'll likely need help.

Out of my way.

Let's take him up.

Come on.

Let's go.

Good morning. How are you?


Julia, tell Godino I want
to see him in my office.

Give the order for the ships to return.

-They'll have to come back empty.

The deal is off.

That... can't be done, Mr. Godó.

-It's not financially viable.
-It's done.

I won't deal with that scumbag.

Call your contact
and communicate my orders.

The ships must leave Iran.

But, sir, the investment
in the fleet without the crude oil

-could potentially ruin you.
-I already considered that, Godino.

Do what I say.

Sir, the bank itself would be
at risk if you made this decision.

Isn't there some other way
of renewing the deal?

Do what I say!

And keep your mouth shut.

I don't want anyone finding out
the situation that we're in.

Of course not.

-Go on.
-Excuse me.

I just need a little more time
to create something of that quality.

But how long is a little more time?

-One second.

-I'm not sure what to tell you.
-I need a timescale.

A week or two.

Is that a lot?

No, it's perfectly reasonable.
But you have five days.

-Excuse me.
-We don't have more time.

-We can't let this go cold.
-It won't even have time to warm up.

I know I'm asking a lot,
but I believe in you 100%.

I know you're alone
and we're all under a lot of pressure,

but we've faced bigger challenges
than this before.

-We can't lose this.
-Fine, fine.

-I'll come up with something.
-It will be so much more.

-Well, don't be expecting--
-Jonás, I know you can do this.


-What did you want to tell me?
-Listen, Clara...

-You're not going to like this.
-Out with it.

Mateo gave me these papers
and told me to say he's really sorry.

He left without signing them, right?

Now he wants me to believe
we were the perfect couple.


He signed them?

He told me to tell you

that he didn't expect things
to turn out this way.

Are you okay?

I'm so sorry.
But it's what you wanted, right?



They're here.


-How nice to see you.


How are you?

-It's so nice to have you here.
-Yes, we've had you on tenterhooks.

-How about we go through--
-Without a toast?

This way.

To your happiness
and many glasses of Champagne.

Sorry, Cava. That's what it's called now.

What is joined together
let no man put asunder.

-Is that how you honor it?

The wedding.

So, it's in the interests of business.
Now I understand.

-The repetition of this engagement

is a surprise to us all,
but we are, of course, very happy

that Sergio and Elena have finally decided
to spend their lives together.

To love and business,
which are clearly linked.

Macarena, though it obviously upsets you,
our families do business well together.

And that's a good sign.

Business isn't the best way
to bring a couple together.

Money can ruin everything.
Passion, love...

-Not if the passion is strong enough.

In any case,
if we're going to talk about business,

I think it's a good time
to tell you all about mine.

Yours? You're not getting
into business at your time of life?

Tell them, son.

We're opening the first Velvet franchise.

Velvet Seville.

Congratulations, Eduard.
You're always ahead of the game.

When I say we, I don't mean Eduard and I.
He has nothing to do with this.

-Sergio and I will be running it.
-Bravo, son.

-And I thought you didn't have ambition.
-This isn't about ambition.

Shall we eat?

Excuse me, do you know Diana?

-She works in the Dead Letter office.
-Sorry, I don't.

Excuse me, do you know Diana
who works on the third floor?

From Dead Letters? She hasn't shown up.

-Why not?
-I have no idea.

-If you'll excuse me.

"Number 50, Mar Street."



-What's your name?

Come in, Marta. Go on.

Can I help you?

No, sorry, I...

Actually I was looking...

for someone.

-I'm looking for Diana.
-There's nobody here by that name.

Nine years ago, I had a daughter.

A beautiful girl.

But, there were complications
and I lost her.

-Good evening, Mr. Lagasca.

-You have a call from Brian Cox.
-Put him through.

-Hello, Mateo.

Well, you were right.
He was the one.

Prosecuted for illegal diamond dealing.

Somehow he managed to get let off.
His Italian partner was jailed instead.

I knew it.

And, by the way, he wasn't Omar Ahmadí.

That time he was Omar Khan.

Khan. It's true!

Thank you, Brian,
I suppose I'll stay in Spain for a while.

Get Elaine to send me the whole file,
will you?

-I'll keep you posted.
-You'd better.

You had better!

-Thanks again, my friend.
-See you soon.

You'll have to help me, Palomita.


Don Mateo, why are you here?

It's time you stopped being so formal.
Open up, I need a favor.

Thank you.

-I don't know how I can help you.
-Let me explain the situation.

I'll be representing Velvet
at the Iranian consulate tomorrow.

-You don't represent Velvet.
-That's why I need your help.

I'm investigating the ambassador
and his dirty dealings.

Wait a minute.
What is it you need me to do?

Cover for me.

I'll pass myself off
as head of communication.

I don't have an appointment
so they'll call to confirm.

-That's where you come in.
-I'm not getting involved.

-Clara would kill, if she--
-You just need to say I am who I say I am.

That way I can get into his office
to find out what he intends to do.

Omar got in touch about a deal,
there's nothing else to it.

-There's something else.
-Really? What is it?

-I knew I could count on you.
-I don't even know what I have to do.

Just say yes.

-I can't lie. I can't put Velvet at risk.
-I knew you wouldn't let me down.

You look... beautiful.

Thank you.

-Thank you.
-He's already getting me in trouble.

Clara is going to kill me. She'll kill me.

-You didn't like that at all, did you.
-It's not that.

What then? You're being weird.

-I tried to do something different.
-What do you expect?

It's my engagement
and you're mom stole my thunder.

What does that matter?
You and I are what matters.

Your mother has never forgiven me.

She'd love to break us up.

She'll find a way to through
this Velvet Seville she came up with.

You don't know how wrong you are.

She doesn't want us together.
And she'll turn you against your father.

Their fights are not our problem.

Not including him
in the business is to humiliate him,

and if you take her side
it becomes your problem too.

My father and I had problems
long before Velvet.

That was changing
because Velvet brought you together

and she can't bare that.

In any case, it's important to me
that you get along with her.

Fine. If that's what you want...

keep the two of us apart.
Don't get involved in that business.

-Good evening, sir.
-On time as always.


-Who the hell do you think you are?

-Nice way to speak to a diplomat.
-I just found out my ships are detained.

-It's the first I'm hearing.
-Don't take me for a fool, this was you.

We had a deal.

-I have to take care of my own interests.
-You broke the deal.

The oil should already have been loaded.

Do you know
how much parked ships cost me?

They're going to stay empty and detained
until you help me with that girl, Eduard.

You can't do this to me. You're scum.

Don't insult me, Eduard.
I can make things much worse, believe me.

Now, prove to me
that you actually want to do business.


-What's going on?
-Nothing that concerns you.

Godino, close the door.

Don't worry, Godino. I'm leaving.

You're not a victim, you know.

-Why do you want to work at Velvet?
-The same reason you do, it's on the up.

Godino, close the door.

-Good morning, Rosita.
-I could set my watch by you.

-What can I offer you today?
-I'll take some gerberas today, honey.

If I was given flowers every day,
I'd be on my fifth child.

Oh, no, no, no. I don't want children.
The Lord didn't make me for that.

All I want is forgiveness.

-What's the damage?
-Six pesetas.

-But as it’s you, let's say five.
-What a sweetie you are.

There you go.

-Goodbye, Rosita.

-What did you do to resort to all of this?
-Nothing will ever be enough.

Good luck.


ROOM 232

Come on, Rafael,

don't back down now.

Big guy.

I know you don't want to see me
and I don't blame you,

but you're going to hear
something I wrote.

I can't eat or sleep
If you won't let me be by your side

If I'm not by your side,

I'm nothing more than the shadow
Of a frightened soul in purgatory

Let me be your legs

Let me be your comfort

Let me be your comfort,
Your hope and your crutch

Raúl, please say something.
For God's sake.

Insult me, even. Just talk to me.


you hurt me anymore.

Just leave.

You know it was an accident

and that I'd give anything...

for this never to have happened.

But I can't do anything more, Raúl.

I can only love you...

and if you'll let me...

help you get through this.

Just go.


I need to talk to you about something,
but I'm a bit embarrassed.

Don't be silly, what can I do for you?

Jonás and I are thinking
about bringing my niece to Velvet.

She's very willing and hardworking,
but she's having a rough time, right now.

So, I was thinking her coming
to work here could be good for her.

If she's going to work here she'll need
a contract, it must be above board.

Of course. She's a great seamstress.
She went to the best school in Paris.

-It's just I don't know what went wrong.
-It could be good. Let's talk it over.

-Of course, thank you so much Clara.
-No problem.

Clara, darling.

-Is it okay if--
-I'll get going.

-Do you have a second?
-For you? Always.

I was just at the bank

and I felt this uncontrollable urge
to take you for breakfast.

I really appreciate it,
but, and it might sound strange,

-I'm up to neck with the Iranians.
-Sergio told me.

That's why I wanted to talk.

I want to offer you special funding.

-Let me explain things properly,

this is a unique case.
We're talking about a queen.

-Okay, but I need to get back quickly.
-No problem. Allow me.

Thank you.

What I'm saying is that they
often set jewels into her usual outfits

and also include Chantilly lace and fur.

-You really know your stuff.
-Of course.

I've had dealings
with Iranians for over 30 years.

They're from a different world.

And she is the Empress of Iran.
Do you think she wants chiffon or tulle?

I think she's come to us for something
she doesn't have in Iran.

Of course, but you have to agree

that her coronation dress
can't just be a Velvet design.

It has to be stunning, elegant

and it shouldn't just be expensive,
it should look it.

Of course.

Eduard, you and I have always
been straight with one another

and what has me a little confused
is your sudden interest in this.

I'm sure you know
it's not fashion I care about.

I care about future business with
the dynasty that could come from this.

These people have so much money,
they'd never notice if it was shared out.

I have no doubt they're loaded,

but I hope
they're not all like the ambassador.

He's truly one
of the most arrogant people I've met.

Don't make the mistake of judging him
as though he was from the West.

Iranians, especially high-born ones,

often give the impression
of arrogance at first.

But underneath it,
there could be someone interesting.

Believe me, this guy is
your typical chauvinist pig,

whether he's here,
in the East or in Timbuktu.


if I act as an intermediary...

-it'd make things easier with him.
-I appreciate it, but there's no need.

All I'm interested in is the royal family,
I won't have to put up with him for long.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go.

It's Raúl surgery today,
I need to get to the hospital.

How is he?

Well, we're worried, but I'm confident
the surgery will be a success.

-Tell him I hope he gets better soon.

-Thank you for breakfast.
-Don't forget what I said.

I'm trying to balance my karma.

We do everything here.

Yoga, Tibetan drums, Tantra...

-Do I look okay?

Now try standing alone next to the candle.

-Do you remember your first trip to India?
-Every second of it.

It changed my life.

I stopped caring
about everything I had before.

-I guess I found myself on that trip.
-That must have been wonderful.

Turn to the side.

Do you think anybody can do that
if they're looking for answers?

Of course,
you just need to find your guru.

To help free your body and soul,

connect with the astral plane
and liberate your chakras.

Like this?

Yes, lower your head a little.

-How about like this?
-That's perfect.

And if you open up your shirt a little...

Could we be silent? I'm trying to focus
all of my energy into this.

Of course, that's what I'm doing.

-I think that's it.
-Off you go and develop them then.

The sooner we can send these
to print the better.

Thank you, Lourdes.
It’s been a very satisfying session.

Thank you.

With this bindi,
I'm calling on peace and harmony for you.

From this moment forward
you will stop being Lourdes Otegui,

and become Lania Hanista.

-What's this crap?
-It means, at one with the Universe.

-Meditate on what I've told you.
-I will.

-Guru maharishi.
-Maharishi guru.

Don't confuse the girl,
she's got enough with her mother.

She needs to find peace.

And I need us to get down to it.


What are you doing?

Checking there isn't one of
your loincloth-wearing boyfriends lurking.

We're never alone, Enrique.

Meditation connects us
with all beings in the Universe.

What you're saying is very interesting.

-It's a shame you won't take it seriously.
-I'm taking it very seriously.

In fact, I think
we should have some sort of...

spiritual initiation to reestablish
the connection we had before.


You see? We still speak the same language.

Oh, yeah.

These stones will help you
to balance your karma.

I'm afraid there's no stone
that can balance my karma.

Breathe in...

breathe out.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

-I'll slip into something comfortable.

You keep breathing in and out.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Oh, yeah.

Take it easy, Enrique.
This is Rabindranath, my shaman.

-And why is he here with us?
-Juan Carlos holds the truth within.

He'll help you understand the principles
that govern the life of Patty Shamira.

He'll help you to connect with me,
with my spirit,

and with yourself.
With yourself too, Enrique.

He's all yours.

How's it going, Juan Carlos? I'm Enrique.

Rabindranath, like the poet.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

-This isn't the same, you'll understand.
-Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Breathe in.


-Is everything alright?
-Yeah, yeah.

You know, the other day I saw Diana.

-You remember you told me to?
-And what happened?

No, I went to get all of Rita's letters,
then we went to a bar for a drink and...

she started to tell me she had a daughter
a long time ago, but she lost her.

But I think she lied, cuz.

-You don't get involved in people's lives.
-I'm not, it was just strange and...

-I don't know.
-You've got your letters, right?

-Then stay away and don't get involved.

How's your niece?

We still don't know what happened exactly,
but surely she'll come to her senses here.

I thought Manolito
could show her around

-while she's here. What do you think?
-Bad idea.

No, cuz. It's a bad idea.

Manolito couldn't show anyone around,
especially not a woman.

-He's like a dog off its leash.
-Well, even better.

-I'm sure she can straighten him out.
-We'll see.

-Come on, we have to get to the hospital.
-Let me find your wild dog first.

Please, cuz. I'm asking you not to.

-It won't end well.
-Do you remember when I came here?

These are from
that place I told you about.

It's so free and pure there,

I feel like
I'm wasting my life anywhere else.

-Thank you for that.
-This is nothing to do with us.

That's what worries me.
That and the spot on your head.

-What's it for?

My Guru, Patty Samira, gave it to me.
It's to open my chakras.

-To open your chakras.
-Why are you laughing?

I should be the only one to open them.

-You don't know what they are.
-All the same.

Look, that's Patty.

That's Patty and this guy's naked,

I feel like I need
to have a spiritual experience

-and open my body and mind.
-And your chakras, but that guy is naked.

Manuel, don't focus
on the superficial side.

Lourdes, will your father allow this?

Is he okay with you becoming
a hippy overnight?

I haven't asked.

But don't you realize that we're knocking
on the door of a new era?

The only era I'm aware of
is the current one.

-This isn't going to end well.

-It won't end well.
-There's going to be a cosmic shift.

I have to live that. We have to live that.

I don't know, I can't see me baring
my soul for the whole world to see.

Manuel, trust me.

We'll be pure souls.



I'm counting on you.

Don't say you came to placate me.

-She doesn't want to lay eyes on you.
-She's a woman to be reckoned with.

I want you to reconsider your position
and for us to come to an agreement.

This makes no sense.

I also propose that...

we consider an increase in your cut.

That as well.

I can't treat Clara like a call girl,
because she isn't one.

-It's not about paying for her services.
-That's why I like her, Eduard.

Let me try it again your way.

Maybe if I invite her for dinner
and you coincidentally show up...

-You're worried about our relationship.
-No, that's not what worries me.

I'm worried about bankrupting myself.
I wouldn't know how to live without money.

Neither would I.

Good afternoon,
I have an interview with His Excellency.

-I'm from Velvet.
-Your name, please?

Matías Laguardia.

Head of Communications.

I'm sorry but His Excellency
doesn't have an interview with--

Your Excellency! Your Excellency!

You must have an appointment.

Matías Laguardia.
Velvet's Head of Comms.

Apart from making a scene,

this gentleman lied
about having an interview with you.

It must have been my secretary's mistake
or something like that.

-You say you're from Velvet?
-Yes, sir.

-Call them and check.
-Right away, Excellency.

Don't let me down, Palomita. Please!

Follow me.


-Are you okay?

Well, it's just that... my Aunt Angelina
has been taken to hospital.

-Oh, no. Is it serious?
-No... Well, they don't know yet, but...

Angelines is famous
for being a drama queen.

Angelina, you mean?
-Right. Angelina.

I didn't want to worry you,
what with Raúl...

-I can't get him out of my head.
-I'm not surprised.

I'll come later if you like.

Oh, Sergio's in there waiting
for you with Elena.

They've been there a while.
They must want to show you something.

Look how great it is.
Do you like it or not?

-Well, I--
-Do you want to see a little more?

-It's really soft.

-Is this one better? Touch it.
-This one.

-Very nice.
-Isn't it!

I don't understand.

-Did you think you'd catch us butt naked?

We were waiting for you.

She either thinks we're exhibitionists
or desperate.

-You're capable of anything.
-Anything, except that.

Why is your underwear in my office?

-Want to see more?
-Let's go in and have a proper look.

-What do you think?

Today isn't a great day for presentations.

I know you're all worried about Raúl,

but Elena showed me something
I want you to see before she goes.

What is it?

Music... It soothes the beast.

That's everything.

So? What do you think?

After the huge success
of the swimwear line, I was thinking...

that maybe we could take it
a bit further... together.

Panties? Velvet Panties?

At what point did you guys think
this could be our strategy?

I'm in negotiations with the Queen of Iran

and you bring me underwear?

Do you think she doesn't wear panties?
That they're for poor people?

Maybe this means that Clara
doesn't wear underwear.

-Don't overstep the line.

I'm offering you Velvet's
first underwear collection.

-Velvet Seduction.
-That does sound good.

It sounds like a dirty video store.

It's not your average underwear.

They're items for women who...
take the initiative.

Who won't wait to devour their man
once they’ve entranced him.

Even you and that cold heart of yours
understand what I'm talking about.

I can't see it.

Can we just bury the hatchet? Imagine...

if Mateo saw you in this.

I think I'll wait outside
and you can fill me in later.

What would he say?

I'm sure he'd love--

If you're trying to attack my weak spot,
it won't work. We broke up.

We signed the papers yesterday.


Annulments, marriages--

Leave it.
We're not taking a risk on this.

I'm sorry about you and Mateo, but...

you should be more worried
about your underwear now.

Who knows who might win your heart.

I'd think about it.

What about the queen and her people?
Does she understand their concerns?

How is that related to a dress?

Communications, Excellency.

I'm sure Her Majesty wants
to make an impression.

We should know more about her.

The only thing she wants
by getting her dress designed here,

is for Iran to be considered
an extension of Europe.

Maintaining those links with the West
is very important to her.


-Well, I think that's enough for now.
-We're done then.

Thank you.

-You're welcome, Don...

-Could you tell me where the restroom is?

Show him.

You don't need to wait.

Sir, there's a call for you.


There's Rafael.

This is all...

my fault.

-And there's no way of fixing it.
-Of course there is, Rafael.

-I wish I could take his place.

-Have you heard anything?
-Nothing. Nobody has been out.

Look, there's a nurse.

Excuse me. Hi.

We're here with Raúl De la Riva.
Is there any news?

-He's being taken to surgery.
-Right now?

Yes, everything is ready
for the operation.

-Excuse me.
-If you hear anything, please let us know.


We'll be right here waiting for you.

-This is just a bump in the road.
-It'll all be fine.


This is bullshit.


Count to 33. That's it.


-What is it?
-We need someone with O negative blood.

Tell us what's going on.

Listen, carefully. We need someone
O negative to donate blood to Raúl.


He's upset.

-No! That's me. I'm O.
-Do you mean you have blood type O?

There's types A and B and I'm O.

-And the Rhesus?

-Really? Well, come on.
-Listen up, this is serious.

For me more than anybody.

-If I say I'm Rhesus negative, then I am.
-Come with me to the OR. Hurry.

Oh, sweetie pie.

Goodness gracious.

There they are.


I need to speak to you.

Subtitle translation by Francesca Maguire