Velvet Colección (2017–2019): Season 2, Episode 1 - full transcript

-My goodness.
-This is weird, right?

-Why do they want to see us?
-Not sure, but I'll tell you one thing,

it's likely
they have markets not stores.

-What about when it rains?
-It doesn’t.

-One of my neighbors in Paris told me.

She didn't speak French
but was an amazing cook.

-What did she cook? I'm so hungry.
-Meat stews with rice, mainly.

I missed my afternoon naps
just to keep eating.

I think her husband was a spy.

-What if they've brought us here--
-Will you stop talking nonsense?

We're here for something
to do with fashion.

-Not markets, stews or spies.
-You don't have to be like that.

I knew we should have come together
from the store. We're late.

There's a car pulling up.

-That's not Sergio's car.
-No, it's Elena's.

We're here.

-I can't believe we're back together.
-And this time it's forever.

Baby, we're at a consulate.

-I'm going to claim diplomatic asylum.
-You won't get rid of me.

-So it is back on, then.
-Full on.

I'll ring the bell.

-Wait for Sergio, he's here.
-It's really late.

-What's her hurry?
-No idea.

I've got to go.

-Call me when you get out.

Clara. What's up?

Being late weakens
your position in business.

We don't even know what this is about.

-Sorry, I had trouble starting my car.
-And getting out of it, it would seem.

We're all here now.

Blue really isn't your color, honey.

We're here from Velvet Department store,
we have an appointment with...


Someone from the embassy.

His Excellency is expecting you.

-They didn't give me any more information.

Please, wait here.

You can help yourself to anything.

-Thank you.
-Thank you.

That’s caviar.

It is. They say Iranian caviar is
the best in the world.

Sevruga sturgeon is good,
but it's got nothing on the Beluga.

That's what Raúl says,
I've never actually had it.

No time like the present.

-I prefer sweet things in the morning.
-These are sweet.

His Excellency, Ambassador Omar Ahmadí.

Good morning.

-Nice to meet you. Thank you for coming.
-It's our pleasure.

-You must have been surprised by our call.
-We're more excited.

The Iranian royal family want
to commission an urgent order.

-The royal family?
-And what is it?

I need you to close your store for one day
and put on a private fashion show.

-Could we have more details, please?

Someone important wants to see the best
Velvet designs from over the years,

to get an idea of what you can offer them.

Velvet has already proved itself
on the international fashion stage.

Maybe not as international
as you might think.

-So you want a private viewing?
-That's right.

I should tell you
that Velvet has only closed once before

-and that was 15 years ago.
-You've done it once, you can do it again.

That would pose
a problem for our finances.

We can't lose a whole day's sales.

We could always set aside an area
and make it private, if that would suit?

You must shut the store.
It's a matter of security.

Tell me how much
it'd cost to close tomorrow.

-The viewing is tomorrow?

-The person I mentioned arrives tonight.

-It's impossible.
-We don't have enough time to organize it

-in such a short time.
-We could.

It would just depend on how much
His Excellency is prepared to pay.

The thing is, we have another event
organized for tomorrow, Clara.


If you don't mind,

I'd prefer to discuss this with the boss.
He seems better informed.

You can talk to me then.
I'm the boss. Where should we go?

You're the boss?

Well, I prefer manager, but yes.
Lead the way.

Follow me.

That was tense, right?

Of course I can close the store,

but as tomorrow is Saturday
it will be more expensive.

Name your price.

I'd have paid twice that.

And I'd have accepted half.

What time should we expect you?

We could arrive at any time.
I've paid for the whole day.


We're doing the private viewing tomorrow.

We can't organize
something this important overnight, Clara.

-We don't even know who it's for, do we?
-No, we don't, but we're going to do this.

We just have to stay calm. Come on!

-There's another event tomorrow.
-I have no idea what you mean.

Hey... Okay.

-You didn't let me explain myself.
-Since when do you plan events?

That's what I'm trying to explain.
It's all very sudden.


-I'm getting married.

-Congratulations, Sergio.
-Getting married is the best thing ever.

-Thank you.

-And you want to do it at the store?
-No, I want my engagement party there.

It's not a bar,
you can't do whatever you want.

I know, that's why I asked Ana.

So, when's the wedding?

We'll confirm the date at the party.
And you're all invited of course.

-Thank you so much.

In any case, don't worry about it.
I'll find an alternative.

We should go
and get started on the fashion show.

Yes, time is of the essence.

Are you coming, Clara?

-You go on ahead.
-Are you sure?

Sergio, if you want
you could use my house.

No, thank you though.

Good morning!

Let me see those dresses, miss.

They're wonderful. Put them on the rack.

-Where's the taffeta I asked for?
-In the warehouse.

Put it in the fitting rooms,
my customers will be here any minute.

Oh! My Lord.


What a beautiful day.

Everything's perfect.

I'm here.


I love you, Raúl.

My love.

Don't run away.



-No, no, no!
-Raúl, you're having a nightmare.

Take it easy. I'll get you some water.

-Good morning.
-Where are you taking those?

Don't even think about it.
I don't want anything.

-Get out!
-Forgive him, he's a little on edge.

-The doctor will be by momentarily.
-Thank you.


You have to calm down, Raúl.
This is no good.

It's all that gypsy's fault.

And his ridiculous jealousy.

Poor Rafael.

-Poor Rafael?
-Yes. He comes by every day

-to bring you flowers and say sorry.
-Say sorry?

Don't even mention his name.

Do you understand?

Fine, don't worry.

-Good morning.

-I need you to leave for a minute, please.
-Of course. We'll be right outside.

-We won't go anywhere.
-I'm the one not going anywhere.

So, how are we feeling today?

We have the results of your tests.

-I understand how you feel, but--

It seems the impact
of the fall has damaged--

Will I walk again?

I don't think we should lose hope yet.

I'm sure he's going to get better.
Aren't you?

I'd love to say I feel the same,

but he's made no progress.
Shouldn't we assume the worst?

I had a 72-year-old aunt
with the same problem

and one day she just began to walk.

-That must have been a miracle, Paloma.
-Well, I believe in miracles, honey.

I came as quickly as I could.

-Is the doctor here yet?
-He's with him, now.

-Is there something I should know?
-A nurse just went in with a wheelchair.

How is he, doctor?

I'm sorry,
but the patient requested confidentiality.

That means it's bad news.

All I'll say is Mr. De la Riva will need
all of your support in the coming months.

-Can we go in and see him?
-Of course.

Thank you.

-I don't want to see anyone. Leave me be.

-I don't care what you say, we're staying.
-Please, go away.

-We only want to help, Raúl.

You have to be strong.


I'm so scared.

They have to operate.

But that's good news.

-It means you'll get better.

Nobody can tell me
if I'll walk again after the operation.

I'm nothing.

I'm nothing without my legs.

Don't say that.

Hang them over there, thanks.

-What's up?

Look, I've been thinking...

Maybe I'm sticking
my nose in where I shouldn't,

but maybe we could hang a type of tulle
from the first floor of the store.

Like a sheet of chiffon hanging down,
to give it an exotic touch.

-I should shut up. It's nonsense.
-No, not at all!

-Quite the contrary. It's a great idea.

Who'd have thought, Pedro Infantes.

In 12 hours you'll have turned
Velvet into Salome.

Who? Oh, right. Salome.

But it's true. I feel different, cuz.

I don't know. It's as though...

I'm becoming the Pedro
that Don Emilio always wanted me to be.

"Better late than never, Mr. Infantes."

He really is a miss.

But I do feel different, I feel more...


More authoritative.

-So, what are you waiting for?

How long since you saw the girl
from the post office? One month?


A more composed man
would have shown up there.

-Hey, how's Marie?
-Good, we got married you know.

-What about Raúl? Have you heard anything?
-Not yet.

I'm waiting for Marie
to call from the hospital.

Here we go.

Hello? Marie!


I always confuse you.
It's Marie's sister.

-Is she here in Spain?
-I don't know.

-I've got to go.

-Think about what I said.

Is everything okay?

Don't cry. What's happened?

Yes, I'll tell her as soon as she's back,
but are you sure I can't help?

Alright, alright.

Au revoir, Stéphanie.

Thank you.

You go on up, girls.
I want to speak to Pedro for a minute.

-Are you alright?

-We're here if you need anything.
-I know.

-What's going on?
-Do you have a minute?

I went to see Raúl
after we left the embassy.


He might never walk again.

He has surgery in two days.

If they're operating, there's a chance.
It's not a lost cause.

Raúl can't lose hope.

Look at your sister.

Rita never gave up.

There's a wheelchair waiting for him,
how can we ask him not to give up?

Look, this is what you're going to do.
Help me.

Help me. I've done everything I need to
for the fashion show.

It's going to be absolutely wonderful.

-It needs to be.
-We're going to get Raúl better.

-Let's bring him home before surgery.

He's been there a month.

He needs to come to terms
with who he was and who he is now.

Do you think so?
We should bring him home?

Who is he in hospital?

He's nobody.

-Velvet will be the best medicine for him.
-You're right.

-I'll take care of it, okay?

Everything will be fine.

Come on. Let's go.

-That's enough.

-Thank you.
-No problem.

Good morning, Paloma.

I'm so sorry, Doña Macarena.
We totally lost track of time.

Don't worry, I'll wait as long
as it takes. This is my priority.

I really appreciate it.

Take a seat in the meeting room
and I'll get her.

-Thank you.

Sergio's mom, Doña Macarena,
is here for the meeting.

Oh, God. I forgot about the meeting.

-How do I look?

-Is it obvious?
-Not really.

-Is she alone or with Sergio?
-She came alone.

I haven't told her yet.

-You can do it.

I'm so sorry about the wait, Macarena.

Don't worry,
I have all the time in the world.

Have a seat.

Well I have very good news.

-Ana loved your proposal.

She said that she thinks
Seville is a fantastic idea.

We just need to know if you already have
a space or want help finding one?

The truth is I haven't done anything yet,
but I'd love it if we did it together.

I have a lot to learn from your stores
to make a success of the franchise.

We were thinking the best thing
would be for you to come work here,

so that you can learn
how things work from inside.

That's a fabulous idea.

But... I'd have to talk it through
with Sergio.

Right. Welcome to Velvet!

-Thank you so much.
-It's all yours.

What a stress.

-Not this one.
-No, not with this one--

Excuse me.

Can we talk?

-Of course.
-I'll leave it up to you.

Something wrong?

It's my niece, Juliette.
She's not in fashion school.

Well, don't let it get you down, honey.

It's a really tough school.
She'll get in somewhere else.

That's not it, Jay.
She wasn't rejected, she's been expelled.

Expelled? But Juliette is really good.

-It was for bad behavior, apparently.
-What? But the girl's an angel.

My sister wouldn't tell me what happened,
but she couldn't stop crying.

Well, you know how parents can be
when their kids disappoint them.

That's not it.

I know my sister, she was asking for help.

She just wouldn't tell me why.

-She should come here, to Spain.
-To stay with me and you?

Your sister is really upset
and Juliette can't finish the year anyway.

She can come here and help out.

-Is that a good idea?
-I don't know.

I don't know, but she'll have
a reputation and that's hard to escape.

I was almost labelled
the village idiot in Porrillos.

And I was no idiot.
I was just different.


Maybe some time away
will give her a different perspective.

Call her, even if she only
comes for two weeks.

-She should get away.
-She should.

-I'll call my sister. Thanks, honey.
-Thank you.

Make sure you've got everything.


What's up?

Have you seen how he's bending himself?

He's licking his elbow.

Be quiet, they understand you.

Can you do that, Daddy?

Did you know these places exist?

Spiritual enterprise.

It's all just for show
to get dough out of stupid people.

Come on, this way.

And these two are
the biggest fantasists here.

They'll hear you, Dad.

How's it going?

-Okay, great.
-Say something, Dad.

It's not English. Maybe French?

Pray and meditate in solitude.

There is no true peace without prayer
or knowledge without meditation.

Come and see me after.

Both of you.

Come through.

You can go.

-Maharishi guru.
-Guru maharishi.

Guru maharishi.

I bet things get pretty tantric
with those two.

-I have to forgive you time and again.
-You never forgive anything.

And who are you?

Lourdes. Lourdes Otegui.

Your mother and I were very close
a long time ago.

-It seems like a lifetime ago.
-My mother?

-I can't see her somewhere like this.
-Don't judge her.

Not everyone is able
to change and fly high.

You need to make peace with your mother.

She carried you and gave you life.

You can't freely procreate until
you make peace with your procreators.

You should do it.
No matter what it takes.

I don't want Lourdes getting funny ideas
about procreation.

Can we get down to the business in hand?

We've brought some examples
of what we think could work.

We still need the promotional sleeve
and I'll have the edited models today.

There's no time for sleeves,
I need these by Monday.

-That's physically impossible.
-Don't be fooled, Lourdes.

Nothing is impossible in this life.
Where there's a will, there's a way.

Okay, let's not get into
that hippy crap again.

I'm going to India
for three months on Tuesday.

We have to treat this as now or never.

In that case,
maybe we should have a meeting

to make sure there are no loose ends.

I'm as free as a bird, right now.

I'm sure together we'll work more quickly.

I was referring more to...

a meeting between you and I. Alone.

That way we can delve deeper
into your ideas.


In that case,
continue with the mockups,

we can forget the sleeves
and maybe I could pose for poster.

I'll do it.
I think I can really capture your essence.

I have no doubt.

-Maharishi guru.
-Guru maharishi.


Don't worry,
I'll look into it for you now.

No, thank you. Goodbye.

My goodness, what a day.

-Excuse me, miss.

-I'm here to see Don Enrique Otegui.
-He's not here right now.

I'm Paloma, his secretary.

Well, I'm actually secretary
to the whole of Velvet.

How can I help you?

-I'm so sorry. Just leave them.
-Don't worry about it.

-Aren't you going to answer that?
-It's nobody important.

Would you mind telling me
what you're doing?

And why is nobody getting that?

-You have a visitor.
-I'm Julián from Leo Publishing, sir.

I've brought the edited printed drafts
for Miss Samira.

Your appointment isn't
for another half hour.

My apologies, I didn't know
how long it'd take to get here.

Let's go into my office.


Great and you ruined the mood for nothing.


Sara! Elaine!

How long has this been here?

-A week?
-Two weeks, maybe.

-Is something wrong, sir?
-No. I need a flight.

To Spain, as quickly as possible.
No return ticket.

Thank you.

Who knows how long I'll need
to stop this annulment.

We made all of the changes.

Yes... I can see that.

It's not bad.

I have to admit it.

But I'm afraid I have some bad news.

I'm going to need 40 final copies ready
in the next three days.

Three days? That's impossible, Mr. Otegui.

-The printing houses have their process--
-I understand that, but...

The author is taking a trip to India
and we don't have the time.

Can I present a book without the book?
Not really.

-You'll have to find a way.
-Sir, you have to understand--

No, kid, you have to understand

that if your publisher wants
to use this book for its re-launch,

I'll need those 40 copies.

-What about the promotional sleeve?
-Old news.

You just worry about the book,
leave the promotion to me.

Speak to my secretary
for whatever you need.

-Your secretary?
-Yes, the girl you were bent over with.

-She's fierce.
-Excuse me?

A fierce secretary.

Right. Of course.

-Great. I'm counting on you.

-I'll do what I can, Mr. Otegui.
-Of course you will,

because if you don't,
I'll have to take unpleasant measures.


Help Julián with whatever he needs.

-Three days.

I think I'll leave my number,

-in case Don Enrique needs anything.
-Right, of course.

And don't worry, okay?

-He's full of hot air.

-I'll give you my card then.
-You can give me anything you need to.

-There you go.

Thank you for everything.

Thank you, sir.

-Do you need anything else?

Maybe you need a taxi... or a tie?

-A coffee?
-A coffee?

Maybe another time,
I have a lot of work to do.

-I'm here for anything you need.

-You know where I am.

Was that Julián?

You know him?

He was Mateo's PA
when he worked at the magazine in Madrid.

He works in publishing now.
God knows what they're cooking up.

Oh, to be in love again.

-With Julián?
-No, not Julián.

The same jerk as always.

There's no news from him, is there?

He doesn't even care about this.

He went off to London
and forgot all about me.

See you tomorrow.


Hi! Oh, sorry.

-I scared you.

What are you doing here?

I brought you some candy.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome

-I wasn't expecting you to see you.
-Right. I just needed some time.

-Our designer, Raúl de la Riva,

has had health problems.

He's fine. But I wanted to see you.

-You wanted to see me?

Yes. Well, I also came for...

-Rita's letters. If there are any left.
-Yes. One or two.

That's them all.

-Well, thanks.
-No problem.

Well, thank you. For the candy.

-They're milk chocolate, I don't know if--

-I love them.

-I'll be going then.


-Do you fancy a drink?


-There's nobody really here.


But I've still got 15 minutes on duty.

-I'm not in any hurry, honestly.

-Shall I wait for you outside?

-Over there.

Okay then.


-Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes!
-Are you okay?

Yes... No, there were cockroaches.
We have an infestation and I hate them.

Oh, it's my lace. Man, what a fright.

I'm really scared of them. Oh, my God.

-Do you like it here?

We can sit over there.

-Good evening.
-Good evening.

I'm going to have...
I think I'll have a Martini.

-I want something that isn't too strong.
-Right, well...

-A San Francisco?
-Rita's favorite.

-Sorry, I shouldn't have said that.
-Don't worry. It is Rita's favorite.

-You know this is really weird, right?
-What is?

You know a lot about me.

-And I know nothing about you.
-There isn't really very much to know.

Okay, but maybe-- Thanks.
I don't know...

What your favorite color is,
your favorite music,

your favorite type of food.
Mine is pork chops.


Have you got any secrets?



nine years ago...

I had a daughter.

A beautiful girl.


Well, there were complications
and I lost her.

I didn't realize you were married.

I'm not. I never have been.

Sometimes life treats you bad.

I haven't really had much luck.

Maybe you just haven't had much until now.

-Take it easy.

I didn't bring you here
to make you feel uncomfortable.

I truly think...

Rita has brought us together for a reason.

I don't know.

I have to go.

-What's wrong? Do you not like the bar?
-Everything's fine, Pedro.

-Thank you for everything.
-Diana. Dia...

You dropped your wallet and everything.

-Here, boy.

Keep the change.

Where have you been, son?
I've been trying to get in touch all day.

We can't have the engagement party
at the store anymore,

so I went to convince Elena
that we should have it here.

-At home?
-I did it for you.

I didn't think you'd want it
at her parents' place again.

Thank you for thinking of me, son.

But don't marry Elena.

-Seriously, Mom?
-This wedding is a mistake, son.

-Please, there's still time to stop it.
-How can you say that?

-I'm happy with her, Mom.
-Look at me.

I loved him.
And look at us now.

-Imagine if we went through what you did.
-This has nothing to do with that.

Trust me.

I want to take my own risks in life.

Just accept it.

And accept her, because she's changed.
And she's sorry.


We'll have the engagement party here.

Come here.

Thank you.
What did you want me for?

Let's go and sit down. Come on.

I'm investing all the money
I made with Petrogal

in a Velvet franchise.

-Ana agrees it should be me

who runs
the first Velvet franchise in Seville.


-Why didn't you say anything earlier?
-I didn't want you getting involved.

Or risking yourself
with Ana to help me.

This is no risk for me, Mom.

-In fact, I would have loved to do it.
-You are going to be able to help me.

All of my businesses belong to your father
while we're still married.

So I was thinking
of giving you the Petrogal money,

and having you sign
for the franchise I'll be running.

-I don't think that's a good idea.
-I need your help, son.

I've lived off
your father's money for years

and I want to make up for lost time.

Tell me you'll help me.

Of course I will.

I'm in.

-I'm going to fall!
-You're coming with me.

-I don't want to.

This is kidnapping. Help me, ma'am!

-Call for security.
-Hey! That's enough.

-I've come here, washed and dressed you.
-Yes and it was humiliating.

You either calm down
or I won't come back.

Look, the doctors have given
your discharge the green light.

You have to find a reason to fight
before you go under the knife.

-Why are you laughing?
-That's bullshit.

Fine, I won't bother.

Take it easy, you're going really fast.
I'll fall.

-That's enough, Raúl.
-I'll fall out. Look out for that!

-Here we are.
-Will you please be more careful.

I'm being as careful as I can,
the problem is--

Say it! Say it. I'm disabled.
I'm a damned cripple.

I didn’t say that.

If I wasn't, you wouldn't bring me in
through the service entrance.

I totally get you being embarrassed of me.

I've brought you this way because
the main entrance has a revolving door.

See, there you have it.
Nothing is built for us.

We invalids and cripples.

Did you want to remind me of that?
You're doing a great job.

If this was your way of spurring me on
to fight, well done.

That's enough, Raúl. That is enough.

-It's starting to rain.
-I'm in no mood for jokes.

Look at me.

Look at me.

-I told you to look at me.
-My arms still work enough to punch you.

You know this isn't irreversible.

And even if it was...

it's time to prove that Raúl de la Riva
isn't only great when things go his way.

Leave me alone.

I won't do that.

It seems to me you've forgotten
how amazing you are.

How amazing I was.

You still are.

Now, we're going inside.

Mind that plant.

That's fine.
Although, maybe a little long.

I'm just saying I would have liked you
to have told me about my mom.

And not because she's my mom.
I'm the head of finance.

I'd also liked to have known
you were having your party here.

I'm sorry, but that's not the same.
It's private.

And this isn't?

Your mom asked me to keep quiet,
take it up with her.

Clara... I didn't think
there were any secrets between us.

Mr. Godó, Clara,
an amazing car just pulled up.

That's them. Places please, everyone.

Let's go and greet them.


What a reception.

-You love giving surprises, huh.
-Why are you here?

I've thrown away the papers,
I can't believe you'd mail this.

-I've been trying to reach you for weeks.
-I was away.

-Somewhere there are no phones?
-I have to check in with you?

Check in? Or show some courtesy?

-Where's your ring?
-Here he is.

-It's not a good time.

Omar Ahmadí.

That's Farah Diba.

-Your Majesty.
-Welcome, Your Majesty.

Your Majesty, Ambassador,
it's my honor to welcome you to Velvet.

In a moment, we'll showcase
the best dresses from Velvet

designed by Ana Rivera, Raúl de la Riva
and a humble servant.

Enjoy the show.

I'm to communicate that our queen
is commissioning you

to design the dress
for her coronation as empress.

It'd be an honor.

Thank you so much.

Thank you.

-Thank heavens.

Do you really like your Cava
more than that Champagne?

No. They're both outstanding, Omar.

Though I have to admit
the chalk of the Reims

gives Champagne
a little something special.

I should remind you I'm the diplomat.

-In real life, we all have preferences.
-Speaking of preferences...

and what that means to us...

What are the future empress' preferences?


-I already knew that.
-It's the perfect cover.

We can sign the agreement then.

I'd actually like
to add a little something.

If you don't mind.

What is it?

I want the girl.


Clara Montesinos.

Subtitle translation by Francesca Maguire