Velvet Colección (2017–2019): Season 1, Episode 7 - Ahora o nunca - full transcript

Pedro's mother-in-law arrives with the twins. Raúl is swept off his feet. Jonás has a heart-to-heart with Pedro, and reveals his feelings to Marie.

Sit down, darling.
You're making me nervous.

They'll be along to update us soon.

Like you care what happens to him.

Please, Roser.

-Of course I care.
-So now you do?

I already told you,
you have no right to judge me.

What if I told you I thought
it was despicable?

That I don't know you could do that?

Am I judging or pointing out the obvious?

-That's enough!

The family of Eduard Godó?

-You can through now.

Thank you.




-How are you feeling, Father?

A lot better now.

If this is the price I have to pay
for us all to be together,

it's worth it.

Thank you for coming, Sergio, son.

-Do you need anything?

I'm fine.

And him?

Come in, son.

You have the nerve to come here?

Eduard, please,
the doctors said not to get upset.

How do you expect me not to?

When this jerk has the nerve
to show up here after what he did.

This didn't start with Pau.

I made myself very clear

that whoever was behind the leak
would be out on their ear.

Father, let me explain.

I don't want to see you again.

Get out.

No, Pau deserves the same chance
as everyone else.

Roser... Roser!

Boys, you're going to destroy the place!

-Look, it's like the carnival.
-How cool!

This is so cool!

You can tell this is missing
a woman's touch.

We're still moving in.

When this many men live together...
Thank goodness I'm here.

Yes and I'm grateful.
Be careful with that pot!

You'll break it.
Go and see your room.

-Go and see your room.

-They're destroying everything.

I'm really grateful,
but you don't have to stay.

-You've done enough in bringing them.
-I could hardly mail them to you.

I'm not going anywhere
until this house is spick and span.

-My grandkids will be living here.
-They'll be fine, they're with me.

Exactly, my poor Rita always said
that leaving you alone...

My Rita never said anything bad about me.

-I want this room!
-She even wrote to me.

-Where's your duster?
-On the shopping list.

But... Let's see if you can get
those two under control.

Kids, please!

Make room for Daddy!

-Come on, let's jump!
-What on earth are you doing?

Be quiet!

She'll kill us
if she catches us jumping on the bed.


-I like this room the best.
-Me too.

You're no dummies,
this is Mom and Dad's room.

But Mom isn't here.

What do you mean?
Of course she is.

Even though we can't see her,
she's still here with us.

-Can she see us?
-Of course she can.

And do you know what?

She's really happy
the three of us are together.

I'd better take my shoes off then,
or I'll be in big trouble.

You're going to love Barcelona
and the store is looking...

-Wow, just wow.
-What about school?

I haven't had time to stop by and see it.

-There's no rush!
-We're in no hurry.

Of course not.


-Excuse me?
-You're Pedro's mother-in-law.

Yes, I'm Consuelo.
And you are?

I'm Marie, I brought candy
and balloons for the boys.

-Say no more.

Do you go around all the houses
giving out presents

or do you have a special interest
in my grandsons?

Well, of course, they're Pedro's kids
and I wanted to do something nice.

I already know how this one goes.

You see a widower, still in mourning,

and you waste no time in pouncing on him.

You're like vultures.
You should be ashamed.

I'm sorry, ma'am, I only...

That's right, he's better off alone.

So, if you don't mind...

While I'm here,
don't even think about coming back

and trying to seduce my son-in-law.

It's not the best time for it.

-Anyway, Elena ran out of here before.
-Yeah, I saw. Are they together?

I don't know and or care.
This isn't my battle.


-I think that he's very endearing.
-You really talk nonsense sometimes.

-Do you know anything else?
-Yes, something very conclusive.

Has the worst happened?

I don't know if it's the worst thing,

-but it's not far off it.
-Is he close to tears?

If he was, you really couldn't tell.

-What are you talking about?
-He kissed me.

I would never have expected that
from Mr. Godó.

Mr. Godó?
The gypsy kissed me.

The Needle.


-How? On the mouth.
-Come and tell me in my office.

-Do you have whiskey?

Let's talk alone.

My God.

The three of us, alone.

I'm so hot.


I'm in over my head
with this flamenco stuff.

Didn't you say everything's on track
and Jonás' ideas are fabulous?

Yes and they are.

But this guy has stolen my heart.

Rafael "The Needle" Cortés.

-So what happened earlier?
-He came for a fitting

and I walked in to find him butt naked
and what a butt, amongst other things.

-My goodness!
-Just like my Armando.

Forget about Armando.

-Well, I don't see the problem.
-You're right.

There's absolutely no problem.

But I need your blessing, Clara.

This can't cause problems with Velvet.

I don't like to mix business
with pleasure.

Right, that's something we never do here.

Not Mateo and I, or Alberto and Ana,
not even Pedro and Rita.

This guy has me under his spell.

Take it easy, Raúl.
I know you.

If you really need my blessing,
then you have it.

Why don't you go get some rest,
it's getting late.

We still have some things to discuss.


But if you need anything
or there's any news,

call me.

This is my home number.

Your home is still with us, son.

Call me.


It's a role-reversal, Macarena.

Now I'm the one in bed
and you're looking after me.

You've never looked after me.

You didn't even help
when my mom became really sick.

And if our roles really were reversed,

you'd be alone in this hospital.

When was the last time
you asked how I was?

When was the last time you asked about me?

At least I can say I was faithful.

I'll wait until you're better,

I'm not like you,

then I'll be gone.

I'll go get some water.

Get out of here, please.

Have a little respect,
this is a hospital you can't take photos!

-Get out!
-Come on, Sergio.


-How's your father?
-He's okay.

It's Angina Pectoris
but it's under control.

-I'm sorry.
-Don't worry. How are you?

A little overwhelmed, to be honest.
There's so much going on.

You're all...
It's just a lot to take, all at once.

You know I'm here if you need to talk,

-I don't want to cause you any trouble.
-You aren't, Elena.

I should get things off my chest with you,
rather than lose it like that.

What if we go for a coffee?
My treat.

Or a drink, maybe.

So you can relax.


That would be good.

That way we can talk properly

and catch up.

Sounds good.

-I don't believe it.
-Come on, let's go.

There's a lot of press here.

I wasn't expecting you.

Well, you gave me
and everyone else there quite a scare.

-How are you?
-A lot better.

I'll probably be discharged tomorrow.

We need to take up where we left off,
as soon as possible.

Don't you think you should rest?

There's no time to rest, Quique.

Macarena wants to leave me
and you're going to stop it happening.


That complicates things.

I'm sure you can find the way
to make the best of this situation.


-What are you doing here?

we were all very shocked

and I couldn't get in touch
with any of you.

As you can see, he's fine.

-It's late.
-Of course.

-I'll leave you to it.
-I hope to see you soon.

Why are you doing business with him?

I'm not prepared to discuss it,
when you just said our marriage is over.

It has been for a long time.


You know I don't drink water.

So that's what I did.

I went travelling,

met new people and grew as a person.

I've lived a very sheltered life
and I needed to make my own decisions.

Just like you are now.

Sure, but you could have shared that
with me, couldn't you?

No, because you were one
of the people sheltering me.

So it would have been the same.

So why would we try again?

Because I love you and I could never find
a man better than you.

You have no idea how many times
I dreamed of this moment.

Let your dreams come true, then.


but you've come back into my life

just as I was starting to feel like
I could fall in love again.

I arrived just in time then.


You see?
There's nothing quite like being sure.

Get me the check, Marius.
I'm leaving.

What's the hurry, glamour boy?

The night is still young.

No, no, no.

I wasn't going anywhere.

You asked me to come,
well here I am.

That's right.

Great, isn't it?

You're not playing me, are you?

-Who me? No.
-We Romani...

-don't like that at all.
-No, no, no.

It's just...

it's getting late
and I thought you weren't coming.

That's why I was leaving.

-But I wasn't...
-You've got me on a tight leash.

I know.

It's just I...

I prefer to take it slowly, at first.

Take it slowly?

We can go as slow as you want.

I love going slow,

so that I can gradually speed up.


I've changed my mind.

Pour me a whiskey sour.

-What would you like?
-The same as you.

Two whiskey sours, Marius.




I don’t mean to disturb you, sir,
but I have a message.

Leave it there.

If you don't need anything else?

You know what, Paloma?

The first time I met you
I was very taken by your looks.

I'll admit they're distracting,

but what's more interesting
are your skills and talent.

-Thank you very much, sir.
-Even your efficiency.

So maybe we could
get to know each other better,

so we don't have any misconceptions.

Take a seat.

-Of course.

Would you like a drink?

You'll love this.

Don't pour too much, alcohol makes me...

Just a little more then.

So... tell me about yourself.

How's it going with the boyfriend
you say I remind you of?

We broke up.

What a shame.
It seems we're not so alike.

The truth is he was a scumbag.

What about your dreams?

My job is to make dreams a reality,
maybe I can help you with yours.


Come on... dream big.

Oh, Clarita, darling!

-It's been so long. Come in.

What a cute outfit.

You're so skinny, honey.

You're skin and bones.

-I look great, Mother.
-If they could see you now.

Remember when you were voted
homecoming queen?

-How could I forget.
-You were beautiful.

I was fat and had a moon face.

Well, it's gaunt now,

I knew being a businesswoman
wasn't going to be good for you.

And now you're not even sleeping
with your husband.

-What are you talking about?
-You're here and he's there.

Anyway, you can tell by the look
on your face.

I don't intend to stay here, okay?

I'm going back to Madrid
and Mateo and I are great.

-Where's the kitchen? That way?
-To the right.


-What do you think about Pedro?
-What about him?

His new girlfriend.

What do you think of that?
Your sister's not been gone two minutes.

-What do you mean?
-He has a girlfriend, the scoundrel.

And her!
The little tart turned up here

with a load of candy
and balloons for the kids.

-The nerve!
-You must be confused, Mother.

Do you think I brought all
of this with me?

He has a girlfriend.
This short, little thing,

A skinny thing.
Cute, but non-existent.

Don't worry though,
I put her in her place.

-So what’s going on with Marie?
-She's not coming.

-What do you mean?
-I tried to convince her,

but she just kept saying it's for family.
She was being really weird.

Manolito, too. He's spent all day
saying he doesn't want to come.

-I don't know why.


When are you coming to visit
your relatives in Porrillos?

-You're right.
-Where's your date?

-She's indisposed.
-So Marie isn't coming?


-She's French.
-She would be.


Well, you know...

Omelets might be bland,
but French women are spicy.

For goodness' sake.

-She's not holding any punches.
-Just one thing, Mom-in-law,

Are you staying in Barcelona for long?

Why? Are you in a hurry?
Am I bothering you?

Not at all.
It was just so...

-So that I know. Let's make the dinner.
-Yes, I'm good for something at least.

Jonás... What about the suit?

-What suit?
-The one for Pedro.

Oh, they're in the car.

I'll get them later.
You mom's cooking, right?

I'm going to ask for enough food
for a month.

Consuelo, could you make enough
for a month, please?


It's really late, I should go.

Otherwise, Clara will...

I think...

I had a little too much to drink.

I'm so embarrassed,

If anyone saw me like this...

They'd think...

that you're incredibly sexy.

You're not being serious, sir.

Of course not.

I know you don't believe me,
but I swear to it.

That's how I started out.

The thing is, we artists are full of fire

and if that fire isn't allowed out,
it'll end up burning you.

Listen to you.
You sound like a poet.

A poet!

A poet...

in love.

Don't be afraid of me, Raúl.

I'm going to treat you like a prince.

I'm not afraid of you.

I'm afraid of myself...

-and of falling in love, once again.
-No... It won't be "once again".

I, Rafeal "The Needle" Cortés,
assure you of that.

Let me show you some steps
that only I know.

Let me dance with you
in the moonlight.

"In the end, the wolf decided
to brush his teeth three times a day

so he wouldn't have to eat Piggy Stew".

-That's not right.
-And they all lived happily ever after.


Dad, you're falling asleep.
Read us another one.

I can't, really.
I've had a very long day.

-If Mom was here, she'd tell another one.
-I doubt it.

-Mom didn't like telling stories.
-Yeah, right.

She didn't, she just made everything up.

-Like you with the "Piggy Stew"?
-Even worse.

She always forgot what she was saying
when she was telling the stories,

-so she just gave them happy endings.
-All endings are happy.

That's true, all endings are happy.

Right, time for bed.

I promise to tell you
two stories tomorrow.

Come on, one, two, three.

Right, slippers off and into bed.



-What are you doing?

-What do you have there?
-No, nothing. It's for Consuelo.

-Clara had them in her car.
-I'm going to bed.


Thank God he was half asleep.

Wait until he sees how they look on.
He'll be looking sharp.


"I'm sorry I missed you.

I've been wrapped up in an investigation.

Moral journalism, Clara.

I know you're going to be real proud
of me very soon.

I'm getting on a plane.

I'll be out of contact for a week or two
and then we'll be together again.

I love you".

Good morning, beautiful ladies.

-Ciao a tutti.
-Mr. De la Riva.

Oh, bonjour, Marie.


Ma petit fille. Ça va bien?

You look beautiful.

That miniskirt looks great on you.

You smell amazing.
What have you changed?

-You're radiant, Marie.
-Oh, merci.

Something special must have happened
to cause this good mood.

Special doesn't even cover it, Marie.

I wanted to let you know.
The materials for Roarhave arrived.

No way!
That's fantastic!

This never happens, Marie.

Not ever.
How intriguing.

-There's a problem.
-What problem?

There's no problem, honey.
Everything will be fine.

Let's go to the studio and we'll fix it.

"A problem", she says.
What problem?

These are the fabrics.

I don't like these at all.
Very over-the-top.

This looks interesting.

-Help me out, Marie.

This pink is sexy and fun.

And soft.

And perfect to dance in,
don't you think? Olé.

There's just one problem.

Only ten of the 15 packages
I ordered have arrived.

Where are the rest?

They're being held at customs.

Those customs officers are so strict.

Strict little customs officer.

It doesn't matter.

We're not going to let a little shower
ruin our parade.

This is more than a little shower.

We don't have enough fabric
for all of the dancers.

Not all of them can dance, then.

That way The Empress will be
the main attraction.

Don't you see, Marie?

Everything turns out alright in the end.

How's your glass looking?
Half full or half empty?

My cup runneth over.

I'm going to ask my students
to help with the tailoring.

The tailoring?

And they'd better make a good job of it
or we'll have to cut more dancers.

Mon Dieu...

"Hi, my love.
The twins are finally here.

Golly, they really loved the house.
You should have seen their faces.

But you're still missing.
Your mother's the same as ever,

sticking her nose in,
but I think she'll be going back soon.

She says her ankles are like balloons.

I've got so much to do today
getting everything ready,

so I'll have to say bye for now.

I love you each day
more than the last, Rita.

Speak to you tomorrow, baby".

-What are you doing here?

-You should be inside already.
-I had to mail something.

To mail something? Why?

Marie wanted me to send a telegram
to her parents

letting them know she's alright.
Hey, why don't we go for a coffee?

-Now? But we have to start in--
-I didn't have any breakfast.

Anyway, it's impossible to talk at home
with everyone there.

-Well, if you insist.
-Yes, let's go.

Come on, I know you.
Spit it out.

I'm worried... very worried.

You see, I knew this was for a reason.

-What has Marie done?
-No, this isn't about Marie.

Isn't it?

I'm worried about you.

-Are my pupils dilated again?

-Is my tongue swelling up?
-No, that's not it.

But I'm really happy,
the twins are here.

I could be happier,
but the mom-in-law is going soon

-and that will help a lot.
-You're not living in reality.

Where am I living then?

In a reality...

where Rita is still alive.

-I don't know what you're talking about.
-I opened the closet in the hallway

and I found...

Excuse me?
You looked in my closet?

Yes, I wanted to put your new suits in it,
so you'd get a surprise.

But I'm the one who got a surprise.

You can't go one like this.

Rita's gone.

She's not gone.
What do you know?

Don't you think you're hurting yourself
by keeping all that stuff?

-You won't let yourself get over it.
-I don't need to get over anything.

-I'm going to be with Rita forever.
-I know you will.

-But in a different way.

You can't keep her beauty products
as though she's going to--

Have you been going through my stuff?

-Invading my privacy?
-It's not private.

-What do you mean?
-We share an apartment.

Her stuff is everywhere,
the kitchen, the bathroom...

If it's such a problem for you, then go.

-Or I will--
-I don't want to go.

I want to help you.

Fine, how?

What happened was a tragedy
and you didn't deserve it.

But you must deal with it.

Rita is...



I'll be with her again very soon.

-Leave me alone.

-Good morning.
-Morning. What happened last night?

Where did you stay? You didn't call.

-You won't believe it.
-Armando, right?

No, it's your life.

Let men rule it
and walk all over you.

-Wait around all day for a phone call.
-What phone call?

Don't you get it?
It's our fault.

You know what we need to do?
Tell them all to go to hell.

To hell!

It's from a movie we watched yesterday.

Right... I haven't seen it.

-Really? You'd love it, it's--
-Forget it.

I assume this is about Mateo?

-How's your father doing?
-Much better.

-I think he'll be discharged today.
-I'm really glad.

Can we talk?

Sure, come through.

Are you alright?


Nothing to worry about.

I've never seen you like that.

Things aren't going as I planned.

With Mateo and long-distance, well...

That kind of stuff
always complicates everything.


-But you're not going back to Madrid?

Absolutely not.

Why do women always have to give up
their dreams for men?

Why don't men give up
their careers for us?

I know.

I'm pleased that your dreams
have brought you here.

To Barcelona.

Can I come in?


Let's go to the meeting room.

-Hey, handsome.



-Stop, Inés!

-What's wrong with you?
-You're an idiot!

-So am I for coming here with you.
-What do you mean, baby?

I heard you talking to your uncle.

I've spent all day drawing
a wedding dress I'll never wear,

-because it turns out this was all a lie.
-It's not a lie.

-I'm just an idiot and I'm confused.

-It must be because of the wedding, baby.

They say that when you're getting married
you get cold feet

-and you get confused.

-You told him you need to feel more.

Well of course you do.
You need to feel passion!

But that part comes after the wedding.

Right, but I didn't mean that.
I meant...

-You don't need to be embarrassed.

The times are changing, right?

-You know I'd do anything for you.

If you don't want to wait,
we don't have to.

-What's wrong, don't you want to?
-Of course I do. How could I not?

Okay, but promise me
it will be really romantic.

And trust me a little more in future.

Especially with this kind of stuff.

Oh, my love.

I love you!
I'm going to make you so happy.

I could eat you up.

These dresses are for dancing in.

-How will they move if backstitch is low?


-Who changed the pattern?
-I thought that--

I don’t care what you thought.
This isn't acceptable.

Josefina, take care of the edging
on the green dress.

Can we talk?

I'm the studio manager, Jay.

If there's something you don't like,
tell me and I'll try and fix it,

but don't speak to any of my girls
that way again.

You're right, Marie.

I don't know what to do about Pedro.
The house is full of Rita's clothes.

It's all ironed and put away.

Her toothbrush is in the bathroom,
her apron is in the kitchen.

I feel like she could walk in
at any moment.

Remember what you said about the letters?

Maybe you should go find them

and show him nobody is collecting them.

Maybe then he'll stop.

I think it's an important first step
for him.



You're the most amazing person
I've ever known.

It's really hard to see
my cousin suffering like this, but...

it's also beautiful
to see how much he loved her.



I love you.

I've been crazy about you
since the moment I met you in Paris.

I don't know what will happen...

but I've realized I don't want to wait
any longer to tell you.



Do you want to be my girlfriend?

I want to be your wife.


And I want to be your husband.

We're getting married!

I don't like this one.

Or any of them.

I can't help it if they're bad quality.
This is Velvet.

That might be the case,
but you're not accepting anything.

-Do you see I wasn't lying last night?

Look, what Elena's trying to say--

She's saying that you've been discussing
this behind my back.

I don't really care,

but if you don't get a big name
I'm cancelling the project.

Why don't you suggest someone?
I love shooting down ideas, too.

That's it!
I've got it.

Brigitte Bardot.


-What's so funny?

I'm being serious.

It's perfect,
she's currently touring Spain.

The press and public are watching
her every move.

You wanted a big name, didn't you?
Well, there it is.

All we need is for her to say yes.

Consider it done.
I'm going hunting.

I'm on my way, Brigitte.

There's no way you're coming.

There's no way
you're getting all the credit.

It's about contacts, not credit,
and I have direct ones.

And you think that I don't?

-Then may the best woman win.
-That would be me.

What's happened now?

-She puts me on edge.
-Tell me about it.

I need your help with something.

-Come on.
-Of course.

You're gutless.
And this is for standing me up.

Why haven't you called?

-I never said I would call.
-But that Gorgio out there did.

-What Gorgio?
-The one giving you googly eyes.

-She told me she'd give you the message.

Why don't we ask her?

Oh, that message.

Things aren't that simple, Carmela.

You make them complicated.

You're spending all of your time
on that businessman.

Mr. Godó is just another client,
but the creative process requires time.

If it's because of your husband,
I can't just give him any old garbage.

You have until this time tomorrow.

If you have nothing for my Paco by then,

you'll see what happens
to your creative process.

-24 hours! No more, no less.

No more, no less!

Good morning!

I brought you coffee.

No, thanks.

Where are the backdrops
you chose for Carmela?

Whose are these photos?

-No way!

I can see that.

-I mean who took them.
-And I'm saying that I did.

There's a lot you don't know about me.

-Since when have you been taking photos?
-What does it matter?

Do you like them or not?

You have 20 hours to make a proposal
for Carmela's poster.

-20 hours?
-They've given me no more than 24.

I need no more than 5.

Let's see what you can do.


Can I get in on the cigarette and chat?

Get to Manresa with those orders, please.

They're waiting for the zips
and all sorts of buttons.

-I just wanted to ask a question.

-How long did you have to wait?

I waited as long as anyone would, son.

I wasn't the one holding the orders up.

No, how long until you were intimate?

Have you been talking to your uncle?
Why are we discussing intimacy?

I'm talking about with a woman.

We have to be honest with ourselves,
men are different.

Women go at a different rhythm,
just like these guys.

Emilio always said, "Take it slow".
Just like them.

Just like that, "slowly and carefully",
he would always say.

So, slowly and carefully.

Don't fixate on the turn of phrase.

-Slowly and carefully.

-What's wrong?

-You can't fool me.

I'm fine.
Just here doing my job.

If it's about the kiss...

Not here.

No, come through here for a moment.

Go in.

Listen to me, Lourdes Otegui,

I think you're a great girl,
friendly, kind, fun, attractive

and sexy, real sexy,
but I've made plans.

I came from Germany to get married
and I'm marrying Inés, okay?

-Good for you.

I only came to say
my dad has given me the chance to...

Forget about it.

What an idiot.

Wait a minute, Lourdes.

Forget about what I said,
I'm making something of nothing.

Tell me how I can help.

Great, if you really want to help
I need a veil,

a comb and a fan.

It's for some photos,
I need to wow my dad.

Veil, comb, fan.

-And the fan.

You know Eduard Godó is on his way to
a full recovery from the Angina Pectoris.

And after reading the signs,
he feels he needs to share

the most important part of his life
with the public.

This is no good to me.

My magazine deals with serious issues.

Why don't we discuss Petrogal?
What's going on there?

I'm not interested in discussing Petrogal.

But I am and so are my readers.

Look, Enrique, I think you need to find
another magazine for this.


How much do you want?

Not everything has a price.


We can include some questions
about Petrogal.

But if we do,
you have to guarantee me the front page.

I'll see what I can do,
but I've already made commitments.

I can wait two weeks, maybe even three...

but if I don't get the front page
I will be going to another magazine.


Give me two days.

Wait here, please.



I really hope this is worth it.

Miss Bardot.

What are you doing?
You can't be here.

Well, I can.
I'm the back-up hairstylist.

-Right... you.
-And I'm the make-up artist.

And Miss Bardot must be hopping mad,
because we're late.

Where are your supplies?

We work with what Brigitte gives us.

You know what these stars are like,
they won't even let you apply moisturizer.

I know it seems strange
that we'd turn up at this time of night,

but the hair and make-up team
have food poisoning from the catering

and they called us for back-up.

So you either let us in
or you'll have to do her hair and make-up.

You didn't eat the food did you?

-You don't look well.
-Not at all.

Fine, the team is on set.

-Great, thank you.

He believed it!

So these are your contacts, are they?

What about yours?
Let's not waste time.


-Are you sure it's this way?
-It's the only way in.

-It's a little dark, isn't it?
-Well, if you're scared go back.

You always have to have the last word.
I'm not scared.



I'm sorry, we come in peace.
We just need to see...

Can someone tell me
what this pair of morons are doing on set.

The monster is supposed
to come through that gate

so that the heroin can chop him up.

Get out!

Get them out of my sight.

We're looking for Brigitte Bardot.

Je suis Brigitte.

-That's Brigitte Bardot?
-Right and I'm Audrey Hepburn.

I hope you have a good reason
for ruining my best take.

Come to my trailer.

It must be her.

That's why we think
you're the only woman for the job.

And who did you say the campaign was for?

Velvet Department Store.



I'll ask Montse
to rustle you up some dinner.

-What's all this?
-I already did.

I organized my own homecoming.

I'd really like us
to have dinner together.


Over 40 years of marriage
is on the line, Macarena.

It's just dinner.

Maybe to celebrate
our upcoming anniversary.

It's a little late, don't you think?

Don't make this hard for me.

If you do leave I don't want it to be
with hard feelings or resentment.

If it wasn't, I wouldn't be leaving.

I still remember perfectly

the piece they stole from you
on that cruise.

Things were different back then.

I'm going to do everything in my power
to make us a partnership again.

A united family.

United for real.

You don't fool me anymore.

I'm not that naïve anymore.

You're not fighting for this family,
just your business.

But I can assure you
that I will fight for both of them.

For what I'm owed.

Subtitles: Francesca Maguire