Velvet Colección (2017–2019): Season 1, Episode 6 - Escándalo - full transcript

What are you doing?

-I'm going back to Madrid.

What are you talking about?
Yesterday you said--

I've changed my mind.

Don't worry you can stay here
until you find a place.

But I don't understand.
Is it my fault?

Don't be silly,
I just haven't heard from Mateo

and now the store is running itself,
so it's time to go.

What do you mean running itself?
We need you, Clara.

Sergio is a novice, you said it yourself.

Well, I was wrong.
He's more than capable.

-It's not because of the bikinis, right?
-Just forget about it.

I know you, Clara.

Listen, screw the bikinis...

If it's between you and them,
I choose you.

I've already decided,
don't make it harder for me.

I'm going back to Madrid after
I've picked my things up from the store.


Good morning.

-How did they find out?
-I told you it was a bad idea to tell him.

And there's your proof.

The Petrogal people are furious!

-I'm sure it wasn't him.
-Well, it certainly wasn't me.

I've kept your secret for over 30 years!

They've written stuff about us before
and it always dies down.

That's because
the other stuff wasn't true!

That isn't the case this time.

-What is the meaning of this?
-Roser, darling...

Tell your brothers to come down, at once.

You're all my children
and that's all that matters.

This family needs to show a united front
despite what's happened.

-How could you do this to Dad?
-You don't know what you're talking about.

You don't have enough life experience.

-Whatever you say.
-Would you like me to tell you?

Now come on,
we can't change what happened.

We need to find a way to fix this.

This can't be allowed to affect
our good name and what it represents,

nor our identities.

We have to stick together.

-Is that it?

You've lied to me all my life.
I thought I had a brother.

What are you talking about?
You do.

-He's not a Godó.
-Don't ever say that again.

You've always tried to bring me down,
now you have an excuse.


-No, Sergio.

-Stop it the both of you.
-That's enough, Sergio.

I will find out who leaked this

and if it turns out to be one of you two,

you'll have me to deal with, understood?

-Sergio... Sergio!

I'm not saying
you should come to Barcelona.

I'll come and pick you up.
Yes, you and the kids.

No, I didn't mean that.

No... Wait, I'm dropping the phone!

-Who is it?
-My mother-in-law.

-You don't have a grandma!

No, I'm not calling you grandma.

-Where's my breakfast? I'm hungry.
-One moment, please.

Go in the kitchen
and make your own breakfast.

-No, I wasn't talking to you.
-Who's that?

Consuelo, she wants to bring
the kids to help with the move.

-That's a good idea, ma'am.
-Don't listen to him.

-Where's breakfast?
-Another one who can't make his own?

-Manolito is making it.
-Ah, alright!

Yes, I'll come pick you up
from the station tomorrow.


-My goodness!
-Don't be like that, cuz.

She wants to see the new place,
so just get it out of the way.

-No, no, no! Stop!


-What are you doing?
-Be careful! Stay back it's really hot!

I'll handle it,
I was going to be a firefighter!

Open the window!

Throw it in the garbage!


My goodness.
Be careful!

Chaos already!

We have to make some rules
if we're going to live together.

Well said, but don't be taking
everything for yourself.

I wasn't even going to have any toast.

No, but you've got all the closets.
You haven't even left us a drawer.

-You don't have any clothes.
-I have loads.

They must be pajamas then,
you don't wear anything but your uniform.

-They're not my clothes.
-Whose are they then?

It doesn't matter, I want a closet.

-Right, look.

We both make five rules each.

-The closet in the hallway is mine.
-Write it down.

Hey, don't I get a say in the rules?

You get to go for more bread.
Look at that!

-Were we this bad when we were kids?

-Morning, I'm just going to buy bread.

-Do you need... Inés?
-No, I don't need anything, thank you.

-Let me come in, please.
-I don’t think that's a good idea.

I've been trying to find her
since yesterday.

-She doesn't want to see you.
-Just let me try.


-Come in.

Hi, baby, how are you?

-If this is about what happened with Lou--

And what about little Inés?

It was my first day at school
and you said you'd come get me.

-I'm sorry, I just forgot.
-And the worst thing,

I was stupid enough to wait for you,
while you were fooling around with her.

We weren't fooling around,
I was helping her out.

You'd have done the same
if someone asked you.

You used to come pick me up
every day in Germany,

but I don’t know what's happened
since we came here.

I left everything behind for you, Manuel.

I've been looking for work
like a crazy person,

so that you wouldn't have
to leave your father

and you do this to me?

You're right.

I'm a lousy, insensitive jerk
and I don't deserve you.

-That's true.
-It is, but you have to forgive me.

-I don't know.

If you don't forgive me,
my life won't be worth living anymore.

-Don't even joke about that!
-So tell me you love me.

Of course I love you,
why else would I be crying like this?

-That's my problem.
-So, am I forgiven?

-Don't do this again, Manuel Infantes.

Don't use my full name,
it gives me the willies.


Ich liebe dich.

Ich liebe dich.

-All the flights are fully booked?
-For today they are.

-You wouldn't be lying to me would you?
-Would I do a thing like that?

What do you expect at such short notice?

-Check the trains.
-Are you on the run?

-Hey girls, I'm all moved in.
-One's arriving as the other one leaves.

-What's up?
-She's going back to Madrid.

Really? Why?

Don't worry about it,

she'll miss us so much
she'll come back to visit.

Or you can come visit me.

Hey, I've got an idea.

Why don't we throw a leaving party
at my place, tonight?

That would be great!

Clara, what's happened to you?
You're such a party pooper.

Fine, we'll have a girls' night in,

-but go and book my train ticket.


I'm just waiting for Sergio
to discuss the bikinis,

but he hasn't turned up yet.

I guess he got a bit carried away
at the party last night.

You were invited too, right?

-Yes, but I got tied up.
-Yeah, that happens to me sometimes.

-Let's go over things until her gets here.
-I didn't think you were interested.

Are you coming or not?

See you later.

What have you got for me?

These are the international samples.

These three colors had particular success
in almost every country.

A big part of it is the stitch work,
but it's also down to the color.

-Is something wrong?

-You were looking at me strangely.
-It's nothing.

It's just we're wearing the same lipstick.

I'm sure it's not all we have in common.

-Me and you?

I doubt that.

Right, let's focus on the task at hand.


This is a more detailed catalog,
where you can see what we have in stock.


These fabrics aren't up to
the Velvet standard.

We need a high-quality fabric
to launch a new range of swimwear.

-We can't just use cotton.
-The prices would sky-rocket.

Money isn't the issue.

Look, here at Velvet
we do things in style.

I don't want just any old bikini.

I want women from England,
France and Germany

to come to Velvet for their swimwear,
because our product is one-of-a-kind.

So, you're finally committed!

You're a one to talk.


Don't get me wrong.

I find it intriguing
that you'd leave someone at the altar,

and then turn up to talk business
like nothing happened.

He never asked me to explain myself,
so why should you?

No, my God.
I'm not.

I'm referring to how annoying it is
that because of women like you,

the rest of us should get a bad rap.

Look, I don't know
what you have against me,

but this is clearly going nowhere,
so if you'll excuse me.

What happened to you?

I had to come in through the back,
it's crawling with reporters out there.


-What a scandal.
-Now what do we do?

Keep schtum, this is none of our business.

-If Emilio were here--
-Don't breathe a word about that.

All they mention is adultery,
nothing else.

So let's get on with our work.

-And my work is the flamenco dress.
-I need to sort the bunk beds,

the twins are getting here today.

-Apparently so.

And they can't be travelling light,
my cousin seems to need all the closets.

It's not for the kid's clothes,
it's just my stuff.

-Are you changing your look?

Changing my look?
No way, I'm fine as I am.

Well, in your Velvet uniform you're fine,
but for outside of work...

What do you have?
One suit.

You work in fashion,
expanding your wardrobe isn't a bad idea.

-You need a new look.
-Starting with your hair.

-And finishing with your shoes.
-I'm fine as I am.

-Please, that's enough.
-You're fine for what exactly?

Attracting flies?

Let's see...

Bring the file I have on the worktop.

-No, Jonás, really I'm fine.
-You could be better.

A pair of heels will go great with this.

And if not, we'll take up the hem
and away we go.

-How's the move going?
-All done.

You're finished?
My God.

-You should see our place.
-Is it not going well?

It's not going well or badly,
it just isn't going at all.

There are a lot of us, we can't agree
on anything, we have no closets...

It doesn't sound great,
but I'm here if you need any help.

Well, with the chaos there is
in the kitchen,

maybe it'd be a good idea
to go out for dinner.

-Me and you, I mean.

And what about tomorrow?

Clara and Paloma are coming over tonight.

-Girls' night, right?
-That's right.

-D'accord. Tomorrow.

-Pedro, please.

Look, the file-bringer. About time.

-I love her.

Who do you think?
The most beautiful woman in Paris.

So what are you waiting for,
my surrogate son?

Everyone knows except her.

She's the love of my life.

-Is it that obvious?
-Not at all.

Well if it is, she mustn't like me.

Have a look at the green one.

Jonás... you must have seen
how she looks at you.

Stop complicating things
and just go for it.

-Tonight is perfect.

He can't, Mr. De la Riva.
Don't get ahead of yourself.

-Get ahead of myself?
-I've spent three years craving...

the smell of her perfume.

They're having a girls' night in, tonight.

I'll turn up with some excuse
and go for it.

Perfect, a girls' night in.
What fun!

-They'll be chilled out--
-I'm going back to work.

That's Godó's car!

How much truth is there
to the story, Mr. Godó?

When did you find out
that Sergio isn't your son, sir?

In my experience the best thing you can do
is bury yourself in your work.

I don't think that's true.

What you and I think
are two very different things.

-Is something wrong?


Come in.

-Mr. Godó is here.
-Tell him to come through.

-My favorite girls.
-What are you doing here?

I thought you'd be at Petrogal.

We really missed you last night, Clara.

I'm truly sorry.

I was getting ready to go back to Madrid
and it's the only time I had to do it.

Excuse me?

You're going back to Madrid?

How can that be?
There's still so much to do.

I came to set up this store
and I'm leaving it in good hands.

I need to go back.

I have a lot to do in Madrid.

Wait a minute...

The swimwear collection
isn't designed yet, is it?


I spoke to Elena about it yesterday
and I must say I find it fascinating.

Well, it's still in the very early stages.

There's not that much more to discuss.
I mean with you, as you're leaving.

When are you leaving?

Why don’t we have a meeting
and that way we can clear things up.

Of course.

Go through, I'll join you in a moment.

Are you alright?

-It's that witch sticking her nose in.

Elena, she's been causing trouble.

Although I can't deny she has style.

Yes, real stylish to take advantage
of her relationship with the Godós.

-To claw her way to the top.
-I'm not sure that's what I'd call it.

They used to be family.

They were almost family.

Well, I'll tell you something:

if you're so sure she's taking advantage,

that's another reason
to stay in Barcelona.

-Could you get coffee?
-I'll poison Elena's.

I like this girl.

Paloma has my address.
Can you come over for nine?

-Perfect, I'll be there.

Unless I've been arrested for murder.

You never fail to surprise me, honey.
Including that fateful day.

It's not very good manners
to start before everyone is here.

Sorry, Clara.

In any case, you were already aware
of all the details, right?

Alright, I don't know what you think,

but I've explained to Elena that
the quality of the fabric is a problem.

This is not up to the Velvet standard.

-It isn't?

If we're going to take a risk
we have to go all in.

We can't go off half-cocked.

It'll to be our first collection

and we need to remember that our clients
are used to high fashion.

I don't know if they're our target
for the bikinis.

Me neither.

Nonetheless, if we're going to take
a risk we must offer quality.

Otherwise it's not worth it.

It's a shame
that you'd decide to leave now

-when you're so clear about this.
-Fortunately Sergio is still in charge.

With his good taste and my experience,
I think we can make a success of it.

Believe me, that won't be enough.

Clara is vital to Velvet, right now.

We need you, Clara.

And I'd love it
if you took the lead on this one.

-Under my supervision, right?

I recognize you brought us
the most important brand in Europe,

but Clara is the one responsible
for Velvet's success without Ana.

And nobody knows the clientele
like she does.

Stay, Clara.

I'm sure the two of you will make
a great team.

It's true that Sergio and I don't agree
on anything lately,

but I completely agree with him on this.

What do you say?

Good morning.

Let's give our pencils a rest
and we'll continue later on.

Today, you're going out into the world.

A good designer knows their materials
and techniques,

but an excellent designer
knows their client.

Which women come into Velvet?

Which ones buy?
What do they buy?

What are they looking for?

And more than anything,
what would they buy if it were available?

Anticipating their needs
before they know them.

Exactly, that is what today's exercise
is all about.

Getting to know your clients.

Observe, smile, ask questions,

win them over and above all else...

find out what they desire.

Follow me!

-None of them?

-They're very nice and reasonably priced.

None of them?

-What is it?
-He's given us an impossible task.

-You have to help me.
-Tell me how.

I need to find out what the clients want,
without them telling us.

I don't know what they want
when they do say it.

Don't say that,
you work with them every day.

Think about when they first come in, okay?

The first time you see them,
what do you see?


-Look at me.

One second.

As a woman,
when you come into the store

what do you want?
What would you really like to see?

Or when you see me,
before I say anything,

what's the thing you want most
that only I can give you?

Something like that.

Traditional but not old-fashioned.

I want the spirit of flamenco to be
in each and every photograph, but...


Sorry to interrupt, but we need to talk.

I'll be expecting your ideas
first thing tomorrow.

-What about me?
-You should also get to work.

Choose from the backdrops downstairs
for Carmela's first photo shoot.

Get going.

Is this what you hoped for?

You don't think
I had anything to do with it?

I know you didn't.

But if you want us to work together,
this is your chance.

How can I help?

I have a lot of enemies, Quique.

You don't get to where I am
without making a few on the way.

That sounds familiar.

How much of it's true?

If you want my help,
I need to know if I'm dealing

with a victim of the rumor mill

or the biggest schmuck in Spain.

Don't ever say that to me again.

My ex-wife left me
for an English tennis player.


I need to grow.

I want to do the biggest campaign
there's ever been,

to turn this situation around

and for that headline to make me
an even bigger force than I was.

Very well.

But in order to conquer Spain,
you first need to conquer me.

What's in this for me?

Money, Quique.
A lot of it.

And money is all good and well,
but it's not enough.

-What do you need?
-The same as you.


Catalana Insurance, Bruguera Publishing,
Seat, DANONE...

The biggest Catalonian PR accounts.

You have no scruples,

pulling that card out at a time like this.

You'd have done the same in my position.

Very well.

I'll open those doors to you,
when my own campaign has been a success.

-And it will be.
-I hope so.


I'm sorry, Mr. Lagasca,
but there's no answer from her room.

Of course.

Just a moment and I'll take a message.
She'll get it as soon as she's back.

To the right risks.

-To friendship!
-And to love.

I'm so happy you decided to stay!

I admit she got to me, but I won’t let her
turn Velvet into an outlet.

Watch out for Clara.

I wouldn't like to get on your wrong side.

Okay, I owned up,
now it's your turn, Marie.

Spill the beans.

Why did you decide to drop everything
and stay here?

Yeah, why?

Well, the thing is,
I'm in love with Jay.

I told you!

-Why haven't you told him?
-I don't think he likes me.

Not, not at all.

Well, he's had plenty of time
to say something.

That's a family trait.

The Infantes men can't make a decision
to save their lives.

Thanks so much for tonight, girls.

-To more nights like this.

And to men who complicate our lives,
but are still good fun.

Cuz, can you--

Stop eavesdropping,
we still have to put out the welcome sign.

They're having a party
and we're blowing up balloons.

Come on, cuz, they're at Marie's
and knowing her...

-Well she's not very outgoing.
-I can just see her jumping on the bed,

-applying creams, drinking spirits...
-What an imagination you’ve got.

When women have a party like that
they talk about their feelings...

I think they changed the song.

-I don't want to wonder anymore.

I'm going down there.

-I said I'd tell her today and I will.
-Don't tell her, cuz.

Well, tell her if you want
but I'm telling you something,

If I was jumping up and down on my bed,
I wouldn't open the door.

-We'll see.


-It's the police!
-I love a man in a uniform.

-Is there anymore wine?
-Turn the music down!

-What should I do?
-Open the door, it's your house.

-Go on.

My goodness,
Marie has drunk everything in sight.

What are you doing here?

I heard a noise
and thought you might need help.

No, we're fine.

The music...

-It's really good.
-Yeah, it's great, thanks.

No, wait.
Obviously I'm not here as a music critic.

The thing is, what I've wanted
for a while now,

well, for a long time...

And I couldn't.
But now I can.

What I want is...


-Salt to...

give life some flavor,
because without it, it's rather bland.

-If you have some.


I'll just...

go get some.

-There you go.



I hope...

you have a good time!


Artist coming through.


Yes, it's true.

You're saying Sergio isn't Godó's son?

What did that guy say?

The only family
we'll be talking about is ours.

We're here today
about The Empress' new show.

My sister, a huge talent!
Here she is.

It's premiering
in the Olympia in Paris, France.

Carmela, what else
can you tell us about it?

Raúl de la Riva, another huge talent,
is designing my wardrobe.

And Jay, who's not to be sniffed at.

-What will the show be called?

I'm going to bring Flamenco
to the forefront.

It's nothing there.

-Will you be dancing alone?
-No more questions.

-Wait, Carmela!
-One more question, please.

Good morning...

-What are you doing here?

I'm here for you
to measure my inseam.

For my suit.


I mean, it's not possible right now.
I have class in 20 minutes.

Why are you here alone?

Where's your back up?

I'm just here to size stuff up.

As for my back up...

You won't be getting my back up,

because you're going
to try me on for size.


That's what I'm trying to explain.

My students will be here in 20 minutes
and I can't--

20 minutes is long enough
to get something done.


Fine... go wait for me
in the store's fitting rooms.

I'll get some clothes
and see what I can do.

-Excuse me.

Come on.

-Put her there.



I'll tell you what can be done, big shot.

That way.


Does he think we're pre-pubescent?

I don't like him, at all.

But I do like him.

I really do.

But I don't like that I like him.

This is everything I could find
in the library.

-Are you getting into politics?

-Not right now, anyway.
-So why do you want all of this?

I'm glad you're interested in my work.

Kennedy was so handsome.

He was the perfect leader:
charismatic, convincing, stylish...

Look how symmetrical his face was.

That builds trust.

Now I understand.

Can I go now?

Do you know how many people would kill
for the opportunity to work by my side?

Show me what you're doing, then.

You just send me on errands.
It's punishment enough being here.

Would you mind involving me a bit more?

I have, in my hands,
the power to stop a man from going under.

How interesting.
You definitely have experience in that.

In not going under, I mean.

For a second, I really thought
we were trying to build something.

If this campaign is a success,

I'll have access to the
most important accounts in the country.

Even if it's to serve your own purposes,
you should take an interest.

Forgive me.

I'm sorry.

Who is he?

It would have been amazing,

if you're enthusiasm for being a father
were the same as for your campaigns.

I'm going to organize
the backdrops I've chosen.



Lourdes, wait.

I've brought a few things
to check your size,

but I think you're about a 40.

Let's see what you feel comfortable in,

and what suits you the best.

I not only have to create something
which fits you like a glove,

but something you can also dance in.

Oh, my God!

-That's why they call you "The Needle".
-I see you're not blind.

-Why aren't you dressed?
-I can't try them on if I'm still dressed.

There's this magical thing between dressed
and undressed called underwear.

No way, I don't wear that.
It crushes me.

This thing is a free spirit.

You aren't kidding.

But this is a classy place.

Here, we're suggestive not exhibitionists.

Quick, take this and try it on.

Yes, sir.

Christ on a bike!

Now I get it.

That's excessive!

Uncle Jonás...

-Uncle Jonás.

Wait a minute, please.
You have to help me with something.

-Is something wrong?
-You could say that.

I haven't slept for days.

I have this huge weight
on my shoulders over Inés.

-She's pregnant.

-It's twins?

Just spit it out.

You know we came here from Germany
to start a family,

to get married, because I loved her.

Wait, you loved her?
Past tense?

I love her more than anything,
I just don't want to marry her.

For the love of God.

-Have you thought this through properly?
-I don't know.

I know she's a kind and caring person
and would be an amazing mother,

but I need to feel something...

-more than that to get married.
-Holy smokes.

I don't know what to do.

You have to take the bull by the horns.

It's always the best way.
The bull by the horns.

-So you're really leaving?
-What about you?

Aren't you coming?

Don't joke about it.

I get why you're leaving,

but you're going to expose the family.

I'm not joking.

You heard what my brother said,
I'm not a Godó.

So that's it.

-This isn't my home.
-Don't say that.

It's not often life hands
you a second chance

and I'm not going to waste it.

Right and that seems
to include with Elena.

It wasn't enough that she left you
at the altar.

It's strictly professional this time.

Do you really believe that?

-I saw how you kissed her the other night.
-Elena was the love of my life.

And we all make mistakes.

-Maybe she deserves a second chance.
-Or maybe not.

-What's going on?
-If you don't know...

I invited the press over for a coffee.

They're obviously waiting for us
to comment...

and I'm going to oblige in my own home,
surrounded by my family.

That includes you too, Sergio.

I want you to stay.

I wasn't informed of this spectacle
and I was about to leave.

-I'm sorry, but I'm going.
-You can't leave.

The press have seen you
and your absence would fuel the fire.

-Wait... Eduard.

What are you thinking?

We're going to go out there
and have a coffee.

We're going to deny everything
and tell them you're my son.

I've always been there for you,
just as I have with your siblings.

I've tried to bring you up in a way
to make you worthy of the Godó name.

Is that not being a father?

This rumor has to be squashed.

I hope that you'll stand by me
while I do that.


I think it's a little...


I doubt you'll be able to move much.

How are my moves?

-Very good.
-You ain't seen nothing yet.



I'm here, Carmela!

Where the smoke is coming from.

So? How's it going?

We're almost done here,
aren't we, chief?


We have to make the finishing touches,
but everything's on track.

Well, that's enough for now.
It's the Empress' turn.


if Sergio isn't coming I'll show you.


I brought some magazines so you can see
some of our previous ad campaigns.

Velvet doesn't re-use campaigns.

-We are the innovators.
-Don't worry, they're just examples.

Aren't they a little traditional?


Could we get this all out in the open?

I have some great ideas for the campaign,
but if we don't deal with this--

We'll choose the person
who embodies the Velvet spirit.

I'm in a meeting.

-It's Sergio, he's says it's important.
-Put him through.

-I'm sorry, I'm not going to make it.

-We're waiting for you.
-I know, but my father called

a press conference and I have to stay.

-What do you mean a press conference?
-What is it?

He wants me to deny it.

No, Sergio.
You don't have to lie about your roots.

-Just be yourself.
-What are you saying?

Can I speak to him for a moment, please?

It's me. Before you do anything
think of your family and the business.

-That's ridiculous... Sergio!

-Put yourself first.

Forget about the business
and think of yourself.

-What a load of crap.
-Excuse me?

-Do you mind?

Sergio, darling, they're about to start.

I'm sorry, girls, I have to go.


He's gone.

You don't know Sergio at all.

Not at all!
How dare you tell him what to do.

I didn't,
but maybe it's you who doesn't know him.

Look, maybe we should take a break
before looking at your "great ideas".

Sounds great.

-Is everything taken care of?
-I hope I don't regret listening to you.

So do I.

Remember, keep a serious tone of voice,
with affectionate gestures towards Sergio

and don't move your hands much.

Good morning.

Thank you for coming.

In this house, we only invite people over

when there's something to celebrate,

but this is a unique occasion.

Despite that,
we will still be drinking champagne.

You can't even imagine...

the pain this family felt when we woke up
to discover that headline, yesterday.

I'm sorry, but the truth is...

as well as being a businessman,
I am also a person and I have a family.

There they are.

Three wonderful children
and a wife I don't deserve.

The truth is I'm used to selfish people

trying to hurt me,
in order to harm my businesses.

However, yesterday's headline
doesn't disgrace my good name,

but that of my wife.

The woman
who has sacrificed everything for me

and everyone else in this household.

Do you really think
she would be capable of such a thing?

This is all very moving
and I congratulate you on the Champagne,

however the headline my editor published
was leaked by a Godó.

-What the hell are you talking about?
-It was Pau Godó.



Call a doctor!

-Please, Eduard!

-Unbutton his shirt!
-Someone call a doctor!

-Pau, get a doctor!
-Get out of here!

Subtitles: Francesca Maguire