Velvet Colección (2017–2019): Season 1, Episode 5 - Una nueva oportunidad - full transcript

Sergio's ex Elena comes to the store, looking to make amends -- and a business deal. Unsure he's ready to marry Inés, Manolito gets to know Lourdes.

Don't you dare
do anything like that again.

I'm sorry.

I don't know what I was thinking...

-I'm a married woman.
-I know.

-Happily married.
-I know, but you gave me such good news...

Yes, well the good news
is that your father is in my office

waiting to sign, now let's go.


-And don't ever do that again, you hear?
-I won’t.

Never, understood?


To your health, son.

I’d rather you didn't refer
to me like that.

I don't think it's appropriate
in a work environment.

Very well, let's be professional.

If we're to be a team,
we should start acting like one, right?

-What do you mean?
-To be as involved as possible in Velvet,

I need to attend management meetings.

As supervisor I should be involved
in decision-making from the outset.

I think that's a marvelous idea.

So long as they're meetings
relevant to your role.

New projects, investments,

it'd be silly to call you down
for procedural issues.

The day-to-day running, I mean.

That's fine by me.
I'm not a day-to-day kind of guy.

I would like to know, however,
any new business issues.

What is Velvet's big surprise?

-We're actually busy working on that.
-Have you heard of Roar?

That's the noise you make
when you're mad, honey.

That and the name
of Carmela Cortés' new show.

Wow... I must say
I expected anything but flamenco.

Raúl de la Riva felt the same,

but he's designing the wardrobe for
her performance at the Olympia in Paris.

That sounds nice and new.

So you're up-to-speed, then.

Sergio, son, we need to find a better way
to communicate

in this new professional context,
wouldn't you agree?

I should go.

I'd like you to come to our place,
tomorrow night.

It's my wife's birthday

and we use it as an excuse to open
a special vintage bottle of Cava.

That way we make room for new editions.

The same as in life.

I'll try and make it
but with everything we've got going on...

I hope you can also make it.

See you tomorrow.

It's not easy, but we have to find
a way to work together.

I suppose you're right.

It's a lot of change in so little time.

But I'm sure you can do this.
You wouldn't risk everything for nothing.

Hey... thank you for letting me come back.

Don't get comfortable, I'm watching you.


But, Daddy...

-You're acting like I killed someone.
-Never mind "Daddy".

Do you think you can swan around the store

buying what you want
and putting it on my tab?

And why not? Mother was very clear
with her instructions.

Lourdes, honey, if you intend on coming
to live the life of Reilly at my expense,

-you've got another thing coming.

And how am I going to afford
my every whim?

Well, you have two options.

You can either forget about them
or work to pay for them.

Whatever you say.

Exactly, whatever I say
because I'm your father.

Oh, yeah?

When was the last time you fathered me
these last few years?

-How many times have I seen you?
-I'm not sure.

I do.

And both times you were in a hurry.

-Maybe I was, but I'm still your father.
-Forget me.

Have some respect, Lourdes,

that English you're speaking
was paid for out of my pocket.


let's start over.

Yes, I think that would be
for the best.

How would you like
to work for me at the studio?

Stock checking and taking care
of the different campaign paperwork?


So what did he do for you?

-He got me out of a tight spot.
-You said, but I want to know how.

If you expect me to help,
the least you can do is tell me.

A few months ago,
not long after getting to the States,

I threw a party at the hotel
where I was staying.

So far, so believable.

There was a search

-and the cops found drugs in my case.
-Oh my God...

I swear it wasn't mine.

But I had no way of proving it,
so The Needle, he...

-Well, he...

-He was there.
-Alone with you in a hotel?

Actually, I don't want to know.

He used all of his contacts to find
the guy who framed me without telling me.

Thanks to him I didn’t go to jail.
I owe him my life.

Carmela also helped me.

If you'd had to spent the night
in the same cell I did,

you'd understand perfectly that I owe them
much more than a new wardrobe.


It's all hands on deck now.

Thank you, Raúl.
Only you could make flamenco classy.

Ain't that the truth.

-I forgot about that ego of yours.
-Well, I remember yours perfectly.

It's a shame we never worked out.

Who knows, maybe one day...

-Excuse me.

Another bottle.

What are you doing here?

Can you believe this?
Some people think this is a hotel.

Who the heck left this year?




What's going on?

Armando took all my savings.

Because of him I've been evicted.

The owner came to see me today

and all of the envelopes I gave Armando
with the rent money,

all of my savings,
he's been keeping them for himself.

That jerk!

I owe five months back-rent
and don't have a cent to my name.

I hate seeing you like this.

I'm totally broke, Clara.

Tonight, you're coming with me
to my hotel.

I won't let that crook
get what he wanted.

To us.


I don't know how I let this happen.

Well, if you want
we can talk it through one day.

Thank you for everything,
I don't know what I'd do without you.

Come on, it's late.
Let's get going.

It looks perfect to me.

I don't know.

-It's just what you wanted.
-I know.

-Show me one thing you don't like.
-This, cuz.

It's more than double what we can afford.

-Don't worry, I'll take care of it.
-You? I won't let--

-I won't argue. I'll be living here right?

-I earn more, so I should pay more.
-I earn plenty,

but I have twins, an over-sized kid,

and a German immigrant
who has no idea where she is.


Show your dad the bedrooms,
let him choose.

-Let's go see another one.
-Go on, I'll talk to the agent.

-This is great.
-You like it?

We love it.

Goodness, gracious me,
this is incredible!

You can see all the way to the ocean.

The twins are going to freak
when they see this.

Right, Dad?


-Are you okay?
-Yeah, it's just...

I'm thinking of where things will go.
My armchair can go over there.

And the coat stand Aunt Eulalia gave me
can go over there where you can't see it.

Why don't you throw it out.
It's ugly and useless.

I can't do that, it was your great,
great, great grandmother's.

-That thing's older than time.
-Whatever you say.

Go and choose your bedroom.

Dad... I just want you to know
how happy I am.

Me too.

Do you like it, Rita?

Guess what I'm going to put
on the nightstand?

The rooster we bought in Portugal.

Do you remember the fun we had?

I'm not sad.

I just really miss you.

Okay, I'll go look round.

The Infantes Family has an apartment.

-What about you? How did it go?

-It's the one right downstairs.

-And can you hear us?

-No, no.

It'll be great being neighbors.

Do you know what I'm thinking?
Of having a house-warming party.


-you could help me.
-Of course.

A house-warming, great.

However, what we really need to celebrate
are our new positions at Velvet.

Just you and me.

I don't need an excuse.

I'd love to celebrate with you.

Okay, we've chosen our room.

-You get the bathroom, Uncle Jonás.
-Don't talk garbage, son.

What's going on,
have you made a deal?

Yes, everything is in order.


Good morning, this is Clara Montesinos.
Any calls?

-Thank you.
-Are you expecting a call?

Apparently not.

This place is so stylish.

-Thank you.
-Thanks. Here you go.

Do you have this for breakfast
every day?

No, but they don't have my first choice
for when I'm having a bad day, doughnuts.

-That makes two of us.

I thought Armando would be
the only one to ruin our day.

What's happened?

You know when suddenly everything
becomes really complicated?

I'll give you an example.

Imagine you meet someone,
who you feel like it could work with,

but it's just really bad timing
because you're already taken.

Yes and if I'm being honest...

I've done a few crazy things in my time.


But that doesn't mean
that I'm not in love with Armando.

The truth is, he's the love of my life.

I hope that's not true,
because he's a scumbag.

You're totally right.


Are you sure nothing is wrong?
You know you can trust me.

Something is up.

I'm so happy
you came to Barcelona with me.

There's no rush for you
to leave the hotel.

-I'm all alone in this city.
-Don't be silly, everything will be fine.

Thank you so much.

So, how exactly do you eat this?

-Do you put the oil on first?
-First the tomato, then the olive oil.

You have to take this opportunity
to ask her to marry you.

-I've got time.
-No, you haven't.

-Have you chosen the ring yet?
-That's personal.

-Exactly and I'll decide when it's time.
-It's time when I tell you it's time.

When we've got time, we're going to...

That isn't right. Wait here.

Excuse me.

You see, I don't get a moment's peace.

-Well, nobody does.
-You have to be patient.

-He's been through a lot.
-I get that,

but he has to let me lead my own life.

-Don't be dramatic.
-I'm not being dramatic,

He's a know-it-all and a control freak,
but he's not always right.

Haven’t you ever had doubts
about a big decision?

Me? I'm an Infantes, I can't even decide
what to wear in the mornings.

Let's go.

-They might need help.
-Most definitely.

Excuse me.

-Can I help you with anything, ma'am?
-I'm looking for Sergio Godó.

Oh, right, well if you want

we can go upstairs
to the management suite and...

Good morning.

-Sergio Godó's office, please.
-Good morning...

He's in a meeting,
he can't attend you...

Hey, you can't go in there.

Knowing what they're...
Excuse me?



Long time no see.

What are you doing here?

You're not happy.

We're in a meeting right now
and I can't...

De la Riva?

I'm such a big fan,
I'll likely become a stuttering fool.

My fans are many things,
but fools aren’t one of them.

Excuse me, honey.
We're in a meeting.

You're totally right.
I just got so excited.


-I want to come back.


Can we talk in private?

Come back... to him!

I was dying to see you.

Really? No way!

The last time you were dying to leave me,
so this is all a bit unbelievable.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I know I did a horrible thing.

I can't imagine how you felt
standing alone at that altar,

the church full of guests.


312 guests hugging me, one by one,
because they felt sorry for me.

-You can't imagine how it felt.
-I'm not the same childish girl I was.

I've changed
and I want to do things right.

I'm working for my father, now,
that's why I'm here.

That's it?

-"I made a mistake, but let's forget it".
-I'm not saying that.

We were in a cathedral because you're
Grandma wanted us to get married there.

The only thing missing
was the holy chalice.

You'll have to forgive me sometime.

Do you know how long I waited?

An hour and a half?

-Waiting for you to come back.
-And now I have!

Here I am, Sergio.

Tell me the truth.

Why are you here?

First and foremost,
to ask for your forgiveness.

And to show you something.

Well, all of you.

-Let's go.

-How exciting.

Ready girls?

Let's go.




-Thank you, I know I was a little forward.
-Just a tad.

It's just my father is closing a deal
with another label in Spain

and when I heard Sergio was here,
I thought I should stop by.

Long live brave and independent women
who climb down from their tower,

-instead of waiting for prince charming.
-We're getting a bit ahead of ourselves.

Velvet represents class,

style, sophistication.
And this...

It also represents innovation,
risk and high stakes.

Where's that sexy, sassy girl
with the confident strut?

Look, Elena and I are old friends.

-Really? You don't say.
-That's obvious.

-But we're not under any obligation.
-Yes it does!

We're under a moral obligation.

Spain is changing, for the love of God.

The two-piece is a symbol
of freedom and maturity.

-The 70s are just around the corner.

We can design you an exclusive collection.

I could even talk to Dad about doing
the bikini launch here, in Barcelona.

Or we could wait.

Listen, honey,
how do you feel about giving us

a number we can contact you on?

We'll have a chat about this
in private

and we'll call you.

Of course.
Not a problem.

You must call before 1pm tomorrow,
otherwise this opportunity might be gone.

I trust...

that won't happen.

Great. Will you walk me out?

Yes, of course.

Thank you.

How wonderful!

It's fantastic.

It's liberal, risqué.
C'est chic, c'est glamour.

You might think it's very chic
and glamorous, but I don't.

We have enough
with the miniskirt and flamenco.


Since when was that Velvet's motto.

-Hey, this is me you're talking to.
-Exactly and I know you.

Your problem is that woman
is way ahead of you.

-Yeah, right.
-Light years ahead.

She has more style than Grace Kelly
and Audrey Hepburn combined,

even if you don't want to admit it.
Though, I can't imagine why ever not.

It seems they liked the bikinis.

-Well, De la Riva, at least.

What about you?

Do you really think
I was thinking about that?

I'm not that person anymore, Sergio.

I've really changed,
let me prove it to you.

Have dinner with me tonight.

I can't.

It's my mother's birthday.

-With a special edition vintage, right?

In that case,
I'll just have to wait for your call.

-Bye, Elena.

Good afternoon.

The prodigal son returns.

Alright, let's get going.

You people think
that the worst is over,

that because you've been chosen
you're the best.


You're here because you were
the least disappointing

of those who turned up for the exam.

The best of a bad bunch, basically.

From now on,

you'll have to prove your worth
if you actually have any,

because you're mine, now.

Do you know what that means?

If I say sew, you sew,

if I say cut, you cut

and if I tell you to stop breathing,

you'd better have passed out
if you're breathing again.


I won’t be your teacher,
I'll be your light,

your path,

because I, my darlings,
am the future of fashion.


If you'd be so kind.

You can get as close as you want,
but do not touch.

This exercise involves
starting at the end.

You have to sketch the pattern
of this suit by looking at it.

You went through rigorous testing,
you are capable of this and more.

Your time starts now.


Wait just a minute, son.

The most important thing is that
the ring suits the lady in question.

Inés is a simple woman, just like Rita.
She'll suit anything.


I just think we're getting a little ahead
of ourselves with this ring.

What with the store and the new apartment
and everything, this is all--

Wait just a minute.
You came here to get married, right?

-Yes, I have but--
-No, no, no. No buts.

You've been in love with the same woman
your whole life. It's true love.

Love or inexperience?
I've never been with anyone else.

And you know what I mean,
because you've been with a few.

Don't make that comparison.
We didn't have TV.

-You had to find...
-Pay attention or you'll mess up.

-Concentrate, son.
-No, Dad, I am comparing it.

You've been with three women
and I've only been with one.

-You were with Mom, Rita and Aunt Clara.
-Do not mention that,

I'm not a good example for you.

Come in.

Velvet Design School is open.

Do you need something?

I was going to ask you the same thing.

You know me, if I don’t have a project

-I drive myself crazy.

What's in that file?

I had trouble sleeping last night
and I started to think

about the flamenco costumes,
so I started to draw.

I see, less work for me then.

Whoa, no.
I know you aren't lacking ideas,

but if you can use any of my sketches...

The truth is,
I've already got quite a good idea.

I get it.
I'm too late.

Well, I'll just leave these here
in case you want to take a look,

even if it's just for the backing dancers.

-What's up?
-I don't know where to start.

-We've to get the pattern from that suit.

-It's hard enough the right way around.
-Imagine you have a globe...

and you have to convert it into an Atlas.
Get it?

I'm to believe he did this
in one night.

The nerve.

-Inés, what a surprise.

-I didn't know she'd be here.
-Me neither.

Come with me.
Come on.


I guess I can't bear to see you
sitting around twiddling your thumbs,

doing absolutely nothing.

So, after looking over...

Well I just gave them the once over...

Your sketches.

I got to thinking and I don't mind
if you want to help me out.

-We're in the middle of an exercise.
-Of course.

We're going to turn Carmela Cortés
into an ambassador for Spanish fashion.


Enrique Otegui!

I guess I'll just stay here alone,
with his stuff.

I'm sorry.

-Have you seen my dad?
-Have you seen mine?

-Thank goodness.

-Because he's really annoying.

All I hear all day is,
"Manuel, do this, Manuel, do that".

-He drives me crazy.
-At least yours remembers your name.

Mine called me last Christmas
and couldn't remember mine.


He was drunk and I got a Vespa out of it.

A what?

-A scooter?
-You have a scooter?

In London. I wasn't allowed to bring it,
but I won’t be here for very long.

-You're leaving the store?

I'm staying here for a month
to help my dad in his photography studio.

-There's a photography studio here?

Would you like to see?
Come on.


Well, I've never seen a...

An enlarger.
It's called an enlarger.

Well, I've never seen
an enlarger so... large.

What’s going... I have to go.

No, you can't.
This is the best part.

That's what I meant.

You know what?
My father has no idea,

but I did an artistic photography course,
in London last summer.

In London?

-Look, you put the negative in here.

Then you turn on this light

and the image is visible
for a few seconds.

Wow, you really know your stuff.

Do you know why I like photography?

Because it's... beautiful.


Why then?

Because it's like magic.


-I think someone's looking for you.


Well, thanks and sorry.

-Hi, honey. How are you?
-Why didn't you come for me?

-What were you doing in there?

Let's go and have a drink.
It's dangerous in there.


-I'm Lourdes.
-That's Lourdes Otegui.

She's Enrique Otegui's daughter,
just like I'm Pedro Infantes' son.


-I was waiting for you.
-I know, it's just

Miss Otegui was showing me
how to develop photos

and we lost track of time.

Well, it's nice to meet you, Lourdes.

-I'm Inés, Manuel's girlfriend.
-That's right.

Wait a second, Inés.

-Let me explain.
-Leave it, Manuel. I've had a bad day.

But, Inés...

Can I get some quiet.

The sooner we shut up,
the sooner we ensure the future of Velvet.

-What do you mean ensure its future?
-We got a business proposition today.

As were having a difference in opinion,
Clara wanted to get you all involved.

-What's the proposition?

-Oh, wonderful!

-I really like bikinis.
-I think it's a great idea.

In my country women even go topless
and bathing suits are old news.

How fresh!

-So, in France the girls go topless?
-You can't even imagine.

Velvet has always been
a driving force in fashion.

-I think it's a great idea.
-I agree. It's a great opportunity.

We'd be the first store in Spain
to have its own line of bikinis.

I think Clara disagrees though, right?


I mean Mateo brings you bikinis
from London, right?

Yes, but what I'm saying is

our clientele is a lot more traditional
and this doesn't--

The miniskirts are selling like hotcakes.

Our more traditional clientele
left us a long time ago, chéri.

Anyway, we're going to make
something risqué into something classy.

Alright, if you've all made up your minds,
let's vote on it.

Before you go to a vote,
I want to tell you

that the person representing this brand
was a long-term girlfriend of mine.

Obviously, this will have
no effect whatsoever on the business,

but I don't want you to think
that I'm trying to plant someone in here.

Okay, Sergio, that's fine.
We're not interested in your private life.

Back to the subject at hand.
Let's vote.

Who wants Velvet to stock bikinis?

-I suppose that's decided then.
-Operation Bikini is a go.

If you'll excuse me.

Bikinis, this is so exciting!

I love how that sounds.

A new outlook on Summer:
Operation Bikini.

-Are you upset with me, Clara?

I don't want you feeling awkward.
I can take charge of the new line.

That won't be necessary,
I accept the result of the vote.

I'll handle the bikinis
like everything else.

And once I'm done here,
I'll go back to Madrid.

Mateo is pining for me.

Of course.


I'd love for you to come tonight.

Call me!


Good evening, thank you for coming.

Hello, ladies.

I appreciate the gesture,

but I would have preferred
a family dinner.

I told Sergio to come,
it's up to him whether or not he does..

Let's just keep the peace tonight,
please, Eduard.

That's also what I want, Macarena.

A relaxed birthday celebration,
just like always.

Excuse me. Albert!

I've been looking for you.
Are you trying to ruin us?

-I don't know what you mean.
-You sold your Petrogal shares.

-Exactly, you said it yourself. My shares.
-But now everyone thinks were in trouble.

You've made the investors nervous.

If one of the Godó sons pulls out,
something is wrong.

So tell me, what the hell is going on?

I think you've had
a little too much to drink.

You know what?
Dad's right, you're a good-for-nothing.

-Don't talk to me like that.
-It was reckless to sell your shares.

Dad was right not to let you run the bank.
Or the winery, or anything else.

Dad won't let me run
any of his businesses,

-because I'm not his son.
-What are you talking about?

Mom had an affair and I'm not Dad's son.

And Mr. Godó has never gotten over it.

This was left for you, ma'am.

-Aren't they beautiful. Is there a card?

-They don't need one.

Happy birthday, Mom.

I thought you weren't coming.

Have I ever missed one of your parties?

Let's go somewhere else.

Good evening.

You look radiant.

It's nice to see.

I know you forged my signature
to sell your shares.

Don't look at me like that.

If you hadn't,
you wouldn't have been able to sell them.

-I knew you wouldn't like it.
-Like it?

I didn't expect this from you.

I'm disappointed.

I'm sorry, Mom.

It was my fault they lost their funding
and I felt an obligation to fix things.

For them and myself.

You've never lied to me before.

I hope it doesn't happen again.

Just as well your father hasn't heard.

I'm not scared of him.

-You shouldn't be either.
-I'm not.

Do you love him?

-Not relevant.
-That's not an answer.

I'm leaving home for good, Mom.
I'll come for my things, tomorrow.

I've rented a two-bed apartment.

Come with me.

-Don't be stupid.
-I'm not being stupid, Mom.

-I want you to really think about it.
-Excuse me, sir.

-There's a young lady asking for you.
-Okay. Thank you, Montse.

I want you to meet Clara Montesinos.

-Clara Montesinos?
-Yes, Clara Montesinos.

-Something wrong?
-No, not at all.

-Let's go.

Thank you... No.


Here, it's shortbread.

Made by the nuns at Carboneras convent.
Your favorite, right?

-You still remember.
-But the doctor said no sugar.

Don't give them to the doctor, then.

-You look beautiful.

I've been trying to find an excuse to come
and what better than your birthday?

-Happy birthday.

You have to forgive me, Macarena.
I know what I did was terrible,

but I've changed, I swear.
I know what I want now.

I've come back to Barcelona
to build bridges.

-I just need you to give me a chance.
-Mom, Dad's waiting for you.

Long time no see, Roser.

-We're going to make the toast.
-Yes, let's go.

Why are you here, Elena?

This wasn't a good idea.


Good evening,
thank you so much for coming.

We aren't here tonight
to showcase a new Cava.

We're here to pay tribute
to the most important woman in my life.

The woman who gives my life meaning.

A few short months after we met,

I thought I could make the best
Brut Nature in the world.

Not long after it was her birthday.

Macarena will recall,

that when we opened that bottle
of the first Special Edition...

I'm not going to lie, it was so bad

we had beer with dinner that night.

Thank you.

Since then...

I've learned a lot through
the errors I've made

throughout my life.

From champagne flutes to fermentation,

Macarena was always by my side

and at every tasting she would say,

"Next year it will be better".

The new Special Edition.


-Much better than last year.
-Bravo. Happy birthday, my love.

To your health.


Simon Arribas?

How are you?
It's Pau Godó.

I have an exclusive for you.

Are you okay?


Come on, Sergio.

You can't have forgotten me
that quickly.


-He's over there, miss.
-Thank you.

Subtitles: Francesca Maguire