Velvet Colección (2017–2019): Season 1, Episode 1 - Nuevos horizontes - full transcript

The day after Ana and her friends give a VIP investor a tour of the new Velvet store in Barcelona, a shocking loss puts a damper on the grand opening.

Wait here, please.


Let's go.


Barcelona is color,

Barcelona is light,

Barcelona is Velvet, that's you.
What a sight!

Find out about new trends
at Velvet Collection.

Find out all about our new store,
now in Barcelona.

Come on, Ana, can we finally have a look?

-It's almost done, just a minute more.
-You said that a half an hour ago.

You guys are so impatient.

I'm sorry, I'm looking, I don't care--

Stop that, don't ruin the surprise!

Okay, here we go.
One, two...


-My goodness.
-It's wonderful.

-I've never seen anything like it.
-Me neither.

-Same here.
-Wait until you see the TV commercial.

Well, actually the bull
on the Madrid-Barcelona highway

is pretty impressive too.

Ana, darling, do you realize
just how far you've brought Velvet?

And how much farther we'll take it.

-If you help me, that is.
-Of course we will.

But you enjoy it for a bit...
Our very own billboard!

Yes, let's enjoy the moment
and take a break from the stress.

Okay, lot's to do!

Right, then...
Thank you.

You're going to love
our new studio, Ana.

There's even a classroom, too.

I'm so excited to start molding
those dull, young minds

into sources of creative genius.

Ana, you mustn't forget to sign off
on the employees' uniforms before you go.

-And sign the contracts I left you.
-Guys, I'm not leaving this afternoon!

Now, first things first...
Let's welcome Mr. Godó.

-Excuse me?

What do you mean Mr. Godó?

Don't tell me the one and only Eduard Godó
is coming to see my school?

And Velvet, if that's okay with you.

Of course and anything else he wants,
but how did you pull this off?

Not me, Clara, of course.

Only the sky is the limit for you, chérie!

-He's coming today, then?
-Can someone tell me who this Godó is?

He's the one loaning us the money
to get the store up and running.

He's a heavyweight here in Catalonia.

And it's not Godó, it's Eduard Godó.

Fine, whatever.

Us getting the loan or not
depends on what he sees today.

So, please, make sure you have
everything prepared.

-Of course.
-When's he coming exactly?

Ten minutes.

-I'm not ready!
-Take it easy, haste makes waste.

-My God, I've got to change.
-You're not going anywhere, you look fine.

Just make sure the lobby is perfect.

-And have everyone line up.

-I'm on it!
-This is a mess.

Thank you for coming, sir.
Welcome to your new home.

It's great to see you again.

Always a pleasure
to see your pretty face, Clara.

Depends on who's looking, Mr. Godó.

I don't know what you pay her,
but for sure it's not enough.

If I had three Claras in my bank,
I wouldn't have very much to do.

What a pleasure, Mr. Godó.
I'm Raúl De la Riva.

I'm sure you've heard of me.

Designer, lover of art, free spirit...

Between you and me...

-I don't get paid enough either.
-Charmed, De la Riva.

My wife is a devoted follower
of your designs.

-Why don't we step inside?

What a beautiful department store.

I love loaning my money
to those who handle it so well.

We're glad you like it
as much as Ana and I do.

Ana, if I may...

No, please...
I'll go get another tie.

No worries, I've got it.

It's opening day and I came early.

It's no wonder some things are missing.

I think the Plattsburgh knot stands out

much more than the Windsor,
what do you think?

A fine choice.

You're full of surprises, Mr. Godó.

I've been having my suits tailored
in London all my life.

-Something must have rubbed off.
-You won't have to anymore.

-We'll be able to attend your every need.
-I have no doubt.

But you can't possibly go without.

Try this charpe!

Thank you, De la Riva.

I must tell you that my mother-in-law,
may she rest in peace,

was a dedicated client
of Velvet Madrid.

So helping you with the Barcelona store,
is almost an obligation for me.

We've got a lot to thank her for then.

Oh, Mr. Godó...

This is Pedro Infantes.

-A pleasure to meet you.
-He's our Head of Personnel in Madrid.

He's covering for my Uncle Emilio

who's had to stay in Madrid
supervising the shipments here.

I see.

-So you're just filling in here.
-Quite, sir.

I have two small children.

I live in Madrid with them,
and this is my other son

from another relationship
with a wonderful woman,

but she's in Germany.

So seeing as I'm covering for Emilio,
I brought him with me to learn the ropes.

You know how it is with kids,
you have to stay on top of them.

You're so right.

I have three and I've had to be stricter
on each one more than the last.

The way up is never easy.

I'm sure you have a lot to do, Mr. Godó,

so how about we continue the tour

-and I show you the workshops?

It's been a pleasure,

I hope we can continue
this discussion sometime soon.

-This way.
-Pedro, smarten this up, will you?

Do you think he--

Et voilà!
This is our latest creation...

Spain's very first school of fashion,

run by your humble servant,
the great Raúl De la Riva.

-In football, this would be the academy?

Much better.

This will be more like a studio...

of reawakening.

Like Plato's school...

a hotbed of art, passion...

technical finesse and discipline.

Despite that,
I don't believe I approved this project.

I gave you a loan for a studio workshop
apt for more than 50 seamstresses.

I only see six posts here.
Where are the other 44?

-Yes, of course, but--
-But nothing!

No 'buts'.
There is no room for 'buts', in business.

-Apart from mine, of course.
-Of course, Mr. Godó.

The thing is the workshop isn't here,
it's in Manresa.

-I hate complications.
-It's not a complication.

That workshop will fabricate
our prêt-à-porter wear,

the newer, faster way to produce textiles.

-But we need much more space for it.
-That's why we moved it to Manresa.

This is where our high-end fashion
will be created.

The same worn by your dear mother-in-law.


-I'd like to see that workshop.
-Whenever you want.

Except for today. We're snowed under
because of the fashion show.

Ladies, keep focused, please.

We're almost there.
You're doing a great job.

Blanca, ma'am...

-Is this the right length?
-Why wouldn't it be?

It's the first we've finished and look.

My 11-year-old nephew's school shirt
is longer than this.

I don't know.
You may be right.

Let me check with Miss Rivera.


-How are things, Blanca?

A bit overwhelmed,

you're niece has us working hard,
as always.

Given the length of these skirts,
I think she might be losing it a bit.

Ana, losing it? Not a chance.

She's been that way since she was a girl.

True, but she seems very happy.

You can tell she really likes New York.

-So, when will you be getting here?
-I'd say in about an hour and a half.

Hey, I took advantage
of the final delivery to the store.

I came to an agreement with the driver

and he's going to bring our stuff too.

It should be arriving
in the next couple of days.

You just take it easy,
that road is bad.

Don't worry.
And don't tell Ana I'm coming!

-Don't breathe a word.
-Not a word, I promise.

I've got to go,
the car is in the way.

Oh, and keep an eye on Pedro.

No, no, it's not that I don't trust him.
It's just that...

Well, the guy can't be trusted!
He just can't.

-Absolutely not.
-What are you like!

Right, well, I've got...

Hey, watch out,
you're going to take out my tail light!

Bye, darling.

Hey, mister, back off a little, will you?

Excuse me, ma'am,
any news on the skirt lengths?

Don't worry, I'll take care of it.

So, about expanding the credit limit...

It would help globalize the brand.

We should wait and see
how tonight goes, don't you think?

I wish you all the best
for tonight's show.

-Aren't you coming?
-I saved you a seat next to me.

My wife is very ill.
I don't think I'll make it.

I'm very sorry, I didn't know.

But, with it being such a special night...

Wouldn't she understand?

I mean, especially with her mother
being such a fan, as you said.

Anyway, if you don't come,
who's going to tell her about it?

-I'll think about it.

-Thanks so much for coming.
-Thank you...

De la Riva.

I really don't like that guy.

When we shook hands,
it gave me shivers down my spine.

-He's a businessman, what do you expect?
-No, I know plenty of those,

but none of them are so...

-Unsettling, that's it. Very unsettling!

-But you still invited him to the show.
-That's business!

And you have to agree that Godó is key
to our opening here in Barcelona.

-True, he's very important.

Are you crazy?
Your father will see us!

Don't you think he did the same
when he was young.

I can't wait for our big day.

-All I need now is to find a job.
-Something will come up.

-You're the smartest girl in the world.
-But it's been two weeks.

-It's fine, we can manage on my salary.
-No, I'm an independent woman!

Besides, I want
the most beautiful wedding.

Imagine flowers everywhere,
a spectacular wedding dress...

You'll be the most beautiful bride
there's ever been.

-Really? Do you promise?
-Of course I promise.

Manuel! Manolito!

-Manuel Infantes...

What do you mean, "yes"?
Come on out, Inés, I can see you...


You sure you want to be with this loser?

-We don't accept returns.

Let him go get some work done,
he can't do anything with you here.

-I'll see you at the show later.

Manolito, let's go.

Wait until you see this ad, you won't...

What are you scared of?
Have you heard of The Osborne Bull?

You don't understand, Mr. Rios.

Those are our conditions,
I told you that yesterday.

So, if you want to be our supplier
you know what to do.

I need your answer in 24 hours.

Sure I get what you're saying,

but if I don't have
your answer by tomorrow

I'll be looking for another company.

Paloma, honey, do you have a file?


-Tell me they said yes.
-They just gave the deal the go-ahead.

-Be careful you don't...

drop the paperwork.

So? What do you think?

I love it.

-Start looking for students.
-I was waiting for your go-ahead.

I've got it!

Welcome to the Beggar's Opera,
don't bother knocking.

-How you doing? I'm Mac.
-Fine, I won't tell you then.

Giuliano just accepted!
We're their exclusive retailers!

-I knew it! I knew it!
-You said they wouldn't accept!

-It's just something you say.
-Isn't this awesome!

I'll get the champagne,
not to have a toast would be a crime.


Call the studio right now
and set up signing the contracts today.

Isn't that rushing things?

It wouldn't be the first time
someone got cold feet before signing.

I don't know about you,
but I'm celebrating.

-We got Giuliano...
-How wonderful!

I'll make that call.

Wait a minute.

Tell the people at Giuliano

we only want to showcase
the line in Barcelona,

and that once things take off,
we'll discuss adding Madrid.

After what I did to get that deal,
I won't be taking it to Madrid?

Only for the moment.
We need to focus our efforts here.

Besides, are you sure
you don't want to stay?

On the one hand, I'd love to stay on...

but Mateo and I have finally found
a balance that I don't want to lose.

We're not cut out
for a long distance relationship.

As long as it's your decision,
not someone else's.

Says she who risked everything for love.

Ana... I want to do the same.

Say no more, you and I will find
the right person for the job.

Thank you.

What are you talking about?
What job?

-We're talking about Mateo, you gossip.
-Ah, Mateo.

Where is the brilliant editorial manager
at the moment, if I might know?

That's what I'd like to know.

How are you doing?

Mr. Ruiz Lagasca's office...
Please hold.

Hey Rinchi, what's up?
What's going on?

Hold it, slow down.
It's the other way around.

I want you to sell the Telefonica stock.

Do as I say.
Follow my lead and you'll get rich.

I can't tell you.
Really, I can't.

What? You've got it easy.

Just sell them when I do.

You don't have any?
Then buy some tomorrow.

With what money?
The money you earn from me, you pain!

Okay, I've got to get back to work. Bye.

-What time is the minister's interview?
-That's why I'm here.

You have to leave now.
We got an envelope--

Which one is more ministerial?
-Any of the others.

Right, excuse me.

I love improvising.

-What's this?
-It's from the ministry.

They're questions
the minister wants you to ask.

What questions?
Call them and cancel the interview!

-But they're expecting you.
-I don't care.

I'm already doing him a favor
doing a feature on the inauguration.


Clara, my love, how are you?

What am I doing here?

No, I'm on my way out of the door.
Just a second...

Call the airport,
I need a flight to Barcelona, yesterday.

I'm back and listening.
You'll love the article.

Listen, I'm going to miss my flight.

I have to go.
Love you!

Sir! There are no flights
before 5 o' clock.

Hire a pilot and a private jet
for within the hour.

-What about the minister?
-He needs me.

Have Pradillo and his assistant
meet me at the airport.

He's doing the photos
for the Albas' debut into society.

I don't care, I need him in Barcelona.

And you too.
I want the best with me.

Velvet is opening in Barcelona
and we're covering it big time!

Come on girls, let's stay on track!

Bring the lights down.

No, not that either. All the cables out...

God, you people are killing me.

I thought everything was under control.

He's here...

Would you do me the favor
of turning round, Mr. Infantes?

I don't usually shoot when someone's back
is turned, as you well know.

Don Emilio! What...

-What are you...
-What am I, what?

I wasn't expecting you here, at this hour.

I mean, how's the move going?

-Complete chaos, just like this.
-I think it's all quite organized.

-They're up there setting everything up--
-Are the chairs draped?

-Draped with what?
-White fabric so they stand out.

Right, it's just Ana wanted more
of a modern look to it all.

-So she said, she wanted them...

Bare... of draping.

-Of draping, right.
-Dad! Everything's ready.


Don Emilio.

It's great to see you!
Give me a hug.

Now, now,
don't get ahead of yourself.

-But I like that you recognized me.
-Of course I do.

You were a piece of work
when you were little.

I hope I don't have to resort
to the same means as back then.

-In other words, giving you a spanking.
-Go away.

-Don't go anywhere.
-Stay there.

It's a joke.
I'm only joking for goodness' sake!

Okay, so now let's take care of all this
so it really is under control.

Also, if you see my niece
don't tell her I'm here,

I want it to be a surprise.

As you can see, ma'am,
it's all as agreed.

No new additions.

What I do find unusual is having
your publicity team within the store.

The thing is, Giuliano's success is based
not only on the quality of the product,

but our public relations and marketing,
as well as our displays.

For that reason it's company policy

to have our own people integrated
at our sales outlets.

It's not that we don't trust you,
it's just our way of doing business.

-But if it's a problem we can--
-No, please.

Giuliano is a huge brand,
we'll adapt to your ways.

-We might even learn something, right?
-I guess so.

Great, we're finished here then.

And who will be running the show?

Just so we know who to coordinate with.

Ana Rivera... It's been too long.

I've got to say,
you've done amazing work with the store.

And success really suits you.
Thought not as much as it suits me.

-What are you doing here, Enrique?

Sorry for the delay,
but I was having lunch with the Giulianos.

-We're in the middle of signing a deal.

-Perfect timing, then!
-You always were an opportunist.

It won't come as a surprise
to anyone present here,

that Otegui Communications sets
the industry standard for advertising.

That, and my close relationship
with the Giulianos,

should make for an interesting deal.

-Would you like anything?
-What deal?

The one between my company and Giuliano.

-So he's in charge of the brand?
-Boy, you catch on fast.

I'll be needing a generously-sized,
well-lit office space.

You know how important those things are
to the creative process.

I'm bursting with new ideas.

Or maybe your turtle-neck
is blocking your blood-flow.

In any case, here at Velvet,
you'll make do with what we give you.

This is not your agency.

Okay, this seems to be getting a bit
too close for comfort for my clients.

-Enrique, I this we should reassess--
-No, that won't be necessary.

We're all adults here right, Enrique?

I'm sure we'll find the right balance,
for the benefit of everyone involved.

I have no doubt about it.

We'll finalize everything tomorrow, then.

-It's been a pleasure.
-Same here.

Mrs. Montesinos.


Life, huh?

Who would have thought
our paths would cross again?

-Good afternoon, Blanca.
-Don't you think this dress is too short?

-I'd shorten it a little more.
-Excuse me?

-Anything up to 13 inches is fine.
-You can't be serious.

They call this the "swing" style,
in London.

-It's unique.

We'll cause a scandal.
This is Spain, not the UK.

No, this is Barcelona.

If there's one place we can present
a new European fashion line, it's here.

You'd look stunning in it!


Uncle Emilio!

How wonderful to see you!

-You said you wouldn't make it!
-I wanted to surprise you

but the last delivery
almost ruined it for me.


-My darling...
-Look at your hair, did you come by bike?

Oh, sweet love.

Get married, Mr. De la Riva.
Get married!

No, not me!

No way.

I'm a free spirit, sir.
Right, chérie?

But if I one day I do get married,
which I doubt, you two can plan it.

Yours was unforgettable.

Don't you remember.
We're lucky we didn't end up in jail.

I'm so happy you're all here.

-Just like the old days.

Well, the Albertos are missing.

So is my Rita.

But I'm sure that...

she's watching us from up there.

That's the only place
where angels can watch us from.

Wow, this skirt's pretty...

pretty short, huh?


I want you to wear
one of my suits, tonight.

-What do you think?

Could you make that two,
because this is all I have with me.

Surely that can't be true, Don Emilio.

I'm sorry, I brought the wrong bag.

-But there's no reason to get upset.
-What do you mean?

-Isn't that right, Mr. De la Riva?
-Whatever could you mean?

Alright everyone, get your glad rags on.

Get going or we'll be late,
I know what you're like.


You know you can count
on me for whatever, right?


I know that, it's just...

on days like this...

I can't help but think of her.

I think of her every day.

My only consolation is to remember
how happy she used to be with us.

Three years...

Three years.

I know she'd be so proud of you.

You know what she used to say?

"My sister will run Velvet one day".

And look at you now.

I wish she were here to see it all.

We have to do our best tonight.

It's how she'd want it,
ever the perfectionist.

We will then.



-What are you wearing? Because lately...
-You'll all be speechless.

I can't wait to see what it is!

-Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!
-Mr. Ruiz, are you a guest?

-Or is your magazine covering the event?
-The answer to both is yes.

-Is it true that Ava Gardner--
-Ava is a great friend,

but tonight's about
an even greater artist, Ana Rivera.

-Have a good evening.
-One more question--

And here's your headline:
'Velvet Collection triumphs in Barcelona!'

Good evening.

So the models come out here,
Ana will sit here

and these chairs need to be more--

I've missed you so much.

How much exactly?

More than you deserve.

-Who's she?

What's up?

The Savings and Loans'
new social project?

Are you jealous?

Don't you think she's beautiful enough
to be at my side?

She is but...

-she just doesn't compare.
-Very true.

-Ana Rivera!

How are you? You look stunning.
Where's Alberto?

In New York, with the little one.
Someone's got to be!

But he misses you so much.

-You should visit more.
-I know.

Yes, no, back it up a bit.

I've got to get back to work,

I'll see you later.
Where's Pedro?

I love coming home.

Welcome to Velvet Collection.

Is he here yet?

If you ask me that again,

you and are going to have
a falling out.

Barcelona's entire A-list is inside.

-Good evening.

The people inside are nothing
but supporting roles.

Would you mind telling me
who you're expecting?

I'm talking about one of the elite,
Don Emilio.

The one and only
Eduard Godó is on his way.

-Eduard Godó?
-There he is!

-De la Riva.

Just a moment, Mr. Godó.

I'm sorry,
but the real star of the show is inside.

Good evening.

May I introduce you
to Mr. Emilio Lopez.

Head of Personnel
and Ana Rivera's uncle.

You may not remember, but...

I used to personally attend
your mother-in-law's and I was also--

What a coincidence.

You worked for my mother-in-law
and I'm in business with your niece.

We were bound to meet one day.

-Charmed, Don Emilio.

This way.


-Emilio, are you okay?
-Of course, I'm fine.

Let's go inside,
it's about to begin.

Good evening, everyone...

First of all, I'd like to thank you
for joining us tonight.

The opening of our new store
in Barcelona

is a very important step,
both for Velvet and myself.

Fashion is changing:
the fabric, the colors, the shapes,

even the way we dress.

It's wonderful being able to work
with businessmen like Mr. Godó,

who is with us tonight
and helps us grow, day by day.

These are times of change

and here at Velvet
we want to be at the forefront of it.

That's why tonight I'd like to make
two big announcements.

The first of which

is that Giuliano will be available
exclusively at Velvet Collection.

The second you will see for yourself
during tonight's show,

which is dedicated to all of the women

who've spent so long fighting
to be themselves.

Just like my friend...

my sister...

my angel.

Rita, this one's for you.

Thank you.

Mr. Godó, I wanted to thank you.

We owe our success tonight
to your reaction.

You owe it only to yourself, Ana.

I only confirmed what everyone saw,
an exceptional collection.

Besides, I was protecting my investment.

It was a pleasure
to be here with you tonight.

You can count on that extra loan.
The sky is the limit for Velvet.

Thank you so much.

I promise, we won't disappoint you.

I hope not.

I can't believe it, Clara.
He said yes!

Because he couldn't say no.


It was a success!

It will be when I see the wind
in those skirts.

You perv!

Can I have all of your attention
for a moment, everyone!

Before the toast,
I'd really like to acknowledge something.


you've made me proud.

You are the perfect example
of the perfect Head of Personnel.

Active, quick, watchful,
rigorous, relaxed,

-well, more or less relaxed...
-Not so much.

So I truly believe I'm leaving
the Velvet parent company

with the worthiest of successors who,
regrettably for me,

will erase all memory
of my years of tireless dedication.

I would like propose a toast
to my two children...

-and my wife.
-But first, a picture!

-Okay, a photo.

-I'm totally beat!
-You're getting old.

Look at me, I drove across the country
yet here I am.

-You drove too fast.
-I wasn't going to miss the fashion show.

And I definitely couldn't miss breakfast!
Who's coming for pan tumaca?

You never stop!

-I'm exhausted and you're making plans.
-Are you coming or not?

-Of course I am!
-And you, Blanca?

I have to be in the studio first thing,
but I'll escape as soon as I can.

-So, at 10 at the hotel?
-I'll pick you up.


I can't tell you how happy it makes me
just to be able to hold you.

My little girl...

Me too, Uncle,
but you have to come visit.

Alberto Jr. misses you.

-This year, I'll convince him. I promise.
-I hope so.

-Get some rest now.
-Sleep well.

-Let's go.
-See you tomorrow!



Good morning, how may I help you?

Good morning,
I'm looking for Emilio Lopez.

-Could you let him know his niece is here?
-Of course.

I saw his wife leave a little while ago.



He's not answering.
Perhaps he's out?

Or he fell asleep again.
I'll go see if I can wake him up.

Room 208, two floors up.

-My congratulations for your success.

Good morning.

Uncle Emilio?

It's me, Ana.

Excuse me.
Are you Ana Rivera?

-Yes, could you--
-My goodness, wait until my Marieta hears.

-Would you mind giving me an autograph?
-Of course not.

-Thanks so much.
-It's a pleasure.

It seems my uncle fell back to sleep
and I can't wake him.

-Could you open up for me?
-Consider it done!


Uncle Emilio, it's me.

The maid let me in.
You mustn't have heard me knocking.

-Room service will get straight on it.
-Good morning.

Hold the line, please.

Uncle Emilio, please!


What's wrong, Uncle Emilio?

Don't do this to me!

Uncle Emilio...


Somebody help, please!



Wake up, Emilio.
Please, wake up!


He's left us behind.

How could this happen?

We said goodbye
like it was any other day.

Two hours later...

If I hadn't gone...

If I hadn't left him alone.

Don't say that.

What was more important
than staying with him?

He couldn't even call for help.

I could have helped too,
if I'd just arrived earlier.

Blanca, come to New York with us.
A change would do you good.

Thank you but right now
I don't want to do anything.

The hearse is here.

Come on, Blanca.

One last push.

May God almighty,

our father, the son and the holy spirit

bless and keep
our brother Emilio Lopez,

for now and forever, Amen.

I know these are moments
of perpetual pain,

however perhaps someone present
would like to say a few words.

I would if it's okay
with Ana and Doña Blanca.

Ladies and gentlemen...

it's time.
Everyone, take your positions!

Pedro, you call that a tie knot?

Don Emilio was my boss,

my friend,

my teacher and my confidant.

Because of him, I am what I am today.

And I don't mean being stubborn.
That's in the genes, isn't it, son?

Don Emilio was like... a father to me.

Including how he'd tell me off.
My goodness, how he'd scold me.

With that voice of his,
every word was like slap on the wrist.

What a way to leave us...

He didn't even say goodbye.


you've finally got
some company up there!

Blanca... this won't be easy to get over,

but we're in this together, now.

And Ana...

he might never have told you, but...

you coming to Velvet
brought him back to life.

So let's not say goodbye,

but carry him with us in our hearts.

That's what we'll do.

Our wedding day
was the happiest day of my life.

Did you know that?

How could you do this now,
after 30 years together?

You have no shame.

You didn't want to move to Barcelona
and you got your way in the end.

Oh, Don Emilio...

My love.

Thank you for making me feel like
the most wonderful woman in the world.

I love you.

I always will.

Come on.

It's been 10 years since I was last here.

It brings back so many memories.

My mother.

How beautiful she was,
her smile...

My uncle always asked
to be buried next to her.

Shall I take you to the airport?

There's still so much left
to do at Velvet.

I think I'll have to stay on
a while longer.

Whatever you need, just ask.


My condolences for your loss.

Thank you.

Excuse me, Ana.

I need to talk to you before you leave.

I'm sorry, I don't know you

-and it's not a good--
-I'm Sergio.

Don Emilio's son.

Subtitles: Francesca Maguire