Veep (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - Detroit - full transcript

At an economic summit in Detroit, Selina's staff and her family are peeved by the presence of her new personal trainer, Ray. Meanwhile, Jonah and Mike negotiate a photo-op with Selina and Maddox. Later, Catherine protects her mom from a protestor, and Selina attends a women's gun show.

Ripped By mstoll

Is it okay that I am actually excited
to go to an economic summit?

Time to lose your fiscal cherry.

Oh, my God. Those protesters

shouldn't be allowed so close.

They’re just regular people, like you, Gary.

Or Amy.

Let me tell you
that when you announce 7,000 jobs,

they're gonna be fanning you
with those signs.

- Yeah.
- You're gonna be like the "fairy job-mother."


I want Selina's job announcement
on every network, okay?

I want to hear the Discovery Channel say,
"We interrupt these sharks."

Yeah, you know what? Thanks for sending me
the speech, Mike. It's perfect...

- Great.
- shit.

You know what?
Your first drafts are always terrible.

- That's my fourth.
- Oh, God...

Hey, Dan, why not put
the Mike hazing on pause

and tell us why we're bringing
Selina's personal trainer everywhere?

Because, Amy, trainers help
release endorphins. Okay?

I think it's a good idea.

You know what? Next time,
we'll get a clown and cheer you up.

Oh, good, a two-clown entourage.

This is Clifford Powell, Rheingold Plastics.

He makes the sipping lids for coffee cups.

How do you do? So you're the guy

who keeps burning my tongue.

Of course you could just wait until

it's a drinkable temperature.

Well, that's true. That's true.

Oh, don't look now,
but nine o'clock, ex-hubby.

- Oh.
- Hey, I'm Andrew.

- You see that tie?
- Yeah.

It's hideous.


- Suits him.
- Yeah, it does.

Andrew Meyer, dick on fire.

The metal skeleton,

you know, within the structure itself

is useless,

but then you put this black fabric

hexagonal-shaped thing on it,

and what do you have? An umbrella.

And it's a winning team.
And I like to think of it as a metaphor.

You know, don't you think... Yes?

- Sorry to interrupt.
- Yeah.

There's been a shooting across town.

- Oh, no.
- Three dead.

- One of them was Emily Lafuente.
- Oh. Wow.

- Emily Lafuente, the journalist?
- Yes.

She was a vicious bitch and a fuckin' drunk.


But that's sad news.

She was a Pulitzer Prize winner.

You don't have to do the whispering.
It's just me.

- Oh. She was a Pulitzer Prize... Okay.
- I know, now, of course.

- Ma'am.
- Yeah.

- There's been...
- A shooting. Yeah.

Where do you get your news,
from a guy on a horse?

Okay, so now what's gonna happen?

Is this gonna completely overshadow
my Turville jobs announcement, or what?

No, here's what we're gonna do.

Mike, I want you to put out a statement

about the shooting, okay?
Not too wordy for once. Yeah?

How about I just have the Veep put her arms
like in Platoon and scream, "Why?"

Too wordy?

Okay, Dan,

- do you have a minute?
- Yes.

You seem to be having me
going to all these music awards.

Nobody watches MTV anymore.

I'm starting to feel like
you're trying to hide me.

Catherine, I can't send
Mike and Ben to Coachella.

But you, you know, you're hip.

You're "deck," you know?

Beck's a thing, right?

Oh, Ma'am...

Oh, God. Minna Häkkinen?

Okay, remember her husband
fondled your left breast?

What do you think, I'm gonna forget that?

I've got a thumbprint there.

- Oh, oh!
- Madam Vice President.

Oh, Madam Ex-Prime Minister of Finland.

I do wonder

why it is you are here.

I am giving the keynote address,

I am giving a talk on economics,
The Finnish Wilt.

Uh, what?

- It's "wolf."
- Oh, hello.

- The Finnish Wolf.
- Yes.

And there is my book.

- Oh, and what is that called?
- The Finnish Wilf.

It's "wolf."

- Yeah, I got it. You can go.
- Okay.

I am seeing other people walking around

with the retractable ones,
and that is what I would like.

Sir, we only have them on lanyards.

I understand that you
only have them on lanyards.

I want a lanyard with a retractable one.

Do you have any idea who I am?

Jonah, come here.

You know, sometimes I feel like
there's a nine-year-old boy inside of you

just operating the levers.

Okay. Well, you see
what I've got to deal with, right?

I don't care. Photo op, tomorrow.

Maddox, Selina. Queensbury rules.

Minimum four-second handshake.

Minimum six-second handshake,
and I want a toothy smile.

Perfect. 'Cause we've got to prove
they don't hate each other.

- Absolutely.
- Okay. And this is it.

- This is it.
- That's it.

- This is ii!
- This is it.

- Now, I don't want any funny business, Mike.
- No funny business.

- I'll keep an eye on you.
- Oh.

Did you see this? Look at this action. Ka-pow!

This handshake is gonna show
that there is no Maddox-Meyer feud. Okay?

And if there was, by the way,
it would be a "Meyer-Maddox" feud.

Yeah, yeah. She would go first. That's right.

So, Amy, how's not being campaign manager
not working out for you?

- Really, it's fine.
- Hmm.

Selina and I have developed
such a good friendship over the years

that she tells me everything, anyway.

I never pegged you two as friends.

You know, you always seem
kind of tense around her.

I look tense,

because, yes... Because I...

Well, one, I have broad shoulders.

And two, because...

That's the job.
The job is what makes me look tense.

But underneath all the work tension,

I'm really very relaxed.

Have you heard about Emily Lafuente?

It is so awful.

Such a tragic thing.

I'm sorry to say, in your country
you have too many guns.

Way too many.
But I think we have a little problem,

and it's called the Second Amendment.

People think it's their birthright, you see.

To give guns to babies?

Well, only in Arizona.

- Minna, I've made a joke.
- I know!

And me also, I made a joke
for giving the guns to the babies.

Because I know you don't give
the guns to the babies.

No, of course not.

- It would be dangerous.
- Yeah. Bang!

- No, it would be awful. No.
- Awful.

- Amy, Amy.
- Yes?

Ray's here. Ray's here. Did you know,

- he practically fixed my shoulder.
- I see.

- Oh.
- And he's not just a personal trainer,

- he's like a personal Jesus.
- Mmm.

Maybe he could really help you
with, you know, your... Mmm...

Well, really everything, actually.

What are you talking about?

I've been watching you.
I see all of this tension.

Where do you want to start, neck or spine?

I could break both, if you'd like.

All right, well.

- I dig a challenge.
- Yeah.

Well, maybe you should

work on North Korea first, get them to relax,

and then work your way up Amy.

Minna Häkkinen.

The Finnish fox!

- Wolf.
- What?

- It's "wolf."
- Oh.

Thank you, Gary.

Are you part of "Team Veep?"

Yeah, you and the veep been talking jobs?

Actually, no.

We were talking about
the sad death of Emily Lafuente.

Just so sad. I hate murder.

In fact, I agreed with Selina

that she said
the Second Amendment you have,

it's really a problem.
You have far too many guns here.

Shut the fuck...

She said that?

Oh, God.

I haven't bent this far
since I was five centimeters dilated.

And, good. Right leg is mine. Let's go.

- OKay.
- Up.

Am I glowing?
I feel like I'm glowing.

How about we turn out
the lights and see?

- Can I trust you?
- I don't know. Can you?

All right. Turn it over.

- Oh, no.
- Come on. Almost there.

And core. Give it, tight.

Um... Am I interrupting?

What? No, not at all.

Just need you to sign off on this statement
for the murdered journalist, ma'am.

Emily Lafuente...

What? I cant read what that says.
What does that say?

"Lived life to the full."

"And we will miss her distinct voice."

Seems a bit stiff to me.

- It does? Do you think?
- Yeah. How about, uh,

"When she wrote the world listened."

Ooh, I like that.

So, you want to go with that?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.


- Thanks, Mike.
- Thank you.

Guess I can work with that.

- How much more do I have to do?
- Come on, I'll let you know.

I guess Ray is a media
consultant part time.

The entourage is getting way too big.

We're only days away from an omelet chef
and a piano tuner.

- What are you doing?
- Her jobs speech.

Can I see?

What is "Marimba America?"

Marimba, that alarm that's on
your phone when you wake up.

It's like, "Wake up, America!"

They don't give a shit.

You need a sound bite.

I wrote a sound bite once
and had the entire crowd in tears.

Even the police horses.

- Yeah, touch this. Touch me right here.
- Oh.

- Ray. Nice work.
- Seriously, isn't that incredible?

- Ready, almost?
- Here, Amy, touch this.

- Feel. Touch this.
- What I...

- I don't want to... I can see...
- No, touch it.

- Look at that.
- That's nice, ma'am.

Look at you.

You're gonna do your own fitness video.

I can improve your posture 8,000%.

Oh, my God.

Well, so can I. I can just take off my shoes.

I don't give up.

Gary, you're next.

Ah. I'm ready to receive it.

Got to get my oil.

Ah! I love the oil.

Sandalwood or chamomile?

Wood, please. I'll do the wood.

- Um, Ame?
- Yes?

Can I talk to you really quick,
just friend to friend, just for a second?

I like to think of us as friends
sometimes, too.

I spend more time with you
than any of my other friends.

That technically makes you

my best friend.

What do you think of Ray?

I think that he is an effective temporary hire.

I think he's kind of cute. Do you?

Yeah. Yeah, he's very cute.

We're fucking.


Don't worry. I can, uh, get rid of that

in a matter of an hour.

- No, no, no.
- The chicken's off the menu.

What? No.

I don't want to get rid of him.

Why do you think I would
want to get rid of him?

Um... Because you want to be president?

Well, I mean, I can get rid of him then.

I guess. I just wanted you to know.

But I don't want anybody else to know, okay?

Especially Dan. Oh, my God.

No, no, 'cause he'll be,
"Oh, a crisis. I need a third iPad."

We need to get her on stage faster.

I don't know. Use a jet pack. Hold on.

Mike, why would you send me this shit?

I mean, you might as well have just sat
on the fuckin' keyboard and sent me that.

I wrote it.


I mean, well, it's got some good bits.
We just got to tweak it a little.

Yes, yes, she's got to get off
the stage fast too.

Well, stick her in a cannon. I don't know.

So, Gary,

you know how when a trainer

and a vice president
love each other very much?

They're having sex.

- Oh, you know. Ah.
- Yeah, I figured it out.

I mean, look at him, you know? Look at her!

- My God.
- What are you guys talking about?

- The jobs speech.
- Yeah.

Oh, Selina and Ray fucking?

- Yeah.
- Yeah, I thought so.

Well, watch and learn.

Hey, Mrs. Meyer.

So Turville Industries

got a big jobs announcement?

Yeah. Ben!

Can we slap another restraining order
on this creepy bellboy?

No problem.

- See that?
- Or how about a drone strike?

I don't know what you said to her,
but I'm going to find out.

You did this?

Oh, come on,
we all know Andrew's terrible for her.

So I sourced Ray.

He's her new chew toy.

You're a sex trafficker now.

- How low can you go?
- Well, however low it is, Amy,

I'm still higher than you.

Okay, listen.
I'm not saying Ray is good enough for Selina.

I'm just saying I really, really like Ray.

We know. You're Ray-curious.

Okay, I don't know what that's about.

So, Ray, is it?

First economic summit, huh?

I get it.

"Muscle Mary don't not
understand smart-guy world, huh?"


Sorry, I didn't mean to strike a nerve there.

You didn't strike a nerve. I'm just saying.

Because you're in shape
doesn't mean you don't know

that "IMF" means "International Money Fund."



No big business!

No big business!

Why are we coming in this way?

This is the entrance that they wanted.

- Kent?
- Ma'am, after this job announcement,

your approval rating will soar
like a balloon slipped from a child's hand.

The thing is that I...

I'll buy you for a dollar!


- Oh, my God!
- Oh, my God!

Stay small, Selina!

- Go, go, go!
- My hair! My hair! My hair!

To the car! To the car!

Where the fuck is she?

- It's okay, she's out!
- Holy shit, you dick!

Give me your fuckin' gun!
I'll shoot his balls off!

Breathe, breathe. Stop it!

- Oh, God.
- Who's okay? Are you okay?

- Yes, I'm fine. That fucking guy!
- Do you have pain?

The Vice President is fine.

Hey, wait a minute. We've got to stop the car.

I've got 7,000 jobs to announce.

We can't let you do that, ma'am.

Yeah, you can let me do that.
I got to do it. It's...

Uh, Catherine just did
what any good daughter would do.

- What?
- You punched that motherfucker.

You punched that guy square in the face.

- Oh!
- No!

No, I hate violence.

Well, honey, that means you're really
good at it and you didn't even know it.


What reflexes!

Oh, my God!

I should have done more. I'm so sorry.

- I should have...
- Oh. Okay.

I could have just flung myself
right in front of you.

Now I feel like you're attacking me.
It's kind of irritating.

Okay, just back off.

Catherine is taking an ice bath.

- Yeah, Catherine's fine.
- Good, good.

And the fate of the protestor

is unknown at this time.

- Yeah.
- You know what?

My schedule's gonna be
completely fucked up now.

Now, you've got to call Sue.

- You got it.
- My neck...

I need your fingers on my neck, Ray.

Miss Wilson's phone.

- Kent, is that you?
- Well, I am everywhere.

Can you not hear me singing in the wires?

Okay, I think Kent is high.

- Listen, yeah.
- Really?

I'm passing you to Susan now. Stand by.

- Hello.
- Sue?

Ah, Mr. Davison has important news.

I'm passing you to him right now.

Jesus Christ.
What is going on between you two?

You and a telephone.

We have a negative influx,
narratively speaking.

Your numbers are gonna
rocket after this, ma'am.

No, they're not.


"There are way too many guns.

"The Second Amendment is a problem."

Ma'am, did you say this?

- What?
- No.

What the hell are you talking about?

Why would I say something
so fucking stupid?

Minna Häkkinen says you did.

- Why would...
- She just kicked us off the fuckin' cliff.

- What? What?
- What the fuck is her problem?


Finnish fart!

- Ma'am...
- What? I don't know.

Maybe I did say that to her.

But there was no reason for her
to be talking about it.

Do you realize what you've done?

You just picked a fight

with the jumpiest hundred million people
I can possibly think of.

Do we have to talk guns?

I wish we were still on abortion.

That was easy.


We've got to blow away this gun issue

before we can do anything
about a jobs speech.

And we still have the Maddox handshake.

I'm not doing that.

That's out of the... I'm not doing it.
I'm not doing it!

If you don't do the handshake,
it's gonna be a big

you know, "who snubbed who" shit storm,

that's big enough to shut down an airport.

I'm done with this.

I've had it. I need R&R.

- I need rest. I need "Ray-creation."
- Yes you do. Yes.

Just had it.

Yeah, I just...

I'm wiped, you know?


can we all just agree here
that Selina's fucking Ray?

I mean, only a moron couldn't see that.

Selina and Ray are fucking?

I'm still on speaker here.

And so is Mr. Davison.

- Hello again.
- Shit.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Oh, my God, my hair's caught in the desk.

Wait, what is this on my forehead?

It's the imprint of the bathmat.

- It is? Really?
- Yes!

God, this is so humiliating.

In years to come, a therapist
will have me acting this out with dolls.

I always hated that.

- Oh.
- I just want to check that Mom's okay.

And about her big jobs announcement?

There's something she needs to know.

- She's asleep.
- She's practicing her speech.

I'm sorry?

Mom, all of this stuff Dan has me doing,

I throw one punch, and all of a sudden
I am "America's Next Top Redneck."


Catherine, what is it, honey?

- I'm in the middle of working on...
- What's with your hair?

It's all messy.

Oh, my God.


That is not your shoe.

So what? What difference does it...


You must be Andrew.

And you must be kidding.

No, I'm Ray. I'm Selina's wellness advisor.

And now what?
The Pilates made your shirt fly off?

You do need to put some clothes on, okay?

Mom, not the help.

Jesus, that's tacky.

What's with the patronizing?
I've got two gyms and a shake business.


Have you no dignity,
or do you order that in as well?

Oh, wow!

- Unbelievable!
- Is it?

Okay, everybody is very tired,
it was a long day.

Nobody likes sex, let's disperse.

And there is a jazz trio downstairs
that's fantastic.

- Who likes jazz?
- I love jazz.

Kenny G can blow the storm up.

Great. I was talking about the others.

We are going to need a bigger hallway.

Oh, my God, it's the Finnish funnel mouth.

- Madam Vice President.
- Madam Ex-Prime Minister.


I wish to express my deepest

and most profound regret
for what happened today.

- Right.
- There is,

on your team,
a leaking gentleman.

What? Who?

- On your team.
- Who on my team?

I don't know his name,

but he is like

in central Europe there is a bad companion
for Santa Claus.

He comes on Christmas
and if the children are naughty,

he takes away the presents.


No, no. It's like a man,

but it's very tall.

- Jonah!
- It's Jonah.

- Oh, it's Jonah?
- He's not on our team.

At all. No.

I am so sorry.

But I would like you to understand

that in my country,
politics is a lot more honest.

In your country, people fuck snow.

And I hope you understand

that I say that with the utmost respect.

I'm under enormous pressure

having been attacked by the Statue of Liberty,

earlier this day...

No, no.

- I am so sorry.
- Thank you. Yes.

- Thank you.
- Good night. Good night.

Good night. And my room is just next door.

Oh, great.

I want for your comfort to make you aware
that today I purchased ear pligs.

- Ear plugs-
- Ear plugs-

Oh, ear plugs. Okay.

Not every country likes to eavesdrop.


- No, it's a joke. Finnish joke.
- Yeah, it's a good one.

No, we got it.

- Sweet dreams.
- Sweet dreams.


Who needs what?

You go first.

Well, to begin with,
I was coming to talk to you

about the fact that
Dan has me doing all these...

Great. You must now go
and speak with Dan, not to me.


I came up... You know what?

Forget it.

- Music to my ears, Andrew.
- Yeah, yeah.

- Try these Perch balls.
- Ooh.


I am not going to talk to radio stations
that have eagles in the logo

or call themselves the "voice of reason."

Yes, let me...

- Ah. Ma'am...
- Hold on a second.

We're reaching out
to the gun lobby right now.

Mike has written a speech that I think

should neutralize the entire issue.

Ninth draft.

Uh, great. Okay, everybody listen up.

Ray has got kind of a fabulous idea, I think.

The vice president goes to a gun show.

- What?
- What?

You mean the Wayne County Gun Fair,

- Yes. That's the one.
- That's the one.

Good for you, Sue.

- This is a gun show for women.
- That's right.

Women with guns are less threatening,

Yeah, exactly, because they're not nut jobs.

Case in point, by the way.

This could be good, "Feminism Reloaded."

There's no time.

No, there is time, Dan.
You can do this, ma'am.

We'll have to push the speech back

30 minutes. So you'll need to be fast.

Yeah, fine. I can be fast.

Well, I'm not going to a fucking gun show.

Uh, well, yes, you are going
to a "fucking gun show,"

even if I have to put a gun
to your fucking head.

Okay, we can make this work.

We do shake, show, speech all in 90 minutes.

You know what? Today is the day

that Selina Meyer's campaign begins.

You say that once a week.

We're gonna need road maps.

Scramble 30 extra cops,

tell my mother to push

the weekly call to Wednesday
and let's plan this beast.

Oh. We're gonna need cookies, too.

- I can't hold this.
- You ready, ma'am?

Yeah, but he's on my good side.
I need to be on that side.

No, that is your good side.

Why can't you ever remember
what my good side is?

No, this...

- Hey, George.
- Hey.

- Do you mind if I stand here?
- Madam Vice President.

Sure, sure, go ahead.

- Great.
- How are you doing?

I was really, really worried.

Don't be worried.

- Have you been fishing?
- Doing a little bit.

You know, I'm trying to reel that big one in.

- Fantastic.
- Yeah.

You know, ma'am'
I think we need to get going

- Okay, guys, that's it.
- Okay, got to go. I'll see you...

Three, two, one... Boom!

Okay, that's it. Okay, show's over, all right?

You got your TIFFs and your JPEGs. No more.

"Veep's campaign needs

- "a helping hand."

How the fuck do you
screw up a handshake, Mike?

It's four fingers and a thumb.

Jonah had a good idea.
We never planned for that.

Yeah, great hand job, pal.

Okay, you guys,

can we calm down?

We're about to go to a roomful of guns.

I don't think we're exactly
in the right headspace.

- Yeah. That's...
- That's a good point.

Oh, yeah, we are!

Oh, yeah!

You're gonna be great.

All right, shut your mouth
and then shut the road.

And if you don't like my tone,

you're really not going to like
Guantanamo Bay.

ETA, 3.9 minutes.

Okay, ma'am, you need to be
conservative and liberal.

- Okay?
- What?

- So, look at guns, but don't touch guns.
- Oh, God.

You know what?
Don't even say the word "gun."

Use words like "protection" or "assurance."

But in context. Don't say,
"Freeze, or I'll protect your fucking head off."

- Yeah.
- Madam Vice President.

- We're so glad you're okay.
- Oh, I'm fine.

Thanks for coming.
It really means a lot to us "Ladies Who Load."

Thank you.

Oh, wow.

Look at this well-defended picnic table.


Covered in all these...

Things that defend.

And look at that one. It's so tiny.

Okay, I'm going to tell you
something so uncanny.

This color is exactly Catherine's
favorite color when she was a little girl.

Look here, honey.

Although this would not have been
a good present for her,

'cause she was a toddler with a temper.
She was so mad.

- I wasn't. I...
- Just say you were mad. Doesn't matter.

- These are, like, tommy guns.
- Yeah.

Yeah, from an old-timey movie.

- Don't you love the old-timey movies?
- "Oh, don't shoot!"

Could I get a selfie?

Oh, absolutely. Of course you can. Yeah.

What? Oh.

- There you go.
- Thank you.

You got it' right?

Perfect. Is it good? I hope it's good.

We got to go. Come on, honey bunny.

And this one is upside down, so,
if you were doing a back bend or something...

Someone's face is on a T-shirt.

Are you kidding me?

I wish my daughter
could bust heads like you, young lady.

Is that my face?

Yeah, it is. Wow.

She is not gonna like that.

She's an adult.

Are you talking about Catherine or Selina?

Thank you for showing us around.

- On that note, though, I think we have to go.
- "Make my day."

Great. Thank you very much, everyone.

Catherine! Catherine!

It's just one freaky

- dyke after another.
- Yeah.

All right. GO left on Jefferson.

We fixed the traffic lights.

We diverted a parade for Polish Americans.

We've put more oops on the route.

I've seen that part of town.
There's nothing down there worth stealing.

- Dad!
- Hi. Selina?

Oh, my God. What is up with you?

- Kitchen's closed. Okay?
- No, this is about the Turville jobs.

What about the Turville jobs?

I've got some buddies on the board
and I hear they are defaulting on their loans.

They've got six months, tops.

I would have told you last night,
but you had Ray's cock in your ear.

Wait a minute. Do you understand?

I'm about to announce the 7,000 Turville jobs.

There won't be any in six months.

- What am I supposed to do?
- Talk about the GDP.

Nobody knows what that means.

- Do you know what that means?
- Yes, I...

- Okay, what?
- I've got Kent on the phone.

I think I put it on speaker,
but I might have taken a photo instead.

Give this to me.

Hello? Hello?

Good news.
We've changed your speech to a friendly Q&A

with the host of the panel chair.

- Oh.
- Great.

No need to announce the jobs that aren't jobs.

- Thank you, Kent.
- Yay!

Good to hear.

Nobody's gonna ask a question
about something they don't know.

- Exactly right.
- Okay. Well, that's a...

Who's the panel chair' do we know?

I don't know. I can look it up...

Oh, my God. It's the big bad "wilf."

That timetable was not a timetable.

That was a poem.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Thank you very much.

- Thank you very much.
- Oh, thank you.

It's so nice to be here with friends here.

And, of course, a dear friend right next to me.

Yes, we have met twice.

- Sit down, please.
- Yes. Thank you.

Thank you.

So I have been asked...

No... Told, is more accurate

that I must mention that you have
a very exciting announcement

to make.

You know,

it's funny.
I really today wanted to talk with you

and our group here

about the big picture.

You know? The American landscape
that we're all in today.

That's son of the conversation
that I'm interested in having

with you and with our friends.

But there is also a very

particular announcement
that you wish to make?

Yeah, but I really wanted to talk about

the inspirational entrepreneurs I met.

The men and women
who are behind the umbrella skeleton.

If you think about the engineering of it,

it's a beautiful thing to behold,
and it's something upon which we rely.

It is written there,
what you wish to say.

Well, actually. speaking of writing...

Now, I hope you don't mind
my mentioning this,

but you have written a book. Have you not?

The Finnish Wolf,

which sounds quite intriguing.
And I'm interested...

I don't understand. Do you want me to make

the announcement about Turville Industries?

No, it's okay. Fine. Yeah. Um...

Well, we formed a partnership
with Turville Industries,

and I'd like to announce

that there are gonna be some new jobs
in the Detroit area.

Yeah, but

it’s just one component in the overall picture.
It's not a big deal

in and of itself,

just to be quite clear about it.

Oh, no. No.

It is 7,000 new jobs.

That is 7,000..

Please, stand. Don't be so modest.

I think that people will remember the names

Selina Meyer and Turville Industries
for a very long time.

Well, if we kill everybody in the room
then we might be okay.

Yeah. Can I kill Minna first?

I stole a pistol from the gun show.

You won't have lied for six months.

Oh, that's true. I appreciate that point. Yeah.

Hey, where is Dan?

- Here. Right here. Yes, ma'am.
- Dan? Okay.

Why isn't Andrew on the team?

He should be attached.

That's an excellent point.
I wanted Andrew in the entourage,

- but Amy said...
- Amy said nothing.

So what up?

You got it. Yes, ma'am. Sure.

Guess "Operation Ray" failed, huh?

Don't worry, I can write your statement.
"I resign."

Or is that too wordy?

This is really nice,
working together as a family.

I actually enjoyed that gun show, you know?

Once I got used to all the regular people

and how fat they were, I really enjoyed it.

- Obesity is a huge issue. Yeah?
- Yeah, it absolutely is. It is.

Um... That tie I like.

That's better than yesterdays tie.

You like music?

I can't do this again, Amy. I'm all lied out.

I mean, I can't.

Very direct, Andrew.

Hey, Ray. Can't go in there.

Yeah? And you can't do this.

Why are we on the couch?

- Did she fall?
- Hey, I'm gonna take that massage now,

if you don't mind.

- Um, but that way, yes?
- That was quick.

I've been taking class
in Reflexology.

Okay, I'll hold that. I got it.

Andrew, what are you...

Here's good.

Right here, yeah.

- Just relax.
- Okay.

Ah. How about there?

Yeah, still nothing.

You know, it's okay, it doesn't matter.
It doesn't...

oh. my God!

That's very good.

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