Vanished with Beth Holloway (2011): Season 1, Episode 8 - Fleischmann/Rivazfar - full transcript

Set in Charlotte, NC and Pensacola, FL. Beth examines the story of a recent college graduate who went missing after a night out with his friends; she also visits with a young woman who shares the harrowing story of the kidnapping she and her sister endured as children.

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Narrator: A young man disappears
from the streets of Charlotte.

-It didn't makes sense
that this kid went missing.

-You just get this
horrible feeling

in the pit of your stomach.

Narrator: Hope for finding
him lies in a murky surveillance

tape and the
predictions of a psychic.

-I don't think it
was an accident.

Narrator: Then, in
Florida, two young sisters

vanish from their
pensacola home.

-It's the kind of
case that strikes

fear in the hear of any parent.

Narrator: A dying child may
hold the key to cracking the case.

-He told me to say my prayers
and start cutting my throat.

Narrator: Now, on

-in 2005, I got
the call telling me

that my daughter
Natalie hadn't vanished.

Every parent's worst
nightmare became my reality.

I ask the world to help me.

I found myself in an
unimaginable fight.

My search for answers gave
me a new mission in life...

Bring the missing home
and criminals to justice.

Every year in america, there
can be as many as 100,000

active missing persons cases.

The vast majority are
women and children.

The reason for that is simple.

Grown men don't
make easy targets.

But when one young
man vanishes, it

proves there are
exceptions to every rule.

Narrator: In 2006
22-year-old Kyle fleischmann

graduates from elon
university and begins

planning his career in
business administration.

His parents, dick and
Barbara, couldn't be more proud.

-He was a wonderful kid.

He was a mature kid.

He was the first born.

And he liked being
with us, oddly enough.

-What was your
relationship like with Kyle?

-I would say the best
relationship was him

one-on-one... going out
to eat together for lunch,

playing golf together.

It was just... he was
like my buddy all the time.

Narrator: After graduation, Kyle
moves back home to Charlotte

to take a job with a
medical staffing firm

and be closer to his family.

Kyle also maintains a
busy social calendar.

Daniel scagnelli:
He tended to be

kind of the life of the
party, center of attention,

which was fun.

But when you got to
know on a personal level,

he would take his shirt off
of his back and give it to you.

-It might not be today.

It might not be next year.

But I think in
everybody's plan, they

hope to have someone that
really makes them happy.


I love you, man.

Narrator: Kyle fleischmann's
life seems picture perfect.

But in September 2007,
Kyle's mother, Barbara,

is diagnosed with breast cancer.

-You were facing
personal battle for your life.

How were you coping?

-You think that's
the biggest thing

that could ever happen to you.

You know, you just start
thinking, what am I gonna do,

and is it serious.

And it just happened
very quickly.

-And dick, how were
you handling this news?

-My thought
process was strictly,

how well did we treat
it, if you get it early.

And we got the right... the
best people we could find.

Narrator: Ever the devoted
son, Kyle does everything

in his power to support
his mom in her time of crisis.

-He'd take his lunch
break to meet her for lunch,

or go shopping with his mom.

Just to basically capture
every minute that he could

and give her the
support that she

needed to make it
through that tough time.

Narrator: Thursday,
November 8, is no different.

After work, Kyle
meets some friends

at Daniel scagnelli's house.

-We were planning to go
to a Dane cook concert.

Kyle had actually introduced
the entire group to Dane cook

back when we were in college.

Narrator: From Daniel's house,
they take a cab to the arena.

And Kyle makes plans to meet
up with his mother and sister, who

were also going to the show.

Unfortunately, those
plans fall through.

-He had separate
tickets and was sitting

in a different
part of the arena.

We had planned to
meet earlier for dinner.

And our plans just
weren't syncing right.

We kept missing each other.

Narrator: After the
show, Kyle and his friends

head to a nearby bar.

He calls his sister to invite
her and his mom to join them.

-Kyle said say, we're
at buckhead saloon.

Come by.

And she said, oh,
we're almost home.

And I just said, have fun.

And, you know, that was it.

Narrator: Kyle and his friends
spend the next several hours

drinking and dancing
at the buckhead saloon.

Before long, Kyle
strikes up a conversation

with a young woman.

Daniel scagnelli: Kyle was
clearly a good-looking guy.

And he didn't have any
problem in the lady department,

if you will.

Narrator: After a
few hours at the bar,

his friends decide
to call it a night.

But Kyle opts to stick
around a little while longer.

-I left that night around 12:30.

And that was the
last time we saw Kyle.

Narrator: Friday
morning, 8:00 am.

Daniel scagnelli steps
out of his front door

and noticed Kyle's car is
still parked outside his house.

Daniel knows that Kyle
should be at work by now.

-It was really
just a gut feeling

that something might be wrong.

It just wasn't like
Kyle to leave his car,

to not tell somebody where
he was or what was going on.

Narrator: Throughout
the day, Daniel

repeatedly tries to reach Kyle.

But his calls go
straight to voicemail.

At 5:30 pm, he
calls Kyle's office.

Daniel scagnelli:
Come to find out

that Kyle had not
gone into work that day.

They hadn't heard
from him, hadn't called,

which was
completely unlike Kyle.

We knew that we had to call 911.

Narrator: Police informed Daniel
it will be 48 hours before they

can launch an
official investigation.

So Daniel's next move
is to call dick fleischmann

and inform him that his
son is nowhere to be found.

Dick fleischmann: My instinct
was, this is not a good sign.

There was never
a time in 24 hours

that I can recall that no one
was in communication with him,

ever in his lifetime.

-I just remember
dick's face changing,

you know, from
kind of like, yeah

who is this, to kind of concern.

Right away, you just
get this horrible feeling

in the pit of your stomach.

Narrator: Dick is
even more alarmed

when he checks his
cell phone and realizes

that Kyle tried to reach
him early that morning.

-Kyle made a number phone
calls from about 2:45 to 3:25,

because I think he
probably was looking

not to leave a message because
he needed immediate response.

-Was panic
beginning to take over.

-I knew in my gut that something
very serious had happened.

Unfortunately, it will still

be nearly two days
before detectives

can begin a
formal investigation.

-They said they don't
file cases 'til Monday,

and this was a Friday night.

-She said, well, you'll be
hearing from someone on Monday.

And dick's like,
I don't think so.

Narrator: Kyle's
friends and family

decide to launch
their own investigation.

They start by checking
local jails and hospitals,

and by setting up a Facebook
page to get the word out

that Kyle is missing.

-We didn't sleep that night.

We hammered on.

We drank the coffee and
kept going and made flyers

and just kept the ball rolling.

Narrator: Dick fleischmann
also hires a private investigator

to assist in the search.

-That's not a
typical first reaction

for a parent to immediately
contact a private investigator.

How did you know to do that?

-I just felt I couldn't
wait a couple days.

And if Kyle was somewhere
being held against his will

or something, we needed
to get in there and find out.

And clearly you can't
do that by yourself.

Narrator: The private
eye starts his investigation

at Kyle's last known
whereabouts, the buckhead


There he discovers
the first trace

of Kyle... his credit
card and jacket, which,

to Kyle's father, seems to
explain the late-night phone


-He didn't have his credit
card, so he couldn't get cash.

And based on what we know,
he had about $6 or $7 to his name.

And I think he was
searching for a ride home.

Narrator: Knowing
that Kyle couldn't

have gone far on
foot, friends and family

fine-tuned their
search, focusing

on uptown Charlotte,
the area where

buckhead saloon is located.

-I want to go down a few
and then start going up.

We just began
pounding the pavement,

going from hospitals
to home shelters

to banging on news station
doors, newspaper doors.

You name it, we
were all over the place.

-Right now, police are
actively investigating case.

Narrator: Thanks to the
massive weekend-long search,

Kyle's case is a top
story on the evening news.

-What happened to Kyle?

Do you have any information
about where he might be?

There were so many
questions around it.

It just seemed so bizarre.

It didn't make sense
that this kid went missing.

He just seemed to vanish.

Narrator: In Charlotte, north
Carolina, 24-year-old Kyle

fleischmann walks out of
an uptown bar and vanishes.

Three days later,
the only sign of Kyle

is the jacket and credit
card he left behind.

Barbara fleischmann:
You know your child.

You know their personality.

You know what they would
do and what they wouldn't do.

Kyle would never have just
gone somewhere and not

been heard from.

Narrator: The fleischmanns
believe Kyle's disappearance

may have something to
do with the young woman he

met at buckhead saloon.

Dick fleischmann: I
had to explain it to him.

I said, be careful.

If you have a very attractive
girl walk up to you in a bar

and you're alone, Kyle,
make sure you always

look over her
shoulder and stuff,

that her boyfriend
or his friends

are not standing around.

They could get upset that
she's paying attention to you.

Narrator: On Monday
morning, Charlotte police

take over the case
and immediately begin

reviewing the bar
surveillance footage.

Within hours, they spot Kyle
and his new female friend on tape.

-Well, surveillance
footage has Kyle

dancing with a young
woman in the bar.

Does anyone know who she is?

Dick fleischmann:
The police talk to her.

And based on
their investigation,

they did not see any connection.

Narrator: The girl claims that
she and Kyle left the buckhead

saloon separately.

Surveillance footage
confirms that she departed

at 2:17 am, several
minutes before Kyle.

-Video from the bar shows
him exiting by himself,

walking outside the
bar... short-sleeved shirt

and wearing jeans.

Narrator: After Kyle
leaves buckhead saloon,

a camera on a loading
dock across the street

captures him walking
toward a nearby pizza place.

-What details were gathered
from the security footage

showing Kyle leaving the bar?

-He felt pretty confident.

And I said, he was going
to fuel pizza to get pizza.

He's done it before.

It's been a pattern
on his credit card.

Narrator: Investigators question
several fuel pizza employees

and confirm that Kyle
stopped in moments

after leaving buckhead saloon.

What they can't say
is what happened next.

-We don't know how long
he actually stayed in fuel pizza

that evening.

So how long was he outside?

Where did you go after that?

You know, we don't know.

Narrator: And at this moment,
finding Kyle is only half

of the fleischmanns' battle.

In four days, Barbara
is due at the hospital

for a necessary procedure in
her battle against breast cancer.

-It's like, oh god, yeah, I
have this surgery scheduled.

Of course, I'm going to do it.

I can't put it back.

I have to do it.

It was crazy.

When it rains, it pours.

Narrator: Then, just hours
before Barbara's operation,

there's a break in Kyle's case.

A taxi driver comes
forward and claims

he encountered
Kyle one hour after he

was seen at fuel pizza.

-He saw someone
that looked exactly

like Kyle walking north
on north Davidson street

at approximately
3:20 to 3:30 am.

From fuel pizza
from the time Kyle

would have walked
that distance would

have put him in that area.

Narrator: One detail
of the taxi driver's story

doesn't make sense.

-The direction
Kyle was walking in

was towards a
very high-crime area

of Charlotte, high drug area.

Basically all types of
crime you could think of.

Narrator: Why
would Kyle be headed

toward a notoriously bad
neighborhood at 3:00 am?

His friends and
family believe Kyle

might have been intoxicated.

Narrator: I think
that he probably got

a little disoriented, probably
walked in the wrong direction.

Narrator: The next morning,
hundreds of volunteers

join police in a
massive search for Kyle.

Among them is
Barbara fleischmann,

just hours after
emerging from surgery.

-We're just so
grateful to everybody

that people would
do this for us.

It was great to see
all that support and all

that organization
and all those people

in the bright green t-shirts.

-16 of you, get in these
two vans right here.

-Charlotte is a
big city, but it really

felt like they
were a little town.

-We had tracking dogs
and cadaver-type dogs,

and started tracking
and searching the area.

Narrator: The dogs immediately
catch a scent and lead

the search party north.

Within minutes, the
dangers of north Charlotte

become all too real

Daniel scagnelli:
While we were there,

there was some
sort of altercation

that broke out into gunfire.

And we all had to scramble
and jump behind cars

and hit the ground.

Narrator: Despite
the obvious risks,

Kyle's friends continue
searching through the night.

-I'm walking there
with nothing but my two

hands, a flashlight,
and a bookbag.

We didn't want to leave
any stone unturned.

We're covering as
much ground possible.

-We did for him what he
would have done for us.

Narrator: By morning, the
search dogs have lost the scent

and the search party's efforts
have come up empty handed.

But there is some good news.

Barbara learns that her surgery
appears to have been a success.

With her son still missing,
it's a hollow victory.

-I know that was a really
just unimaginable time for you,

Barbara, to find...

-yeah, you think that
it's just... oh, god, this

is like the worst thing.

And then something
else comes along

that makes that just
look like... like it's nothing.

-I know when she was
getting the chemotherapy,

it wasn't the pain of the
chemo that was upsetting her.

It was Kyle.

Narrator: Over
the next 12 months,

Barbara undergoes
numerous treatments

in her fight against cancer.

And Kyle's friends join
police on three more searches.

None of them yield
any new information.

-I think we're... essentially,
it's still at square one.

We know that Kyle
most likely left fuel pizza

and walked north of Charlotte.

We're at a loss for what
happened from there.

Narrator: It's now been
more than two years

since Kyle fleischmann
vanished in uptown Charlotte.

Investigators have
surveillance footage

of Kyle leaving the
buckhead saloon,

but no concrete idea
of what happened next.

The fleischmanns
cling to the hope

that their son is still alive.

-We do have moments
where you break down.

But you realize you just
got to keep going forward.

-You just keep going.

You just go, because
what's the alternative?

So as you know,
what's the alternative?

Narrator: In 2009,
the fleischmanns

opt for a new approach
to investigating

Kyle's disappearance.

They bring in Kathy
hasty, a psychic medium.

-Anyone who is going through
this type of trauma and horror

that this family
has gone through

is willing to open
their hearts to anything

that might give them
some sort of peace.

Narrator: Though
initially skeptical,

dick fleischmann is quickly
surprised by Kathy's work.

Without any prompting
or prior knowledge,

she picks up in the exact spot
where the scent dogs left off.

-She'd never been
to Charlotte in her life.

She took my investigator
exactly to the point

on north Davidson
street and stated

that Kyle was right around here.

Narrator: Kathy says Kyle's
presence is still overpowering.

-When something traumatic
or something really powerful

happens in an
area, an impression

is made on the energy
that makes up that area.

Just like if a meteor
hits the earth,

there's a crater that's made.

-She goes, there's a coke
sign somewhere around here.

He's looking around and goes,
I don't see a thing anywhere.

And she goes, no, it's
right over in that area.

He went over there and
he pulled the tree behind,

and it was an old,
rusted sign that she

had pointed out a mile away.

-Yeah, she said, Kyle
said he's near a coke sign.

-I mean, that had
to have just, like,

really grabbed your attention.


Narrator: Kathy
tells the fleischmanns

she believes their son
likely died in this very spot.

And more than likely,
he was murdered

Barbara fleischmann: I
don't think it was an accident.

The events leading up to
what happened to Kyle I believe

were accidental.

I believe his actual passing
had some intention behind it.

Narrator: If it's true, then
where is Kyle's body?

Over the years, investigators
receive dozens of tips,

but none ever pan out.

-Every time remains are
found in Charlotte or even

around Charlotte,
everybody's mind

goes right to Kyle fleischmann.

Could it be Kyle fleischmann?

And every time, it's never Kyle.

Narrator: More than three
years after Kyle vanished,

the fleischmanns have come
to believe that their son was

the victim of a robbery
that turned deadly.

-I think Kyle came upon
some bad people that

were out late at night.

You know, as the
saying goes, nothing good

happens after a
certain point in the night.

He got very unlucky.

-I said from day one, he
made a very bad decision.

It cost him his life.

Narrator: Though it may
be too late for their son,

the fleischmanns
hope that there's

a lesson for others in
Kyle's tragic mistake.

-What do you think
that our young adults can

learn from Kyle's disappearance?

-Plan how the evening is going
to end and their exit strategy.

They just don't
think about that.

They don't think
that far in advance.

And they also have a
notion that nothing could ever

happen to them, you know.

That's just being young.

Narrator: Kyle's
friends have taken

the fleischmanns'
advice to heart.

But they also dream of the
day when their best friend finally

comes home.

Daniel scagnelli: Kyle's
like a brother to me.

So there's always the hope
in the very back of my head

that one day he'll
just walk in the door.

I'll get a phone
call that, you know,

he stumbled in with amnesia
or something like that.

-I pray.

I pray to this day
we still find him.

-I just want to wish you
guys the best of luck.


-I love you, man.

-Details about Kyle's
disappearance may be slim,

but friends and family are
still fighting to learn the truth.

A tip from a taxi driver brought
them one step closer to Kyle.

The tip that cracks the
case could come for you.

Narrator: Kyle
fleischmann was last

seen in uptown Charlotte
on November 9, 2007.

He is six feet tall with green
eyes and light brown hair.

Today, the fleischmann
family is offering

$50,000 for information
leading to Kyle.

If you have information
about Kyle fleischmann,

please go to mylifetime.

and click on the tips button.

-When a missing child
is returned to their family,

it's a cause for celebration.

But the trauma of
what happened to them

can leave scars
that last forever.

Narrator: Sayeh
rivazfar may seem

like a typical 31-year-old.

She has a full-time job, a
cozy home in Rochester,

New York, and a
loving father who

couldn't be more proud of her.

-I've never known
somebody be so in tune

to in everything they do.

She loves life,
and she live sit.

She's my inspiration.

Narrator: But to appreciate
just how remarkable

she is, you have
to know her story.

Sayeh rivazfar's story begins
in 1988 in pensacola, Florida.

She's eight years
old and the eldest

of three children... her
brother, arash, the youngest,

and her sister, Sara,
the most spirited.

-Sara was a spunky kid.

She had no problem telling
you what is what and how it goes.

-Was Sara your best friend?

-Her and I were two
peas in a pd, for sure.

I mean, she was the girly
girl, and I was the tomboy.

It was like she
was my other half.

Narrator: But life for the
rivazfar kids isn't easy.

Their parents,
Patricia and Ahmad,

are locked in a bitter
custody struggle.

And though Patricia is
unwilling to give up custody,

she is repeatedly arrested
for driving under the influence.

Child services has
been called to the house

on more than one occasion.

Despite these repeat offenses
and the fact that the rivazfar

children have
voiced a desire to live

with their father in
Rochester, the Florida courts

continue to side with Patricia.

-Sayeh, what was it
like for you growing up?

It was a tough childhood.

It almost... you can't
consider it a childhood.

We would be shipped off
to people we didn't know

or other relatives
that would watch us,

because she needed to
release by going out and drinking.

We just kind of thought
that that was the way of life.

Narrator: The kids come to
accept the constant parties

and having strange
men around the house.

Sayeh rivazfar: My mother
had a lot of male companions.

It became normal to us.

You know, some were
good, and some weren't.

Narrator: Left
with little choice,

sayeh becomes the De facto
caregiver around the house.

-Were there times as
you were growing up

that you and Sara were able
to play and play in the sand

and pretend play,
and have somewhat

of a typical eight and
six-year-old child's life?

-We certainly tried.

We shared a bedroom.

So, you know, we had,
you know, little times here

and there that we
were able to be kids.

Narrator: But on the
night of September 21,

sayeh and Sara's childhood
is permanently ripped apart.

It starts around 9:20 pm,
when mom Patricia steps out

for drinks, leaving her
latest boyfriend, Milo Jean

hanson, behind to
keep an eye on children.

As usual, sayeh gets
everyone ready for bed.

-Well, it was a school night.

So we had to be in bed by 8:00.

And me being the
oldest, I thought

of the genius idea of Sara
and I getting ready for school

the night before.

So we put on our school clothes.

And that's what we slept in.

And so both Sara
and i, sharing a bed,

went to bed with
our school clothes on.

Narrator: Around
midnight, Patricia

returns home and passes
out next to her boyfriend.

Approximately a half
hour later, a stranger

enters the home
through the back door

and makes his way
to the girls bedroom.

-So the next thing I know, I
was being carried out of my room

through the back door and
placed in the front seat of the car.

Then he goes back
and gets my sister,

and places her in the
back seat of the car.

I see it's about 12:30,
one o'clock in the morning.

And I asked him, you
know, where we're going.

And he said, we're
going to see your mother.

Narrator: But the
man isn't taking

Sara and sayeh
to see their mother.

Far from it, in fact.

September 22, 6:30 am.

20 miles away in
Santa Rosa county,

sheriffs receive
an alarming call.

The woman tells the
operator she and her husband

found the girl near a dirt
road adjacent to the highway.

Barely conscious, the girl
tells them her name is sayeh.

Sayeh rivazfar: They
immediately put me in the truck

and put cloth over my
neck to stop bleeding,

and rushed me to the
nearby store up the road.

At this time, things were
getting a little blurry for me.

And the last thing
I do you recall

was an EMT, a paramedic
coming up to me.

And after that, I don't
remember anything.

On the scene is
deputy bill mccurdy.

Bill mccurdy: I was met
by some people, a couple.

They direct me to their truck.

And on the front seat of this
truck there... there was sayeh.

She was bleeding from the neck.

Narrator: Deputy mccurdy
begins loading sayeh

into an ambulance.

Though she's wounded with
a 4 and 1/2 inch laceration

to her throat, sayeh is able
to recount the terrifying details

of what happened to her and
her sister once they were abducted.

Sayeh rivazfar: We drove
to a nearby wooded area.

And I kind of peeked
my eyes open,

and I see we're
turning onto a dirt road.

And at that time, the car stops.

Narrator: There in
the woods, the man

ties up Sara, then
viciously rapes sayeh.

Sara saw this and
started crying hysterically,

and asking why
he was doing this.

And all I could do is tell
her that it's going to be ok,

and it's almost over.

Narrator: But sayeh's
nightmare is just beginning.

-And sayeh, you
have been enduring

this for now four of five hours.


And it just... I mean,
it felt like eternity.

But after a while, he told me
to start walking into the woods.

And he was carrying
Sara behind me.

And it was like a cleared
path in an area near a tree

where he told me to stop.

And he placed Sara
on the side of the tree

as I stood in front
of the tree facing him.

And he told me
to say my prayers.

Narrator: In pensacola,
Florida, eight-year-old

sayeh rivazfar is found
staggering down a dirt road,

her throat slashed open.

Though barely
conscious, sayeh is

able to recount the
brutal assault that

now threatens to claim her life.

Making matters worse, her
sister Sara is nowhere to be found.

Bill mccurdy: They
put her on stretcher

and was rolling her
to the back of the truck.

I told her that I'm
gonna go find your sister.

Narrator: But before
taking off in search of Sarah,

deputy mccurdy asks
sayeh if she knows

the name of the man
who attacked them.

-I clearly asked her,
who did this to you?

And she looked at
me and she said, ray.

Ray did it.

-After that, I don't
remember anything

until I was actually at the
hospital in a very big room,

where there was lots of
people around me cutting off

all my clothes and
putting them into bags.

Narrator: Around the time
sayeh is being rushed into surgery,

deputy bill mccurdy
arrives at the stretch of road

where sayeh told him
the attack took place.

His hope is to find
sayeh's sister, Sara.

Around 7:00 am, mccurdy spots
a trail leading into the woods.

-I remember grabbing my
first aid box out of the trunk.

And then I came
running through the trail.

Narrator: The
trail leads mccurdy

to a small clearing and
a bone-chilling discovery.

Bill mccurdy: I saw
Sara on the ground.

She was wearing a sweater,
like a pullover sweater.

It looked like her hands
were tied behind her back.

And her throat had
been ripped over.

Narrator: Sara rivazfar is dead.

With the discovery
of Sara's body,

detectives shift the
focus of their investigation.

The new priority is to
find the mysterious ray

that sayeh has
identified as their attacker.

Police are also
trying to understand

how Sara and sayeh
could have been

abducted so easily
from their house.

Though they were home
at the time of the crime,

neither Patricia nor her
boyfriend, Milo Jean hanson,

even realized the
girls were missing.

Kim skievaski: There was
a large floor fan that was on.

And the fan was loud enough
to disguise or mask the noises he

anyone's entering into the
house and taking the children.

Police also question
Patricia about the man sayeh

has ID'd as the attacker.

Patricia acknowledges
she dated a machinist

named ray wike
earlier in the year.

-Who was ray wike, and how
did this man come into your life?

-Another boyfriend
of my mother's.

And he was the
worst of them all.

And it became a very
scary situation with him.

-Did ray wike abuse you?

-He would molest
me at his house,

at an outing, a birthday party...
His own son's birthday party.

It was a pact that he said
that what he does to me

I am to tell no one.

Otherwise, he'll kill my family.

And that was the
ultimate threat,

because my family
means everything to me.

Narrator: 1,200 miles
away in Rochester,

New York, the nightmare is
just beginning for sayeh's father,


Around 8:00 pm, Santa
Rosa sheriff's officers

inform him that
sayeh is in the hospital

and that Sara had been murdered.

The next morning, a
heartbroken Ahmad

flies to Florida to
identify Sara's body.

-I felt I was... I was
submerged in ice.

It was so difficult for
me to even breathe.

I couldn't even
stand up or walk.

And they dragged
me out of the morgue.

Narrator: With Ahmad's
positive ID of Sara's body,

police are prepared to
charge ray wike with rape.

But before they can
file murder charges,

they'll need to speak
to sayeh one more time.

Just hours after surgery, sayeh
has regained consciousness.

And she recounts for
detectives the gruesome events

that transpired after
ray wike raped her.

-He told me to say my prayers
and start cutting my throat.

Narrator: Fearing for her
life, sayeh drops to the ground

and plays dead while ray wike
turns the knife on her sister.

Sayeh rivazfar: I hear
Sara screaming and crying.

And I feel her on
the ground, kicking.

Just a few minutes
later, Sara was no longer

screaming and crying.

Narrator: Sayeh then
listens as Ray's footsteps

fall from earshot.

-It was then I got up.

And I went over to my sister.

And I called her name
out, over and over again.

But I knew by the
look of her that she

wasn't going to answer me.

Narrator: Within minutes
of hearing sayeh's story,

officers descend
on ray wike's home.

Moments later, ray
wike gives himself up.

Sheriff's deputies
take him into custody

and charge him with
kidnapping, rape, and murder.

-Who told you that ray
wike was now behind bars?

Do you have any memory
of someone telling you that?

-To be honest with you, I don't.

I remember the horrifying
times I had in the hospital room,

of nightmares that
ray wike was going

to jump through my window.

Narrator: In June of
1989, Ahmad rivazfar

is finally awarded full
custody of his children.

Sayeh's mother is given
only limited visitation rights.

But the trial that could
bring Sara's killer to justice

is just beginning.

On October 12, 1988,
nine-year-old sayeh

takes the stand and recounts
the night of her abduction

down to the last detail.

Sayeh rivazfar: I
knew I had to testify.

This was for Sarah.

And I wanted to make sure
that she knew I did good for us.

-She had to stand up
from the witness stand,

look over and point
out the defendant who

had cut her throat and
murderer her sister in front of her.

You could not help but
be struck by her strengths

and her resolve.

Narrator: The
jury finds ray wike

guilty of kidnapping,
sexual battery, the attempted

murder of sayeh, and the
first-degree murder of Sara.

He's sentenced to death.

-And when you heard the
news that ray wike was being

sentenced to death, how
did that make you feel?

-I couldn't be more happy
his life would be taken like he

took Sara's...
just, unfortunately,

not as horrific as hers was.

Narrator: In 2004, 16
years after his brutal rape

and murder spree,
ray wike dies in prison

and sayeh rivazfar
finishes her first year

as a New York state trooper.

-I wanted to be able to get
the monsters of the streets

and be able to handcuff
them and put them away,

so that they
couldn't hurt children.

Narrator: And though it
may be too late for her sister,

sayeh will continue to fight
for children everywhere.

-I know that Sara's
out there, looking down

on me, keeping me safe.

That's my guardian angel.

-Over the years, sayeh
has helped countless victims

through times of crisis
and put the people

responsible in prison,
where they belong.

But she can't do it alone.

Let's work together to bring
the missing home and criminals

to justice, because someone
out there knows something.

Narrator: If you have
information about any

of the missing
people seen tonight,

please go to mylifetime.

and click on the tips button.

-What do you think
that our young adults can

learn from Kyle's disappearance?

-Communicating with each other.

Not leaving anyone behind.

How are you getting home?

-Our case with Kyle... if he
had just prepared a little bit

earlier that night about hey,
buddies, I might stay here.

And they might say,
hey, make sure you

have money to take a cab.

We all know it doesn't matter
whether you're male or female,

no one person should be
walking the streets alone.

Kyle would be
very happy to think

that people would
learn from his mistake.

[Music playing]