Vanished with Beth Holloway (2011): Season 1, Episode 1 - Holloway/McStay - full transcript

Beth shares her journey to find answers about her missing daughter; a California family disappears without a trace.

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Narrator: Now, on "Vanished,
" Beth holloway heads

to the us-Mexico border,
on a mission to uncover

the harrowing story
of one young family...

-Goodbye, now.

Narrator: That
disappeared into thin air.

-It doesn't make sense.

Nothing makes sense.

It's [inaudible].

Narrator: But first,
like never before,

Beth recounts the
terrifying true story

of her daughter's disappearance.

-Natalee is truly an angel.

Narrator: And reveals
the unfiltered truth

about her quest for justice.

-She was frantic,
she was desperate,

and she was relentless.

-I've never stopped

and I will do everything that I
can to find out what happened.

In 2005, I got
the call telling me

that my daughter
Natalee had vanished.

Every parent's worst
nightmare became my reality.

And I ask the world to help me.

I found myself in an
unimaginable fight.

My search for answers
gave me a new mission in life:

Bring the missing home
and criminals to justice.

Narrator: Birmingham, Alabama.

18-year-old Natalee
holloway graduates

from mountain brook high
school at the top of her class.

-She just studied so hard.

And she was just so
determined on what

she wanted to do for her future.

Narrator: Natalee is more
than just a bookworm.

She's a member of the
school's dance team.

Funny, popular, and known to
all her friends by her nickname,


Female speaker (on video):
Who's our special guest today?

-It's hootie.

Female speaker:
Hootie hoo holloway!

-Hi, friend.

Narrator: With a full
academic scholarship

to the university of
Alabama, Natalee's future

appears bright.

-Natalee had big plans.

She wanted to not
only finish in Alabama.

She wanted to go
on to medical school.

Narrator: But first,
Natalee has other plans:

A five-day trip
to the Caribbean.

Though a few grownups
are tagging along,

it's primarily Natalee,
124 of her classmates,

and the sun-drenched
beaches of Aruba.

-You're headed to Aruba
for a graduation adventure

with your classmates.

I thought, Natalee,
you've worked hard,

and you'll continue
to work hard and, um,

and i'm, yeah, and I think
that sounds wonderful.

Narrator: The morning that
Natalee leaves for her trip,

Beth drops her off
at a friend's house.

-It was dark as she made
her way up the walkway.

And I remember sitting
on the street watching

Natalee's silhouette
disappear into the light.

And then it was dark again.

I could have never
imagined that that

would have been the last
time that I would see Natalee.

Narrator: Five days
later, Beth is driving home

from a weekend trip when
she receives alarming news

from the mother of one
of Natalee's classmates.

-Natalee had not
shown up at the airport

and no one had seen
her since last night.

She's missing.

Narrator: Beth is terrified,
and suddenly finds herself

speeding home at
120 miles an hour.

-She might be
early for something,

but she's not going to be late.

So it was just instant.

I knew that something
was terribly wrong,

and I had to get to
Aruba to figure out

how I was going
to try to find her.

Narrator: Beth immediately
charters a flight to Aruba,

and convinces several friends
and family members to join her.

While she waits for
their plane to take off,

she works the phone, trying
to retrace Natalee's steps.

-I was communicating
with her classmates

and just getting any
specifics that I could.

Narrator: Beth learns
that the prior evening,

Natalee and a handful of
her classmates celebrated

their final night on the
island at a downtown club

called Carlos and Charlie's.

They arrived around
10:30 pm, and friends

recall seeing Natalee leave
the nightclub around 1:30

am with three aruban
locals, one of whom she'd

met at the hotel
casino earlier that day.

But Natalee's friends can
only recall his first name, joran.

-She was last seen
being escorted out

of Carlos and
Charlie's, and she was

seen getting into a gray Honda.

Narrator: 6:15 am.

The sun is rising over Aruba.

Back at the hotel,
Natalee's three roommates

are packing for the flight home.

10:00 am.

A charter bus
arrives at the hotel

to take Natalee's classmates
to the airport for the trip home.

Natalee is nowhere to be found.

-As I'm boarding my flight,
two of our really close friends

came up to me.

And they said, we
can't find Natalee.

She's not getting on the flight.

And my first instinct was,
Beth is going to be so mad.

Narrator: Still,
her friends don't

believe anything is wrong.

-Looking back, I want
to just knock myself.

And think, why didn't you panic?

But I didn't.

I got on my flight.

I first flew to Miami, and
by the time I got to Miami,

I talked to my parents.

And they sounded very concerned.

It's like, when your mom and
dad panic, that's really scary.

Narrator: 11:00 pm.

By the time Beth's plane
touches down in Aruba,

she is beyond frightened.

Natalee's cellphone,
passport, and luggage

are still sitting in her room.

But her daughter has vanished.

Beth believes that if
anyone has answers,

it's the three locals
last seen with Natalee.

With only a first
name to go by, Beth

begins her search for joran.

-The only thing really
that's going through my mind

is, he's the last
person seen with her.

Let's go ask him, let's go see.

I really felt two things: He
has her, and he has information.

Narrator: As soon as they clear
customs, Beth and her friends

fan out across the island to
find Natalee and locate joran.

-She went straight
to Natalee's hotel,

she started asking
questions about this joran guy.

-I was able to get the rest
of his name from, um, a hotel


Narrator: The young man's
name is joran Van Der sloot,

a 17-year-old known to
gamble in the hotel casino.

Beth convinces a
local resident to tell her

exactly where joran lives.

-I had his name,
I had an address.

So we were off.

Narrator: After
alerting aruban police,

Beth and her team
of friends and family

soon arrive at the home
of joran Van Der sloot.

Beth remains in the
car while her friends

confront him in his front yard.

Van Der sloot admits
he and a pair of brothers

named deepak and
satish kalpoe left

Carlos and
Charlie's with Natalee

around 1:30 the
previous morning.

Joran claims that the
group stopped at a lighthouse

near the beach.

-He says he's engaging with her.

And at the same time, he
says that she's falling asleep,

she's waking up, she's
falling asleep, she's waking up,

she's so drunk.

So you can imagine
the tempers at this point.

Narrator: But joran claims he
and the kalpoe brothers drop

Natalee off at the holiday inn.

Both deepak and satish
corroborate joran's story.

-Did we believe him?


But we were willing
to listen to him.

I mean, he was our
only clue to Natalee.


Narrator: But Beth's only
clue to finding her daughter

is also the son of a
well-connected attorney

on the island.

And joran's father,
Paul Van Der sloot,

knows full well that
aruban authorities have

no grounds to detain his
son or the kalpoe brothers.

-The aruban police
were much more

helpful to joran and his
father than they were to Beth.

-It just presents so many
insurmountable challenges,

when you receive
the call that your,

your son or your daughter,
your loved one is missing.

Let alone abroad.

It's, it's just

Narrator: Despite
the challenges,

Beth finds a way to move
the search for Natalee forward.

-A tigress is a mother.

She got down there and
came up with the perfect answer

in terms of enlisting people.

She got the media.

-She is an amazing
18-year-old girl.

And Natalee is truly an angel.

She's a member of the
national honor society.

She's a straight a student.

Narrator: Although
shy by nature,

Beth forces herself to give
countless interviews and press


And the whole
world starts to listen.

-The latest on the search
for Natalee holloway.

Narrator: By day three
of her disappearance,

Natalee's case has exploded
into international news.

-I never could
have imagined that it

would have been anything
other than a story in Aruba.

Narrator: The around
the clock media

requests are physically
and emotionally draining.

Beth taps into a
reserve of inner strength

to stay calm,
collected, and keep

the focus on finding Natalee.

-I'm not leaving
Aruba without her.

-She just went into
hyper-focused mode.

She literally became
the lead investigator

of her own missing persons case.

Narrator: With Beth leading
the charge and camera

crews tracking her every move,
a massive search for Natalee

is now underway.

-Tonight, breaking news.

-Big development in the
Natalee holloway case.

-Police have a number of leads.

Narrator: Ten days after
Beth's arrival in Aruba,

the pressure of her
media blitz finally pays off.

Police bring joran Van Der
sloot and the kalpoe brothers

in for questioning.

But police can't
hold them indefinitely

without hard evidence.

-They had no evidence on
them unless they confessed

or volunteered some evidence.

So then if they didn't,
they'd let them go.

So of course, they shut up.

Narrator: Despite
Beth's efforts,

the search for her
daughter is going nowhere.

It has been 11 days since
18-year-old Natalee holloway

vanished without a trace in
the Caribbean paradise of Aruba.

Police have identified three
suspects in her disappearance,

joran Van Der sloot, and
brothers deepak and satish


But after detaining the kalpoe
brothers for nearly four weeks,

investigators release
them for a lack of evidence.

Outraged, Beth lashes
out at local authorities.

-These criminals
are not only allowed

to walk freely among the
tourists and citizens of Aruba,

but there are no limits where
they may choose to travel.

It was a fight from the
moment I received the call

that all mothers
and fathers dread,

from the moment
our children are born.

I was desperate,
and I would have

done anything anybody
asked me to do at that time.


Narrator: But despite
Beth's determination,

she still can't answer the
question: Where is Natalee?

Then suddenly, there's
a break in the case.

Shortly after being released,
deepak and satish kalpoe

change their story
about what happened

the night Natalee disappeared.

-The first thing the
kalpoe brothers claimed

was that they had dropped
off Natalee at the holiday inn.

That changed to, they'd
dropped joran and Natalee off

at the beach and they
picked them up there later.

Narrator: When questioned
by police for a second time,

joran drastically
changes his story.

Instead of dropping
Natalee off at her hotel,

he now admits he was on
the beach alone with Natalee.

But joran maintains that he
left Natalee there alive and well,

in order to meet back up
with one of the kalpoe brothers.

If joran was telling
investigators the truth now,

why had he lied before?

-There's no reason to lie to
authorities unless you have

something to hide, so that
in itself suggested foul play.

Narrator: But without
physical evidence linking joran

to Natalee's disappearance,
prosecutors in Aruba

are unwilling to press charges.

Beth is still convinced
Van Der sloot

holds the key to
finding her daughter,

and remains in Aruba
to keep the pressure on.

-My beautiful, intelligent,
and outstanding daughter,

who I haven't seen for 36 days.

And for whom I will continue
to search until I find her.

Narrator: Despite Beth's
certainty, on September 3

authorities release
joran Van Der

sloot due to a lack of evidence.

Natalee's friends begin
their first semester of college.

And an exhausted
Beth returns home,

no closer to
finding her daughter

than the day she disappeared.

-Everything changed in her life.

Her marriage, her
career, her family.

Nothing was the same after that.

Narrator: Beth may
be a changed woman,

but her resolve to find
Natalee is unwavering.

Finally, in 2008, nearly three
years after Natalee vanished,

there's a compelling
break in the case.

Joran Van Der sloot has been
caught on a hidden camera,

telling an acquaintance
yet another version of what

happened the night
Natalee disappeared.

Joran now claims that while
making out on the beach,

Natalee suffered a
seizure and died in his arms.

Panicked, joran claims he
called an anonymous friend who

offered to dump her
remains in the ocean.

In February of 2008,
a Dutch television crew

shows the footage to Beth.

She's horrified at
joran's final remark.

-That son of a bitch.

Oh dear god, they
could have just

dumped her alive in the
ocean, just unconscious.

I mean, they don't even know.

Narrator: It appears Beth
has finally discovered the truth.

But on learning that his
account was caught on tape,

joran claims he made the
entire story up to impress a friend.

Although authorities have
no grounds to arrest him,

Beth is more certain
than ever that joran

knows the truth about Natalee.

-She knows who has the answers
and where the answers are,

and she still can't get them.

And that's gotta be the
most frustrating thing.

Narrator: Then, in 2010,
Beth's search for the truth

takes another unexpected turn.

Joran Van Der sloot contacts
Beth's attorney, John Kelly,

via email.

-He wanted Beth, and Natalee's
family, to have some closure,

and for a mere
$250,000 he'd, he'd

let me know where Natalee
was and how she died.

Narrator: Though appalled
by Van Der sloot's offer,

Beth is desperate for closure.

-I didn't hesitate.

I said of course, I'll do it.

As shocked and as
horrific as that sounds,

a parent, a mother, a
father, is so desperate

that they will do anything.

Narrator: Beth doesn't
enter blindly into her deal

with joran.

She alerts the FBI,
while attorney John Kelly

flies to Aruba to deliver a
$10,000 down payment to joran.

After the exchange,
joran leads Kelly

to an upscale neighborhood
not far from the holiday inn.

-He pointed out a
house where he said

it was just gravel at the time,
but after they had buried her,

the foundation was poured.

And he actually showed
me which room in the house

supposedly she was buried under.

-After five years
of searching, Beth

can only hope she's on the
verge of finding her daughter.

But shortly after receiving
his $10,000 down payment,

joran again recants his story.

-Joran sent me an email,
saying that uh, I'm sorry,

Mr. Kelly, you're a nice
man, but I lied to you.

Uh, the location I showed
you is not where Natalee is.

You can check out all you want.

It was all a lie.

Narrator: Police confirmed
that for once joran Van Der

sloot is telling the truth.

Natalee could not have
possibly been buried there.

-It was all a hoax.

Where he was
claiming that her remains

were, would not have
been possible because

of the construction date.

-The house where he said
she was in the foundation

had not been built
at the time Natalee

was supposedly disposed there.

Narrator: Joran's
lies have once again

dashed Beth's hope
for finding Natalee.

But this time there could
be serious consequences,

including possible jail time.

-There was no
question that it was

a airtight case for
extortion and, uh, mail fraud.

Narrator: Investigators
now have joran squarely

in their crosshairs.

But as they consider a potential
takedown, joran vanishes.

-He just disappeared.

And the reason why is we
felt he became frightened,

or somehow tipped off.

Narrator: With the prime
suspect now missing,

and with no physical
evidence or other credible leads,

Beth's chances of finding
Natalee seem slimmer than ever.

Five years after Natalee
holloway vanished from Aruba,

prime suspect
joran Van Der sloot

promises to lead Beth to
Natalee's remains for $250,000.

Joran ultimately
backs out of the deal,

but not before vanishing with
Beth's $10,000 down payment.

-He just disappeared.

He just disappeared.

Narrator: Then, two weeks
after joran Van Der sloot vanishes

in Aruba, there's a horrifying
new lead in the case.

In Lima, Peru,
21-year-old stephany flores

is found murdered
in a hotel room.

Authorities have
apprehended a suspect,

none other then
joran Van Der sloot.

On questioning
Van der sloot, police

learn that he met flores at
a casino in downtown Lima.

While sharing a hotel
room for the night,

joran claims he caught
stephany going through his laptop.

-Stephany had been
looking at joran's emails.

Part of the fear is
that she saw the emails

between myself and joran.

Narrator: Outraged,
joran allegedly

beat stephany to death.

-Let's all remind ourselves
to keep the flores family

in our hearts and
in our prayers.

Narrator: Just after
stephany flores is buried

Beth flies to Peru
to give the flores

family her personal condolences.

-I felt compelled to reach
out to the flores family.

I, our daughters,
stephany and Natalee,

both beautiful,
young, smart women.

They're having
to deal with, now,

the same feelings and,
and devastation that I am.

How could I not
connect with them?

Narrator: Van Der
sloot is being held

at Castro Castro
maximum security

prison just outside Lima.

Beth decides to pay
him a visit as well.

-I had the opportunity to go
and meet face to face with joran,

and how could I not?

Narrator: On September
15, 2010, Beth

enters Castro Castro prison.

Security escorts her to a
makeshift interrogation room.

Beth and her team set
up a surveillance camera.

Moments later, joran
Van der sloot is brought in.

Narrator: But joran refuses to
give Beth any new information.

-There's not an
ounce of compassion,

or an ounce of feeling or
warmth or concern or guilt,

or anything in that body.


Cold as ice.

Narrator: After sitting down
with joran for the first time,

Beth is overcome with emotion.

Without a confession, she's
no closer to finding her daughter.

-She gave him her email address
and he said he would write her.

I don't know what
he would have to say,

but he hasn't written her yet.

Narrator: Van Der
sloot is still awaiting trial

for the murder of
stephany flores.

If convicted, he may
face a maximum sentence

of up to 35 years.

-Is it justice for
the flores family?

He is in jail there.

Who knows what
will become of him.

Ugly place he's in.

For the holloway family?

He hasn't been tried
on American soil.

Ultimately, he
probably will never

be tried for Natalee
holloway's death.

Narrator: Today, Beth
holloway continues

the search for her daughter.

-Our young adults
are at the age where

narrator: And works
on behalf of families

of missing persons
from all walks of life.

-After all that Beth
has been through,

she has every right
to crawl in a cave

somewhere and never come out.

But she has made a choice
to make a positive impact

as a result of the
tragedy that's happened.

-She's not just curled up
in her bed crying about it.

From the day she found out,
she's done something about it.

-My daughter, she would
have been a senior this year.

Her name was Natalee holloway.

I've never stopped
searching for Natalee.

And I continue to this
day to do everything

within my capabilities
in order to t...

To try to find a resolution.

-Just thinking about
Natalee, and what a fireball

she was, maybe
that came from Beth.

And maybe that was
deep down inside of her,

and she was an
average mom, and then

that superhero got
its chance to come out.

-Since Natalee
vanished in 2005, there

have been thousands
of people who've

gone missing in
the United States.

Proving that what
happened to my family

could happen to anyone,
at anytime, and at any place.

But I believe that
together we can take action

to bring the missing home
and criminals to justice.

Because someone out
there knows something.

The pain of having a loved
one disappear is unimaginable.

It drives us to seek
answers in unlikely places

and to constantly ask
ourselves, how could this happen?

But for one California
family, this question

is even harder to answer.

Narrator: November, 2009.

Summer mcstay is a full-time
mom to four-year-old Gianni

and three-year-old baby Joe.

Husband Joey mcstay is
a successful entrepreneur.

-Joey was in the
fountain business,

and his business was
actually doing excellent

considering the economy.

Narrator: In fact,
fountains have

paid for the mcstays' dream
home, a five-bedroom hacienda

in the San Diego
suburb of fallbrook.

Joey: We're at the cul-De-sac.

There's the house.

Child: This is the house?

Narrator: No sooner
do the mcstays move

in than summer and Joey set in
motion a grand remodeling plan.

Joey: We're going
to rip out the cabinets.

I'll be putting in
beautiful granite here,

and of course I'll put stainless
steel appliances in here

as well.

Narrator: Between the
kids and the remodeling,

the mcstays keep
a busy schedule.

[Phone rings]

The same was true
on February 4, 2010.

Just after 9:30 am,
summer's sister Tracy

calls to check in on the family.

Summer tells Tracy
she'll talk to her later.

But she never does.

In fact, nine days
pass, and no one

hears anything from
summer or Joey.

-I thought, maybe
summer decided it

was, everybody was going crazy.

Let's, you know, go
camping for the week,

or let's, you know, head out
to Santa Barbara, morro bay.

Narrator: Worried
something might be wrong,

Michael mcstay heads
to his brother's home.

No one answers the door, and
the family's white isuzu trooper

is gone.

But where?

-What's going through your mind?

-I had made the drop-
dead date that Monday.

If they didn't do this vacation , a
little 10-day "Vacay"

over the week of Valentine's
day, that I was calling in.

Narrator: It's now
Monday, February 15,

and the mcstays are still
not answering phone calls.

At 10:00 am, Michael
contacts the fallbrook sheriff's


Eleven days into their
disappearance, Joey, summer,

and their two boys are
finally declared missing.

-It's official.

They're missing.

No one has seen them,
no one has heard from them.

-When it was all
hitting... at that point,

it was kind of surreal.

I think the light bulb
moment, when it really hit me,

was when all the
detectives showed up.

Narrator: Detective
Troy dugal takes

the lead in the investigation.

He begins searching the
house for any signs of foul play.

There is no sign of a struggle.

The mcstay home appears
normal, perhaps a little too normal.

-What was odd about the
house when you entered it?

-A typical person who
would have left their home

for a number of days
wouldn't leave food out.

That means that the family
probably left in a hurry.

Narrator: Along with eggs
sitting out on the counter,

detective dugal finds
paint cans left open.

The family's luggage
is still in the house,

as are summer's glasses.

-It just didn't make sense.

My sister can't
see without glasses.

Not two feet in front of her.

So there's no way she
would've left those things behind.

Narrator: Using their cell
phone and bank records,

detective dugal pinpoints
the family's last known activity.

-Phone records,
financial records, all of that

stop on February 4.

Narrator: Interviews
with friends and family

reveal February 4 was
a day like any other.

Joey conducted
business on the phone,

while summer
remodeled the house.

Then, at approximately
8:30 in the evening,

all activity stops.

-This isn't a family
that just uproots

and disappears and disconnects.

This is a connected family.

Joey: What's up, dudes?

Baby (on video): Aah!

-Just, it doesn't line up.

Narrator: In
canvassing the area,

police do uncover one
telling piece of evidence.

A neighbor's home
security camera

has captured a
final glimpse of what

could be the mcstay family.

At precisely 7:47,
their white trooper

is seen pulling
away from the house.

But it's unclear who is
driving or how many people

are in the car.

-You can see the
wheel Wells and just

the bottom portion
of that vehicle

as it drives down the street.

-It doesn't ever show
them coming back

to their house on February 4.

Narrator: Whether they left
the house voluntarily or were

abducted, by now
the mcstays could

be thousands of miles from home.

But where exactly?

By trolling a national
police database,

detective dugal finds an answer.

-Their vehicle had been
impounded on February 8

at a shopping area down
by the us-Mexico border.

The white trooper was towed
from a parking lot in San ysidro,

California, about 90
miles south of fallbrook,

and just a five-minute
walk from the border.

According to friends
and family, this

proves the mcstays
are not on vacation.

-For him to take those
babies over the border,

or... there's just no way.

Everything's on
TV, Obama's saying,

do not go over the border.

There was a huge
fear of that in everyone.

Narrator: Complicating
the search for the mcstays

is the fact that the area
where the vehicle was found

is home to the busiest
border crossing in the world.

But detective dugal believes
that if the mcstays were forced

into Mexico, there's a chance
customs surveillance cameras

caught them and
their captors on tape.

-I went to immigration
customs enforcement.

And I got a 24-hour time
period of surveillance video,

from midnight on the seventh
through midnight on the eighth,

to cover more than
enough of when

the persons who
drove that vehicle

could have crossed the border.

[Turnstiles clanging]

Narrator: More
than 100,000 people

pass through the
turnstiles every 24 hours.

And it will take investigators
nearly two weeks

to sift through the footage.

In the meantime,
detective dugal's only hope

of finding the mcstays lies
in their abandoned vehicle.

-This is the mcstays
white isuzu trooper

that was recovered, um, from
an impound yard in the chula vista


Obviously we
processed the vehicle

for fingerprints, DNA,
everything that we do.

Narrator: To detective
dugal's surprise,

nothing seems
out of the ordinary.

Lab techs can't find a
single suspicious fingerprint.

Nor are there any
signs of forced entry.

And the children's
car seats leave

little room for a
potential kidnapper.

-Once I was completed
with the vehicle,

I was very confident that Joseph
and summer drove this vehicle.

Narrator: Why would the
mcstays abandon their car

less than a mile
from the border?

Detective dugal keeps
returning to the same theory

-the physical evidence,
and from my investigation,

I say that it's likely the
mcstays crossed the border.

And circumstantial
evidence is overwhelming.

Narrator: Adding to
the mystery is the fact

that Joey and
summer's bank accounts

hold a total of $100,000.

And since their disappearance,
not a penny has been touched.

-There was no major
withdrawals, no spending of money,

no credit card transactions.

Anything that would make
me believe, oh, they took out

a large quantity of money,
now they're going somewhere.

Vacation, or hiding, there's
nothing that indicates that.

Narrator: With no
sign of foul play,

and no indication that
the mcstays had planned

their disappearance,
the investigation

comes to a screeching halt.

-You just don't even know
which way you're moving,

and even if you are moving.

I mean, this is a nightmare.

And it's just hard
to try to be strong.

Narrator: It's now been almost
four weeks since the mcstay

family vanished from their
new home in fallbrook, California.

The only evidence police
have of their whereabouts

is an abandoned
isuzu trooper found

less than a mile from
the Mexican border.

Friends and family are
at a loss for answers.

-It doesn't make any sense.

We have a car.

We have an empty home.

We have a full bank account.

We have luggage.

We have... there again, you're
like, I don't know what to say.

Narrator: Finally, in early
march, the case turns a corner.

The surveillance video
taken at the border

reveals that four hours before
the mcstays' white trooper is

towed, a family of four
crosses into Mexico.

-In the bottom
left-hand corner, you'll

see a man holding
the hand of a child.

And then you'll see a
woman on the lower left

with the child on the
right holding hands.

-They walk right by this pole,
then they absorb into the crowd

as they go across the border.

Narrator: Could
it be the mcstays?

The footage is too
obscure to tell for sure.

But their body types
are a close match.

-I've studied that video,
um, and everybody in it,

trying to see it.

Is somebody beside them, does
somebody maybe have a gun,

or, you know, it's
the video from hell.

[Turnstiles clanging]

-Michael, in that
video, is there

any sign of a
kidnapper or a gunman?

-The detectives tell me
that it doesn't appear so.

And I believe that.

-Did you think it was them?

-I really wanted it to be them.

But we just couldn't, I
just couldn't, make an ID.

Narrator: The video evidence
raises a difficult question.

Had the mcstays really
abandoned their storybook life

in fallbrook and
vanished into Mexico?

On march 28, a search of
the mcstays' home computer

yields one more clue.

-Somebody within
the mcstay residence

used the computer in the den
to search for documentation

and how to access traveling
from the United States to Mexico.

Both Joseph and summer
were home on that day.

Narrator: The research
occurred just one week prior

to the family's disappearance.

Joey: Look, who's this?

Narrator: But the mcstays have
no reason to cross the border.

And friends and family
can't accept the idea

that the mcstays abandoned
everything, and everyone,

that they loved.

Joey: Oh my god.

-Do you know of any reason
that they would travel to Mexico?

-They have the
American dream over here.

Why would they want to?

I mean, leave your house,
leave your job, leave your family.

I just don't know.

Joey: You guys say goodbye.

Female speaker: Bye now.

Child: Goodbye now. Joey: Hi.

You like all this
big room in here?

[Baby talk]

Narrator: Though

on why the mcstays
might have vanished

run the gamut from
secret debts to stalkers,

one year later the search
for Joey, summer, Joey junior,

and Gianni is no
closer to ending

than the day the
family disappeared.

-They potentially left of
their own on the fourth,

remained somewhere in the
local area, or in the United States,

until the eighth.

And then crossed the
border on the eighth,

if you believe that's them.

If you don't
believe that's them,

then anything is possible.

-Sometimes the hardest part in
searching for a missing person

is keeping the case going.

What makes you get
up every day and go

to work for your brother and
his wife and your nephews.

What is it?

-Um, it's love.

I love my family.

And I love my brother.

And I love my nephews.

And I have to,
because I have to know.

-I write my son.

I, I write him letters.

You know, whether they're
um, the sad, happy, mad.

And I email him.

Hopefully he'll, he'll
see them someday.

And he'll know, you know,
we're looking, we love him,

and we need him to
bring them all home

and deal with whatever it is.

[Turnstiles clanging]

-No matter how or why
the mcstay family vanished,

detectives and
relatives alike are

determined to bring them home.

Now, more than ever,
they need your help.

If you have any
information to help shed light

on the mysterious
disappearance of Joey, summer,

Gianni, and baby Joey
mcstay, contact us now.

Narrator: Joseph mcstay
is 5'9", with dark,

naturally curly hair.

Summer mcstay is 5'5".

She has brown eyes
and wears glasses.

Five-year-old Gianni mcstay
has light brown, naturally wavy


His four-year-old
brother, Joseph junior,

has a red birthmark
on his forehead.

If you have information about
any of these missing people,

please go to mylifetime.

and click on the
"Tips" Button.

[Turnstiles clanging]

-This side of the turnstile
is the United States.

As soon as you pass through
that turnstile, you're in Mexico.

-I know you have covered
this story so thoroughly.

And looks like it all
leads back to right here,

to this, to this pathway
leading in to Mexico.

And no one else appeared to
be surrounding the four family

members as they were walking?

-I don't believe that the,
the family that is in that video

is being guided
across the border.

That family, in
my estimation, was

walking of their own free will.

[Closing credits]