Vanished by the Lake (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

- That's it. Let's go.
- What's wrong with her, doctor?

- Not now.
- What do you mean?

What's happening to her?

- Let's go.
- Where are you taking her?

Stay there, please.

I shouldn't have left her.

I shouldn't have left her.

Are you OK?



I don't... I don't understand.

What did you see, exactly?

- The cup.
- Oh yes.

I was...

I poured myself a water here.

Then I came back here, and...

as I went to drink,

the nurse came by.

So I put the cup on the nightstand.

The cup was full.
Then I left.

I was gone for 5 minutes.

When I came back,
the cup was empty.

- But I'm sure I drank it.
- You didn't drink it.

I mean, I didn't drink it.
I'm sure I didn't drink it.

Where's this cup?

I don't know.
Maybe they took it.

Kader, check whether
the nurses took the cup, please.

And the door?
You mentioned the door.

You're right. The door.

When I returned,
the door was shut,

but when I left
I'm sure I didn't close it.

Someone came in.

- Maybe to stop her talking.
- They made her swallow something.

We don't know yet,
but we'll check.

- Any cameras showing his face?
- No.

I think it's deliberate.
It should be visible here.

Watch what he does.

- He's spotted the cameras.
- He's avoiding them on purpose.

- Are the guys in position?
- Yes, outside the hospital.

Silva and Morin are guarding
the operating theatre.

OK, great.

- Shall I print it?
- As usual.

I loved your father.
She stole him from me.

Why him?

That little prick-tease
got what she deserved.

Her dress was blue, not yellow.
Bloody secrets!

Like your father!

If it wasn't me,
it was the other one.

You knew?

You have no choice.

Why else would
the bodies be found together?

...since yesterday afternoon.
She's 16 and 1.68 metres tall.

Shall I make some crêpes suzette?

OK, that'll work.
What else do we have?

Nothing on the 106.

Chief Inspector,
if I may, we have something...

I've been looking through
all locally registered 106s.

It's tricky not knowing the colour,
because they're so common...

Basically, two names stand out.
The first is a mechanic.

It seems odd since none of them
knew of any relevant repairs.

But this one's registered
as the garage's courtesy car.

- Serge, will you go there?
- Yes.

- What's the other name?
- It rang a bell.

It's Marianne Stocker.

- They have enough water, Mum.
- Eh?

Your flowers. They're lovely.

They require lots of care.


What did you do to Chloé?

What did you do
to Ana and Marion? Tell me.

Don't make me call the police.

Oh, we have visitors.

Wait for me inside.

Why didn't you mention
your mother had a 106?

It was her.

Chloé came here, rummaged around.
She must have found something.

She found out
about my father and Ana.

She almost told Rémi,
on Friday night and...

And my mother stopped her.

Please be gentle with her.
She's sick. She'll be so lost.

- This hasn't moved for years.
- What?

- Unless she has another car...
- No.

I'm telling you,
she knew about Dad and Ana.

It must have been her.
She hated it.

- Everything points to her...
- Lise, stop it.


Calm down.
You're getting confused.

If you're convinced
your parents were involved,

I'll need solid proof,
because right now, I have none.


There's nothing there.
Absolutely nothing.


They're not telling us anything.

My daughter's dying
and they won't tell me anything!

I can't take it any more.

What did he want?

Why did the policeman come?

- Nothing. To talk to me.
- About what?

Nothing, Mum.
Nothing important.

- Do you fancy him?
- What?

What happened on Friday,
after Chloé argued with her dad?

I told you.

She left.
She was furious.

Yes, but what did you do?

Nothing. Why would you
ask that? I never go out.

Especially not that night.

I stopped going to that fête.
They should stop running it.

Did you watch TV?

Like every night, yes.


Was it that night or not?


The phone call.
I received a phone call.

- Who called you?
- My daughter.

She called
to say she was coming.

Like I told you,
I have a daughter, Lise.

She works a lot.

I don't see her often.

She's a cop, like her father.
But it's worse.

I never understood.
It's no life for a girl.

But does she really have one?

She never tells me anything.

Ever since her father
killed himself,

she stopped speaking to me.

She resents me, I know it,
because it's my fault.

It's so unfair.

I never understood
why he did it.

Especially that night.

He'd planned to visit his daughter.
It was Pentecost weekend.

He wanted to surprise her.

His Lise was everything to him.


to throw himself off a cliff,
the day before seeing her...

But you...

Did you tell the police at the time,
that you thought...

- that it wasn't suicide?
- Who? His colleagues?

No, it would seem like
I was trying to do their job.


it wouldn't have
brought him back.

I'm glad she's visiting.

We'll be able to talk.

- I should prepare her room.
- Yes, I'll help you.

Mr Mazaud!

Hello, Lise.

- Can we talk for a few minutes?
- Of course.

It's about Croix Blanche.

Would you consider it
a dangerous climb?

Not really, no. Why?

It's where...

my father committed suicide.

Apologies, I'd forgotten.

I'm trying to understand
what really happened.

What do you mean?

- Someone pushed him.
- What gave you that idea?

Who would hate your father?

Who would hate Chloé,
Ana or Marion?

You know what, Lise?

Maybe you're right.

Maybe your father
didn't commit suicide.

But remember, when climbing,
any climber will tell you,

the slightest lapse
in concentration and you'll slip.

The slightest error is fatal.

Even for someone
as experienced as your father.


- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

What did she want?

She has doubts
about her father's suicide.

We need to go.

So actually...

you never intended
to keep this baby?

It's better this way.
Believe me.

Because it's not mine?

I don't care.
I don't care.

It's no coincidence
this is happening now, it's...

It's a sign!

There's still time
to think about it.

Patricia, please!

A gift like this
comes once in a lifetime.

What did you think?

That I'd suddenly want children
because you couldn't have them?

I never wanted children.


You're right.
It's no coincidence.

Everything happens
for a reason.

No. Someone entering the room
has nothing to do with it.

It's just as we predicted:
the haematoma grew,

and put pressure on the brain.

How is she now?

It's impossible to know
until we've assessed the damage.

- Do you think she'll wake up?
- Let's hope so.

What we really hope is that,
once she wakes up,

she'll be able to do more
than see and breath.

The first 48 hours are crucial
so we give relatives few details,

because they're going
through enough.

I'll need your help, doctor.

If they were worried,
the surgeon would have told us.

Yes, he would have said.

I have something
rather awkward to ask of you.

Serge. Good news.
The parents agreed.

The surgeon
will talk to the press.

We'll keep watching the hospital.
Did you see the mechanic?

Not yet, but Forensics sent me
something odd. Take a look.

They found it all over
the bottom of the ravine.

OK. Are you ready?

Can I leave straight after?

We advise against it,
but I've noted your preference.

Shall we go?

- Excuse me...
- Yes?

Does it...

- hurt?
- Don't worry.

It'll be fine.

Hey, Lise!

We found a fresh rose near Chloé.

It's an old species of rose.

What's odd is, we found residue
of this rose in the ravine.

As if someone scattered
some every year.

- Like a ritual? For atonement?
- Yes.

I think that's what Chloé saw.

- Ring any bells?
- Ancient roses?


No, not really.


I already told your colleagues:

we haven't repaired
any 106 headlights since Friday!

I handle all bookings. I'd know.

And the garage's car
hasn't undergone any repairs?

- You mean the courtesy car?
- Where is it?

It's the grey one over there.

- The headlight's broken.
- So it is, they didn't tell me!


Send Forensics over
to Fontini's garage.

- Don't touch anything.
- Why?

What's going on?

Who borrowed this
on Friday night?

- No idea, check the office.
- Shall we?


- Mum?
- Yes, I'm in here.

- Have you had that rosebush long?
- Since forever, don't you remember?


Is this what they call...
old garden roses?

No, I don't like old garden roses.

They're a waste of time.
They only bloom once.

There were some
at your father's burial.

I'd never seen any like them.
They were... black.


I can't remember
who brought them.

Ah yes, of course. Silly me.

It was Pascal Mazaud.


Nicolas Mazaud.

Yes, yes, Nicolas Mazaud.


It's really you.

I don't want
to relive it tomorrow.

I'd hate there to be a third victim.

I'll leave you be.

Love is blind.
Age and beauty are irrelevant.

- He's 112 years older than her!
- Thanks, he's my age.

You wouldn't understand.

Ana, stay with us!

Excuse me. Hello?

Hi, we know who had
the 106 on Friday.

- Nicolas Mazaud.
- How did you know?

His old garden roses
at Dad's burial.

I recall that Ana was his favourite.

- OK, I'm on my way.
- I'll meet you there.

According to the statement
the surgeon just gave,

the girl who spent 4 days
trapped in a ravine,

is making a good recovery.

She is even able to speak...

Excuse me, is Mr Mazaud there?

- No, not today.
- Thanks.

No problem.

Excuse me, do you know
where my husband is?

Ah, I believe he left.

Thank you.

"I'm leaving.

"When you read these words,
I'll already be far away.

"After what I saw,
I couldn't hold my silence.

"Ana, even as you were,

"you were beautiful.

"I just wanted
to hold you close and comfort you.

"I didn't want to scare you.

"Chloé, I couldn't save you.
Why did you follow me?

"I heard you scream, but...

"I didn't reach you in time.

"I'm not a monster.

Please forgive me."

Go up there!

You, check the house.

Clovis! Check this out.

Yes, I'm there.
He left a letter.

No, he's confessed everything.

- He's at the ravine.
- OK, I'm nearly there.

What's going on?

Calm down.

Calm down.

Calm down, it's not far.


You're beautiful.

I couldn't let you go
up there all alone.

I have to settle this now.

I'm sorry, my love.

I'm sorry.

Is that where you chucked them?

What did you do to them?


I loved them, like you.

Get undressed.

Imagine everyone
seeing you naked in prison.

Being treated like a dog
for raping and killing girls.

Do you know what they do
to men like that?


I don't know.
I can imagine.

- Go on, shoot. End it all.
- No, that's too easy.

I don't want to. I want you
to suffer what I went through.

The same thing.
From the first day to the last.

Scream, yell, cry,
nobody listens.


You'll rot in your own blood,
consumed with pain and misery.

I'm not guilty, I'm like you.

A victim.

Do you think you'd have
lived a normal life?

It would have ended the same.

You'd have raped them eventually.
You wouldn't have been able to resist.

Ana and Marion...


- She was your favourite, wasn't she?
- Shut up.

You went into her bedroom, watched
her sleeping, lifted her sheets...

- sniffed her knickers.
- Shut up!

- Did you wank?
- Shut it!

Stop it, Rémi!

You never suspected anything?

No complaints from students?

He'd never hurt a soul.

It's not possible.


It was your father.

I saw him with Ana.

She was...

She was beautiful.


What's wrong?

I don't love you.

- I never loved you.
- No way. You can't do this!

Get lost.

Get out.

Get out, I said!

Have you ever done...

something you know
you'll regret forever?

I just wanted to hold her close.

I didn't want to scare her.

It was an accident.

I loved her.

I never wanted to hurt her.

- Liar.
- Shut up. Let him talk.

What about Marion?

She saw me.

I had no choice.

What about Chloé?

I don't know,
she must have followed me.

Ah, crap!

Help! Help!

Help me!

Help me!

Help! Help me!

I'm going to die!
Help me, please.

Help me.

- I'm going to die.
- Grab my hand. Grab it!

- I can't!
- You can!

Help me!

- No!
- Hold tight, I'm coming back.

No, help me!

I couldn't help her.

You abandoned her, like a dog.

My father didn't kill himself.

He saw birds circling
above the ravine.

I couldn't let him
find the bodies.

You're a monster.

Oh, no.

I'm not the monster.

- Nicolas!
- No!


Karine, listen.

Look, I...

I want you
to stop working for her.

Let's leave this place.

Start from scratch.

When Chloé recovers,
let's just go.


I'm very moved,

to be standing in front of you,


As you can imagine,

I was very hesitant
about doing this.

As you can imagine,

I was very hesitant
about doing this.

I thank the victims' families
for letting me say a few words.

It's very important to me.

Ana and Marion can, at last...

rest in peace.

As for us?


What can we do now?

We can never forget.

We'll forever be haunted
by this horror that's shaken us.

Searching for answers...

that not even I can give you.

I'll never be capable,

in my lifetime,

of right...

I'll never be capable,
in my lifetime,

of righting...

the wrongs that occurred.

But now is a time for peace.

Or forgiveness, perhaps.

I want you to know
that now, more than ever,

I'll be present
for all of you.

I'll do all I can to protect

our children,

our city,

so that no such horror
will ever repeat itself.

On this day of remembrance,
we pledge our support

to the families and friends
of Ana and Marion.

Not forgetting Karine

and Hervé.

And Chloé,

who needs,

all our strength,

all our love,

to come back to life.

We loved that teacher.
How were we so wrong?

We're wrong about people
throughout our lives.

Lise, I know it's a bad time,

but I've found
your mother a place.

She can move in
whenever you like.

Thanks, but I want
to stay with her.

And you? Are you coping?

Like I have a choice?

But I'm OK.

I can look after myself.

It must be hard, this tattoo
reminding you of your friends.


We got these tattoos an hour before
they disappeared. How could she know?

She lied to us.

She saw Ana and Marion.

Dead or alive,
but she saw them.

I've found what Lise wanted
about the school's blog,

which doesn't date back far.

I almost gave up
until I noticed this. Look.

Each year, Nicolas Mazaud
takes kids climbing in the Vercours.

Over Pentecost weekend.


My father died
over Pentecost weekend.

Look, it's there.

You can scroll down
using the arrow.

Here, look.

Look at the date.
And that's definitely him.

He couldn't have killed him.
He was in the Vercours.

Why would he lie?

To cover for her. Patricia.

My dad almost found
the bodies and she killed him.

She goes climbing too.

Here's the list of calls
Patricia made during the fête.

She called her husband
at 6:40pm.

He called her back
an hour later. Then... look.

She called him ten times.
He never picked up.

She'd just pushed Chloé
and called for help.

No, she was at the fête.

- We have her on CCTV.
- No, the roses are his doing.

She wouldn't frame him each year
by laying flowers.

No, it's like he said.
Chloé knew.

She knew, and
she saw him drop the flower.

Maybe she did
just fall in the ravine.

- Then he rang his wife, warning her.
- But why call her ten times?

Why ignore someone
you've just spoken to?

Because you've argued.

He wanted to climb down and
save Chloé.  She didn't want him to.

He even told me so:
"I'm not the monster".

If only the other cameras
had been working.

- Oh shit.
- What?

The CCTV cameras...

They're testing the surveillance
cameras this weekend.

- I wasn't told.
- Which zone?

The fairground and high street,
but neither city access route.

Patricia Mazaud told me
the cameras weren't working.

Yes, they were working
during the fête.

Even the north-south
crossroad camera?

Of course! We tested them
all at the same time.

But the mayor knows that.

I gave her the hard drive
with all the files.

- Can we retrieve that footage?
- No, not now.

We can't keep everything,
it eats up space.

Mrs Mazaud probably
still has that hard drive.

- Have you asked her?
- No. Thank you.

Why did I believe her?

You weren't to know
it was her.

She'll have wiped
the hard drive.

We have nothing.

Bloody hell.
She's duped me from the start.

- Where are you going?
- To see her face to face.

You killed my father.

What are you talking about?

And you knew.
About Ana and Marion.

Our tattoos.

- Tattoos? I don't understand.
- You won't get away with this.

You're tired, Lise.

Get some rest.
I'm worried about you.


It wasn't Nicolas Mazaud
who pushed Dad.

It was his wife.

She's also involved
in Ana's death,

and Marion's.

And what happened to Chloé, too.

I have nothing on her.
I can't prove anything.

I'm useless.

Don't cry, my baby.

I hate it when you cry.

What do you want?

I know how to use it.
I've been taught.

Did you kill my husband?

Answer me!

Did you kill him?

Your husband
was in love with a child.

He was sick.

Like mine.

- A pervert.
- Shut up.

I'm guessing
he stopped touching you?

Would he only look at you?


because he preferred jailbait.

Young girls,
your daughter's age.

Shut up.

- You're a monster.
- No, I'm not the monster.

It's him.

- What are you doing?
- Calling the police!

Are you insane?

Come on, wake up.
Come and help me.

You lift her shoulders.
Come on.

Nothing happened here.

We never left home.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?


It was her or me.

May I?


What about Chloé?



Where am I?

You know where I am.

I come here every year,

You told me
to put the bodies here!

Stop being so paranoid.
I'm alone.

Anyway, all anyone would see
is a man with a rose.

Stop it!

Men are sentimental.

Just find the right button
and you can do what you want.

Why be careful for 15 years
only to ruin everything now?

What do you want?
A life in prison?

What about me?

That girl is dead.
You can't help her!

No, not this time. I'm going
to save her. And no one can stop me.

Didn't you wonder why
I've been ringing all day?

I'm pregnant, Nicolas.

I'm expecting a child.

Do you know what?

I'm glad he's dead.

We're both victims...

of collateral damage.

They're beautiful, your roses.


You seem tired.

Yes, I am a little tired.



Where have you been?

I don't remember.
I think I got lost.

Were you at her house?

I don't remember...
Do you think so?

What have you done?

Everything all right?
Did you find your mum?

She seemed a bit lost.

Or maybe you are?

Not for long,
don't worry about me.

Oh, I'm not worried.

Well, yes.
I'm worried about Chloé.

I spoke to the hospital
doctors, and...

they're not very hopeful.

It's horrible.

She'll probably never wake up.

Have a nice day.

Do you think we'll ever nab her?

I hope Chloé wakes up.

What's your plan?

Go back to Paris,
but visit often, I think.

Very often.

Wow, you took your time!