Vanished by the Lake (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

Come on, hurry up.

Get the stretcher and harness ready.


- Come on, grab your things.
- What? What on earth? Mum?


What's going on?

- Hurry up, we need to go.
- Go where? Why?

Stop it.

Stop it! That's enough.

We're not going anywhere.
Everything's fine.

See? They've found it!
We need to leave.

Don't tell anyone,
least of all your father!

- Have you found something?
- No, the rescue workers are looking.

- What's the stretcher for?
- It's just procedure.

Excuse me,
I can't let you through yet.

- What's going on?
- We haven't been informed.

We don't know anything yet.

I have a visual.


- Yes?
- I have a visual.

The description fits.

It's Chloé.

- I can confirm it's Chloé.
- OK, thanks.

Chloé? Chloé can you hear me?

- So? Is she alive?
- Yes, but unconscious.

- She's very weak and dehydrated.
- OK, thanks.

- Command?
- Yes.

There are two other skeletons here.
Judging by the pelvic bones,

they're both women.
There's also a handbag.



It's Chloé.

She's unconscious, but alive.
That's all I know for now.

Lise, I need to speak with you.

She's alive.

She's alive.

She's alive.

What state is she in?

Listen, it's not
just Chloé down there.

Ana and Marion are there too.

I'm sorry.


Are you all right?

I'm sure it'll pass.

You're right.

It'll pass.

Don't you want to keep it anymore?

- Well?
- They're still operating.

No, Hervé. Wait.
They won't tell you anything more.

If they're still treating her,
that's a good sign.

They're doing their best.

It's a good thing.
Listen, I'll swing by later.

- OK.
- Stay strong.

She must have been so afraid.

All those nights outdoors,
all alone, not knowing whether...

How did she do it?

Bloody hell.

It's horrible! It's horrible!

- Hello, are you Chloé's parents?
- Yes.

Well, the surgery went well,
she's been taken to Intensive Care.

We'll be monitoring her condition,
but I must warn you,

she hasn't regained consciousness,
she's still in a coma.

We've done what we can.

We're just concerned
about a small haematoma,

not far from her brain,
but we'll keep an eye on it.

- OK?
- Keep an eye on it?

We'll see whether it resorbs or not,
or continues to grow.

- And if it does?
- First let's see if it resorbs. OK?

I'll leave you be.


- Do you know whether anyone...?
- No.

No sexual assault. All her injuries
were caused by the fall.

- OK. Can we see her?
- Of course, follow me.

Any special requests
for dinner tonight?

Because it's over, Bouchard.

We found Chloé.

Ana and Marion, too.

See? There's no point lying now.

As soon as
she's awake, she'll talk.

What? She's alive?

Chloé's alive?

She's really alive?

Don't you see what you're saying?

That means
she'll explain it wasn't me!

That we never met!

She'll tell you who did it!


Something doesn't add up. Who took
the statement from the Volvo guy?

Hey, Serge.

Listen, I'm really sorry.

If you were me,
you'd want to solve this too.

It's our job.

Sandra questioned him.

- Why? What happened?
- Something just doesn't add up.

Either Bouchard is off his rocker...

or there's something we need to check.

I'm dealing with Ana's parents.

- They're coming to identify her things.
- Kader! We're going for a drive.

"You're 16...

"I'm 40.

"If you think that torments me, Ana...

"Yes it does.

"More so than in the song.

"but less than the desire
to hold you in my arms.

You're my sunshine.
You are purity."

- What's she doing?
- She's seeing someone, I swear.

Really? Who?

"I'm scared of hurting you.

"I don't want to hurt you.


Do you recognise
any of Ana's possessions?

Are you all right?

I'm fine.


Do you know
the punishment for perjury?

- I... I didn't mean...
- Bloody hell.

- You won't tell my wife!
- No, and you can keep your kid,

provided Social Services approve,
you idiot. Kader, bring him in.

So Bouchard was telling the truth.
We checked his alibi.

The Volvo owner picked him up
around 9pm and took him home.

He lied because he'd left
his baby alone at home. Why?

To drink himself silly
for a friend's birthday.

- Kader?
- I'll alert Social Services.

We'll sort him out.

So basically, we've got nothing.

We have to start all over again.
Review all CCTV, statements...

Everything after 6:15pm,
Friday evening.

That's around the time
Chloé left home.

So we know she left through here.

At this point,

she'd just discovered Patricia Mazaud
was carrying her father's child.

From what we know,
she left in a hurry.

That's possibly when Marianne
Stocker saw her from her window.

According to Bouchard, they'd arranged
to meet at this bench at 7:30pm.

She must have passed the fête.
There's a witness

who saw Bouchard,
but doesn't remember what time.

Bouchard claims
he waited for Chloé until 8:40pm,

but she never showed up.

OK? So, the last trace
we have of Chloé,

apart from her message,
is here, at 6:40pm.

This is confirmed by witnesses.

She was alone
and walking towards the lake.

So that means something happened
between here and here.

Something that stopped her
from meeting Bouchard.

Something or someone.

Someone who sent her down the ravine
and tossed her phone in the lake.

So I need you to revisit all witnesses
and bring them in, one by one.

We've clearly missed
something very important.

Where's that
smashed headlight from?

- A Peugeot 106.
- Yes, what's the latest on that?

We've asked all local garages,
but no such repairs were reported.

That's our only lead so extend
your enquiry to a 50km radius.

Let's get moving.
We don't have much time.

What if it wasn't him
15 years ago either?

Where did we go wrong, Serge?

What aren't we seeing?

We're going to release Bouchard.
His alibi was real.

- What did you want to tell me?
- Come in.

We'll talk in the living room.

- Who's there?
- Don't worry, Mum. It's for me.

I should never have got involved.

You were right.

You surely don't believe
it was your father?

Tell me that's all it was.

An old fool who loved a girl,

who hid it by falsifying
Rémi's interrogation,

who changed the colour
of the car, who lied...

because he was ashamed,
but that's all.

He'd never have hurt her.

Not Fred.

The night of the fête
he wasn't himself.

He said something
I never understood.

Have you ever...

done something you know
you'll regret all your life?

You have no choice.

You do it anyway.

That doesn't prove anything.

He never got over
their disappearances.

Exactly. Because he killed them.

That's why he killed himself.

But why would he kill Marion?

I don't know.

Will you show this to Clovis?

What difference would it make?

Chloé has nothing
to do with my father.

- Is it OK? Did he understand?
- What?

- You know.
- Was it Dad?

- Did he kill them?
- Be quiet!

- Be quiet!
- You knew? Did you know?

You couldn't understand.
You were too young.

You should leave
for boarding school.

You'll make new friends
and forget all this.

That's it! That's what we'll do.
That's right, I'll pack your bags.


It's weird.
I can see her heart beating.

Come here, sweetheart.

Are you OK?

You haven't eaten since breakfast
so I've brought some fruit and...

that brioche you love.

I've brought some clothes
so you can change. Here.

Right, Karine. You go home
and I'll take over here.

No, I won't leave her.

Are you OK?

Do you remember
when Chloé was born?

We watched her
lying in the incubator.

I sang her songs.

Hello, Mum.

Oh, shit.
Sandra, can you help me?

- Chief Inspector?
- It won't work.

OK, hang on.

- What are you looking for?
- That woman. Watch. She waits...

- Why are you zooming in?
- Sorry.

Rewind to the start.
Watch this, press play.

- That...
- Sorry, it did it automatically.

Hang on.

There, that's Chloé

- Why are you fast-forwarding?
- No, I'm rewinding.


OK, she's waiting for someone.
She's looking over there.

And then Chloé arrives.

- Right, is there another angle?
- Yes, but Chloé's not in it.

No, not Chloé.
I want to see that woman's face.


That's the pharmacist.

Shall I print it?

Our correspondant is live
at the Sainte Croix Hospital,

where Chloé Delval
remains in intensive care.


Well? How is she?
Is it serious?

Will she make it?

I don't know.
I haven't seen her.

What about me?

Do you think
they'll let me see her?

I'll let you know.


Can you give her this from me?

Something's bothering me.

You didn't tell me
you'd seen Chloé. At the fête.

I saw you on CCTV.

- I saw you talk to her.
- No...

It wasn't important.
Well, I don't know, I...

We just greeted each other,
exchanged some small talk.

- I didn't think it was relevant.
- Your son.

What about him?

- Why wasn't he with you that night?
- He was sick.

- Sick?
- Yes.

That's why you cancelled
the babystting with Chloé?

I asked someone else.

So you cancelled Chloé
and asked someone else?

I find that very odd.

Especially from someone
who didn't want to go out.

- Is that what you told Chloé's mum?
- Valentin didn't want Chloé any more.

She didn't look after him well.
She didn't comfort him.

She was doing a bad job.

I couldn't tell her mother
the day she disappeared!

She's beautiful.

This is from Rachel.

It's weird,
I feel like I already know her.

She reminds me of Ana.

She's alive.

She survived
4 days and 4 nights.

- Yes.
- She's not giving in now.

- I'll come back later.
- OK.

- Are you here to visit Chloé?
- I'm telling them Bouchard's out.

Do you think it was
the same person 15 years ago?

How else would you explain
finding the bodies together?

- I'm not explaining it.
- Well, I am. It's the same person.

So you've run out of leads then?

Why? Do you have one?

What's he doing here?

You can't be serious.

- Why are you here?
- Don't.

- Get lost.
- You've no business being here.

- Hey, I'm talking to you.
- Piss off.

Get lost.

Get lost, loser.

Hugo, wait!

- Stop.
- I've got nothing to say.

They're as guilty as you.

I don't know what's worse. Doing it,
filming it, sending it or watching it.

That was brave, coming here.

From the beginning,
you said it was him. And now...

If it wasn't Rémi Bouchard,
who was it?

We'll find out.

Who's Valentin?

It's the pharmacist's boy.

He asked his new babysitter
to drop it off. Isn't it cute?

Chloé loves that little boy.
He loves her too.

He's like her little sweetheart.

- She's always been great with kids.
- Excuse me.

Hey, Serge. Get me
what you can on the pharmacist.

And bring her in immediately.
I hate being conned.

All right, guys?

- I have something on the pharmacist.
- Yes?

A complaint was filed
against her last year,

by her husband's new wife.

- She drove her car at her?
- In a supermarket car park.

- She's bonkers.
- Totally.

OK, I'll question her.

I hope she'll be all right.

I really do. For everyone's sake.

For her sister's sake.

So she can have a normal life,
not just be the dead girl's sister.

It's crazy, even after they're gone,
people have a presence.

Do you really think
she knew who killed my sister?

Why do you ask?

She said she did.

When I saw her the night of the fête.
I know I didn't say anything,

but I was pissed off.

Anyway, it wouldn't have
made much difference.

They wouldn't have
found her any quicker.

Where were you?

I don't know. The square
outside the town hall.



- Going to say I attacked you again?
- Arsehole.

- You should be thanking me.
- For what?

I'll soon know
who killed your sister.


Don't give me that crap.
It was 15 years ago, just drop it.

What time was that?

Why would I check my watch?

You'll have to ask the lady.
The one Chloé talked to after.

Apparently they squabbled.
I didn't stick around.

Who's this woman?

Stop this now.
Leave my fella alone.

And stay away
from Valentin, you little slut.

Yes, I saw Chloé.
I never denied it.

- OK, anything further to add?
- Yes.

- Go on, answer it.
- No, you answer me.


Did you and Valérie
see Chloé at the fête?

- Why would I tell you?
- Why did they argue?

- No idea.
- Cut the bullshit.

- What?
- What are you hiding?

- Why the lies?
- Why would I lie?

Mr Thomas Mézieres?

Don't touch anything
and follow us.

- What's going on?
- This way, sir.

Ah, OK. I see.

Sign each page, please.

Kader, take him
to the interrogation room, please.


- Hello.
- Inspector Jouffroy, Police.

- Are you in the paragliding club?
- Yes.

- Can we help you?
- Hello, Inspector Jouffroy.

- Do you recognise this man?
- Yes, we know him.

- You too?
- Yes.

Is he a regular?

Thank you.

Got a problem with Thomas?
I've got stuff on the pharmacist.

Thank you. Goodbye.

She and Chloé argued at the fête.

I've been questioning her
for an hour. Could you stay?

- Me?
- Yes, to help question the doctor.

I want to ask him
about Ana and Marion,

- and you can tell if he's lying.
- All right.


I'd rather you helped me
from my office, please.

Why am I here?

Tell me about Chloé.

How did it start? This...

- This affair you had.
- I see, that's what Valérie said?

She said I slept with Chloé?

She's jealous. Obsessed.

She thinks I've slept
with every woman I meet.

She suspected her ex
of the same thing.

Obviously, it can't be true.
You never sleep around.


So when Valérie Fournon claims

she saw you with Lise Stocker,

she's lying?

Look, I've answered
your questions nicely.

Can I go or am I under arrest?

No, you can go.

However, I'd advise against it.
Right now, we only have one suspect.

And it's you.

What do you have on him?

So what will you do?


Good choice.
So let's start afresh.

Outside your surgery,
why and when did you see Chloé?

You could start
with your paragliding adventures...

Is that how you seduce girls?
It obviously works.

Yes, apparently you started young.

Who was it back then? Ana?

Both, perhaps.

All behind your girlfriend's back,
and that was Lise Stocker back then.

I never dated Ana or Marion
and I never took them paragliding.

Only Lise.

- Not Chloé?
- Why ask if you know the answer?

Yes, I took Chloé,
to help take her mind off things.

Because she'd just told me
she'd been raped.

You think I'd abuse a girl
in that state?

You really believe
what Valérie told you?

Can I not paraglide for fun?

Why are you convinced
I was seducing her?

Didn't you try to take
Valérie Fournon's mind off things?

Look, my private life
doesn't concern you.

If you want me
to admit that I've cheated,

perfect, I've cheated.

It's not my thing
and I've never forced anyone.

I do what I want.

What now?

Why am I here?
How does it involve Chloé?

After 6:40pm, no CCTV
cameras pick you up.

Just like Chloé. Somehow,
you both disappear at the same time.

- I was at home.
- No.

Valérie Fournon went to your house.
She rang the bell, waited. No answer.

She waited for hours. No answer.

Where were you?

I underestimated your naivety.

She's clearly trying
to pin everything on me.

He slept with Chloé,
he wasn't at home...

What about her?
Where was she?


I saw her,
she was furious with Chloé.

- She bawled at her at the funfair.
- Stop this now. Leave my fella alone.

And stay away from Valentin,
you little slut.

What's going on?

Isn't she more likely to target Chloé
like when she attacked her ex's wife?

- Valérie!
- What?

- What's wrong with you?
- Leave me alone!

We know about that.

Our job is to check everything.
So we do, constantly.

Valérie Fournon was at the restaurant
that night, witnesses have confirmed.

But that doesn't explain
where you were.

So Thomas Mézière spent Friday night
at your place? Do you confirm?

I knew it was a bad idea.
From the start.

I like my boss.

It's him.

He said he'd stopped seeing her.

Otherwise I'd never
have done such a thing.

- Please don't think I'm...
- I don't think anything.

You confirm?

- He arrived at 7pm, correct?
- Yes.

He left the next morning around 8am.

He'd never stayed over before.

I really thought
he'd stopped seeing her.

Does my boss know?

Hi, Rémi. It's Lise.

I saw your missed call.

Call me back whenever.


I'm glad you're free.

We have to start from there.

You were right.
Bouchard was telling the truth.

Chloé knew.

Once we know what,
we'll know who.

My father was sleeping with Ana.

That's why he falsified the report.

To hide the fact Rémi had
seen him with Ana in Serge's 4X4.

But that's nothing to do with Chloé.

Your father's long dead,
and our culprit struck both times.

There's hot coffee in the office.
It might do you good.

No, no. Thank you.

Come on, I'm not asking.

Hello, Chloé.

It's me.

It's Rémi.

I knew we'd meet again.


It's my daughter!

- Have you seen my book?
- What? No.

Throw this away!

- What are you doing?
- No one can know!

It's for your own good. You needn't
pay for other people's mistakes.

- What mistakes? Stop it!
- It has to go.

You're driving me crazy.
Give it back. Stop it!

I don't believe it.

Everyone is partly responsible
for what happened.

Starting with you.

You're the one
who invited Ana over.

It was you.

Do you realise the effect
the three of you had on men?

They were all drooling over you.

You'd parade yourselves across town
with your obscenely short skirts.

I loved your father.

She stole him from me.

Why him?

She'd have had her pick,
but she wanted your father.

That little prick-tease
got what she deserved.

- You can't say that.
- No? She ruined my life. Yours too.

She was nothing but a tart.

- Same goes for Chloé.
- What about her?

She said she wanted to help me.

But she only wanted
to nose around old photos.

I should have thrown everything away.

She asked about you
three girls, your father...

Like you, the same photos,
the same questions.

You mustn't rummage about, Lise.

You mustn't.

You won't die.
I love you too much.

You're my little girl.

What are you on about?

If only that had made a difference.

It didn't.

It got worse.

He wouldn't look at me.

Ana was dead.

He only thought of her.

Where were you Friday night?

Were you at the fête?

Shall we eat out tonight?

It's been so long.

I'll change
and we'll take the car. OK?