Vanished by the Lake (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

It's her.

It's Patricia.

It's Patricia's who's pregnant.

3 months?

Are you sure?

It's not Chloé who's pregnant.

It wasn't Chloé using
the computer the other night.

How have you only just realised?

I didn't think I could.
That's why I did the tests.

I'm screwed and I've got
less than a week to deal with it.

Don't you agree?

Yes. Look at this.

In Villeneuve.

I thought the house was empty.

I didn't think she was there.

I didn't think anyone was there.

She saw us together.


Chloé. Chloé!

Wait, Chloé!

She screamed.

And then...

She ran off, I tried to catch her.

I hate you! I hate you!

She turned and scratched me.

And she left.

It's my fault.
It's my fucking fault.

Where the bloody hell is she?

Find her.

Fucking find her.


- Hello, is Valérie there, please?
- Yes, I'll just find her.

- Ma'am?
- Yes.

- Are you OK?
- Yes.

A customer's asking for you,
but I could tell her...

No, that's OK. I'm coming.
I just need a moment.

She'll be with you shortly.


- Got your prescription?
- No.

I wanted to ask you
a few questions about Chloé.


Her mother's distressed
and there's things she'd like to know.

She's been looking after your son
just over a year, hasn't she?

- Yes.
- You were close? She trusted you?

If you're asking if I knew Chloé
was pregnant, the answer's no.

But was she seeing someone?
Was she in love?

- You have a nerve.
- I'm sorry?

- Didn't he tell you?
- Didn't who tell me?

Didn't Thomas tell you about us?


Please leave me be.

Now, please.

Why did you keep
your girlfriend quiet?

Oh right, I have a girlfriend?

The pharmacist.

She told you that?


And you lied about Chloé too.

Why didn't you say you were close?

Closer than necessary
for a doctor and patient.

- What are you on about?
- Spending hours together in your car?

- What were you doing?
- This is nonsense. Utter nonsense.

How can you ask that?
You know me, don't you?

I don't know why
I'm even listening.

What were you doing?

- You'd better fucking answer me.
- Yes, I'm really scared.

- What's your problem?
- Answer me. I'm serious.

We talked. Is that forbidden?

As for Valérie, I didn't tell you
because it's over.

She wanted something
I couldn't give her.

- And what did Chloé want?
- I don't know what she wanted.

Chloé babysat Valérie's son,
then I'd take her home. That's all.

- That's all?
- Yes, that's all.

Sometimes she was depressed
and wanted to talk, so I listened.

I can't tell you what she said.

But we know everything
anyway. Tell me!

What did you talk about? Drugs?

Rape? Her fear of being pregnant?

Did you give her
the morning-after pill?

- Yes.
- You should have told me or Clovis.

- You shouldn't have kept it secret.
- That's my call.

Until proven otherwise,
it's nothing to do with her vanishing.

- So you know why she vanished?
- You're pissing me off.

So you know nothing.
Everyone and their bloody secrets!

What did you tell her?
What did you tell Lise?

I'm talking to you!

Did you tell her
I slept with Chloé? Answer me!


- Shall I close up?
- No, I'll take care of it. Thanks.

- Have a nice evening.
- Thanks, Ingrid. You too.


Escort him to the rear exit.

Yes, I saw Chloé.
No, I didn't tell you.

What now?

- What are you playing at?
- What are you imagining?

I killed her because she knew
I was pregnant by her father.

You know me, Clovis.

And the CCTV footage
proves I was at the fête.

- How long has it been going on?
- What?

With Hervé.

Does it matter?

Are you jealous?

Obviously you're not jealous.

You never give a shit.

- What will you tell them?
- They're all yours.



Help me!


- Do you have 5 minutes?
- Why? Do you want a coffee?

- You're still a cop, aren't you?
- I believe so, yes.


- I'm not your dog.
- I heard that.

Here's a message
we found on Bouchard's mobile.


- Is that Chloé?
- Yes.

- What time was that?
- 6:54pm.

So she wasn't with Rémi.

Listen, I need your help.

Please persuade him
to talk to me. It's in his interest.


No, stay seated.

Listen to me. Say nothing.
No one can hear us.

I followed the 4X4 lead.

I know whose it was.

We have 3 seconds.

But I'm warning you, trick me
and you'll never leave prison.

I'd never lie to you.

Finish describing the man in the 4X4.

He had a cap.
A yellow cap with a visor.

That's why I didn't see his face.

Who is he?
He's cost me 15 years in jail.

I'll tell you when I'm sure.

- It's settled, he's ready.
- What did you tell him?

He's ready,
what more do you want?


I heard it later. I must have had
no signal when she called.

- Why did you delete it?
- Why would I keep it?

She clearly didn't mean
to leave that message.

I called back,
but she didn't pick up.

Why did you wait 2 hours
before calling her back?

Like I said, I was hitchhiking.

A guy in a Volvo took me home,
where I heard the message.

OK, great.
We don't see it that way.

I'll tell you what happened.
You were with Chloé, you followed her.

She dropped the phone
while fleeing from you.

And she called you by accident.

It can't have been
difficult to catch her.

Nor to kill her.

We'll find out later
whether you raped her.

You noticed her phone was missing.

You're a smart guy,
you rang it to hear it ring.

You found it.

You wiped your prints
and threw it in the lake.

OK, it's true.
That's what happened.

You're just missing the end.
Just after that...

I cut Chloé into chunks and ate her.

- Like Ana and Marion.
- Oh, he talked all right.

Because I'm a cannibal.
Rémi Bouchard, the Cannibal!

He's been screwing with us
the whole time.

Or he's an innocent guy
who's done 15 years.

- He knows what he's done.
- I don't believe his alibi.

He hitchhikes the very moment
Chloé leaves a message.

- As if by chance.
- So it must be him?

- He can't be telling the truth?
- Have you got something?

Another lead or suspect?
Something that stands up?

Have you got a problem
with women or just me?

- Remember, you came to me.
- It won't happen again.

What's your problem with her?
We need her.

The door!

- Hi. Two beers, please.
- Sure.

There you go.

- May I?
- Please do.

- I'm sorry about Clovis.
- It's no big deal.

It's frustrating when
an investigation stagnates.

- Here. To good health.
- Cheers.

Your father and I often came here
after work. It was almost a ritual.

Like the evening
of the fête actually.

We met here,
had a fair amount to drink.

We felt awful the next day
when we heard about Ana and Marion.

- Did you work this year's fête?
- No.

- Were you there?
- Merry-go-rounds aren't my thing.

No, I was at home.

Oh shit.
I need to go back in.

- Jules? How much do I owe?
- Don't worry, it's on me.


Lise? Is it you?

Serge told me you were back.
You haven't changed.

Come in!

- You're welcome.
- Serge left these at the café.

Thank you.
He's been distracted lately.

With all these goings on.

It must upset you a bit too.

He can't sleep. He won't talk.
Just like last time. Ah!

6pm is the witching hour.

It's a rule I set myself.

Never before 6pm!

Real alcoholics start in the morning,
so I'm not quite there yet.

The evenings are so long...

My boy used to be around. Antoine.

Do you remember him?

- No.
- No, you didn't know him.

You were too young.

He works on Reunion Island now,
as a helicopter pilot.

He got his licence while serving.

Otherwise helicopter pilot
licences are expensive.

He has a little company,
which he runs alone. I'm proud!

Reunion Island is a fair distance.

I don't see much of him.

I don't see Serge much either.

- Does he have lots of work?
- Lots. All the time. Every night.

But he's there, despite everything?

You still have nights together now
and then. Like the night of the fête?

Fat chance.

And I love that fête,
but it's not the same going alone.

- He worked that night too?
- Oh yes.

Like every other night.

Such crappy weather.

Why are you here?

She was returning your wallet.
You could thank her.

- You must have been distracted.
- You're right. She's still beautiful.

- He always wanted a daughter.
- That's enough.

- Bye, Mylène.
- Goodbye.

You disgust me.

You and me both.

That's all you have to say?

You never wondered
where I got these jobs?

You never wondered
why the work came my way?

No. I never wondered.

I never wondered
because I trusted you.

Well you were wrong.
I had to fuck her.

Are you taking the piss?
Are you calling it a sacrifice?

Surely you're not saying that!

For fuck's sake. What life
have I had for the last 2 years?

- What life?
- I've had no work for 2 years.

I do fuck all.

You don't even touch me any more.

You don't look at me.

Oh yes.
That's why you thought: "Fine,

why not screw
my wife's boss to kill some time?"

Yes! At least I felt I was serving
a purpose. I was earning cash.

Don't you see? That might be
the reason why Chloé disappeared?

Don't you see?

Don't you realise?

Don't touch me!

- Get lost.
- No.

- Get lost. Get out.
- No, no.

We're going to the vigil.
The village must see us together.

- We're going with Fleur.
- Screw the village.

Get out.

I can't live without you.

Me, me, me.

What about me?

Did you ever consider me?

Did you consider the fact
that I work for her?

Did you consider that?
How can I ever look at her again?

You've fucked up everything.
Get out!

Just get out!

Get out!

Get lost.


Go on.

Close your eyes.

- I'll light it and you set it afloat?
- Yes, OK.

Need a hand?

I wouldn't say no.

After this,
I'm sorting out the lanterns.

- Have you got a light?
- Yes.

Have you made a wish?

- Will Chloé see the lights?
- I think so.


Good evening.

I can't imagine
what you're going through.

- I'm sorry.
- What the hell are you doing here?

Excuse me.
I'm sorry, Karine. I didn't want...

- Get lost!
- The people wouldn't understand...

Do you want me to lose it?
Do you want me to scream?

Get lost.

Get lost!

Hang on, excuse me. I...

Take this.

So it's him?

The baby's father
is Chloé's father?

How could I have foreseen this?

You couldn't.


If you want to take part
we all have a lantern.

- We're writing our feelings on them.
- For Chloé?

Maybe, wherever she is,
she'll see them.

That way, she'll know
we're thinking of her.

What did you write?

I could've written her
a whole book, but...

it wouldn't have worked.

I had too many things to say to her.
So I just wrote that...

I asked her to forgive me.

I didn't want to part ways
on bad terms.


Here, can you hold this?

Hold on.


- What's this about?
- Why were you at my house?

- You left your wallet behind.
- Don't treat me like a fool.

- Where were you Friday night?
- You already asked me that.

And you lied, you weren't home.
Where were you?

- If your dad were here...
- He isn't.

- Fuck off with your questions.
- Are you going to slap me?

Ana and Marion
were everything to me.

You can't stop me, Serge.
No one can.

- You think I killed them?
- Where were you Friday night?

Let it go.
Go and sort out your mother.

You can't stop me, Serge!

Is anyone home?

Can I help you?

What's this?

Take a look.


I'm not accusing anyone,
but the evidence is disturbing.

What am I looking at?

The 4X4 Rémi saw
belonged to Serge.

And Serge lied.
He wasn't at home during the fête.

I'll let you decide
what to do with it.

Wait. Stay here.


Did you sleep here again?

We have an update
on your headlight.

It belongs to a Peugeot 106.
Sandra's onto it.

You were right about Lise. She mustn't
be involved in this investigation.

- What changed your mind?
- Nothing, I've just been thinking.

Her connection with Bouchard...
She's too involved.

It's not because she suspects you?

Shut the door, Serge.
Sit down.

What do you want to know?
Whether it was my 4X4?

It was, but what does that prove?

- Why change the colour in the report?
- I didn't change anything!

He said it was red
because it was red!

Do you think I'd give him
grounds to lock me up?

What about the yellow cap?

How did she know about that?
By noseying around my house.

By asking Mylène questions.
By prying into my life.

Is that appropriate?
Do you support that?

Yes, I have a yellow cap.
So what? That's not proof.

I'd love to hear
the prosecutor's thoughts.

You alone knew
that Bouchard had been released.

You told me so.

Oh shit.

She's done well.

Did you sleep with her?

Ah, OK.

Bloody hell, Serge. Just tell me
where you were Friday night?

- What are you hiding?
- Nothing.

Oh, that's perfect then. Look...

We'll grab a drink, you'll talk to me,
we'll clink glasses, and that's that.

- Friday night I was working.
- Don't, Serge. I know that's a lie.

I didn't say here.

I was working
in the industrial park. At Entrex.

I've been moonlighting
as a night guard for 6 months.

- Why didn't you tell me?
- Tell you what?

That I was moonlighting?

I don't understand.

You earn enough.

It's not loads and Mylène doesn't work
but you've always managed.

And now Antoine's not there,
and his business is going well.

His business went under.
It happened a year ago.

Mylène is totally in the dark...

both about his depression
and the fact he's swimming in debt.

If I hadn't helped him...

Antoine's the only thing
she still smiles about.

Excuse me.

There's an update
on the Volvo estate. We'd better go.


I'm here, if you need help.
You know that, don't you?

At any rate, you're just like Lise.
All you care about is work.

Serge, wait.
I can't lose sight of things. Serge!


That's not fair.
We said we'd take turns.

I'm just making one move,
then it's you. There, checkmate.

Hang on, I think that's our guy.

- Short, brown hair, right?
- Shit. I almost won.

Are you listening?

- Short, brown hair, right?
- Yes.

Right, let's go.

Excuse me? We're the police.
We have a few questions.

Do you own this vehicle?

We found the guy
you hitchhiked with.

It all checks out.

The driver's description, the make,
model, colour... Everything.

It's actually very precise.

I'm impressed. Really.

You have quite
a memory, don't you?

You remember all the details,
even if you've only seen them once.

Very impressive indeed.

However, there's a slight problem.

It's the driver...
He doesn't remember.

He doesn't remember you.

Because he didn't drive
that way on Friday night.

His car never left his front drive.

He was at home with his baby
and his wife was working.

Got anything to add?

You'll struggle to keep lying now.

We have enough to lock you up again.

Here we go again, Bouchard.

He's lying.

That guy is lying!

He gave me a lift,
we talked!

I swear!
Find out why he's lying!

He must have a good reason!

- What are you doing?
- Housework.

Those are Dad's things.
You're chucking them? No, not that.

Yes, I should've done this long ago.

You can't.
It's all we have left of him.

It's too much.

No, not that.

I don't know why you're here, Lise.
You're wearing me out. I'm worn out.

I was much happier before.
Much happier.

Well done.

You had it all wrong,
but you even got me doubting.

You got me doubting everyone,
even myself.

You were wrong about Serge.
I checked his alibi for Friday.

See? You even got me
looking into my closest friend.

Your mate Bouchard
had better start talking.

Where was Serge 15 years ago?
Did you check that?

Let me tell you a little story.

A story about a Parisian cop
who got laid off...

This cop alone believed
this guy killed a girl. That's all.

The guy swore he didn't do it,
but she persevered,

despite having no proof.
None at all.

She kept harassing him,
he filed a complaint,

but that didn't stop her,
she carried on.

She carried on and on
until the guy hanged himself.

Ring any bells?

Leave this case alone, Lise.
Leave Serge alone and leave me alone.

No one needs you here.


What's this?

- Oh it's lovely. I love it!
- Wait, it's a lucky charm.

I'll never take it off.

"'re 16, I'm 40.

"If you think that torments me, Ana...

"Yes, it does.

"More so than in the song,

"but less than the desire
to hold you in my arms.

"You're my sunshine.
You are purity.

"I'm scared of hurting you.

"I don't want to hurt you,


Ana, where are you going?
What's she doing?

She's seeing someone, I swear.

Love is blind.
Age and beauty are irrelevant.

- He's 112 years older then her!
- He's my age.

You've obviously never loved.

- You're 16... I don't want to hurt...
- You've obviously never loved...

- You wouldn't understand.
- Ana...

All the details matter.

She's seeing someone, I swear.

Really? Who?

Love is blind.
Age and beauty are irrelevant.

Was there a guy
following you and Ana around?

You wouldn't understand.

I'm scared of hurting you.

Lise... I don't like it
when we fight.

That's your father's handwriting.

What's this letter about?
Where did you find it?

With Ana's things.

If it's accurate,
it's that way, right?

- I don't see where...
- There's smoke over there, sir.

Hang on, I'll call you back.