Vanished by the Lake (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript


Drop your weapon! Get down!

Stand against the wall. Quickly!


They all look similar.

Do you think that's why?

I've stopped thinking.

I've asked myself
these questions so many times.

How? Why?

Why her and not another?

I understand what my husband did.

But it won't be the same for you.

They'll get him talking this time.
They'll find Chloé.



"Hello. My name
is Rémi Bouchard. I'm 17...

and I assure you, I'm innocent.
I'd never hurt Ana and Marion."

You were seen alighting the bus
on Friday night at Haute Epine.

What were you doing?

A pilgrimage?

I'll remind you
of the court order against you.

You're not supposed to come
within 20 km of the village.

Were you meeting someone?
Were you meeting Chloé?

I'm asking...

because you see this scarf?

We found it in your flat.

This scarf belongs to Chloé.

So naturally, we're curious.
Put yourself in our shoes.

That's your thing, isn't it?
Stealing things from young girls.

Isn't that what you did
to Ana and Marion?

And Lise.

The acoustics
in this interrogation room are crazy.

Hear how it echoes?

Everything's amplified.

The flickering light,
the creaking chair...

It's deliberate.

Like the glass of water
you're not allowed to touch.

The fag you're not allowed to smoke.

The need to pee
for hours on end.

The detainee must ask.

And you, Mr Jouffroy, will accept,

or not.

He'll crack. He'll talk.

Or not.

OK, so you won't talk.

I would. I'd love
to answer your questions.

But I can't.

Care to tell us why?

Because I've never seen Chloé.
I've never met her.

OK, Bouchard.

Here's what we'll do.
We'll start again.

I'll ask you your full name
and date of birth.

I don't have to answer.
I read up on the law in prison.

After 15 years, I'm quite the expert,
thanks to Mr Jouffroy.

Right now, for example,
I could request a lawyer.

Playing games now, are you?

What good have lawyers done me?

I'm ready to talk.

But on one condition.

Look, Bouchard, I don't think
you've quite understood the situation.

In here, your conditions
mean nothing.

Is that right?

Is this a joke?

Does it look like we're laughing?

You've got a nerve asking me here.

- What did he tell you?
- Just nonsense.

He says he's never
seen Chloé before.

Come on, then.

Chief Inspector?

I've just spoken
to the prison warden, Mr...

- Mr...
- Get to the point, Sandra.

Well, he confirms that Chloé
wrote to Bouchard 3 months ago.

The prison read her letter,
it was about some French homework.

He wrote back and
they've been in contact since.

Maybe Rémi isn't talking nonsense.

They've written letters,
but never met.

- What about the scarf?
- The scarf. Warden... Granet!

Granet's his name. He said
the scarf was sent by post.

Normally they'd confiscate it
for risk of strangulation,

but that one's too small
according to scarf size rules...

- Sandra, we don't care.
- Yes, of course.

In any case,
Granet really likes Bouchard.

He says his behaviour
was exemplary.

OK great stuff, Sandra.

I'm happy to see you.

What do you want from me?

The others...

They're convinced I'm guilty.

And I'm not?

I know you, Lise.

I've always known you.

You said you'd never met Chloé, yet
you'd arranged to meet Friday night?

It would have been
the first time. It was her idea.

She had something
important to tell me.

She'd discovered
who'd killed Ana and Marion.

And who was it?

I don't know
because I never saw Chloé.

I know she'd been researching it
for a while. We'd talked about it.

She believed me.

No one ever listened to me.

Except her.
Even you never listened to me.

She listened to what?
What did you tell her?


was seeing someone.

Ana was seeing someone
and no one knew.

Except you, obviously.
Did you stalk her?




You know I did.
I was in love...

with her... with Marion...

with you, too.

- I've told you this.
- What did you see while stalking Ana?

- I saw her in a 4X4.
- I know, that's already in your file.

The police looked everywhere
for that 4X4 and found nothing.

- Either you're wrong or you're lying.
- Ana kissed a man in a 4X4.

It wasn't the first time.

- What man?
- I don't know.

A man... not our age. Older.

Even if Ana was with an older man,

that doesn't explain
her and Marion's disappearance.

Why were they hiding?
Nobody ever believed me.

Nobody did anything! Why?
Why didn't they look for the blue 4X4?

You have 30 seconds. Think carefully.
What colour was the 4X4?

What's going on?
Where's the audio gone?

I don't understand.
It's all plugged in. It's not broken.

- It's marked red in the file.
- Only the driver's door was red.

- The 4X4 was blue.
- I don't understand.

Like after an accident,
you use a spare door.

There were two colours.
I kept saying this!

- Did you see the man?
- Nothing because he had a...

- Nice little ruse.
- What ruse?

It's working fine.


- Did you give me the whole file?
- Of course.

- Witness statements, nothing else?
- No.

- And you chased down every lead?
- Are you pulling my leg?

We turned over every stone.

Can't you see
Bouchard's manipulating you?

- It's blatant. He only talks to you.
- Serge...

Think about it.

Where's the proof he's telling
the truth about not meeting Chloé?

Or maybe she was pregnant
with his child, so he killed her.

She knew who killed Ana
and Marion and said nothing.

Instead, she meets him,
and as if by chance, she vanishes.

Do you think that adds up?
Are you a bloody cop or what?

Until we receive the proper door
we knock up another in the mean time.

For a 4X4 of that make,
it shouldn't be hard to find.

- When was this repair done?
- April 2000.

This repair dates back 15 years
and possibly wasn't even done here?

Is this about the missing girls?

Is there an update?

I'd love to help you, but even
with the best will in the world...

- Very well. Thank you. Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

That's not possible.

She can't be pregnant.

She wasn't seeing anyone.

Why didn't she tell us?

She trusts us.

Did she tell you?

Are you sure?

- Bloody hell.
- What?

She did.

She told you.

Yes, when she saw you
before the fête.

That's nonsense.
The cops are lying.

- No.
- They're lying.

You saw her, she told you she was
pregnant, you argued, and she left.

- Why are you lying?
- I'm not.

I'm not lying to you, Karine.



I can't carry on.

I can't carry on lying...

to the cops... to Karine.

- I can't carry on.
- I understand, but you...


They're questioning everyone.
What do I say?

Say nothing.
Keep quiet.

- You were happy with our decision.
- No, no.

Not since my neighbour saw me.

Think about it.

We both have too much to lose.

Not just you.
Think of your daughters.

- Of Karine.
- Don't talk about my family!

Forgive me.

Forgive me.



You didn't need to wait up.

I've been at the town hall,
I thought I'd never get away.

What are you reading?

I don't know.

I've read
the same page twenty times.

What's wrong?


Did you know
they'd arrested Bouchard?


Is it true that Chloé knew him?

Had they arranged to meet
at the fête on Friday night?

If so, he'll spend
the rest of his life in jail.

What a waste.

I'm exhausted.

Where have you been?

I went for a stroll.
I couldn't sleep. Are you coming up?

"Are you sleeping?"

So you weren't sleeping?

It's not my strong suit.

I was sure you wouldn't reply.

I actually thought
you were avoiding me.

- Did you know Chloé was pregnant?
- That's why you came?

- Was she on the pill?
- I can't answer that.

You realise that might be
why she's missing...

or dead.

You really don't want to answer?

I didn't know Chloé was pregnant.

I mean... if she was,
she hadn't been for long.

- How come?
- Are you really sure she's pregnant?

See? I don't know everything.

Are you staying for a drink
or did you get what you came for?

Thomas, it's me.
I hope you're OK.

I'm at home,
waiting for you for dinner.

I think you've forgotten.
It's almost 9pm. Let me know.

Take care. Speak soon.



- Mummy, you broke it.
- Oh, sweetheart.

No, I didn't break it. It fell.
Did I wake you?

Don't worry.
Mummy will clean it all up.

Goodness, it's so late!

What are you doing up at this time?

Come on.

Come on, sweetheart.
Time for bed. Don't worry.

I should go,
otherwise I won't be able...

Yes, I think it's time you left.

Will you shut the door
on your way out?

Then you should get some rest.

And sleep well.


I can't sleep.

I go round in circles all day,
trying to understand what happened.

I called Rachel.

She didn't know
Chloé was pregnant either.

Why tell her dad
and not her best friend?

Why didn't she tell me?

- He's lying.
- There's no proof she told him.

I'm sure of it. There's
something he's not telling me.

You can't carry on like this.
You need sleep or you'll burn out.

- I need to pick up Fleur from school.
- I'll do that.

And I'll find something
to help you sleep. OK?

Karine! Good timing!
I've made some shortbread.

You should call Chloé.
She loves my shortbread.

That's true.

Thank you.

- Your mother needed some rest.
- This is tasty.

- Look, there's another one for after.
- Thank you.

Tell me, is Rachel
Chloé's best friend?

I'm not sure
they're the best of friends.

- Why's that?
- I don't know.

One day, I heard them
on the phone.

Chloé was crying and shouting.
She was really unhappy.

Unhappy sad?

- Or unhappy angry?
- Unhappy angry and sad, too.

Do you remember
what they were talking about?

What does "rape" mean?

- Hi, Lise.
- Hi.

Do take a seat!

I think Chloé was raped.

Or should I have
kept that to myself?

It wasn't rape.

Chloé said it was,
but it wasn't really a rape.

I'm not sure
what happened that night.

No one really is.

We'd never done that before,
so don't think that... it was...


It was 3 months ago.
We'd taken ecstasy.

- Stop being boring.
- You can't force me.

You won't have fun otherwise.

Look, everyone's taking it
and they're not dead!

Fine, don't take it,

but you'll only complain
that you were bored.

Fine, fine.

- Seriously?
- Yes.


The problem was actually
when we got back to college.

Was it good? Good time?

What's up? Why are you laughing?

You're such idiots!

I swear it wasn't me.
I'd never do that.

But Chloé wouldn't believe me.

She stopped talking to me.
The thing is...

she'd had boyfriends, but...


That was her first time.

It wasn't my fault.

She wasn't exactly turning him away.

You can see that in the video.

She saw it as a rape, but...

for everyone else,
she was just a tart.

Who's the boy?

Hugo? No, he's not here.
Why do you ask?

Do you know where he is?

No. But he's 21.

He stopped informing us
of his comings and goings long ago.

I need to talk to him.
Could you call him?

Yes, of course.

What's going on?

- Nothing.
- Have you found her body?

Have you found my daughter?
Did Bouchard talk?

No, he hasn't said anything. It's not
about Ana. I want to talk to your son.


- Why do you want to see Hugo?
- I just have some questions.

- I was just calling him.
- He's a nice boy.

He quit uni
because it didn't suit him,

and then he's had difficulty
finding something he enjoys.

- Was he with you during the fête?
- It's anything but a fête for us.

Yes, of course.

Listen, what my wife is saying
is that, a while ago,

our son stopped spending evenings
with us because we dwell on the past.

- And also...
- He'll never understand.

He was too young.

Yes, he thinks that our world revolves
around his sister, which isn't true.

He doesn't understand...

how much we love him too.

- Do you know if Hugo knew Chloé?
- Why?

- What would he want with her?
- You don't suspect him...

No, we just need witnesses.
People who went around with her.

And your son's on CCTV at the fête.
Tell him to call me when he gets home.

OK? Without fail?



What are you doing?
Why is he running away?


We need to talk.

- Where were you on Friday night?
- At the fête.

We know. Did you see Chloé?

Chloé? No. I don't know her.

Listen, Hugo.
Don't play the fool. You won't win.

I know about your party
3 months ago.

And I know
you provided the drugs, too.

- Do you know what's at risk?
- I never deal. Search me.

I just bought stuff
to have a good time at the party.

Raping a girl is a party to you?

I honestly doubt
you were both having a good time.

Shit. I never raped her.

This insanity can't start again.

- What insanity?
- Chloé came to see me.

She showed me a video.
She said I'd raped her, but...

I didn't rape her.

We were both tripping.

We didn't know what we were doing.
It's not like I forced her.

Yes, she wasn't exactly lucid either.
What time did you see her on Friday?

Hugo, she wanted to talk.
What did she say?

She told you she was pregnant,
you argued, it got ugly.

She couldn't
be pregnant with my child.

- How can you be sure?
- Because she told me.

She told me she'd been ill
after taking the morning-after pill.

She'd puked because it was grim.
And that she hated me.

- Wait, what are you on about?
- That's how I found out it existed.

- That what existed?
- The morning-after pill.

Go back to uni.

- Do you know Chloé Delval well?
- Not well. She looks after my son.

Do you remember selling her
a pregnancy test 3 months ago?

No, I'd remember that.

Ingrid, do you remember selling
Chloé Delval a pregnancy test?

No, I don't think so.

And when Chloé came
to your house did you talk?

- Yes. Why?
- You're a pharmacist.

- She might have asked you questions.
- No, I'm sorry.

- Right. Thank you.
- Thank you.

Yes, OK. I'll find out
and get back to you.

We need to crack him, Serge.

We have to release him
in less than 24 hours.

Without new evidence
we won't get an extension.

He's not saying anything.

What the fuck
has he done with that girl?

Do you have any idea
how many times we've asked that?

Chief Inspector,
can I check something?

Delval, the girl's father,
said he stayed at the bar all night?

I've been typing up Jipé's statement,
the guy who beat up Bouchard.

Friday night, he was
at the bottle storage warehouse.

But there's something odd:

"Three times Hervé
came by to fill up the crates.

"It's horrible...
while we were joking around,

maybe his daughter
was being killed."

- Is there CCTV of the bar?
- No.

Great work, Kader.

Why didn't you say Hervé
visited the warehouse Friday night?

Because you didn't ask.

You asked whether he worked
with me all night. I said "Yes".

How long did his trips take?

I don't know.
What's with the questions?

How long? You know
where the warehouse is.

- Work it out.
- Did he ever take longer than usual?

No idea.

- I wasn't timing him. I'm not a cop.
- What about you?

Did any of his trips take longer?

I don't know. Yes...

Cut the crap,
you've given false statements.

We'll ask you again,
as if for the first time.

At one point, he took so long
we wondered where he was.

Thank you! At what time?

- What time?
- Around 6pm.

As for you, it's over!

I warned you about this.


- What's going on?
- We have some questions for him.

Why? What's he done?
What have you done?

I'm coming back, sweetheart.
Be good for Mummy.

Why are they taking Daddy away?

I don't know.

I'm sorry to ask you here,
but I have a daughter too.

I mean, that's why it gets to me.
She's grown up, but I still worry.

- Why did you ask me here?
- Your 4X4. The car door.

I've found it.

I've been working here
over 20 years. Donkey's years!

Well, I never throw anything away.

Much like at home.
It drives my husband mad. Here...

That's the owner's name there.

Does that name mean
anything to you? Serge Jouffroy?

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

I hope that helps.

Remember me? Serge?
I remember when you were this big.

Don't you see
Bouchard's manipulating you?

Think about it. Where's
the proof he's telling the truth...?


I knew you'd be here.

"Rémi Bouchard
declares the following facts:

"I saw Ana kissing a man in a 4X4,
it clearly wasn't the first time,

an older man, not our age,
the 4X4 was red."



Come here!

Can you put that over there, please?

You forget how challenging
maintaining a garden can be.

It withers, it rots...

Sometimes you remind me
so much of your father.

Tell me... You've known Serge
for years, haven't you?

Oh, yes.

Almost always at your father's side.

What do you think of him?

What does "mmh" mean?

I never liked him. You don't
choose, that's just how it is.

I'll be right back.

What are you doing here?

- Oh, OK, you forgot.
- Forgot what?

- Did we arrange to have lunch?
- That's right.

- Right, no bother. I'll wait outside.
- No, I can't.

Is there a problem?

No, it's not us, it's...
It's just...

- Mum.
- Morning! Are you well?

And everything else, too...

Right, well if there's anything
I can do for your mum...

- or for that other stuff, just ask.
- OK.


That must be weird for him.
Not many women send him away.

- You don't miss a trick, eh?
- I just watch, that's all.

He has admirers, that's for sure.
They all fall for him.

Like bees to a honeypot.

Even that skinny girl.
I often see her in his car till 2am.

Who? What skinny girl?

I wonder what she sees
in that moron.

Or rather what he does with her.
Honestly, it disgusts me, at her age.

Or maybe he's a pervert.
He wouldn't be the first.

Are you sure of what you're saying?
Do you mean Chloé and Thomas?

Why are you taking that tone?
Can't you just be nice?

- I am being nice.
- No, you're not.

You never hug me.
I need hugs, affection.

Do you think your father
gives me affection?

Did you get
Mr Kami's prescription?

Thomas? Thomas!

Are you OK?
Fancy some lunch?

- You got her pregnant?
- What?

- What are you talking about?
- So you're a pervert.

- What do you mean?
- Stop lying, OK?

Do you want
to knock her up too?

You're crazy, Valérie.

Stop it, you know
you're the only one. Stop.

Come on.

Thomas, just tell me
the truth for once?

But that is the truth. Stop this.


Valérie? Valérie?

Hi, Thomas, it's me.

Call me back, please.
I need to speak to you.

- I need to see Clovis.
- Ma'am.

Chief Inspector Bouvier is questioning
someone. You can't interrupt!

- Ma'am, you can't stay here.
- I need to speak to him!

- Ma'am.
- Fine!

- Please wait to the side.
- Very well.