Vanished by the Lake (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript



I don't believe it.


- Karine!
- Yes?

Have you seen my work gloves?

Have you looked on the shelf?

My sweetie-pie! How are you?

Good morning, honey.

Good morning, my love.

All right? What's that?
He's ugly!

I won him at the village fête.

He's cute.

- What's his name?
- Marshmallow.

Can I have some juice?

I have to work.

- What is it today?
- Waste collection.

- Sounds good.
- Yeah, right!

Three times this week,
they might hire you.

- How did you do that?
- No idea.

At the workshop.

I start at 4pm.
Will you be back by then?

Oh no, she's taken the cereal
up to her room again... Chloé!

- Stop shouting!
- You'll wake her up.

So? I keep telling her!


The cereal!


I've told you 100 times.



Hi, you've reached Chloé.
Leave me a message.

- Voicemail.
- She's switched it off.

- She should tell us.
- She'll be at Rachel's.

- So what do I do?
- Nothing. You don't do anything.

- What did we do at her age?
- What did you do?

We were well-behaved!
Very well-behaved.

OK... see you tonight.

Yes, see you later.

- Sorry, I can't.
- I won't take the whole pack.

I left my prescription in Paris.

Get your doctor to fax or email me.

- Is there nothing you can do?
- No, sorry.

I can give you herbal relaxants.

- They might help you.
- Thanks.

- Ingrid, did we get the Nutéria?
- I'll check.

- Do you know her?
- Yes... a former pupil of mine.

From long ago.

So, what can I do for you?

Hi, this is Rachel.
Leave me a message...

Hi, Rachel, it's Karine.
I can't get hold of Chloé.

Her phone must be switched off,
so tell her to call me.


You didn't tell me
you were coming.

I'd have remembered.

Don't worry, Mum.
You must have missed the message.

Look at this.
I'd have tidied up had I known.

What must you think?

Did you drive all night?

You must be tired.
How about a coffee?


What am I doing?
My mind keeps wandering.

It's so unexpected.

- How long has it been?
- I don't know. A few months.

- Will you stay?
- Yes.

That's good.

Are you OK?

Shame you missed
the fête yesterday.

I'm not even dressed.

- Your room isn't ready.
- Don't worry, I'll do it.

We'll talk later.

- Lise!
- Are you OK? Am I disturbing you?

- Not at all.
- I can come back later.

No, it's good to see you.
It's been ages.

It's just that I'm a bit...

Chloé slept out,
I don't know where she is.

I understand.
I wanted to thank you for Mum.

Thank Chloé.
She spotted the flames.

I'm sorry about your mum.

We've got loads of Alzheimer patients
at the retirement home.

Hi, Rachel, thanks for calling.

She didn't sleep at your place?

So where is she?

Her bag is here.


- No, everything's here.
- Chloé's pretty.

Why wouldn't she take clothes?

Let's sit down and think
about where she might be.

- Have you called her friends?
- Of course.

- Her boyfriend?
- She doesn't have one.

I'll keep the photo
and take your statement,

- then talk to my boss.
- OK.

Here he is... Sir, we might
have a missing person.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Would you scan these for me?

- Come with me.
- Yes.

- Wait here.
- I'm coming with you.

Please... It won't take long.
Be a good girl.


- I'll look after her.
- Thanks.



It wasn't arranged?

No, but she often sleeps there, so...

Teenagers are secretive.
As you know.

True, but Chloé isn't. She always
tells me if she's staying out.

It's Saturday, barely midday.
Maybe she'll turn up later.

Maybe, but she would have called me.

Probably nothing,
but we're bound to be worried.

Sorry, this is Lise, my friend.

- She's a cop, in Paris.
- CID.

She advised me to come here.

All I can do for now
is declare her missing.

I'll send out her photo.
Leave me your details,

and I'll call you later
with an update.

The correct response?

I'm not playing it down, but village
fête night tends to make people...

panic a little.

Two kids went missing
15 years ago.


Ana and Marion are missing.

Where are you off to?

I remember.

Shall we go?


We'll find her.


Do you know her?

Lise Stocker, daughter of Fred,
my former partner.

What did she want?

To report a girl missing.
Young Delval.

- Since when?
- Last night, at the fête.

Two girls went missing
15 years ago.

Their best friend was Lise,
the 3rd in their group.

Let's not get paranoid, Serge.

The culprit got 15 years.
You nabbed him.

Yes. With her father, Fred.

Only Bouchard
was released 2 months ago.

I'll call the judge.

Mr Bouchard?

So how did you get on yesterday?

- What's that?
- Your date.

I heard you on the phone,

arranging to meet
a girlfriend by the lake.

It's so romantic there!

My boyfriend used to take me.

- Back in the day.
- You shouldn't have been listening.

You misunderstood.
I wasn't meeting anyone.

Only my mum. She'll be happy
you thought she was my date.

Sorry, it's none of my business.

I just thought...

I was mistaken.

She was babysitting
the pharmacist's son.

I know, Rachel, but not all night.

Wasn't she meant
to see you afterwards?

Yes, but there were loads of us
and we were on the move.

- So did you see her?
- No, I didn't.

Has she got a boyfriend?

No, I don't think so.
I'd know if she had.

- You'd tell me if you knew.
- Of course!

I'd better go.

No, wait.

Put that stuff in the box.

We share it out, otherwise
it goes to Lost Property.

Last year we found an artificial leg.
No one ever claimed it!

Yes, I remember.

Is everything OK?

How's it going?

- How about you?
- Good.


Where do you think Chloé is?

I don't know.

I bet she tells you everything.

A cute little sister like you.

Yes, she tells me everything.

Chloé... switch your phone on
and call me back!

Chloé lied, the pharmacist
cancelled the babysitting 2 days ago.

- I wasn't too long, was I, Fleur?
- No, it was fine.

- Hervé, have a beer.
- I'm coming.

We get paid peanuts picking up
other people's crap, so...

Checking out the trophies?

Chloé, it's Dad.

Look, give us a call.

We keep trying to reach you.
We're worried, do it for Mum.

I love you. Take care.

Not bad!

Hey, Arjun,
this might not fit you!

Hey, Arjun!

Have a beer.

- This is worth something...
- That's Chloé's! Where was it?

He found it.

Where did you find this?

- Where was it?
- Down there, on the shore.

- Where?
- In the water.

In the water?

Are you OK, Hervé?

All right, Hervé?

Is something wrong?

She came home early,

at 3:30pm, a teacher was absent,
then she went to the fête.

We'd planned to go together,
but she didn't want to wait.

I didn't see her again.

What time did you get home?

I was back at midnight,
after the fireworks.

Maybe earlier,
on account of the little one.

When I got back
there was no one home.

What time did you get in?

I don't know... around 1am.

I wasn't worried.

Chloé's a big girl, very sensible.

And it was the fête.

She was allowed
to come home late.

- What was she wearing?
- A sleeveless white T-shirt,

and a yellow skirt.

Canary yellow.

- Are you sure?
- Yes, I'm sure.

- I saw her last, didn't I?
- Yes.

- Is there only one computer?
- Yes.

- Doesn't your daughter have her own?
- No, we only have one.

Can we see it?

Yes, it's on the worktop.

Do you know her password?

- No.
- No.

Hey, you who knows everything.

Do you know Chloé's
password for the computer?

It'll help us find her.

Yes, but I promised
to keep it secret.

I know it's a secret,
but you have to tell us.


I've got an idea.

Look, you sit here.

We won't look.


- Mum, can I go back to my film?
- Yes, of course.

January 10th.

No activity for 3 months.
She was never off it before.

Any idea if she was
still using Facebook?


I didn't notice.
I wasn't on her back about it.

The history has been wiped.

Could we take the laptop
to search the hard drive?

- If you need to.
- Don't worry, it's normal procedure.

- OK.
- OK, thanks.

- I'll tell her.
- Thanks, I'll wait.


I was waiting for you.
Are you OK?

Sorry about your mum.
I didn't want to scare you.

- I'd never have known otherwise.
- It's great you're here.

Can you tell me
about the illness?

Yes, of course.

It's weird to see you.

Yes... it's been a long time.

What's happening?

Their daughter's missing.

- Chloé?
- You know her?

Of course, I'm the village doctor.

When did she go missing?

During the fête.

A worrying disappearance
in the Sainte-Croix region.

Teenager Chloé Delval hasn't been
seen since yesterday afternoon.

She's 16 and 1.68 metres tall.

Police have issued
a missing-persons alert.

How about some crêpes suzette?

Chloé Delval hasn't been seen
since yesterday afternoon...

It's awful!

She's 16 and 1.68 metres tall.

Police have issued
a missing-persons alert.

The teenager is wearing
a white T-shirt and yellow skirt.

Police stress
that in such cases,

the early hours are vital.

- Anyone who has seen...
- That's Karine's daughter.

Madam Mayor, look at this!

This is an announcement
from the Ministry of Justice.

A worrying disappearance
in the Sainte-Croix region.

The teenager, Chloé Delval,

hasn't been seen
since yesterday afternoon.

She's 16 and 1.68 metres tall.

To this day, the bodies of Ana
and Marion have not been found.


We have to do something, Hervé.

The strange similarities
beg the question.

A child has been abducted.
Don't act alone.

If and only if...

Hervé, we need to do something.

- We must do something.
- I know, I know.

But what do you want me to do?

The cops are here.

We can't just sit here like idiots.

I don't know, go out, look for her.

I can't take it anymore.

I can't take it anymore!



To the town hall. Why?

Now you tell me!

No, I'm coming.

The Police is my department.

They're testing the surveillance
cameras this weekend.

- I wasn't told.
- Which zone?

The fairground and high street,
but neither city access route.

- That's unexpected... Sandra?
- Chief Inspector?

- Any calls?
- Non-stop.

- I'll need volunteers for the search.
- All right.

Plus you'll have to brief me
for a press release.

I'll just see to this, don't go away.

Before we split up,
Patricia Mazaud,

the mayor of Sainte Croix,
will speak to you.

First, thanks to all of you
for volunteering.

As you know, we're doing
all we can to find Chloé.

Every minute counts.

As mayor, it's my job
to mobilise all our citizens.

I know the trauma
of 15 years ago is in the air.

Thank you to Ana Letizi's parents,
who are here today.

But history doesn't have
to repeat itself.

I've been trying
to get an answer all day.

What's so hard about finding out
where Rémi Bouchard is?

So the judge is on holiday.
Just find out!

Chloé may have had an accident.

She may have fallen and injured
herself, anything is possible.

I know her parents well,
she's a sporty girl.

There's still hope.
But we must act fast.

That's why I need your help.

Thank you.

I'll go up to Pas du Loup.


- You haven't changed.
- Mr Letizi!

- How was it?
- As usual, very controlled.

- How many of you?
- A dozen.

Go that way, right round,
all along and comb the shore.

It's good to see you.

- Is that Lise Stocker ?
- She just got here.

I remember, the three of you
were inseparable.


- It's Lise, come on over...
- We're going.


Don't be angry with her.
She's never got over it.

She still thinks
Ana will come home.

I understand.

Well, goodbye.

There are the parents.

How did you get along
with your daughter?

Was she sensible?
Did she take drugs?

- Please, that's enough!
- Has she ever run away?

Show a little respect!
They need space.

- You go home.
- Are you OK?

Are they crazy?

We'll go around the lake.
Come on.

Lise, do you want to come with us?
Her whole class is here.

- No, I'll stay with Karine.
- Fine.

- OK, let's go.
- Ma'am?

- We're leaving!
- I'm coming.

Sorry, it didn't register with me
earlier who you were.

- Chloé told me about you.
- Me?

She said she called you.

Called me?

She was interested
in the lake disappearances.

She read a lot about them.
About you too.

- Do you know her?
- Lise. We were at school together.

So that's the famous Lise.

We were 17.
It's in the past, OK?

- What are you getting at?
- I'm not getting at anything.

- Rachel, we're off!
- Coming!

Well, I hope it comes in useful.


Lise? It's Jeanne.
I was wondering...

It's Durbec. Give me a call...

Did you know she'd be here?

Yes, I called her.
Her mother's sick.



I wanted to talk to you...
I don't know how to put it.

It's about
what happened 15 years ago.

Your friends.

- Call me back, I'm interested...
- Is something wrong?

Chloé left me a message
2 weeks ago, I didn't hear it.

Chloé? What did she say?

She wanted me to call back.

- Why did she call you?
- It was about Ana and Marion.

We've got something!

Inspector! Inspector, over here!

Don't touch anything.

Can I come through?

Chief Inspector?

I'll be right back.

- What is it?
- Something buried.

Let me through.
What's going on?

We can't say.

- Lise! What have you found?
- I'll handle it.

Is it Chloé?

We have to wait,
they're following procedure.

Karine. What do I tell her?

Yes? No, listen...

I don't know.
Stop it, I'm losing it here!

Why can't I come?

- You're lying, why are you lying?
- I'm not lying.

I'll put Lise on.


Karine, it's Lise.

No, nothing yet, really.

Don't go away.

Hello? What's going on?


Forget it, it's a dog.

It isn't Chloé.


What do you want?

- May I talk to you?
- Who is it?

Ah, Lise.

Come in.

So what's become of you?

I hear you joined the police.
Are you married? Any kids?

No, not really.


Why are you angry with me?

For being alive?

For still being here?

Not at all, Lise...

We don't think that way.

I've thought about it every day,

for 15 years.

And I ask myself...

Why them and not me?

I don't know.

I'm sorry.

I just didn't want to see you.

Seeing you is...

another reminder
that she's no longer here.

It isn't your fault.

I couldn't touch anything.

I can't be in that room.
Take anything you like.


Ana would have wanted you
to have her things.


Ana and Marion are missing.

Come on, Lise.


She's 16 and 1.68 metres tall.

Police have issued
a missing-persons alert.

She was wearing
a white T-shirt and yellow skirt...

- What are you making?
- Mutton stew. I love it!

Don't distract me,
he'll be here soon.

- Who?
- Daddy, darling!

No, Dad's not coming home.

- Why, did he call?
- He won't be home.

Oh, no... it's always the same.
It's work, work, work.

He might have warned me.
I always come second.

He pisses me off!

And they're talking nonsense too.
Her dress was blue, not yellow!

Whose, Chloé's?

Blue with flowers.
You had one like it.

You saw her at the village fête?

You wouldn't wear it
because of the flowers.

What time was this?

She was crying.

- Where were you?
- In the garden.

She was yelling,
mad at her father.

I don't know! Sick, the lot of them,
with their damn secrets.

Like your father!

Can't you sleep?

What if she calls?

You look beautiful.


Thanks, that was great.
It's been ages.

Wasn't it up there
that we first kissed?


I don't know, I forget.

What do you make
of Karine and Hervé?

How do you mean?

As a couple, I mean.

I keep forgetting you're a cop.

The thing is, I'm a doctor,
bound by confidentiality.

I'm not asking if they've had flu.

Mum heard Hervé and Chloé
arguing on the night of the fête.

Do you think it's true?

I've no idea.

I don't know them well enough
to say what's happening in bed.

- I know they're struggling.
- And Chloé?

- What about her?
- Do you know her? What's she like?

I don't know...
She's great, I really like her.

I'm as sad as anyone.

Thanks for the flight.

Thank you.
It's good to fly with you.

You'd have managed.
I bet there's someone in your life.

- How about you?
- I'm bound by confidentiality.



Lise? Wait...

What's wrong?

- What's going on?
- You saw Chloé.

- Before the village fête.
- No.

You saw Chloé, you argued.

- I didn't, that's rubbish!
- So what's this?

I told the cops she was wearing yellow
when she was wearing blue!

I was at the bar,
as everyone knows.

Why didn't you say anything?

- What are you accusing me of?
- Nothing.

My mother saw you
and Chloé arguing in the garden.

- Your mother?
- Yes, my mother.

- She's nuts.
- She didn't make up the blue dress!

How often does Chloé
wear that dress?

How often has her mother
seen us argue?

She's totally gone!

Believe her if you want to!


Leave me alone!

Are you sure about this?

No, but she knew
about the blue dress.

- Turns out she was in a blue dress.
- So you heard?

- How do you know, Lise?
- Are we on first names now?

Karine found the yellow skirt
in the laundry.

- So how did you know?
- CCTV cameras.

Have you questioned her father?

Because in 90% of cases,
it's someone close?

- Stats are there to be used.
- And we use them.

What time?

Excuse me.

- OK, thanks. Bye.
- Yes?

So did you get him?

In an hour?
Where is this fucking judge?

I'm not interested,
just get him to call me back.

All right? Bye.

You retrieved data
from her mobile phone?

Yes, all but one.
That one's a prepaid card.

- What's this number?
- I don't know.

A library at Coulanges.

Remember me? Serge.
I knew you when you were tiny.

Of course!

You were always with Dad.

- You saw more of him than I did.
- It's been ages.

This library business is weird.

Coulanges is over 50km away.

Why didn't Chloé call
the local library?

Maybe they didn't have
the book she was after.


That's the missing girl, isn't it?

I saw it on TV. Terrible.

- Well?
- I've never seen her here.

Can you check for her name?

Delval... Chloé Delval.

Yes, Your Honour?

Sorry, we don't have
that name on file.

Maybe she came one day
when I wasn't here.

Ask my colleague.

- Where is he?
- On a break.

- Rémi Bouchard works here?
- Why?

- Where is he?
- On a break.


The police are currently
searching for Rémi Bouchard,

now the main suspect
in the disappearance of Chloé.

The same Rémi Bouchard
who was recently released,

after being convicted
of murdering two girls,

Ana Letizi and Marion
Douchère, in April 2000.

The bodies of the girls
have never been found.

So did you see Chloé?

Tell me.

Tell me if you saw her.

How much longer are you
going to nag me about this?

- The old girl got confused.
- Stop calling her that.

What should I call her?
The madwoman?

You believe her nonsense.

Look, Karine.

Chloé has vanished.

What do you think?

That I don't care?


She's my daughter too.

Photos of Ana and Marion.

He's sick.




One of Chloé's essays.

This can't be his.