Valley of Tears (2020): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

After the shootout, Aviv and Avinoam form an alliance, bonding over memories and stories from home. Then they arrive at a minefield, where a team effort is needed to stay alive.

Here's the opening
to the technicians' terrace.

Let's go!

-You need help, Waxman?
-I'm okay.

Gimme the machine gun.
You go down first.

Leave the machine gun.
You go down, secure the exit.

Go, Waxman, go.

I can't reach.

-Toss it. Let go.
-Hold on.

Take off your strap. Jump.
Let's go. Come here.

Take off the strap.

Go. Come here. Jump.

Come here.


Go. Jump.

Go. Take this off. Go.

Yoav, I can't jump,
we left men behind.

-There's no turning back.
-But there are men upstairs.

If you go back there, you're dead.

Go on, jump. Jump!

Don't overthink it, jump.

Go, Avinoam. Go.

I'm not jumping. I'll break my legs,
I have weak bones.

-Gimme that!

-Tapiro. Grab this.

Go, Avinoam.
Go, go. Jump.

Let's do it together.
Avinoam, I got you.

We're doing this together.
Come on, with me.

You want to get outta here? Do you?

Jump, you can do it.

Come with me. We'll do it together.
Let's do this.

Come on.

One, two, jump. One, two, three.

My leg!

Everyone gather round.
Everyone, over here.

Waxman, stay there.

Listen up, everyone.

From now on, no one whispers.
Whispers whistle.

You talk softly, like me. Got it?

We're gonna start moving
towards Majdal Shams.

From there, God willing,
we'll descend to Bolan Valley.

We're only seven infantry soldiers.

Be sure the Syrians deployed

I'm talking especially to you, intel.
No one stands out by any means.

If anyone needs anything,
and I mean anything,

you only ask the person in front
of you. Is that clear?

We'll advance in the same formation
as we did in the tunnels,

but this time we'll maintain
bigger gaps.

Especially when the sun rises.
Is that clear? Tapiro.

-Yes, Yoav.
-Let's get organized.

Take cover. A flare.
Take cover!

Everyone take cover. Take cover.

Take cover. Cover, everyone. Quiet!

It's not aimed at us.

Waxman, get over here.
Avinoam, over here.

Waxman, get over here. Come on.

Over here. Keep your head down.

-Everyone, hurry up, let's go.
-Let's go.

They're with me.

Listen, we found my son's duffel bag
among dead bodies

at Anatolia Junction.
Hey, my son is missing.

Whose isn't?

I'm Meni Ben-Dror, Maariv,
my son is missing!

I understand.
I can't help you right now.

57, copy that.
I'm calling him now. Yes, sir.

Meni Ben-Dror, Maariv.

Aviram's Soda crew,
can you check where they are?

I found tank 1B, burnt,
near the Roman Path road.

Three dead bodies.

-Tokyo, I read you.
-Can you check where they are, buddy?

-Hold on.
-You want me in this war.

I'm a badass tank driver.

No one knows where anyone is,
don't you get it?

Sit down or get out of my face.

Get out of my face! Damti! What
are these civilians doing here?

-We're going, calm down.
-Stand by the door!

-Dafna, find out where Yoni is.

-That white boy threw us out.
-Wait outside, I'm coming.


What are you doing here? I told you
to stay at the home front.

Did you hear from Yoav?

There are 60 soldiers there.

It's been a whole day and
you don't know what's with them?

Dafna, I explained this to you, you
can't be here now. This is the front.

You need help, I can see it.

Soon you'll need the women medics
too. Tamir, you look awful.

-I'm fine.
-Then tell me what to do.

-How can I help?
-They've got Sicily.

Is anyone else getting Berlin?
Try to get Berlin.

Listen up. There are hundreds of tanks.

Now that it's dark, it's our
last chance to leave this hill alive.

Let's get into the tank that's intact
and get outta here.

Fine, if you're all tongue-tied,
I'm putting an end to this.

-Caspi, we're not staying.
-Who's "we"?

Everyone. You can stay,
we're not staying.

Let's go. Get off the tank.

-No one move.
-Caspi, it's okay.

No one move!

Don't you get what's going on?

Can't you see you're following
a man who wants to die?

This is suicide.

Let's go back down and
fight like men, where we're needed.

Why don't you say something?
The tank fry your brains?

Okay, all I need is a driver.
Sulami, I'm counting on you.

We're taking the tank
and getting outta here.

There's room for whoever
wants to come.

-Everyone keep working.
-Keep loading the gear.

Everyone. I said everyone!

Let go of Aviram!
Let go of Aviram! Now!

Marco! Back off, and let go of Aviram!

-Caspi, drop your weapon.
-I need the room.

Put Aviram down! Now!

-Stay back!
-Caspi, stop shooting!

Stay back! Don't come near me,
you hear?

Put Aviram down.

He's dead.
We'll come back for him later.

I need room for the poor guys
that are still alive.

-Marco, put Aviram down.
-Stay back!

-Caspi, drop your weapon.
-Tell him to put Aviram down.

Stop this, both of you. Marco.
Caspi, drop the weapon.

Tell him to put Aviram down.

Marco, put him down.

If I put him down, he'll take me out.

Caspi, let's go.
Let's join the regiment.

-We're soldiers, Alush.
-I know.

-We're soldiers.
-I know, Caspi.

Let's go fight where we're needed.

-Last time, Marco.
-Caspi, listen to me.

Put down Aviram's body!

Give me back my weapon!
Fuckin' traitor.

Fuckin' traitor!
Alush, I'll kill you!

I'll haunt you in your nightmares!

Son of a bitch!

I'll kill you, you traitor!
Let me go, son of a bitch!

Son of a bitch!

Let's go. Let's get on our tank,
we'll cut through the terrain.

Let's go. There's room on the turret
and on the cogs.

Is there room for us too?

We won't leave you alone.
Then let's go.

Guys, get organized.
Two minutes on the tank.


Sulami, get in the driver's cabin.

We can't go without Caspi.

I'll handle him.

Caspi, we're leaving, get up.

You don't want to die here, do you?

I do. Leave me here.

-No way. Get up.
-Leave me alone! Leave me!

Caspi, I'm taking you with us.
Dead or alive, that's your decision.

Are you all right?

-Let it go, Marco.
-Caspi, calm down.

Everyone stay back!

Everyone butt out. Butt out.

-He's choking.
-Butt out.

You see how you're fighting?
You don't want to die.

Now decide. Do you want to stay here
or keep fighting for your life?

Go to the tank.

Let's go. Come on.

Let's go. Come.

-A plane!
-Box barrage!





Hammer stations, this is Ruler 3.
CO Ruler and Deputy Ruler are dead.

There's no way out of here,
we're boxed in by Syrians.

Request a form of rescue. Now!

Hammer stations, who can read me?

Hammer stations,
who can read me? Over!

Ruler 3, this is 20 Gulliver.
Give me your exact location. Over.

This is Ruler 3, we're one kilometer
west of the table over the road. Over.

This is CO Gulliver, I'm sending
a deputy CO,

he'll be there in a few minutes. Over.

This is Ruler 3, copy that.
As quickly as possible,

the battle is bloody, I have tons
of dead and wounded soldiers. Over!

Second day
October 7, 1973

Yoav, Syrian choppers from the north.

Down, down.

-Everyone's here.
-Be ready to move out.

Be ready to move out.

-We're tackled!
-Open fire!

Open fire!

Avinoam, take cover!

-Fire, fire!
-On the right!

Tapiro, give me gunfire!

Waxman, return fire!

Kill him, damn it!

Give me fire, Waxman.
More! I need more!

Open fire to the left!

Grenade! Albert's tossing a grenade!

-Albert's down!

I need a medic, Waxman! Don't stop!



Give me more fire, Waxman,
I need more fire!

-Nahum changing magazine.
-Tapiro, coming to you!

-Tapiro, medic!
-Nahum, grenade!

Tapiro, Medic!


-Nahum, toss the grenade.
-Nahum's tossing a grenade!

Three, two, one! Charge!

Waxman! Waxman! Fire!

Waxman! Waxman!


Pine-nut, are you here?



There you are.
Pine-nut, come here.

One more step and I'll shoot you!

One more step and I'll kill you!

You don't have a weapon.

I do.

If you did,
you would have shot me by now.

How do you know Arabic?

I learned at school.


I just want the hedgehog.

Don't kill him!

-The hedgehog?
-Give it to me.

-Why would I kill a hedgehog?
-Then give it back.

Do you have any water?

Here. Water.

I'm coming. Don't shoot!

Don't shoot.


You're hurt.


I've never seen
a dead person before.


You too?

I did last night.

Sad, isn't it?

Weird. I was just talking to him.

And now... As if he never...

Do you think we'll return home?

I hope so.

Do you have more water?

Here. Take it.

Where do you live?

Kfar Saba.

Kfar Saba?

What's it like?


Is it near the beach?

No, but not far.

We were told we'd be going
to the beach in Tel Aviv today.

Now I just want to go home.

-Where are you from?

-Near Damascus.
-You know it?


Do you have siblings?

No, I'm an only child.

There are four of us.
I'm the youngest.

If we ever have peace,
come to Damascus.


Yes! I'll show you the city.

On birthdays,
my father takes us there,

to a restaurant with the best falafel
in the Middle East.

I'll take you there
if you would want it.

What have you done?

Let's go.

Look at me.

Hang in there.

Can he be saved?

-Sulami? Is he alive?
-He's no longer with us.

Have you been drinking enough water?

Take the helmet off. Off!

Have some water. More, more.

-We'll find a way to return.
-Wash your face.

Eyes. Stay with me, stay with me.

Guys, whoever can help,
let's fill up sandbags.

We should build a wall
at the barricade.

Before another plane swoops down.

Over here. No, no. Look at me.

Drink some water.

Guys, we lost him.

87 to Tokyo, do you read me, over?

87, this is Tokyo. Over.

I have wounded and dead men
that need urgent evacuation.

When can you get here? Over.

87, we know, we're doing our best.

What's going on around you?
Give me a report. Over.

Hold on.

87 to Tokyo.

I read you, 87.

100-120 red tanks are moving below us,
looks like a brigade.

Towards Tiberias. Over.

Copy that.

Tokyo, I get that we're alone.
I don't care about myself,

I care about the wounded,
don't let them suffer.

Find a flagpole or something. Now.

87, we know,
we're doing our utmost.

More troops are on the way.
Hang in there a few hours.

We're doing our best to get to you.
Over and out.

I'm going to see
what's with the others.

-Where are you taking him?
-Over there, with the rest.

Here's a rifle and a vest.

You're not going to tell us
where you're from?

Let me guess, a kibbutznik.

From the Negev,
you look like the desert type.

Close. Paris.

Paris? Paris Paris?

My dream is to go to Paris.

-You left the country?
-Kind of. I was born there.

So you came back to enlist?

This is not what I planned.

But things got out of control.

And your family?

Are they still there?

They must be so worried,
hearing what's going on here.

-Take cover!

Yoni, take the rifle.

Cease fire!

Cease fire, it's the IAF! They're ours!

Caspi! Caspi!

-Where are they going?

Nurit, did anyone see where
he ejected?

Did anyone see a parachute
open? Over!

Glasses, did you see a parachute open?

Who can give me
the fuckin' coordinates!? Over!

The pilot opened parachute
in the region of 87.

Change the frequency to 87.
Did you change it?

87, this is Tokyo.

Did you see a bird coming down
in your area? Over.

What the hell's with you?
You wanna get yourself killed?

We have to help him.

And who's gonna help us?

30 of us are dying
and no one gives a rat's ass.

Marco, are you capable of saying
something that's not bitter?

No, the whole world wants to screw
you over, right?

I see a pilot, alone.

Caspi, our friends were fried
in front of us too.

Our commander died too, you're
not the only one mourning here.

I identify four Syrians.

Three heading for the pilot,
one next to the jeep.

Yoni, please go back to the hill.

No, I want to help.

You'll never understand.


All right.

Caspi and Yoni,
you flank from the left.

Move towards the jeep,
'cause if they grab him, he's a goner.

Do it quietly.

Alush, we'll pin them down from here.
Got it?

Got it.

Got it.


Yoni, follow me.

Yoni, be careful.

Yoni, let's go.

Let's go, Marco.

Down, down.

Marco, don't hit the pilot. Fire.

Careful, the pilot, the pilot!

One's down. Alush, I'm gonna
flank them, cover me.

Careful, Marco!

Marco, one Syrian behind the tree!


Marco, I have a jam!


Alush, get down here, I took him out.

-Come down, Alush!
-I'm coming!

Move, Marco, move!
Run towards the jeep!

They can't take him to the jeep,

Son of a bitch,
he is heading to the jeep!

Yoni, come quickly!

Get me his gun!

-Are you okay?