Valley of Tears (2020): Season 1, Episode 3 - full transcript


Alush, this one's alive.

Buddy, are you all right?

We'll take you with us.

We're a tank crew,
we'll all cram in the tank.

You have to drink.

Buddy, you have to drink.



Careful, pick him up.

Over there. In a row.


Yonatan, my name is Alush.

You're all right.

We'll get you home, don't worry.

Over here, over here!

Next to him, in a row, hurry.

Next to him in a row.

Come on. Next to him.

Right here. That's it.

Maybe we made him deaf.

Poor guy, he thinks we're Syrians.


What's that jeep?

Be prepared.

Don't shoot, they're ours.
Don't shoot!

Why is he going
in the opposite direction?

Got some water? I need water.

Water! Give him water!

- Did you come from the barrier?
- Stay away, it's hell.

One of our guys is shell-shocked.
Can you evacuate him?

No room.
Go back, the sector has fallen.

Guys, back to the tanks. Let's go.

Didn't you hear what he said?

Two tanks are intact,
we're going back to the border.

We have one mortar shell,
Fixman's has one.

We should arm ourselves first.

- We're not wasting any time.
- Caspi.

- I said, we're not wasting time.
- Caspi!

What's your plan?
To fight without shells?

- We'll find some.
- Who are you yelling at?

I said we'll find some!

Maybe at 87.

- Marco, that's enough.
- Maybe?

I said everyone to the tanks, now!

How can you go to battle
with him, Alush?

Marco, don't make things worse.

- He needs us, we'll help him.
- He's gonna get us killed.

- It was a mistake.
- A mistake?

He sprayed our soldiers
cause he couldn't control himself.

We're a crew, Marco.
We're in this together.

Yonatan, come with me.

We're goners.
Only God can help us.

Yoni, come on.
I need you with me.

Yoni, let's go.

We'll come get your buddies later,
I promise.


- Up!
- Surrender!

- You don't stand a chance!
- We'll kill you all!

Hey, Yoav!

- Gabi, wait.
- Surrender! Now!

I'm going out, cover me.

On the ground!

Yes, hit him, hit him!

Be ready, there are more soldiers!

You gotta keep your mouth shut.
Be quiet. I don't wanna hear you.

Go, go, go!

- Where to?
- The base in Safed.

Can you take me to HQ in Nafah?

We're not going there.

Why aren't you here?
We need you here.

Copy that.
I'll be there in 30 minutes.

What's going on? Aren't you going
in the wrong direction?

Are you all right?

You're Meni Ben-Dror, right?

- In the flesh.
- How do you know him?

- How does she know you?
- I read all his books.

- What books? You're famous?
- Stop it.

- Why didn't you say so?
- What a bullshitter.

Where to?

This kid is looking for his pals,
I'm looking for my son.

Can you take me to HQ in Nafah?
You can find them there.

Fantastic. Hop in the carriage.

Go, Ben Zur, go.

You better keep me out of your books,
Meni. God help me.

- No, thanks.
- Thanks, man.

You know, you have the face
of an Anat,

but the body of an Orit.


Nice to meet you, Dafna.

Nice to meet you, Dafna.

I have the face of an Amikam,
the body of a Kobi,

but my name's Melakhi.

Don't mind him. Melakhi,
salute First Lt. Dafna.

I've been saluting since we met.

So, is this your first war?

I bet this is your fifth.

Hey, that's not nice.
Do I look like a WWI vet to you?

Independence, Sinai,

Six Day War, War of Attrition,
WWII, no?

Don't listen to her. You're hot,
as if you fought two wars max.

- You ever use a movie camera?
- No.

Try it.


What corps is your son in?

The kid's a paratrooper.

A paratrooper? 50th regiment?

No, he hasn't even finished boot camp,
but they got called up north.

But he doesn't belong here,
he's not from here.

Say that again.

His mother, may she live
and be well...


She'll have my head if I don't get him
out of this war

and put him on a plane to Paris.
She raised him.

In Paris?

Yeah. One day this 19-year-old
knocks on my door,

I don't even know him.
He decided to move to Israel.

I like your son already.

I said, listen, buddy, you may have
lived in my nuts once,

I won't argue with you about that.

But the last thing you want
is me back in your life.

- Is that what you said?
- Word for word.

Aim the camera my way.
Get me with the car.

A souvenir,
I'll show Marco, he'll flip out.

- Are you getting the car too?
- Yes.

Dafna, want some Georgian dish?

It's Moroccan fish stew.

Want some?
Amazing Moroccan food.

- No, thanks.
- Are you sure?

Let's go. Go down and wait.
Wait for me, don't move.

Come here, come here.

Let's go, come on.

Let's go, Avinoam. Come with me.

Come with me, Avinoam.
Don't look at him, come on.

Don't look at him. Give me your hand.
Careful. Careful.

Keep quiet, keep quiet. Come.

- Tapiro?
- Who's that?

- Yoav.
- Yoav, we're here.

- Where's everyone?
- This is what I found.

- Did you go to all the posts?
- Yeah, everyone's scattered.

I guess they escaped somehow.

Listen up. We have to leave
the outpost.

We can't let the geeks
get captured.

There's a secret opening
at the antennas.

Avinoam will take us there.

Look. Here. This is the main hall.
Avinoam, tell them where it is.

- All right.
- Nahum, come see.

We're here,
we have to get to minus 4.

We'll go through here,
the tunnel parallel to the main hall.

Left, right, we're at minus 3,
minus 3, there are a lot of tunnels.

I know the way by heart.
Then we descend to minus 4,

there's a door, it looks ordinary,
but it's not.

That's the antenna terrace.
The secret opening.

Good, listen up.

This means that you stay with me,
Avinoam, is that clear? Waxman.

You're coming with us.
Behind Avinoam, clear?

- Roger.
- Do any of you have weapons?

No one shoots without my
command, clear?

No command, no opening fire.

You're with them in the middle.
I don't want any nonsense.

Tapiro, you and Marcello bring up
the rear. Be ready to move.

Listen up, this is important,
especially you geeks.

Maintain eye contact
with the person in front of you.

Eye contact, all right? Let's move out.
Geeks, we're with you.

Avinoam, come to me.

- Be quiet. We're moving out.
- Out, out, out.

You know that since '48 female soldiers
aren't allowed in battle zones.

What's your story?

It's a mess in there.

No one knows what's in what arsenal,

half the equipment warehouses
are empty.

80 000 reservists are on their way here

and we couldn't even find
the name list.

Yes, IDF couldn't manage
without secretaries.

Who's a secretary? I'm an officer
in the women's corps.

Forgive me.

Is everything all right, Dafna?

Yeah, why?

You seem troubled,
and I don't mean the war.

My boyfriend is stationed
on Mount Hermon.

The Syrians attacked the outpost.

- The Hermon outpost? Are you sure?
- Yes.

Syrian commando attacked them.

Since then they've been off the grid.

What are those MPs doing here?

No entry to private vehicles.

Closed military zone,
only armored vehicles.

I have to get to my base,
I'm an officer.

Sorry, no can do.

Pal, Meni Ben-Dror
from Maariv Newspaper.

I was summoned to HQ at Nafah.

I'm glad to hear it. Now turn around.

Mr. Lazy, if you don't mind, we got
a war to fight. Let me through.

I don't mind. Turn around.

- My buddies are in the tank.
- Move it.

- Dafna, honey.
- What?

- Hold on tight.
- What?

- Malakhi, don't you dare.
- Melakhi.

1, this is 1A, over.

1, this is 1A, do you read? Over.

- Caspi, Fixman is on the wire.
- 1A, this is 1.

We're under 87, I'm going to see
if they have shells.

Make it quick.
We're covering from here.

Copy that. Out.

Driver, stop.

Sulami, engine off.

Radio Monte Carlo 2.

Where is my luck
and where's Monte Carlo?


You have to eat something.

Where are you from?

Marco and I are from Jerusalem,
we grew up together.


Marco, where are you going?

- To take a piss.
- Piss inside.

Marco, don't smoke on the tank.

What company are you from, Yonatan?

Won't you tell us?

Family, siblings.

What's that?


Caspi, Syrian tanks coming this way.
Get everyone out of the tank, now.

Caspi. Tell them to get out, now!

- Guys, what's going on?
- Alush !

Alush, Syrian tanks coming this way.

I can't see a thing.
How many tanks, Caspi?

Three. I think I see three.

- Let's get to the bushes.
- Caspi, back up, we have one shell.

Caspi, give the command to jump ship.
Fuck, you're gonna be hit!

- Caspi, get a grip!
- CO, this is Soda 1.

Do I have permission to fire
at tanks moving to 87?

What's the command?
The tank is toast.

- Tell them to jump out! Wake up!
- Tell us what to do!

Give the command to abandon!
Alush, are you crazy?

You wanna commit suicide?
Let's go to the bushes!

CO, this is Soda 1.

I'm at the foothill of 87.
Waiting for your command. Over.

Alush, what are you doing?

Sulami, turn off the radio!

You're lowering the gun?
Alush, they'll kill us!

Alush, I need you inside.

Marco, gimme your fire.
Get in the tank.

Trust me. Marco, trust me.
Caspi, I need your help.

Let's do this, come on.

- Gently. Hold on.
- Grab his legs, Caspi.

Easy, Alush, easy.

What's going on?

Aviram, I'm sorry.
I'll be right back, okay?

Caspi, get in the tank!
Caspi, get in the tank now!

Caspi, get in the tank!

Alush !

Alush, get in the tank.
They're getting closer.

Get in, Alush, they'll see you.

They'll see you.

Get in already.

Get in, Caspi.

Get in, Caspi.

Get in, Caspi. Come inside.

Put your head down. Be quiet,
we're in their sights.

If we go out, they'll spray the fields
with fire, no one will survive.

Be quiet.

- Slowly. Be careful, Marco.
- Don't worry.

They're gone.

This is so screwed up.

Tell me, what's wrong with you?

Tell the regiment commander
that you're not fit to command.

'Cause I ain't fighting a war
with you like this, you got me?

Sulami, start the engine,
we're going to 87.


Sulami, go.

Sulami, straight ahead.

Alush, he'll get us all killed.

Weak right. Good, Sulami.

Marco, we'll put an end
to this at outpost 87.

Hard right, Sulami.


Waxman, Waxman.

Shut up!
I'll shoot whoever talks!

Tie him up tight,
so he won't escape! Shut up!

One word and it's a bullet in the head!

Hands in back! Dogs!

You want to die? You want to die?
Answer me!

They're from the Israeli Intelligence,
don't shoot them.

Tie their hands and blindfold them.
Blindfold them.

- Don't move!
- Avinoam.

Tie his hands and blindfold him.

Search them real good. Search.

It's Ahmad Joju,
commander of the commando.

Shut up!

Blindfold them!

- Listen, listen.
- Wait for instructions.

Keep an eye on them, Captain Ataf.

Tie his hands real tight.

Sir, there's someone here! Dog!

Melakhi, look at Meni, he's the only one
protecting your rights on TV,

everyone attacks him.

"No more discrimination,
social justice."

His eyes tear up when he talks
about the discrimination.

He thinks you should set
this country on fire.

First we need milk for our families
before we buy TVs.

You hear that, Meni? TVs.

You know what Melakhi has to go
through to swipe a few cartons of milk?

And you're talking about TV?
I swear...

You're a great Panther, Melakhi.

Anyway, change is not an option
right now,

with the war and all.

It's gonna be all about security
for the next 10 years.

We didn't start the war this time.

You don't say. Dayan didn't stop
disrespecting the Arabs.

He informed Sadat, better to have
Sinai without peace

than peace without Sinai.

What did we expect?

What's wrong?

What's wrong? Melakhi!


- Melakhi, what is it?
- It's a tank jerrycan.

- Melakhi!
- Maybe it's Fixman's.


Here, tank tracks.

I didn't know you're Bedouin tracker.

It could be any tank, let's go back to
base and look for them through HQ.

But what if it's their tank
and they're looking for me?

Let's follow this path, Meni.

No, I have to get back to base.

Dafna, listen,

I have no desire
to set this country on fire.

All I care about are my buddies.
My buddies and my family.

And if their tank was following
this path,

I want to get to them before
the police get to me. Okay? Meni?

We'll make it short
and go back to look for my son.

- Let's go.
- We'll be quick, Dafna.

Let's go!

Shut down the engine.

Let's go.

- We don't have good news.
- What?

I think the transmission is shot.
And one of the straps is torn.

- The tank's out of commission.
- What do you mean?

No steering system,
the tank won't move.

- Fixman, way to go, man.
- Caspi...

Fixman. Did you find any shells?

There's nothing
but five phosphorus shells.

The paratroopers are stuck too,
they're waiting for munitions.

Listen, the Syrians deployed a bridge
on the anti-tank trench,

they're surging in as we speak.

What's going on? You're exposed,
let's stand by the tank.

- Come on.
- How are you?

- Fantastic...
- You good?

- I'm Elad, the platoon commander.
- I'm Alush.

My regiment commander wants
to talk to you. Here.

Let me, I'm their commander. Caspi.

CO, this is Soda 1, over.

This is CO Nurit, you're in an area
under Syrian control.

I repeat, the area you're in
is no longer in our hands.

Are you capable of staying with
our guys to ward off the enemy

and strike them as much as possible?

If not, get you and your soldiers out
of there. Do you copy?

What is going on here?

The Syrian army is on the fences.

By morning,
we won't be able to pull back.

Caspi, ward them off?
Just us against all of them?

Do you copy?

We'll do our best.

We're staying to rough up
the enemy, over.

Are you fucking crazy?
He says you can pull back

and you wanna stay here and die?

The Syrians are capturing
the Golan Heights.

What don't you get, Marco?
My kibbutz is 25 minutes away.

Again with your kibbutz?
Again with your kibbutz?

You want us to recite poetry
while waiting to be massacred?

You're finally gonna do your job,

How about pulling your
head out of your ass?

Tell the commander we're out of ammo.

No. Don't say anything,
they can hear what we say.

So they know we're staying... Great.

CO, did you copy?
We're staying on the hill. Over.

Roger. May God be with you.

We love you guys and
appreciate you very much.

Do your best, over and out.

Guys, let's get ready.
You'll stand in positions.

- Take care of yourselves.
- We'll help you.

Guys, let's check out the tank.

"Let's check out the tank," Caspi?

Go to the tank.

"We'll put an end to this
at post 87", huh?

It's 1B, Meni.

Caspi! Caspi!

It's Tirosh.

What is it?

Melakhi, what's going on?
Are you all right?

Meni, I see Syrian tanks on fire!

My crew must have taken them out.

The other tanks have advanced.
Let's get in the car, Meni. You drive.

I know this juncture. Left.

Fahed, get down now!

- Tapiro! Marcello!
- What happened to Marcello?

He's dead! He's dead!
Yoav, Marcello is dead, run ahead.

Yoav, Marcello is dead,
let's get outta here.

Melakhi, what is it? Melakhi?

Are you all right?

I think we should get outta here.

The Syrians are here
and we don't have weapons.

Let's get out of here.



Melakhi! Come on.

- Let's go now.
- Let's go back to the base.

What about all the bodies?
We'll leave them here?

Okay. Let's write down the names
of the dead,

get to HQ and they'll pick them up.

- Write them down, Melakhi.
- Meni, you got a piece of paper?

Shmuel Goldman.

Avishai Ettinger.

Amit Pardo.

Shmuel Hatishbi.

Let's go.

Ofer Shimoni.

- Shimoni?
- Yes.

Shraga Avrahami.

- Melakhi!
- I'm writing them down.

Yonatan Ben-Dror.


- Meni, it's just the duffel bag.
- What happened?

- He's not here, Meni.
- What happened?

He's not here, Meni.
It's just the duffel bag.

It's Yoni's duffel bag.

Meni, he's not there! Meni!


- Yoni!
- Meni!


- Yoni!
- Meni!






Meni, we'll find him. Listen to Melakhi.
We'll find him.

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