Valley of Tears (2020): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript


Come on, hurry. Tapiro!

Make sure the ammo
of the entire outpost is here.

- Sicily to Tokyo!
- Adam, get me two ammo cans.

- Giddy, move ahead.
- Sicily to Tokyo!

- More sandbags.
- Sicily to Tokyo, over.

Get on the frequency.

Waxman, drop that, get the MAG
with as many drums as you can.

Helmets, sleeves, everyone!
Dotan, extra magazines.

- Should I get the guys from below?
- They should stay at their posts.

Yoav, you're only 13 combat soldiers.
They'll bring a whole battalion.

It's 300 commando soldiers.
Syrian commando!

Go to your post, listen to the radio
and fire on anything that moves!

Yoav, Yoav.
They'll break in and slaughter you.

- You're in my way.
- They'll get information out of us.

The army has no clue
what's going on here.

- Only you do.
- So it seems.

Calm down and breathe.
Everything is okay.

We have a few hours
until backup arrives.

- A few hours is too long!
- Gidi, give me the radio.

If they'll get the information from us
it could destroy the entire country.

- Tell them we need backup now!
- Shut up, you're in my way!

You know what they'll do to us? Chazuk!

They'll force us on a sharp iron rod,
that will rip up our anus.

Then the intestines, the stomach.

It'll rip up our esophagus,
our gall bladder...

- Shut up or I'll kill you!
- I know who all the Mossad agents are.

What are you looking at?

You've been waiting for this moment
your entire service.

- Go, Tapiro!
- Go, soldiers!

Gimme more bags over here.

Sicily to Tokyo, do you read?

- Sicily, this is Tokyo, over.
- Yoav, HQ is on the line.

Sicily, where's our backup?

Get backup now! Over.

Sicily, we're doing our best,
hang in there.

We're working on all fronts here.
Over and out.

Take this. Transcribe everything.

Did you get the reserves roster?

Get me the division commander, now!

Is this what's going on
at the Hermon outpost?

Can't you send someone over there?

Dafna, these are the orders. We have
no idea how many Syrians are there.

Should we send in an APC?
It'll be a bloodbath.

I want to know what's happening
on the Petroleum Road.

So you're just leaving him to die?

Infantry, posts, everything.
Dafna, we're at war.

We have thousands of Yoavs
to look out for everywhere.

Tamir, don't make this personal.

There's no reason for revenge.
He didn't do anything to you.

So if I don't save him, it's revenge?

How you turn things around
and make it all about you.

- I want you to get him out of there!
- Dafna, you're in the way, not now.

What's with the division commander?!


Melakhi. Come on in.

Better here. They can't know
I came to the house.

- Why?
- I'm going to my unit.

Does Marco have a spare uniform?

Alush was here,
he took everything to Marco.

- Got any shoelaces?
- Were you arrested?

At the protest, for no reason.

They took my shoelaces,
they thought I'd kill myself.

- You didn't get them back?
- They took my belt too.

I escaped, sweetie.

Hanania, be careful with that.

Just a belt.

Got anything good to eat for them?

I'll take it to them to the war,
the Ashkenazi food up there is toxic.

We can't fight like that.

- They're on the Syrian border, right?
- Yes, the Golan Heights.

Promise me something.

I'll bring your brother back alive.
With even more ego than he has now.

Keep an eye on Alush.

Keep him close,
don't let him get hurt.




What's the deal, Riki?


Nothing? You got something
going on with Alush?

Talk to me, Riki.

I'll come outside.

Moroccan fish stew.

You and Alush, Riki?

I don't know. It just happened.

I see.

- I wanted to tell you.
- Marco...

This isn't about Marco.

- You know he planned...
- He'll have to work it out, Melakhi.

It's Marco's fantasy. We both know
that you and I won't get married.

But you'd marry Alush?
Marry this Ashkenazi?

A guy who's ashamed of his roots?

Dating his friend's sister behind
his back. I swear, you'll regret it.

This isn't the time. We'll talk
about it when you get back.

Keep safe, sweetie.

CO, this is 1,
40 bonfires in the sector.

40 champagnes, short on ammo.

- 1 Stations, very nice.
- Way to go, kids.

Any casualties? Over.

Negative, over.

Be ready to roll,
wait for orders. Out.

Caspi, we did it.

- Tirosh, I can't believe it.
- We won.

Way to go, Gutterman!
You're the best gunner ever.

Keep it up. Pitzi, you're an animal.
Keep it up, stay focused.

1, this is CO,
advance to the Henionim axis.

Large enemy forces
are on their way. Go now. Out.

CO, this is 1, copy that. Out.

1 Stations, this is 1,
follow me to the Henionim axis.

Out. Driver, move out.

- Aviram?
- Yes, Alush.

- You said you'd get Melakhi out.
- You got it.

Melakhi's coming home.

Radio guys,
let's hear what's going on back home.

Afternoon, the Syrians launched
heavy artillery barrages

at towns in the Golan.

Our correspondent reports
that when bombing began,

residents took cover in shelters.

A squad of Syrian combat planes
was also seen coming from the east

and flying over Qiryat Shemona.

IAF planes were seen
catching up to the Syrian planes

and aerial battles ensued
south of the Lebanese border.

Egyptian troops crossed
the Suez Canal in several locations

and Syrian forces launched
an armored and infantry attack

in the Golan Heights.

Citizens of Israel,

our attackers thought
that on Yom Kippur

we wouldn't be prepared to fight back.

We weren't taken by surprise.

For a few days now Israel's
intelligence agencies have known

that the Egyptian and Syrian armies
are preparing for a joint attack.

Moshe Dayan
Israel Minister of Defence

Although we've suffered
casualties here and there,

the situation in the Golan Heights,
relatively speaking, is satisfactory.

Quiet, everyone focus.

Everyone stay calm.
They won't break in that easily.

They don't know what's coming.

- Yoav, we have to get out.
- No one is going anywhere.

Barrels on the door. Focus!

There's a secret door on the lower
level, an exit to the antenna terrace.

- Everyone, grenade check.
- Tapiro, I don't have a grenade.

- Nahum doesn't have a grenade!
- Dotan, go to Tapiro.

We'll go to the upper ski lift,
then to the lower one,

or to Majdal Shams, south-west,
it's another option.

Listen, you're a soldier,
you're not running away.

We won't abandon this outpost.
Am I clear?

Yoav, you're combat soldiers,
we're not.

If we're taken captive,
the army is fucked.

Those are the orders. We're staying
here to fight. Head down!

Stop it! You're not fighting,
you're committing suicide!

You have to make sure
I don't fall captive.

I'm more important than some stones!

Go round up all the intel weirdos,
give them rifles.

Take this guy with you, lock him
in a room. If he resists, shoot him.

Calm down! Barrels at the door.

No Syrian motherfucker is
coming in!

- You hear me?!
- Yes!

- Let me go, please.
- Move!

I need you to call for artillery
or backup or rescue. Yoav, please!

You gotta help me.
No, no, let go of me.

No! Open the door!

The Hermon outpost
has presumably fallen.

The tanks and outposts are fighting
tooth and nail along the line.

In Tall al-Faras,
reports of Syrian infiltration.

That's an hour from Sea of Galilee.

If the enemy breaches this line,
division 1 is on its way.

They can reach this point
through Qirton axis

or through the America axis
and they'll get...

... to us.

Dafna, get over here.

Round up all the female
soldiers on base,

get on trucks and go to the Galilee.
I don't want any women here.

Okay, I'll send them.
I'm staying here.

Dafna, you're not listening.
They need you with them.

You can't help him from here.

You don't know which reserve
soldiers will show up.

You don't know who is
where, where the supply lists are.

- You need me here!
- Listen to me, Dafna.

The whole sector was breached.
We're alone.

If the Syrians send division 1
this way, they'll capture us.

They're taking over every route from
here to the Bnot Yaakov Bridge.

Do you know what that means?

I can't let you be taken captive.
You're a woman.

Get on the trucks, Dafna,
don't be stubborn.

Not this time.

We'll do our best to get to Yoav, okay?

As soon as we can.



Girls, gather your stuff,
finish what you're doing.

We have to leave.
We have to leave the base.

Can I please get
the 53rd battalion commander?

- Hey there.
- Hello.

- Are you going to the war?
- Which war?

Get in, get in.

What's that? Battle rations?

You wish.

- Is this a convertible?
- No.

I'm kidding, bro. They don't import
Valiant convertible here.

But this car is sweet.
Like a Hollywood actress' car.

Why, you find it feminine?

That was a compliment, pal.
I'd marry this car if I could.

So tell me,
what you got in the pot?

You're hungry, huh?

I've been craving this pot,
from when I left Jerusalem.

- Is it cooking on your lap?
- It's for my buddies in the tank.

Is that spicy fish?

Moroccan fish stew.
The best you'll ever have.

Yeah? Gimme a taste.

- No can do, pal.
- Just a little bite.

No way. You know how hungry
they are out there?

You're gonna enter Syria with a pot
of spicy fish? That's your strategy?

- I told you, Moroccan fish stew.
- Just a little piece.

Let it go, bro. Forget about it.

Can I ask you a question?
How much does a beauty like this cost?

You've ever driven one?

Not even close.

- Seriously?
- Come.

- What?
- Take the wheel.

Give me that.

Wow, man, far out.
I'm liking this war already.

- I'm just taking a little bite.
- Just a little one.

You got a license, right?

You're talking to IDF's no.1
tank driver.

So, no license...

No. 1 driver my ass.

Hold on.

When you were suckling
on your mother's teat

I was racing Sherman tanks
in Sinai.

This spicy fish is delicious.

Everyone clear out at least 100 meters,
including the explosive unit.

Every soldier to his place.
Be prepared.

You can blow up the door.

No! Yoav! The Syrians
are blowing up the doors!

- Stay calm, be ready.
- They cut off the power.

Relax, we have a generator.
Waxman, be ready for a blast.


- Waxman, give me gunfire!
- We're being hit!

Gidi is wounded! Gidi!

Tapiro, retreat,
we'll take them from inside.

Meni's been hit!

- Tapiro, we gotta retreat!
- Tapiro, retreat!

- Tzvika's down!
- Shmulik, you too, retreat.

Retreat, come on!

Nahum, back.
Waxman, give me gunfire.

Cover me. Let's go, let's go!
Retreat, come with me!

I'm with you.

Waxman, seize position.
Curb them as long as possible.

If they toss grenades, retreat.
You hear me?

Nahum, come with me.
Tapiro, seize these positions.

Cover Waxman.

I'm going up to get whoever I can.
Be in the command room in 10 minutes.

Move forward, I'm behind you.

- Go after them, catch them.
- Beware of traps.

Ali, call the unit to come in.

I'm hit! We're hit!

- Driver, back!
- Lerner, back up.

1A, can you identify the targets?

Quarter right, combat range.
Three tanks on their way here.

Copy that.

1, I'm stuck.
I can't rotate the barrel.

It won't move, Aviram.

You ready for the three tanks?

- Loaded!
- I can't see them!

Caspi's tank is blocking my line
of fire. 1B, back up now!

Driver, back up now!

Lerner, back up now!

They're firing at us
and Lerner is unresponsive.

1A, take up position,
aim at the tanks.

Pachpach, go, move out.

- 1A, cover me on the left.
- This is 1A, I have one last shell.

- 1B, back up. Now.
- Driver, back up.

Back up, Lerner. Back up.

- Caspi, back up.
- Firing!

Back up, Lerner. Back up!

- On target.
- Firing!

A hit! Now to the left.

At the gas tanks, go!
Empty everything you got on him.

1 Stations, aim at the gas tanks.
Alush, you on it?

It's on fire! One more, Marco.

- I'm on it, put it one more! Load it!
- Loaded.

On target. Firing!

A hit!

1 Stations, this is 1,
the area is clear.

Guys, the Syrians are in our territory.

We got lucky this time.
Keep your eyes peeled.

Good job, guys.

1 Stations, advance
to the Henionim axis.

Caspi, how many times do I have
to tell you... Don't go first.

You're nuts.

Why don't you trust me, Caspi?

After you, sir.

Syrian commandos in the bushes!

Aviram! Aviram!

Aviram is hit!


What's going on?

Tirosh! Tirosh!

Commandos in the bushes.
Alush, tell them to drive.

Everyone, charge! Drive head on!
Driver, break right!

This is for Shuki!

Firing machine gun! Run them over!

Crush them! Kill 'em!
Crush them all!

Break them! Driver, keep straight!

Straight ahead!

Driver, stop! Back up fast!
Grenade! Grenade!

Go, hurry, kill them!
Crush their bones!

Break 'em! Kill 'em, yes!
Crush them!

Kill them!

Keren, let me pass.

Sicily, this is Tokyo,
status report, over.

Sicily, this is Tokyo,
can anyone hear me?

Sicily, this is Tokyo.

Sicily, this is Tokyo,
can anyone hear me?

Hit it hard with the bottom of the gun.

No, no, look how I do it.

Yoav, please, help me.
I don't wanna die here.

Bring the explosives.

Firing from behind. Let's check it.
Let's move, together!

Let's go find
more intelligence soldiers.

Sulami, cover us there.

Cover us. Come on!

CO, this is Soda 1, we were hit.

Four kilometers from the gathering
point. We have fatalities.

We'll go back to the kibbutz together,
I'll take you.

We're left with two vehicles.
Aviram is dead.

We're only two crews,
the rest are gone, over.

1, we hear you. Copy that.

Keep moving towards
the Henionim axis.

I repeat, the designated route.
Situation is critical there.

- Over and out.
- Look what they did to his face.

I'll take you back to the kibbutz,
I promise.

Listen. We're almost out of shells.

Fixman is totally empty.
We gotta find ammo.

What are our orders?

- To continue to the Henionim axis.
- What?

Aviram, I'll put you
in the turret basket.

- The Henionim axis?
- Come on, help me.

Help me get him to the turret
basket we're moving on.

- But we don't have any ammo.
- That was the order!

Caspi, let's be reasonable.

Are you helping me or not?
He's heavy.

Marco, show some respect.

He can't order us around,
look at him.

He's the commander now.

This is war, Alush. It's no joke.

In his condition, he couldn't
even milk a cow.

We'll help him. He needs us.

- Take it easy. Slowly.
- I got him.

Like that. That's good.
I want him to be comfortable.


Wait, we gotta cover him.
We gotta cover him now.

Into the tank, guys, we're moving on.

Into the tank, we're moving on.

- You heard him, go.
- I said, into the tank!


You heard Caspi, to the tanks.

We're going to fight.
Marco, get inside!

- Stop it!
- Alush, please...

Okay, I'm getting in, but calm down.

We're moving on.

Sulami, get us to the Henionim axis
as fast as you can.

- As fast as you can.
- Roger.

Two nights ago we organized a protest.

The cops started busting people,
beating the shit out of everyone.

I got where they were going. Right?

I went to our stash behind
the synagogue

and got a Molotov cocktail.

Are you a Black Panther?

Deputy senior Panther.
Is that a problem?

On the contrary. If I were you, I'd set
this country on fire.

There was a police car in the alley.

I made sure it's empty
and tossed it.

All hell broke loose.

The cops started to panic,
all their detainees ran away.

Before they knew it, I was with my
friends at the Communist club,

playing backgammon.

Suddenly, the cops raid the joint
and busted me.

I swear, I don't know how
they figured out it was me.

I checked well before I threw it,
no one saw me.

They have rats everywhere,
that's how.

No way, man.

Yes way. Believe me.
We know the drill.

Who's we?

Matzpen. The only ones
that support you.


Here's a tip from a young
socialist to an old one.

Respect the Yom Kippur fast,

close the pot and leave
something for my buddies.

We're here, ladies.

Are you getting off?

No, I'm going back with you.

No way, you can't,
I have my orders.

- I am.
- There's a war going on.

Don't give me a hard time.

Excuse me, are you going to Nafah?

No, no, another direction.

Are you going to HQ at Nafah?

No, sorry.

Avinoam. Avinoam!


You're insane. I could've been killed.
You sent me here to die.

Calm down!
We don't have time for this.

The Syrians are in the outpost.

Can you draw me a map of all
the tunnels? Come with me.

Here. Hurry.

- Entrance hall?
- Main hall.

How far down does it go?

Three levels here, four here.

That's the antenna station?

Are we leaving?

You'll take us
to the technicians' terrace.


From now on, you stay close
to me. Let's go.

Wait a second.


Are you okay?

Avinoam, let's go!

He's scared.

Come on.

Listen, you and Shmulik...
You go out and get anyone you can.

Be at the cement room in five minutes.
Let's go.

- Avinoam, you're with me.
- Hurry!

- Five minutes at the cement room.
- Got it.

Let's go.

Driver, stop!

1 Stations, 600 meters ahead,
from Syria, an APC. You see it?

- What is it, Alush?
- Looks like a BTR.

Squash-head shell, 600 meters,
on APC.

- Marco, you got a shell?
- Hollow. It's the last one.

Alush, are you on it?

Caspi, we were told to advance
to the gathering point.

- Alush, I asked if you're on it.
- Caspi, get the CO!

- Alush, I said on!
- Get me the CO.

Caspi, get the CO!

CO, this is Soda 1, I detect a red
APC coming from Syria.

Can I open fire?


CO, do you read me?

Don't waste it on them!

Alush, they're coming this way.

Let 'em go, don't waste
our last shell on them.

Alush, they're coming this way!
They're aiming at us!

What's he doing, Alush?

Cease fire, they're our guys!

Cease fire, they're IDF!

Cease fire, Caspi! Cease fire!

Cease fire!

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