Valley of Tears (2020): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

In the midst of the Yom Kippur fast, Israeli soldiers have to act quickly when forces from Syria attack Israel by surprise.

It was the end of summer, 1973.

The truth is, we were
in a state of euphoria,

convinced we were invincible.

Just six years before,
Israel did the impossible.

In six days, it defeated
the neighboring armies of Egypt,

Syria and Jordan.

The Israeli army conquered the Sinai
Desert, the Gaza Strip,

the West Bank,
the Old City of Jerusalem,

the Golan Heights
and the Syrian Hermon Mountain.

We felt like an empire, a miracle.

The Arab nations called it The Defeat.
It was a searing humiliation.

The Egyptians wanted negotiations.

They offered peace in exchange
for the Sinai.

Israel refused, claiming it needed
the occupied land as a security buffer

against those who wished
to see it annihilated.

Meanwhile, in Jerusalem, a protest
movement grew in the margins,

fighting to put an end to three decades
of oppression and discrimination.

They called themselves
the Black Panthers,

inspired by the other Panthers
in America.

They swept Israel up in a wave
of protests and rage.

We were moments before the elections,

and for the first time, these were
supposed to be on social justice.

But Syria and Egypt had
no intention to give up the land.

They built massive armies
with Soviet aid,

while Israel was armed
by the US.

They prepared to recapture the
Golan Heights and the Sinai Desert

at all costs. Even through war.

We should have seen it coming.

We trusted our leaders.

We were wrong.

Pine-Nut? Pine-Nut?


There you are.

Come over here, sweetie.

Come here.

Sicily Outpost
Hermon Mountain


What's up, Worm?

Where can I find a broom?

Third turn on the right, one floor down,

turn left, left on an angle,
it's in front of you.

Amsalem, too much salt.

Soldier, put your uniform on.

- Who is it?
- Avinoam.


Joshua's Garden.


Oct. 5, 1973

I haven't seen you in a long time.
I lie in bed and miss you.

I miss you more, my love.

I want to kiss your belly,
your chest, your neck.

So do I, beautiful.
I want to kiss your breasts.

Let me continue.

The happiest moments of my life
are when you're holding me.

When you're inside me, it's like
I'm dreaming. I want to feel you...

That's a private conversation. Move on.
Weren't you on the night shift?

Go to sleep, Avinoam.
Next time, come in uniform.

Albert, plug me in.

I haven't slept in two days.
I miss you.

- Me too.
- When will we meet again?

I don't know, my love.
It's chaotic here on base.

The Soviet advisers left tonight,
with their families.

They drove to the airport.

The Soviet advisers left tonight,
with their families.

They drove to the airport.

It's almost Yom Kippur,
and no news is getting in.

So pay more attention than usual.


- What now, Avinoam?
- You have to hear this.

The Russians are evacuating
families to the airport.

11th Signal Regiment,
78th Armored Brigade.

Okay, write a summary.

You need to call headquarters!

First a call, then an urgent telegram.
That's the protocol.

Guys, keep listening,
it's all been reported.

The evacuation of Soviet advisers is
sign 32 in "War Indicators" handbook.

Avinoam, you've been promising war
for three weeks.

I call Department 5, they laugh
at me. They say it's nothing.

They know more than us.

Did you tell them the Syrians notified
farmers to stay away from the border?

Every intelligence officer heard
your opinion

and they all want to strangle you.

Back to work.

- Shandury.
- Yes, Avinoam?

Would you rather I call headquarters?

Go right ahead.

You're gonna let him call?

Let him call.

- Headquarters.
- Good morning.

It's Corporal Avinoam Shapiro.
I'd like to notify...



Go to sleep, Avinoam. Next time,
come in uniform! Is that clear?

Musrara Neighborhood

Moris, pass the ball.

Hello, ma'am!

Bless your heart, come on in.
Have something to eat.

Forgive me, Aaisha. I'm rushing back
to base before Yom Kippur begins.

Alright, son.

- Where's Marco?
- At Ismail's.

Okay. I'll take his duffle bag,
we'll leave straight from there.

- Riki, could you get me his bag?
- Of course.

Why would he sleep over at Ismail's,
to smoke hashish?

It's legal in the Old City
under Jordanian rule.

Even the police smokes there.

How do you even know what hashish
is? You better not go near that stuff!

Sweetie, what a night.

- Riki.
- What?

I have eyes in the back of my head.

- Ma'am, I gotta go.
- Then come here, son.

May God protect you boys.
Off you go.

Come visit more often.
So we get to see you.

The prosecution will ask
for a minimum of 12 years.

Are you making this up just
to scare me? 12 years, for what?

You threw a Molotov cocktail
at police officers.

I've been telling you all night
that I didn't!

I suggest you calm down.

I wasn't even at the protest.

You think I'd go to a protest
in my favorite shirt?

What about everything else?

You guys steal milk,
you hang out with radical leftists.

Matzpen activists, Arabs.

I don't know what you're talking
about, I didn't do anything like that.

Drop the act, Malachi.


Don't waste your time,
I have witnesses.

What witnesses?

You'll find out in court.

The only question is what punishment
you'll get.

10 years, 20 years, 30 years?

A police officer could've been killed.

Your life is over, Malakhi.

I want it to be as short as possible.
Let me help you.

Give me two or three names...

I'll do whatever I can
to get you out of this.

A carp fish on Friday night.

Why does it end up
on the dinner table?

- Why?
- Because it opened its mouth.

- Yakov, I need to talk to you.
- Not now.

There was an incident, it's urgent.

Think about it, Malakhi.

Between you and me.

What happened?

There was a murder downtown.
Three people were murdered.

- Criminals?
- Yes.

- Do we know them?
- No.

Was it gambling, cards?

There was gambling, cards, drugs.

I'll be right back. Let me know if
forensics come up with anything.

Muslim Quarter
East Jerusalem


- Alush! Hello.
- How are you, brother?

Come in.

They spent last night here?

Marco got here in the middle
of the night. He's not doing well.

He's resting there.
Inside, over here.

Marco, who beat you up?

- Cops.
- What?

They chased us all over Katamon.

The officer kept kicking me hard
even when I was on the ground.

Bastard. Where's Melakhi?

He got arrested. I managed
to get away. Thanks, Ismail.

- I'll go make some coffee.
- Thanks.

Maybe you should see a doctor.

I'm fine. Never been better.

Where were you?

I was working with my dad
at the metal workshop.

As soon as I got home, I fell asleep.

Did you sleep well?

What's your problem?
What do you want?

What do I want?
We said seven o'clock!

We have to leave for the base now,
before Yom Kippur begins.

Here's your rifle and uniform,
we'll leave from here.

To the army?

I'm not going back to any army.
Look what they did to me.

It's not my country or my army.

I'm done with these racists,
you hear me, Alush?

I piss on them. It's over today!

We have no choice, Marco.

What are you doing, Marco?

You're gonna burn his house down!
What's wrong with you?

Put it out, you idiot!
What's wrong with you, Marco?

Stop dragging me to that unit.

So you wanna be a deserter?
You wanna be a deserter?

- Yeah, I wanna be a deserter!
- Think reasonably.

Melakhi follows you blindly

and he's the one who's gonna
wind up in jail.

They'll turn him into a scapegoat.
His life will be over.

Is that what you want?
He doesn't deserve that.

The only way we can get him out
is if we go to the unit now,

talk to Aviram and convince him
to put in a good word.

He's an officer in the armored corps.

You think Aviram would do that for us?

Trust me. Come on.

Yusuf, make sure all farmers
are far away from the border.

Yes, sir!

Excuse me.

- Do they have a forum to pray?
- Yeah.

- Excuse me!
- Can't she join us?

- She can't. I already told you.
- I have to speak with you!

Dad, her parents are Holocaust
survivors and she's an only child.

She can't.

- It's urgent.
- Dafna will fast?

- Yes, with me.
- It's urgent.

- I gotta go, Dad.
- Have an easy fast.

To you and Mom too.
I'll talk to you. Bye.

Guys, have an easy fast
and a good Sabbath.

Where are you going?

- Excuse me?
- You can't go home.

Is that so?! Who are you?

You are Yoav Mazuz, the outpost
CO. You're supposed to protect us.

I am Yoav Mazuz and I'm protecting
you. Is there a problem?

I can't tell you,
but you guys gotta be alert.

All right. I'll be back alert
on Sunday, believe me.

Good holiday, Yoav.
Have an easy fast.

Wait, Yoav. Listen to me.

No, no, no! Yoav, you can't go.

You're even weirder
than most of you guys.

How many combat soldiers
are staying?

Are we on a reduced holiday

Go ask your commanders.

You have only 13 combat soldiers
here. Yoav, you can't go.

Excuse me, commander.

- What's your name?
- Avinoam

Avinoam, if you know something,
say it.

You don't have security clearance
and I've already said too much.

Okay. Have an easy fast.

Wait, Yoav!

There's going to be a war!

Come again?

A war is gonna break out,
you can't leave.

Why isn't Shandury here?

He doesn't believe me,
but you have to.

Your commander doesn't believe you,
and you expect me to?

The Russians are evacuating
to the airport.

That's sign 32
in the "War Indicators" Handbook.

And the Syrians told farmers
to keep away from the border.

You have to protect us,
you have to stay here!

Wait a minute. Buddy, wait for me.

- Bro, we gotta go.
- Just a few minutes.

Put this in there. Come.

- What's wrong, Yoav?
- Checking something.

- Gidi, are you on 1?
- Yes.

- Sicily to Tokyo.
- This is Tokyo, over.

Put me through
to the operations officer.

Everyone's at lunch, over.

Are you aware of any activity
in our sector?

- Avinoam, what are you doing here?
- Nothing new, over.

- Nothing? You sure?
- What nothing?! She doesn't know.

Okay, Thank you.

Are you an idiot?
You think this is a game?

Shandury, your soldier claims
a war is gonna break out.

I'm sorry, he's got a lot of problems.

What the hell is this?

For the last time, guys,
have a good fast. Bye.

- Get your ass back to wiretapping.
- But, Shandury...

Shut up! To the wiretapping room!

Listen to me, I can't stand you
anymore. I'm done with you.

When Yom Kippur is over, you're
transferred! You're not staying here.

Go on, play.

- Where are they?
- They were looking for you.

What, they left?
It was the last ride out!


No way... This sucks.

Let me talk to him.

- I'll let you if you shut up.
- How will I talk to him if I shut up?

European Cup finals. Ajax against
Bayern Munich, Johan Cruyff.

Goal! Goal by number 14!

Sulami! Pitzpatz, what's up?

- What's up?
- Marco.

It's so great that you came back .
Where have you been?

We get to Istanbul,
get some equipment together.

From there, she wants us
to walk to Portugal, 4 000 km.

You get how far?

Why don't you establish a Jewish
community there? In some cave...

We'll have enough time
to establish whatever we want.

How long will this trip take?

A few months. We have to get married
there, at her parents' town.

- Then we'll get married here too.
- How the mighty have fallen.

Two weddings.

Aviram, are you sure you want
to tie the knot at the age of 21?

We're getting discharged. European
volunteer girls at the Kibbutz...

Tell me, Caspi, are you jealous?

- Jealous?!
- Then what do you want?

You've got 1 000 volunteer girls,
what do you need me for?

You're leaving me to choose
them on my own?

That may be a mistake.

Imagine yourself married for 20 years.
So boring.

You'll be dying to screw
someone on the side.

You'll beg for a volunteer.

but you won't get one,
because of the way you talk.

Caspi, this is what we'll do, okay?

You'll find a serious girlfriend
for once in your life,

choose anywhere on the globe,
and we'll meet you there.

I'm not tying the knot.
I'm 21, life is just starting.

And besides, who'd want to
travel with you?

- Okay, open on page 103.
- What is this?

Ever heard of Finland?

Stop it, behave, okay?

Platoon commander.

An atlas. Planning a heritage trip
to Poland?

You woke up funny this morning?

What happened to your face?

Slipped on a banana peel.

Funny. And why is your uniform
like that?

Where's Melakhi?

- He got arrested.
- What?

- By mistake.
- By mistake?

Aviram, turn off the radio.

Me and Melakhi were at a club
last night, listening to music.

Suddenly the cops burst in.

They beat us up before we got
to say anything. Look at the violence.

We hoped you'd make some calls,
put in a good word for him.

If I call, what'll they say
you're charged with?

They'll lie to you.

Are you guys still
with the Black Panthers?

Aviram, we promised
we wouldn't go near them.

I believe you, Alush.

Have you ever come
to see how we live, Aviram?

Or you don't give a damn?

We're a family of nine
living in one room.

My mom and eight kids on
three beds. With cockroaches.

All of Jerusalem's sewage flows
past our houses.

So I steal milk bottles
from privileged people like you.

I give them away to the needy,
whose kids are hungry.

At your kibbutz,
even the cats aren't hungry.

Listen, Aviram, Melakhi's a good kid.
He doesn't deserve this.

We gotta get him out
before he's indicted.

The cops will listen to you.

As soon as Yom Kippur is over,
you're gonna be court-martialed.

I don't want criminals here.

And go change your shirt,
you're an IDF soldier.

Why am I a criminal, Aviram?

- Sulami?
- Yeah.

You're my tank driver instead
of Melakhi.

Sulami's a dynamic driver. Why not?

Caspi, get the mechanic
to drive for you. Okay?

If being a Black Panthers means
being a criminal,

then I'm a proud criminal.

Stop it, Marco. Cut it out.

I'd give up my life for the Panthers.

It's the only way
your fucking country understands.

Would you knock it off?

- I'll talk to him, Aviram.
- Alush, I'm trying to protect you.

I want to recommend you
for officer's training.

Enough with that shit.

I'll be right back.


- Marco, buddy, wait a minute.
- Get away from me.

I'll calm them down, trust me.

I said, leave me alone.
Go shine their shoes.

- Where will you go now?
- Where? I'll walk to Jerusalem.

You're a wimp, just like our parents.

I'm trying to get Melakhi out.
Where will you go from here?

There's nothing here, can't you see?

You're stuck here. It's Yom Kippur,
there are no buses.

Will you leave with me on Sunday
or let them humiliate us like that?

Marco, I go where you go.

We're blood brothers.
Now knock it off.

Can't they get you another car?

Dafna, believe me, I tried.

You know how much
I was waiting for Yom Kippur.

Can't you do something?

I turned the world upside-down, my love.
They wouldn't let me bring a vehicle.

- You're sleeping at the outpost?
- Yes.

- When will I see you?
- Sunday morning.

- Early?
- First thing. I promise.

Okay. I love you very much.

- Me too.
- I'm waiting for you.

Okay, beautiful.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Guard! Mister guard!

Let me join my buddies
in the Golan Heights, it's Kippur.

Let me fast with
them like a normal man.

- Shut up.
- Am I a wolf?

You're gonna leave me alone in Kippur?

I promise you,
I'm back first thing on Sunday.

- Come on! Let me outta here!
- Be quiet!

Heart of stone...

Long live Syria! Tell everyone
to keep field security.

The Zionist enemy has
ears everywhere.

Tell everyone to keep field security.

The Zionist enemy has ears

Oct. 6, 1973


Does anyone know what Tachrir is?

Tachrir. Does anyone know
what it is? Tachrir?

Tachrir, it means liberation,
not freedom, Freedom is Churiya.

You teach me Arabic?
The code-word Tachrir?

No such thing.

Wait... I'm also hearing Tachrir.
What's Tachrir?

Me too. Does anyone know
what it is? Tachrir?

- Again, what's Tachrir?
- Must be a code-name of an operation.

Put your headphones back on.
You hear Tachrir?

1, this is Mustard, prepare
for a day of battle, over.

Mustard, this is 1, roger. We're on
battle alert, make sure they eat.

Ladies! Hey, Ladies, over here!

The moment we've all been waiting
for, a day of battle alert.

We may get the chance to take out
one or two Syrian tanks.

Gutterman, there are two crates
of food hidden

by the commander's post.
Go get them. We're breaking the fast.

- Caspi, really?
- Sorry, we gotta break the fast.

I'd rather wait until it's an order,
not a warning.

No one's asking what you prefer.
The chief military rabbi approved it.

- Is it a life or death situation?
- No idea. Come on, eat up.

Catch. Get some sugar in you.

I haven't broken
a fast since 5th grade.

You weren't in the army
in the 5th grade.

- Cucumber?
- Okay, give me an apple.

I want to see you chewing.

Everybody, together. Chew.

One, two, three, canned meat,
and wafers.

Good, Pitzi, I'm proud of you.
Chew quickly, we have no time.

Hurry up, Pitzi.

I have a call
from airbase Marjjuawel.

- They're not answering.
- From who?

He says: "Three of Jojo's grasshoppers
are on their way to Kalaa."

Kalaa is a fortress.

I know what the word is,
but what does it mean?

Three of Joju's grasshoppers.
Ahmed al-Joju.

Ahmed Rifai al-Joju.
Military academy graduate '61,

born in Aleppo, married to Ibtisam.
Head of the 82nd commando battalion.

They've been training for months
in Latakia to capture a fortress.

We're the fortress,
they're coming here!

Three Syrian commando helicopters
will land here.

Three helicopters means
66 Syrian commandos.

We're the fortress
they're gonna capture.

- Tachrir was their order of war.
- Avinoam!

- Who's the officer on call?
- Yoav.

- But he has left.
- He missed his ride.

- Where is he?
- Outside.

Not you again. Get outta my face.

- A war has started.
- Get outta my face.

The Syrian commandos
are on their way here.

If you don't disappear,
I'll tear you apart.

Three Mi-8 helicopters,
that's their starting gun.

270 000 troops on 1 600 tanks
are on their way into Israel.

With 960 artillery
and 354 fighter jets.

Get outta here!

You know how many tanks the IDF
has here? 177!

Against their 1 600!

And Pele and Cruyff are here
at the gate for Yom Kippur.

Get outta here.

Get ready to run inside!
One, two, three, run!


Let's go already.
Combat assignment, please.

Red jets! Red jets! Not ours!

To the tanks!

- Lerner! Where's Lerner?
- Everyone to the tanks!

Get in the tanks!

- Hurry up!
- Get in the tanks!

- Get in the tanks now! Get in!
- Marco!

Lerner, start the engine!
Start it up!

- Hurry, inside!
- Hurry, to the ramps.

Let's go, let's go!

Start it up, Pachpach!

- Quickly, Sulami!
- Power's on.

- Driver in.
- Left, Sulami.

1 Stations, single file.
After me, over and out.

CO, this is 1, birds attacked us,
no casualties.

On our way to ramp 6 825, over.

This is CO, roger

Move fast, assume positions
and prepare to engage.

Update at positions.
Good luck, 1. Over and out.

What now? Someone turn that off.

IDF Spokesperson informs that around
14:00, Egyptian and Syrian forces

have begun an attack in Sinai
and the Golan Heights.

Our forces are working on
a counterattack.

Due to the activity of Syrian jets
in the Golan Heights

sirens have been sounded
across the country.

These sirens are an authentic alarm.

The government has decided to order
a partial call-up of reserves.

The ministers have been authorized
to issue emergency orders.

Due to the emergency situation

the Minister of Transportation has
banned all non-essential travel

and asked citizens
to stay away from the roads.

Radio Cairo stopped broadcasting
at 2:10 PM...

- Yes, hello.
- Where is he, Meni?


There's a war on,
where's my boy?

I don't know.

What do you mean you don't know?
When did you last talk to him?

I don't remember.
I haven't seen him in a long time.

A long time?! Doesn't he stay
with you on weekends?

We had a fight and he left, Lily.

How? How could you fight
with that boy?

It's impossible,
even for someone like you.

I got a letter from him two weeks ago.
He was starting a course.

He didn't write which one. Find out
where he is and get him out of there.

Lily, it doesn't work like that,
he's a soldier now.

A soldier, Meni? A soldier?
He was drafted a month ago.

He went to Israel just to be with you.

So please, take responsibility
and send him back to Paris.

He doesn't belong there!

Thanks for the news. Bitch!


Guard, there's a war.
You gotta release me.

- Be quiet.
- My buddies are in the Golan Heights.

- I gotta join them.
- Are you crazy?

I'm a tank driver. They need me.
Can't you fucking hear me?

- Sit down.
- Shut the fuck up.

- Was anyone talking to you?
- Who do you think you are?

Was anyone talking to you?

What's this?
Let go of him!

Get your hands off of him!
Leave him alone, I said!

- Thanks, brother.
- No problem, good luck.

I'm sorry, brother.

My buddies are at war.
They need me.

Slow down, Sulami.

Slow down, Sulami. Prepare to stop.

Driver, stop.
Marco, fix the antennas.

1 Stations, this is 1. We're 100 meters
away, take up lookout positions.

1, this is 1A,
advancing towards you. Over.

This is 1B, taking up position.

1, this is 1B, in front, on the right,

range 3 000,
there's a huge convoy of tanks. Over.

CO, this is 1, quarter right,
range 3 000.

Dozens of tanks heading our way.

Also, quarter left, 20 tanks,
range 3 000. Over.

This is CO. You have to stop the
enemy before they reach the fence.

There are no more units in your sector.

Wait for them to reach low ground,
range 2 000, then open fire.

Good luck,
we're relying on you. Out.

1 Stations, this is 1.
Prepare to engage.

1 Stations, prepare
for your first operational fire.

Fuckin' Golda.

This is what we raised you for.

Marco, put a squash-head
in the barrel.

Pitzi, prepare a squash-head.

It's Yom Kippur, time for atonement,
the gates of heaven are open.

Get me 20 champagnes,
I'll pardon anyone who sinned.

Aviram, does the pardon apply
to guys who aren't here now?

- A hotshot, huh?
- Why are you playing his game?

30 champagnes
and I pardon your grandmothers.


And you go to the cops tomorrow
and get Melakhi back here.

Smartasses. I'm raising it to 40,
final offer.


30 champagnes, you make the army
a career and stay with us,

no classic Europe for you, deal?

Light up 30, Tirans. For each tank
you get one wish.

I'll be your genie.

- Tirosh, I have a shell?
- Loaded.

1 Stations, this is 1.
The time has come.

The Syrians are at range 2 000.

1B, you fire at the left column.
I'm right of center,

1A on the lookout.

1 Stations, this is 1,
take up positions, open fire. Out.

Copy that. Taking up position.

Good luck, guys.

Driver, move out.

Get ready to fire, guys.

Marco. Are you ready?

Ready and able.

1B, destroy the front tanks first,
jam the convoy,

then the COs.

Driver, stop. Squash-head shell,
2 000 range.

Alush, are you on it?

I'm on the first tank.

- On!
- On target?



1, too much to the right. Left 2.5.

It's a hit! He's on fire!


Adjusting to the left. On!

- Firing!
- Fire!

It's a hit!

- Tank loaded?
- Tank loaded.

- On!
- Firing!


Guys, you rock! Keep it up.

- To the left, final aim.
- Loaded!

Before they detect us, fast!
The front tanks.

- Loaded!
- Fire!

1, it's a hit!

1A, join the party, take up position.

1A taking up position.

1 Stations, this is 1.
We control the ramp.

The Syrians' panels are closed.
They can't see us.

Use that advantage, out.

1, two tanks, you see them?
Range 1 500. On it?

- On.
- Fire!


- 1A, short.
- On.

Tank loaded.

- Loaded.
- On it.

- Fire.
- Firing!

1 Stations, this is 1, don't waste
5 shells on one tank.

They're firing at you.

Driver, back up, now.

Make sure there's a tank
in firing position at all times.

- Are you on target?
- On target.

- Fire!
- Firing!

It's a hit.

- Driver, off the ramp quickly.
- Sons of bitches!

Sulami, fast.

- 1B, get on the ramp.
- Driver, advance.

1 Stations, there are too many
tanks. Look for tanks with flags.

- Take out the COs first.
- Driver, stop.

- Tank loaded?
- Tank loaded.

Tanks on the left.

- On it.
- On

Firing. It won't fire!

Tirosh, release the shell.

CO, this is 1B. I'm on it.

1B, leave the ramp. I'm coming.

1B, leave the ramp.

Put in a shell, Tirosh!

Loaded. Fire.



- On! Fire!
- Fire!