Valkyrien (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Undergrunnen - full transcript

Deep underground, below Valkyrien Square in Oslo, doomsday prepper Leif Lien has arranged for doctor Ravn Eikanger to carry out his research in secret. While Ravn is up on the surface ...

Central, Oscar 4 en route.
Requesting firearms.

Firearms authorised.

I can't open it!


Hi! Don't be scared.

You made it, then?


You're a tough one,
aren't you?


- Hi.
- Good morning.

- Hiding back there today?
- Yes.


Look, I've told you a hundred times,
it can't be anyone but me.

I know. I just
wanted to be sure.


any progress?

No, quite the opposite.

I don't have
the proper equipment.

- There's lots of equipment here.
- Not the kind I need.

I can get some more.
What do you need?

A mass spectrometer,
for starters.

A machine that analyses blood
in a special way. It's complicated.

- Expensive, then. You need money.
- Only hospitals can buy them.

Money doesn't cut it?

- Breakfast is on the table.
- No thanks.

I was thinking maybe
you could check me over today?

Your hand? I've looked at it. You
just need to use your computer less.

But when I put
my hand on the keyboard...

You know what today is, right?


I'll look at your hand tonight
if you give me a hand with something.

Sit still.

- Don't cut too much off.
- No problem. This will look nice.

It's just a ritual.


I'm sorry.

You're sorry?

Your proposed treatment has never
been tested on humans before.

- No proper testing of any kind.
- You know I don't have the time.

Vilma, this is going to be much
riskier than your outline suggested.

The decision is unanimous.
You risk catatonia, you may even die.

I'll die if I do nothing.

I developed this drug myself,
as a scientist, and I believe in it.

- I understand that.
- Unn and Ravn will be helping me.

I take full responsibility.

You jeopardise the entire department.
Your licence. Unn's and Ravn's too.

- I could be imprisoned...
- That's what you're afraid of!

After everything she's done,
you're worried about a law suit?

You deny her the only hope left.
It's safer for you if she just dies!

Put this on record.

Who here knows more
about this than Vilma?

None of you!

- No one!
- You think this is easy for us?

It's undignified. It's corrupt.
You've used her for all she's worth!

You can't treat your own wife.
You'll lose your job.

You think I'd want
to work here after this?

We all know you care
for no one but yourself.

Vilma is not going to die
because of your cowardice!

Reporter Joakim Reigstad,
describe the situation to us.

The police have cordoned off
an area around this burnt-out van,

which is probably the car
used by the escaped robber.

Police spokespersons
are very tight-lipped about...


I would like to thank Odd
and Signe, Vilma's parents,

for arranging this lovely
memorial service.

Apologies to those who have tried
to contact me these last 6 months.

For having been of so very
little help to all of you.

Especially to Siv,
my stepdaughter.

I know that Vilma...

Many of you feel hurt
by what Vilma did. But...

Vilma's coffin is empty
because she wanted it this way.

She knew what she was doing,
taking her boat that far out.

She did not want to be found.
It's hard to accept, but we have to.

Vilma sacrificed everything
for her research.

Above all, she wanted to create
something for the good of us all.

Instead, her research made her ill.
And she was refused help.

But she never gave up.
She didn't stop.

She did not choose
the easy way out.

Had she seen any other viable option,
she would have taken it.

She didn't want us to remember her
as a shadow of her former self.

- Leif...
- What are you doing here?

I can't get the bleeding to stop.

Let me see.

- I fucked up.
- Hold this. Where are the others?

I'm alone.
The others got caught.

By the police?
And you come here?

I ran over a cop.
You have to help me.

- We have to get you out of here.
- I've got all the money.


I'm cold.


Will you help me?

- My condolences.
- Thank you.

- That was a lovely speech.
- Thank you so much, Unn.

Come and see me
if you need anything.

I mean that. Anything at all.

Hello, Ravn.
My condolences.

- I did everything I could.
- That's great.

Everything within the law.

Had I, for just one second,

believed in Vilma's treatment,
I would have considered it.

And yet you don't understand
why I won't come back?


In my view, you and Vilma
acted irrationally.

And in my view, I'm here
today because of you.

- Hello, Ravn. Could we...
- Hi.


Hello, Siv.

I've thought about you lots.

- What was the deal with the coffin?
- Grandma and Grandpa wanted one.

- People will think she's in it.
- I explained that.

She's out there somewhere!
Are they just going to stop looking?

Can I have a hug?

I need some stuff from home.

That's fine.
Call me, and we'll arrange it.

And I need to talk to you
about something important...

- I have to go.
- I need to talk to you!


- What's going on?
- Never switch your mobile off. Ever.

- What the hell?
- Come on.

Who the hell's this,
a friend of yours?

Look at his stomach.

He's been shot!

Hey! Are you with me?

- He needs a hospital!
- If that was possible, he'd be there.

- Do you know his blood type?
- He's got a dog tag.


I'll lift his head.
Let's put him on that table.

Get me two bags of type A.
In the fridge. They're labelled. Move!

My surgical kit is in the lab,
by the rat cages.

Good. Put it all in here.

Make sure everything's soaked.

- What shall I do?
- Stand there. I'm opening him up.

His kidney has been
shot to pieces.

I have to remove it,
or he'll die.

- Isn't that a bit drastic?
- Help me with this. Hold these two.

Now pull them slightly apart.

So I can get at this...

- Are you all right?
- I'm fine.

There it is.

- I was thinking...
- Leif? Leif!

I'm with you.

This is an extra newscast
following yesterday's robbery.

During the arrest, a policeman
was hit by the getaway car.

His condition is critical.

Police are now looking for this
suspect: Teodor Naustvik, age 24...

- You said he wasn't wanted.
- Now he is.

- He ran over a police officer.
- Who is not dead.

- They shot him. It was self defence.
- He should tell that to the police.

He can't. They'll kill him
if he goes to prison.

- Because he hurt a cop?
- Not the cops. The other robbers.

That's just conspiracy theories
you and your chatroom buddies swap.

Since 1995, 68 inmates have died
in prison. Only ten were suicides.


- Where?
- I'll show you something.

Our Teo got the entire loot. That gang
is a greater threat than the cops.

- How much money is there?
- 62 million.

- 62 million?
- According to the newspapers.

- What if they find him down here?
- They won't.

- Where are we?
- No, no, no...

- I think you should lie down.
- Me too.

That cop! How is he?

- Lie still!
- He'll be fine.

Are you the doctor?

- Leif, is that the doc?
- It is. Do as he tells you.

- I have to talk to Marit!
- Hold him down.

It's OK.

This is no good.
He needs a hospital.

They'll see he's been operated on.
People will come looking.

- What if he dies on us?
- If...

- What equipment do you need?
- If he gets worse, lots!

A defibrillator, a respirator,
a load of drugs...


Help me out with this, and we'll have
a shitload of money on our hands.

We could set up a clinic.
With everything you need for research.

- A clinic?
- Yes.

That's blood money.

What was it called,
that machine of yours?

- The mass spectrometer?
- Yes.

What have you got
to do with this?

Absolutely nothing.

Looking at Uncle Leif, are you?

Yes, that's Uncle Leif.

- She's trying to make contact.
- Are you looking at Uncle Leif?

It's so nice to have you here.
It's been far too long.

Yes. Lots to do at work lately.

Wasn't the civil defence job
meant to be more regular hours?

- I'm not with them any more.
- You're not?

I've been transferred to Oslo's
Emergency Planning Agency.

Chief Technical Officer.
A bit more responsibility.

- Congratulations!
- Thanks.

So what do you do these days?

Operations. Rentals.


- Bomb shelters.
- Wow! How many do you have?

457 in the greater Oslo area.
Huge facilities.

It's funny, actually.
By combining...

tunnels, the metro, sewers
and underground garages,

you can cross the city

Must be a big department, then?

- It's just me.
- You're kidding, right?

Very few of the rooms
are operational.

Were you just transferred,
or did you apply?

You could say
I was headhunted.

That's great! You know lots
about security and stuff, don't you?

Yes, a little.

I wouldn't know where
the nearest bomb shelter is.

In Fredensborgveien,
opposite the new shopping centre.

So that's where we go
if there's an air raid?

Shelters are to be operative within
72 hours of a state of emergency.

That's a rather long wait
if bombers come.

Good point. But air raids are not
what we prepare for any more.

What, then?
Islamic terrorists? ISIS?

They're pretty far down the list.

- You do have a list, then?
- Yes, absolutely.

- So what's top of the list?
- Well...

They are updated

- How about you? Found a girlfriend?
- No, I haven't.

No? But you do see other people
now and then, don't you?

- I do.
- Like who?


- Do come back soon, Leif.
- Yes.

Would you give me a hand
moving our old fireplace out?

Someone's picking it up later.

Sure. Bought a new one?

No. It's rather cramped in here, and
this thing takes up a lot of space.

- You're not having a fireplace?
- It's nice,

but dangerous when Anna
starts walking around.

Actually, my hand is badly hurt.
I don't think I can help you.


Have you lost it again?

No. But this is irresponsible
with a baby in the house.

What's irresponsible about it?

If there's
a power cut in winter...

We'll visit friends
with a fireplace.

Can't you imagine a scenario
where it's not safe to go out?

The Muslims, right? They'll cut
the power and wait outside to kill us?

They're not dangerous.
Power failure is.

That's top of the list.

All threats lead to power failure:
disasters, pandemics, riots.

Power failure in itself would cause
pandemics, riots, looting and chaos.

And our power grid has been sold off
to greedy private enterprises.

I don't care that you don't know
where the nearest bomb shelter is.

But don't bring
a little person into the world

and then get rid of your
fireplace! You just can't!

Hey, bro...


- Leif!
- It's fine. Thanks for having me.

Leif told me you can help me
get a new face.

- Did he, now?
- Yes.

People can disappear that way.
I've read about it.

You don't need a new face.
You need a new kidney.

That doesn't matter.
If someone sees me, I'm dead.

I can pay you.

That money isn't yours.

Besides, I work
with acute injuries.

People who have lost an eye
or shattered their jaw

and need my help.

- Not idiots who steal and run away.
- It doesn't have to look nice.

Your face is one thing.
There's also your height, your gait,

voice, eyes, teeth,
fingerprints, DNA...

No one has my DNA. I've always used
fake names with dentists and doctors.

And my fingerprints? I've been
altering them since I was 16.

- But your name is Teodor Naustvik?
- Yes. And I'm not an idiot.

I'm married.
My wife is pregnant.

I needed the money!
So we can be prepared.

- Prepared for what?
- For what's coming.

What's coming?

- How well do you know Leif?
- He's an old patient of mine.

- You're one of us, right?
- In what way?

Hello! I've got most of the stuff
from your list. All the disposables.

- We need to talk.
- I couldn't get the most expensive...

Right now! Come on.

Is everything all right?

Why did you tell him
I can give him a new face?

- Because you can.
- That's not how it works.

- He can't leave here with that face.
- Drugs and bandages won't help him.

If his other kidney fails,
he'll need dialysis.

His money and my network
will get us what we need.

He may die before that.
And I'm not touching blood money.

Hey! Don't be such a hypocrite.

You rent this place,
and your payment is overdue.

Are you threatening me?
Me or him, is that it?

You're the only one who knows
he's here. He needs help.

He needs a shrink,
not a new face.

What's that?

Don't you think I recognise
that doomsday bullshit of yours?

"The world is coming to an end..."
It's just paranoia!

Internet conspiracy theories,
pathologically muddled up!

That stuff scares people
and they do stupid things.

It almost killed him!

So he's crazy
and needs a shrink?

One for me as well, is it?

Aren't you forgetting
something, Ravn?

You need me.

Central, this is 3. We've got
a description of the woman who...


Hi there.

- I've ordered your usual.
- Hi, Assaf. Can I have some water?

I'm glad you called.
How are things?

- I'm fine. We had this huge robbery.
- Yes, I heard. Caught them yet?

- We got all of them.
- Good.

Except the bastard
who took off with all the money.


It's funny. They picked the one day
when we were low on people.

- They probably knew about that.
- I think so too. They must have.

But how did they know?
That's what I'm asking myself.

- You think it was me?
- I didn't say that.

- But that's what you think.
- We did talk about it.

That night, I said we were low
on people because of the state visit.

Just between
you and me, as usual.

That was top secret.
I haven't told anybody else.

But I would never... Christ.

They must be part of some
criminal scene. I'm not.

I've heard that this guy Naustvik
is a bit of a doomsday nerd.

- A what?
- You know. Survival in the forest.

Stockpiling canned food,
making clean water from piss...

- You know those kinds of people.
- I know of them. True.

I've never ever heard
of anyone named Nøstvik.

- Naustvik.
- Naustvik. Never heard of him.

But Leif, the information
I give you when we meet...

What do you use it for?

Assessment. Threat
evaluation. Stuff like that.

You tell me stuff,
but the exchange goes both ways.

That's been the way
in this city since 1971.

The only way to ensure
real preparedness

is through informal contact between
agencies. Like what we're doing.

That's fine. But a colleague of mine
is in hospital, critically injured.

I know him well.
His wife too.

And some maniac out there
is 60 million richer.

It's a shit situation, I know.
You've probably got a leak somewhere.

Have you told anybody
about our talks?

- We're friends, Per.
- Yes. I've told you lots of things.

They're leaving no stone unturned,
because somebody must have leaked.

- Don't you trust me?
- I want to.

But you've got
a few skeletons in your closet.

I bet you've got loads of weird stuff
in those bomb shelters of yours.

I'll never tell anybody about
anything you've told me.


I feel a little taken aback
by this. It's upsetting.

Knowing you think that way
about me after all these years.

I don't know.
It's too much right now.

I have to go,
I'm working.

- Let me know if you hear anything.
- I promise.

That night, I said,
we're low on people...

Just between
you and me, as usual.

I've told you lots of things.

They're leaving no stone unturned,
because somebody must have leaked.

It is widely known that
when the Titanic went down,

the band kept on playing
for as long as they could.

Fewer know that a good many
passengers danced on as well.

Even after learning
that they were doomed.


That kind of thinking made us stop
building bomb shelters 30 years ago.

There's only room for one in three of
us. We'll have to make do with that.

We no longer fear nuclear weapons.

We don't think
about unpleasant things.

The thin line between
Shangri-La and the abyss.

History shows there are twelve threats
that could cause society's collapse.

Overpopulation is the top one.
255 children are born every minute.

A one-child policy is our only hope,
but no one wants to hear it.

Number two: climate change.

Three: deforestation.
We cut down too many trees.

The world's mass
of fertile soil is eroding away.

There's not enough water.
And what we have, we waste.

We're overfishing
at an ever-increasing rate.

Over the years
we've overhunted too.

Nowadays we stick
to killing captive animals.

But every day, somewhere on earth,
one species becomes extinct.

We use more oxygen
than nature can provide.

Introducing new species into habitats
shifts the ecological balance.

50,000 new cars
are sold in China daily.

Poisoning is number eleven.

The final one is energy shortage.
That's our main vulnerability.

Any one of these twelve threats
could wipe us out.

It doesn't take all twelve,
or five, or six. Just one.

That will sink our ship,
even as we dance.



- Hello, Ravn.
- Hi.


How are you, Ravn?
Why are you here?

I'm working on something
really exciting, actually.

But I need access
to equipment here.

- What's it about?
- I can't say much.

It's for the Civil Defence,
so it's classified information.

I was thinking of what you said
at Vilma's funeral.

- That I could come to you for help.
- Absolutely. Anything.

A mass spectrometer?

You've got several. They're not
being used round the clock.

I can't give you
expensive equipment.

I know. You don't have to.

I just need you to...

Just open the door.
I'll do the rest.

Ravn, are you really OK?

Things disappear
all the time in here.

- Anything, you said.
- Is this about Vilma in any way?

- There's something I need to find out.
- What is it?

- Will you help me or not?
- I want to, but not like this.

I see.

Hey... You do understand,
don't you?

We're talking to the head of the
police organised crimes unit in Oslo.

Hege Salvesen, how have police
safety routines been affected by this?

We're reviewing procedures,
but this was a singularly brutal...

Turn it up, will you?

When a colleague is injured
in the line of duty,

we are all affected.

What can you tell us
about the injured policeman?

He's well respected within
the armed response unit.

He's married with two children...

- He has a family?
- Yes. Let's hope he survives.

We are looking for this man,

and we hope to arrest him
swiftly and safely.

- Hello?
- He's bleeding! I tried stopping...

- OK, we'll fix that. Keep calm.
- Blood all over! From his face too!

I'm coming right away.

- You first.
- Thank you.

- What happened?
- He fell down the stairs.

You were supposed
to look after him!

- Yes, I know.
- Hold this.


His pulse is weak.
Get some more blood. Move!

- Type A, right?
- Right. Bring two bags!

You'll be fine, Teo.

We're out of type A!

- How about AB?
- No! Get back here.

- Here, open this up.
- What are you doing?

I'm type O, it works
for everyone. Thanks.

You said to wake you
if you fell asleep.

Maybe now?
Could you look at...

Your hand?

Stretching is
the only thing that helps.

- Like this?
- Oh yes, that's good.

- And like this?
- That's tender.

- It's supposed to feel tender.
- Yes, but don't...

You know what? You can do
these exercises yourself.

- It's not the same, though.
- It's exactly the same.

It's not!

Seems I'm the only one here
who hasn't stolen anything now.

Leif, come and get me
when he wakes up.