Valeria (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Alaska - full transcript


♪ Eleven, ten, nine... ♪

- ♪ Ignition sequence start ♪
- ♪ ¡Y grita fuego! ♪

♪ Mantenlo prendido ¡fuego! ♪

♪ No lo dejes apagar
¡Y grita fuego! ♪

♪ Mantenlo prendido ¡fuego! ♪

♪ No lo dejes apagar
¡Y grita fuego! ♪

♪ Mantenlo prendido ¡fuego! ♪

♪ No lo dejes apagar
¡Y grita fuego! ♪

♪ Mantenlo prendido ¡fuego! ♪

♪ No lo dejes apagar ♪

♪ Y no lo dejes apagar ♪

♪ Y no lo dejes apagar ♪

♪ Y no lo dejes apagar ♪

♪ ¡Y grita fuego! ♪

♪ Mantenlo prendido ¡fuego! ♪

♪ No lo dejes apagar
¡Y grita fuego! ♪

I've been wanting this for so long.

- Me too.
- Really?

♪ Viene con too', chapeta ♪

♪ Reggae music, cumbia y folclor
¡Come on! ♪

♪ Que es un poder que es
Una bomba atómica ♪

- ♪ Un poco de folclor con música... ♪
- Come with me.

♪ ¡Sigue sigue!
Prendiendo esta fiesta ♪

Come on.

♪ ¡Sigue sigue!
Que a mi no me molesta ♪

♪ Vamos a bailar, la noche y la madruga
Hasta que se te ponga... ♪


♪ Vamos hasta abajo a mi no me da pena ♪

♪ Yo crecí tomando, agua de panela ♪

♪ Helada, y por alláde frío nada ♪

♪ Ahora te canto
Pa' que te des la calentada ♪

♪ Mantenlo prendido ♪

♪ Y no lo dejes apagar ♪

♪ Mantenlo prendido ♪

♪ Y no lo dejes apagar ♪

Let's get back to the party.

They'll notice we're gone.
It will be worse.



What's your deal?

Don't you like me?

It's fine, but I'd rather know now...

Of course I like you.

I like you a lot...
That's why I want to take it slow.

Are you Opus Dei?

I am not Opus Dei. I'm not.

I've hooked up with tons of chicks,
fucked on the first date and...

Get to the point!

I mean I'd like this time to be different.

We've got time. There's no rush.

Don't you think?

- Do you mind turning around? So I can...
- Ah.

♪ Y si tu no me conoces ♪

♪ No me llamo Camila, no me llamo... ♪

♪ Mi mi mi mi mi mi mi ♪

♪ Mi mi mi only mi mi ♪

♪ Mi mi mi mi mi mi mi ♪

♪ Mi mi mi sexy mi ♪

♪ Mi mi mi mi mi... ♪



♪ Hush now! I can motherocker
Give you complete bliss ♪

♪ I got your "Wow, wow!"
Look at my bottom, give it a kiss ♪

♪ I am so super pupper drupper ♪

♪ I'm the front girl in round ♪

♪ I'm so cool with my fashion pink lips ♪

♪ Stacking money rolls down ♪

♪ All the boys say, 'Wow, wow!'
Girls in the back, same, "Wow, wow!' ♪

♪ Enter the party, call me dandy candy ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm high, high ♪

♪ I am so super pupper drupper ♪

♪ I'm the front girl in round ♪

♪ I am so cool with my awesome big tits
On the ground... ♪




♪ Mi mi mi, sexy mi ♪

He's, like, fucking dead inside!
Why doesn't he want me?


What am I missing?
Actually, what's extra about me?

Carmen, he said he likes you.
A lot. Why are you stressing?

If he liked me as much as he says,
we'd have fucked already, right?

Wasn't Lola coming?

She had to go home,
drop her brother off, shower...

She was too busy.

What's new? How's it going at the museum?

I don't know...
I look at that rock and think,

"Is this really all life has to offer?"

Come on! Just because
one publisher said no,

doesn't mean they all will.

Think of the museum job as temporary.

They added me to the group chat.
It feels permanent.

At least it's 30 degrees cooler
in the museum.

Come with me. Come on!

- Where are you going?
- Come on!

Excuse me.

- Oh!
- Ah, yes!

- Yes, please!
- God, this is so nice!


- Right there.
- Phew!

- Whoo!
- What if you were Beyoncé?

She's not missing anything.

You're perfect the way you are, dude.
You're fucking dope.

I bet Borja's crazy about you.

Fine, but how can he hold back?
I was practically topless.

- Well, sometimes that's fun too.
- Really?

Of course!


Waiting, flirting, that whole game...

can be even sexier than sex.

- Aah...
- Oi!

Oh, no!

- What if he's gay?
- Now you say it, he dresses well.

Oh, Carmen, that's ridiculous.
My boyfriend dresses well too.

For fuck's sake!

Women always complain
that dudes only want sex.

But when one doesn't... well, he's gay.

Wow... I gotta remember this shit.

I don't know how you can talk
about fucking in this heat.

What do you mean?

Heatwaves really turn me on.

Anyone have
a pool in their building?

I do.

I meant on colonized land, Nerea.

I bet your parents
would make us wear water wings.

Well, I am not wearing
a bikini this summer.

We can't convince you you're hot, can we?

Can we convince you
not to give up on your novel?

Leave me alone.

Take a break and go back to it
after the summer.

No, I've accepted
my fate is to guard that rock.

I gave it a name. Antonio.

What do you think my fate is?

Damn, Carmen! You're such a drama queen!

You just need some "fast food"
to help you relax.

I don't want a one-night stand.
I want... something more.

- More?
- Yes, more.

Relationships always fall apart, dude.

Why are open relationships so popular now?

It's the only way to make it... last.

In conclusion... forget about him.

Find a normal guy.

Or better still...

lots of normal guys!

"Normal" how?

Like, "Let's fuck in the bathroom now.
I can't wait until we get home!"

Stop it!

Well, that was a bit sexist,
wasn't it?

So, normal guys
can't keep it in their pants,

but if we want it we're crazy?

Coming from you, Lola...

- You're right.
- Mm.

Well, I don't get it.

You've made it the total opposite
with this whole fucking "me too" thing.

Now it's cool to play the victim.

We are victims!

I know, but why didn't
women report it before?

What the fuck?
Now you're telling us when to report it?

No, but not all the cases are true.

Sure, because women love making
this stuff up so everyone can judge us.

Since the dawn of time...
producers have slept with actresses,

- and no one said a word.
- Ssh.

- Power is erotic.
- No, that's abuse of power!

What the fuck
are you talking about? Look...

How many of you...

have fallen for or been into your boss?

- Or a professor?
- Not me.

Well... Carmen was nuts about
her sociology professor.

- Remember?
- Yes, but he was the only one under 60!

- You see? It's you!
- Fuck that!

That you again!
See? That's the problem.

We always have to justify
everything we do!

It doesn't say that
anywhere in the constitution.

What about them?
That teacher or that boss...

They'd never get those girls
if it weren't for their position of power.

Now that's fucked up. Screw someone
who sees you as an equal, damn it!

Or you're a piece of shit!

- Totally!
- Well said!

- Nerea for president!
- Bravo!


Hey, Nerea. Did Carmen tell you
I work for a feminist association?

It would be amazing
to have a lawyer come in.

You could come give a talk
or give us some legal advice.

- Me?
- Yeah.

Nah, I'm just tipsy,
and it's only nine o'clock!

Nine? Nine! Oh, fuck!

Shit! Um...

Ciao! Talk soon!


Did she leave without paying?

The house is amazing.

You should come visit.
It has tons of light...

- The neighborhood's quiet...
- That's great.

The birds wake us up.

Guys, we can order if you like.

No, no, no, no, no!

We can wait. Let's wait!

She can't be much longer, right?

I feel bad making you wait...

Don't worry! You can give me all the juice

on our ex-boss's yogi niece!

Please tell me she's as weird as he is!

Is she into those weird poses?

- Well...
- Sorry, sorry!

- Hey...
- Sorry!

- Look who it is!
- I was with Carmen and the girls.

Poor thing was having a crisis.

- Gorgeous!
- Yes!

Thank you!

I lost track of time, sorry.

It's okay.
We already spoke to the manager

to see if he'd let us
spend the night in the fridge.

Packed in next to the crab sticks!

- Have you ordered?
- No.

- No.
- No.

We were waiting for you.

Right... Babe, how about
we share the pork fillet?

- Come on.
- No!

Bikini body diet.

I have to fit into swimming trunks...
this size!

- You look great, babe.
- No, no, no, no, no.

- No red meat today.
- Ay!

- We're going to Ibiza next week.
- Really?

- Yes.
- Lots of sun...

a sweet hotel,
lots of hot men running around...

It's going to be great!

Ah, okay! You have an open relationship.


Uh... No, I mean, you seem so happy...


Nothing. Forget it.
I misunderstood, sorry.

not all gays listen to Cher

and have open relationships.


Okay, let's make a toast!

- Sure.
- Yes.

- Okay.
- To you two.

The happy couple...
aren't you coming up on six years?

- Six?
- Yeah!

Any plans?

- Yeah!
- No.

We don't know yet.

We can barely decide
what to order for dinner, so imagine!

Okay, so...

- Let's see...
- Mmm!

All right. Let's share
the salmon tartare.

And a salad. Can you eat that?

Okay. You don't mind?

No, I'll get my red meat later...

You're so silly.

So, what about us?

That table ordered
the mango and foie gras salad.

It looks great.

No, not foie gras.

What? You lovefoie gras.

I saw a documentary on how they fatten up
the ducks. No way. It's awful.

Well... then take off the foie gras,
and I'll eat it.

- No big deal.
- You don't give a fuck about ducks?

- Let's have more wine...
- Yeah.


"Duck-fuckers"... Huh.

- What are you doing?
- Screw the duck!

Fighting over foie gras?
That's where we're at?

No, Val... I don't know where you're at.

What about you?
You're so sure about everything.

- So you want an open relationship?
- What?

You said so at dinner.
You think that's why they're happy.

Because... they have an open relationship.

Well, I don't know.
Lola says everyone's doing it now.

Maybe you're the one...
who wants an open relationship.

That's what you want?

It never even crossed my mind.

- Sure...
- "Sure" what, Val?

You're the one
who's obsessed with trying new things.

- But not that, damn it!
- We haven't talked in days.

Clearly we're going through a rough patch.

Maybe we should take a break.

If you want a break,
let's just get divorced.

I need time to think.

Maybe that's the problem!

You think too much,
but don't know what you feel.

What do you feel?

How about we let this rest
for a couple of days?

We'll talk about it later.

♪ Quiero evitar la baldosa ♪

♪ Que baila y va y me pisa ♪

♪ El pié el invierno ♪

♪ Tú me dirás
Que son cosas que pasan ♪

♪ Así como pasa esta otra ambulancia ♪

♪ Voy a quitar todas estas zetas ♪

♪ Del sopor que te infunden mis letras ♪


♪ La próxima vez que levantes las cejas ♪

♪ De incredulidad ♪

♪ Que sea al mundo ♪

♪ Y no a mí condición de aturdido... ♪



♪ Pero ahora que el mal ya estáhecho ♪

♪ Lo bueno va a encontrar ♪

♪ Su oportunidad... ♪



♪ Te debo un baile... ♪


♪ Te debo un baile ♪

♪ La próxima vez que levantes las cejas ♪

♪ De incredulidad ♪

♪ Que sea al mundo ♪

♪ Y no a mí ♪

♪ Al mundo y no a mí ♪


♪ Nunca te voy a pedir ♪

♪ Que confíes en mí ♪

♪ Ahora tú no dejes que hable... ♪


♪ Y no una explicación... ♪



♪ La próxima vez que levantes las cejas ♪

♪ De incredulidad ♪

♪ Que sea al mundo ♪

♪ Y no a mí ♪

Thank you.

So, this is it! Only 850 a month,

plus a bank guarantee,
six months' deposit and this month's rent.

Right, and... Where is it?

- What?
- Um...

Everything. You know, the kitchen,
bedroom, those kinds of things.

This is a flex apartment. Look...

- Here's the kitchen. Fully equipped.
- Mm-hm!

And here's the bedroom.

The bed is...

very comfortable.


And... and the bathroom's over there?

You have to walk over the bed, okay. Uh...

If you agree in less than 24 hours,
you'll get a deal.

Only two months' deposit!


I need to think about it a bit more.

I know it seems weird at first, but...

it's just... different.

It has its own style...

character... personality.

That's what makes it special.

Like you.


Well... yeah. I mean, the...
the apartment certainly is...

- special.
- It is.

♪ Eleven ♪

- Like you.
- ♪ Ten, nine ♪

- ♪ Ignition sequence start ♪
- ♪ ¡Y grita fuego! ♪

♪ Mantenlo prendido ¡fuego! ♪

♪ No lo dejes apagar
¡Y grita fuego! ♪

♪ Mantenlo prendido ¡fuego! ♪


- Hi!
- Hello!

It was just...
Do you have the Fire briefing?

- Yes.
- Yeah?

♪ No lo dejes apagar ♪

Take it. I've got another copy.

♪ Y no lo dejes apagar ♪

♪ Y no lo dejes apagar... ♪

- Hey...
- Yes?

Are those new shoes?

Mm. Yes. You like them?

Well, it's just... You're bleeding.

- There.
- Oh! Uh... Yeah, uh...


Hang on. I have a Band-Aid.


You were with Valeria yesterday, right?

You had some beers...

Well, she was late for our dinner date.


After dinner, we started talking about...

open relationships.

What's the problem, Adri?
That she was with me,

that she was late,
the open relationship thing or all three?

Things are really shitty.

Look... you've been together for years.

It's normal for things to get bad.

Yeah, but this bad?

Val told me
you believe in open relationships.

- Are you considering it?
- No!

I don't know. I'm so lost, Lola.

If things are bad, you're going
to have to make a decision.

Maybe open the relationship
or adopt a dog.

But when things aren't working,
something needs to change.

Look, girls...

Víctor's just a guy
who might become a friend, that's all.

That's why I didn't mention it,
because... it just sort of happened.

Out of the blue!

He's actually a really nice guy.

And... he's really hot!


But nothing's going to happen!

I know I'd really regret it.

But... they say feeling regret is better
than thinking "what if." Right?





You caught me running away!

- To Alaska?
- Eh?

Alaska was my idea.

Are you a plagiarizer
as well as an impostor?

No talk of the novel
I'm never going to write, please.

I bet you'll write something
your publisher will like.

I don't know...
Finding a good idea isn't that easy.

That's why we're here.

I remember you being taller.

I remember you being less of a dick.


♪ July flame ♪

♪ Fiery kind... ♪

It's only an exhibition.
Nothing to be afraid of.

I think you'll like it.
Or do you want to run away?

♪ Through the night... ♪


What's it about?

I saw it in Berlin last year.
It's by a Hungarian artist.

She explains the consequences
of living in a society that's online 24/7.

And what's your opinion?

I like seeing the difference
between what people say

and what they really want to say...
or hear.

- Do we have to do something?
- Do you speak German?

- Eh?
- I'm kidding.


Each phone has a title, a word.

The most common words on social media.

- Choose one and pick up the phone.
- And then?

Then... just go with the flow.

The phones' colored lights will guide you.


♪ Can I call you mine? ♪

♪ Can I call you mine? ♪

♪ July flame ♪

♪ I'm seeing fireworks ♪

♪ They're so beautiful ♪

♪ Tell me why it hurts ♪

♪ July flame ♪

♪ Ashes of a secret heart ♪

♪ Falling in my lemonade... ♪


♪ Unslakable thirsting ♪

♪ In the backyard... ♪

Hello. You have reached
the answering machine of Fear.

Fear - anguish caused by a threat

or harm that may be real or imaginary.

♪ Can I call you mine? ♪

Hello. You have reached
the answering machine of The Future.

Future - what has yet to be, but will be.


♪ Can I call you mine? ♪

♪ Can I call you mine? ♪

♪ Can I call you mine? ♪

♪ Can I call you mine? ♪


♪ Can I call you mine?
Can I call you mine? ♪

This is what happens
when two people connect.


They take different paths
but end up in the same place.

- I started at fear.
- And you ended up at pleasure.

Strange, right?

♪ Can I call you mine? ♪

- ♪ Can I call you mine? ♪
- ♪ Can I call you mine? ♪

- You answer it.
- ♪ Can I... ♪

- Sorry, I have to go. I just remembered...
- ♪ Can I call you mine? ♪

I was going to meet...

Talk soon!

You look way different
in each of your profile pics.

Are they of you and your twin siblings?

Wait, wait, wait.
Is "twin" spelled with one N or two?

Dude, one!

Who even cares?
I'll be rocking New York soon!

"Soon," that's with two "O"s.

Hey, has anyone heard from Valeria?

She's missing, lately.
She hasn't sent her podcast today.

Sergio's really been missing lately.
I miss his moaning.

There's never a good time for both of us.

- Aww.
- Ooh.

"Ha ha ha ha." Four "ha"s.

"Ha ha." Just two?

Check this out. "LOL."

Is this guy still living in 2012?

"It's just me in the photos.

The thing is, I'm a Gemini,
and I like to explore all my faces."

- Ooh!
- "What sign are you?"

Holy shit! Now I know
why you never get laid, dude!

Not everyone plays by your rules.

She's just trying to connect with me.

Why? You spend hours chatting.
Then you meet, and their breath stinks.

Or they've got some food
between their teeth, and... ciao!

You've told them
your life story for nothing.

I know you don't, but I miss
fucking before talking.

That's true.

- Holy shit!
- Dick pic?

No, idiot! No. it's the guy renting
the place I saw this morning.

- All right!
- He used the word "special."

- To describe you or the apartment?
- Both.

- He's so hot!
- Right?

He's gorgeous. Swipe right. Swipe right.

No, no, no. He'll think I'm interested.

Um... yeah. That's how it works.

What if I send him a message
asking about the place?

Something... friendly.

- Then he'll think you like... the place.
- No, it's just an excuse.

He'll get it. He's both hot and smart.

- Swipe right!
- Message.

Wow, look at her!

- Give it here.
- No. No!

- No, no, no! No, no!
- Don't "no" me.


No. No... Lola. Lola!


I knew this was the place for you.

In fact... I'm really happy
to have you as my tenant.

So, should we celebrate?

- How?
- Well, we could either...

smash it against the wall
or drink it together... I guess.

What do you prefer?

- ♪ Mantenlo prendido ¡fuego! ♪
- Uh...

The thing is my girlfriend's waiting
for me downstairs and...

We could celebrate another time,
like when we get the utilities turned on.

Wait. I don't understand. What?


It's just...

I saw you on this,
and I thought that... that maybe you...

- I keep forgetting to delete that app.
- It's fine.

Well, darn!

Hang on... Did you take the place
just to hook up with me?


- Eh? No!
- Yes.

- No! No, no.
- Yes.

No, absolutely not!
No, this place... I...

- You?
- I love it!

- Yeah?
- Yeah, I love it. It's... very me.

- It's so...
- So what?

So... so... empty.

What a relief!
That's great, then.

I mean it's great you like the place,
not that you feel empty.

Well, then...

- All yours.
- Thank you.

One last thing, sorry.
Where's the air conditioning?

Uh, nowhere.
But if you open the windows...

- and the front door, you get a breeze.
- Mm!


How the fuck did they get that in here?

What are you doing? I can't have visitors.

Or answer messages either?

Lola, there are cameras!

Okay, then, could you tell me
where the gift shop is?

Just a sec. My brother's parked outside.

- What is it, Lola?
- Adrián came to my house.

- To your house?
- Yes.

Look. Let's say Adri is here,

and he has no fucking clue
where the exit is with you.

- He mentioned the open relation...
- I don't want that.


The thing is, Víctor called me and said
you were with him yesterday and...

Uh... Hello? Am I missing something?

Not at all. Nothing happened
and nothing will.

This is Víctor. Something always happens.

- You really are into him.
- What? No, I'm not!

Look. He's my friend and I love him,

but I love you more.

When Víctor wants something,
he'll do anything to get it.

And I think he really wants you.

- Oh, come on!
- Valeria.


Miss, the exit is over there.

The exit is in there.

That's where it is.

Alicia, whenever you're ready, please.

Is everything okay?

Why? Does my aura need
cleansing or something?

No, man... Here.

Sorry... I'm not having the best day.

Well, I know how we can make it better.

Come with me.

Come here!

Inhale for three and exhale for three.

No, no, no. No, no, no.


Maybe Valeria is right.


Valeria, my wife.
She says I think too much.

- Ah.
- Maybe I even forgot how to breathe.

- How long have you been together?
- Six years.

The six-year crisis.

- Sorry?
- I'd been with Carlos for six years

when I got pregnant.

- But was it planned?
- No, no, no, no.

He didn't get me pregnant.
It's not his or anyone else's.

He didn't want kids,
so I decided to do it on my own.

- Seriously?
- Mm-hm.


The other day, we were talking
about meeting other people.

I didn't say yes or no.

But I've been mulling it over,
and I think... it's stupid.


I'm scared I'll come home to her one day,

and she'll tell me there's
someone better and leave.

But maybe you'll be the one
who meets someone more interesting.

This isn't girl seeks boy.

This is girl seeks boy or girl.

How about Miranda Makaroff
as the face of the brand?

- Hmm...
- Or is she a bit too old?

No. We need other options.

A girl willing to take initiative,
who's not afraid of being seductive.

- Something like that.
- Sure.

And she needs the perfume to feel secure?

We could brand Fire like a charm,
a guarantee of success.

Imagine that the girl who uses it
suddenly becomes a winner.

she's better at her job, sports...

She's guaranteed to get laid
if she wears it out.

Yeah, right!

Come on.

No woman...

no matter how much perfume she wears,
knows for sure if she'll succeed.

You think you're in, and then you're not.

But that's fine.

If a guy doesn't like you,
that doesn't mean you're not cool.

The important thing...
is that you like yourself.

It's that moment, when you're home alone

and you spray the perfume on your wrist
and you feel fucking great!

- I mean, it's just an idea.
- Yes.

I like it... That's the angle we want.

How about make-up?

- Did you have the meeting?
- Yes.

Carmen, I brought you a coffee.

I'm sorry! Sorry, sorry.

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

What do you want?

- Are you angry with me?
- Look, I'm not angry with you.

I'm angry with myself.

Because I've had it...

with seeing things that are never there,

getting false hopes
and always ending up fucking crushed.

- I said I liked you.
- Sure.

- A lot.
- Fine.

But you left me hanging with some excuse.

- It's not an excuse. It's true!
- Right.

I want to take it slow because...

Damn it, I know what to do
with a girl I don't really like,

but not with you.

Because, Carmen...

I really do like you.

Can you... say that again, please?

I really like you.

- That reeks!
- Wow!

God, you're right!

Thank God you could drive us.

Thanks, man!

Did you see Val today?

- Yes.
- No.

Give me a heads-up!

What are my chances?

You've got it pretty difficult,
to be honest.

I think she likes you.

I think so too,

but that doesn't give you the right
to be hounding her all day.

Madrid is full of women.
None like Val, I know...

but set your sights on someone else
and leave her be, okay?


Well, this is quite a foyer!

Eh? Ah... No! I mean...

This is it!

Yeah, um... hold on.

This is...

the apartment!

It's a flex apartment.

Where's the fridge?

Right here.

- ♪ Ta-da! ♪
- What about the trash can?

- Haven't picked a spot yet.
- Ah, okay.

- No.
- Okay.

I know, it's a shitty place,
and it doesn't even have AC.

So why would you rent it?

Well, that's... a long story

that wouldn't have happened
if we'd fucked the other day.

But don't worry about it.

You know what?

- Why don't you open this?
- Mm-hm.

And I'll... go and change my shirt
in my room.

- Oh, yeah! Sure.
- Okay!

- Okay.
- Off I go!

- That's your bedroom?
- Um... yes!

- This is my bedroom.
- It's cool!

- Yeah, it's lovely!
- Mm.

Can I just pop to the toilet?

No, the thing is...

Let me just get changed,
then you can use the bathroom.

Okay? Yeah?


Okay, let's do this.

♪ My life, my life, my lies, my lies ♪

- ♪ Low down bum, downtown bar ♪
- Ugh!

♪ So far gone, covered in scars ♪

♪ Ain't got a worry, ain't got a cause ♪

♪ Knows all the tricks
And he breaks all the laws ♪

♪ Plays his first hand
No matter what it shows ♪

♪ Been chasin' that dragon ♪

- ♪ But it's tryin' to pause ♪
- I'm free at last!

- ♪ Know that the worry ♪
- Want to come over?

♪ Know that the pain ♪

♪ Know that the sorrow ♪

♪ Know that the stain ♪

♪ They all wash away ♪

♪ Like the summer rain ♪

I'm swamped at work, but...
I'm dying to see you.

I'm on my way.

♪ My life, my life, my lies, my lies... ♪



♪ I feel peaceful, I was savage one ♪

♪ These damaged sons, they brandish guns ♪

♪ Tonight's top story
If it bleeds, it runs ♪

♪ It flies and it dies in a fiery flame ♪

♪ They'll broadcast live ♪

♪ And they'll read out your name
They'll say you're a hero... ♪


♪ But that doesn't do zero
To dissolve the pain ♪

♪ So you turn to the needle
And recall the vein ♪

♪ It's all a game, it's all a chain... ♪


♪ And the doubt and the fear
They're all on the rise ♪

♪ And I wish you were here, 'cause ♪

♪ Know that the worry ♪

♪ Know that the pain ♪

♪ Know that the sorrow... ♪


♪ They all wash away ♪

♪ Like the summer rain ♪

♪ My life, my life, my lies, my lies ♪

♪ My life, my life, my lies, my lies ♪

♪ Uptown girl, downtown law ♪

♪ Eyes so classy, your skin so soft ♪

♪ Ass so fine, you're so, so lost ♪

♪ Chasin' that dragon
No matter the cost ♪

♪ Her dream's been shattered
Her hope's been tossed ♪

♪ Her heart keeps breakin'
Her fingers stay crossed ♪

♪ It's hard as a stone, cold as a frost ♪

♪ Scared to the bone
She's alone and lost, but ♪

♪ They all wash away ♪

♪ Like the summer rain ♪

Do you want any dessert?

I love you.

Me too.

I just want us to be happy, Val.

You and me, like always.

So do I.

Are you crying?



Your face felt wet.

It's sweat.

God, I know... It's so fucking hot!


Makes you want to move
to Alaska, right?


Yes, Alaska.

You know, like, it's not hot there.


Oh, yeah!

♪ Eleven, ten, nine ♪

♪ Ignition sequence... ♪


♪ Mantenlo prendido ¡fuego! ♪

♪ No lo dejes apagar
¡Y grita fuego! ♪

♪ Mantenlo prendido ¡fuego! ♪

♪ No lo dejes apagar
¡Y grita fuego! ♪

♪ Mantenlo prendido ¡fuego! ♪

♪ No lo dejes apagar
¡Y grita fuego! ♪

♪ Mantenlo prendido ¡fuego! ♪

♪ No lo dejes apagar ♪

♪ Y no lo dejes apagar ♪

♪ Y no lo dejes apagar ♪

♪ Y no lo dejes apagar ♪

♪ ¡Y grita fuego! ♪

♪ Mantenlo prendido ¡fuego! ♪

♪ No lo dejes apagar
¡Y grita fuego! ♪

♪ Mantenlo prendido ¡fuego! ♪

♪ No lo dejes apagar ♪

♪ Que aquí viene bomba estéreo ♪

♪ Viene con too', chapeta ♪

♪ Reggae music, cumbia y folclor
¡Come on! ♪

♪ Que es un poder
Que es una bomba atómica ♪

♪ Un poco de folclor
Con música electrónica ♪

♪ ¡Sigue sigue!
Prendiendo esta fiesta ♪

♪ ¡Sigue sigue!
Que a mi no me molesta ♪

♪ Vamos a bailar, la noche y la madruga ♪

♪ Hasta que se te ponga
La pollera colora ♪

♪ Vamos hasta abajo a mi no me da pena ♪

♪ Yo crecí tomando, agua de panela ♪

♪ Helada ♪