Vagabond (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 16 - Episode #1.16 - full transcript

It's time, sir.

Even for a moment,
neither have I pursued my own interest,

nor lived a life for my own agenda.

After being elected as the President,

in order to make Korea better,

I have always

put my best efforts.

Now Korea is standing
at a major crossroad,

and she needs a devoted President.

It'd be a tragedy for the whole nation

if the President wasted time

to defend himself.

Therefore, I, Jeong Gook-pyo will

from now on,

step down

from office.



I haven't been able to reach him for

Find out where his phone
has been turned off last.

Thank you, Hwa-suk.

Gosh, Cha Dal-geon!

Who are you?

We're the police.

What are you doing in an empty house?

How do you know Mr. Cha?

I'm his friend.

We found his fingerprints in the ward
where Kim Woo-gi was abducted.

Excuse me?

-Thank you.
-Excuse me!

When did you last meet him?

So what you're saying is

he has abducted Kim?

That's outrageous!


We've found Kim Woo-gi.

Where is he?

He's dead?


Are you sure it's him?

We checked his DNA
from his hip joint.

It's him.

What about this body?

Didn't you check his DNA as well?

He's not on our system.

But his blood type

is O.

Mine is O, too. Give him my blood.

The police are looking for Dal-geon
as Kim's abductor.

I hope

you don't believe their accusation.

The last place he used his cell was

the fire site.


What's wrong with you?

You know his call history
can be easily fabricated!

Excuse me.

These are from the fire site.


-It's our lucky charm.

If you keep it, the luck will come to you.

I know Dal-geon isn't the abductor.

But we think that's Dal-geon's body.

The victims from the chemical plant fire
which happened on the 17th in Incheon

have been identified.

The police have confirmed
the bodies found at the site

are the B357 terrorist, Kim Woo-gi,

and one of the bereaved, Cha Dal-geon.

It appears Cha abducted and killed Kim,

and set fire at the warehouse
to kill himself, too.

The police will close the case
this week.



It's such a shame.

Consider it a blessing.

You're now off to meet your nephew.

That's the one, right? 8685.

You can be useful sometimes.

I can continue to be your partner, right?

I never care for a partner,

but maybe a minion.

I can't believe
Kim Woo-gi's abductor is Edward.

What the fuck is going on?


Get in the car now.

What's wrong?

Cha Dal-geon is there.

Cha Dal-geon?
What the hell is he doing there?

Are you fucking crazy?

Do you have a death wish? Fuck!

Save Kim Woo-gi!

Wake up, Cha.

Come on now!

Carry him.

Hurry up, and bring him out!


As the acting President,

I'll get to the bottom of the former
President's corruption scandals,

and tighten the discipline
of all government officials.

Basically, principles and earnest efforts
will be respected and appreciated

so that a new and healthy Korea
will be built.

I hope the citizens' pain
by this whole mess

will be mended quickly.

I promise to pour my soul and heart

to use this chance to bring
joy and pride to everyone.

My fellow citizens,

let's do it together.

Your inaugural speech was superb.


Got the approving rate?

It's 42%.

What? That's it?

That's over 10% higher
than the former President.

That's a very good start
considering you've done nothing yet.


Samael is asking for a meeting.

He's expecting you.

He is Samael.

I believe I should start off again
on the right foot.

You think my order is a joke?

I told you to close the F-X deal
with Dynamic ASAP.

Open it.


Heads of government ministries,

financial institutions,
and public enterprises

must be changed to the ones on that list.

Only the president can do that.


I wasn't told you'd be involved
in minute matters like this.

Why do you think
we put you in that position?

it's because I'm capable enough--

Are you?

Do you know
why conflicts between nations occur?

It's not for money, but for power.

The one who holds the debt

incurred during the conflicts
will be entitled to the world.

In other words,
whether it's a nation or an individual,

whoever makes their customer
owe them a debt

becomes the master.

You think you can accomplish that
all by yourself?

Don't be overconfident
and quick to judge.

We can replace you

with anyone for the next president.

I'll keep that in mind, sir.

There's a flash drive in there.

Read and learn

the trade negotiations and policies
toward other nations.

But the thing is,

I'm not quite popular among the citizens,

so it's not certain
if I'll be the next president.

Get the oil drilling project
in the Kingdom of Kiria,

and you'll quench
the nation's economic thirst,

which will naturally increase
your approval rate.

Okay, thank you for the tip.

You may leave.

And one more thing.

Wrap up all the investigations

about the crash.

You got it.

Can we

trust that guy?

Dal-geon got murdered.

He risked his life
to take Kim to court.

Why would he kill the suspect and himself

right before the appellate trial?

O Sang-mi, Kim Woo-gi,
and Dal-geon are all

victims of Samael--

The Task Force team

is now dismissed.

Every enforcement agency

was ordered to wrap up
all investigations on the B357.

Upon becoming the acting President,

Hong has shown his true colors.







Fucking doodler.

How much longer will you live off us?

He doesn't live off you!

You have no say in this.

Are you running a charity here?

He's accused of being a murderer,

so let him play opossum here.

Don't be mean.

Show him some mercy.

You showed
not even an ounce of mercy to me,

but you're fucking generous
to this sucker.


Are you not going to contact
Go Hae-ri at all?

No, and you aren't, either.

Why not?

You two seemed very close.

Had a fight?

Drop the gun.

Or else, all the families
and Go Hae-ri will die

because of you.

You're killing them all.

From now on,

she has nothing to do with me.

I'm leaving Korea soon.

You should find a way to live before that.

You said you knew Black Sun.

Jessica asked me to research them.

How can I get in?

Why? To kill Jerome?


Micky is from their unit.


Edward must have authority over them.

Not anybody can get in,

and the tests are excruciatingly hard.

What if you help me?

This is why you shouldn't help
those in desperate need.


my hand is not for public use.

I'm not giving it for free.

How much is it to hire you?

Hey, you fucking beggar.

Are you listening to yourself?
You're living off us!

I'm very expensive.

Ten times more expensive
than your life.

The DA's special division investigating
the scandals of the F-X plan

will request an arrest warrant

for the former President Jeong
by this week,

who has been confining himself
at his residence in Hongeun--


This is Cha Dal-geon.

Who did you say you are?

It's Cha Dal-geon.

Is this a new fraud

impersonating the deceased
by mimicking his voice?

I'm right outside.

Please open the door.

Aren't you dead?

No time to explain.

I hope you didn't forget
your promise to help me.

Go on.

I need money.

What for?

I'm going into the monster's den
to get the monster.

Go to the Myeong-dong curb market,

and look for Jjanggu's mom.

She'll give you as much as you need.

It's strange, though.

I don't think you'll be struck dead
even by lightening.

That's why I'm helping you.

Your life is collateral,
and I'm confident I won't suffer a loss.

Before getting rid of those jerks,

I can't die.

Can you give me some space?

It's me.

Why haven't you visited me?

I'm going back to America.


I have a new client,

and he's offered me loads of money.

Okay, fine.

Just do me a favor.

Meet Deputy Attorney General Brian,

and tell him to summon me.


That's all I will do for you.

By the way,

do you know who Samael is?

Who is it?

Edward Park.

Are you sure?

Watch your back.

The devil is dangerously near you.

What's wrong?

What? No, nothing.

-Give me that.

She's being released today.

You have information about Samael?

Come and sit first.

It's from Jessica.

I'm being watched by Samael.

He could kill me any day.

If you want to know who he is,
I need your protection

before being summoned to America.

Let me go to prison.

Are you out of your mind?

If Jessica dies,
we'll never know who Samael is.

There's nothing we can do officially.

Then let's do it unofficially.

What if you get caught?

Then we'll be cuffed up
for insubordination.

I need to catch Samael,

that son of a bitch.

Please let me do this.

Jessica's life is under threat.

So will be yours.

I don't care.

I'll lay out a plan.


you'll let her do it?

She completed worse missions.

I'm counting on you.

Thank you.

Make up a story first, then cuff Hae-ri.

Yes, sir.

I can't believe this.


Come here.

Turn around.

Look to the front.


There was a Korean consul

who was arrested for bribery
from a Moroccan drug cartel.

Apparently, she was involved
in the money laundering.

She must be working undercover.

Wasn't her team dismissed?

I think she's working alone.

That means Jessica knows something.

Why don't you get rid of her?

Let's keep an eye on her.

Why don't you kill her right away?

I want to know how much she knows.

We can get rid of her afterward.

This is not how you operate, boss.

She'll cause trouble for sure--

Forgive me.

Don't forget Samael has an eye on you.

Among guards or inmates,

there will be some of his men.

Go Hae-ri will recognize you.

Be careful.

It's safe in here.

Who is Samael?

I can't tell you right now.

What would I be without that information?

We'll be roommates soon

till you're recalled to America--

It's you who killed Dal-geon!

Who fed you that fucking bullshit?

Say it! Who's behind you?

-What are you doing? Break it off!

Get the fuck off me!

No time to lose.

Who is Samael?


Edward Park?

Do you remember Jerome?

That asshole is a guard here.


was killed by Edward.

You're a fucking crazy bitch!

-I'll kill you!
-Get the fuck off me!

I said to get off me, you bitch!


You fucking devil.

You have a visitor. Come out.


I was surprised to hear the news.

Do you have a lawyer?

I'll get you a good one if you don't.

Or I can be your--

I've come here voluntarily.

I don't understand.

Cha Dal-geon

was killed by Jessica.

Do you have proof?

Samael, Black Sun,
the black operator's tattoo.

All the information we got from O Sang-mi

is fake.

Jessica deceived O.

Why would she do that?

She's trying to buy herself time

and confuse the investigation,

so that she can be recalled to America
in the meantime.

And Dal-geon found it out,

so she killed him.

You can't prove her crime by being here.

If there's no lawful way,

I'll deal with her myself.

For killing Dal-geon,

I'll pay her back.

Send me to another place!

I can't stand that fucking bitch.

Go Hae-ri attacked Jessica again.

She doesn't seem to put on a show.

Because she's showing
what she wants to show.

That's why

it's called a show.

What are you looking at?

Guards, do something!

Be quiet.

Go just picked up a scalpel.

-Hey, what are you doing!

Let me go!

Let me go!

-That crazy bitch--
-I'll kill you!

Get off me!

I'll kill you!

Get off me!

Let go!

I'll kill you!

Jessica is asking for a phone call.

-Allow it.


This is Jessica.

I thought you were in prison.

I want to meet you.

Come and visit me.

The life here has taken a toll on you.

This is my email and password.

Rebate, tax evasion,
and illegal arms trade.

All the hideous crimes
John & Mark committed are in there.

If I expose these,

the NEC will sanction your company,

and its stocks will plummet

to the point of bankruptcy.

Then you want me to take it over?

For old times' sake,

I'm giving you the last gift.

I don't understand why you suddenly have
a change of heart.

Those assholes stopped me

from being recalled to America.

What I did for the company
meant nothing to them.

They left me

to die here.

I appreciate your gift.

Why aren't you asking me for help?

I can easily make it happen

for you to be recalled.

Is it because of your ego? Or--

Even if it costs my life,

I'll never ask you for help.

Yes, I'm all ears.

Have Jessica summoned to the States.


Get in!

As soon as I got to America,
I bailed myself out.

It's not a big crime
for a lobbyist to lobby.

So tell me.
Have you thought about my proposal?

As a low-level NIS employee,

you can't avenge Cha's death.

Come to America with me,

and get trained for six months.

I can make you a top lobbyist.

After that?

We'll go to the Kingdom of Kiria.

Hong Sun-jo is working with Edward
on an oil drilling project there.

I will take it away from them.

We can't have Hong as the president,

and I can make some money out of it.

Make up your mind now.

If it's yes, we'll go to the airport.

Let's go to the airport.

That's my girl!

A lobbyist should know her timing.

It's Kiria's Minister of National Defense.

Geon, I've just hacked into their radio,

and the babysitter who will get
the biochemical weapon is Jerome.

If that jerk recognizes you, you're dead.

If you're done there,
make an excuse and get the hell out.


Are you there?

I hope you aren't thinking
of doing something stupid!

I don't care
if something happens to you fucker,

but I won't allow you
to compromise our pay--

Geon, listen.

You've just made it into the Black Sun.

It'll be all for nothing if you screw up
before revealing--



One of the bereaved

from the B357.

Cha Dal-geon.

Scared, huh?

Painful, too?

Your fear.

Your pain.

They're nothing compared
to what my nephew suffered in the crash.

Just fucking kill me!

Shoot me, motherfucker!

The antidote.

This shot can save you
if you get it within two minutes.

You'd better answer fast.

What is your organization?

What the hell is Axis?

Why does Edward need
the biochemical weapon?

Please give me... the vaccine.

One minute left.
Where do you plan to attack?

When you're in hell,

remember my nephew's name.

It's Hoon.

Cha Hoon.


My approval rate is way below
than that of Gwon Ha-seong.

In this Presidential election,

the Kiria oil drilling project
might be the last variable.

You know that, right?

Their royal family contacted
a new lobbyist.

I can't remember the name,

but it's a female lobbyist.

Anyway, they are quite interested in
what she's offering.

I'll deal with it my way,
so mind your own business.

Please don't leave any loose ends.

I'm counting on you.

Okay, let me see you off here.

Get ready for the election
while I'm in Kiria.

That arrogant attitude.

I can't take it anymore.

Wait just until you become the President.

After that,

the tables will turn.

Damn, let's go.

It's an honor to serve you.

You've got many things to do in Kiria.

I'm at your service.
I'll do anything for you.

Oh, okay.

This way, please.

I heard she's a lobbyist,
but she's so stuck-up.

Still, she's here
to seduce Jaafar with her body.

I wonder whether
she'll see heaven or hell tonight.

We'll know tomorrow morning.

I swear I'm not lying.

Want me to tell you
if it's heaven or hell?

But I'm not sure
if you'll still be alive.

Forgive us.
We've made a big mistake.

Even if I forgave you,
I don't think Jaafar would.

Please don't say anything to him, ma'am.

If you want to stay alive,
focus on driving, and no more talking.

Move, move!

Subtitle translation by Jean S. Kim