Vagabond (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 15 - Episode #1.15 - full transcript

Sang-mi leaves behind a warning about a shady figure named Samael, putting everything Dal-heon thought he knew about the crash into question.



Call my lawyer, I beg you! No!

You. Step back!

-Who's the one I talked with?
-It was me. What's going on here?

Kim Woo-gi has disappeared.

-What are you talking about?

He was kidnapped.




Where's Kim's supervisor right now?

He was badly injured
and moved to a hospital.

Let me check the CCTVs.


The CCTVs are broken.


Call the forensics team
for fingerprints and bloodstains.

Yes, sir.

The guard said the culprit
had a doctor's coat and a mask,

so they couldn't see him.

Ask the police for the security videos
around the hospital.

Yes, sir.

Things are looking bad.

O Sang-mi has vanished.
And now, Kim's kidnapped.

We must find them before they get killed.

O Sang-mi!

Can you hear me, O Sang-mi?

It's been a while, Cha Dal-geon.

You son of a bitch...

Are you okay?

O Sang-mi!

O Sang-mi...

Damn it.

I'll call the ambulance. Stay with me.

Talk to me.

What is that?

Huh? O Sang-mi!




"Samael"? What is Samael?

Is it Hong Sun-jo?

O Sang-mi. O Sang-mi!

Don't move!


Man, you're killing me.
I told you everything!

What more do you want?

I want you to tell me
what O Sang-mi said before she died.

And I'm telling you several times
that she said nothing!

Why are you asking me that?

Your fingerprint, please.


I was the one who called this in.

Do you think I killed her?

Just do as I tell you, damn it.
I need it for reference.

Index finger.

Well, well. A record for violence?

Yeah, I got fined for that. Why?

Is that a problem?

-There he is.

Who are you?

Well... We're from the NIS.

The NIS?

Why are you here?

We're in charge of this case.
Mr. Cha is coming with us.

Let's go.

-Wait up--
-Here, keep this.

If you have issues,
report through the proper channels.

-Thank you.
-Excuse me!

What about the NIS?

Their security is tight.
It's hard to hack into it.

Is that what you would say to Samael?

I apologize. I'll do my best, sir.

Did you get the photo?

That's what O Sang-mi drew on the floor,
right before she died.


That detective was acting weird.

-Did you talk about anything else?

Yes, sir.

That was Chief Gang.
He wants Mr. Cha under protection.

No, I'm fine. I don't need that.

For god's sake...

Did you see what happened to O?

You might become the next target.

Stay with me.

That's protecting you, not me.

Hop on.

Have you seen that before?

No, I haven't.

The fact that O Sang-mi said "Samael",
right before she died,

means that there is another person,

other than Hong and the President.

That nickname, "Samael".
It's a devil incarnate from the Bible.

Who could possibly be fitting
to such a creepy nickname?

Let's clear this up.

The one who revealed
the President's involvement in the crash.

That was Prime Minister Hong.

The one who released O Sang-mi.
That was Hong, too.

If someone else is in the picture,
what does that mean?

You are suggesting
that someone else had dropped the plane,

and that someone used Jessica
and the President, right?

Hold up. That would mean...

the Samael guy

and Prime Minister Hong
are on the same boat!

Although it's just a theory,
I believe it's plausible enough.

I agree with Mr. Gi.

Me, too.

Did you dig up anything
from the CCTVs near the hospital?

I'm looking into it right now,
but nothing's come up, so far.

We don't have enough clues.
That symbol makes no sense, either.

Yep, looking good. Yes, yes.




I got it!

It's Jerome!

I didn't see it.

I saw absolutely nothing.

I swear.

Okay, thanks.

Damn it...

Jerome's tattoo?

Are you sure?

Yes, Dal-geon saw the tattoo
on Jerome's left collarbone.

Attention. Special forces.
Mercenaries. Crime gangs.

Search all of them,

and find the one that uses a symbol,
similar to that tattoo.

-Yes, sir.

If Jerome is a mercenary,

there's a high chance
it's a secret unit symbol.

A secret unit symbol?

In most cases,

they plant a microchip
under where the tattoo is.

It's used for tracking

and identifying fellow unit members.

Anyway, we'll send you the data.
You two can check them.

This is the logo for "F-Wild",
a French mercenary group.

That's not it.

This is "Samhwabang", a new Chinese gang.

They are working
with multinational companies--

That's not it.

Do we have to check all of them
one by one?

It's inefficient,
but there are so many of them.

And this is an African militia.

Its name was... Urakasababa?

About before...

Huh? What?

Over there...

Oh, the bathroom?

I saw nothing, really.

Well, maybe I should have.

But you moved so quickly.

I didn't see anything! I swear.


Of course, I saw it.
I have the eyes of an eagle.

I didn't know he made a necklace
with the bullet I gave him.

Gosh, you're cute.

Yeah, I knew she had seen it.

I want to die right now.

You're the first.

You owe me now, Go Hae-ri.

Give me some water. Please...


Please take me to Samael.

I think that's a bad idea.

Because the day you meet Samael
will be your last day.

You fuckers.

Then just kill me now
instead of torturing me like this!

That's why you should've watched
your mouth, man.


I have never seen a tattoo like this.

What about Samael?

-Do you know who Samael is?


Who is it?


I'm a Buddhist, you know.

I suggest you read the Bible.

You'll be handed over
to the prosecutors tomorrow.

Hey. Hey, Gang!

Let me off the hook.

I've thought hard about it,
and you're the only one who can save me.

-Take them off.
-You know my wife and kids, right?

You came to my housewarming party
and gave pocket money to my kids.

They go to college now, man!

I said, take them off!

Gang, I'm begging you. Huh?

My wife can't do anything without me.
Do you understand?

I have a wife and three daughters.

What do you think would happen,

if I go to jail, huh?

Come on, help me out, Ju-cheol!

Ju-cheol, just this once!

I'm begging you. Please help me!



You have a visitor, 4527.


Samael is the one who screwed me over.

No, not exactly.

Samael offered the screwdriver,
but you're the one who took it.

-Give me your phone.

You're here to ask for my help, right?

So this is the psych hospital

and six cars went past this road between
five and six in the morning, right?

Yeah. But only two regular cars if you
don't count the trucks and army vehicle.

-Write down their license plates.
-You do it.

Just do it, god damn it.

It's me.

How amazing.

You're using a phone
inside the prison walls, now.

Got the picture?

What is it?

Samael? Doesn't ring any bells.

Ask Kim Do-su.

Do you think the idiot would know
something I don't?

Hey, do you know Samael?

So, what about Samael?

That's complicated, kind of like riddles.

I'll look into it.

Have you found Kim Woo-gi?

Contact Yang
in the Police Intelligence Division.

He'll help.

Hey, Jess. Aren't you taking advantage
of me a bit too much?

That account you gave me
literally had nothing--

Okay, calm down.

I'll expect to get paid later.

These kids have skills.
They will find something out.

The ruling party has decided
to dismiss the prime minister,

but the opposition party is calling
for the President's impeachment.

Even now, protesters for
and against the impeachment

are quarreling with each other
around the city,

but the government has not yet spoken--

Don't be too nervous. It'll work out.

Let's go.


If the sitting President had to step down,

who'd benefit from it the most?

Can I see the President?

What for?

Chief Gang knows someone
in the Blue House. I'll ask him.

Are we skipping "hello" now?

Why did you call me?

There will soon be a motion
to dismiss you as prime minister.

I suggest you take the easy way
and walk yourself out.

I suggest you step down
before you get thrown out.

Step down?

That seems like the least you could do
for the good people of Korea.

I took a pen-swinging editor-in-chief
that you were

and made you a prime minister--

Thanks to you,
I was given so many nicknames.

"The Puppet Minister."

"The Invisible Man."

"The Backseat Guy."

"The Unemployed."

Did that bother you?

If you had told me
about your political desire,

of course I would've supported you.

No, you would have fired me
a long time ago.

Because you hate competitors, right?

What is the actual reason
behind this revolt?

Snakes die

if they don't shed their skin.

I simply shed my skin
because the time came.

Even if you get dismissed,

the people of this country
will never forgive you.

Oh, come now, brother.

Being thrown out and stepping down
might seem the same.

But your sentencing depends
on what you choose.

So please make a wise decision.

Venomous son of a bitch.

Cha Dal-geon has requested
to meet you, sir.

I have no time to meet with
the likes of him right now.

I'm going to see Yun Han-gi.
Get the car ready, quietly.

Yes, sir.

Yes. Okay, Chief.

Your request was denied.

Let's look for another way.

Waiting in front of the Blue House,

it's not going to help.


Hey, isn't that the President?

Oh, I think it is.

Who the hell is that idiot?

Stay in the car, sir.

Mr. President! Mr. President!

-You bastard!

-You have to talk to me!
-Don't shoot!

He's a victim of the B357 crash.

Get off! Mr. President!
We need to talk!

Don't you think
this is way over the line, Mr. Cha?

Did you ever think that you were set up?

What if someone is using you?

We're blocking the road.

Let's go somewhere more quiet.

I've never once considered that.

Do you think that I was set up

by Hong Sun-jo?


-Any proof?
-That's why I wanted to meet you.

What do you mean?

I want to know how deeply involved he is
in all of this.

Tell me how he helped you,

what he has on you--

Look here, Mr. Cha--

I'm asking if Prime Minister Hong
is an accomplice.

What are you trying to get at?

I know I failed at finding out the truth,

but my fault stops there.

I'm one of the wronged, too.

You were wronged?

Yes, I was.

What did I do wrong to deserve--


lied to your people!

You used your title as President
to bury the truth.

Is that any different
from crashing the plane?

I'm the man who makes choices
and decisions.

I stop things for the majority's sake,
and I hide things if they cause chaos.

To a president, that is the truth.

That's why they could control you.

Because you were greedy enough
to trick and fool your people!

What do you know?

Do you know politics or power?

How dare you talk like that
when you know nothing?

Look at you.

You don't see, you don't listen.

You make selfish decisions
and think everyone else is wrong!

This is exactly what they want from you!


Even someone as stupid as me can see this,
so how do you not, Mr. President?

You're crazy.

Yes, I'll inform the President.

Secretary Yun has turned himself in
to the NIS investigation team.

What do you mean, turned himself in?

Yun Han-gi woke up?

Clear the path, guys.

-Keep them away!
-A word, please!

What happened?

What do you think
about Prime Minister Hong's claims?

Is Deep Blue actually
owned by the President?

Did you manage his slush funds?

I'll tell the truth

in front of the investigation team.

You heard him. No questions. Make way!

-Tell us something!
-Out of the way!

I've heard you made an account
under your mother's name.

That's enough. Stand up, ma'am.

That's enough. Make way!

We can have a break if you want.

This interrogation will be over
by the time I finish this coffee.

My secret account and password.

Everything you want is in that account.

Yes, sir.

Why the sudden change of heart?

The President might get impeached,

but you'll only be an acting president.

Isn't that a perfect stepping stone

for me to become the next president?

Even Putin started as an acting president.

Was helping Jeong become the President

a part of your plan, too?

Yeah, since I had no public support
to become one myself back then.

You might become a candidate,

but that doesn't mean you'll be elected.

Don't worry about that.

Do you think I started all this
without any assistance?

I have my own helpers.

Who are these helpers?

If you don't tell me,

I can't help you.

If you don't help me
after I tell you who they are,

you're dead.

I'll be the judge of that.

You know enough
about international relations,

so it'll be easy to understand.

In 1997,

why do you think we got hit
by the financial crisis?

It's called "fleecing".

Depriving a country
of everything they've got.

Neo-liberalism is about knocking down
barriers in money and capital markets.

People change their minds

all the time.

Humans are cunning creatures, you know.

Have you heard of Samael?

Do you know him?

Now that I've finished my coffee,

I'd like to go back to the hospital.

It's been confirmed
that John & Mark approached the President

to win the F-X contract,

and it has been found they offered a bribe
during the process.

A total of 500 million dollars
from the contract payment

went through a Singaporean secret account

and a paper company called "Deep Blue",
to be laundered

and then transferred
to President Jeong Gook-pyo.

Do you have anything to say
to the bereaved?

Do you have anything to say...



-Jeong Gook-pyo should go away!
-Go away!

-The dirty president should step down!
-Step down!

-The Blue House should wake up!
-Wake up!

-Jeong Gook-pyo should be thrown out!
-Throw him out!

-Jeong Gook-pyo should go away!
-Go away!

The citizens will win!


From now on,
as proposed by 182 assemblymen...


...we will take a vote for the approval
of the President's impeachment.

Thank you.

A soup
and a ham & cheese sandwich, please.

With extra bacon and avocado.

Wow, since when do you know so well
about my taste?

It's for me.

It won't be rejected, right?

That's never going to happen.

I've heard a lot of them
are against the impeachment.

Stop making me anxious, guys.

Wait, turn the volume up.

I think it's finished.

I will now declare the results.

He's announcing it!

Out of 299 votes,

in favor of impeachment - 247 votes,

against - 43 votes,

and six abstained
and there were three spoilt votes.

I hereby announce
that the request for the impeachment

of President Jeong Gook-pyo is approved.

We did it.

-Good work.
-Great job.

Shouldn't we go
to Gwanghamun Square tonight?

Let's go!

We won.

Are you going outside?

I just need some air.

-We'll get ready, sir.
-No need for that.

-Just give me the car keys.
-No, sir. We'll take you there.

Are you looking down on me now, too?

Mr. President.

Just give me the keys.

God, damn it.

Did you ever think that you were set up?

What if someone is using you?

Yes, Kim.

Do you have Cha Dal-geon's phone number?


The thing called power,

it makes a man go berserk,
just like drugs do.

You can never share it with someone else.

You want it for yourself.

You want more of it.
That's how you lose your composure.

Why did you want to see me?

To be honest,
I was thinking about killing myself.

But to think
that I had been set up as you said,

I got so angry that I couldn't die.

If you're going to fight until the end

with the ones who made me like this,
the ones who crashed the plane,

I will help you.

The impeachment will lead you to prison.

If a lion gets trapped in a zoo,
does it become a cat?

How could you possibly help us?

I will do everything I can.

What a shame.

I wish you helped me earlier.

No time for regrets.

It's always too late to regret
what you've done.

I don't need your help.

I'll take care of myself.

You were the first person to give me
a meaningful piece of advice.

Save my number.

And call me when you need help.

It's our new addition. Try it. It's good.

Yes. Thank you.

It is good. Try some.
You said you were hungry.

Where is he?


Is master Gye inside?

"Master Gye", my ass.

Anyway, he stayed up all night
trying to find that terrorist.


Come in.

Where did he go?

He was right here.

What a mess.

Is that him?

Yeah, you should see him
on the keyboard.

You have no idea how fast his fingers are!

He has Savant syndrome.

An absolute genius.

He must be so exhausted,
working day and night.

And all he ever eats is chicken.

-He found Jerome!
-What? Really?

Mister, wake up right now.

Come on!

Is this all you have on him?

I didn't steal any chicken.

-I'm sorry, mom.

Who are you calling mom?
What's wrong with you? Go away!


Hae-ri Go.

We've found who Jerome is.

He is in an American mercenary company
called "Black Sun".

That woman who introduced Jerome
to Michael

must be one of them, too.

Send me the address. I'll head over there.


Mr. Cha? This is Edward.

Great timing.

Do you know much
about mercenary companies?

Of course, I do. I sell weapons.

Do you know about "Black Sun"?

Black Sun...

It's a mercenary company
in North Carolina, USA.

Why do you ask?

The airplane terrorist is one of them.

Is that so?

That's big news.

We should meet.

I'm at my office. Can you come here?

I'll be right there.


Hello? This is Cha Dal-geon.

I got the text you had sent.

You said my husband's cause of death
might not be the sudden acceleration.

Yes, that's right.

Did you experience anything weird
before the accident?

I have no idea about what happened.

July 24th was our anniversary,

so my husband rented that car
to take me for a drive.

Hold up.

Did you say July 24th?


The accident happened
when he was coming to pick me up.


I saw the fake Jo Bu-yeong,

on July 23rd,
after Hoon's memorial ceremony.


I can't hear you.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I'll call you back.

Thanks for calling me.


Let me look into Reporter Jo.

You can contact me whenever you need help.

-See you.

The day after he told me
he would look into him,

the real Jo Bu-yeong died.

Could it be that...



Where are you?

I'm in the parking lot.

I'm going up now.

He's waiting for you.

I'm Micky.

I believe you know me.

She was Asian.

I met Michael through his girlfriend.

That woman...

was the one
who introduced Jerome to Michael.

Her face.

Did you see her face?

In most cases, they plant a microchip
under where the tattoo is.

It's used for tracking
and identifying fellow unit members.

Mr. Cha is here.

Oh, Mr. Cha.

Have a seat.

-Bring us some tea.
-Yes, sir.

If the terrorist is in Black Sun,

I think I can find out about it.

Can you tell me where you got the intel?

-From O Sang-mi.
-O Sang-mi?

This is Darjeeling tea
from the Indian Himalayas.

Thank you. Oops.

My bad. Here.

I'll bring a new glass.


He's quite useful.
Don't kill him.

Samael has given you a last chance.

It's you.

You're Michael's girlfriend.

What are you talking about?

Should I say the same thing
to Cha Dal-geon

and see how he reacts?

Call your boss right now.

Do you want to make a deal?

I'll testify that John & Mark
is behind the attack.

Twenty billion won seems like a good deal.

One more thing.

Less than three years in prison.
You can do it, right?

I know your organization has the power.

I have nothing to lose now.

Choose wisely.

Great Samael.

Did you hear anything else
from O Sang-mi?


That's what she said.


Do you know that bastard?

I happen to have some data on Samael.

They say...

that he's a ghost.

I hope

that this piece of data could help you
find the real terrorist.

Was it you?

Did you kill Hoon?

Such a pity.

I really liked you.


I can't protect you anymore.

Protect me?

Cut the bullshit. You didn't protect me!

You would've died in Morocco,
if it weren't for me.


You saved me so you could use me?

Because people listen
to what the victims say.

You should've stopped
when you caught Kim Woo-gi.

If you had,
all of us would've been happy.

You are a devil.


That's what Samael is.

Cha Dal-geon.

Do you think I planned all this,
just to win a fighter jet contract?

What are you saying?

Don't move!

You don't know how this world works.

Do you know why
we can never get rid of crimes?

To make money,

we need crimes to change the law.

Shut up, asshole.

The world of crimes,

it's an industry created
by those who rule the law.

The same goes for war and terrorism.

With that money,

we try to make this world
a more comfortable place.

I yearn for the day

that my motherland becomes
a prosperous nation.

A strong nation,

where its people can brag
to the rest of the world!

To me, that's justice.

People making a living
for their families to just get by,

that's not justice.


You killed innocent people.

Do you call that justice?

Death is the most common thing on earth.

When my justice is realized in this world,

your nephew's death
will be more holy and noble

than those petty survivors--

I don't care about justice.

You messed up.

Harming my nephew, that was your mistake.

You can kill me,

but the cartwheel will never stop.

There are plenty of people
who will stand in my place.

What are you?

Who the hell are you guys?


Don't be stupid. Back off.

It's ready, sir.

I invited a guest to that place.

Oh, she arrived.

If I'm not wrong,

there's a bomb in that bag.

Put the gun away,

or you'll witness something terrible.

Shut up!

No, no...

Stop it or I'll kill you!

Drop the gun.

Or else,

all the families and Go Hae-ri will die,

because of you.

Please stop.

Cha Dal-geon.

Their deaths will be on you.

We are the ones who pave paths
where no one else does.

To get to us,

you need to take on the gods, first.

You fucking bastard--

Got that?


The person you're trying to reach...

For god's sake, where is he?

It'll go off as soon as
it receives a call.

It's such a shame.

Consider it a blessing.

You're now off to meet your nephew.


Subtitle translation by Daham Yoon