V-Wars (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Red Rain - full transcript

Luther connects with a Washington insider who has a plan to keep society from collapsing. Ava sets out to get proof of the DNS internment camps.

- [clamoring]
- [helicopter flying overhead]

[man] Hey, come on!

- Somebody!
- All right, listen up!

[buzzer sounds]

We need inventory on every detainee
within the hour.

List whatever you can.

Descriptors. Sex.

Place of capture.

Use force if you have to.

[man] Everyone, now,
priority is finding Desmond Swann.

[Big Dog] Where are we holdin' the kids?

[man] Over here,
if you want to just follow me?

[helicopter flies overhead]


[man yelling] I don't give a shit!
Get me out of here!

[woman sobbing] He's bleeding!

- [screeching]
- [yells]

- [snarls]
- Ohh...

- [sighs]
- [snorts]

- [screeches]
- [yells]

[phone rings]

Agent Saint, where's my target?

Ma'am, I'm at a Black Box internment camp.

I was in the process of bringing him in,
but then he ran into the camp

when he found his son
was being detained there.

- Who's detaining them?
- DNS.

No such thing has been authorized.

- That would require legislation.
- Well, it's here, ma'am.

Senator, if we don't act now,
Luther Swann is a dead man.

[cicadas chirping]

It's getting a little harder
to find prey out here.

- We may have to move on soon.
- At least joggers still go out.

- [Kaylee] Help me!
- They think they're invincible.

- Wait.
- What is that?

[Kaylee gasping]

- [whimpering]
- [Danika] In the barn.

Let me out!

Help! Help me!

[sobbing] Please!


What's this?


Look at her neck.

[Kaylee] I came here to help you, okay?
And your people fucking tortured me.

Cut me loose.

Excuse me?

You don't remember me.

Why should I?

I was there...

in the hospital...

when you busted out.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, I remember you.

And I was shooting video.

You're the one that put it up
on that website.

My site...

which you later used
to get your message out to the world.

What are you doin' out here?

Looking for you.

For me?

We can help each other.

[buzzer sounds]




- [sobbing]
- Dez.



[Dez sobs]

How did you find me?

I will always find you.

- You okay?
- I am now.


- You sure? You don't feel sick?
- I... I'm okay.

- Nothing in your head, in your tummy?
- Dad, I'm fine.

Can we please just get out of here?


Yeah, let's go.

[Dez] Okay.

[Luther] Okay.
Don't stop or look at anyone.

I made a hole in the fence
behind that tower,

so just keep moving.



Are you leaving here?

No. No, we're not.

[man] Take me with you. Please.


Please! I want to live. Please.

- Take me with you.
- Sir, this is an evaluation facility.

You'll be okay.


- [roar]
- [woman screams] Help!

- Help!
- [snarling[

[crowd gasping and screaming]

[Luther] Dez, run!


Desmond, run!

[panicked yelling]

[Big Dog] Step away from the boy, Swann.
He's infected and under quarantine.

My son stays with me!

People are lookin' for this kid
like he's somethin' special.

- I don't know anything about that.
- Bullshit!

You're supposed to be on our side
on this thing.

I was...

till you tried to kill me.

Not my call, Doc.

Now, you have five seconds to step away,

or I'll be forced to shoot you
in front of your son.


- four... three...
- [siren whoops]

What the fuck is this?


Special Agent Saint, FBI.

I have federal warrants for entry
on this property.

[radio chatter]

You are hereby ordered to release

Dr. Luther and Desmond Swann
into my custody.

Lower your weapons.

Do you know this guy?



Issued by DC Circuit Court, no less...

with a Senate subpoena for good luck.

You are one popular man, Dr. Swann.

[radio chatter]

All right, stand down.

Special Agent Saint
has jurisdiction for now.

Okay, come on.

[Kaylee] I made you
a household name in New York.

I can do all that again for you

on a much bigger scale.


By telling your story.

What do you get out of it?

We have enemies in common.



Those bastards killed a guy I loved.

I can't let that stand.


Work with this.

Our people are coming back
with stories about a government camp

where they put Bloods.

What kind of camp?

The kind where lots of people die.

Not just Bloods.
Their families, friends...

And you can prove this.

I bet I could...

if you can get the story out.

[Dez] We have to find Mom.

She's gotta be hiding.


[whispers] She had to shoot a guy.


She did it for me.

She took really good care of me.

I was sick, and she looked after me.

A-and when the guy came, she defended me.

Okay. Okay, that's...

that's good.

We have to find her.

I know, and we will.

[Jimmy] We're pulling over
to get a bite to eat.

Stay alert.

- [Luther] This place safe, Jimmy?
- Yeah. No reported clusters in the area.

Doesn't mean no Bloods, though.

[Jimmy] No, but we gotta eat,

and I don't scare easy.

So, uh... where are we going?

Yeah, Agent. [sighs]

Kids like to know where they're headed.

Senator Sasha Giroux lives
in Pennsylvania.

We'll be there in a couple of hours.

- [man] He's a bloodsucker!
- [gunfire]


Hold your fire!


- [yells]
- [grunts]

[Jimmy] FBI. Drop it!

I said drop it!

Dez, get down.

- Dad!
- I'm okay.

Yeah, but he's not.

[Jimmy] I'm right here.

Can you get me a first aid kit, please?

- [groans]
- Shoulder and chest.

- What's his first name?
- Matt.

- Matt. Hey, Matt, can you hear me?
- Okay...

Stay down. Matt, you're gonna be okay.

All right? I got you.

Hey, stay with me. Look at me, Matt.

- Just breathe.
- [gasping]

Somebody call an ambulance!

You're gonna be okay, Matt.
Dez! Stay where you are, okay?

Ambulance is on its way.
You're gonna be fine, Matt.

[Ava] You yelled?

Got a job for you.

Does it involve bloodshed?

Not if it goes well.

Well, that's not much incentive.

We got a lot of Bloods with stories
about a secret internment camp

that DNS is running.

Listen to 'em all. Compare notes.
Get to our sources online.

I want you to find out
where this place is.

The DNS is rounding up Bloods.

Our Bloods.

What happens to 'em?

Exactly what you'd think.

So you want me to break 'em out?
I mean, it's gonna take a lot of force.

No, you can't do that. DNS is too strong.

But it'd be just as good

if we showed the world
what happened to 'em.

Like on video?

You're way ahead of me.

Take Brock with you.

Come back quick...

and don't die.

Do my best.

[radio chatter]


Please, call me Sasha.

And you must be Desmond.

It's... it's Dez.

Ah. Well, I like a young man
who knows his mind.

You, uh... you have a really nice home.

Well, it's an official residence,

but I try to make it feel like home,

so I hope you'll be able to relax here.

We have a lot to thank you for, Senator.

I have many things to thank you for,

The gentleman that you just saved?

Agent Faraday's family is very grateful.

Thank you.

I need to get you back to work.

Do you mind if we have a chat?


You mind if I talk shop
with the senator for a minute?

Agent Saint, do you mind hanging out
with Swann Junior for a moment?

- This tough guy?
- The very same.

Right this way.

Thank you.

I was very sorry to hear about your wife.

I appreciate that.

So, your time at the DNS,

can you give me a brief summary
of your experience?

Basically, it was...


In what way?

For starters, they... tried to kill me...

- twice.
- You're not serious.

I'm fairly certain
that DNS murdered Claire O'Hagan.

These are unbelievable allegations.

I know.



what happens next?

Our experts are forecasting
widespread societal breakdown,

unless, of course,
something is done to prevent it.

It's a very difficult situation, ma'am.

The prion spread quickly,
and there's no cure.

So, unless the government wants
to basically kill

- everyone who's been exposed...
- There are some...

who are advocating for just that.

And, frankly,
they're going to get their way.


You know what this is?

[Luther] Looks like a blood enzyme,
trisominase, but not quite.

Maybe synthetic?


It's a new enzyme.

It was created by
the National Institutes for Health,

and because it behaves like blood,

they're speculating that it could stop
a vampire's need to consume blood.

They've been working on synthetic blood
for years.

Obviously not for this purpose,

but if it could stop their hunger...

But it wouldn't necessarily control
their psychoactive symptoms.

It's not perfect,

but it's a possible way out.

We're ramping up production.

Has it been tested?

On a limited basis, with some success,

but it's been difficult
to find suitable volunteers.

You're gonna come across
supply chain issues,

medication enforcement, compliance,
Bloods who refuse to take it.

It's something, though.

It's something other than the mayhem.

What if I could offer you...

something to possibly halt
the spread of this thing?

Go on.


No one's found immunity.

It's not for certain, but...

my son, Dez, has the predator gene.

He was exposed to the prions,
and he got sick, but...

He recovered?

Yes, he did.

Now, it's a possibility of immunity,

but I need to reexamine
all of my work from scratch.

I... I need to reassess the materials
that I left at the DNS,

and I need the original biomass

that I retrieved
from the Arctic Research Facility.

We're gonna get you
everything you need.

Thank you.

And one more thing.

I need to find Dez's mom, Rachel Thompson.

She's gone missing up near Potter's Field.

Leave it with me. My detail will find her.

And now I need to ask something of you.

[softly] What's that?

Would you consider testifying
at the Senate Committee on this crisis?

We need to expose DNS,
their illegal actions,

and the internment camps.

It's time for me to take control.
Will you help?


I have a great deal of information.


We can do something here.

I agree.

So we've got three different reports

saying that the camp is around the corner
of a building just off this road.

It's like some old factory, or mill,
or some shit like that.

Find the courtyard
where they're holding people.

Get some footage,
and then get the fuck out of there.

Okay, this is it.

Okay. [sighs]

[door closes]

- [Jimmy] It'll land right here.
- [Dez] Seriously?

- Absolutely.
- That's awesome.

[Luther] Hey, gentlemen.

Dad, did you know that helicopters
take off from the lawn here?

Since the early '60s.

- Wow.
- And they have a hot tub in the yard.

Are we staying here?

Well, that is up to the good senator.

Mind if we have a couple of minutes?

Okay, sure. Yeah.

Thanks, Jimmy.


- I gotta talk to you about somethin'.
- Is it Mom?

- Did you find her?
- No, not yet, but we're looking.

No, no, this is actually, um... about you.

So, listen.

You know how you got sick,
but then you got better?

You are the only person I know
who's managed to fight it.

What about you?

I don't have what you have.

- Is that bad?
- No.

No, no, no. It's really good.

'Cause it means
you can help a lot of people.

So I'm gonna need you
to come with me to the hospital,

and do some tests,

blood tests, maybe some...
some bone marrow tests.

I don't like needles.

I know you don't, bud.

[Dez sighs]

But I gotta ask.

Ask or tell?

Remember when I said
I can't do this without you?

Yeah? Remember that?

I can't.

I can't do it alone,

but this is too important.

I should be important too.

Dez, you are important.

No! Dad, no more!
I saw what happened to Jess,

and... and then you made us
live in this... this crazy army bunker.

And then you lost me,
and... and I lost Mom, and...

Hm. I doubt you're even really trying
to find her.

We are. Of course we are.

And now you wanna use me
for experiments?

I'm not doing it.

Okay? No more, no.

I quit.

Find someone else.

- [sighs]
- [door opens]

That went well.

- He's been through a lot.
- Mm-hm.

I don't know
if I can put him through much more.

I gotta pump the brakes. I...
I'm sorry. I can't testify right now.

I mean, the last thing he needs is to see
me on TV talking about this thing.

No need to decide right now.

It's just better.

Why don't the two of you stay here?

I've got a ton of space,
and you know it's secure.

My daughter's gonna be home soon,
and she's just a year or two older.

Maybe Dez just needs
to feel like a normal kid again.

That would be nice.

Then let's take the time we need
before we make these decisions.


Thank you, Senator.


[Ava] C'mon, Brock, hurry up.

- [man] Hey!
- [rapid gunfire]


- Fuck.
- [alarm blares]

- Stop! Drop the camera!
- [gunshot]

[Brock] Get in the car!

[man] Drop it!

[Brock] Get back in the car!

- [Ava] Oh, shit.
- Get back in the car!



- Brock! Throw me the camera!
- Get in the car!

- No, no, no, no, no!
- Get on the ground!

- [Brock] No!
- Throw me the fucking camera, Brock!


Don't leave me! Don't leave me.

- Don't leave me.
- Fuck.

- [gunfire]
- [yells]

[tires squealing]

[bullets ricocheting]


Turn them loose.

That's seriously your plan?

Well, we hardly have a choice
at this point.

The internment camp has been compromised.

What's that now?

One of Michael Fayne's men
just infiltrated the premises

and managed to hand off a video camera
before he was taken down.

We think it's going to be used
for some sort of profile or interview.

It's the ReveLeaks woman again.

She announced a livestream interview
with Fayne at six p.m.

I suppose they will show
whatever was on that camera.

This is serious.

You may know vampires,
but I know politicians,

and Senator Giroux has submitted
Swann's name as a potential witness

in tomorrow's subcommittee hearing.

If his testimony can be corroborated
by what's on that camera,

all of this will have been for nothing.

You don't need to worry about Swann, sir.
He won't be testifying.

In fact, I'll personally see to it.

I'll be in touch.

[woman] The world waits
for tonight's live stream from ReveLeaks,

which promises a game-changing disclosure
in the vampire crisis.

More after this. Stay with us.

[breathing shakily]

[Kaylee] What happened?

- Did you get it?
- He's dead.

- [sobs]
- [Michael] Who's dead?

Brock's dead. [sobs]

[Kaylee] How much footage did he get?

Five minutes, he was gone.
I don't know, maybe six or seven. I...


- [man] Freeze!
- [gunfire]

Drop it!

Stop or I'll shoot!

There's a whole 12 seconds of video
on here.

Shoots a brick wall,
then there's some yelling at him.



[Michael sighs]

Goddamn it.

The footage was our proof.

[Michael] It's fine. This can still work.

- Interview me.
- [sniffles]

Hit me with the hard questions.

What would that do?

We'll see, won't we?

I hope you like your popcorn
with extra butter.

I hate to tell you,
but I don't like popcorn.

Everyone likes popcorn.

Apparently, I don't.

More for me.

I have homework.

What does that mean?

Michael Fayne is online tonight.


Detective Yanov was
on the original Fayne case.

They moved him to Missing Persons,

but he's convinced that half of the cases
are vampire-related.


Well, maybe they are.

I just wanted to let you know
that Amélie is home.

- Who? Who's that?
- My daughter.

I introduced her to Dez.
It seemed to go well.

Oh, great.

Great. Thank you.

You need to watch this feed.

Um... Sorry, what feed?

Webcast on ReveLeaks.

My sources tell me that they have
video footage of a Blood internment camp,

and if that's true,

it's gonna blow everything
wide open for us.

My name is Kaylee Vo.

I'm the person behind ReveLeaks,

the source that broke the story
of the vampire threat

and has kept the public aware,

despite the government's best efforts
to shut us down.

Tonight, I'm revealing my identity

for a look inside the world
of Michael Fayne.

It's not what you might expect.

Meet Danika Dubov.

I'm still who I was
before this all happened.

I still love my family.

My mom, my sister...

You are so full of shit.

I'm a Verdulak,
but I stand with Blood Nation.

We're not monsters.

We're your friends,

lovers, mothers, daughters.

This thing has torn us apart,

and I really hope I get to see them again,

especially my sister.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Wait, that's your sister?

[Kaylee] But for many of the Bloods
I've met,

Blood Nation is the only family
they have left.

And now, my friends,
I give you the patriarch himself.

Patient Zero.

Michael Fayne.

You told me the government
is holding Bloods

in what amounts to a concentration camp.

Yes, I did.

Michael Fayne, are you full of shit?

I've never said anything more true.

The camps exist, but that's not the point.

I know most of our viewers would be happy
that Bloods are being rounded up.

But remember...

the Bloods were just like you once.

We all had family.

We had friends.

I'm not looking
for anyone's sympathy here.

I just want people to realize one thing:

all the cards are not dealt yet.

This thing could still choose you
or your family,

any day, just like it chose us.

So before you pick a side, ask yourself...

what if the thing you hate today,
you become tomorrow?

You could have told me.


I'm sorry. I should've.

I wanted to tell you,
but it's just... it's complicated.

I didn't know what you'd think of me,

I think it's your sister,

not you.

You're not one of those things.


[thunder rolling]

[Amélie] Fridays we have sushi.

[Dez] Your school serves sushi?

It sounds awesome,

but you don't want
to smell the cafeteria...

or the science teacher.

Dangerous fumes.

The teacher farts?

Used to.

He turned into a Blood.

My friend saw him get shot.

He was trying to take someone's kid.

I saw my dad kill my stepmom.


Dude, that...

that's terrible.

She was really nice.

But, I mean, he had to.



Okay, this voice memo records
the reexamination

of the biomass obtained from Alaska,

in light of possible immunity
to the disease.



[blood rushing]



Hey, you.

What's up?

You were sleeping.

The bed's too big without you.

Come back.

I'll be back in a second, okay?

- I can wait.
- No, just... go back to bed.

Please, I...

- Just not feeling well.
- Are you sure you're okay?

Yeah. I'm fine. [sniffles]

I just need a... I just need a minute.




[high-pitched scraping]


- [gasps]
- Did you hear that too?

What was that?

I don't know, but I've heard it before.

I think there's something downstairs.

- [helicopter flying]
- [siren wailing]

And I can assure you,
the safety of the American people

is always job one for DNS.

Our dedicated professional force has done

what I can only describe as a superb job

to contain what has been an unprecedented

and unimaginable threat to our lives,

to our security, and to our way of life.

[Smythe] Thank you, General,
and your people for your service.

[May] Thank you, Senator.

And to reiterate, you discredit
these stories that Fayne tells.

Mr. Fayne is a terrorist.

He will say anything
to provoke further unrest.

So, your view is that these rumors of,
uh... vampire internment camps are false.

[May] Completely.

[Smythe] Then why haven't you
managed to capture him?

[May] Senator, we have chosen to take
a larger view of the vampire problem.

We know Fayne's whereabouts
and his actions,

but it's best not to create a martyr.


A very wise policy, General.

Thank you. You've been very helpful.
You are excused.


The lady from Rhode Island.

[Sasha] Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

I would now like to call to the stand

a person who will offer somewhat...
contradictory evidence, I believe.

A most qualified witness,

Dr. Luther Swann.

[clears throat]


Dr. Swann, could you please tell
the committee about your time working with

and indeed essentially becoming a prisoner
of the Department of National Security?

Absolutely, Senator.


[door slams]

[Sasha] Dr. Swann?
Would you like me to repeat the question?

Please tell us about your time
working at the DNS.


Dr. Swann.