V-Wars (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Bloody but Unbow'd - full transcript

An official truce is announced but complications quickly arise, threatening the lives of humans as well as Bloods.

God. Elysse, baby.


- Look, I knew I had to tell you, okay?
- You lied to me!


I was trying to protect you, okay?

- No, stay back!
- I wanted to tell you.

I wanted to. I did. Just...

I've never killed anyone.

I've... I've never sucked blood.

I don't even know who you are.

Baby, it's me.

Nothing has changed!

I love you! You are the only thing
in my life that makes me who I really am!

- Don't you dare!
- It's not...

Don't you dare! Your sister made you this!

I don't have anybody else.

Don't leave me, please.


So are there always this many people
at your house?

No, it's been that since you got here.

I wish things could just go back
to the way they were.

Tell me about it.


What is it?

Another dead animal.

Cat, I think.

It's been chewed up.

What would do that?

I don't know. Coyote?

I've never seen one around here.

Could be a vampire.

Sometimes when they start to turn,
they try to feed off of animal blood.

Does it help?

No, they can only use human blood.

I, um...

I... I gotta go.

Are you okay?

Yes, the truce is on.

Senator Sasha Giroux
announced late yesterday

that an agreement has been reached
with Blood leader Michael Fayne.

It calls for a halt to violence
on both sides.

This is by no means the end
of this crisis,

but it is our first glimmer of hope.

The key is in the rapid distribution
of BludSub,

a synthetic product that stops the need
to consume human blood

in those who are afflicted
by this disease.

It's clean, it's safe,

and it is free of charge.

The critical thing is
that all of those afflicted

with this terrible, terrible disease

register for BludSub.

We have to stop this cycle of violence.

Violence that will affect
each and every one of us,

no matter who we are,
no matter where we live.

Violence that will rip apart communities,

friendships, and families.

Look, I got six confirmed reports
of Blood attacks in Pittsburgh last night.

Yeah. Yeah, I know.

That's unacceptable.
You need to get your people in line.

If you can't, I have plenty of guys
who can handle it up there.

Let me know how you want to play it.

Hey. Are you threatening
to kill other Bloods over this truce?

You got any other way to enforce?

But they're just feeding.

They're just being true to their nature.
What happened to Blood Nation?

Ava, we don't have the numbers. Not yet.

If humans have the willpower,
and they're starting to,

they'll wipe out every one of us.

Without this truce,
there will be no Blood Nation.

And anyways, I... I gave my word.

So some deal you made with your buddy
is more important than what we are?

- Than what you are?
- You wanted a leader. I'm leading.

That used to be good enough for you.

It still is.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

Just been going pretty hard,
that's all.

- When was the last time you fed?
- It doesn't matter. I'm good.

You need to feed.

Now, how would it look
if I broke the truce?

We have a couple of vigilantes out back.
They don't deserve a truce.

I don't want to feed.


I can't.

What are you talking about?

My strength...

is going, Dani.

My powers...

I'm not hearing things like a...
like a Blood does. I'm not...

I'm not even sure I can feed anymore.

I don't know what to do, Dani.

It's gonna be okay.

It has to be okay.

Now, we only have one chance
to get this right.

Procedures are still being worked out
for the truce,

but it seems to be holding.

Blood attacks
have been down significantly,

and they're definitely
policing themselves.

Fayne has been true to his word.

The key thing here is getting Bloods
to realize that this is the only way.

No camps, no vigilantes, no DNS raids.

But we have to get them to buy in.

We're staging a series of media events.

We're calling them Reconciliations.

They sign a pledge of nonviolence,

and they receive an unlimited supply
of synthetic blood.

But getting past suspicion
is gonna be the biggest thing.

Hands down.

Bloods don't trust us
any more than we trust them,

but until we find a cure,
the synthetic blood is our best option.

Well, obviously, on our side of the aisle,

we congratulate Senator Giroux
on this bold initiative,

and we wish her the very best.

Her courage in the face of enormous odds
is commendable.

And, of course, we must also be ready
to take bold and immediate action

should this truce prove to be short-lived.

Thank you.

There's no way this thing holds.
These Bloods are out of control.

They are not gonna line up
for some government serum.

Well, Giroux is staking everything
on this.

If this truce collapses,

she's through.

And if it holds?

Well, then we're through.

we apparently have a film of Michael Fayne

in proximity to the president's daughter.

Fuck off!

And apparently, she's tested positive
for the predator gene.

If she turns, that could seriously...

rebalance the situation.

All across America,
preparations are underway

for a series of Reconciliation Days

to welcome vampires back
to their families and friends.

Today, they will give up violence
and start to receive the synthetic blood

that will stop them from hunting people.

It's hours away from the event,

and already,
Bloods are starting to register.

Thank God for Michael Fayne.

You know, my sister knows him.

- She knows Fayne?
- Yeah.

Actually, they're together.

Wow. She must be something.

She is.

You know, I'd love to find her,
but Fayne is a hard man to track down.

I know a Blood who was saved
from some vigilantes by Fayne's people.

He's in their camp now.


Yeah. I could give you the location.

That would be fantastic.

I'd love to catch up with my sister.

It's gonna be okay.

- But I'm a freaking vampire!
- That's just for now.

And now that we know,
there are things we can do.

You did the right thing, Dez,
telling us about this. Thank you.

And you will always be my girl.

That will never change.

Hey, Amélie.

You're just sick.

You're not different,

and I'm here to help.

You heard Dr. Swann. He's going to help.

We have the BludSub,

and we have access
to the very first batch.

It's still right here.

And, look, if this had to happen,

at least it happened here, you know?

Where we can safely look after you,
and I promise, we will find a cure.


Come on, bud.

It's okay.

It's okay, my love.

It's okay.

I want to help with your research.

You know, testing for the immunity thing.



Dez, that would be amazing.

Thank you.

This is an incredible moment.

We can only hope
that in this atmosphere of reconciliation,

justice will now be served.

Those members of the government
who committed crimes

in the name of security
will be held to account,


What the hell?

- Look.
- Wait. I'll call you back.

We interrupt this broadcast
with a shocking development.

What was to be a day of reconciliation
in New York has seemingly backfired

as dozens lay dying
after ingesting BludSub.

The compound

- that was supposed to save lives is...
- No.

...by every indication, deadly.

This doesn't make sense.

We tested it. We...

Oh, my God, Amélie.

She drank some of it.

Oh, God.



Honey, are you okay?

Yeah. Better since I drank that stuff.

Can I have some more?

She seems fine.

What I gave her was from the first batch.

The stuff that went out to the public,
it must have been tainted.

Or poisoned.

- You're sure you're okay?
- Yeah.


Giroux's peace treaty is over.
The Bloods will never trust humans again.

How they did it was overkill, mind you.

At least half the BludSub was poisoned.
20 percent would have been fine.

Regardless, moving on to the next phase.

Have the, uh... deliveries been completed?

All ten locations?

Excellent. Very good.

I'd like the numbers as soon as possible.

It was a trick.

It was a fucking trick.

Something is horribly wrong.

The BludSub is killing
people who drink it.

- Don't be stupid. They wouldn't go back...
- Our people are dying everywhere.

They made us show ourselves
and drink this shit. It's wiping us out.

It can't be.

Luther wouldn't be a part of this.

Fuck Luther Swann!

He is not your friend.

Let's go. Come on.


- Where are they going?
- To fight back.

- They want vengeance.
- Stop!

Nobody leaves this camp.

Nobody does anything
until I give the order.

Is that clear?

Give the order.

You need to give the order.

Senator Giroux's failure

has brought us
to a tipping point, Mr. President.

We need to act now.

It seems to me your only option
is to fully empower

the Department of National Security.

It might be our last chance
to stop this thing.

Thank you, Mr. President.

And rest assured, we are going to make
Michael Fayne sorely regret

ever coming near your daughter.

I guarantee it.

We get everything.

Full emergency powers for the DNS,

martial law to deal with
vampire sympathizers.

He is signing the executive orders
as we speak.


Start with Giroux herself.

- Withdraw her clearances.
- Of course.

And those of her teams.

When they're gone,
arrest her under martial law.

It is not possible that this was natural,
damn it.

- This was mass murder.
- I look responsible for this.

If they would think about this

- for even a minute...
- Nobody is thinking correctly.

Oh, my God.

I've gotta take this.

I appreciate that.

- Yes, sir.
- Hey, kiddo.

She's in trouble, right?

Uh, yeah, but she'll be okay.

And she's the one making sure Mom's safe?

Yeah, but don't worry about it, okay?

Dad, I'd be nuts not to worry.
Don't blow this off.



I appreciate that.

Thank you for your call.

I was wondering about... Rachel.

She's in a DOJ safe house.


I can't tell you that.
That's against policy, but she's fine.

For how long?

How long is she fine, Sasha?
Really, be honest with me.

You're right. The situation is fluid.

I'll have my security detail
give you the address.

I'm gonna go check on Mom.
Stay here where it's safe, okay?

widespread attacks on humans by Bloods.

If you are listening,
we implore you to stay in your homes.

- It is no longer safe to be outside.
- Shit!


We're now getting word
that Senator Sasha Giroux

has been taken into military custody.

At this time, the White House
is choosing not to comment

on the reason for the arrest,

but one can assume it's related
to the BludSub massacre this morning.

I need to rest.

You're better off inside.

I hate being inside.
It's too... it's too tight.

Come on, just let me rest here.

We're getting reports in an hour.
We're still enforcing the cease-fire.






Is anybody here?

Show me your hands.

My ex-wife.

Where is she?

Giroux called.
Said to get her outta here.

My partner took her about 15 minutes ago.


I don't know.

I lost contact with the senator
after she was arrested.

DNS claims she poisoned the BludSub.

That's impossible.

Shit is coming down, man.
They'll be coming for you next.

So I'd get as far away from here
as possible.

My son's at Giroux's.

They have security.

Not anymore, they don't.

Everyone in the State Department
has been evacuated.

They're gone.

Our own people are attacking you.

- We have to get outta here.
- And go where?

There's a thousand places.

With no command and control.

I'm leadership. I'm staying here.

To do what?

Turn this thing around.


I'm smart, but I'm not brave.

I'm telling you, our lives are in danger
if we stay here.

I know, Dani.

I know.

Pick up.

Pick up, pick up, pick up,
pick up, pick... pick up.

Hi, you've reached the personal voice mail
of Senator Sasha Giroux.

I'm currently unavailable,
but please leave a message,

- and I will return it as soon as possible.
- Come on!

Somebody help me, please!

Help me!

Let me in! Please, I need help!


Leave her alone!

Stay there.

Is this the road to Michael Fayne?

Could be.

My sister's there.

Danika Dubov.


My sister finds out
that you just left me here,

what do you think's gonna happen
to you?

So Fayne's just up the road?

Just down there.

Good to know.

All right. What's the update?

All right.Thanks.I'll get back to you.

- What is it?
- They have almost everything blocked off.

- Who?
- Rebel Bloods.

At least a hundred of 'em.

- Well, we got 30 and better weapons.
- Not anymore. Somebody armed them.

Full automatics and RPGs.

They can wipe us out
and not even get near us.

- How long?
- Now.

Look, I've got four diehards
outside with a van.

Them, you, me...

and Danika.

What about these people?

They'll be fine. It's you they want.
You're the target.

We get you to New York
where you still have support,

but it has to be right now, Michael.



Come on. We're getting outta here.

I don't like it.

Well, you'll like the alternative
a lot less. It's now or never, Dani.

Sorry, Michael.

Change of plans.

I can't go with you.


That's how it is.

You screwed the truce.

You're weakening.

The new leader needs you dead.


And who's that?

Film at 11:00.

Not that you're gonna see it.

Put them in. He won't resist.

Wait, you're gonna kill me too?

Oh! Hell, yeah.

Wish I had time to do it myself.

I have nothing to do with this!

- You fuck!
- Hey! Hey!

- Let me go!
- Hey, Dani! Dani! Dani! Stop!

Dani, stop, stop, stop.
Hey, just give me a minute!

Give me a minute. Dani.



give her a pass.

You don't have much left in you,

but you have that.

Do it for me. Please.

Let her go.

- Sorry. I'm sorry.
- It's okay.

- It's okay.
- I can't.

Go now. Go now,
before they change their minds, okay?

- Okay.
- Okay.

- I love you.
- I love you.

Go. Get outta here.

God, what did you ever see in her?

A lot!

Thanks for everything.




What the fuck?

Sorry, Doc. DNS just ransacked this place.
Bloods are everywhere.

- Where are the kids?
- In the house.

Giroux's gone, and her staff, too.

I know. I heard. DNS.

I coulda hung on to her,
but she told me to stand down.

I'm taking Amélie to Montauk
until the senator is released.

She'll be safe there.

You and Dez should come with us.

I can't do that.

Giroux needs me. Rachel needs me.

I can take the boy.

No, no way.

Dez and I are not apart from here on out.

But thank you.

Yeah, I get it.

Hey, guys.

Text me when you get there.

Your mom's gonna be okay.

I know it.

Dez is right.
Your mom's gonna be okay.

And you're safe with Agent Saint here.


Thank you, Dez.

Thank you, Jimmy.

Did you get Mom?

No, they moved her to keep her safe.

Senator Sasha Giroux...

...has been taken into military custody.

At this time, the White House is choosing
not to comment

on the reason for the arrest.

I will kill every fucking one of you.



Dad! No!



- No!
- Dez!


Mila... Thank God.

Get on your fucking knees!

No, no...

You did this to me.

All I have ever done
is take care of you and Mom!

And all you ever did was use me.

I'm sorry.

You had a choice, Danika.

This thing is inside both of us,
but I chose to control it.

Mila, please...

I chose real love...

Please, please, please...

...and I lost it...


...because of what you made me.


My name is Ava O'Malley,

and I'm the number two in command

of the largest assembly of Bloods
in our country, Blood Nation.

Earlier this evening, the former leader
of Blood Nation, Michael Fayne,

was arrested by the Central Council

after his collaboration with humans
cost up to 20,000 Blood lives.

Michael Fayne was charged with treason
against Blood Nation,

found guilty,

and executed

at an undisclosed location...

half an hour ago.

Shortly before his death,

Fayne endorsed this transfer of power
to our new leader.

- Hello, my name is Calix Niklos.
- Wha...

And until a few days ago,
I was the Bloods' worst enemy.

But it became increasingly clear to me
that I was wrong.

There can be only one winner
in this battle for survival,

this evolutionary struggle,
and humans, weak, divided, and terrified,

simply don't deserve to win.

For tonight, I would like to make

just two simple points.

The first is that we will never,
for any reason,

deal with human beings again.

Well, until they stop being our masters
and simply become our food.

The second thing is the single reason
why we will prevail.

This is the source
of the infectious prion.

- Shit. He was the one that took it.
- But until now, it had been locked away,

- unable to do its work, so...
- Of course he was.

I acquired it.

It's finally at a stage
that nature intended it for.

And we've placed
a very great deal of this substance

in the water supplies
of several major cities,

presently exposing over 30 million people
to the prion infection.

We'll need someone to blame for this.

Of course we will.

And to everyone out there
working so hard

on wiping us out with the so-called cure,

let me introduce you
to our insurance policy.

This boy is the only known human
with immunity...

- Dez?
- ...but rest assured,

I have a team of scientists
working around the clock

to make sure
that any medical breakthroughs you have,

we will always be a step ahead.

It's quite a shame...

- Dez?
- ...what Desmond will have to endure,

but it's for the greater good.

Well, at least, ours.

The Bloods are here to stay...

and to win.

Good night.

Sir, there's someone here
who wants to speak with you.

She's a Blood.

I'm not a Blood.

I'm a Verdulak.

I've been staking out an old warehouse
outside of Fort York.

The Bloods took it over about a month ago.

Saw your son there.

How do you know he's my son?

He's the kid that's immune, right?

I can take you there,

but it's heavily guarded.

♪ Who you talkin' to, man? ♪

♪ Who you talkin' to, man? ♪

Let's go.

♪ I'm gonna grab your throat ♪

♪ I'm gonna take your worth ♪

♪ I'm gonna change something ♪

♪ Something you've never heard ♪

♪ Who knows you better than I? ♪

♪ The one you've never known ♪

♪ I'll give you back your body ♪

♪ You can give me back my throne, aah ♪

♪ And I wanna know ♪

♪ Who you talkin' to, man? ♪

♪ And I wanna know ♪

♪ Who you talkin' to, man? ♪