V (2009–2011): Season 2, Episode 9 - Devil in a Blue Dress - full transcript

Anna is about to pull the switch on the planet's first Blue Energy reactor, but Sid realizes that the size of the reactor is much too large for just the various Concordia sites - the Fifth Column needs to figure out what Anna is really up to. And Diana tells Lisa she must act against Anna now, fulfill her destiny and save humans from annihilation.

I have a message from Diana.
She's alive.

I need to know that you trust me
as leader of the Fifth Column.

We're ready to follow you,
Agent Evans.

You betrayed your friends.
I can never forgive you.

I have a daughter of my own.
Her name is Amy.

- The hybrid survived the aging experiment.
- Look at you.

- Joshua, do you remember anything?
- I remember nothing.

I'm beginning to sense
a weakness in Lisa.

Whatever she says or does,
report to me.

- How you holding up?
- I'm just trying to stay tough.

- I know the feeling.
- So what's our next move?

We stay on the offensive,
and we don't stop until we've won.

This is Concordia.

The humans think
they're building their future.

They're digging their own graves.

For too long,

we, the Visitors,
have been the sole beneficiaries

of our scientific advances...

Advances, that upon our arrival,
I promised we would share.

And so today,

it is a momentous occasion

as the next phase of construction

of Concordia sites
around the globe will begin,

fulfilling our promise
for a more peaceful

and prosperous tomorrow.

Heavy rain has not dampened
the excitement here

where Visitor High Commander Anna

has thrown a ceremonial
virtual switch

to turn on the planet's first
blue energy reactor,

one of 538 around the world.

Well, one question
comes to mind, Chad.

Are we completely nuts?

Have scientists
examined blue energy?

For all we know,
it could give off radiation

that turns us
into brain-dead zombies.

That's a little dramatic,
don't you think, Kerry?

It's what we don't know...
That's the point of Concordia,

giving the Visitors
an opportunity

to share their vast knowledge
with mankind.

Well, Anna's opened
the candy store,

and the candy's free, huh?

Well, I for one say
be careful what you eat.

Pigs get fat.
Hogs get slaughtered.

Now that the blue energy
reactors are functional,

construction of Concordia sites
around the globe can begin.

Once they are completed,
the landing sites

for our breeding ships
will be ready.

And the annihilation
of humanity can begin.



I like your haircut.

I've missed you.

Yeah, well, you know,
I've been kind of busy with, uh,

pilot training and everything.

I brought something for you.


It was your dad's.
And he really loved it,

and I know that he would
want you to have it.

Do you wanna see if it fits?

It looks perfect.

Mom, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to blame you for
everything that happened to Dad.

I'm so sorry.

Do you wanna come for dinner?

Yeah, I'd like that.

Thanks, Mom.


Thank you for coming.

Lisa told me you were alive.

- Everyone thought you were...
- Dead.

I don't understand.
Why did Anna do this?

Human emotion.
Lisa has told me everything.

I know that Anna
has been inflicted.

She released red sky prematurely,

in a moment of rage.

An isolated incident.

Anna has exhibited
no further signs.

Are you sure?

Fifteen years ago, when I decided
to abandon our mission,

Anna disagreed.

Her first emotion, pride,
caused her to betray me.

Under her leadership,

our enemies have grown stronger.

You almost lost your life
to the Fifth Column.

Didn't you?

What is your purpose
for seeing me?

Your loyalty...

To our species.

Which is exactly why
I must report to my Queen

that we have spoken.

I am your Queen, Marcus.

The human soul
can never be removed.

It is a fool's errand,

and my daughter's pride
has made her the fool.

She will doom our species if
she continues along this path.

What's the emergency, Sid?

Concordia. Come here.
Check this out.

This is a model of the site.

Each one's gonna have
a blue energy reactor

- right smack in the middle.
- Get to the point.

The reactor's too big...
Way too big.

Look, we know that whatever
the Visitors' plan

to use Concordia for,
it ain't good.

Doesn't take a genius
to figure that out, kid.

No, but it does
to figure out this.

The holo device
from Malik's safe.

Yeah, turns out it's powered
by a tiny blue energy cell.

That's makes sense. Everything the V's have
is powered by blue energy.

Getting to my point.

The amount of power needed
to run this device

is somewhere in the range
of half a watt.

Based on my projections,
the amount of power

the Concordia reactors
would create is nearly

a trillion times more.

If I'm right, these reactors could
easily power an entire city.

What would the Visitors
need that much power for?

There's only one thing
that big I can think of.

Their ships.

Exactly. The shape of
the complex is roughly the same

as the mother ships.

If I'm right...

They're building landing sites.

Yeah, but for what?

For their invasion.

There are 538 Concordia sites
being built around the world.

- But there are only 29 mother ships.
- Yeah, do the math. More on the way.

- If those ships land...
- They won't.

Well, what are we gonna do,
blow up all 500 sites?

- Not bloody likely.
- No. We don't have to destroy them.

We just have to stop them
from being built.

How? Construction's already underway
around the world.

Do you remember
Three Mile Island?

A nuclear power plant...
It almost melted down.

It scared the hell out of everybody,
but there was not

a single new plant approved
for almost thirty years after it.

Okay, so what does this have to do
with Concordia?

Blue energy.

We sabotage the reactor
at the New York Concordia site.

We make it seem...
unstable, dangerous.

People will get scared,
there'd be a public outcry,

- and the program would grind to a halt.
- Yeah.

A touch on the subtle side for me,
but I like it.

What do you think, Sid?

Maybe if I get my hands on
more blue energy to study.

- I don't know.
- We'll get it for you.

I'm sure Lisa can help.

Jack, contact Fierro.

See if he can get us
into the Concordia site.

We need to get into that reactor
and destroy it

before Anna drops 500 ships
on our heads.

Welcome back, Marcus.

My congratulations on your
successful launch of Concordia.

Despite the most recent
Fifth Column attacks,

we've overcome
most of our obstacles...

Except one...

Controlling human emotion.

Tyler has reached
back out to his mother.

The injection of
the pooled human D.N.A.

has triggered an unforeseen
emotional response in him.

All of your plans rest
on eliminating human emotion.

Unless we do so,
a new generation of Visitors

will be born with them.

I do not believe
I will solve the problem

by the time we're ready to begin
interbreeding, my Queen.

Then we must find
another way to control humans.

Amy is a hybrid of human
and Visitor D.N.A.

The Visitor in her
accepts my bliss.

But the human side
does not reject it.

Begin tests on the child
to determine why this is true.

The tests are intrusive.

They could harm her.

We are running out of time.

We must find a way at any cost.

Begin testing immediately.

You sure Lisa's gonna show?

She'll be here.

So... We gonna talk
about last night?

From what I remember,

it was a hell of
a lot more fun than talking.

It was.

Look, everything that's...
that's happened...

Losing Tyler...


I needed a break.

Is that was this was...
A break?

I can't lose focus on
the bigger picture... This war.

Blue energy.

I was able to sneak it off
the ship.

Anyone see you?

No, but I need to return it.

If someone discovers it's missing
and it gets traced back to me...

We'll get it back to you as quickly
as we can. Thank you.

Why did you need it?

We're gonna sabotage the blue energy
reactor at the Concordia site.

We think that your mother
is going to use it

to stage her invasion...

When, how, we don't know,
but we know we need to stop her.

That's why you have to find out
anything you can about it.


I will.

I've analyzed
Amy's brain waveforms.

When you bliss the hybrid,

her V brain accepts
the bliss at a frequency

that isn't rejected
by her human side.

How is this possible?

I checked
our surveillance records.

Ryan Nichols stole phosphorus
from Anna's private supply.

If he gave it to the hybrid's
mother while she was pregnant,

the child's abilities
could have been heightened.

If this is true,
what else is she capable of?

I won't know until I can
run further tests.

So there's a form of bliss
that will work on humans?

Theoretically, yes.
But my findings are still rudimentary.

Blissing humans
was tried by your mother

and abandoned as impossible.
It nearly killed her.

My mother was weak.

You're gonna be just fine.

It's okay.
Don't worry.

I'm gonna soothe you.

There are too many unknowns.
The risks are too great.

Current circumstances
demand bold action, Marcus.

Would you see our plans
for Earth fail?

- I would see to Anna's safety first!
- Enough!

Everything rests on being
able to control the humans.

If I can control them
through bliss,

I can stop any resistance.


- Stop!
- Wait!


The subject appears
to be blissed.

We must be sure.

If you take this, it will kill you.
Do you understand?


Swallow it.


Does this mean I can bliss
a large number of humans?

At this point, I can't be sure.

Blissing one human
nearly killed you.

Are you sure this is wise?

Nothing will stand in my path.
Find a way!


You got it working.

Turns out blue energy
is a particle/anti-particle construct.

Once I understood
the coupling constant...

Sidney, my patience
is growing dangerously low.

Right. Uh, you want it in terms
a merc can understand.

You ever stuck a fork into an electrical
socket when you were a kid?

Same idea... Meltdown.

- And it won't look like sabotage?
- Just blue energy gone wild.

- Uh, Sid, you did it.
- Yeah.

Good work.
Look, uh, we're all set.

There's a guard at the security gate
and another on the inside...

Both Fifth Column, and they're
waiting for your instructions.

Tell them we're good to go...

You must be careful
how often you visit.

You never know who is watching.

I need to talk to you.

I need to know what
my mother's plans are.

Not yet. In due time.

No! Now.

The more I get to know you,

the more I see
you're just like my mother.

All you do is keep secrets.
Tell me,


They're landing sites
for an invasion, aren't they?

Very good. You know more
than you let on.

- My friends figured it out.
- Friends?

- Humans.
- How?

All I know is they asked
for a sample of blue energy,

- and I gave it to them.
- What are they planning?

To sabotage the reactor
at the Concordia site,

make it look unsafe

- so the humans turn against Concordia.
- You must stop them.


Blue energy has two forms.

In its stable form,
it powers reactors.

But it can also be weaponized.

You must stop them
before it's too late.

Look, Sid,

just focus on the job...
Just the job.

Keep running it over
in your head, all right?


Sid, this is our Fifth Column
contact at the gate.

Remember his face.

He's going to make sure that you
get through security undetected.

The V's issued these I.D.s
to all the workers.

And this one will get you inside
the gate, okay?

Trick isn't getting inside, though.

It's making sure no one sees you
enter the reactor building.

A second contact will meet you,

get you in, and then stand guard.

But once you're in,
you're on your own, cowboy.

I wouldn't let you do this

- if I didn't think that you could, okay?
- Okay.

This has to look like
an accident.

Fifth Column cannot be behind it.


Lisa, what's going on?

When Diana helped you escape,

you said you'd return the favor.

Okay. What is it?

I stole blue energy
from the ship.

Erica and her team are using it
to sabotage the reactor,

and I can't reach her.
You have to stop them.


Because if they weaponize it,

it could destroy everything
within 100 square miles.

All right, go ahead.

Bloody hell.

We've got a problem.

That's Ryan.
What the hell's he doing here?

I'm not waiting around
to find out.

Shh, shh, shh.
It's okay. Follow me.

Come on.

Get in.



You have to stop what
you're doing, Sid, right now.


I don't think so.

Don't do it, Sid.
Just put that down, okay?

You're about to cause
a huge explosion.

That explosion's
gonna kill us all.

How do you expect me
to trust you?

You know there's two forms
of blue energy?

There's inert and weaponized.

Are you sure...
I mean, absolutely 100% sure

that you didn't weaponize that?

You have no idea
what you just did.

Back off, Ryan!

- Did you do it, Sid?
- Yeah. She's gonna blow.

Then we need to get out of here.

Not until we take care
of some unfinished business.

No, wait a minute.
Listen to me, okay?

I came here to save you.

You have three seconds
to make us believe you.

- We need to deactivate this reactor.
- We can't trust him!

If you don't, there's gonna
be an enormous explosion,

killing tens of thousands
of people.

All right, you don't trust me.
How about Lisa?

How do you think I found you?
She sent me here to warn you!

- Sid! Can you stop it?
- I don't know how. I don't know.

- I think I can shut this down.
- We can't trust him, Erica. Come on!

What if Lisa did send him?
Tens of thousands dead?!

Can you live with that
if you're wrong, Erica?!

Shut it down!

We gotta let the energy vent!
We have to somehow dump it,

shunt it, something like that!
I don't know!

Come on, Ryan!

I got it!

- It's a bypass control!
- All right, then do it!

The electrical grid
has failed throughout the city.

- How?
- Our scientists have traced the failure

to a blue energy surge

- from the New York Concordia site.
- The humans believe

it was a failure
of their own energy grid,

but the surge was not an accident.

The only way that something
like this could have happened

is if blue energy was used
to sabotage the reactors.

Fifth Column.

The blue energy would have
come from one of our ships.

Check the inventory immediately.

use the blue energy reactor

at the New York Concordia site

to restore power
to the human electrical grid.

We must use this... inconvenience

as a demonstration
of our benevolence.

Hours after New York city
was plunged into darkness,

utility companies
are blaming the blackout

on the failure of several high voltage
transmission lines in upstate New York.

Luckily, Anna and the Visitors
wasted no time,

using their blue energy reactor
at the Concordia site

to turn power back on across
the affected areas within minutes.

After witnessing how quickly
blue energy restored power,

world leaders
are urging contractors

to speed up construction on
Concordia sites around the globe.


That is exactly why
we should have blown the site.

The risks were too great.

No, that is exactly it.
We are not taking enough risks.

We handed her another victory.

We handed it to her.

If we had blown the site,
if we had taken out Concordia,

we would have put a dent
in her plans for once!

No, I think you're forgetting the fact that
we all would have died also.

There is a difference
between a calculated risk

and senseless slaughter.

Erica, wait.

Look, maybe Jack's right.

Eli chose you to lead us 'cause
you cared about the people,

about the innocents,

not this.

Back there, you were pushing me
to let it blow.

Yeah, I was, but you're not me.

You said...
that you were a soldier...

And you would follow my orders.

Yeah, I did.

I'll let you know
what our next move is.

Hours after New York City
was plunged into darkness...

I'm concerned that your colleague Kerry's
growing influence

will threaten the spirit of unity
between humans and Visitors.

Kerry is nothing more than
a small dog barking at our heel.

She's hardly a threat.

A small dog with a loud bark.

Are you saying
you'd like me to muzzle her?

Concordia is my greatest gift
to humanity.

It would be a terrible tragedy
for everyone

if she were to get in the way.

I'm sure you agree.

Of course.

It's time for you to decide
which side you're really on.

I gave Erica
the blue energy grenade.

You have to warn the other
Fifth Column on the ground.

Lisa, come quickly.

Thomas is coming.

Why did you do that, Joshua?

Why didn't you let him catch me?

- Because I remembered.
- Remembered what?

Who I am.

That I'm Fifth Column...

Like you.

- One minute!
- I'm telling you, Chad, in my gut,

this blackout stinks of Anna.

I think you might be right.

What are you talking about?

I just got
a call from a source of mine

at the Department of Energy.

It turns out the blackout
was caused

by the blue energy reactor
at the Concordia site.

It melted down. It blew out...
Something technical.

They lost control of it.

Thirty seconds!

Why aren't you reporting this?


She's the only reason
I have a career right now.

Can't kill the goose
that lays the golden eggs.

You, on the other hand,

have a chance to make
a name for yourself.

I don't know.

This a career maker, Kerry.

Someone else is gonna
break this story.

Why shouldn't it be you?

And we're live
in five... four...

I have just received
exclusive word

that tonight's blackout
was not caused

by an electrical grid problem
as reported earlier.

In fact, it was caused by
the near-catastrophic failure

of the blue energy reactor
at New York's Concordia site.

Tyler, I was told
you wanted to see me.


Everything up here
has been great,

and I can't tell you
how much I appreciate

everything that you've done for me.

What is it, Tyler?

Ever since my dad died,

I've been acting... wrong,

lashing out at the people I love.

I talked with my mom,
and I decided

I just wanna spend
more time with her.

Of course.

It's been a painful time for you.

Before you leave,
I'd like to give you something

to help you with your pain...

a gift usually reserved
for Visitors.




What is it?


What's the matter, Lisa?

I saw my mother bliss Tyler.

If Anna can bliss humans,

they will stand no chance
against her.

Your human friends...

You said that you can trust them.

Are you sure?

- Yes.
- Good,

because we are going to
need their help, too.

You must act now.

What are we going to do?

We must end your mother's reign,

once and for all.

Ty, just come in!



Tyler's not coming.
He's with my mother.

There's this connection
a V Queen makes

with her subjects.
It's called bliss.

Yeah, Ryan told me.
It's like mind control.

What does that have
to do with Tyler?

We didn't think
it could work on humans.

My mother blissed Tyler.

I'm sorry, Mrs. Evans.

- Is he okay?
- He'll be all right.

- There are no lasting effects, but...
- If Anna can bliss humans...

That's it.

We've lost.


There's still a way we can win...

If you're willing to take a risk.

You asked to see me, my Queen?

My Queen egg is growing rapidly.

The acceleration protocols worked
even faster than I anticipated.

It should reach maturity
within days.

And Lisa?

Have you had any opportunity
to further test her loyalty?

I've seen no signs to indicate
that she's of any risk to you.


but if Lisa fails me,
thanks to you,

this Queen egg will save us.

You set me up.

I called the Department of Energy.

The source you named
doesn't exist.

I went on air with a false story.

You made it all up,
and you let me tell the world.

You can't prove that.

They're firing me.

Did Anna put you up to this?

- Is this to protect your precious V's?
- No.

I did it to protect me.

You're good at what you do,

Maybe a little too good.

"Prime Focus"
as a one-man show just...

It just suits me better.

When I first got this job,

everyone told me
to watch my back,

that all Chad Decker
cared about was himself.

I should've listened.

'Cause you really are the shallow,
self-absorbed snake

that everyone says you are.

This better be good, egghead.

Trust me.
You're gonna wanna see this.

- Infrared binoculars?
- Recalibrated to recognize

blue energy's spectral signature.

Take a gander at the mother ship.

- See the big blue splotch?
- Yeah.

That's the blue energy signature
of the ship.

Now look over there.

- That can't be right.
- Let me see.

What the hell are they?

Mother ships...
Invisible to telescopes,

- radar, any human technology.
- How many?

How many Concordia sites
are there around the world?


Their invasion ships
aren't on the way.

They're already here.

- Are you okay, Mommy?
- I'm fine.

What are you doing?

I'm making you feel better

just like you make me
feel better.

That's something very special
that only I can do.

Why would you think to do that?

Because I love you.

No. I brought him... and her.

Why is that traitor here, Erica?

I said if we're going
to defeat Anna,

- we need to take risks.
- Yeah, not stupid risks.

He saved our lives.
I don't like him. I don't forgive him,

but we need him.

Yeah? For what?

Every attempt we have made
to take down Anna has failed.

We are surrounded by an invasion fleet.
We are out of options.

We don't stand a chance in hell
of stopping Anna without help.

This is help.


This is my grandmother Diana.

I was Queen
before Anna overthrew me.

Diana's going to make sure
that history repeats itself.

We're going to overthrow Anna.