V (2009–2011): Season 2, Episode 8 - Uneasy Lies the Head - full transcript

Erica, now officially in charge of the global Fifth Column, leads them in a high risk attack against Anna. Anna meanwhile, growing closer in her plan to destroy humanity, finds a major ...

Previously on "V"...

There's a small group of trusted
lieutenants from around the world.

- (Fierro) Eli relied on them.
- Present us with a plan.

If you do not, leadership will pass to
someone who's already proven their worth.

Tyler's body appears to be rejecting
the surge of phosphorus.

Have the backup candidates
been tested?

- A young man from Barcelona.
- Arrange for Rafael to visit with Lisa.

I can't do this.
You have to go.

You directly disobeyed my orders.

You must convince Anna
that you are the loyal daughter

she expects you to be.

They're using us to fast-track
their own evolution.

We are going to stop that
from happening.

(Speaking indistinctly)

(Woman screams)

(Crowd screaming)




(Anna) One unique strain
of D.N.A., Joshua,

extracted from every
carefully selected live-aboard.

The finest genetic material
mankind has to offer.

Soon it will be ours.


(Joshua) The last group of
live-aboards arrives tomorrow.

Then we will collect all the remaining
D.N.A. we need from the humans.





Now that I've decapitated
the leadership of the Fifth Column,

our plans can finally continue
without interruption.

(Siren wailing in distance)

Is the connection secure?

Nah. I thought I'd run
the powwow through Facebook.

It was one thing to get the job.
It's another to do it.

(Computer beeps)
It's time to prove yourself.

That's a little dramatic, no?


Which doesn't mean he's wrong.

You're the leader
of the global Fifth Column now.

It's not just our lives
in your hands anymore.

All right, we're good.

Okay. Let's do this.

Get Eli's lieutenants
on the line.


Time is a factor,
so I'm going to make this quick.

Anna's breeding plan
relies on one thing:

Getting the D.N.A.
from the live-aboards.

- We're going to stop her from doing that.
- How do you plan to stop her?

The last wave of live-aboards
goes up to the ships tomorrow.

I will track down a master list
of all the final participants in each city.

We'll send you the names via secure e-mail
so you can coordinate the strikes.

And we'll strike using
the live-aboards themselves.

- Meaning what, exactly?
- We'll corrupt their D.N.A.

We'll acquire
a simple flu strain,

then program it to destroy
the reproductive functions

of any D.N.A. it encounters.

Once the visitors extract the target's D.N.A.
and mix it with the larger pool,

it will render all of the D.N.A.
they have extracted useless.

On every ship around the globe.

D.N.A. bombs...
The next evolution of attack.

Anna believes she's silenced the Fifth
Column with the death of Eli Cohn.

If we pull this off,

she'll know we've reemerged
with even stronger leadership.

She'll use any means
to find out who that leader is.

Are you ready to carry
that burden?

I am prepared to do
whatever it takes.

Stay on standby.
We'll be in touch.


I'll start on the list.

We'll get the virus.

Closest place it's stored is Jameson Labs,
under lock and key.

Okay. So how do we get inside?

- We break in and steal it.
- My kind of leader.

There's a situation with
the 29 breeding candidates.

This morning in Beijing,
one of the boys collapsed and died.

A short time later,
another died in Johannesburg.

Whatever deadly illness
struck them remains unknown.

How are the other boys?
Are they okay?

As far as we know.

What about Tyler?

He's shown no signs of illness
during pilot training.

Take every precaution.

Determine the cause
of the illness and find a cure.

the boy from Johannesburg

died while touring
the mother ship.

His corpse is being
sent here by shuttle

so that I can conduct an autopsy.

We must keep every
breeding option open for Lisa.

Until we can be sure

that Tyler's phosphorus levels
have stabilized,

Rafael remains
the most viable backup,

but Lisa rejected him.

Thanks to your work accelerating
the hybrid's aging process,

my backup Queen egg
is nearing maturity,

which means either Lisa rises
to her call with Rafael

or she will meet
the same fate as any traitor:


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(Electronic whoosh)

I can't do this.

I'm sorry.

You have to go.

Not your most regal performance.

You'll be fertile soon.

Much will be expected of you
as the future Queen.

I need to know when the time comes
you'll make the right choices.

Of course, Mother.
I've made plans with Rafael.

This time,
I will perform all of my duties.

A private word, my Queen.

A complication has arisen

one of the new live-aboards.

(Electronic whoosh)
Jennifer Hartswell.

She has a uniquely high
immune system,

one that we've never seen
in any other human.

Her mother Melissa has been
invited to join "Live Aboard"

so that we may access
her daughter's D.N.A.

However, she is reluctant
to come up here.

Do whatever it takes
to alleviate her concerns.

We tried, but Melissa Hartswell
insists on meeting you.

Arrange for a meeting

I'll handle her,

mother to mother.

(Sid) Look, I know I'm not
the resident bad-ass,

but a heist like this...
Shouldn't there be,

you know, some elaborate plan?

Suction cups? Tuxedos?
Gorgeous Ukrainian spies?

All right, forget the spies.
I'm just... I'm just saying...

It is a small lab,
minimum security.

Plus, we need the virus
right away.

We go in fast and hard and get out
before they know what hit 'em.

Cowboy style.

Easy, Wild Bill.
These are human guards, not V's.

We go in nonlethal
to take them down.

All right, there are three guards
here, here and here.

(Sid) All right, sounds good.
Break a leg.

You're coming with.

Me? No. No, no, no.
I'm... No, I'm good.

We need to know which virus to look for,
how to transport it.

Come on, guys.
We can find a way to do this without him.

We have one shot at this.
We cannot afford to make a mistake.

The live-aboards go up tomorrow.
This is not up for debate.

Wait. Wh... What?
Not up for debate?

- Look at him. He's a... He's a scared kid.
- Well, I'm not scared. I...

Sid, wait. Erica,
would you risk Tyler like this?

Tyler's gone.

Anna took him from me.

If I'm gonna get him back,
if we're gonna win this war,

then I need to stick a dagger
into the heart of Anna's plan.


(Electronic humming)


Melissa Hartswell?
I'm Anna.

Hi. Nice to meet you.

And you must be Jennifer.

Aren't you the cutest little thing?
(Melissa chuckles)

She's, uh,
she's a little bit shy.

Uh, listen, I really appreciate
you meeting me on such short notice.

I heard you had some concerns
about the "Live Aboard" program.

Yeah. Um, you know,

if I came up here,
I would have to leave Jennifer.

That's why Jennifer's invited to come up
to the ship, so she could be with you.

But there are
no other children up here.

I'm just concerned that,
you know,

she wouldn't have any friends
to play with.

Melissa, I'm gonna confide
something in you,

something I've kept
from the public

due to safety considerations.

I have a daughter of my own.

She's precisely Jennifer's age.
Her name is Amy.

That was my mother's name.

What a nice coincidence.

Aw! Sweetie.

You're so pretty.

Hey, why don't you go get your doll,
and we'll play another game, okay?

Anna promised you time with your child.
That time is up.

Hey. Wait a minute. Hold on.
Wait a minute, hey!

Wait a minute! Hey!

Anna also wanted you to have this.






(Electronic humming)


(Door whooshes)

Where's my daughter?

You've been experimenting, aging her.
That's my daughter. Where is she?

She's with Anna,

heavily guarded.
You'll never get close.

Besides, you and I both know
she needs Anna's bliss

to keep her from terrible pain.

You can cure her.


Why don't you kill me?

Joshua, we were comrades once...

In the Fifth Column.
Don't you remember that?

That's not who I am anymore.

When you've been touched
by human emotion, it's always in you,


I hope you find it again.

(Smack, thud)

(Erica) Jameson Labs.
There it is.

Let's go steal a virus.


(Alarm blaring)

(Hobbes) Get him.

(Taser zapping)
Uhh! Aah! Uhh!

(Alarm continues blaring)

(Sid) Come on. Let's go.
Look, we gotta hurry.

(Jack) Let's go!

(Hobbes) Get his I.D.
Let's get rid of his gun.

(Door unlocks)

(Hobbes) Come on! Come on!
Let's go!

Uhh! Ah!

(Erica) Dump him. Hide the body.
Put him in that room.

(Hobbes) Jack, stay here.
Keep your out for the third guard.

(Door unlocks, beep)

All yours, professor.

(Test tubes clink)

(Objects clatter)

You do know what
you're looking for, right?


(Sid) Got it.

(Door opens)

Don't move!

(Erica) Get down! Hobbes!


(Hobbes) I'm hit!

(Object clatters)

(Groans and gasps)


(Man groans)
No, you're okay. You're gonna be okay.

(Erica) Hey, grab the virus!

Come on! Let's go!
Let's go! Let's go!

(Man grunting)

(Hobbes sighs)

Hey, Sid.

Fierro's got the jets
on the ground, waiting.

What is taking so long?

Sorry I'm not up to your speed
standards for handling viruses.

(Latches click)

Now I'm done.

The eagle's ready to land
the eggs in the... nest.

- What?
- It's code.

Are you all right?

- Yeah.
- Through and through.

Missed the arteries.

Shot by a rent-a-cop.

What'll you tell the guys?

Quite a shot you made
yourself back there, Erica.

Double tap to the chest.

I knew he was wearing a vest.

Did you?

We had a mission
with a ticking clock,

28 jets awaiting a virus
that we had to deliver.

I took the shot because
I couldn't risk failure.

(Object clanks)

Here, let me help.


(Exhales and inhales sharply)

You saved my ass back there.

If Chad doesn't get back with that list
of live-aboards, it was all for nothing.


(Telephones ringing)

(Indistinct conversations)

Still no sign of Ryan Nichols.

The guard that was tasked
to kill him failed.

- He was immolated.
- Keep looking. He was nowhere to hide.

How will you play mother
to a child that is not yours?

I'm the only mother
she's ever known.

I fed her.
I took away her pain.

Pain from a disease
which you inflicted upon her.

All that child knows

is that when she was in agony,
I made her feel better.



Come in.

Thank you for offering
to show me the ship.

The peace ambassador
exchange program

has many perks,
but this is the best of them.

I figured you didn't want to
see me again after last night.

No. Not at all.

I was just nervous.

Not anymore, though.

(Footsteps approaching)


Get away from her!

Tyler, wait.

Lisa, what the hell
is going on here?

Hey. Man, calm down.

Calm down?


- Tyler, stop!
- Uhh!


(Lisa) Rafael?


(Tyler) Oh, my God.

(Chad) Took a lot of digging,
but this is a list

of all the live-aboards going up
to the New York ship tomorrow.

I ran down as much information
as I could on them.

I already sent the lieutenants
a list for the other 28 cities.

So who do we choose?

Whoever's closest.
We're running out of time.

As we speak, our little virus is winging
its way around the globe.

Let's just hope when it interacts
with our subjects, it remains stable.

What do you mean, "remains stable"?

The D.N.A. virus is untested.

I mean, with any experimental treatment,
let alone a virus,

there's always the possibility
for serious side effects.

Even death.

Wait. You told me there wouldn't
be any side effects,

this wouldn't... harm people,

that... That our carrier
was just a...

You lied to me, didn't you?

If I had told you the truth,
you wouldn't have come this far.

You're right. I wouldn't have.

So this is what we do now, Erica?

We lie to each other?

This is no time
for conscientious objections.

We need to get this virus
into a live-aboard now.

And if we do,
that person could die?

The Erica I know
wouldn't let that happen.

When you were in the army,

and a superior officer gave you an order,
what did you do?

I followed it.

Consider this an order.

(Hobbes) There's
our live-aboard target...

Will Lerner.

Assuming his credit card
statements don't lie,

he should be headed
for his daily caffeine fix.

(Erica) Right on schedule.

So I can just pour the virus
into the coffee?

(Sid) Easier than sticking him
with a needle.

But you can't just dose and dash.

You gotta stick around,
make sure it absorbs into his drink.

Once it does,
it'll only take one sip.

(Jack) You sure about this, Erica?

(Erica) It's my plan.
I should be the one to do it.

That's not what I'm asking.

Rafael is on life support.

His ailment is the same one that killed

the breeding candidates
in Beijing and Johannesburg.

It appears the stripped ladders
in the boys' D.N.A. are collapsing.

Fix this.

I can't. The D.N.A. mixture
is the only solution.

Until we acquire the last of the D.N.A.

from the live-aboards,
we could lose all these boys.

We've come too far
to let that happen.

I'll get the D.N.A.

(Electronic whirring)

I don't know
if you should be here.

(Lowered voice)
I wanted to apologize.

Is Rafael gonna be okay?

I don't know.

There are some things
that I can't explain to you...

Things bigger than you and me.

But if you really cared about me,

trusted me, you wouldn't have acted
the way you did.

It's because I care about you
that I acted that way.

Maybe if you were human,
you'd understand that.

You should leave.


The virus arrived safely.

We had to switch our Paris
target at the last minute.

- And we almost failed in Delhi and Ankara.
- But it's a go.


The last shuttle just lifted off.

The New York live-aboards should be
arriving on the mother ship shortly.

Now all we can do is wait.

Melissa, I'm so glad
you changed your mind

- about joining the "Live Aboard" program.
- Actually, it was Jennifer.

She's looking forward
to meeting Amy.

Amy's words exactly.

Let's get you settled in.

All right, let's go.

Have Joshua begin the D.N.A. extraction
on Jennifer immediately.

Very good.

Welcome to
the New York mother ship.


(Electronic whoosh, beep)

Palm, please.

(Electronic whoosh, beep)

Oh, Mr. Lerner.

We're so pleased to have...


(Man) Whoa!

(Electronic whirring)

The live-aboard is alive.

I sedated him
until we can determine

the cause of his collapse.

Something was introduced
into his system.

A virus altering his D.N.A.

Had we harvested his D.N.A.
for the mixture,

it could have contaminated
all of the human growth matter

which we have spent months

My entire plan would have
been set back irreparably.

Alert the other ships.
Re-screen every live-aboard.

Tell them what to look for.

Once the contaminated

have been identified,
have the virus removed

and the needed D.N.A.

Afterward, anyone carrying
the virus will be executed.

Such an action would surely
draw the world's attention.

The only credible cover story
I can offer the public

is to say that these people
were Fifth Column

and that they died
during their attack.

You would effectively
be announcing

the rebirth of the Fifth Column.

I have no other choice.

You wanna die for your cause?

I will grant you your wish.

Don't scream.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

You're Ryan Nichols, aren't you?

The whole ship's been
looking for you.

I need you to help me, Lisa.

And what makes you think
I'd do anything to help Fifth Column?

A common friend...
Erica Evans.

You're the only one that can help me
get my daughter away from your mother,

help us get off this ship
without her knowing.

You don't have to follow
in her path, Lisa.

There was a Queen before her,
and she was nothing like your mother.

Ryan, there is someone
on this ship who can help you.

(Electronic whirring)

(Liquid dripping)

I don't believe it.

My Queen.

Ryan Nichols.

I remember all my children.

I thought you were dead.

Lies of my daughter.

What's going on, Lisa?
Why is he here?

My mother tried to have him killed.
He needs our help.

He's an ally. We can trust him.

Ryan needs to escape the ship
without anyone knowing.

If I help you,

then I expect you to do
a favor for me in the future.


I built secret escape pods,

cloaked from detection
from humans and Visitors.

I never got to use them.

I'll distract my mother,

give you a clear window
to escape.

We need allies like you, Ryan.

You're more valuable alive
and on the ground.

No, I'm not gonna leave
my daughter here, not again.

- Let me see her one last time?
- I don't understand.

I have a daughter.

She had a human mother.

A hybrid?

I thought that was impossible.

Do you have any idea
what this could mean

for our future, for our species?

Anna's holding her captive.
She made her sick.

Only her bliss can cure her.

Just because I'm down here doesn't mean
that I stopped being your Queen.

I can use my bliss
to cure your daughter.

Any enemy of my daughter
is a friend of mine.

(Indistinct conversations)

(Man) Okay, we're going live
in three... two...

Good evening.

It is with a heavy heart that
I bring you tonight's headlines.

There has been
another Fifth Column attack

upon Anna and the Visitors,

this time aboard
the New York mother ship.

We've also received word
of similar attacks

on mother ships across the globe.

According to information
released by the Visitors,

Fifth Column suicide bombers
gained access to the ships

as part
of the "Live Aboard" program

and blew themselves up.

No names have been released,

although sources here have I.D.'d

the New York mother ship
perpetrator as Will Lerner,

an M.T.A. driver
from Long Island, no family.

We'll keep you updated on this story
throughout the evening.

The plan failed.

On the surface, yes,
but we showed the world

that the Fifth Column didn't burn
in the fires from that siege.

Anna was forced to admit publicly

that the Fifth Column is back.

We still have to stop
Anna's breeding plan,

and we will.

So what's our next move?

We stay on the offensive,
and we don't stop until we've won.


Well done.

Sid, Hobbes, could you
give me a moment with Jack?

Yeah, come on, mate.
I'll buy you a beer.

You are old enough
to drink, right?


(Door opens and closes)

You're awfully quiet.

Well, congrats on your,
uh, victory here.

Clearly an effective leader.

But Will Lerner is dead.

And so are 28 others.
Someone needs to acknowledge that.

You just did.

So why won't you?

Do you want me to say I'm sorry?

This is a war, Jack.

There are billions of lives
at stake.

If I had to make
that choice again, I would.

No, Erica,

I refuse to believe that
there isn't a part of you

that doesn't see
the tragedy in this.

The only tragedy here

is that the D.N.A. bombs

(Electronic whoosh)

Lisa, I wasn't expecting you.

(Lisa) I wanted to tell you
that you can count on me

to be the next Queen.

I will not let you down, Mother.

I would expect nothing less.

I'm sorry. I have to do this.

I'll come back for you,
I promise.

(Electronic whooshing)

(Beep, whoosh)

(Loud whirring and clanking)

(Electronic whoosh, beeping)


(Electronic whirring)


(Electronic whirring)

(Loud grinding and whirring)



(Joshua) The specimen
was successfully extracted

from Jennifer Hartswell.

The D.N.A. mixture's
now complete.

Prepare the injection
for all the boys immediately.

- Begin with Tyler Evans.
- Of course, my Queen.

There is still the matter
of the Fifth Column.

How did they know
to infect the live-aboards?

Today's Fifth Column offensive
was different, more focused.

They know more of my plans
than I thought.

What would you have me do?

Identify their new leader
before they grow too strong.

(Liquid dripping)

Ryan escaped. Thank you.

Your instincts were right
to bring him to me.

Ryan feels emotion like us,

as does your mother,
yet she denies it,

which is her weakness.

Our strength is that
we embrace emotion,

which makes us a threat.

- A threat? How?
- You will know soon enough.

For now, we need
to reach out for help.

There's someone aboard
this ship that I trust.

Someone who needs to know
that I am here.

Leave us.
I wish to speak with him.

I have a message...
from Diana.

She's alive.


(Cell phone rings)





This is Jack. Leave a message.

Um, hi. It's, uh, it's me.

Look, I know today was hard.

Will you give me a call
when you get this?


(Doorbell rings)

(Dog barking in distance)

(Door unlocks)


What are you doing here?

Figured after a day like today,
you could use a friendly face.

So we're friends now?


Well, then...

Consider this... tactical support.

A leader's nights
can get lonely...

You know, the second-guessing,
the stakes.

I just wanted to tell you

you did bloody good today.

See you tomorrow.

Do you wanna come in?

Yeah, sure.

(Lock turns)

(Glass clatters)

(Exhales deeply)
Never been here before.

Well, you kept R.S.V.P.ing "no"

to all my Fifth Column
dinner parties.

- Bit more homey than my place, eh?
- Hmm.

How you holding up?

- Um... Truth?
- Yeah.

I don't know.

Joe's gone,
Tyler's up there, and...

I'm just trying to stay tough.

I know the feeling.

I had someone that...

That I cared about once.

But she died.

We're gonna get your kid back.

I promise you that.

(Both panting)





You wanted to see me, Anna?

You're becoming quite a pilot.

It's time to prepare your body
for interstellar travel.

Prepare my body?

A necessary precaution.

This will allow your body
to survive in deep space.

Don't worry.
It won't hurt a bit.

Please, allow me, Joshua.

This is an important moment

for Visitors and humans,

for the two of us.

(Squishing sound)

You're right.
Didn't hurt a bit.

I would never hurt you, Tyler.

I would never harm
any human being.

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